Rhythm & Blues - Episode 9 "I'm Back and Better Than Ever"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

God what a cruel twist in the plot this is. Mom is gonna literally lose it when she finds out our loser father is back in town. Not that I blame her, the last we heard from him he was living out in San Fransisco and hooked on Heroine. I was honestly hoping this day would never come because I just know he's gonna roll up in here in some junker car and before he leaves he's gonna ask for money or steal something. Tori stood in the yard by the fence and looked both ways over and over, just hoping and praying he was coming, while Val went to get Gemini. She was not a happy camper as she laid her head on Val's shoulder and tried to go back to sleep when Val re-emerged with her from the basement. All three of us walking on to the porch as the roar of an engine could be heard as it tore down the block, coming to a rubber burning stop directly in front of the house and a few moments later backing up and parking behind Val's car. Nice ride.

"Ohmigod Kim" Val said. "Look at that car."

"Yeh it's nice so?" I asked.

"That's a Tesla Roadster, I didn't even think they were out yet" She said. "That's a hundred thousand car."

"Pretty girlfriend with da baby say what?" I asked as she grinned and nodded. The drivers side door opening and a man that I vaguely recognized as my long lost father popped out. Now sporting a very expensive leather jacket and long black hair. Tori nervously moved through the fence as Val took my hand and almost willed me to walk down the steps to the fence.

"Torrance?" Steve asked as Tori nodded her head and tears of joy came to her eyes. "You are beautiful."

"You're really my dad?" Tori asked as Steve nodded and she ran the few feet between them and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much, Mom said you didn't love me or Kim, but I didn't believe her, please tell me you can stay for a while? Please?"

"Two weeks OK?" He asked as he touched her face with a smile on his face that I'd never seen anyone have. "How about a month? For once in my life I am no hurry to go anywhere."

"Good news" Tori said.

"Girl I bet you're a heartbreaker" He said as Tori blushed and shrugged. "What no boys I have to be jealous of?"

"No but she does have a girlfriend" I said so only me and Val could hear, both of us laughing.

"So do you" Val said as she nudged my shoulder and we both laughed harder. Drawing the attention away from Tori and to me and Val. Tori putting her arm around Steve as he did the same to her and walking over to greet us. Val being the one that broke a long moment of silence, "Hi, I'm Val. You're Tori and Kim's Dad?"

"That'd be me, the bastard?" He asked as he gave me a pointed look.

"You said it not me" I replied firmly.

"You stop calling him names" Tori demanded. "At least he's here. You said he'd never come."

"OK, Tori, chill" I said as the two of them came through the fence. "What are you doing here...Steve?"

"Cleaning up the worst mistake of my life, leaving you and Torrance" He said.

"UMMM Dad, it's Tori, no one calls me Torrance unless I'm in trouble" Tori said as he smiled.

"Tori" He said as she smiled and hugged him.

"So what you expect total forgiveness?" I asked as Gemini raised her head from her short nap.

"Honestly I was expecting worse than this" He said. "Anything is good to start, cause this time I'm not going away so easily."

"Eleven years is a long time" I said.

"It is, but now I am in a position in my life where I can give you girls anything you want, pretty much" He said as Tori smiled brightly and immediately went into 'gimme mode'.

"PlayStation 3?" Tori asked with a grin.

"Tori that's six hundred bucks" I said.

"You really want it?" Steve asked.

"Yes, please?" Tori asked as she bounced around excitedly.

"I don't see why not" He said as she squealed and said the words that made my stomach churn in anger, "I love you."

"Me too kid, from now on, I'm gonna show you how much I missed you" He said as he hugged Tori proudly and I bit my tongue.

"Since when do you have all this money? And where the hell did you get it from?" I asked.

"Well, first I got clean five years ago and got a job sweeping floors with this tech company and after a few months I knew the system as good as they did and they hired me on as a entry level designer" He said. "Long story short, I wrote a few programs and some code for some companies and before long I started my own company."

"Yeh and what's it called?"

"ToriKim Ink" He said as my mouth dropped open.

"After me and Kim?"

"You know it" He said and even I had to smile a bit at that announcement.

"Cool, is that really your car?" I asked.

"Bought and paid for" He said. "You like it?"

"Coolest car I've ever seen, go fast?" Tori asked.

"Well you're not gonna find out" He said as they both made faces.

"UMMMMMMM, look..." I said as the attention came back to me. "This is all real? You owning your own company, nice car?"

"Look it up on the internet" He said.

"We would but...we don't have a computer" Tori said softly.

"Well I can change that" He said as Tori grinned. "Every girl needs her own computer."

"Look..." I said firmly to get his attention back on me. "I'm not just gonna forgive you, but I'll keep my big mouth shut and see where this goes."

"I'll take that" He asked as Val moved beside me and I suddenly became very nervous. "Val right?"

"My girlfriend" I blurted out. "Got a problem with that?"

"Kimberly I lived in San Fransisco for the last eleven years" He said, "I've seen things that would make most people cringe. So no, not a big deal."

"I'm Gemini and I'm four" Gemini said as if she were frustrated that no one had introduced her. "You my Daddy too?"


"Gemmy, no he's not" I said gently as she crossed into my arms. She looked around at Steve and Tori and then hugged me around the neck. I swear in that moment I wanted to cry. I also wanted to beat the living hell out of the son-of-a-bitch bastard now hugging my sister for everything he'd caused in my life and now he'd broke my little sisters heart. Well that's not exactly his fault but...anyway. "Hey look at me, Gemmy, look at me."

"Yeh?" She asked with tears in her eyes.

"I love you so much" I said as I kissed her cheek.

"Me too, don't leave me out" Val said as Gemmy smiled.

"Hey" Steve said, "Nice to meet you anyway short and cute."

"You too mister" Gemini said.

"Can we go now and get it, that playstation?" Tori asked with a hopeful pleading expression. "Huh?"

"If it's OK with your Mom...ummmmmm is your Mom home?" He asked.

"On a date" Tori said. "I don't like him."

"No because you never gave him a chance" I said.

"Hush, no fighting between you two" Steve said firmly.

"Go to hell" I fired back.

"YOU GO TO HELL SLUT" Tori screamed as Val got in front of me and backed me down. And wouldn't you know it, but just at that moment who would have to arrive home, Mom and Jon Paul of course. Pulling up in Jon's car and eye ballin the unbelievable site of Steve's car sitting behind Val's. "Oh no, it's gonna be 4 against two now."

"What do you mean Tori?" Steve asked.

"Mom, and her boyfriend, both of them are gonna hate you and Kim already does and everyone is gonna be against you" Tori said as she hugged him tighter and laid her head on his shoulder. Something that I know made Mom's blood boil as she got out of Jon Paul's car and spotted him with his arms around Tori.

"Connie, long time no see..."

"Steven Castleberry?" Mom asked as she dropped her purse to the ground just as Jon Paul got out of the drivers side. "You son-of-a-bitch, what are you doing here with your arms around my daughter?"

"I came to see my girls..."

"Screw you, they are not your girls or your daughters" Mom snapped. "You walked out on them and me a long time ago."

"He's back to make it right" Tori said as she looked back. "Mom, it's gonna be different this time."

"Yeh I own my own company, and a nice house on the beach in Malibu..."

"Oh yeah I'm sure, you were always a drugged up loser" Mom said as Jon Paul attempted to be peacemaker as he gently moved in front of her. "Tori get over here."

"Nooo" Tori said as she hugged Steve tighter.

"Get over here or you're grounded"  

"No, he's my dad and I love him" Tori said as Mom nearly lost it as Steve hugged her back.

"You did this you...you got five seconds to leave or I'll call the law" Mom said as I groaned and had Gemini cross back over into Val's arms as I attempted to make peace and joined Jon Paul in front of Mom. "You worthless bum."

"Mom, shut up, you're gonna drive her away" I said as Mom looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

"I will smack the taste out of your mouth if you ever tell me that again" Mom said with a finger point. "He's nothing but a god damn bum."

"SHUT UP" I screamed. "He's my father too and you will not decide if I love him or not and Tori is free to love him too."

"I have loved you since the day you were born and you're gonna hurt me like this?" Mom asked as she slumped back into Jon Paul's strong arms as I searched my mind for a reasoning behind the words that had left my mouth just a few moments ago.

"He's our father" I said, the only thing I could honestly think of. "Look at Tori, she's so happy she could scream, you wanna break her heart then go ahead."

"I'd rather have her hate me than have him break her heart" Mom said stubbornly as I laid my head back and screamed in all out frustration.

"Please Mom, just give this a chance?" Tori asked with pleading eyes filled with tears.

"Connie that's a good idea" Jon Paul said.

"You are never gonna see him again" Mom fired back as she tried to get past me and to Tori.

"No, Noooooo" Tori screamed as she ran and jumped into Steve's car and closed the door and searched for a moment before she locked it and covered her eyes and started to cry.

"Look what you did now" Mom said in a rage as she slapped Steve with an open hand. Val turning to go inside with Gemini as Jon Paul literally picked Mom up in a tight bear hug and held her in the air with her arms pinned at her sides. "Let me go, he deserves this."

"STOP IT DAMN YOU" I screamed in a rage as I kicked the fence. Jon Paul setting Mom down as Steve ran to check on Tori. Mom glaring at me.

"I swear to god if you don't back down I'll call the cops and say you hit me and make them let me go live with him" I said as Mom's face showed her shock, Jon Paul still holding her in place. "I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL. You're scaring Tori to death, stop please?"

"Tori, my girl please open the door, I won't let anyone hurt you" Steve said as Tori unlocked the door and hugged him as he dropped to his knees by the car. "No one is gonna hurt you."

"I hate her..."

"No you don't, just calm down and let us sort this out" Steve said.

"You don't know what he put me through" Mom said.

"And you stayed with him" I said. "I blame you too. You don't stay with someone who beats you or abuses you. You stayed, don't blame me because you refused to leave."

"He doesn't deserve your love, I do" Mom said as tears of anger and clear frustration streamed down her face.

"I agree" I said. "I do, but if you keep being a psycho about this, he's gonna take you to court and take her away and I'll testify on his behalf."

"You will not" She demanded.

"Sheba, ruler of the free world, wake up" I said as I snapped my fingers. "17, almost an adult, you can't tell me what to do after that."

"I brought you into this world..."

"...and no you won't take me out" I said as I walked by her and joined my father and Tori. My sister standing and hugging me as Mom watched silently.

"Thank you for being on my side" Tori said as Steve joined us.

"It's OK" I said as I hugged her back and looking to Steve, "Just so you know I love my sister and that was for her."

"Sure it was, you just wanted to get on my good side so I'll let you drive my car" He said with a smirk. One that started to make me angry all over again until Tori started to laugh and I realzed just how happy she was.

"Ha ha ha he got you good" Tori said in a giggle.

"Maybe we can talk?" I asked Steve as Mom, pulled along by Jon Paul, walked by us silently and disappeared into the house. "Maybe come in a for a while?"

"Yeh Dad, please?"

"I'm not making any other plans" He said. Well it's a beginning and one I'm hoping me and Tori won't regret.

**  **  ** Meanwhile in Sasha's Car on the way home **  **  ** "SASHA SPEAKING"

After one last night at the hospital and a few last tests on both Jamie Lynn and Cara they released them and we headed home and into what I thought was finally the beginning of my life. I talked to Mr. Palmer a couple of hours before Cara woke this morning and he said he'd had his idiot workman move most of our furniture into the new place and to let him know when it was ok to start cleaning up our old apartment. Who knew the dude could be so cool and on top of everything else he's done he reserved the parking spot for us directly in front of the door of the new place. Well safe to say Cara knew nothing of the surprise that awaited her when we arrived home and I had a hard time keeping my big mouth shut.

"You ok?" I asked as I pulled up in front of the building and stopped in front of what was now our new apartment.

"I'm fine, but why are you parking here?" She asked in confusion. "Want me to walk that much more huh?"

"Nope, got a surprise for you" I said as I got out and she opened the passengers side door just as I arrived to meet her.

"OWWWWWWWWW fuck that hurts" She cried as she tried to stand up.

"No, Cara stop, let me help you" I said as I took her hands and pulled her up and wrapping my arms around her to steady her. "Better?"

"Yes, thank you" She said as she grinned. "I have to get Jamie Lynn out too, that should be fun."

"Let me, and I won't take no for an answer" I said. "You are not gonna hurt yourself trying to do to much."

"GRRRRRRR" She growled as I smiled and opened the backdoor and unstrapped Jamie Lynn's new car seat and pulled her out and covered her head with the blanket to block her eyes from the sun. Picking the car seat up as I took Cara's hand to make sure she was steady and stepping onto the porch. Cara turning towards the steps and saying, "That is not gonna be fun."

"Then don't climb them" I said as I sat Jamie Lynn down in her car seat and Cara gave me a puzzled look. "Would you kiss me if I could make it so you never had to climb them again?"

"Sure why not" She said as I showed her the new apartment keys and picked Jamie Lynn up as I walked just a few feet behind me and unlocked the door to our new apartment as Cara's mouth dropped open. Sitting Jamie Lynn just inside the door and out of the sun and watching a shocked Cara make her way to the door as I smiled victoriously.

"What is this?"

"It's our new place" I said as she stopped in front of me and looked inside and seeing much of our stuff already inside. "Surprise."

"Seriously?" She asked. "No more steps?"

"Nope" I said as she smiled brightly and leaned in and kissed me softly. "So you like?"

"I love" She said as she kissed me again.


"Yes I do" She said as my heart raced and palms got a little sweaty as I wrapped her in my arms. "Whoa, whoa, careful, please?"

"This ok?" I asked as she smiled and nodded and for the first time we kissed, not me kissing her but both of us making a move and kissing the other and damn if it wasn't the best kiss in the history of the world. Her tongue, after a few seconds, slipping to my lips and mine meeting hers as I got totally lost in this girl who I now know I am insanely in love with. We both smiled and touched foreheads a moment later, "I feel the same way."

"I know you do" She said before kissing me again. "I think it was meant to be. Jamie Lynn, me and you."

"I am not gonna argue that point" I said and kissing her as she giggled.

"I don't know how you did this but thank you" She said as I held onto her and picked up Jamie Lynn in her car seat and carried her with me as I walked with Cara to the bedroom, where she gently sat down on the bed and pulled the blanket away from Jamie Lynn's face.

"Hey Mama's little angel" Cara said as she tickled her under the chin. Jamie Lynn squirming and smiling it looked like. "God she's so beautiful."

"I am so looking forward to watching her grow up" I said as Cara smiled.

"Uh huh me too"

"I took care of you just like I promised, right?" I asked as she smiled and nodded. "And when you get better, you think you'll be ok for a week while I take that training class?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm, you can go, I can manage" She said.

"Not now, after you get better" I said. "Not leaving you now and don't argue with me."

"I don't want you to yet, I'm still afraid I'm gonna break her" Cara said as I laughed and caressed her cheek softly. Sitting down by her a moment later.

"You will be just fine" I said confidently as Jamie Lynn cried and shifted in her car seat. "UMMMMMM, I think she's hungry."

"Yeh the formula they gave me is in the bag in the trunk" Cara said as I rose and kissed her, her touching my cheek as she smiled. "I love you, and thank you for being so good to me."

"I love you too and this Cara Aguilera is just the beginning" I said as I leaned down to kiss her softly. Both of us smiling as we parted and I turned to head outside. Getting the bag out of the trunk just as a light rain began to fall I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through me like none I had ever known. Smiling, I just started to bounce around in excitement. For the first time in my life I think I finally feel truly alive. What an incredble feeling that is.

**  **  ** Meanwhile @ Kim's Place **  **  ** "KIM SPEAKING"

"Hey" I said as I came into the kitchen and found Val now sitting on the counter by the sink listening to my mp3 player and reading a magazine, seeing me she smiled and turned as she took the headphones off. "Where's Gemmy?"

"Bed, her was tired" Val said as she pointed upstairs. I smiled and joined her by the sink.

"Coast clear, World War over?" She asked nervously.

"Yeh Mom's in bed and Jon Paul just left" I said, "Steve left for the hotel and Tori went to bed still floating on air."

"He seems nice and hubba hubba is he cute" Val said as I moved in front of her and placed my hands absentmindedly on her bare thighs (short shorts) and gave her a 'shut up or else' look. She grinned and kissed me. Then saying in a softer voice before kissing me again, "But you Kim Castleberry are much more my type."

"Am I huh?" I asked and realized my hands were on her thighs as we both looked down and then back at each other. Her gently moving my hands up the smooth skin slowly and I know trying to get me hot. She succeeded. "Really smooth."

"Yeh I know" She said and kissing me again as her hands slid down and touched the skin just to the bottom of my own shorts. Her tongue slowly massaging against mine as I squeezed my fingers into her thighs and kissed her back. "OHHHHHH wow, Kim...I know I promised I'd never put pressure on you...nothing I..."

"And you never have" I said with a smile. "You're in the mood?"

"Ever moment since...you know what" She said as her hands slid up the back of my thighs now and over my butt cheeks as I grinned and felt her trace the outline of my cheeks slowly with her fingers. "You have no idea how much I'd give just to make love with you once."

"Make love huh?" I asked as she grinned and I nervously glanced into the living room to see it dark. Val's fingers squeezing my butt cheeks playfully as I looked back at her and saw her smile. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Taking advantage of you" She said as I laughed. "Tell me to stop and I swear I will."

"I'll have you know I like it when you take advantage of me" I said as I kissed her. "Keep doing the things you're doing and see how long I can resist."

"Yes my girl" She said as she had me tilt my head to the side and kissed my neck softly and started moving up as the first bit of pleasure ever given to me by someone else flooded my body. "That ok?"

"The house is quiet you know?"

"Yeh and...big empty basement..."

"Two girls who..."

"...love each other?"

"Exactly" I said as I stepped back and took her hands, pulling her off the counter and into my arms as I kissed her again. "You promise you'll be good to me?"

"OH yeah I swear I will, nothing you don't like...wait you mean now?" She asked in surprise as I opened the door to the basement and motioned with my eyes what was on my mind.

"Yeh, right now" I said as she laced her fingers with mine and we glanced one more time at the living room to see it dark and deserted. Turning a moment later and kissing one more time before we headed down those steps and into a new level in our relationship. Soooooooo good. Sooooo incredibly good.