Scent of a Girl: Beginnings - Episode 3 "The Beginning of...Dakota and Mindy"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey" Maxie said as she came up behind me and I looked up with a smile. "I got German Language Lab in ten minutes, k?"

"Sure" I said as she leaned down and kissed me. Me trying to feed her my tongue but Maxie being Maxie doesn't stick around long enough for that. Just a quick peck on the lips and she was gone. "She could be a good kisser if she wanted to be."

"At least you got a girlfriend" Dakota commented from across the table. "I can't even get a girl to sniff me."

"The way you smell I'm glad for them" I said as she gave me a slant eyed evil look and flipped me off, like always. I laughed. "Kidding. You actually smell good."

"Yeh ok" She said and looking down at her 'food'. "What is this crap?"

"I dunno but the stuff taste like they took a dump in the pot and then added some spices" I said as I looked down at the brown and red mess on my lunch tray that was supposed to have been meatloaf but didn't taste much like it. Dakota laughed and offered no denials. "Squeezed out a big one today."

Dakota's eyes suddenly began drifting across the cafeteria and it wasn't the first time I had seen her look that way either (past few days if my memory serves). But I was honestly trying not to embarrass her and still figure out who she was secretly gawking at (it was killing me). Finally, playing it coy, I followed her eyes and turned and stood as if I were going to the soda machine and found what I thought to be the source of her attracton. A tongue hardening kitty kat (girl) who was sitting by herself and reading. It was the same girl from a few days ago, Mindy Sullivan. "Damn girl she's hot."

"Huh?" Dakota asked as I gave her a wicked smile and motioned with my eyes to the cute blond. "I don't know what your talking about."

"Blond, perky, and holla hot" I said as I sat back down and she blushed. Confirming my discovery. I knew Dakota wasn't straight from the moment I met her. But this was, obviously, not the first time I'd actually seen her openly stalk a hottie with her eyes. "Denial?"

"Nope" She said as we both laughed.

"Go talk to her" I said.

"Noooo" She demanded. "I only talked to her once and if I just walk up and start talking to her she'll think I'm...stalking her. She's nice and I don't wanna get her scared of me."

"OK, I will" I said with a daring smile as I rose and watched Dakota about wet her panties as she scrambled after me. She met me at the end of the table and got in front of me. "What?"

"I saw her first, thats not fair" Dakota hissed and sneaking another look at the blond.

"Then go talk to her" I said. "Try to control the drooling though."

"Fuck you" Dakota said as I laughed.

"STOP, THAT'S MY BOOK..." The pleading voice said as Dakota and I turned and saw (to no ones surprise) that Veronica was now holding the book of Mindy's in her hand and taunting her. "Look, please give it back....OWWWWWWWW."

"What the fuck?" I asked as my feet started moving for me and I marched towards the table just after the brute pushed Mindy to the ground roughly. She now stood over the girl who lay on the floor of the cafeteria terrified and covering up. Veronica saw me and backed up a few feet as I stopped. "You got a problem Shrek?"

"Yeh mouthy Mindy, the dumb blond decided to start something so I showed her how I shut stupid blond's up" Veronica said as Mindy scrambled to her feet and instinctively stood behind me.

"I did not, you started..." Mindy said tentatively and shutting up when Veronica stepped towards her.

"You're a bully" I said to Veronica and almost crapped myself when Dakota pushed past me in a rage and crashed her body into Veronica's. Sending both of them to the floor in a heap. The cafeteria erupted with noise as Dakota scrambled to her feet and punched Veronica with every muscle in her body as the bigger girl tried to get up. I pulled her away before Veronica could get back to her feet as Dakota screamed, "YOU GOT ONE MORE TIME TO FUCK WITH HER AND I'M GONNA HURT YOUR FAT ASS."

Security arrived, 'shockingly' and seperated the two and squashed the situation before it escalated any further. Dakota picked up Mindy's book and handed it to her as Mindy smiled brightly and gladly excepted it. The noise in the cafeteria was to loud to say anything still as the security helped Veronica away and I made sure Mindy walked with us as we made our way out of the cafeteria to the benches in the small courtyard just beyond the doors. Mindy and Dakota both seemingly nervous now as they sat down on opposites sides of me.

"Thanks..." Mindy said and trailed off and giggled nervously.

"It's ok, at least she knows not to fuck with me" I said as Mindy looked at me and blushed as she laughed.

"You didn't do anything" Dakota said as she stood and glared at me. "Hello..."

"She was kidding, I think" Mindy said as she stood and joined Dakota. "I don't know why you did what you did, but thanks and all."

"I saw her start with you before outside of the library" Dakota said, "And then again a few days ago. Remember when you hid behind the bushes? First time we met."

"So you have been stalking her?" I asked. Dakota's eyes showing the shock as I laughed and covered my mouth.

"I'm gonna kill you, I was not stalking her, how about screwing my chance before it even starts?" Dakota asked as she glared at me.

"I saw you that day at the library" Mindy said as Dakota froze and looked back at her, "I did, you were using the computer in the corner, hair in braids?"

"Uh huh" Dakota said as Mindy grinned brightly. I defintely felt the attraction. Apparently both had been stalking the other.

"I wasn't stalking you, I'm not weird" Dakota said softly.

"Yes you are" I said as she flipped me off and Mindy laughed.

"Can we be friends? I like you guys" Mindy asked with a hopeful voice.

"Only if you go out with my friend" I said as Mindy's lip dropped open. "What do you say?"

"Cally, god you're a bitch" Dakota said as she literally pushed me off my seat to the ground and I knew my warped sense of humor had once again went to far. "SHUT UP."

"You mean on a date?" Mindy asked as we both looked back at her. "Cause I've never been on a date with a girl."

"Noooo, big mouth skank on the ground is just that a...big mouth" Dakota said as I got back to my feet. "I hope we can be friends."

"OK" Mindy said with a smile.

"UGH, I had you all set up and you're too dense to go for it" I said to Dakota.

"Cally..." Dakota said with her fists clinched to her side. Knowing Dakota was already in the mood to kill me, I decided to go for broke and see if I could hook her up. So I said, "Mindy will you go out with Dakota, she likes you, if you say no we can still be friends."

"Ohhhh so you did mean a date?" Mindy asked as Dakota looked back at her. "You like me or is she just like...trying to make you mad?"

"Both" Dakota said as she eyed balled me still.

"Both?" Mindy asked in confusion until it finally dawned on her. "Ohhhhhhh I get it, I'm kinda slow sometimes."

"It doesn't show" I said as Mindy giggled and gave me a dirty look.

"OK, so we're friends" Dakota said. "Don't you have class Cal?"

"OH crap" I said as I looked at the clock above the door and saw it said five past the hour. "I'll see ya after?"

"Sure" Dakota said as I rushed off towards the cafeteria to get my book bag. Which in the choas earlier had been forgotten.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I seriously wonder sometimes why I am friends with her" I said as I watched Cally run off towards the cafeteria. Hearing Mindy giggle and looking back to see her smiling at me. "Don't take anything she says seriously she's just a crackhead."

"I get that" Mindy said as I smiled. "UMMMMMM...about this date."

"No pressure" I said. "Seriously. I've never even been on a date with a girl either."

"But you do like me?" She asked with an adorable biting her bottom lip smile.

"Kinda of yeh, but not in that weird ass stalker way that she made it seem" I said as Mindy giggled.

"She really gets under your skin huh?"

"You have no idea" I said as Mindy grinned. "Wanna hang out for a while?"

"Yesss" Mindy said as a smile crossed my face. OK, so this time I won't kill Cally but it's gonna happen eventually, I promise you. "Can we like go somewhere that no one else is?"

"The lake ok?" I asked as she grinned and picked up her book and we made the short walk down behind Keller-Montgomery hall to the shore of the small lake that is secluded from the rest of the campus by the large number of trees that lined the shore. We found a patch of grass down by the shore and sat down and leaned against one of the huge trees. "I come down here to read sometime."

"I like do to, no one messes with me down here" Mindy said with a shrug.

"Bullies?" I asked as she gave me a worried look and said, "My sister Cindy is forever fighting over me and that makes it even worse cause I'm always worried she'll get hurt."

"Me and Cally sorta of run together cause we're both..." I said and trailing off and not knowing how to put it.

"Weird?" Mindy asked with a playful grin.

"Noooo" I said as she laughed. "Want me to beat you up?"

"No" She said seriously and moved away a bit.

"Wait..." I said and touching her arm as I crawled over and got back in front of her. "I won't, I don't hit."

"I was just kidding" She said softly.

"And so was I" I said as I poked her in the ribs and she gave me a shocked look as she squirmed away and pointed at me.

"Stop that, I'm ticklish" She said as she again scooted away and I began crawling after her. Catching her as we both tumbled to the grass and I sunk my fingers into her tickle spots. She squealed in laughter and broke away after a moment and rolled away from me with a cute smile on her face. "Stop Dakota, please no more, I'll pee my pants...please?"

"No more tickling" I said as I crawled back to her side and laid down on my stomach as she now lay on her back and looked up at me. Her eyes looking to into mine and I swear she tilted her head back and invited me to kiss her. But instead of that I absentmindedly ran my fingers under her chin and tickled her again as she giggled and grabbed my hand.

"I said no more tickling" She demanded as she held my hand in hers and I moved closer.

"OK, OK" I said as she smiled and this time I knew she wanted to be kissed as she sorta of gave me the 'go for it' look with her eyes. "Can I kiss you?"

"No" She said with a lip biting grin as we both laughed. But a moment passed as the giggles turned to something more serious and she released my hand and gently stroked her fingers under my chin and drew my lips to hers. What a sweet kiss.