Scent of a Girl: Beginnings - Episode 1 "The Beginning of...Best Friends Forever"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Someone once asked me why I fight so much and my reply was simple, "I only fight to protect the ones I love."

This is and will always be the mission statement of 'Delta Fight Pussy' (actual name: The Mintz) as we were tagged by campus bullies who couldn't stand the fact that we had joined forces to protect one another. The WE I speak is my best friend in this world, Dakota Lane, her holla cute girlfriend Mindy Sullivan, Mindy's twin sister Cindy (Mindy and Cindy, is that not cute?), Chloe Morgan (she's new) and my own soon-to-be girlfriend, Maxie Bradlidge.

Now understand we are not a gang of thugs or anything, far from it, but if you fuck with one of us you go to war with me and all of the 'Mintz'. I'm the leader since it was my idea to start running together, my enforcer is Cindy (girl can fight) and her running buddy/tag team partner is Maxie. Chloe and Mindy sorta run together because they simply get along like sisters (neither like to fight). So that's the basic set-up of the group as it stands right now and well...maybe I should tell you everything from the beginning of the year and let you see for yourself why 'The Mintz' came into being. It's actually a really good story.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I arrived on the Mintzler campus, the Mintzler Preparatory Academy for Girls to be exact, on the day before classes were to begin for 8th grade. Looking around the relatively small campus and later the town that encompassed it (Thief River Falls, Minnesota), I knew I'd stepped in it this time and that my father, David Thornton Oliver, had seriously had enough of mouth and attitude. That brick I fired through the front window of his Mercedes suddenly didn't seem so funny. Nor did the rant I was in the middle of at that moment (telling his dumbass I was gay!)...

"LISTEN UP YOU BUNCH OF SONS OF BITCHES IN OMAHA" I screamed at the top of my lungs as Dad listened in shock, "I'M A FAG, I LIKE GIRLS, I'M GAY...I...LIKE...PUSSY."


That was it word for word. That last part being the sound the brick made as it crashed into his windshield. Ain't I a charmer?

But here I was and I pretty much knew from day one that I'd be here till I turned 18 (in 4 LONG years) because Mintzler is a full-on surrogate parent for the whores, pill heads and rich fucks who sent their kids to this hell hole (my dad being just a rich fuck). Mintzler offers 7th, 8th grades and all four years of high school. But that wasn't the kicker, the kicker is I'M THE PRESDIENT'S DAUGHTER, my dad runs this shit hole with his private holdings. So I could burn the mother fucker to the ground and wouldn't get in as much trouble as two girls fighting.

So you can guess that I was a target from day one. Why? Because my dad runs this place and for some reason everyone wants to either be extremely nice to me or treat me like crap. Both of which happened plenty in the first days after I arrived on campus.

So here it was the first day of class registration and I was standing in line along with everyone else (so much for perks). I soon realized though that was a good thing. So many hotties around me and I knew some of them had to be interested in girl-on-girl love. That thought sorta stuck in the back of my mind as I picked my classes and extracurricular's and settled in at a table sometime later with my lunch. Sitting on the other end of a table was a girl who'd I'd been checking out at various points during the day. That would be my soon to be friend, Dakota Lane.

"Baby doll is fine" I commented to myself just as a cute blond swayed by and stopped right in front of Dakota and leaned down to pick up something. Dakota's head tilted as she gawked at the girls ass and then snapped her head away as soon as she thought anyone noticed. That blond girl was Mindy by the way. "Girl is a dyke."

"AHEM" I said a few moments later as I sat down beside her and she looked back at me with a smile. "The names Cally."

"Dakota" She said in confusion. "Wassup?"

"I saw you checking the blond girl out" I whispered in her ear as she gave me a panicked look. "Hot huh?"

"Huh?" Dakota asked with a face that made me laugh. She was so shocked I bet she lost feeling in her feet. "What do you want? Trouble?"

"I'm new here, you?"

"Second year" She commented. "Cally Oliver? Oh shit your Dad runs this place."

"Chill" I said. "He runs it I don't, I just want someone who thinks like me to hang out with."

"Thinks like you?" Dakota asked as she turned to me.

"Duh, who likes cute..." I said before pausing and leaning close and whispering, "...blonds with a nice ass."

"I was not looking..."

"Yes you were, why you gotta deny it?"

"Because I don't wanna be a freak."

"I've been here like three days and already seen like 5 girls making out" I said as she gave me a questioning look. It was true too. "It's true."

"So you're what like hitting on me?"

"If you'd like that" I said as she grinned and offered no denial. "You would huh?"

"Well, you're nice and no reason to blow you off...yet" Dakota said with her trademark coy smile.

"True dat new friend" I commented as we shared a laugh. "So who's the blond?"

"Mindy Sullivan from Los Angeles" Dakota said.

"Know a little about her do you?"

"I'm pathetic, I've been stalking the girl from a far for like a year now" Dakota said. "Don't go tell her?"

"Don't worry about it new friend" I said as she smiled and nodded. A lumbering ogre of a girl coming up behind us and putting her hands on Dakota's shoulders as I turned and looked up at her.

"OWWWWWWWW" Dakota cried as the girl, soon to be known as Veronica, applied a pressure. "Stop, your hurting my neck."

"I told you not to be in here while I was anymore rag head" Veronica spat.

"What's your fucking problem, STOP!" I screamed and tried to push her away but she laughed and squeezed harder at Dakota's neck. I thought she seriously hurt her and I paniced and kicked Veronica as hard as I could right between the legs. She crumpled as Dakota slipped away and ran behind me as she cried. "What the fuck was that?"

"She's a bully" Dakota said as Veronica grimaced and started to get back up and glaring at me. I knew my best shot was to strike before she got back to her feet so I threw my best punch and connected spot on. She fell back to the floor as Campus 'Security' arrived like Andy and Barney of Mayberry.

"I'm Cally Oliver" I said to the first guard as he backed off. "That whore on the floor started it and I ended it, do I need to call my dad?"

"Nope not at all" 'Barney Fife' said as I rolled my eyes and took Dakota's hand and lead her outside.

"You're neck ok?" I asked as rolled her head and winced in pain.

"Yeh I'll be ok, I had surgery a few years ago on it and tenses up sometimes" Dakota said.

"She didn't hurt you did she?" I asked. "Cause if she did I'll put the bitch in the morgue."

"Nooo I'm ok, just go and lay down for a while I'll be fine" She said in a somber tone. "Guess I better stay out of the cafeteria from now on."

"Not if you're with me" I said. "My Dad is the Godfather, he runs..."

"David Thornton Oliver?"

"Yeh" I said as Dakota smiled. "Being his daughter does have it's perks, finally."

"We could rule the school if we wanted too" Dakota said with a devious grin.

"Chill I got no interest in that" I said. "I just wanna do my time and stay out of trouble for once."

"Ohhhh...yeah I don't blame you" Dakota said, "I'm pretty sure Veronica won't bother me again after the beating you gave her."

"Don't mean I don't want you as a friend" I said as she grinned and nodded her head. "And if she fucks with you again she's gonna have to deal with me!"

"Thanks" She said as she bumped my shoulder. "Sooo can I give you a tour of the campus?"

"Before or after we make out?" I asked as she laughed and offered no reply as she got up and walked off, looking to make sure I was coming. I followed her as she gave me the tour of the usual spots, all three campus dormitories (Keller-Montgomery Hall, McKinley-Grogan Hall and mine, Oliver-Staton Hall), the softball field (Francis Park), soccer field (Daniel Field), the acedmic building (The Carlson Center) and the tennis center. We stopped for a moment and watched and I saw the girl of my dreams (up to that moment in my life) as she smacked that little yellow ball around with another girl who was pretty hot herself. "Who's the hot blonde?"

"Maxie, Maxine, Taylor...something like that" Dakota rambled. "We got class together or we will, she was in front of me in line today for registration."

"She's hot, you think?"

"I guess, she smells good" Dakota offered as I smiled. "She bumped into as she turned to leave and I was next in line, smells like really good."

"I'd love to tap that" I said as Dakota laughed and gave me a shocked look. "What?"

"Tap that? Don't that mean you wanna...F her?"

"Duh!" I said as Dakota rolled her eyes. "What like you don't wanna F Mindy?"

"Noooo" Dakota said seriously. "I don't even really know her."

"Don't mean she's off-limits to fantasizing about" I said as Dakota shrugged and seemed awfully uncomfortable at the moment. I didn't wanna press my luck any further in case this turned out to be a real chance at us being friends so I quickly changed the subject as I looked to see the blond from the tennis court was gone. "Damn it, now I'll never get to meet her!"

"Never say never" Dakota said with an adorable smirk and pointing behind me at Maxie as she came up the from the Tennis Center and seemed to be arguing with some other girl.

"Look bitch, either get up out my face or I'll make you wish you had" Maxie said with a fire in her eyes. The other girl (Danika I think her name is) flipped Maxie off before she walked off in the opposite direction. "BITCH!"

"She giving you trouble?" I asked as Maxie came up the walk and stopped as she heard my voice and gave me a icey look.

"What's it to you?" Maxie asked as she clutched her racket in her hand and was obviously ready to fight. "You want some?"

"If you're offering, hell yeah" I said with a horny smile as Dakota laughed in shock. Maxie (never the quick one) completely missed this one as she relaxed a bit and asked, "Huh? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Never mind" I said.

"Hey aren't you the girl I bumped into at registration?" Maxie asked as she walked right by me and smiled at my new friend. "You like sniffed me and smiled."

"Sorry" Dakota said. "But you ran into me."

"And didn't I see you later making out with some girl in front of McKinley-Grogan Hall?" Maxie asked as Dakota damn near fainted and I for one was dying to hear her explain this.

"Noooo, that defintely not me" Dakota said simply. "Must have been somebody else."

"So you never made out with a girl?" Maxie asked.

"Noooooo" Dakota said as she blushed. Maxie grinning as she delivered the next line in classic Maxie style as she asked, "Want too?"

"Getcha some of that Dakota" I said as I leaned against the brick wall that lined the Tennis Center and laughed out loud. "Kissy kissy!"

"I've never made out with a girl" Dakota said calmly and looking directly at me and I know my payback was coming. "But Cally there is like a huge lesbo, she'd do it. And besides she was checking you out anyway."

"Seriously?" Maxie asked as I (for once in my life) was left speechless and blushing from head to toe. I swore in that moment that Dakota would pay and she would, but in a good way.