Rhythm & Blues - Episode 10 "Daddy Rhythm, Momma Blues"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

Well...I'm assuming you're waiting for the big sex scene with me and Val, huh? Well I'm not gonna go graphic for you and cheapen the whole experience. But I will say we took our sweet time that night and explored each other. Starting by slowly taking each others clothes off interlaced with a liberal amount of kissing and hands stroking smooth skin. Which lead, once the clothes were disposed off, to both of us on the bed in the missionary position, Val on top, kissing passionately. Somewhere in there we started grinding and as our lips danced in a slow and steady rhythm, we made love. For the next 3 or 4 hours, we both experienced an endless amount of pleasure and yes we both got our first 'taste' so to speak and it was for me all I'll ever crave for the rest of my life. So much so that here we are two weeks later and I've still got her honey doo on my tongue and mine on hers too. Of course maybe that's because we've made love every single night since then and with Mom distracted by Jon Paul, Steve and Tori, we are so flying under the radar.

Being lost in my thoughts of Val and I making love, I tried to wrap my mind around the task of doing the dishes but my pleasure seeking mind only wanted to focus on one thing, the pleasure the girl I loved could give to me. Somehow I did finish just as Val came in from the grocery store and went about putting away the groceries. Pretending I wasn't even in the room I thought as she didn't even looked at me one time, which of course made me want her attention on me even more.

"Hey!" I said as she closed the freezer and grinned as she looked back at me. "Not good enough to talk to?"

"I had groceries to put away" She said as she joined me by the sink, placing her hands on the counter behind me and grinning at me. "We both know if I start looking at you the ice cream is gonna melt before I can get my mind to start again."

"I'm hot huh?" I asked and kissed her softly. "Huh Val?"

"How many nights have we made love in a row?" She asked in a whisper. "Does that tell you anything?"

"You're horny" I said as she gave me a dirty look and I laughed.

"You drive me crazy you are so hot" Val growled as I smiled and kissed her again.

"You too" I said as she returned my kiss. "MMMMMMMMM and those lips are so soft, ohmigod I love how they feel on me."

"I bet there's one place in particular huh?" She asked as my hands slid down to her waist and slipped under her shirt and to her flat stomach and the smooth skin that I loved.

"Yes, yes" I said in a light moan as Val kissed my neck softly and then kissing me again softly on the lips. Finally having to stop her as the heat took us both over. "Wait, Val, we're gonna caught."

"You started it" She said with a teasing grin. "Don't blame me cause I can't resist you."

"You won't be able to tonight" I said in a whisper, "Can I be in control again?"

"You like making me do bad things huh?" She asked.

"It's fun and you like it too right?"

"Was a lot of fun the first time" Val said. "I loved how you kept making me stop and do it exactly like you wanted."

"Well you don't listen and I have to be mean to you" I said as Val gave me those innocent eyes that are so expressive. "You make me punish you."

"UGH, someones home" Val said as she moved away just as a giggling Tori and Steve came in the front door. Tori spotting us in the kitchen and coming our way with Steve in tow. The package in her arms only becoming visible after she had come through the swinging kitchen door. "Holy crap Tori."

"Look what Dad bought me" Tori said with an ear to ear grin. Holding a brand new Playstation 3 in her arms proudly. Steve coming in with a sheepish grin on his face. This actually brings up an interesting point, see Steve had been in town now for over two weeks and had taken Tori out every day and she always came back with something, but nothing like this. After all this time I don't think he's trying to buy her love anymore. Not like he had to anyway in reality. "Help me hook it up Val?"

"You know it, what about games?" Val asked.

"I got three" Tori said as she bounced out of the room with Val in tow. Both literally as excited as I had ever seen her. Leaving Steve in the room with me and as usual a long silence hung in the air as neither one of us knew what to say. Tori bursting back into the room and hugging him around the neck and kissing his cheek. "In case I didn't say it already, thanks."

"Anything for you my girl" He said as she beamed a huge smile and ran back off to join Val again. Just as Gemini came into the kitchen with a push of the swinging door. Steve holding the door open as Gemini came in and looked up at him. "Well good evening Miss Gemini."

"You funny Uncle Steve" Gemini said as she pointed at him and ran away to me when he reached down to pick her up. "No no, help me Kim."

"He gonna get you?" I asked as Gemini ran into my arms and I picked her up.

"Uh huh" She said with a head nod.

"And since when is he Uncle Steve?"

"You said him not my daddy too" Gemini said with a defiant tone to her voice. "Him your Daddy? OK?"

"Yeh him my Daddy" I said as Gemini hugged me.

"So him my Uncle Steve?" She asked with hopeful eyes.

"I like that idea" Steve said with a smile. Taking a quarter out of his pocket and offering it to Gemini as she smiled and clutched it in her hand. "How about you go and put it in your Mickey Mouse bank?"

"Him gots a full belly almost now" Gemini said, referring to her bank that Jon Paul had given a few days before. He and Steve seemed to be in a quarter contest as every time either of them saw her she ended up with a quarter or nickel or some kind of change for it. "Thanks Uncle Steve."

"You are very welcome" Steve said as Gemini smiled and wiggled as I sat her down and she went running out of the kitchen and headed for her bedroom and her Mickie Bank no doubt.

"She likes you" I said.

"She's just like you when you were that age" He said.

"Yeh too bad you missed the next odd number of years" I said coldly.

"Are you ever gonna give me an inch?" He asked. "Tori is not the only one I can do things for, just ask."

"I don't want..."

"What about a car?" He asked and stopping me in the midst of my anger filled words. "You're 17 and Val's car is not exactly in great shape, you gonna want something to get around in."

"Yeh I guess" I said and deciding to play this out and see where it went. "Yeh Val's motor is acting weird lately."

"See, and I'm talking a new car, not some second hand piece of garbage" He said. "I can get you insurance, whatever you need. Let me help."

"You think you can buy my love?" I blurted out, covering my mouth a moment later in frustration. "Sorry, but...Mom wouldn't like that."

"Kim, your Mom is never gonna stop hating me" He said. "I can honestly understand that, but you have a choice. You can choice to take advantage of a father you've never known really. Give me one chance."

"I don't want nothing you can give me..." I snapped and turned to walk out of the room when I heard the words that changed my mind forever.

"You can have my roadster" He said as I stopped at the kitchen door. Shock washing over me as I let the magnitude of that offer settle in for a long moment.

"Your car?" I asked in shock.

"That's the offer" He said as I fought my brain to form a thought.

"No, no, too much, I can't take that" I said as I turned again to walk out when he touched my arm and stopped me. Pushing the keys into my hand.

"I want you to have it, I want you to have something that's yours" He said as I reluctantly closed my fingers around the keys. "Take it, please?"

"But I know that car...ummmmmmm...it's just too much money" I said. Some of the shock wearing off now.

"I can't take it back to California with me anyway" He said. "I can't, so either you take care of it for me or I put it in storage."

"You said it would be mine..."

"It will be, when you get your liscense" He said.

"I passed Drivers ED, Ms. Calhoun said I was the best driver in class" I said. "What do you get in return?"

"A chance to get to know you...and Val?"

"Yeh she comes with the package" I said softly. "She's got my heart now."

"I kinda got that idea" He said. "I'm adjusting to it to be honest."

"So am I" I said as we shared a nervous laugh. "A chance?"

"That's all I want, maybe you let me in a little and see what happens" Steve said.

"I don't know how to start" I said.

"How about a hug?" He asked. I looked at the keys in my hand and couldn't believe what had just happened. He was willing to give anything for me to just stop hating him and let him back into my life. I wanted on one hand to flat out reject him and just walk out, but the other side of the valley so to speak was where the green grass was now growing. If I gave him a chance it came with a car and another person in my life that I think I now believed loved me, and that is never a bad thing. I decided to go for it. Hugging him and feeling him hug me back, I finally pushed past the hate and regret of the last 11 years and gave into what my heart really wanted to feel. I closed my eyes and just savored that moment as I hugged my dad for the first time in my life or so it felt like. Tears coming to my eyes as the moment lingered and I jumped away nervously with the cracking of the kitchen door.

"Hey, you...ok?" Val asked as she looked nervously from me back to Steve. "Why you crying? He say something?"

"Car" I said as I showed her the keys. "Mine."

"The roadster?" Val asked as I grinned and she kissed me and swept me into her arms as I laughed. "Are you serious?"

"That's what my Dad said" I replied as Val looked kinda shocked at the way that came out.


"He's making an effort a huge one, I can try it too, right?"

"I guess so" She said. "Besides I'd back you up no matter how stupid the decision was."

"Are you looking to be single soon?" I asked as Val grinned and kissed me before running off into the living room laughing. Me hearing Steve laughing before I could even look.

"I'm liking her more and more" He said as I glared at him and tried to hide a smile.

"And you can bite me...dad" I said as he laughed harder.

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Sasha's Apartment **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

I had the worst feeling all day at work and even calling home to make sure Cara and Jamie Lynn were ok (they were), didn't help much. So you bet your last dollar that at 5:30 I was climbing the walls to get out this place and get home to see for myself that everything was OK. I was just about to do that when Jon Paul stopped me to let me know that Kim and Val would be coming by tonight. Which is progress if you ask me, at least Val will volunteer to be in the same room with me. So arriving home I saw the one thing I didn't want too, Cara struggling with Jamie Lynn in her car seat as she slowly came down the steps from our old apartment.

"You ok?" I asked after turning off the car and jumping out just as she arrived at the bottom of the steps.

"Fine, why?" She asked as sat Jamie Lynn's car seat down and held her stomach. "OHHHHH sore."

"You're not ok" I said as I slid in beside her and made her let me hold her. "What were you thinking going upstairs with Jamie Lynn?"

"I was thinking I wanted to visit Ms. Paddington" Cara said. "And I'm fine. Just got a little winded."

"The doctor said you needed to take it easy" I said. "That don't mean climbing 25 steps and carrying 25 pounds with you."

"Twenty five pounds? No more like ten" Cara said.

"I don't care, I've had this horrible feeling all day something bad was gonna happen" I said as Cara smiled and pulled me in front of her and kissed me. "UMMMMMMM..."

"I'm fine, I won't go up the steps anymore until you say so, ok?" She asked as I grinned. "Now help me with Jamie Lynn?"

"Get her yourself, it's your kid" I said as I backed away a few feet and watched Cara give me a seriously dirty look with her hands now on her hips. Finally flipping me off.

"I'm starting to wonder if I really do love you" She said as I smiled and quickly moved back in front of her. "Smart ass."

"It's cute too at least I always thought so" I said as Cara blushed a bit but never missed a beat before firing back.

"Me too" Cara said as she kissed me.

"You like my butt?" I said. "Wait when did you see my butt?"

"I've seen all of you a few times" She said as I blushed. "Shower?"

"Yeh I know, but I never got to see you" I said with a frown.

"When I get better you can" Cara said as I smiled. "Like that invite?"

"I've wanted that since the moment I met you" I said as Cara grinned. "But I am in no hurry to get to that yet."

"You know what? I agree with that" Cara said before I kissed her again.

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

"Where we are going?" Gemini asked from her car seat in Val's backseat.

"I told you Gemmy we're going to see Cara's new baby" Val said as she turned one last time and onto the road that lead to Cara and Sasha's place. A car coming toward us looking just vaguely familar. I saw Val tense up as she nervously looked back and slowed in front of Cara's building. The car that had passed us, did a quick turn around in one of the driveways down the street and came back towards Cara's place a few moments later. Val pulled up in front of Cara's and took a deep breath. It took me a long moment to figure out who it was. "My Mom just saw us."

"That was her?" I asked as I saw the car pulling up behind and almost blocking us in. Seeing it was her my heart almost stopped as I realized the magnitude of what could happen, with Gemini in the backseat this could be worse than anything I'd ever been involved with. Looking back I saw Vanessa fighting with Derrick loudly as he tried to keep her from getting out of the drivers side. "Let's just get out and go inside."

"She's gonna beat my brains out this time" Val said as she gripped onto the stirring wheel and looked to be about to have a panic attack.

"Nooo, she won't, cause she's got two of us to fight" I said as I made her look at me. "I'm asking you to do this for me and not be scared. Let's get out."

"Oh no" Val said as Cara came out of the house to see who had pulled up. The situation going from bad to worse when Vanessa finally succeeded in getting out of the drivers of her car and marching up to the drivers side of Val's car. I reached over the backseat and unlocked Gemini as she scrambled out of her car seat and into the front with me as I opened the passenger side door and pulled Val's arm to get her to get out on my side. Vanessa trying to open the door that was thankfully locked.

"Open this door Valerie, now" Vanessa demanded as Val slid out with me on the passnegers side of the car. "What the hell are you doing? Where have you been?"

"I moved in...with..."

"She moved in with me and my kid" I said as Gemini to my shock crossed into Val's arms and hugged her protectively.

"Look bitch you best get back in that car and leave or I will call the cops" Cara said from the porch as Vanessa's hate filled attention was turned on her. "LEAVE!"

"You the bad mouth little bitch that got me all upset once before when all I was doing was looking for my daughter" Vanessa said and marched onto the porch as my heart nearly stopped and she pushed Cara violently into the wall behind her. Cara's cries of pain stopped me as she grabbed her stomach and covered up. "You got some other demands to make..."

"STOP...YOU BETTER STOP" Val screamed as Gemini started to cry and hugged her tighter around the neck.

"You're little bitch friend started it" Vanessa said. "Now you put that bastard down and you get your ass in the car with Derrick and I mean now."

"GOD shut up, you're scaring her to death" Val pleaded as Vanessa took a couple of steps toward us when Sasha appeared at the door and looked pale white when she saw Cara slumped against the wall crying and holding her stomach.

"Baby what's wrong, what happened?" Sasha asked as Cara pointed in our general direction.

"Which one of you bitches hit my girl?" Sasha asked as she helped Cara to the chair just to the side of the front window.

"Val's psycho Mom tried to kill me" Cara said as she pointed to Vanessa who marched around the front of the car as Val hugged Gemini tighter and backed away now scared to death. I knew it had to be me to stop her from hurting my little sister and girlfriend so I threw the first punch in a pathetic attempt to defend myself. Of course it had barely had an effect what so ever.

"What the fuck was that for?" Vanessa asked as she blocked my second attempt and smacked me so hard as I flew back against the car and smashed my head pretty good. "You made my daughter this way you bitch, I'm gonna teach you..."

"I DID, I MADE VALERIE THAT WAY" Sasha screamed as she drew Vanessa's rage towards her. "I made your daughter like pussy you whore. Me, not her, you wanna hurt someone, try me, cause I fight like a boy."

"I'LL KILL YOU" Vanessa screamed as she lost it and attempted to go after Sasha, but seeing a brief glance of a terrified Val now on the porch with Gemini, and being that they were behind Sasha I got the idea that I was protecting her still as I dove after Vanessa. I caught her by the legs, prompting her quick tumble to the ground. I held on for dear life as she realized what happened and grabbed onto my hair and tried to rip it from my scalp. Which stopped suddenly as someone arrived on the scene and all I heard for a long few terror filled moments was Vanessa screaming and the sickening thud of what sounded like punch after punch. I released her legs when I felt a pair of strong arms pull me away, looking up I saw Derrick as he pulled me to my feet and held me back, trying to calm me I think. That's when I saw Sasha literally pounding Vanessa's face into the pavement in a blind rage. "HELP ME...OHHHHHHHHH...GOD...DERRICK PLEASE...SHE'S...GONNA...OH GOD...KILL ME."

"STOP SASHA STOP" I said and charged and did something I never thought I could do as I tackled Sasha to the grass and wrapped myself around her and held on. "Calm down it's over."

"LET ME GO..." Sasha screamed in a rage. A loud door slam drawing mine and Sasha's attention momentarily as we saw that Cara, Val and Gemini had thankfully gone inside and locked the door. Vanessa getting to one knee with Derrick trying his best to help her.

"Calm down, please calm down, please for me, Sasha you got someone who loves you..." I said and felt her look back at me. "Cara, you love her, remember? She can't make it with you in jail? Please stop?"

"She hurt her, please I just want it to stop..."

"It's over, ok?" I asked as she nodded and I slowly relaxed my grip as we both stood and kept my hands on her arms to hopefully stop her from going after Vanessa. Derrick thankfully now stood between me and Sasha and his psychotic girlfriend. Vanessa's eyes and lips showed the damage that Sasha had inflicted on her but even in her woozy state she still felt the need to lash out and this time it was at the wrong person as she slapped Derrick's face so hard he slumped to one knee. I hugged Sasha from behind to keep her from going after Vanessa once again. "Noooo please? Cara remember?"

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT, they tried to kill me..." Vanessa screamed in Derrick's face before he snapped and did a WWE's Undertaker type move and shot his hand up and closed around Vanessa's throat and squeezed off her air supply as he got back to feet. The fear for her life coming to Vanessa's eyes as Derrick's rage exploded along with the sound of police sirens roaring down the road. Derrick paid them no attention as he lifted Vanessa off the ground and I closed my eyes and hugged Sasha as she turned and buried her eyes against my shoulder. We only heard a sickening final thump and Derrick's scream of unbridled rage and the sound of a screeching pair of tires.

"FREEZE, DON'T MOVE GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES NOW" An officer said but I dared not look as Sasha started to cry and hugged me tighter, neither of looking as a struggle ensued and ended with Derrick being planted into the ground and six different officers having to pin him down. Sasha looked up at me with a look of awe in her eyes as I for the first time saw the scratch marks on her face. The officers finally getting Derrick to calm down enough to get him under control and get cuffs on him. Neither Sasha or I either knowing what to say as she ran her fingers through her hair and turned to watch as the officers loaded Derrick into the police cruiser and an ambulance arrived just at that moment.

"She's still breathing" One of the officers said as a couple of EMT's rushed to the scene and an older officer coming over to talk to us.

"Is everything ok?" He asked. The name tag read Officer Carlton Blanchard.

"Yes we're ok, right Sasha?" I asked as I moved behind her and touched her arm as she looked back at me and smiled. Taking my hand in hers.

"What started this?"

"Vanessa, the one on the ground, tried to hurt me and my girlfriend" I said.

"I can see that, those don't look to bad but we'll have an EMT look at them ok?" He asked Sasha and mistakenly assuming I meant Sasha was my girlfriend. But going on before I could correct him, "Who is this gentleman?"

"That's Vanessa's boyfriend" I said. "She slapped him and really hard too."

"She tried to hurt the person I love most in this world for no reason so I..." Sasha started to say before Derrick's voice cut her off.


"Well I guess that pretty much answers my questions" Officer Blanchard commented. "Anything further you wanna say?"

"No" I said as I squeezed Sasha's hand and she grinned at me as we both clammed up and decided to see if this was gonna really be over this easy. Little did I or Sasha know.