Naughty Neighbors

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

My name is Katelyn and I am 16 years old. It was an unusually warm Sunday evening at my house as I sat up from my bed and cleared my eyes. It was just nearing the middle of my summer vacation and I still hadn't done very much during my time off. I kept finding myself sitting at home for the most of the day staring out of my window through the blinds at my new neighbor. A few days earlier some new people had moved into the house next to mine and I had become very curious about who they were. I knew that one of them was a girl who looked my age so I was especially excited about it. It wasn't until now that I decided to go over and introduce myself. I was the only one home at my house which was nice because I could wear whatever I wanted.

I had medium length brown hair with blonde highlights which I always liked to keep tied back. I also had long slender legs and bright blue eyes. I looked out of my window one last time to see what was going on next door. There was another window only feet from mine which also had closed blinds and the light at the front door was on so I knew someone was home. I changed into a white t-shirt and sweat pants before I left my house to go greet my new neighbors.

I walked up the steps to their house and knocked on the door three times, waiting for someone to answer. Within a few seconds I heard the door unlock and open for me. Standing there was an incredibly beautiful girl with rather short black hair that was spiky on top. She was wearing only a pair of black soccer shorts and a black tank top which showed off her stomach. I was surprised at how nice she looked and I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"Hi!" she said happily.

"Oh...Hi there!" I answered. "I'm Katelyn, your new neighbor."

"Hey Katelyn, nice to meet you." she said. "I'm Erica."

"Hi Erica. I bothering you at all right now?" I asked nervously.

"Of course not Kate. I was just doing...well no you're not bothering me at all. Would you like to come in?"

I started to smile and put my hands behind my back.


I walked inside the house and looked around. The entire main floor was dark and there was a faint light coming from up the stairs ahead of me. Erica closed the door and turned to me.

"I'm the only one home right now Kate. My parents are gone until Tuesday." Erica said.

"They let you have the house all to yourself for that long?" I said.

"My parents have to trust me. They both work in this city so I am alone quite often."

"That must be great."

Erica returned my smile and narrowed her eyes.

"It has its moments."

We stood and looked at each other for a few seconds. "Let's go upstairs and I'll show you my room Kate."

"Okay." I replied.

She ran her hand through her hair as I walked up the stairs in front of her. When we got to the top Erica led me down the hallway to her bedroom. It was huge and full of lots of great stuff. She had a large bed in the corner. a lazyboy recliner, and even a small TV with a VCR. Like any teenage girl's room there was a few clothes scattered randomly on the floor but nothing serious. I walked over to her bed and sat down while Erica walked past me and sat in the recliner without taking her eyes off of me once. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked but I still felt a little shy in her presence. She had the slightest bit of a tan and a body almost identical to mine. I noticed that Erica's breasts seemed a little bigger than mine as they slightly stretched the shirt she was wearing.

"So are your parents home right now Kate?" Erica asked.

"No, they've been gone all day actually."

"So no one knows you're over here?"

Erica's smile turned into a wide grin as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before looking at me again. "Do you have a boyfriend Kate?" she asked.

" but I..."

"That's okay Kate, I don't either. I've never seen a good guy before in my life."

Now was my chance to jump in and give her a compliment.

"I'm surprised Erica, you look so beautiful." I said, smiling at her.

Erica slowly crossed her legs and narrowed her eyes.

"You're quite the hottie yourself there Kate."

We both continued to smile and even giggle to each other from our compliments. Immediately I could feel the tension and inhibitions between us begin to fly out the window. Erica leaned forward and looked as if she was staring at my legs for a second.

"Ohhh, I just remembered something I got from my older cousin that I wanted to take a look at Kate!"

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well I sorta borrowed this video tape from him a few days ago and I've never had the chance to see what's really on it. Wanna take a look Kate?"

"Sure, sounds fun." I answered.

Erica reached under her bed and pulled out a tape from under a pile of her clothes. She looked at me, smiling, before turning and inserting it into her VCR. She then grabbed the remote and jumped onto the bed making me bounce up and down. We both laughed for a few seconds and then she sat down beside me and turned the TV on.

"What do you think it is?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. I'm hoping its porno, I love watching that stuff. Don't you Kate?"

"Well...I don't really..."

"Oh come on girl! You can't tell me you've never watched that stuff before." she said, smiling at me brightly.

"Well maybe once I guess." I whispered.

"Mmmmm hmm..." Erica said quietly.

She pressed play on the remote and began to fast forward until the movie actually started. I missed what the title of the movie was but I easily realized that it was indeed a porno as it began. Before almost anything was said between the characters on the screen they quickly groped each other and started to take off their clothes. My eyes immediately widened and I began to feel a wonderful sensation between my legs as I watched the man and the woman kiss and touch each other.

"Mmmm...guess I was right about this video." Erica said.

I looked at her for a second and then turned my gaze back to the two on the screen. Without knowing it I slightly began to squirm and move around next to Erica. I couldn't deny the feeling that I was getting from watching the incredibly hot love scene. When the two were finally naked and on top of each other I could barely contain myself. I ran my hand through my hair with one hand very quickly and kept my eyes locked on the screen.

"Do you like this as much as I do Katelyn?" Erica asked.

"I...oh god it's making me feel hot Erica." I replied.

As soon as I realized what I had said I began to blush tremendously. Erica looked at my body and then into my eyes in a seductive manner.

"Do you feel like touching yourself honey?" she whispered.

I didn't know what to say back. I couldn't tell if she wanted me to say yes or if she was only joking with me. I finally took a risk and told Erica what I really felt, hoping she was thinking the same thing.

"Erica...I...yes I do."

"Then lets both do it. I'm feeling so wet right now I have to."

I took one hand and slowly placed it in my lap and let my other hand gently cup my breast. I took a deep breath as I felt my fingers brush very close to my wet crotch. I could feel the moisture soaking into my sweat pants and when I looked down I noticed a small stain on them.

"Ohhh Erica...I've never done this in front of anyone before. It's so different." I whispered.

Erica already had one hand inside her soccer shorts and the other on her squirming thigh as she looked up at me.

"Mmmmmm it feels so good doesn't it honey? Play with yourself for me Katelyn, you look so hot when you touch yourself like that."

I slowly let my fingers slip in and out of my wet vagina, slowly increasing my pace in sync with Erica's video. Moments later I began to moan with the same intense pleasure as the characters in the movie. It was the greatest feeling in the world for me to excite myself in front of someone else. Erica couldn't take her eyes off my body and I couldn't blame her. Seeing another girl as horny as I was with her hand between her legs would be unbelievable for me too. While still watching me she ran her other hand through her spiky hair slowly.

"Damn girl, you're good at this." Erica said, staring at my body.

I took my eyes off the screen and looked at her hand between her legs. I couldn't believe that the view was making me even more aroused than the video itself. A deep desire broke loose from within me at that instant. I wanted to see Erica's naked pussy so badly that I couldn't stand it. My hand was now pumping faster within my moist cunt and the feeling was becoming more incredible by the second.

"Oh shit! Unngghhhhh!! Erica I think I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned loudly.

I threw my back to the bed sheets and lifted my legs high into the air as I thrusted my fingers in and out of my throbbing pussy. The minute I heard the woman in the video begin to scream with excitement I joined in as if I was in the movie myself. I spread my legs and prepared for the imminent flow of my hot juices as I screamed to Erica.

"ERICA!! I'm Cumming!!! Aaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

A hot stream of my girl cum burst forth from my pussy almost immediately after my words. I felt the warm nectar slowly soak into my already drenched panties and begin to add more stains to my sweat pants. I removed my fingers from my pulsating cunt just as the flow of my juices began to slow down. A final squirt of cum shot out as I inhaled my thick, musky scent and sighed happily to myself. I had never climaxed in front of someone else before let along another beautiful girl my age. I couldn't believe the infinite amount of new ideas that were on my mind as I turned my head slowly to look at Erica. She was completely speechless and her mouth was hanging wide open as she stared at my drenched crotch.

"Oh my god Katelyn, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen!" she said, amazed.

I sat up and rested my wet fingers in my lap.

"It's so different when you're watching me Erica. It feels even better, wanna do it again?"

"I had something else in mind Katelyn honey..."

I looked a little surprised but I couldn't hide the fact that I was waiting and even hoping for the words she spoke next.

"Why don't we try it on each other now Kate?"

"Ohhh god Erica I want it again so badly. I can't believe how horny I feel right now." I said, still touching myself.

"So you wanna have some fun with each other then honey?"

"I don't really...know how to do it with another girl Erica." I whispered.

"Well lets both learn how shall we?"

Erica moved closer to me and put one of her hands on my thigh, slowly caressing it with an incredible gentleness. Her other hand reached for my breasts and pushed my body backwards causing me to fall back down to the bed sheets.

" naughty aren't you Erica?"

"Ohhh Kate, when I'm done you'll be on your hands and knees drooling and begging for more."

We both let out a rather loud laugh before continuing with each other. I lifted my arms for Erica and she slid my t-shirt off my body. As I shivered with excitement she ran her fingers under my bra strap and gently slid my top off, quietly giggling every second of the way. An unbelievable lust and desire for each other had taken over both of us. The forbidden nature of us being together seemed only to add to the excitement of the moment. Within seconds my two firm mounds were completely bare for her to see. Erica playfully buried her face between my breasts and gave my skin endless wet kisses causing me to begin moaning once more. She lifted her face away from my chest leaving a small string of her saliva still hanging from her moist lips.

"Ohhh fuck I want you so badly Katelyn, I'm going to make sweet girl love to you all night." Erica said.

Within an instant she sat up and placed her hands on my hips, directly at the waistline of my sweat pants. Erica quickly pulled them down and off my legs and threw them across the room, hitting a wall before she continued.

"You'll never need those ever again honey." she said, grinning at me.

I cupped my breasts with my hands as Erica removed the last piece of clothing I was wearing. My panties slid off of my legs at last, revealing my young, wet sex to her. Erica wasted no time and immediately dove her head between my legs, penetrating my quivering pussy lips with her warm tongue.

"Ohhhh god...Erica yesss! Eat me just like that." I moaned.

The sounds of her licking and sucking became very loud which added to my arousal and the intensity of our hot love making. Erica slowed her motions slightly and began by running her tongue along my dripping pussy walls, purposely avoiding my clit and driving me crazy. Then, with a slight flick of her tongue, Erica lightly brushed up against it for the first time of the night.

"Ooohhhh! Erica you're so...aaahhh...good at this." I moaned, staring at the ceiling mindlessly.

As the motions increased my pulsating cunt actually began to drool with a tiny flow of my juices as if I had already climaxed. Instead of swallowing the warm liquid Erica let it pour onto her face and chin as she continued to devour my heavenly vagina. After a few seconds she removed her face from my crotch momentarily and stared into my eyes to speak.

"God girl, you're the wettest thing I've ever seen. I wish I could just have your pussy to myself forever." she said.

"Who says you can't Erica dear?" I replied.

We both laughed out loud to each other again for a moment.

" are a naughty little girl, I might have to punish you." Erica said, with my juices dripping from her chin.

Erica licked her lips and rested on her knees for a moment. Instead of returning her face to my wet cunt she lifted up her hand and spread her fingers apart, showing them to me.

"So which one do ya want first Kate?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

"What do you mean which one Erica?" I asked innocently.

"I mean which finger do you want me to fuck you with first silly."

We both giggled like little school girls as she watched me make up my mind.

"Mmmmmm...lets try your pinky first sweety. Slowly..." I said.

Erica put her lips around the finger I had chosen and moistened it with her warm saliva. Just looking at the two of us all over each other like we were was enough to make anyone and everyone wet. It was as if we were completely drunk with an endless arousal. I believed we were the two most horny teenagers on the planet at that moment. Our chests were already heaving with an excitement that had never been reached in either of our lives.

"Ohhh come on Erica don't make me wait. I want your finger inside me now!" I moaned loudly.

I closed my eyes and felt the single digit run up my thigh starting from my knee, leaving a glistening trail of her drool behind on my leg. Her wet pinky parted my quivering vaginal lips and slipped slowly inside me causing my body to shake for a split second. I stopped tweaking my nipples with my fingers and brought my hands down to my hips slowly. I let my lower body move in a slow rhythm aiding her finger's movements. Erica gently began to pump her pinky in and out softly, building speed with each wonderful thrust.

"Unngghhh! Now I want another finger inside me Erica..." I moaned.

Erica obediently removed her pinky from my juicy pussy and let her index and middle finger slip inside me to continue the job.

"Ohhhh god yes! Deep Erica, deep!"

I bent my knees and drove my hips lower to meet Erica's incredible pumping while still moaning for her even louder than before. Still, I craved more power and more stimulation for my young, tender pussy. Instinctively Erica sped up her motions and thrusted her fingers deep into my pulsating cunt.

"Ohhh yess!! Erica I'm gonna cum again! Keep going, keep going Aaahhhh!!"

I tried to stay still but I couldn't stop my entire body from shaking violently on top of Erica's bed. Her fingers continued to plunge in and out of me reaching new unimaginable levels of ecstasy inside me. As before, I was ready to let go and release my thick honey onto Erica's fingers.

"Cum for me Kate, cover me in your beautiful love juice!" Erica yelled.

My body was completely engulfed by a world of bliss as my great climax approached. I held onto my hips so tightly that it almost hurt as the pleasure built to its final levels of enjoyment. As a final act of arousal Erica shoved her fingers deeper inside me than ever before as she let her face dive between my legs once more.

"That's it!! I'm Cumming!! Unnnggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

My pulsating walls immediately tightened on Erica's fingers and burst forth with my precious fluid like an exploding dam. I continued to scream at the top of my lungs as the thick cum completely covered Erica's hand and washed onto her chin which was also close by. Seconds passed and the stream of my girl cum still did not cease its flow. I tried to open my eyes to get one more glimpse of Erica's cute smile covered in my own cum as the flow finally came to a glorious end. Before I could, my body went limp and I completely blacked out on top of Erica's bed. The first orgasm she had given me was beyond perfection. My mouth dropped open and let a small flow of my drool ooze out as I fell into a seemingly endless sleep of young passion.

After what seemed like hours I finally came to and opened my eyes slowly, still a little shaky from our hot sex. Erica was lying down next to me, still fully clothed with one hand resting on my stomach.

"Wha...what happened?" I asked.

"You passed out from our hot, girl sex Katie. I've been waiting for you to wake up."

Immediately I perked up and placed my hand on Erica's hip.

"I believe it's my turn to do you now sweety." I said, smiling.

"Mmmm...frisky as always huh Kate?"

"Ohh I'm going to hold you down and make you scream for me young lady." I said in an adult's voice.

Erica stood up from the bed and loosened her soccer shorts but was very careful not to let them drop.

"What makes you think you can catch me honey?" she replied, grinning at me seductively.

The rest I had gotten from being passed out had filled me with even more energy than I had before and I knew it. Without warning I jumped up from the bed sheets and lunged at Erica hoping to grab her with my arms. She quickly stepped out of the way and turned for the door before speaking.

"If you can catch me, you can do whatever you want to me all night honey." she said.

With that she darted out of the room and into the hallway, heading for the stairs. I immediately gave chase and dashed out of her bedroom hot on her tail. I was still completely naked as I ran after Erica down the dark hallway until we reached the stairs. Along the way Erica slowly began to remove her clothes while still managing to keep ahead of me. She lifted her tank top over her head and threw it in my direction hoping to slow me down. She was now completely naked from the waist up and the gap between us was gradually beginning to narrow. Erica quickly reached the bottom of the stairs and turned into her living room with was pitch black inside. I entered the room and slowed to a stop to try and find her in the darkness. I didn't have the best night vision and my eyes were still a little blurred from being passed out so there was absolutely nothing in my sight. We both began to giggle again as I stretched my hands out and walked forward as if I were blind.

"Where are you sweety, I need you." I said slowly.

"Mmmm...getting warmer Kate, over here." she whispered.

I felt another piece of her clothing hit me in the arm and then fall to the floor. Erica was only in her panties now and I still couldn't see her. Lastly, her underwear jumped into my face overpowering me with the musky scent of her young sex.

"Oh you are red hot honey." she said into my ear.

Erica wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her incredible body. The hot, moist feeling of our skin rubbing together was building that same insane, lustful desire within us both. Erica moved her thigh between my legs and rubbed her smooth skin against my mound gently, teasing me every second of the way. The fire between my legs was building even more than before as we held each other close.

"Are you still feeling as hot as I do Katelyn?" Erica asked.

"Ohh god yes Erica, I want you more than ever."

I began to kiss her neck slowly, letting my tongue stick out to wet her warm skin with each one. Erica brought her lips closed to my ear and whispered, "I just had a really naughty idea Katie, wanna hear?"

"Ooooh a naughty idea...of course sweety, what is it?"

Erica looked over my shoulder and out the front window of the house and then looked back at me with a wicked smile on her face. I had no idea what to expect which was incredibly exciting for me.

How about we have some of our fun outside sweety, in my backyard? God that would be so exhilarating. What do ya think Katie?"

I had a nervous look on my face for a moment until I realized how horny I still was for Erica.

"We could be seen or even caught Erica, it sounds risky."

"That's what adds to the excitement honey, are you up to the challenge?" she asked, only inches away from my face.

"Lets do it sweety." I whispered to her.

We both turned and ran for the back door of Erica's house. First, she ran into the bathroom and came out with a huge dark blue towel for us.

"We'll put this out on the lawn for us to use, come on Kate."

When we reached the back door we both carefully looked out of the small window together. The fence enclosing the yard was fairly high so the chances of being seen were quite slim thankfully. Just to make sure, Erica switched off all of the lights at the back of the house including the ones on the porch making it almost totally dark outside. With that she slowly opened the door and led me outside first. The air was surprisingly humid on my bare skin which was unusually nice. Erica walked through the door herself then closed it behind her before turning to me. I ran my hands down my naked body driving her even more crazy for me than she already was.

"Oh god I can't want, I need you now Katelyn!" she whispered loudly.

With that we bounded onto the grass and laid out the large towel right in the center of the lawn. The ground was a little ticklish on our bare feet and we tried to keep our little giggles as quiet as possible. As we stood in the center of the lawn I looked around to make sure no one else was watching. My heart began to pound inside me and I loved every second of it. Erica quickly threw her arms around my waist and pulled me down to the towel with her. I lied on top of her for a moment, staring into her stunning eyes and smiling at her.

"Katelyn, I want you to fuck me honey." she said, closing her eyes and spreading her legs for me.

I took two of my fingers and sucked on them the same way Erica had a while earlier. Then I brought them between her legs slowly and slipped them inside her waiting pussy.

"Ohhh Fuck yaaaa..." she moaned.

"Shhhh...not too loud sweety, wouldn't want to be caught now would we?"

"Ohhhh Katie I don't care honey, you make me feel so good..."

I took my other hand and brought it just above Erica's face. She looked up at it and let my index finger enter her mouth so she could suck on it. Now instead of making loud, vocal moans Erica started making sucking sounds on my finger as I let my other hand excite her wonderful pussy.

"You like that sweety? Do my fingers make you feel good?" I said in a sly voice.

Erica nodded her head slightly and placed one of her hands on her breast and the other on the towel, gripping it tightly. The feeling of making love to another girl under the moonlit sky was absolutely electrifying. The tranquil sounds of the night mixed with Erica's writing on the towel and the sound of my fingers pumping in and out of her throbbing cunt. It was if I had died and gone to heaven and I wasn't even the one who was being fucked.

We had both begun to perspire due to the surprising heat of the night air and the fact that we had been chasing each other around Erica's house. There was still a small breeze blowing against our naked bodies as if we were living in a fairy tale. I pulled my finger out of Erica's mouth and began to lick it slowly, letting her watch.

"Unngghhhh! Oh Fuck Katie that is so good, don't stop!"

I wanted to make her pleasure last for hours as I let my fingers glide in and out at a faster pace. Erica reached forward and grabbed my hand forcing it even further inside her with each thrust. It was a moment that I wished would never end. The cool wind and the faint sound of crickets mixed with Erica's moaning was the most incredible thing in the world. It felt as if we were meant to make hot girl love to each other outside under the bright stars.

"Mmmmmm...Oh Erica I want to eat you so badly." I said.

Erica opened her mouth to speak and let a small bit of drool trickle down from her mouth. "I want your tongue inside me Katelyn, fuck me with it." she moaned.

Obeying her command I slowed the movement of my hand and gently pulled my fingers out of her dripping pussy. My fingers were covered in her warm juices and even a little red in color from all the friction they had produced in Erica's tight vagina. As I positioned myself so that I was between Erica's gorgeous legs I looked into her lust filled eyes and said, "I've wanted to do this ever since I first saw you answer the door Erica."

I closed my eyes and let her overpowering aroma enter my nostrils as I moved in. I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the edges of Erica's pussy lips, teasing her sweetly. She moved one of her hands off the towel and began to pull up grass from the ground, begging me to penetrate her quivering lips. She got her wish as I slid my tongue inside, getting my first taste of her wonderful pussy at last. It was so incredibly warm and moist that the mere touch of my tongue had caused it to begin drooling juices from the glistening walls inside.

"Fuck! Katie ohh god yesss! Right there!!"

Erica had no idea what was still in store for her. I made my tongue travel deeper inside, finally coming into contact with her swollen clit. She made a loud gasp for air and tore up more grass from the lawn as I ran my tongue around it in small circles. Erica lifted her lower back right off the towel for a moment then slowly calmed back down and continued her loud moaning.

"Ohhhh yaaa! Fuck that's good honey!"

I let my tongue inch deeper inside Erica's beautiful cunt until I was able to gently suck on her hot clit with my lips. I squeezed it and kept it tightly inside my mouth, swallowing the warm juice which secreted from her pink walls. She was ready to explode all over my face and I yearned for her majestic girl cum to drench every inch of my face. I purposely made loud slurping sounds with my mouth as Erica gradually tensed her entire body with arousal. We were both completely out of our minds and filled with an infinite desire for these unimaginable sensations. I half expected Erica to lift her legs off the ground and raise them near her face she was enjoying herself so much. Her entire body began to convulse as her first orgasm of the night built up within her hot, gorgeous body.

"This is it! Ohhhhhh Fuck!!! Katieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

A hot spurt of her thick girl cum splattered onto my face as the orgasm hit Erica at the exact moment she had begun yelling. She arched her back and dug her hands deep into the grass, screaming out loud with no regards for any of the other residents in the neighborhood. Her tasty love juice continued to squirt into my mouth for a few more moments before her screams lessened and transformed into fragile whimpers. I lifted my face from between Erica's glistening legs and wiped her sweet honey out of my eyes before I looked at her once more. Her cum was all over the towel and still dripping from my chin.

"Mmmmmmmm...Oh god that was so hot Erica, I loved it."

As if nothing had happened Erica sat up and brought my face close to hers. She stuck her tongue out and licked my face slowly before she backed away to speak.

"Ohh shit this is the hottest night of my life Katie, lets fuck again." she said, staring into my eyes.

"I'm going to eat you alive sweetheart." I said, with a familiar wicked smile on my face.

Erica wrapped her arms around me and pulled my body down so that I was on top of her once more. Our hot pussies meshed into each other, swollen and still craving more excitement. Just as we began caressing each other again I noticed a loud sound coming from the front of the house. It was a car pulling up the driveway! We immediately jumped up and looked at each other, bewildered and with our eyes wide open.

"Oh shit! My parents are home early! What do we do?" Erica whispered nervously.

I thought of a plan as quickly as I could. We couldn't go back into the house again without the risk of being caught but we also couldn't really go anywhere else because we were both still in the nude.

"I've got it! Come on, we gotta jump this fence and get to my house." I said. "No one's home and we always keep a spare key in the back."

"Okay, lets hurry then." Erica said. "You go first."

Without hesitation we darted to the high wooden fence separating our two yards. I went first and slowly made my way over top while Erica admired the sight of my naked body scaling the fence. She then jumped onto the fence herself and quickly made it over just as the lights in the kitchen of her house turned on.

"What about our clothes Erica? They're all over the place."

"Lets hope they don't notice them, now come on."

I grabbed the spare key from under one of the plants and unlocked the back door to my house. We quickly ran inside and closed the door, finally able to calm down. My heart was still pounding as I reached behind my head and untied my hair letting it fall to my shoulders. Erica and I both let out a huge sigh of relief and tried to calm our heavy breathing.

"That was intense Erica. If we'd have been caught..."

"I know, it was so dangerous. That's what makes it fun Katie." she answered. "Now let me just quickly call them and let them know where I am before they notice anything."

Erica walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone. I walked in behind her and opened up the refrigerator, casually looking inside for something to tease her with. Her parents finally answered and spoke with Erica as she stared at me bent over and peering into the fridge.

"Hi mom...I'm fine. I'm just next door with my new friend." she said.

I pulled a single red cherry off of a cake we had bought a day earlier and closed the refrigerator door. Then I walked over to my breakfast table and sat on top of it, crossing my legs as Erica watched.

"How late will I be?" she said, smiling. "Oh a few hours at least..."

I smiled back at her comment and slowly slipped the tasty cherry into my mouth, sucking off all of the icing on it and making sure not to swallow it just yet. At that moment I thought of something devilishly fun to do in front of Erica. I pulled the moist cherry out of my mouth and began to run it down my chin very slowly. I let it pass my neck and gently run between my breasts as I closed my eyes and uncrossed my legs. The tension in Erica's voice was growing as she kept her eyes glued to the erotic sight I was creating for her.

"Actually...on second thought maybe I'll spend the night over here mom, is that okay?" she said, struggling to sound calm.

The cherry passed by my belly button and made its way across my thin layer of pubic hair until it reached the entrance of my hot pussy. I let it gently push inside my slit, still holding onto the stem with my fingers. Erica's knees began to tremble as I slowly pulled it out and brought it to my mouth. I put my lips around the moist cherry once more and sucked off every bit of my juices which it had been covered in. It was barely enough for Erica to handle without beginning to moan out loud. I opened my eyes to see a small trickle of her juices ooze down her inner thigh as her mouth hung open.

"Uh huh...okay you mom...bye."

Erica hung up the phone and glared at me, walking closer to me with an almost angry but playful look on her face.

"Jeez Katelyn you could have gotten us both caught again. What do you think my mom would do if she found out what we've been doing tonight?" she said.

I took the cherry out of my mouth and smiled innocently.

"I don't know...join us?"

"You've certainly got sex on the brain this evening girl." Erica said.

"Oh and you don't Erica?" I replied quickly.

We both giggled for a moment and then held each other once more. I put the wet cherry back in my mouth and kissed Erica passionately, letting our tongues explore each other's mouths. I felt the cherry leave my mouth and slip into Erica's where she immediately chewed and swallowed it.

"Mmmmm...tastes sweet just like you cute pink cunt honey." she said.

"Ohh god Erica take me now, right here!" I moaned, looking down at the small bit of hair between her legs. Erica pulled me off of the table and down to the white tiling of the kitchen floor. With me on top of her we rubbed our pussies together for a few moments, finding endless delight in every second of our contact. The rest of my rational mind was swept away with the desire for eternal pleasure. I began to drool all over Erica's face, moaning loudly on top of her. She opened her mouth to let random drop of my saliva fall inside, closing her eyes. We both slowly writhed upon the floor as our mounds meshed together tightly, bathing in our seemingly endless supply of juices. Erica's waist and entire lower body vibrated in a constant rhythm causing her leg to hit one of the nearby chairs at the breakfast table, pushing it aside.

"Ohhh fuck this is incredible sweety...Aaaagghhh!" I moaned.

She licked her lips which were still being dripped on by my saliva and opened her eyes.

"Lets play a little game Katelyn...Unngghhhh...whoever cums first loses. Okay?"

"You're on Erica...Mmmmm...why don't you give me a challenge though?"

Erica smiled brightly.

"We'll see about that honey...Ohhhhh..."

It was now a race to see who could take the most stimulation without having a climax. I was determined to win but the grinding motion of our pussies was getting to me very quickly. I noticed that our bodies were both dripping with perspiration now and we were almost as wet as our pulsating mounds. Erica pulled my head directly towards hers and began to lick every inch of my face in a fit of passion. Then she turned my head to the side and stuck her tongue inside my ear, drooling lustfully. She was actually tickling me which caused me to burst out laughing, bringing me closer to my imminent orgasm.

"Hey, that's not fair!" I said as she kept her tongue inside my ear.

"Erica pulled out and turned my head again so we could make eye contact.

"All's fair in love and all girl fucking Katelyn." she whispered.

With that in mind I took my right hand and placed it on Erica's breast, caressing her nipple and gently tweaking it.

" like that sweety? I'm going to make you explode all over me long before I do..." I moaned.

By this time Erica could not speak but could only moan and yell out remarks about how good she felt. I stared into her eyes, still letting small drops of my drool fall onto her face every few seconds. The fire between our throbbing mounds was raging almost out of control. Erica raised her arms above her head and I responded by reaching forward and holding hands with her tightly, waiting for one of us to give in to the heavenly sensations.

"Unngghhhh! Cum for me Erica, you must!" I moaned loudly.

"Ohh Shit! Kate I can't hold it, I can't!!" Erica yelled.

In a last attempt to free the girl cum from her luscious body I gave Erica the longest kiss I could. Our tongues sloshed together, mixing our saliva and touching the inner most regions of our throats. Erica could no longer contain herself at that moment. Her hips shook wildly and out lips parted just in time for her to scream as loud as she could again.

"I'm Cumming!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed.

A gush of Erica's cum shot out in all directions, hitting the floor and my burning pussy at the same time. As soon as I realized I had won I let myself go and felt my walls instantly contract with an orgasm that rivaled that of Erica's.


Our two streams mixed together forming one incredible flow of hot tasty girl cum. Our hands were still holding on tight as we both screamed with a feeling of ecstasy that would not stop. Erica went almost completely numb and nearly lost control of her body as the gushing flow finally came to a halt. A rather large pool of our thick liquid covered the tiling of the kitchen floor between our legs as my climax finally subsided as well. With what little strength I still had I sat up and moved myself so that my dripping pussy rested on Erica's chin. I let my fingers come into contact with my throbbing clit one last time which was just enough to cause a second orgasm hit me.

"Ohhhhhh god!! Unnnggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

I let out a scream slightly less loud as small squirts of my almost exhausted juices poured out onto Erica's face. I never wanted the moment to end it felt so good. Surprised, Erica closed her eyes tightly and let the warm honey soak her face slowly. As soon as my orgasm came to an end I fell sideways, hitting the floor.

We laid in our own juices for minutes without even speaking a word to each other. I was almost afraid that I would regret what Erica and I had done until she sat up and looked at me.

"Ohh Katelyn we were meant for each other. I think I'm going to like having you as my new neighbor honey." she said.

I sat up as well with my arms still a little shaky and smiled at Erica happily. Then I placed a single finger on her face and ran it across her skin which was dripping with my girl cum just as mine was with hers earlier. I brought it back to my lips and sucked off every last drop of my own tasty nectar. I narrowed my eyes and looked at Erica. She knew what I was going to say next before I even opened my mouth.

"You lost the game sweety, I'll just have to punish you accordingly." I said in a mother's voice.

"Mmmmmm...always so naughty aren't you Kate? What's my punishment?" she asked.

I thought of the best thing for her to do for losing our fun little game. It was certainly a fitting but also fun punishment.

"Well, you can start by licking up all of this cum on my kitchen floor with your tongue." I said smiling.

Our giddy laughing commenced once again and I stood up to watch Erica carry out her punishment. Her short spiky black hair beautifully shined in the bright moonlight coming from the windows. She looked like an absolute angel to me and made me feel like I never had before. As she lapped up our thick honey from the floor while on her hands and knees I already had my hand back between my legs. We were both ready to make sweet love to each other again.


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