Rhythm & Blues - Episode 6 "The Best Night of My Life, part two"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Later @ Kim's Apartment **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

I never considered for a second, before meeting Val, that kissing a girl would be such a completely satisfying experience. But the more I do it the more I grow to love it. Her lips feel so good on mine and it does make me want to go a little farther, like for instance, second base? But so far I've resisted and so has Val. This night being just a few days after mine and Tori's fight with Mom over Jon Paul, Val and I stood kissing on the porch. Me wrapped in her arms and her tongue softly massaging against mine. What a sensation. We had just gotten back from a movie and this was our usual goodbye, 15 or 20 minutes of kissing.

"MMMMMMMM Wow" Val cooed as we finally parted and touched foreheads. "I am so in...I mean you're a good kisser."

"Huh? You're in what?" I asked softly as I touched her cheeks with both of my hands.

"Nothing, just you're a good kisser" She said again and blanking my mind out with another kiss. "I better go."

"What's the big hurry?" I asked as she stepped away and I held her hand to keep her from leaving. "Gemmy's still up, you know you wanna see her."

"Tell her I said hi?" Val asked. "Mom's gonna worry...you know."

"No I don't, and you're acting weird, did I do something?" I asked as my stomach turned to knots.  

"Noooo" She said as she came back and kissed me again. "It's me, the things I'm feeling."

"Sounds like a problem" I said and clutched onto her shirt and refused to let her pull away. "Tell me, is it Sasha?"

"Noooo, I'm getting over her" Val said, "It's you, please Kim, just let me go before I say something that's gonna ruin what we got. I'm scared."

"Me too, you're scaring the hell out of me" I said as fear came to her eyes and I know she felt much the same way I did in that moment.

"You're into me right?" She asked gently.

"I just made out with you for fifteen minutes what do you think?" I asked as she laughed and gave me that shy smile that just kills me.

"Ok, so you like me?"

"It's way beyond that" I said and fearing now that she was gonna drop some kind of bombshell that would drive us apart.

"For me too" She said as my heart literally began to beat again. "UMMMMMM..."

"I wouldn't go out with you every night if I didn't" I said as she smiled. "And invite you over here every time you call."

"Even if your Mom's not crazy about me, she at least tolerates me" Val said.

"My mother doesn't even like me" I said as she laughed. "Feel better?"

"Always with you" She said and was about to kiss me again when the sound of a car pulling up drew our attention to the street. My eyes opening in surprise as I saw Tori getting out of the car. Wondering to myself who exactly she would be out running around with at this hour. The answer to that question got out of the drivers side, Sasha.

"She is so gonna pop any minute" Tori said as she came on to the porch with Sasha trailing her. Stopping when she saw us. Val moving behind me and wrapping me in her arms in what felt like a protective hug. "Hey."

"You and your new girlfriend having fun?" I asked with a smirk. Tori flipping me the bird as Sasha laughed.

"Not my girlfriend" Tori said. "Unlike you two skanks."

"Right back at you" I said as I flipped her off. Looking at Sasha, "You corrupting my little sister?"

"If she lets me" Sasha said as I laughed. "Just went to drop Cara at her sisters for a few and Tori tagged along."

"How is Cara?" I asked as Val slipped from behind me and kissed my cheek and whispered in a barely audible tone, "Night Kim."

"She's good, about to pop like Tori said..." Sasha commented as Val turned and walked off the porch silently. Sasha giving me a confused look as her and Tori headed on inside after another moment. Sensing what I already knew, Val usually gets this way when Sasha is around.

"Hey, come on hold up" I said as I came off the porch and met her by the car. Touching her arm as she got ready to get in the drivers side. "Come on Val talk to me."

"I hate her" Val said, the pain in her eyes making me want to cry at that moment. You could see the wounds ran deep and she was showing no signs of being over it. I hugged her and felt her hug me and in that moment I think I finally let myself feel everything my heart had been trying to make me feel all along. I wanted to do something to make her smile, to make her stop hurting, to make her feel the same about me that I did for her...oh wow, and there it is, I'm in love with her. My body sorta went numb for a long moment as that realization set in. I touched my forehead to hers and smiled, my heart beating a million miles a minute now, but she was still fighting back tears and holding onto me. "She hurt me so bad. I just wanna be...I dunno."

"Hey I won't" I said softly and kissing her cheek. "I promise."

"I'm falling...I mean, if you don't stop I'm gonna..." Val stammered and finally gave up and kissed me. This time as I kissed her back I knew what she was fighting so hard against saying and wanting me so desperately feel in return. We parted and I turned and wrapped her arms around me as she leaned against her car and me against her. Taking a deep breath I laid my head on her shoulder and just relaxed as she held onto me tighter, laying her head against mine. Now that was a perfect moment in time. "I'll be so good to you."

"You will?" I asked with a playful smile and finally got her to smile in return. "You sure you like me?"

"I love you" She said softly and kissed my cheek as my heart beat faster, my mouth dropped open a bit and I felt goose bumps forming on my arms. I smiled and couldn't believe she had just said that. So easy, so simple, no long drawn out speech. Just a few simple words that changed my life forever. "Now you know."

"Yeh I do huh?" I asked as I gave her a huge smile. "You love me?"

"Yeh, you remember that night on the porch after the school board meeting?" She asked as I nodded my head. "I meant what I said that night."

"Me too, I gave you that chance" I said as I kissed her cheek. "You won my heart."

"Won your...heart?" She asked as I smiled and nodded. "You're saying...you really..."

"Love you too?" I asked, "I do."

"Cool" Val said as I laughed.

"That all you gonna say is cool?"

"I'm numb" She said in an urgent voice as I turned to face her. "The girl I fell helplessly in love with, the straight girl, is telling me she feels the same way I do. Pinch me?"

"Nooo, I won't ever hurt you" I said before kissing her as she grinned. "You're not sleeping, this is real."

"Kimberly Castleberry I am in love with you girl" Val said as I smiled and took a step back and spun around in excitement.

"Valerie McCree, I love you too" I said as she smiled and rushed me, sweeping me into her arms as I laughed. A moment later, kissing me just as Mom came onto the porch. My lips falling so perfectly in time with Val's in that moment that I never wanted it to end. A clearing of the throat ended that moment. Mom giving us a look of surprise and I'm not sure what else. "What Mom?"

"I think it's time you let Valerie get home" Mom said. "Come in?"

"She's right, I don't wanna cause trouble" Val said as she kissed my cheek and hugged me, whispering in my ear, "I love you."

"I love you too" I said as I hugged her back. "Pick me up tomorrow?"

"I sure will" She said. "Goodnight."

"Night" I said as I stuffed my hands in my pockets and waited for her to drive off before I joined Mom on the porch. Trying in vain to wipe the goofy smile off my face and resisting the urge to start bouncing around on the porch like a five year old on Christmas. Something that didn't seem to sit to well with Mom as she was giving me a sorta frustrated/tired look. "What? She went home like you wanted."

"I didn't ask her to leave" Mom said. "It's 9:30, her parents might worry."

"Not parents, just a Mom" I said, "And the woman doesn't exactly care. From what I know."

"You know I met the nicest young man today at the bank helping Jon Paul, just your age..."

"Goodnight Mom" I said cutting her off in mid-sentence as I walked off and into the house. Knowing she was gonna follow me and demand that I talk to her about this loser she met and how he convinced her he's a nice young man with morals, he could be but I'm not interested.

"That was rude" Mom said as I stopped at the bottom of the steps. "You don't just walk off when someone is talking to you Kimberly."

"When you already know where the conversation is gonna go" I said and turning to her, "I don't wanna meet this nice young man, ok? Fight over?"

"We're not fighting" Mom demanded.

"Good I'm going to bed" I said as I turned and stopped as Gemini came down the steps and held her arms up. I smiled as I picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"Val go home?" She asked. "She no read me story."

"Yep, she'll be back tomorrow" I said as Gemini frowned.

"You know you are just stubborn?" Mom asked from the bottom of the steps. "This Valerie girl has got some kind of power over you."

"Yeh she has my heart" I said as Mom seemed shocked.

"Say what?" She asked.

"She just told me she loved me and I told her the same thing" I said. "That's why I don't wanna meet any nice young man. OK?"

"Are you sure?" Mom asked in shock.

"Yesss" I said. "Actually I am. You know she didn't even wanna tell me because she was scared I'd stop seeing her..."

"You love Val?" Gemini asked as I smiled and nodded my head.

"Me too" Gemini said as we both smiled.

"Mom, can I ride with Sasha to go pick up her friend?" Tori asked from the top of the steps. Breaking the noticeable tension in the room.

"No" Mom said.

"Why not?" Tori asked. "I'll be back by 11."

"You are fifteen and still under my roof" Mom said. "Now shut up and go back to your room."

"MOMMY STOP BEING MEAN" Gemini screamed in Mom's direction. Leaving everyone shocked.

"What?" Mom asked.

"All set?" Sasha asked as she appeared at the top of the steps.

"Mommy mean" Gemini said as she hugged me and turned her head away from Mom.

"Well sweetheart I am not" Mom said.

"You just had a four year old tell you to stop being mean" I said. "She doesn't take sides, she just knows what she sees."

"Whoa, goodnight" Mom said as she passed by me and Gemini without another word and walked up the steps.

"Can I go please?" Tori asked.

"Go, whatever" Mom said as she walked by and seemed to be shaken to her core by the innocent but powerful words of her youngest child.

"Back by eleven" I said to Tori as she came down the steps.

"You're not my mom" Tori said.

"Sasha, back by eleven?" I asked as she nodded.

"You don't tell me what to do" Tori demanded.

"Tori, you are 15, in another year you're gonna get a lot more freedom if you don't do something stupid" I said as she looked down and offered no mouthy comeback. "Just chill and follow the rules."

"I agree with her" Sasha said as Tori looked at her. "I do, my worthless parents could care less about me. You're mom might be a little anal, ummmmm..."

"She is" I said as we all laughed.

"At least she cares" Sasha said as she handed Tori the keys. "Go start the car let me chat with Kim for a minute."

"K" Tori said quietly as she exited a moment later.

"Val still hates me right?" Sasha asked softly.

"Hey you go get ready for bed ok?" I asked Gemini as she shrugged me and I sat her down.

"Night Sashy" Gemini said with a friendly wave.

"Night Gemini" Sasha said with a bright smile. My little sister turning and heading upstairs as I tried to figure out how exactly to answer Sasha's last question. "She hates me?"

"Pretty much" I said as Sasha looked down and took a deep breath. "She's happy though, I think."

"She likes you" Sasha said. "I can see that."

"It's beyond that" I said. "She loves me."

"Already?" Sasha asked. "It's only been...well...wow. Yeh, I better go, Tori and all..."

"Why are you hanging out with my little sister?" I asked bluntly. "You planning something?"

"Your sister is cool" Sasha said simply. "Cara likes her and I guess we sorta bonded. I don't know how else to explain it."

"This better not have anything to do with Val" I said. "I mean it."

"What you're gonna beat me up if it does?" Sasha fired back.

"Why can't you just leave her alone, you already beat her brains in a hundred times" I said as my anger flared. Me seeing a shadowy figure stopping by the window on the porch. Figuring it was Tori being nosey yet again. "You try and hurt her again and I swear you'll get a fight."

"I don't wanna fight anymore" Sasha said as she looked down. "Therapy has taught me some things."

"Fine whatever" I said as I turned my back and took a deep breath. Covering my eyes, trying not to cry and hoping she would just leave. Hearing foot steps I took a deep breath and relaxed.

"Kim?" I heard a voice say.

"Look just leave, the way I'm feeling now I don't wanna see you anymore" I said.

"Huh?" The person, who I thought was Sasha asked, I turned and saw to my shock that Val was standing there looking stunned. "What did I do?"

"Noooo, not you, that bitch Sasha" I said as I met her by the door. "What are you doing back?"

"Math book" She said holding it up, "You left it in my car."

"That's not mine, it's yours" I said as she looked at it and shrugged. Smiling as she kissed me a moment later. "You're taking advantage of me."

"I know, I soooo loving doing that" She said before kissing me again. "You like it too huh?"

"More and more" I said with a bright smile. "You just wanted a reason to come back huh?"

"True" She said as she blushed. "The girl I love told me she loved me too. Best night of my life, part two."

"And this girl cherishes your heart" I said as I hugged her and she hugged me back. "Unlike that crazy bitch that just left..."

"SHHHHHHH..." Val said as she kissed me. "...I don't love her anymore."

"Good" I said and hugging her tighter. "Cause I am definitely looking forward to loving you."

"We get to do all the things that people do when they are in love?" Val asked as I smiled.

"Yeh, watch movies and eat pop corn in our pj's" I said as she laughed. "Huh?"

"With you Kim, I can't wait to do those things" She said and kissing me softly. "MMMMMMM, and other things too, I hope."

"You mean..." I said and pausing for a moment to collect my thoughts so as not to say something stupid and hurtful. "...me and you...together?"

"Some day, I hope" She said. "What do you think?"

"That's a part of the package" I said nervously.

"You never thought about it?" She asked.

"Not yet" I said and looking directly at her. "This is all really new."

"Then think about it" She said with a flirty smile. "I do."

"You think about me?" I asked and coming to the mind numbing realization that she meant she was thinking about me while doing a certain very private thing. Self love? "Doing that?"

"If it doesn't freak you out" She said and kissing me so perfectly it made my knees go weak.

"OH boy...I mean girl" I stammered as she laughed. "That's a first."

"I can't even tell you how hot I think you are" She said as I smiled. "You have no idea how hot either."

"Me, hot?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmmm" She said with a horny smile that made me flush all over. "You're so hot."

"You better go before we do something" I said as I kissed her and she giggled. "And this time go home, call me when you get there?"

"Tell me you love me and then running me off?" She said with a frown as I hugged her and kissed her pooched lips as she smiled. She touched my cheek and caressed it as I titled my head and purred like a kitten. "I don't wanna leave you tonight, I'm afraid you'll wake up and realize you don't love me."

"Noooooo, I am not Sasha" I said as she smiled. "And I am not gonna wake up and realize that."

"You sure about that?" She asked as I growled at her and kissed her before she laughed. "Gonna answer my question or not?"

"You're picking on me now" I said as she grinned and nodded her agreement.

"Can I spend the night?"

"Mom wouldn't like that" I said, "Is something wrong?"

"Mom, my mom has her boyfriend over, he's nice and all but I'd rather not go home" She said as I hugged her tighter. "Mom likes to spend time with him alone. It's ok, I'm not gonna risk screwing up what I got with you. I'll sleep in the car."

"I don't think so" I said, "You didn't tell me things at home were this bad, they are huh?"

"Mom suspects I've got a girlfriend" Val said with worry in her eyes. "She was snooping in my room I think and found the picture you gave me."

"So?" I asked and remembering the picture she was referring to was simply a school photo from my sophomore year.

"I wrote, you're my best friend and...I love you, on the back of it" She said as I smiled. "She had a fit about it and I lied my way out of it."

"It's ok, god that had to be scary" I said as Val shrugged. "You're sleeping on the blow-up mattress, in the living room."

"Wanna join me?" She asked with a horny smile that made me laugh. I kissed her, took her hand and turned to walk inside just as my very mad baby sister appeared at the top of the steps.

"You no read me story" Gemini said with a determined finger point before seeing Val as her eyes shot open and her mood changed completely as she came rumbling down the stairs and practically jumped into Val's arms happily. Val hugging her as she picked her up. "Kim said you go home. Her lied."

"No, I did, but I came back to see you and Kim" Val said as Gemini smiled and laid her head on Val's shoulder. Me taking a deep breath and heading into the kitchen for a late night snack as Val and Gemini followed right behind me. It's weird how the smallest things in life can end up having such a monumental impact on the way you look at things and feel about people. What I mean is, we sat in the kitchen for a long while that night just chatting, my motor mouth little sister keeping us laughing with observations on life from the perspective of a 4 year old know-it-all. Course that wasn't what had an impact on me but Gemini's last comment sure did. Val asked her about monsters in her closet and really anywhere in the house and Gemini said, "Day are monsters in the basement. Mommy said so."

"You have a basement?" Val asked with obvious curiousity as I shrugged and pointed to a door leading to a room I had only been in once in my life. "Is it big?"

"Uh huh lots of big scary monsters in dare" Gemini commented as Val stood with my little sister still in her arms.

"It's a good size and who ever lived here before us used it for a game room" I said, "But Mom won't let anyone go down there, says she's gonna make it into her writing room one day when she starts on her novel."

"HMMMMMM, can I look at it?" Val asked as I shrugged, wondering silently what exactly was burning a hole through the brain of my sexy...ummmm...let's pretend I didn't say that?

"Noooo Nooooo, monsters in dare" Gemini whined as Val walked over to the door.

"Gemmy, they ain't no monsters" Val said calmly as Gemini seemed to be deep in thought about it for a moment. "You trust me to protect you right?"

"I love you, you my Val" Gemini said as Val smiled brightly and kissed her cheek as Gemini giggled.

"Love you too my little Gem" Val said as Gemini hugged her. Looking back nervously as Val opened the door to the basement and I joined them. Val searching for the light as the creaking off the top step sent us all jumping back and then laughing.

"I told you monster in dare" Gemini said as she buried her head in Val's shoulder as the girl I love finally found the light switch and flipped it on.

"Gemmy look, no monsters" Val said as Gemini looked nervously and I looked myself and all that could be scene was a landscape of garbage bags and something I had never seen before, a pool table. One of those expensive wooden ones too with moth ball covered balls already in a rack, and pool cues laying on the table like someone was setting up a game. We slowly walked down the steps, Val leading the way with my still nervous little sister in her arms. "This place is big enough to be an apartment. An apartment?"

"Yeh, it could be" I said we pushed bag after bag after bag of clothes to the side. Pointing to the door to the left of the steps I said, "I think that's a bathroom if I'm not mistaken, half bath anyway."

"Yeh it is" Val said as she managed to pull the door open and found the bathroom was actually still clean. Gemini wiggling and wanting down as Val sat her down. "What would you say if I asked to move in? And pay rent."


"This place is huge and even has it's own private entrance" She said and pointing to where Gemini had disappeared to as she explored the pair of steps that apparently lead outside. Pushing with both hands over her head at the wooden doors, and jumping away when she moved it and creaked. Jumping down and running to me in a panic a moment later.

"Monster almost got me" Gemini said as I picked her up and hugged her. "You see him?"

"That's not a monster Gemmy, it makes that noise when nosey little girls push on it" I said as Gemini give me a mean look and thought about it for a moment and said simply, "OK."

"So me moving in?" Val asked as I sat Gemini down again and she went back to exploring the room.

"Sure would be nice" I said as I bumped her shoulder and we both smiled. "I could come visit you in the middle of the night huh?"

"Don't make plans you're not willing to keep" Val said as I blushed and she kissed my cheek softly.

"Like you'd know what to do" I fired back and loved watching her blush sheepishly. "Huh Val?"

"OK, I'd be as bad as you" She said with a shy smile. "Would be your first time?"

"With just one girl" I said simply and trying to hide a smile.

"Huh?" She asked in shock.

"It would be the first time I've been with just one girl" I said as I smiled proudly. "Usually it's 2 or more. And then we sometimes invite a guy or two and it gets kinda crazy."

"Shut up..." Val said as she pushed me playfully and I laughed. "Not funny, for real?"

"First time" I said as she smiled and let me kiss her. Both of us grinning as she whispered, "Me too."

"Look what I found" Gemini announced as she came back to us with a kitten in her arms. "Can I keep it Kim?"

"Ohmigod Gemmy, where did find that?" Val asked as Gemini handed her the kitten and it cried nervously. Gemini pointing to a spot beside what I figured was an exit to the outside.

"Day two more and da Mommy" Gemini said as she pointed at the hole. Val petting the kitten and calming it down as we walked over to the steps leading to the outside and saw a mother cat pop her head out and cry. "See dat da Mommy."

"I think you're right Gemmy" Val said as she sat down on the steps and sat the kitten back down, watching him go running back to it's mother.

"Day live here?" Gemini asked as she looked from me to Val and back.

"I guess they do Gemmy" I said as Gemini smiled and leaned down and peaked into the hole at the kittens.

"You know that pool table rocks" She said as I turned and looked at it closely for the first time. "New?"

"It is to me, we've lived here forever and I never knew it was even here" I said as Val laughed.

"Make a decent temporary bed" She said.

"You are not sleeping on that pool table" I said as I took her hand and pulled her up and into my arms. "The couch is hard but at least you can sleep worry free."

"Keep being good to me and I'm gonna fall in love with you" She said as I laughed and kissed her.

"EWWWWWWWWWW gross" Gemini said as she watched us.

"What Gemmy, I love her" Val said as I smiled.

"You love me and you don't kiss me" Gemini said as I laughed.

"That's a different kind of love Gemmy" Val said as she picked my little sister up. "I love Kim in a different way."

"You a cheeseburger" Gemini said as me and Val laughed.

**  **  ** Later outside Sasha's Apartment **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

"Cara ok?" Tori asked as I came down the front steps leading to our apartment. She had been laying on the hood of my car and watching the stars while I helped Cara up the steps and into bed. Now just wanting to get Tori home so I could go park and cry for a while, after that confrontation with Kim and the words that came out of her mouth, well, it hurt like hell. And to this point I had been able to lie my way out of anyone figuring out the fact that I was slowly becoming depressed. Or so I thought.

"She's fine, just moody" I said and hoping Tori would laugh but she never did as she met me by the front of the car and stopped me. "What?"

"I didn't wanna say anything in front of Cara, you know she's already moody" She said as my heart skipped a beat. "But you been about to cry since you came out to the car after you wanted some time to talk to my airhead sister. She say something to you?"

"Yeh she told me what I already know, Val hates me now" I said as Tori smiled. "Shocked huh?"

"No, if you hit me like that I'd hate you too" She said as I shook my head and had to smile. "Why you depressed about it? You and Val are over."

"Because of that, if I could show her I've changed she'd see..."

"That you're not in love with her anymore" Tori said firmly. "You're in love with the idea."

"How the hell would you know, you're like 12 years old" I fired back in anger. Something I've been getting better at lately, meaning I don't usually go for the angry reply much anymore.

"15 dumbass, and I'm more mature than you" Tori said as she pushed me and got in my face. "I'm not gonna stand here and trade insults with you, take me home if you don't wanna face the truth."

"You're hot" I said with a grin as Tori blushed and smiled shyly. "Wanna help me forget Val?"

"I'm straight" Tori said firmly. "At least I think so."

"You're not exactly hating my attention" I said. "I wouldn't tell anyone, hint hint."

"I just wanna be friends really" Tori said, "Gets me out of Mom's hair."

"And with this friendship comes a few fringe benefits huh?" I asked, "Buzz buzz?"

"Ohmigod, shut up" Tori said as I pulled her beside of me. "Not funny."

"Not making fun of you, so you have tried it?" I asked, "Don't give me the silent treatment you're not 5 and if I remember correctly you used it in front of me already."

"That doesn't mean I wanna tell you what happens in my bedroom" Tori said.

"You don't, but you do have my toy" I said as she looked at me. "Come on tell me, show me I'm your friend and let me prove I'm yours by not blabbing. Not even to Cara."


"Mmmmm-hmmmmm" I said with a nod of the head.

"It's good" Tori said in a sultry voice that ran all over me as she grinned knowingly. "Sooo good. I've been dying to tell someone."

"Two or three times a day?" I asked as she blushed and nodded.

"First thing in the morning, last thing at night" Tori said.

"MMMMMMMMM, told you" I said as we both giggled. "Think about it all day?"

"My mind gets tired of thinking about it" Tori said. "But it just...you know."

"Feels so good you crave it?" I asked as she nodded. "Can I keep it for a few more days, please?"

"Yeh like I'm gonna take your favorite toy away" I said, "What kinda friend would I be if I did that?"

"Not a very good one" Tori said. "And no I am not gonna use it on you."

"Oh so you been thinking about that?" I asked.

"Take me home lesbo" Tori said as I fell across my car laughing out loud.

**  **  ** Later @ Kim's Apartment **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

"What?" I asked in a grumpy mood as Mom knocked on my door to wake me and popped her head in. "I was sleeping you know?"

"What is Valerie doing on the couch?" Mom asked.

"Sleeping, duh" I said and giggling at my own joke as Mom came in uninvited and closed my door behind her.

"I'm serious" Mom said as I sat up on the bed.

"Her Mom's boyfriend was over and she was gonna sleep in the car and I told her she could sack out on the couch" I said as I tried to wake up. "Which actually brings up something huge I wanted to ask..."

"Oh boy, here we go, another pair of jeans you want?" Mom asked. Seemingly being satisfied with my reasoning for Val's appearance on our couch this morning.

"No...ummmmmmm....huge and important" I said as I stood and moved in front of her.

"This has to do with Valerie huh?" She asked.

"It does" I said as Mom took a noticably deep breath. "We talked for a long time last night and we got this figured out, and it helps us too."

"Go on."

"Val can move into the basement..."


"Wait, let me explain" I said and rushing on before Mom could stop me. "She's gonna get a part time job and she could help with bills, babysit Gemmy when you and Jon want a night out, keep an eye on Tori. And her Mom doesn't know about her being gay and when she finds out she's gonna throw her out anyway, I can't stand seeing her with nowhere to go when we have a place downstairs and you need help with the bills. Please?"

"You really thought this out huh?"

"I told you we talked for hours" I said. "She's got a line on a job, we'll move her bed into the basement..."

"There must be two hundred bags of old clothes down there, no way I have the patience to go through them and choose what to keep" Mom said. "Maybe when I get that done."

"Which you never will" I shot back. "This is important, not me wanting my girlfriend to move in so I can fuck her."

"Kimberly" Mom said in shock.

"It's true, I'm begging you not to be so hard headed and give this a chance" I said and hearing a pair of tiny foot steps running down the hall in the direction of my room and knowing it was Gemini even before she appeared at the door, out of breath. "It's really important."

"Val...say...beakfast...ready" Gemini panted.

"Don't you mean breakfast?" I asked as she grinned.

"Dat what I did say" She said as I laughed.

"I set the house rules" Mom said as I took Gemini's and let her pull me towards the door. "I am still the head of this household."

"Of course I know that" I said as we silently made our way down the steps to the kitchen. Gemini running to Val who scooped her up and sat her on the center island as Mom watched. Both giggling as I pointed out to Mom the biscuits and gravy sitting on the stove, hot. Val and Gemini giggling to each other as they traded a carrot stick back and forth, each taking bites.

"What are you two eating?" Mom asked.

"Carrot stick" Val said, "I always eat carrots in the morning, and Gemmy wanted to try it."

"It's good Mommy" Gemini said with a smile. "Val say I'm her wabbit."

"Well that's positive" Mom said. "You have no idea how much my other two daughters hate veggies."

"Tell me about it, the oldest one is a pain about it" Val said as she looked at me. Mom laughing and agreeing. "Breakfast is still hot."

"You going for a good first impression huh?" Mom asked as Val smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Just showing you I can be useful" Val said. "I don't get a chance to cook much at home really."

"Feel free to cook me breakfast anytime" Mom said as she joined Val by Gemini. "You moving into the basement?"

"If you let me, I can help with bills, some and babysit..."

"Kim gave me the lowdown" Mom said as Val smiled at me.

"House rules, you're not allowed upstairs after 11 and Kim is not allowed downstairs after 11" Mom said as she looked from me to Val.

"Can we make that specific to bedrooms?" Val asked. "Sometimes Tori and me play Xbox really late."

"I think I can live with that" Mom said as I shot Val a double thumbs up. "Now about this job?"

"Waitress I think, 4 to 10?" Val asked. "Some dive downtown."

"No, young lady I am not gonna let you drop out of school" Mom said. "Change your hours. Maybe Jon Paul can give you some hours at the bank after school?"

"Sasha works there, I don't know if that's a good idea" Val said with a hurt look.

"Mom, Sasha is..." I said before trailing off.

"My ex, and she hit me" Val said softly, "I'm not trying to poison your opinion of her so she can't be friends with Tori, it's just what happened between us. Why I broke up with her."

"She hit you? But you're so young and she seems so nice..."

"She beat my brains out a few times" Val said as tears began to drip down her cheeks. "I just don't wanna be around her."

"Sweetheart I had no idea your life was like this" Mom said as she hugged Valerie. "We'll find something else."

"I'll do whatever you want" Val said as Mom simply kissed her cheek.

"Let's eat this breakfast before it gets cold, we have a long day of work ahead if you're gonna move in" Mom said. I squealed and ran over and jumped into Valerie's arms and without regard as to who was watching I kissed her as she wrapped me in her arms.

"I love you" I said in a soft tone with my forehead now touching Val's, both smiling.

"Sasha who?" Val asked as I giggled and knew then I had definitely replaced Sasha's memory in her heart. "I love you too."

"Excuse me?" Mom asked as both blushed and looked nervously to my mother. "In love?"

"Yes" We said in unison and began to laugh. Surprisingly Mom excepted that bit of news with no major drama as she simply smiled, took a deep breath and sat down at the table. After a great breakfast, the girl I love can cook, Val and me got started on the basement. Mom pitching in some as well as Gemini when she wasn't off playing with the Momma cat and her kittens. It went well enough that Val suggested we make the fateful journey to her house and get some of her stuff now that the basement had room to move around in. A trip I was sure Val didn't wanna make, and I had to talk her into letting me go with her. Must have been our day as the place was deserted when we arrived. Her mom's car, as Val pointed out, was gone and we had a free riegn at cleaning out her small bedroom. One last monster load down to the car and her small hatchback was stuffed full of almost everything she owned.

"I am not gonna miss this place" Val said as she locked the door to her now 'old' apartment and we laced fingers as we walked down the steps and to the car one last time. "Lot of good and bad memories here."

"And a lot of good memories to come too" I said as I pointed first to myself and then to her. Val smiling as she nodded her agreement and swept a hair out of my face as I leaned back against the car and she pressed her body to mine. She leaned in slowly and kissed me so perfectly it made me wanna scream for joy. A kiss that lasted way longer than I expected as we got totally lost in each other. Finally coming up for air at the crunching of gravel under tire as a car made it's way into the parking lot. Val looking back and locking eyes with the woman who had to be her mother. The one who was also giving her daughter a shocked/disgusted look. "Your Mom?"

"Get in the please?" She asked. "Please Kim? I can handle this, I love you, please?"

"I got your back now" I said as she smiled. "She's not gonna hurt you."

"What in the hell is going on here?" Her Mother asked as she got out of the passenger side door of the car. A hunk of a man getting out of the drivers side and circling around to get in front of her.

"Vanessa calm down" He said.

"Get out of my way Derrick that is my daughter" Vanessa said. "Answer me Valerie."

"I'm in love with her" Val said softly as Vanessa pushed Derrick aside and moved in front of her daughter. "You were right, I'm gay."

"Are you kidding me? No you are not" Vanessa said. "You think it's funny to fuck with me like this?"

"No, I am, this is Kim..."

"Hi" I said nervously and feeling like a complete dork. Val laughing at me as I glared at her.

"You get up those steps and in your room NOW" Vanessa demanded. "I'm gonna stick you in counseling and get this faggot bullshit out of your head. You can walk home you little whore."

"I'm almost 18 you can't make me do...owwwwwwwwww" Val tried to say when her mother smacked her face with a thud, knocking her back into me. Tears coming down Val's cheek as she covered up. "Please, Mom I'm sorry stop."

"You get up those steps now, or you're gonna get it again and next time with a belt" Vanessa demanded as she grabbed Val's hair and pulled her towards the steps. I was terrified she was really gonna hurt her when I spotted a rusted led pipe laying by the steps. I ran to the side of the steps and picked it up as Val cried and Vanessa pulled her up the steps slowly.

"STOP HURTING HER" I screamed as I slammed it violently against the railings. "LET HER GO NOW!"

"Huh?" Vanessa asked in shock as I came up the stairs in a march. Her releasing Val's hair as the girl I loved slumped to the steps and covered up, scared out of her mind. "You don't tell me what to do..."

"Fuck you psycho whore" I spat back as I backed her up the steps.

"Please don't hit me" Val cried as she covered up and I laid the pipe down and sat down by her.

"Look at me, please, I'm not gonna hit you" I said as she looked up. "Remember I love you?"

"So did Sasha..."

"I'm not her" I said as I touched her face and felt her tense and relax and let me kiss her. "Trust me?"

"Yeh" She said with a smile as I caressed her cheek.

"Stop making her a faggot" Vanessa demanded. That has got to be one of the dumbest demands I have heard in my 17 years on this earth. Vanessa came stomping back down the stairs as I picked my weapon back up and stopped as I pointed it at her. "If you don't leave you little trouble making whore you're going to jail."

"And you will too, cause I know people" I said. "My Mom's boyfriend is a powerful man with millions of dollars at his disposal and you just hit your own daughter you BITCH. I'll have you on his shit list by tonight if you don't back off."

"Valerie are you listening to her threaten my life?" Vanessa said as she suddenly changed emotions. "Honey you know I love you."

"I'm moving" Val said as she stood and moved behind me. "I'm not coming back either."

"No you're not" Vanessa demanded as I raised the bar and backed her down again. Val taking my hand and leading me down the stairs and to the passengers side of the car. Poor confused, helpless Derrick still watching in shock. "Come back HERE!"

"Kim, look at me, please?" Val asked as I looked at her and saw this adoring gaze locked on me. Her touching my face gently with both hands as she asked in an almost whisper, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yessss I will" I said as I smiled. Dropping the pipe to the ground and kissed her softly as my heart raced like mad. Val asking in a giggle, "Does that mean yes?"

"You're taking advantage of me again..."

"I'm starting to like that" She said as we touched foreheads and kissed once more. "You ready?"

"Yeh" I said as she opened the passenger door for me. Both of us looking up at Vanessa who was watching now with helpless/rage filled look on her face. I flipped her the bird as Val laughed and pushed my hand down and into the car. 20 minutes later, we arrived back at my house and to what would become our new life. Val meeting me at the front of the car and wrapping me in her arms and I wrapped mine around her neck and we kissed one more time. The smile on her face and the peace I could see in her eyes made my heart literally soar in those few moments as we smiled at each other. I knew then I was totally in love with this girl who so badly wanted to be loved and protected. She just wanted someone to be good to her. So did I. "Girlfriend."

"Girlfriend" I said in return as we both laughed. "Who ever thought I'd end up having a girlfriend?"

"Me" Val said as I blushed. "I knew you'd be open minded about it."

"You just wanna be loved, you're irresistable" I said as Val kissed me and growled playfully.

"Am I now?"

"MMMMMMMM baby" I said as my reply.

"I'll be so good to you if you ever let me go that far" She said with honesty in her eyes. "You will never have to ask for pleasure..."

"Pleasure huh?" I asked as she grinned.

"Yeh" She said simply. "We're so in tune with each other. I think we can be amazing together."

"So is that what all this is about?" I asked as I pulled away and backed down the sidewalk. "You just wanna get laid huh?"

"I can't believe you said that" She said as she chased me onto the grass. Both of us giggling as we tumbled to the grass in a tickle fight. "Take it back."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed in a fit of giggles as she dug her fingers into my tickle spots and held me on the grass. "I'M GONNA PEE, STOP, PLEASE."

"Take...it...back" Val said as she stopped for a moment and let me roll onto my back as she moved across my stomach. "You know that's not true."

"It's not true" I said as I held my hands up. "I take it back."

"I win ha ha" Val said as she raised her arms over her head in victory as I shot up from the ground and kissed her lips. She smiled and leaned into kiss me back as I playfully leaned backwards and away from her. Digging my own fingers into her tickle spots as revenge, quickly finding out she was virtually useless when you tickled her in the right spots as she fell limp to the grass and laughed as I continued my revenge. Stopping a long moment later as we both laughed. Her now with a few blades of grass in her hair as she looked up at me with a look of love and an adoring smile. Her head now resting on my thighs as I gently swept the grass out of her hair. "You love me?"

"I sure do" I said as I leaned down and kissed her.

"Me too Kim" She said softly. "Me too..."