Scent of a Girl: Beginnings - Episode 2 "The Beginning of...Cally and Maxie"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"MMMMMMMM Max, you like it smooth, huh?" I cooed to Maxie, who was at that particular moment, naked and spread eagle on my bed as I lay on my stomach between her thighs and was in the middle of licking her pussy. She grinned and nodded simply and shook gently when I went back to licking her pussy softly up and down. Her flat sexy stomach heaving a bit as the pleasure returned, her thighs quivered I noticed too. She gently swept the hair in my eyes to the side of my head and watched closely as I took away her virginity in the most wonderful way I knew how. She arched her back a moment later and bit her lip as the pleasure really took over and she began an orgasm that would be the first of many. "MMMMMMMM you taste so sweet Max."

"Ohmigod, that was so good" Max moaned as I finished licking her pussy and then crawled up to beside her and laid down. "You've only known me for a few days and you know what to do that well?"

"You're hot Max, what can I say?" I asked as she kissed me. A bit rough but I would forgive her after what she did to me in return.

10 minutes later, I was on my back and moaning as she did me the same way I did her moments earlier. Licking softly up and down my own bald pussy and making me moan and clutch onto, first, the pillows above my head, and then to the sheets under me. She was basically just copying everything I had done and good grief she was a fast learner. She found my clit and focused her attention on it for the next few moments as I squirmed and moaned and tried to take in all of the pleasure that she could give out. I began to shake gently just a few moments later as my orgasm neared and I knew some of the pressure was about to be relieved.

That pressure being, just so you know, not just from sexual frustration (and no I was not a virgin when I slept with Maxie), but the pressure's of keeping up with the classes, trying to make new friends, avoiding trouble and please my demanding (tit baby) father. It was all a little much for one 14 year old to bare by herself in a new place. But do you think my father would even listen when I tried to talk to him about this? NOOOOO!

Anyway, Maxie focused on my clit and drove my orgasm as it exploded deep inside me and soared me to heights of pleasure I hadn't felt in months. I tensed up and tightly closed my thighs around her head as she eagerly sucked out my cum before I went totally limp, satisfied beyond all recognition. You're gonna need to come back in a bit, go bug Dakota for a while!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I was sitting on the bench off to the side of the cafeteria doors and trying to concentrate on a book I was supposed to have already read (it was rather short). But being distracted by various other things in my life, it had never gotten done. By now I was about half way through it. That's when a loud rustling of the bushes and a cloud of blond hair coming towards me made me nearly jump out of my skin. It was Mindy, she was frantically trying to get away from someone and never saw me as she dropped to her knees in front of me and peaked over the bushes.


"OHMIGOD, don't hurt me" Mindy said as she put her hands up. "Just let me go, I ain't bothering you."

"No ones gonna bother you either" I said as she turned and saw me smiling. "I won't hurt you."

"You promise?" She asked.

"I'm harmless and not to bright" I said as she laughed and gave me a playful look. "You too?"

"I am too bright" She countered as I laughed. "Stop making fun of me, I thought you were nice."

"I can still pick on you and be nice" I said as she joined me on the bench. "You hiding from someone?"

"That big ogre Veronica" Mindy said. "I heard she was messin with you too. Dakota, right?"

"No, it's Dakota Lane" I giggled as she gave me a certain look that spoke volumes. "And you are Mindy?"

"I am" She said with an adorable grin. "Is school going OK?"

"It is, a bit hard to keep up with but I'm managing" I said.

"Me too, but I always manage to get it all done" Mindy said. This girl has a smile I'm gonna be dreaming of tonight, I remember thinking in that brief panicked moment on that bench. Broke up all to soon by a screaming voice. "MINDY!"

"My sister Cindy, I gotta go, thanks for chatting and all" Mindy said as she grabbed her book bag, which had fallen to the ground in the panic of her getaway from Veronica, and ran off to meet her sister. Who I found out as I stood to look...was her twin sister. Only Cindy looked like she could fight a rabid pit bull and win, her expression at least. Actually a very pretty girl. I saw Veronica come out of the cafeteria and freeze as she saw Cindy staring her down. I made a mental note then and there to try and get on Cindy's good side. All three soon walked off without incident. This was really only the beginning for this feud.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I had barely even recovered fully from Maxie's 'repayment', as she called it, when I got the strength back in my body to head off to the showers. Which as it happens is right inside my own dorm room (a perk of being rich!). I had just come out of the shower (still naked!) when I heard a rattling noise that sounded just like someone was trying to quickly close a drawer. I snatched open the door and found Maxie was the culprit as she snooped in my dresser.

"What are you doing blondy?" I asked as she froze and turned. Thinking I was gonna be really mad.

"Snooping?" She asked as I laughed and walked over to join her. Her eyes darted open at the sight of my naked body. She was wearing a pair of my shorts and her t-shirt. I grinned as I kissed her and said cryptically, "Stay out of my closet, and I mean it."

"OK" She said and kissing me back as my hormones re-ignited. Her hands finding my own flat stomach and stroking the skin as we kissed again. A bit rough but more than enough to get me going. "So, why do you have a strap-on?"

"To use" I said as I fished it out and showed it to her up close. "And yes I've used it before and yes it was on a girl."

"I still have my cherry or I'd let you use it on me" Maxie said as I grinned. She watched in shock as I slipped it on and fastened the harness into place. Adjusting it so it could work against my clit while I drilled into whatever it was I gonna be lucky enough to fuck. "No!"

"Why not?" I asked as I kissed her. "After a few seconds you won't even feel any pain. I can make you feel really good with it."

"Phone call" Maxie said as she pointed. But I ignored it as it kept ringing. "Aren't you gonna answer that?".

"Not until you say I can pop your cherry" I said as she blushed and thought about it for a second and glanced back in the drawer and pulled out some lube and handed it to me as her answer. "Cool!"

"If it hurts bad, you have to stop" Maxie said as I nodded excitedly and was about to take her to the bed when my answering machine kicked on.

"Calista, sweetheart, please make my job a bit easier and pick the phone up cause your father is not in a good mood" Maddie said (that being my dad's secretary) into the answering machine as I groaned and finally did, knowing he'd just make poor Maddie keep calling.

"Hi Maddie."

"Oh thank you Calista" Maddie sighed. "I thought this would be my day. Calling you back endlessly."

"Quit" I said. Maxie stripping out of her clothes and scrambling back onto the bed as I watched.

"We are lost in the hell that is the Bush-Cheney years, where do you propose I get another job?" She asked. "Here's your father."

"Calista, how are you?" Dad asked as he came on the line.

"Two things old man, stop being so damn mean to Maddie, she's the only person that works for you who actually likes you" I snapped. "And two, you know I like being called Cally."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Miss Oliver, I guess that brick you so lovingly fired through the window of my hundred thousand dollar automobile must have hit me as well and prompting my delusion into thinking I'm still your parent" Dad said pointedly.

"Probably" I giggled. "You have plenty of other delusions too, dad."

"Like the fact that I'm your authority figure?" He asked.

"That would be one" I giggled. He simply growled and slammed the phone down as I laugh out loud. "Stupid bastard."

"Who the hell are you being so rude to?" Maxie asked.

"My Dad is being an asshole!"

"I don't even remember my Dad and my Mom's a drunk" Maxie said. "You're lucky he even calls. You shouldn't be so mean to him."

"Maybe you're right" I admitted as she kissed me again and grinned as I laughed.

I crawled back onto the bed and took the lube that now lay on the bed and covered the cock in it as Maxie slid to her back and spread her legs as I slid in between her thighs. Lining my cock up as she relaxed back onto the pillows and watched my every move. I gently pressed the head against her slit and saw the head of my 'cock' slip inside and began to go deeper and deeper with every one of my succeeding thrusts. One hand holding the cock steady as Maxie moaned and winced when I pushed against her cherry.

"Here we go pretty baby" I moaned to her as I surged through it and she just lay there and showed no reaction, as if it didn't hurt. I took that as a good sign and leaned forward over her body and started pumping in and out faster and faster. Her hands stroking my bare arms as they supported me above her, both of us looking down to see the cock pumping in and out of her sweet pussy. I focused on her clit and grinded the shaft on it more and more as the seconds ticked away and her moaning became more and more urgent. My pussy was spasming already like a mother fucker, and I knew the way Maxie had began to buck her hips that hers was too. "MMMMMMMM am I making that pussy feel good like I promised, Max?"

"MMMMMMM oh fuck yeah" Maxie moaned as she rocked her hips up to meet mine, my thighs smacking against hers as both our moans joined together and the room became filled with the sounds of pleasure. Her hands stroking up my bare back as she laid her head back and started to cum a few moments later. Seeing the pleasure she was experiencing as her eyes rolled back in her head was to powerful an image for me to absorb without joining her in orgasm and I did. A startling amount of pleasure flooding my body as I tensed up and pounded the fuck out of Maxie's spasming pussy. Both of us moaning till the last waves of pleasure subsided. "MMMMMMMMM oh fuck, WOW, oh fuck Cally. That was so good."

"MMMMMMM it sure was" I moaned as I pulled out and rolled off to the side. My body now covered in a sheen of sweat after the work out I'd just had. Maxie rolled over onto her back and laid her head on my still heaving stomach and smiled at me. "Feel good?"

"WOW!" She said. "Thanks for making me feel that good."

"Gimme a minute and we can go again" I said as she giggled. The next words out of my mouth simply being a case of my mouth speaking in place of my brain (something I'm sort of known for), "Wanna be my girlfriend?"

"I sure do" Maxie said as she sat up and slipped across my thighs and leaned down to kiss me. So now I got a girlfriend? Well, at least she's hot.

Moments later, just so you know, I taught Maxie how to get on top of things (she rode me?).