Rhythm & Blues - Episode 7 "A Real Little Stinker"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

So here we are almost two weeks later, Val is officially 18 and now free and clear (legally) to do whatever she wants regardless of what her mother does or says. Can you believe that psycho actually went by Sasha's place, how she found out about her I don't know, and got Cara all upset by running her big mouth about Val and me. I talked to Cara that night for a long time, calming her down until Sasha got home. Not sure how Sasha reacted as neither has called for several days to give me an update. I'm kinda worried to be honest with you, but something else has suddenly taken it's place as the primary source of my worry. Val's been acting weird the last few days and last night I was sitting on the roof just outside my bedroom window, getting a breath of fresh air when I saw Val leaving. I saw the headlights on her car as she got back about 3 a.m. and was hoping she'd explain the next morning but she didn't. So that being a fray night, I made plans to stay up the next night if I saw her leaving again, and of course I did. You have no idea how many crazy thoughts went through my head as I took my blanket and headed downstairs to camp out in the living room. Knowing she might still sneak by me if I fell asleep and didn't see her head lights because now that the entrance to the basement has been cleared she can pretty much come and go as she pleases.

"You better have a damn good reason for this Valerie Ellen McCree" I said in anger as I mindlessly flipped through the channels on the satellite and hoped each passing car was hers even though she'd only been gone for less than an hour. The one that really got my hopes up was the car that stopped in front of the house and turned it's lights off. I jumped up and ran to the door but groaned as I saw it was only a giggling Sasha and Tori coming back from their latest "date", not that their really dating but they spend more time together than me and Val do I think. Watching them stand talking on the porch for a moment or two and seeing Sasha touch my sisters hand gently and the way they laughed, well it sure seemed like Sasha was interested. I jumped back as Tori turned to come inside.

"Playing hide and seek by yourself sis?" Tori asked as she came into the house and spotting me planted against the wide space beside the door. "Huh?"

"No and what is going on with you and your girlfriend?" I asked in a direct attempt to change the subject.

"No girlfriend Kim, that's your thing" Tori said calmly. "We spent the last three hours cleaning out the offices at Jon Paul's bank I made 50 bucks."

"Cool" I said. "Now you can help with the mortgage."

"Here" She said handing me a twenty dollar bill. "The money I borrowed?"

"I don't remember you borrowing any money" I said as I pushed her hand away.

"Last Christmas? Mom's present?"

"Don't worry about it" I said. "Take that and buy Gemmy a toy."

"She'd like that" Tori said as she stuffed the money back in her pocket.

"How's Cara?"

"Stressed" Tori commented. "Val's psycho mom...I mean, Sasha's gonna pound her if she comes back, you might wanna tell Val that."

"Val hasn't talked to her Mom in like two weeks" I said.

"Well, she might want too" Tori said. "Cara's about this close to popping now."

"So you gonna be the next one that Sasha knocks up?" I asked as Tori laughed.

"No, she's not big enough for me" Tori said with a serious 'gotcha' smile. I blushed and laughed. "Besides she's crazy over Cara. Whoopee."

"You jealous?"

"No" She said with a shrug. "I guess I'm pretty much straight."

"You off to bed?" I asked after a moments silence.

"Not unless you wanna watch a movie or something?"

"Me and you hang out?" I asked as she grinned. "Be a first."

"I'll fix the popcorn and get us some soda's and you pick a movie out" Tori said before heading off to the kitchen. The movie, popcorn, soda's and quality time with sis sure did help keep my mind off the whole Val situation. Well, at least until the movie ended about 2 a.m. and Tori headed off to bed. Me not knowing my wait to confront my now girlfriend was only a few moments away.

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Sasha's Place **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

"She's so cool" I giggled to myself as I pulled up in front of my building and sat there for a long moment laughing about the events that had just taken place. Uncle Jon Paul, in an attempt to get Tori on his good side paid me and her to clean the offices on the Bank's executive floor. Paid us good too. Well who knew anything could be that fun, we got the work done but it wasn't without a considerable amount of goofing off and Tori and me pretending to be rock stars with Uncle's Jon's karaoke machine in the lounge. So funny, girl has no voice what so ever. I was still lost in my thoughts of Tori when a panicked knock came at the drivers side window, Ms. Paddington. I opened the door and got out and knew instantly something was wrong, my heart nearly stopped when I heard her next words, "My child something is terribly wrong with your friend Cara."

"What? How do you know?" I asked as I didn't wait for her answer before I went rumbling up the steps and found the door to be locked. Fumbling with my key and finally getting it open I ran into the apartment and my heart nearly stopped as I saw Cara slumped to the floor and holding her stomach crying in sobs. A mess of brownish yellow liquid below her. "No, no, no please god no. Cara what's wrong? Please tell you're OK."

"Thank god, Ms. Paddington was beating on the door and I can't get up" She said rather calmly as my heart returned to it's normal rhythm. "My water broke and I'm almost positive something is wrong, it's some weird color, look."

"I know, can you stand?" I asked as I stood and she took hold of my forearms and both struggled as I tried to pull her up carefully. Finally steadied on her feet she smiled at me and touched my face. She opened her mouth to say something when Ms. Paddington came into the apartment and breathing a sigh of relief when she saw us.

"Well thank the lord in heaven" She commented. "You already to have that baby huh?"

"Yeh but I think somethings wrong" Cara said as she pointed at the liquid on the floor and I moved behind and wrapped her in my arms the best I could and held her steady.

"Seen that a few times, honey I don't believe it's anything to worry about" Ms. Paddington, "I don't know a medical term for it, but several of my own babies came with just such an announcement. It's not pretty but that means Ms. Thang is about to make her first appearance."

"Ms. Thang?" I asked as me and Cara laughed. "How do you know it's a girl?"

"I just do, I called an ambulance for you already and..." Ms. Paddington said as a loud siren sounded off in the distance. "...call a worry wart old lady and give her an update?"

"Yes Grandma" Cara said with a giggle. What a way to get your heart started. The EMT's checked Cara out to make sure she was OK and loaded her into the ambulance with me holding her hand the whole time. Just like I promised there was no way in hell she was gonna leave my side now no matter what I had to do. Which meant I had to personally face a fear of mine, seeing blood, it's one of things that always makes me kinda nervous. But in this situation I had no choice what so ever, Cara needed me and I was gonna be there for her.

"Birthing room 7" The Nurse said some time later as they wheeled a scared to death Cara into the room and a large black male nurse helped the others lift Cara onto the table. Me moving back to her side as a million people zoomed around setting up an I.V. and a few other things as Cara squeezed my fingers repeatedly. The room quieting for a moment after that and clearing out as I stood by her bed.

"You OK? It's almost over" I said as she grinned somewhat.

"What do you mean it's almost over? Are you fucking crazy?" She asked. "I'm scared to death and now ohmigod I'm so gonna screw this up..."

"SHHHHHHH, I'm here, we'll screw it up together" I said.

"Well I know you will you've screwed up everything you ever tried" She said as I started laughing. Don't know why it was funny but it was. "God, I'm sorry, I am just sooo..."

"I'm scared too" I said with a smile as I leaned down to kiss her cheek and she turned slightly and to my shock her lips met mine. A moments hesitation on both of our parts (mine mostly) threatened to ruin the moment, but as I froze she pressed her lips firmly into mine and kissed me softly and made me kiss her back. I did for a long, long wonderful moment. Until she slowed her lips and pulled away and was grinning at me as I opened my eyes, I knew then I was insanely crazy about her. Thinking with my heart and not my brain I boldly leaned down and kissed her this time and found her very willing. "Hello!"

"Hi" She said as we both giggled. Her squeezing my fingers and smiling at me and only at me in that most bizarre of situations. "I can do this with you by my side. OK?"

"I promised I'd take care of you" I said as I squeezed my fingers around her hand. "I'm so looking forward to being with you, if you give me that chance, the baby..."

"What do you think that kiss was genius?" She asked as I blushed and laughed. "Sasha girl you never were to quick huh?"

"Picking on me, unfair" I said as she laughed. "Just for that I'm gonna help you raise that little fart you got coming and make it mean as hell."

"Then she'll be a lot like her Mom, if it's a her" She said as I laughed. "And no doubt like you."

"Hopefully some of my more attractive qualities" I said as Cara nodded.

"OK, Miss Aquilera are we ready to have this baby?" Dr. Locksmith asked as he came into the room. Boy is handsome.

"I hope so" Cara said as she went onto explain how she was trying to squat down and get something out of the bottom of the cabinet at the apartment when she tumbled to the floor. Moments later her water broke and Ms. Paddington came to the door when she heard Cara screaming. "The fluid was brown or yellow I'm not sure, is that OK?"

"It's called Meconium in the amniotic fluid" Dr. Locksmith said as two nurses came in. "Not something we should worry about I don't believe, have you been under a good deal of stress?"

"Yeh" Cara said.

"The baby is most likely feeling the same and she or he, may have had a bowel movement" Dr. Locksmith said as I laughed.

"She said...she was a little stinker" I said in a fit of giggles as Cara glared at me and tried not to smile. A body shaking contraction bringing all attention back to Cara as the labor began in earnest. Heaven help me hang in there for her.
**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

Tori's exit to bed could not have come at a more perfect time as just a few moments later I saw Val's car pull up in front of the house just as the rain began to fall. Her popping out and making a dash for the basement entry way. Thinking it would be better to confront her in the warmth of the basement I calmly headed into the kitchen and found the basement door unlocked. Waiting a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts and let her hopefully get into some dry clothes before opening it and walking down the stairs, seeing Val's shoes and jeans laying by the entry way soaked. She was now behind the curtain that hung from the ceiling to separate her bedroom from the rest of the basement.

"Holy cow" I said and watched in amazement at what I thought was her slipping out of her undies, course it was a silhouette really but damn the girl had just made my imagination run wild in those few moments. She slipped on her robe and emerged from behind the curtain and saw me and stopped. That same look she had the day at her Mom's house, dear in the headlights/scared out of her mind look. "Hey..."

"Hey...you...ummmm...still up?" She asked as I walked down the last few steps and met her by the curtain. Her backing up a foot or so.

"Yeh and I wanna know where the hell you been?" I asked as all the waiting and frustration came out all at once. I knew instantly I'd made a mistake as Val put her hands up and backed away.

"OK, Sasha, please calm down, I can explain I swear" She said as my mouth dropped open. Val backing away and tripping over a pile of dirty clothes in the floor and tumbling like a heap to the floor, immediately looking back at me and saying with pleading eyes, "Please don't hit me, please?"

"Whoa, Val, noooo I swear won't" I said as the fear of losing her came rushing into me like a storm. I rushed to her side and dropped to my knees as she covered up and seemed ready to be hit. I sat down by her and remained quiet until she looked up. "Hey, I'm sorry, not gonna hit you, Kim, not Sasha."


"You're safe, no hitting I swear" I said as I scooted closer and she nervously sat up. "I was worried is all."

"I got...a...job" She said in a stammer as I touched her hand to find it tense, but relaxed as I laced my fingers with hers. "A good one."

"That's all? That why you been gone?" I asked softly.

"Yeh, please don't be mad at me?" Val asked as she now sat Indian style as I moved closer and laid my legs over hers. "It's a really good one."

"What is it?" I asked.

"I got something for you first" She said as she released my hand and reached onto the bed and pulled down a plastic bag filled with a small square box. Pulling it out she handed it to me proudly and I almost wet myself. It was an MP3 player, the one by 'Creative' that we had seen at the mall the previous weekend. I held it in my hands and smiled at it in shock. "You like?"

"Best present in the history of ever" I said as I hugged it and looked to her as she smiled proudly at me. If I didn't know before hand that she adored me I did now. I leaned in and kissed her softly and smiled at her and said the only thing I could think of, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, more than you know" She said as she kissed me back. The thought of how she could possibly afford such a high end piece of electronics just now coming into my mind. A frightening thought of her selling her body like the rest of those whores on Logan Street crossing my mind momentarily. "At the risk of ruining a great moment...about that job."

"Not gonna hit you" I said as I kissed her again. "Be honest with me is all I ask. It's not something involving sex is it?"

"Not with me involved no" She said as I gave her a look of confusion. "You know that Gentleman's club downtown called Club Dingo Diraedo?"

"Logan Street?"

"No, Park Place, this joint is high end" She said.

"So you gotta a job as what a waitress?" I asked and hoping she'd say yes.

"No, stripper" She said as I gave her a disbelieving look. A very nervous look crossing her face as the moment of silence lingered. "Kim?"

"You serious?"

"Tonight was my second night" She said. "I wanted to see what it was like before I got you all hyper about it. So let me have it."

"Like perverts paying to see you dance naked?"

"Pretty much" She said and looking down. "I made twelve hundred dollars just tonight by doing 3 shows, that don't even include tips. I just bought that MP3 player on the way home."

"WHOA" I said as the reality set it. "Talk about shocked."

"Are we OK?" She asked. "Seriously?"

"OK I might be OK with you stripping, gotta let that sink in for a minute" I said as Val looked down. "But I am not OK with you not telling me. Don't do that again please? You had me worried out of my mind."

"I'm sorry" Val said in almost a whisper as I laid my present aside and turned and scooted back and into her arms. She smiled as I leaned back against her chest and she wrapped me in her arms. "You're not mad at me?"

"I told you, I don't really get mad" I said. "But you just used your get out of worrying me sick card."

"Damn it" She said as I laughed. "I'm sorry for worrying you. But what I was said was true..."

"I know my girl" I said as I touched her face and caressed her cheek as we smiled at each other. "For once you got someone in your life that won't unload on you for making a simple mistake. No more weird disappearing acts?"

"Gotcha chief" Val said as I giggled and kissed her cheek. "And how did all this happen? The stripping?"

"Well I've always wanted to try it, I remember stripping in my bedroom when I was like 10 or 12" She said as I listened. "Me and Kaitlyn, my best friend back then used to do it sometimes as a goof. Just put on some music and shake our...well booty. It was fun and I think it's what made me notice girls for the first time, not sure really."

"So your best friend made you horny when you were 10?"

"Nooooooooo I didn't say horny" She replied and blushing five different shades of red. "It was a long time after that I discovered all those feelings."

"And flash forward..."

"I went into interview for the waitress job at the Club and the owner just kept commenting on how amazing my body was" Val said as I gave her a knowing smile. "What like you ever noticed?"

"I did" I said and truth be told just a few nights before this I had my first ever girl-on-girl fantasy and it was uber hot. And ohmigod the orgasm was mind numbing to say the least. "Although I've never seen the real thing, I got a good imagination."

"So what I was doing?" She asked and confusing me for a long moment until I realized that she had clued into the fact that I indeed had a really good orgasm while picturing her. "And was I good at it?"

"Shut up" I said with a sheepish grin.

"Fine then don't tell me" She said with a pretend hurt look. "I'd tell you."

"Oh god, I love those puppy dog eyes" I said as I kissed her and she smiled. "OK, you did do something to me and it was good. Really good."

"Yesss" She said as I laughed. "I knew I could be an amazing lover."

"MMMMMMMM baby you sure are" I said and expecting her to laugh but she simply smiled and leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The most sizzling body awakening few moments of my life followed as she kissed me softly and absolutely perfectly. Pulling away and taking my hand as she rose and pulled me up and as I watched in shock, she untied the knot holding her robe closed and let it fall open. The only thing under that robe was a nice tan. OHMIGOD. A number of things stood out as my eyes roamed over her incredible body, one, her breasts are just as I had pictured, so perfect for her. Two, smoothie, three, flat stomach that just kills me. She grinned as she moved closer and kissed me again. "WOW, Val, if you're trying to keep me from being mad, I'm not mad."

"You said you'd never seen the real thing, now you have" She said and placing my hands gently on her flat stomach, the feeling of her smooth skin under my fingers sending waves of pleasure shooting through my body already. She stepped closer and smiled as she kissed me so perfectly, my hand automatically slid up her body and came to the bottom of her breasts and my mind suddenly came back online. I jumped back. "What? Did I do something wrong?"

"I can't do this" I said as a hurt look came over Val's face and she closed her robe.

"I thought you'd said you were thinking about me like that?"

"Val, no, I loved what I saw" I said as she grinned at me. "Another five seconds of that and neither one of us are gonna be virgins much longer."

"Doesn't bother me" She said as she took my hand. "You?"

"Not really" I said as she smiled. "But if we get caught..."

"Gotcha, that would be bad" She said as she tied her robe shut. "You better go on to bed."

"Yeh goodnight" I said as I kissed her one last time and found it harder than ever to pull away. She wasn't resisting and my hormones were on overload at this moment. I almost instinctively clutched onto the front of her robe and wanted desperately to feel again what I had just had in my hands as we kissed for what seemed like a half hour more. I pulled away with a dazed expression on my face and felt Val cup her hands around the back of my neck and smile at me. "You're really getting to me..."

"Don't be scared, I won't do anything you don't like" She said as she kissed me again so perfectly it melted my brain and all resolve I had left. My forehead touching hers as our eyes met again and I untied her robe and let it fall open and looked down with a knowing smile. No nerves in that moment, the whole thing just felt so completely perfect. To my shock and amazement Val slipped the robe off and let it fall to the floor and my eyes opened in surprise as she slowly spun around and wiggled her hips and then smacked her ass one butt cheek at a time as I bit my tongue to keep from cumming in my panties. She motioned to me with a finger over her shoulder to join her and I did, sliding my hands across her lower back and moaning at the amazing sensations her smooth skin gave me. "MMMMMMM."

"Oh yeah" I said as I slid my hands around her waist to her flat stomach as I on instinct I think kissed her shoulder and felt her squirm and moan softly in my arms. I did it again and found it had much the same effect as I moved across the bottom of her neck. "You like?"

"You're so gentle" She cooed as I smiled and felt her push my hands down gently towards her thighs as I now made a small circle with my tongue on her skin and kissed that same spot softly and slowly. My hands sliding to her upper thighs as she looked back at me with a knowing smile and gave me permission to go farther. I froze for a split second as she urged me with her eyes to go on and of course just as I was about to...the fucking phone rang. 2 o'clock in the mother fucking morning and the damn phone has to ring. "Figures..."

"Yeh" I said as I pulled away and closed my eyes for a second in utter frustration. Val slipping back into her robe and hugging me. "I'm sorry, I wasn't resisting."

"I noticed" She said and kissing me as the phone rang again. "Get it before Connie wakes up and finds you down here."

"Come up in a minute, so I can say goodnight?"

"Sure" She said as I turned and ran for the stairs. The phone ringing for the forth time as I finally reached it in the kitchen and snatched it off the hook. Saying in an annoyed voice. "What?"


"Yeh, who is this?"

"Sasha, Sasha Keller?"

"Yeh I know who you are, what do you want?"

"UMMMMMMMM...Cara had her baby"

"She did? No shit?" I asked as the excitement shot through me. Val coming into the room and seeing the smile on my face. Me mouthing to her, "Cara had her baby."

"Yeh and it's so perfect, seven pounds and six ounces" Sasha said as I smiled. "Cara's a mommy."

"Is she ok?" I asked as Val seemed genuinely excited about it.

"So good, she came through it soooo good" Sasha said. "I swear I'm in love with her more now than ever...UMMMMMMMM...."

"Excuse me?" I asked in shock. "In love?"

"Who's in love?" Val asked.

"Val?" Sasha asked. "Val's there?"

"Yeh Tori didn't tell you she moved in?"

"Oh yeah she did" Sasha giggled. "Anyway..."

"Who's in love?" Val asked me again as I handed her the phone.

"Hello?" Val asked as I listened. "Sasha?"

"Val?" Sasha asked.

"Who's in love?"

"I think I am" Sasha said as Val's face never changed expressions. "It's Cara and she's just so..."

"What hospital you guys at?" Val asked in a monotone voice as she cut Sasha off.

"Western Heart Memorial on the southside" Sasha said. "They just put her in a room on the third floor, 325."

"We'll be there in a little while ok?"

"OK...bye?" Sasha asked as Val hung the phone up.

"You ok?" I asked as she refused to look at me for a moment before I hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Look at me...please?"

"Fine" She said as tears began to drip down her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "You're in love too, hello, remember me?"

"I hate her with every beat of my heart, I HATE HER" Val screamed. "Stupid slut doesn't deserve to be in love after what she did to me. She beat my brains out a hundred times and now she's gonna be responsible for a baby. God must be playing a dirty trick on that poor kid."

"SHHHHHHH, I love you so much" I said as I kissed her. "Love me? Come in out of the pain?"

"I hate her" Val insisted as I kissed her again and smiled brightly. Her tears stopping slowly as she smiled shyly at me. "I love you too."

"I know that" I said, hugging her tighter as she wrapped her arms around my neck and held onto me for a long moment. Talk about your emotional ups and down or should I say your...Rhythm and Blues. WOW.