Rhythm & Blues - Episode 5 "I'm Not Leavin You"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Later @ Sasha's Apartment **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

"Thank you Ma'am" I said as I left the office of the Vice President. The Vice President of Smith Bank and Trust that is, not that that other VP would be such a bad place, cause I'd love to meet Darth Vader. Ms. Prince had just given me the paper work to fill out for a position in the bank training program as a teller. Who knew you had to be trained to count money. Anyway, it's a 5 day course that covers a lot of stuff I guess and the worst thing is it's out of town. Meaning I'd have to leave Cara for the week, and that is just not gonna happen, not with her almost 8 months pregnant. So with that in mind I stuffed the papers in my back pack and figured I'd not have to worry about that anymore. Until I ran into my Uncle who is obviously the President of the bank.

"Sasha, are we all set for the training program?" He asked with an arm full of files.

"Hey Uncle Jon, no" I said simply. "It's a bad time and I know it would mean more money but..."

"Why is it a bad time?" He asked as I fell in step beside him down the long hallway leading to his office.

"You know about my friend, my best friend, Cara Aquilera?"

"Pregnant and moody?" He asked with a smile. Something he had been doing a lot lately. Something that had definitely changed in his life and he sure seemed to be much happier in the last couple of weeks I noted.

"Pretty much, but she needs me and I made a promise to be there for her" I said. "And we already made plans about how we gonna raise the baby and I made a commitment to be there and not screw this up."

"What better way to provide for her and the baby than with a higher paying job?" He asked. "You have your foot in the door with me but I won't give you a better job based on family blood lines. You have to earn it."

"Not asking you too" I said. "I know the money would help but I'm not leaving her like this, she'd have a panic attack if I even brought it up."

"Well if there is anything I can do you know I'd gladly do it" He said. "You haven't got friends she could stay with?"

"Nope..." I said as his office door opened and in walked a major surprise. Kim. Val's Kim.

"Mom said you better eat all this..." She said before she noticed me.

"Kim?" I said as I stood nervously. "What's up?"

"Bringing Jon his dinner" Kim said as she sat a plate down in front of him as he smiled at her. "Mom's waiting, and she wants to know if you're on for tonight?"

"All 6 of us?" He asked Kim.

"Your idea, don't blame me if you regret it" Kim said as they enjoyed a laugh. She turned back to me and asked, "Why you here?"

"He's my Uncle" I said as her lip dropped open and I laughed. "He's dating your Mom?"

"Something like that" Kim said as we both laughed. "So your the niece I go to school with? Mom said something like that before they went out the first time."

"That'd be me" I said.

"You two are friends I take it?" Uncle Jon asked.

"UMMMMMM...not quiet, she's dating my ex and...I'm stupid" I said as Kim laughed. "How's Val?"

"She's really great" Kim said. "How's Cara?"

"8 months, and moody, but she's doing so good" I said and trying to hide the smile.

"We were just talking about her" Jon Paul said as he began munching on the food. "I'm wanting Sasha to enter our training program and she's worried about her friend."

"I'm not leaving her" I said firmly. "She has no one else in this world who cares about her. If I went and she had some trouble and couldn't get help I'd never forgive myself."

"I bet" Kim said. "UMMMMMMM...how about me and Val come by and see her? Val's been kinda worried about her."

"I can clear out if you want for a few hours and let you guys visit" I offered.

"Why don't we all try to be adult about this?" She asked. "It's been a while and things are good now."

"Come by tonight, I know Cara would love to see Val, we can hang out?" I asked Kim as she smiled.

"I don't see why not" She said as a little version of Kim came running down the hall being chased by someone, who turned out to be Val.

"HELP ME, VAL GETTING ME" She squealed as she ran into the room and stopped and looked up at me. Val crashing into the door and trying to keep from knocking her down as she too spotted me.

"Hi, I'm Gemini"

"Hi Gemini, my names Sasha" I said as a bright smile crossed her face. "What are you doing here?"

"Kim my sissy" She said and pointing up to a proudly smiling Kim.  

"Well who's that behind you?" I asked as Val gave me a dirty look.

"Dat my Val" Gemini said as I covered my mouth to keep from laughing. "She's a cheeseburger."

"Gemmy you the cheeseburger" Val said as a bright smile crossed Gemini's face and she gladly went to Val as she picked her up. Both giggling as they playfully fought for a long moment. "What are you doing here Sasha?"

"Jon Paul is her Uncle" Kim said as Val looked to me in surprise.

"You never told me that" Val said with a slightly hurt look. "Course I'll bet there's a lot of things you never told me."

"I'm sorry" I said softly.

"Whatever" Val said as she looked away. Gemini giving her a worried look and putting her hands on Val's cheeks and kissing her nose as Val grinned.

"Why you sad?" Gemini asked as I smiled. "She hurt you?"

"Not anymore" Val said as she smiled at the little girl and Gemini hugged her.

"Oh yeah, Uncle Jon" Gemini said as she turned excitedly in Val's arms and looked to my quietly munching Uncle. "Can I see the money?"

"I can't believe she asked you that" Val said in a giggle as Gemini looked back at her in confusion.

"No sweetheart you can't, but how about you and Val go get some soda's on me?" Uncle Jon asked as he gave Gemini two dollars and she clutched it in her hands and refused to let Val have it as both giggled and left the room.

"Your little sister is a sweetheart" I said honestly as Kim smiled. "She loves Val to death I see."

"Yeh she does" Kim said and then going into an imitation of her little sister, "Val gonna get me."

"I love that" I said as we both laughed.

"So...ummm...OK if we come by later?" Kim asked. "Whatever time you think."

"I get off at 6 if my slave driving uncle lets me" I said as Uncle Jon looked up at me with a warning look, gravy dripping down his chin as he wondered why me and Kim both started to laugh.  

"Both of you giggling hyenas get out" Uncle Jon said as I walked out with a still laughing Kim. Stopping her at the top of the steps as if we were old friends and asking, "Your Mom and Uncle Jon?"

"Yeh, he's nice" Kim said as I nodded. "My little sister Tori won't give him the time of day most of the time but he's working on winning her over."

"I wondered why he was so happy" I said. "Since Aunt Milly died, you do know he was married before?"

"Yeh he's told me and Val about it" Kim said. "Milly seemed like she was nice."

"She was" I said. "Uncle Jon has been so lonely since she passed, I hope this works out."

"Just think, if they get married..." Kim said as we both laughed.

"I know it's scary" I said as we agreed. WOW, who knew things could turn so fast in my direction. Kim was being nice to me and Val, well she was at least talking to me and Uncle Jon was involved in what looked to be a nice relationship. I guess if me and Val breaking up was the blues, this must be the rhythm I've heard so much about. I like this much more.

**  **  ** Later @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

"Kimberly please?" Mom asked. "Now I have given in on everything you have wanted recently, I let you date Valerie without making an issue out of it. I have even relented and let you two alone numerous times in your bedroom."

"So?" I asked. "We had plans tonight first, me and Val. It's not fair."

"Well for once I don't care" Mom said. "And you told me about your plans, you are going to see Jon Paul's niece, so why can't you take Tori and Gemini with you for a couple of hours?"

"Mom I don't even know Sasha that well, and we're not going to see her" I said, "Val's friend Cara is living with Sasha, that's who we're going to see. How is it gonna look if I just show up with a pack?"

"What are you two bitching about now?" Tori asked as she came into the kitchen, being trailed by Gemini and Val.

"Torrance that smart mouth is..."

"Gonna get me grounded, yadda yadda Mom" Tori said. "You two always at it."

"She's right" Val said as her and Tori laughed.

"I'll thank you to stay out of a family matter" Mom snapped in Val's direction. Val looking away and not saying another word.

"Hey, chill, she didn't say anything to deserve that" I fired back. "Blame your big mouth daughter for running her mouth."

"Yeh you wanna get mad at someone get mad at me" Tori said firmly. "You get cranky every time Jon comes over and you can't be alone with him for hours."

"She's trying to run us off now because of him" I said with a smug smile.

"I wish, I don't like him anyway" Tori said.

"I am tired of this" Mom said. "Torrance you will give him a chance or you'll be grounded till it's purple in the sky."

"Oh real fair Mom, try and make her like him" I said as Mom turned back to me.

"And you'll be grounded for your smart mouth" Mom said as I rolled my eyes, "Young lady don't give me that face."

"Fine then, GROUND ME" Tori screamed to get Mom's attention. "I wish my real dad would come back and take me to live with him."

"That worthless piece of garbage will never come back, that's fortunate for you" Mom said.

"He's not worthless, he left you because you're a bitch" Tori said, "All you ever do is bitch at Kim and now you're bitching at Val and all she did was agree with me."

"I will smack the taste out of your mouth if you don't shut up" Mom threatened. Words I had never heard her use before.

"OOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKK" I screamed to get every ones attention. "You freaking win Mom, I'll take Tori and Gemini with me. OK?"

"Whatever" Mom snapped as she stormed out of the kitchen and almost knocked Val down in the process.

"I hate her, and I hate him too" Tori raged as she fought back tears. "I wish my real dad would come back, I mean it."

"Tori, come on, it was just a fight" I said as Tori pushed me away when I tried to hug her. Trying to leave the room when Val blocked her exit and to my shock she hugged Tori.  

"It's OK, Tori, I know what it's like" Val said softly as Tori cried and hugged her back. A long moment passing as Tori cried in Val's arms.

"You know what it's like?" I asked as I picked up Gemini into my arms. She looked worried I noted.

"My Dad was a drunk slug who beat my Mom" Val said as Tori looked up at her. "She finally ran him off about 10 years ago. He calls sometime but I won't talk to him."

"Is your Mom OK now?" Tori asked.

"Yeh we get along OK, I guess" Val said with a forced smile. Which worried me. "It's a lot better now than it would have been with him."

"That why you never let me meet your Mom?" I asked.

"She has no clue I'm gay" Val said as Tori hugged her protectively. A case of numb washing over my body at the revelation I'd just heard. "And in a few weeks I'll be 18 and it won't matter anymore. Cause I'll be able to move out I hope."

"Why Mommy so mean for?" Gemini asked and drawing the attention back to her.

"She's just grumpy" I said as Gemini grinned and I kissed her cheek and blew a raspberry on it as she squealed and tried to fight me off. The room becoming filled with laughter.

**  **  ** Later @ Sasha's Apartment **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

Exhausted from my day and just wanting to go in and lay down without a fight, I parked the car and got out. Spotting Cara already standing on the porch and chatting with Ms. Paddington. Hearing me she looked down and my heart sank at the look on her face, she was in the mood for a fight and no doubt I had done something to deserve it, but as tired as I was I just didn't have the energy to do it. I slowly made my way up the steps, Cara meeting me at the top, Ms. Paddington heading back to her apartment thankfully.

"Tough day?" Cara asked as I stopped in front of her.

"I'm exhausted and all I wanna do is make sure you're OK and lay down" I said as she smiled. "Is that OK?"

"Of course" She said as she took my hand and led as we walked inside and I crashed on the couch and Cara disappeared into the kitchen. I laid there for a long moment and rested my eyes, relieved that things were OK. The quiet of the apartment and with my eyes closed I drifted off to sleep and into a peaceful dream about of all things, me and Cara. We were walking across this grassy plain and came to a cliff over looking some water. Her no longer pregnant I noticed as we stopped at the end of the cliff and she touched my cheek and got me to look at her. Seconds later her lips moved but no words came out, but it looked like she was saying 'I love you' but I couldn't be sure. Then she kissed me and I know that was the best moment of any dream I ever had or probably ever would have. Snapping awake and realizing that I'd been asleep for almost two hours I saw the object of my desire, so to speak, coming out of the kitchen with a sandwich and soda. Setting it down as I looked up and she let me help her sit down by me. "Nice nap?"

"Great" I said as I smiled and took the now opened soda from her and took a huge bite of the sandwich.

"So tell me something?" She asked after a long pause that only featured me finishing my sandwich and soda.

"Yes?" I asked nervously.

"What's this about you not entering into the training program at work?" She asked.

"How did you find out about that?" I asked.

"Your Uncle called" She said, "And I made him tell me, faked a great piss fit."

"Sure you were faking?" I asked with a smile as we both laughed.

"So?" She asked finally.

"I'm not leaving you when you are 8 months pregnant" I said as she gave me a frustrated look.

"This job means more money for me, you and the baby" She said, "Right?"

"Yes it would" I said. "But I am not, no matter how much you bitch at me, leaving you until that baby is home and you are fine."

"You are so hard to love" She said, my heart skipping a beat at that announcement. I was literally stunned by those words and tried to run through the possibilities of what it 'could' mean in my mind. Coming up with virtually nothing, I was still about to respond when a knocking came at the front door. "Earth to Sasha, you gonna get that or am I your housekeeper slash butler too?"

"You are hard to love too" I shot back and kissing her cheek and laughed and when pushed me away playfully. Maybe it was just in my mind, but it seemed like she almost wanted to go farther with this game. But another knocking at the door ended any thought of that happening as I got up to answer the door. Seeing Kim, Val, Gemini and a girl that looked a lot like Kim, only younger. "Hey."

"Hey cheeseburger" Gemini said as I laughed and leaned down to meet her gaze as she smiled at me.

"I'm a cheeseburger with pickles I'll have you know" I said as I poked her in the stomach, her giggling and jumping back and into Val's waiting arms. Val remaining noticeably quite as she picked Gemini up and hugged her protectively.

"I hope this is not a problem, but my mom, your soon to be aunt is being a pain and ran me and my two sisters off so she could spend time with Jon" Kim said. "Is it OK we still see Cara for a few?"

"Cara loves kids, you guys can hangout if you want" I said with a smile and opened the door for them to come in. "It's not a big deal."

"Val, hey, Kim?" Cara asked from the couch with a huge smile on her face.  

"Hey" Val said softly and tried to force a smile. Kim joining Cara on the couch as I noticed that the mystery girl looked to be about to cry.

"That's my sister Tori" Kim said. "She's sorta got the blues."

"Hey" I said to her.

"Hi" She said and forcing a smile.

"Having a tough day?"

"I don't like your Uncle" Tori said.

"Tori, geez, she was trying to be nice" Kim said.

"It's OK, he's not very popular" I said as Tori laughed. Val giving me a look that meant she was very uncomfortable. Not that I blame her really. "He can be a pain in the ass."

"I guess" Tori said.

"Wanna see some embarrassing pictures of him?" I asked as Tori grinned and shrugged. "Hey guys we'll be back OK?"

"You really got embarrassing pictures of him?" Tori asked as we walked down the short hallway to my room and pushed the door most of the way together.

"Not really" I said as I sat down on the bed. "Val's nervous with me around and I figured you wouldn't mind keeping me company till her and Kim are ready."

"Not at all" She said as she plopped down on my bed. "You're Val's ex girlfriend?"

"That would be me" I said. "She hates me now, not that I really blame her much."

"You seem nice" Tori said.

"I'm in therapy and that girl in the other room and her baby is one reason I am trying to change" I said. "She's more important to me now than anything."

"Is it yours?" She asked with a wry smile as I laughed.

"Yeh it is" I said as she laughed. "Wanna see my pecker?"

"Only if it's big" She fired back. "You packin?"

"Only for a trip" I said as we both laughed. "Ever seen a real one?"

"Nope" She said and looking down.

"Hey, it's OK if you're a virgin" I said. "That's a good thing, you're what 15?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm" She said as she looked back up at me. "I was almost 17 when I lost mine. So you got time."

"So I should start planning huh?"

"Nooooo" I said and trying not to laugh. "Just saying."

"Guy or girl? If you don't mind telling me" She asked.  

"Girl" I said, "It was before Val."

"I'm straight" She said. "I think. Confused, shutting up."

"Been there, destroyed that" I said as she laughed. "Trust me it can be so confusing you won't believe."

"I saw Kim kiss Val and it sorta got me curious" She said. "I dunno why."

"Because two girls kissing is hot huh?" I asked as she blushed.

"I don't know, maybe" She said as I stood and checked to see if anyone was watching and opened my dresser drawer and pulled out one of my strap-ons and showed it to her. Her eyes going wide with surprise as she rose and joined me by the dresser, touching it gently. "Is that real?"

"You not to bright huh?" I asked with a smirk as she gave me a dirty look. "It's fake."

"Looks real"

"And I thought you said you'd never seen one?" I asked.

"Porno, bad one" She said as I laughed. "Do you use that on...girls?"

"Two girls can use it" I said and putting it away. "Just a toy and at least now you have some idea of what a real one will look like."

"True, cool" She said and looking down at my drawer and spotting the item that had gave me numerous orgasms over the last year. It's called a clit tickler. "What's that?"

"Clit tickler" I said as I showed her the small suction that goes directly over your clit and the small battery pack.

"If it tickles why would you wanna use it" She asked.

"Trust me, it don't only do that" I said. "You should try it."

"Can I?" She asked. "Seriously just for a second?"

"Your sister might not like that" I said as Tori groaned.

"Just for a second, you're not gonna do it I am" She said as she pushed the door behind us closed and rejoined me by the dresser. "Well?"

"Here" I said as she grinned and unbuttoned her jeans. "Any instructions?"

"Make sure your a little wet" I said as she licked her fingers and slid them into her underwear and smiled as she rubbed back and forth for a long moment. "This is crazy."

"Tell me about it" Tori said as she pulled her hand out and took the suction cup and slid it under the waist band of her panties and positioned it in the right place. Not that I could see anything. "OH wow, that feels so weird."

"Ready?" I asked and offering her the battery pack as she stopped my hand and replied, "You do it?"

"OK" I said as she nodded her head and I adjusted the speed dial to low and clicked it on. Her eyes shot open as I smiled, she turned and held onto the dresser for support as the buzzer worked on her clit for a long moment. Her moaning softly and biting her bottom lip to keep from doing that very thing out loud. I clicked it off as she slumped against the dresser. "Good?"

"Ohmigod so good" She said with a smile and reluctantly pulling it out. "I have to have one of those."

"Told you" I said as I looked at the suction cup and gave her a knowing smile as I licked it. "MMMMMMMMM."

"Oh god you just like licked my...oh wow" She said as we shared a horny smile.

"Here you can borrow it" I said. "Just remember to turn on some soft music when you use it, and lay face down. That way the music drowns out the buzzer and you can moan into the pillow."

"Great tips" She said with a huge smile as she stuffed it inside her front pocket. "Boy am I glad my Mom and your uncle are dating now."

"Yeh tell about it" I said as we laughed.