Scent of a Girl: Beginnings - Episode 12 "The Beginning of...Cally and Bre"

Written by: TVM (


Summary: In the ALL NEW 12th episode of 'Scent of a Girl: Beginnings', a day at the softball field with Dakota and Cindy has all kinds of interesting twists and turns. First, Cindy and Dakota grow a bit closer as friends as they discuss their love of softball and Cally re-discovers an old interest when Maxie makes a very interesting proposal. And oh yeah 'Albert' makes another appearance.


/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Damn, you can really hit," Cindy said as she watched the ball I had just hit fly deep into left field. "That was almost a home run."

"Back home in Pittsburgh I was always a line drive hitter," I said as the pitching machine fired another softball and I launched it too. "Top of the order usually. I had pretty good speed too."

"Why did you quit?" Cindy asked me as we walked to the outfield to collect the balls. Passing by Mindy and Chloe as they sat on the grass just on the other side of the fence giggling about something while Cally sat on the top row of the bleachers and read quitely.

"Knee injury when I was like 12," I said. "I had to quit because my parents didn't have the money to have the surgery to fix it. But it healed up pretty good so everything is OK now."

"I used to play back home too," Cindy said. "My Little League team won the LA county title my last year."

"The whole tournament?" I asked. "Must have been 25 teams."

"The 64 best teams in the county," Cindy said as we filled up the couple of buckets we had with balls over the next few moments and headed back to the infield to refill the ancient pitching machine. "You work the machine this time?"

"You got it," I said as Cindy got back in the box and I turned the machine on. Making sure to stand behind the screen that also guarded the machine to keep it from being hit by one of Cindy's stinging liners. This also giving me a long moment to reflect on how cool it was that Cindy actually invited me to play softball with her (no doubt at Mindy's urging). But I'll take what I can get because if I'm gonna be with Mindy then Cindy comes along as a part of that package. "WOW!"

"That was a good one, huh?" Cindy asked as some other girls came in the fence with bats and gloves. A cute Asian girl I knew as Patty Peterson (she's on the Mintzler Varsity team while Cindy is still on JV squad) and her ever present bestie, Lisa Wilcox. "Oh hey, Patty, we were just finishing up. We'll be done in a minute."

"Don't bother," Patty said. "Let Lisa pitch some to you?"

"Yeah we can find out if you're good enough to be on the Varsity squad," Lisa said as she flipped a ball in the air and caught it over and over.

"Sure," Cindy said nervously. "Oh and that's my friend, Dakota."

"Shag some flies with me?" Patty asked me as I nodded excitedly. We first took down the pitching machine for Lisa before Patty tossed me a glove as we headed into the outfield. Rooting for Cindy to crack one. But it didn't look good early as Lisa blew the first few right by her. "COME ON! I THOUGHT CINDY SULLIVAN WAS OUR FUTURE THIRD BASEMAN?"

"I AM," Cindy screamed back as Lisa let another fly and took cover (even though she was behind the screen) as Cindy cracked a vicious whistling liner back where it came front. It was hit so hard the big metal screen rocked a bit back and forth. "HOW AS THAT?"

"EASY OUT!" Patty said as Cindy and her laughed. Lisa delivering another a moment later and I watched the ball rise as it came in and as it went out, of the park, as Cindy smashed a long, long home run. "Holy crap!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You just took me deep on my best pitch," Lisa said to Cindy as I now stood by the fence behind home plate and spotted Maxie coming down the walk from the Tennis Center with some new girl I'd never met before. "That was impressive."

"Thanks," Cindy said with a huge smile. "But that wasn't your best pitch I don't think."

"Why do you say that?" Lisa asked curiously.

"That ball came in flat," Cindy said. "It started to rise and then flattened out. I think you might be dropping your shoulder."

"Good advice, I'll keep an eye on that," Lisa said before she took her position behind the screen again and fired another rise ball that Cindy swung right through. "Better?"

"No," Cindy griped as Lisa laughed.

"Hey," Maxie said as she arrived just as Lisa began tossing some easy ones to Cindy so Dakota and Patty could get catch some flies in the outfield.

"Hey Max," I said as she grinned and leaned in and kissed me. "So we're back together?"

"We were never not together," Maxie chirped with a huge smile.

"You could have fooled me," I said as the smile left her face. "Why so happy?"

"Because I have an idea that might make us both really happy," Maxie said with an unmistakably horny grin. "Can we talk up on the bleachers?"

"Sure, OK," I said as her friend joined us finally with a soda in her hand. "By the way who's your friend?"

"This is Shelby Parker," Maxie said as I nodded towards the cute light skinned black girl. "She gets lost easy."

"I'm new here and that Carlson center is freakin huge," Shelby said in her defense.

"Yes it is and I just bet Max here was no help," I said as Maxie gave me a dirty look.

"She wasn't," Shelby said as we laughed.

"Very funny, bitches," Maxie said. "Shelby you hang out for a few and let me talk to Cally?"

"Sure why not," Shelby said as she walked off and Maxie followed me to the top of the bleachers where we sat down.

"So what is it?" I asked Max.

"Have you ever done a threesome?" Maxie blurted out in a whisper. Then urging me with her eyes to answer.

"Yes Max I have," I said as her smile turned from horny to jealous. "Before we were dating."

"Back home in Nebraska?" Maxie asked. "Cause we been dating the two and half months you been here."

"Back home with a friend of mine and her on-again/off-again girl friend," I said. "And before you ask her name was Julia, my friend."

"Kinda takes some of the fun out of the idea now," Maxie said.

"What idea?" I asked. "Me and you in a threesome?"

"Well, yeah," Maxie said as the smile slowly returned to her face. "And this maybe a good thing cause it won't be nearly as awkward with you already having done it."

"Yeah I guess," I said. "What sparked this idea?"

"The red head down there with big bobbies," Maxie said as she pointed to Chloe and Mindy. Who were now giggling and playing 'Patty Cake' "Why the fuck are they playing Patty Cake?"

"Don't know and don't care," I said. "So why the sudden interest in Chloe?"

"Well, you said if a person wanted to be in with us that they had to fuck their way in," Maxie said. "And this way we can have some fun too. She knows I'm with you and she won't cause us any trouble."

"Her causing us trouble is the last thing on my mind cause we have a talent of causing our own trouble on a regular basis," I pointed out. "Remember a few days ago when you got that call from your mom? You blamed me for supposedly pressuring you and then you storm out and no doubt got drunk."

"How did you know I get drunk?" She asked in surprise.

"Maxie this is a small campus and everyone talks," I said. "I also know you been hanging out with the pot heads down behind the Tennis center."

"OK, OK, jeez forget I brought the idea up," Maxie said as she stood and got ready to walk off when I grabbed her arm. "What?"

"I'll do it but with two conditions," I said as Maxie grinned and sat back down. "One, if you start acting like a cunt again and blaming me for shit I didn't do then we, me and you, are through, for good."

"OK," She said with a hard swallow.

"And two I get to butt fuck you and Chloe back to back," I whispered to her as she grinned knowingly now. "No questions ask."

"MMMMMM," Maxie cooed as she kissed me. "I have no idea if Chloe would do that but I sure am willing to find out."

"Wait, you have no idea whether she'll do it?" I asked. "I figured she'd proposed the idea for you to be asking me about it."

"No," Maxie admitted. "But she is into girls and she told me that she might consider it. I was picking on her about it but I think she might."

"Whatever you say Max," I said mockingly as she gave me a sour look. "Let me know when you got it all set-up."

"You don't think I can do it?" She asked as I grinned and shook my head no. "I'm gonna do it just to prove you wrong."

"MMMMM, you do that," I challenged her as I kissed her. She grinned as she popped up and ran off down the bleachers to join Shelby (and no doubt formulating a plan to get Chloe in between me and her).

"HEY! ARE YOU WATCHING?" Cindy screamed from the field to get my attention.

"YES! I'M TRYING NOT TO LAUGH!" I screamed back as she gave me a dirty look and most everyone else laughed as she headed off into the outfield to shag some flies. Patty now at-bat as a few more of the varsity softball players arrived.

"Hey Albert," came the sexy voice of a person behind me as I looked back and saw Bre standing on the very top of the bleachers and leaning against the protective fencing that lines it. Looking mouth wateringly hot. Wait, what did she call me? Albert? Oh god.

"The name is Cally," I said as she came down to join me and smiled shyly. My cool beginning to melt as she looked right at me. I just knew the 'Amazing Babbling Girl' was about to make an appearance. It did.

"But you told me it was Albert," She insisted with a smirk. "Remember your friend, the blond girl, had to remind you?"

"My name is Albert, damn it to hell, I mean Calista, UGH, C-a-l-l-y," I babbled before saying my name really slowly to get it out. Bre started laughing and I covered my face in embarassment. "I'm such a dork."

"I like your name Calista, it's pretty," Bre whispered almost directly into my ear. Grinning when I peaked out at her to see if she was serious. "But you go by Cally, right?"

"HEY ALBERT, YOU WANNA HIT SOME?" Cindy screamed to get my attention again. Then smiling smugly and waving as I looked up at her. Bre falling over on the bleachers laughing out loud.

"I'M GONNA HIT ALRIGHT, YOU!" I screamed back as I flipped her off. Everyone laughing by now.

"She's so mean to you," Bre giggled. "Are you sure you wanna be friends with her?"

"Right now I'm seriously reconsidering it," I said as Cindy grinned and waved again.

"Hey, you want me to go kick her ass for you?" Maxie asked as she now stood at the bottom of the bleachers.

"No thanks, Max."

"I don't mind," Maxie said. "Just trying to be a good girlfriend. I don't like her anyway."

"And she feels the same way about you," I said as Maxie laughed before she ran off to join Shelby again.

"She's your girlfriend?" Bre asked as I looked back at her. "The blond girl? Maxie?"

"Yes her names Maxie, or Max and she's my girlfriend," I said as the smile left Bre's face. "Why?"

"Then why are you doing all this goofy babbling stuff and making me laugh so I'll like you if you got a girlfriend?" Bre asked. The part of that sentence that stuck out for me though is that she liked me.

"You like me?" I asked in shock.

"No, you have a girlfriend," Bre said as she stood and stormed off.

"She likes me!" I said under my breath as a goofy smile spread across my face that I couldn't wipe off for the rest of the day.