Rhythm & Blues - Episode 11 "The Rhythm I Can't Get Enough Of..."

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

"MMMMMMMMM fuck you had enough?" I asked Val as her head now lay on my chest, both of us panting and drenched in sweat after yet another love making session that had extended well into the night. The first sunlight streaming in through the cracks in the door to the outside. That should give you an idea of exactly how far into the night our love making had extended. Thankfully this was Saturday morning. Val slowly crawled up and kissed my cheek softly and pulled the blanket over our slowly recovering bodies as we smiled at each other. Val touching my cheek and caressing it as she kissed me and said softly, "Never ever Kim. You?"

"Noooooo but I can't go again" I said as she grinned.

"You said that an hour ago" She said as I blushed and laughed. "You sure? I might be able to go one more time."

"Stop, no" I said as she gave me the pooched lip, puppy dog look. "You're impossible."

"Can you blame me, Kim, you're a hottie" She said as I smiled and kissed me. "I am too huh?"

"MMMMMMM god yesss" I said and just then really thinking for the first time about how much she did turn me on. Not that it wasn't obvious for the last 6 weeks or so since we had first made love, but now it really dawned on me. My thoughts being broken up by the appearance of Val's adopted pet, Gizmo, the cat Gemini had discovered when we first came down here. "Hey gizzy girl."

"You need something to eat?" Val asked as Gizmo laid down on my stomach and seemed perfectly content.

"Nope she just wanted to be loved on" I said as Gizmo purred her approval of my petting as Val giggled. Me saying to Gizmo, "Ya think she could have given you a better name than Gizmo huh?"

"I like her name" Val said as Gizmo curled herself around my hand and bit at my fingers as I tickled her belly. "Reminds me of the cat Mom ran off years ago."

"Yeh and she is out of your life now..." I said as Val looked away and offered no confirmation. "Val don't tell me, you did something?"

"Not bad" She said softly as she looked back at me. "A friend of mine from the old building came into the club Durango and told me she was in a coma after the whole incident with Derrick."

"Ok" I said as I caressed her cheek and she smiled. Gizmo curling up between us now as she seemingly listened. "And..."

"She's in bad shape" Val said. "Derrick hurt her pretty bad."

"OK, I'm going with you next time" I said as she gave me a confused look. "I know you're gonna go back."

"But how did you know I went to see her?"

"I'm in love with you" I said as she smiled. "We'll work through it together."

"Deal" She said, "So what about you and Steve?"

"I don't know, Tori loves him already and he's trying to buy my forgiveness" I said. "What should I do?"

"Take the car" Val said as I laughed and she rolled over on to her stomach and looked at me. "I'll teach you to drive."

"I passed drivers ED" I said as Val shrugged. "Just I don't know what to do or how to feel."

"That my girl is what makes life interesting" Val said as she kissed me. Getting a devilish smile on her face a moment later as she said, "But can you imagine me and you rolling into the school parking lot in a hundred thousand dollar automobile?"

"Bet I'd make a lot of new friends that day" I said as we both laughed. Both of us freezing a split second later when the unthinkable happened...a knocking at the door to the basement. I looked to her in panic and thankfully she took charge as she rolled over on the bed and grabbed my shorts and t-shirt and tossed them at me. Gizmo meowing her disapproval as I rolled over and out of bed. I slipped into my shorts and had just gotten my shirt on when the door to the basement opened.

"Valerie, are you in bed?" Mom asked as I snapped my head back to see Val being surprisingly calm as she wrapped the blanket around herself and joined me as she stood.

"No" Val said as she walked around the curtain that hung a few feet below the bed. "Why?"

"Where's Kim? Like I need to ask" Mom said as she came down the steps.

"UMMMMMM..." Val said as I emerged from behind the curtain and joined her. "She's right here..."

"Kimberly" Mom said with a tired look. "Wanna try and explain this?"

"OK, I broke the rule, we were watching a movie and came down to talk for a while..."

"Is that why Valerie is dressed in a sheet?" Mom asked as Val tried to stifle a giggle. "I knew something was going on."

"OK, chill" I said as I held my hands up. "I don't wanna hear the whole you shouldn't be doing this stuff, message recieved Mom."

"You have a smart mouth" Mom said with a finger point.

"Like you weren't gonna lose your fruity peeples over something that's not even important?" I asked as Val smiled at me and surprised me when she hugged me from behind and kissed the back of my neck. Mom watching as we smiled at each other. "Mom this girl changed my life and I'm admitting we did...what you think we did. No going postal?"

"Fine Kimberly, Valerie you two wanna act like adults I'm gonna treat you like one" Mom said. "You're moving out Kimberly."

"Mom, that's crazy..."

"Connie come on that's not fair..." Val started to say on my behalf.

"Shut up both of you" Mom demanded. "You two are old enough to do that then you are old enough to live together."

"So you're throwing me out?" I asked. "Mom, how am I supposed to pay rent and eat huh? Get a job?"

"Noooo, I'll take care of you" Val said as I smiled back at her and knew she was being completely serious. Me briefly thinking about Val's job at the club and feeling better that at least we could survive. The moment being broken by Mom's next words.

"Here" Mom said as we looked back at her in confusion. "Kimberly you're moving down here."

"Connie are you sure?" Val asked as she smiled. "Nevermind, I love that plan."

"And what if I say no?" I asked Mom.

"You don't" Val said firmly as she spun me around and kissed me softly. "I am crazy in love with you. Will you please move in with me?"

"Yes she will" Mom said with hands on hips. "Go on Kimberly tell her."


"I love you, did you hear me Kimberly Castleberry?" Val asked in a growl meant to get my attention. "Answer me."

"Yes, Yes I know, ok...yess I will" I said as Val swept me into her arms and kissed me softly.

"AHEM" Mom said as we both looked back at her. She suddenly looked very nervous. "I also have a rather important annoucement."

"You've murdered Steve and now you need an alibi?" Val asked as I laughed out loud. Val smiling victoriously as Mom laughed and gave her an approving look.

"If I did I'm sure you'd give me one Valerie"

"Probably" Val said as I giggled.

"But seriously, I found out what has been making me act so crazy lately" Mom said. "No jokes?"

"Ok, something wrong?"

"I'm pregnant" Mom said as my body went numb from the effects of that announcement.

"Bun in the oven?" Val asked. "About 6 weeks or so?"

"Yes" Mom said in shock as Val moved over and hugged her. "How did you know it was six weeks?"

"That's about the time you started acting psycho" Val said. Mom offering no denial.

"Mom?" I asked to get her attention. "Jon Paul right?"

"Of course" She said.

"Can you handle this?" I asked. "You've had health problems before you know?"

"Doctor Logan says I should be fine" Mom said.

"Are you sure you want this baby?" I asked. "Mom you're 45..."

"Gemini is only 4 so it's not like I don't have a lot of parenting left to do" Mom said as I smiled and actually felt a lot better after that. "Jon Paul is being a real man and has asked me to marry him."

"Whoa, what?" I asked as the second shocking announcement in a row sent the room spinning around a few times for me. Val instinctively grabbing onto me and keeping me from tipping over in that crazy moment. "Married?"

"I said yes" Mom said as Val steadied me and the room stopped spinning as she looked at me with a worried look in her eyes.

"Tori is gonna lose it" I said softly.

"I know, and my actions toward Steve have not exactly been the most adult" Mom said with a tired look. "I fear she wants to go live with him in California."

"Then let her" Val said softly.

"Valerie you don't know what's it's like to have a child and know she's gonna get her heart broke by the man who's broke yours so many times already" Mom said. "It's impossible to explain."

"I'd say so" Val said.

"Tori is 15 Mom and she's old enough to have her heart broke, you can't spend the rest of your life protecting her" I said. "And I know Steve would pay for me to come out anytime, I can keep an eye on things."

"He's giving you his car so he can buy your love" Mom said.

"So what if he is?" I asked. "Then when he disappears like you say he's going to I've got something incredible to show for it."

"And what will Tori have?"

"A Mom who loves her" Val said as she hugged Mom. "You're anal sometimes but I wish you'd been my Mom."

"Anal? Oh lord Valerie" Mom said with a deep crimson blush as Val and I both laughed. A weird thought just then occuring to me.

"If she was your Mom I'd be dating my sister" I said as Val looked at me in shock for a moment and then started laughing out loud. Laughing so hard she held her sides at one point and even lost her breath for a long moment.

"Make a great porn story Kim" Val said after a minute or so of me and Mom watching her laugh.

"Shut up" I said as I blushed and she kissed my cheek. "Pervert."

"The wedding..." Mom said to draw the attention back to her, "...is gonna be a big affair I'm gathering from what Jon Paul has said."

"OK" I said. "What do you need us to do?"

"Not sure yet" Mom said. "Are you ok with this?"

"Still in shock" I said. "Give me a few days and I'll let you know."

"She's ok with it" Val said as she hugged me from behind again. Me giving her a confused look. "I already know you well enough to know that you're not against it."

"Yeh you do" I said as we smiled at each other.

"What about your tag along?" Mom asked Val. "How do you think she'll take it?"

"Gemmy you mean?" Val asked as Mom nodded. "She loves Jon Paul, well as long as he keeps giving her quarters."

"I hope so, he is so good to her and he's everything I've been looking for in a man" Mom said as I smiled.

"We agree Connie" Val said. "Right Kim."

"Exactly" I said as Val squeezed me tighter in her arms and kissed my cheek.

"OK, OK, school..." Mom said as she pointed to the two of us. "No arguments, cause if you think about quitting both of you are gonna get one."

"Mom wait" I said as she turned to leave. "Is he moving in here or what? After the marriage."

"Oh good lord I have no idea, he does have a nice house on the other side town" Mom said. "Much nicer than this one and I doubt he will want to move in here with it in this condition. The sink in the kitchen is broke, again, the bathroom sink is stopped up...the whole place is falling apart around us."

"Nooo it's not" Val said. "The old girl has character and I loved this place already."

"School, plenty time later for wedding talk" Mom said as she turned to leave. Moments later disappearing up the steps and out the door.

"You ok?" Val asked as I turned in her arms and linked mine around her neck and kissed her.

"A little numb from everything"

"I'll bet I can make you..." Val said and pausing to kiss me softly as she boldly slipped her hands to the underside of jammer shorts and squeezed her fingers into my butt cheeks and grinned knowingly at me. "...unnumb?"

"Unnumb?" I repeated as she giggled and shrugged, squeezing my butt cheeks again to make it perfectly clear what she meant. Trust me it had, like it always does, the intended affect.

"Sounded good inside my head" Val said.

"Well of course it did, with all that empty space why wouldn't it?" I asked as her bottom lip dropped and I laughed at her reaction.

"Hey!" She said in her best 'feel sorry for me' tone. "You shouldn't pick on me."

"I sowwy" I said as she giggled and let her lips linger near mine for a long moment before kissing me softly.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..." We both cooed.

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Sasha's Place **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

I had just drove up in front of the building and saw Ms. Paddington standing at the bottom of the steps, having a late smoke and no doubt waiting on me I would later think. I was just coming in from a long days work and one that was tiring too, 'check day' as it's known around the bank is always hell on your fingers and feet. An endless supply of people streaming in and out and constant bitching and whining about how slow we are at our jobs when they couldn't do it any faster. Anyway...

"Hey" I said as Ms. Paddington came my way after stomping out her cigarette.

"You best be on guard for a fight" Ms. Paddington warned me as my stomach grew to knots. "Ms. Thang Jamie Lynn has been fuzzy as a cat in heat all day and Cara is showing the strain. She also knows about your missing that appointment."

"What appointment?"

"The therapist, don't you give me that clueless stuff" She said with a finger point. "You know good and well you had one today."

"I had to work late" I said and it was partially true.

"Yeh and I'm gonna quit smoking tommorrow" Ms. Paddington said and waving her hand to shush me. "The only way you gonna get better is by going."

"I know, believe me I've heard it..." I said as the door opened and Cara stepped out and gave me a look that could kill.

"Evening Ms. Paddington" Cara said with her eyes locked on me. Ms. Paddington rolling her eyes and walking off. "So you're cured now huh?"

"I had to work late..."

"Lie to me again Sasha Keller and we are through" She said as my bottom lip dropped open in shock and my heart skipped a beat. I followed her into the house as she slammed the door shut and turned to face me. "OK, now how about the truth?"

"I've been going for like 5 months now two and three times a week" I said. "I've seriously run out of things to tell her."

"Dr. Black is not so convinced and is worried about you" Cara said. "I swear to god I'll leave your ass if you start your shit like you did with Val."

"I haven't started any shit, you're freaking out cause Jamie Lynn's pissed off" I fired back.

"You leave the baby out of this" She demanded with a finger point. "This is between me, you and your thick ass I'm always right skull."

"How long do I have to do this?" I asked in frustration.

"Until Dr. Black says you don't" Cara said. "You are not in control of this or me."

"I hate this, I feel fine" I said. "I don't get as mad anymore, we don't fight much..."

"Sasha girl, you have problems" Cara said. "You've been screwed up since I met you and now...owwww...you're just starting to turn the corner, please don't start this...owwww."

"What's wrong?" I asked as she held her thighs and bent over to take a deep breath. "Cara, you're scaring me what's wrong?"

"God that hurts" She said as she leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. "I'm ok now."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Getting too upset and doing too much" Cara said.

"I'm hurting you and I didn't even try" I said as I put my hands over my eyes and started to cry. God you have no idea how helpless I felt in that moment and there was nothing I could do. Cara taking a long deep breath and coming over to me and pulling my hands gently away from my face and hugging me. I hugged her back in confusion and simply held on. Hoping she'd give me a second chance and not do as she had threatened. "You ok now?"

"If you go to therapy" She said in a soft almost pleading voice as our eyes met and her forehead touched mine. "Well?"

"I just don't wanna lose you, Cara I'm in..." I said before she cut me off and covered my mouth. Jamie Lynn's cries drawing both our attention as Cara turned her back to me and took my hand and made me follow her into the bedroom. Where Jamie Lynn laid on the bed between two pillows, crying in frustration.

"You tell her" Cara said as she pointed to Jamie Lynn and looking me directly in the eye, "You tell her, our baby, you tell her you don't need therapy. Then tell her why her mother is crying her eyes out in frustration. TELL HER SASHA."

"Jesus, Cara, calm down" I said as I hugged her and was relieved when she hugged me back. Her hands cupping around the back of my neck as she looked at me and then kissed my lips softly. Ever single bit of resolved left in me draining away as I smiled and wrapped her in my arms. "OK, therapy."

"Please? I'll go with you" She said.

"Yesss, ok, yesss" I said as I kissed her again. Jamie Lynn's giggles drawing my attention back to her. The smile on her face was enough to make my heart skip a beat. "She stopped crying."

"She loves you" Cara said as she hugged me. "She's happy."

"I love her too" I said before Cara kissed me. "And you too."

"Yeh I know" She said and kissing me again. "Me too."

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

Well I just had my first 'driving lesson' with Val and it went pretty good. She's actually a patient teacher and she says I'll be ready in a few days to take Steve's car out. I can't wait I know that. Anyway, I had just taken a load of my clothes down to the basement (my new room that is) as Val and Gemini started on the dishes. Coming back up though I got a surprise. Once side of the sink was filled with soap, water and dishes and the other side was filled with Gemini in her swimsuit.

"What are you doing?" I asked from the door to the basement.

"Connie asked me to give Gemmy a bath so I am" Val said as she smeared some bubbles into my giggling little sisters hair.

"But she hates taking baths" I said as Val shrugged.

"Val washing dishes Kim" Gemini said as she pointed. Val giggling as she picked up the baby shampoo and gave me a 'watch this' look as she squirted some onto Gemini's hair and started working up a lather. My little sister offering no resistance as her and Val giggled to each other. "My head feels funny now."

"It's the shampoo Gemmy it tingles" Val said as Gemini started splashing the water and laughing.

"You like bathing now?" I asked my little sister.

"I not bath, Me help do dishes" Gemini said as Val shot me a victorious smile.

"You got shampoo in your hair dummy" I said as I poked Gemini in the belly and she laughed. "It's called a bath."

"Cheeseburger" Gemini said with a mean looking finger point as I laughed.

"Ready to rinse Gemmy?" Val asked as she held up a cup of warm water. Gemini picking up one of the large casserole dishes in front of her that Val had already washed and hugged it. Closing her eyes as Val poured the water over both of them, rinsing the shampoo out of Gemini's hair and off the dish at the same time. Gemini shaking her head and flinging water all over Val and me as we both laughed.

"All done" Gemini announced as she held up the casserole dish proudly.

"Yep, ready to get out?" Val asked as she held up a towel and Gemini smiled brightly as she stood and promptly dropped the casserole dish back into the dirty dish water. "Gemmy nooo."

"What?" Gemini asked as I sat down at the table laughing. Val groaning as she wrapped the towel around my goofy baby sister and lifted her out of the sink.

"Nothing, I can wash it again" Val said calmly as she kissed Gemini's cheek.

"Gemmy ready for bed?" Val asked.

"You read me story?" Gemini asked as Val nodded. Tori coming in the front door with Steve trailing her a moment later. Both of them joining us in the kitchen as Val sat Gemini down on the center island and dried her off. Gemini looking back and waving as she saw Steve.

"Hi, Uncle Steve" Gemini said with a friendly wave.  

"Where's Mom?" Tori asked as Steve came over to the counter and started poking at my little sister as she giggled. "I need to talk to her."

"Tori, noooo" Steve said as he looked back at her. "I said in a few months once everyone gets used to me being around."

"So you telling me you don't want me to?"

"Want what?" I asked, "Answer me."

"I'm moving to Malibu with Dad" Tori said as my mouth dropped open in shock. Thinking how Mom mentioned that just this morning. "Well he said he wanted me too but now I guess he's changed his mind."

"Torrance you are just like your mother, at the first sign of you not getting your way you jump to the wildest conclusions possible" Steve said as Val covered her mouth and giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" Tori asked as she glared at Val.

"Leave her alone it's true" I said as Tori now glared at me. "It is, now how about listening to him and letting the man explain. I think it sounded rational."

"Connie is not gonna let me just take you two thousand miles away to live with me" Steve said. "Fact is Tori my lifestyle is a whole different than here. I work nights, meaning usually midnight to sun up. Some days I'm at the office all days and some days I'm home all day. I don't have a set schedule, so if you gonna live with me you have to be more independent."

"I can do that" Tori said with a pleading look in her eyes. "I don't like living here, I'm not happy."

"Yeh I can see that" Steve said as Tori hugged him. Me knowing what she had just said was as close to the truth as anything Tori had ever said. "I wish there was something I could do to make it all better."

"I'll be ok" Tori said with a tired look. "I'll wait until you think it's best."

"Tori Mom's getting married to Jon Paul" I blurted out. Trying my best to shock my younger sister out of her mini depression.

"Yeh?" Tori asked as she looked back at me. Not seeming to be shocked at all.

"Yeh, so if you play your cards right and don't be a pain" I said as she smiled. "I'll try and convince her, she already knows this is coming."

"You just wanna get rid of me don't you?" Tori asked with a wry smile.

"We sure do" Val giggled as Tori flipped her off.

"Torrance" Steve said. "That is vulgar."

"Bite me Steve" I said as I flipped him off now. The room filling with laughter as Tori hugged me. "So you're leaving?"

"Yep, in the morning" He said and flipping me a set of keys. "The car will be at the airport, you can pick it up anytime you want."

"The roadster?" I asked as Steve nodded. "I promised you can drive it."

"You said it was mine" I pointed out.

"It will be as soon as I'm sure you can drive it" He said.

"She's a good driver" Val said. Gemini now in her arms and resting her head on Val's shoulder. Me flashing her my best smile.

"And make time for your sister if she needs a ride?" He asked as I smiled and squeezed the keys in my hand.

"Promise" I said simply.

"Uncle Steve?" Gemini asked as she raised her head from Val's shoulder and drew all attention back to her. "You gonna take Tori to live with you and you give Kim a pretty car...can I have a quarter?"

"I like this one, she's easy to please" Steve said as he handed her two quarters. Gemini clutching them in her hand and smiling.

"Thank you" She said as he smiled.

"Bedtime Gemmy" Val said as Gemini nodded. Val kissing me before saying, "Be down in a little while."

"Mom is not gonna like that" Tori said.

"Mom's idea, she made me move in with Val" I said. "Let's just say it's best this way."

"What else did I miss?" Tori asked as I laughed out loud.