Scent of a Girl - Episode 1 "Baby Smooth and Filled with Honey"

Written by: TVM (



"Welcome to Mintzler Preparatory Academy for Girls" said the balding, grey headed gentlemen from the front of the auditorium. "Young ladies, you should be aware that you are among the chosen few who will have the pleasure of attending one of the premiere preparatory academies in all of the United States."

"Pleasure....hmmmmm...he has no idea" The brownish red headed girl sitting next to me chuckled as several girls in front, behind and on the other side of her joined in the laughter. The guy on the stage went on endlessly about the requirements of attending the school and yadda yadda yadda. I though kept being distracted by the snickering of the girls in the next seats, trying to listen in and finding myself leaning towards them slightly.

"Seems we have a new fan" The red headed girl said as the group chuckled and they all turned to look at me. I bit my lip nervously and turned my head instantly away.

"I'm Maxie" A Voice said and seeing a cute blond with beaded hair, when I turned my head to meet the voice. She had her hand extended and I gently shook it as she smiled.

"UMMM Molly" I stammered as the brownish red headed girl gave me the once over. I suddenly found myself being self-conscious in the standard issue prep uniform I was wearing. White shirt with a belly button length tie, jacket with the school's god awful emblem and a pleaded skirt that was for me too short, although in reality it came to my mid-thigh. I had my legs crossed like Holly had taught me was lady-like and noticed the dress had risen slightly up my thigh. Which seemed to be where her eyes were focusing.

"And I'm Cally, Cally Oliver" The Brownish red headed girl said without a trace of a smile, but still looking me over with her eyes.

"That's Chloe" She said pointing to the red head over her shoulder, who was giving me a serious going over with her eyes, "Shelby, Dakota and Mindy and Cindy." She said pointing out the rest of the girls, Dakota was a Native American girl, Shelby was a light skinned black girl with beautiful eyes and Mindy and Cindy were the twins sitting on opposite sides of Chloe in the row behind us.

"Are you guys some sorta of a club?" I asked as the entire group fell into a fit of giggles.

"You could say that" Cally said, "they call us the Mintz, cause if you're in with us, you pretty much have nothing to worry about here. I guess you could say I'm the leader of the pack."

"So how do I become a member of your group? I'm new here" I asked as Cally smiled and laughed knowingly before saying, "I love the new girls."

"See Molly Harris" Maxie said laying her arm on Cally's shoulder and looking at me seductively, "we're an very exclusive group and you have to pass initiation before you can be considered."

"OK what is it?" I asked obviously curious.

"What dorm are you in?" Cally asked as I opened the booklet in my lap and tried to find the info she was asking for. I felt her hand cover the top of mine and our fingers link together as she pointed to the answer.

"Keller-Montgomery" She said crossing her legs and leaning against my shoulder. "That's what I figured. Most of the newcomers are there. So if you're really interested in joining, meet me out in front of the dorm in about...."

She looked at her watch and then up to the guy on the stage and said, "about 45 minutes."

"OK" I said as she realized my hand with a smile. One which I was quickly growing to like.

"See ya there" She said as she dropped to the floor in a catcher's position and said under her breath to the rest of her clique. "Let's go girls."

"Excuse me young lady" A Booming Voice said from behind me, Cally stopped dead in her tracks and looked back sheepishly.

"Miss Harris, I think you should pay a little more attention considering you are new here. Instead of chatting with your friends. And Miss Oliver what are you doing in the floor, attempting to sneak out?"

"Oh I'm so sorry Ma'am" I said pulling Cally up by the shirt collar and watching her smile. "I dropped my contact and she was helping me find it."

"Well eyes front and lips closed" She said before walking away back to the front.

"Bitch" Cally said as she flipped her the bird with both hands. "Thinks her shit don't stink cause, her bitch mother is on the board of directors."

"She is?" I asked.

"Yeh Miss Logan, stupid whore thinks she can control us" Cally said with bitterness in her voice, "she's gonna get hers this year and we'll see who runs this shit hole."

"Damn straight" Chloe said as she again looked at me with a shy smile. That is until Maxie caught her and drew her attention away. The twins laughed knowingly.

"Duck, follow us and do what I say" Cally said as all at once the eight of us, dropped to the floor and made our way out of the auditorium. Outside, Maxie and Chloe walked ahead with the rest of the girls, holding hands. I did notice though that Chloe snuck one more look at me over her shoulder before pretending nothing had happened. While Cally said before rushing off, "You better not be wasting my time. Like I said, meet me in front of the dorm in 3 quarters."

"You mean 45 minutes?" I asked almost totally clueless.

"Yes, duh" She said before turning and running off after her troop. She's gotta a very nice set of legs, I remember thinking at that moment as her skirt flew up slightly while she ran. Very nice indeed...

So here I am, 5 million miles from home, in a place where I don't know anyone or anything. I hope that slutty whore of a mother of mine is happy. It was her idea to separate me and Holly (my sister) after she caught, me, her and Megan in our three way (still makes my pussy ache just thinking about it). Anyway I guess now is as good a time as any to fill you in on the last 4 months.

Let's see, me and Megan had just left my house when the story ended. So we got away clean and I hid out at Megan's for a couple of days. Which is when I made the mistake of falling in love with her. I became her "Babygirl" and I really liked that feeling and her feeling that way about me. But we should have known it couldn't last. It didn't. About 10 days into our little love fest, Mom finally succeeded in tracking me down and had the child welfare agents drag me out of Megan's and into a van. I think that was the day I invented a few new curse words to call her. God I was insane with rage.

During those ten days I was hiding out with Megan, Holly came to visit a few times and broke the news that Mom had kicked her out and she was staying with some friends on Park Place. Little did I know what my vengeful mother had planned for me when I got home. We barely spoke at all for the first few days as Dad tried to make peace between us, but nothing was working. I was forbidden to do anything without her permission and as usual my father went along with it. But I was determined to see Megan and for about an hour on Saturday night, we made love in my room. That is until my mother came barging in and once again caught us, this time in afterglow.

Dad for once calmed things down and let us get dressed and said for us to meet in the living room in 15 minutes. Finally I thought, someone is thinking with a clear head. But it was no different, Mom started ranting after about 15 seconds of us showing up about her daughter being a faggot and blaming Megan and Holly. Oh yeah they made me this way, good one Mom. But this time she literally attacked Megan, when all she did was simply defend me, my ears rang from the shot Megan's jaw took, and it was all for me. Megan fell to the ground and her lip and nose bleeding, my mother calling her every name in the book from a child molester to a faggot maker. Then she turned on me and swung wildly but I blocked her and went to hit her back when Dad dragged me off to the other side of the room.

I called my mother every name in the book and I screamed it so everyone would know. My entire body shook with rage and I had to watch her berate the girl I loved as my father held me in place with a firm grip. Megan was scared to death and in the floor covering up as my mother tried to hit her again. In that moment I swear my father was enjoying it cause he did NOTHING and I do mean nothing to stop it. So in a fit of rage I brought blood from my own arms and pulled loose from his grip and punched him as hard as I could in the balls and as my mother looked at me rushing towards her I saw the coward in her eyes as she started to run. I dove over the couch and practically speared her into the big screen tv and felt her slump to the floor. Then I forcibly turned her over and started to take out my revenge, I punched her as hard as I could right in the face and waited for her to cry for help and then did it again and again in quicker punches and this time no one came to her defense. Daddy dearest was crying out in pain too as I landed blow after blow to her face. Megan was the one who may have saved me from a murder charge cause I wanted to kill that whore. She pulled me off and held me as I shook and cried in rage and tried to break loose.

Well I showed my mother, Megan dragged me to my room and before Mom and Dad could recover. I dialed 911 and cried to the operator she was beating me, LOL. They arrested her ass a few minutes later. They placed me in protective custody and her in the county lock up for the night.

So two weeks later, custody of me was returned to my father and he gave me two things. A plane ticket to Australia to stay with my Uncle Robert and a cell phone to call Megan anytime I wanted. I stayed down under for three months and over that time, it became more and more clear that me and Megan would be better off as friends, cause the chances of us being together were not very good. Especially considering that in the fall, I was sent here. Megan and I agreed that me moving on was the best thing so I entered the new year with an open mind and clear heart on the off-chance that I might meet a girl who could take my mind off Megan. After all prep schools are notorious for breeding lesbians or so the legend goes.

Picturing Megan's smiling face, brought some instant comfort to me, the way she kissed, the way she touched me period, was something not even my own sister could manage. Yep, I was her 'Babygirl' and was damn proud of it...

"Well I've gotta give you a point for courage" Cally said coming up beside me and flopping down on the bench out front of Keller-Montgomery Hall.

"So what I gotta do now huh?" I asked as she crossed her legs, her shirt raising dangerously high, and leaned towards me resting on one hand. Smiling very seductively, trying to make me nervous, I thought.

"A lot" She said with a knowing grin and leaned in closer and, to my shock, kissed me roughly on the lips. I froze for a second, and then I felt her pull away and kiss me more softly the second time. Feeling no resistance from me, she seemed to be froze herself, I moved my lips first and before we knew it our lips were moving in time to each other. She was a good kisser too, and she seemed to be liking what I was doing. Abruptly though she pulled away and tried to hide a dreamy grin as she looked at me. I though had no intention of hiding anything.

"UMMMMM that was really nice" I said smiling and obviously catching her off-guard as she replied before catching herself.

"Yeh it was, your lips are so soft. I didn't wanna stop..."

"Then why did you?" I asked sneaking a brief kiss as she grinned again.

"We shouldn't, I mean I shouldn't" She said pulling away from me and sitting up straight as she looked around and caught two girls looking our way and snickering. "You want some bitch?"

"Cally stop" I said grabbing her hand and lacing my fingers with hers to stop her from going after the two girls who flipped her the bird and ran off laughing. She turned and gave me a dirty look, which made me wanna do something to make her smile again. So I kissed her lips gently and smiled my best shitting eating grin. She laughed and smiled back.

"Will you stop, you're making this too hard" She said and making me wonder what she was talking about.

"You mean this" I said kissing her again, and making her kiss me back for a long moment.

"Yes that" She said looking at me with a dazed look on her face.

"What am I making too hard?" I asked innocently as she snapped out of her daze and looked seriously at me.

"Your initiation into the Mintz" She said pulling me into a hug. "And the more you kiss me the more I like you."

"So what's the problem?" I asked putting my arms around her neck, "you afraid you'll wanna be too nice to me."

"Yeh exactly" She said biting her lip nervously. "So I'm just gonna tell you the rules of the club and you can hate me later OK?"

"OK" I said beginning to worry.

"All the girls have to do certain things to be included" She said covering my mouth with her hand gently and going on. "Like wearing a thong under their skirts. I personally think it's sexy."

"Me too" I said, "Got a gold one my sister gave me, says 'cumming soon' on the front."

"Don't distract me" Cally said as I giggled and she went on. "All the girls also have to shaved their muffs, another thing I think is sexy as hell."

"So far you're speaking my language" I said giggling, "started shaving mine months ago. It feels so much better."

"Well good" Cally said smiling at me momentarily before snapping back to reality and going on, "and there's of course a good reason why you have to have your muff bald. And for some reason I'm thinking this isn't gonna be a big deal with you."

"HMMMMMM go on" I said becoming more interested by the moment.

"All of the Mintz are into girls exclusively" Cally said as my heart skipped a beat and I could not honestly believe my luck or rather dumb luck. "So if you want in, you gotta make a no-boys pledge and a few other things to prove yourself."

"A few other things huh?" I asked, thinking how I probably already knew what it was I had to do. And looking at Cally, that wouldn't be a problem if she wanted me too. "Let me guess!"

"Sure go ahead" Cally said pulling me into her more snugly.

"You want me" I said bluntly, "you want me naked, on your bed, spread eagle and horny."

"Reverse that" Cally said. "Only put me in your position."

"Oh gotcha, so I gotta go down on you?" I asked as Cally blushed.

"Me or one of the other girls, those are the rules" Cally said releasing me suddenly and backing away. "So let me know by tomorrow."

"Wait where you going?" I asked as she walked away reluctantly.

Strangely, she didn't answer, she simply walked away. I followed after her, staying a few feet back for the next few minutes, hoping she would stop and say something, but she didn't. She got to the entrance of what I assume was her dorm and without even a glance disappeared inside. I asked myself a million questions as I sat down roughly on a bench to the side of the walk. Thinking about how much I wanted to know what Cally was thinking. When she basically walked out on me. What the hell was her problem?

"Molly?" A Questioning Voice asked as they sat down beside me. I snapped back to reality to find Maxie smiling at me.

"Oh hey" I said as Chloe sat down on the other side of me.

"Did Cally talk to you about us?" Maxie asked as I nodded and she crossed her legs and leaning in like Cally did earlier.

"So you know we're a girls only club right?" Maxie asked moving my hair behind my ear and smiling.

"Yeh" I said returning her smile.

"Have you decided yet" She asked, "no pressure though."

"Sure" I said looking back at Chloe as I felt her hand on my thigh just below my skirt. "So which one of you do I do to get in?"

"Oh so you really are gonna do it?" Maxie asked with a "sure she will" expression. "or do you think you can some how get in without having to do what all of us had to."

"Maxie" Chloe said as her hand moved higher on my thigh and she gave me this incredible smile as she went on, "play nice."

"You're right, let's give her a chance and see if she's got the balls to play in our league" Maxie said with a confident look. One that I know meant she was pretty sure I'd chicken out. She sooo didn't know who she was dealing with.

"You wanna know if I got balls huh?" I asked grabbing Maxie's tie and pressing my lips roughly to hers for a long moment and then pushing her away and turning to Chloe, who had this shocked look on her face. "That balls enough for you hot stuff, or you wanna really fuckin test me huh? You don't know who you're fuckin with."

"I like you already" Chloe said smiling and looking directly into my eyes and she gently touched my cheek and we got lost in a moment. She, I think wanted to kiss me as she asked softly, "You got a girlfriend?"

"No...." I said in reply as I met Chloe's smile with one of my own and I just knew that Maxie was getting jealous. Like I cared honestly. This scorching hot red head was caressing my cheek and had me locked in her gaze. Talk about a nice moment.

"But you do" Maxie snapped as she looked directly at Chloe, "Remember me?"

"Yeh of course Max, geez it was only flirting" Chloe said as she looked away and I could swear I saw a little fear in her eyes and we both listened to Maxie go on.

"Well to get my vote you gonna have to earn it, unlike some people" Maxie said as she glared at Chloe, I turned with anger in my voice and said in a low growling voice. "Look slut, I ain't playing, Cally said I gotta fuck one of you to get in and that's exactly what I'll do. That is if your not just blowing smoke honey?"

"UH HUH she told you already Max she's willing" Chloe said as Maxie looked at me with a mixed expression on her face. "So you gonna do it?"

"Actions speak louder than words...slut" Maxie said as she stood and walked slowly towards the front door and looked back to me with a challenging expression.

"Go on, you know you want to" Chloe said encouragingly into my ear. "She's so good at it too. I'll watch..."

"No" I said taking Chloe's tie in my hand and pulling her close to me as she smiled knowingly, then saying in a soft sexy voice, "You're not gonna watch. Cause you're gonna join in. How does that sound? Cause I'm good at it too, you just gotta let me show you."

"All three of us?" Chloe asked as I stood and extended my hand and our lips came within inches of each other as I said. "MMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM."

"Holy..." She said as she trailed off and looked to be stunned by my invite.

"Yeh you'll think holy when I'm done" I said to Chloe as she blushed a deep red and looked to Maxie, then pulled her hand away and walked by me and followed her girlfriend inside. Maxie had a determined look on her face as she took Chloe's hand and I followed them inside as Maxie pulled Chloe along ahead of me. Their room was on the third floor, it was a huge four room suite. Two large bedrooms with three beds each, joined in the middle by a common room with a tv set and couch and stuff. Very cozy and expensive looking. Maxie shut the door and locked the one leading to the hallway and then secured the door to the bathroom that lead to the common room. I sat down beside Chloe on the bed, I said, "You ready?"

"Not sure but I'm here" She said as I was unfastening my tie and tossing it to the ground as Chloe seemed to marvel at my confidence. I unbuttoned my shirt next and slid it off my shoulders as they both watched me. I said, "Come on girls let's go already."

"I know it's stupid but I'm a little nervous" Chloe admitted as she took off her tie and looked up at me. I sat down by her and said, "Nothing to be nervous about, It'll be fun. I promise."

"I've just never done it with two girls at one time before" Chloe said as Maxie laughed and tossed her tie to the floor and crashed down behind us.

"It's just like doing it with one, only Maxie's here" I said taking her hand and guiding it to my bare mid-riff. Her touch felt really nice as her hand glided across my flat tanned stomach. I cupped her chin as Maxie watched, all of the jealousy from earlier seemed to have disappeared as I kissed Chloe's lips softly.

"See it's not so scary" Maxie said wrapping her arms around Chloe's neck as we broke. I stood and watched closely as they began kissing a second later, which only lasted a moment or two before Maxie pulled away. I pushed my skirt to the floor and figured I might as well get naked all the way, so along went my thong too. Maxie was slowly undoing the buttons on Chloe's shirt and after the last one slipped it off her shoulders. Chloe wasn't wearing a bra I noticed and as I discarded mine, Maxie and Chloe returned to kissing briefly as Maxie cupped Chloe's breasts in her hands and massaged them. Drawing a soft moan from her. I touched my hand to Chloe's soft bare skin and she broke her kiss with Maxie and we started again. After a few long moments we broke to find Maxie's clothes laying on the floor and her crouching in front of us.

"Chloe is such a kissing slut" Maxie said with a wry smile as she pulled playfully at Chloe's skirt and slipped her thong off along with it.

"MMMMMMM look at that cute little pussy" I cooed as I rubbed Chloe's bald muff. Maxie tossed the last remaining piece's of clothing aside as Chloe spread her legs and leaned back on her hands and let me rub her softly. Maxie smiled as she watched and rose to kiss me a few moments later as Chloe squirmed under my touch. I quickened my pace on her pussy as my middle finger found the groove in her slit and I rubbed it faster up and down.

"You're gonna make her cum on your hand if you keep doing that" Maxie said as we broke from our kiss. I realized then why Maxie didn't seemed to like kissing all that much. She wasn't all that great at it, technique I tell you. "She's really easy to bring off the first time, right baby?"

"WHOA, fuck yeh so easy and feels really good" Chloe said as she moaned and I reluctantly pulled away and joined Maxie on the floor.

"Now let's see you do it" Maxie said kissing me softly again and then spreading Chloe's legs further for me as I asked, "Is it smooth?"

"Baby smooth and filled with honey" Maxie said as Chloe urged me to hurry. I lowered my head as both watched closely and started licking slowly and gently on Chloe's bald muff, which was indeed bald (smooth as butter) and tasted like honey. Chloe squirmed under me and laid back, this time to her elbows as Maxie quickly moved back on to the bed and settled in behind her. Wrapping her arms around Chloe and holding her tight as she moaned. Tweaking her nipples and kissing up and down her neck as I let my tongue disappear between Chloe's lips and felt the immediate suction that was evident. I darted my tongue in and out and Chloe squirmed harder for me and Maxie's face turned to one of a huge grin as she watched me work Chloe over. Her pussy tasted so good, and the juices flowing into my mouth turned me on all the more. Her intoxicating scent filling my nose, now that's the scent of a girl, I remember thinking. That thought driving me to go harder with my tongue and I did. Hearing a loud moan escape Chloe's soft lips and feeling her hands find my head. I let her guide me to the right spot deep inside her, where I knew would be the best place to make her cum and cum good. She almost screamed as I hit her sweet spot and begged me to continue. Her pussy sucked at my tongue as it pistoned in and out and Maxie pulled hard at her nipples to increase the already building pleasure. With one last loud grunt, that told me she was on the verge and wanting to desperately be pushed over, I stopped almost completely with my tongue and heard a loud gasp as Chloe looked at me with a panicked look in her eyes. I then started doing what Megan had spent many nights patiently teaching me, I started to roll my tongue at her entrance. Chloe's eyes clamped shut, her breath came in gasps and she squirmed hard under my probing tongue as I pushed her body over the edge into a wonderful orgasm. Maxie held her tight as she came on my rolling tongue and moved her hand down Chloe's now sweaty body to the spot just above her pussy. Chloe's orgasm peaked and she came down with one last loud moan and fell silent in Maxie's arms. Her cum tasted like candy I thought as it filled my mouth.

"I felt your pussy cumming baby, it was so cool" Maxie said kissing Chloe's sweaty brow as I licked the last of her girl-cum up and crawled over her and never one to be greedy, I shared my honey treat with Chloe first. Who started sucking at my lips like she had never tasted anything so good. Maxie giggled as she pulled us apart and pushed her tongue into my mouth gently and got what was left of the tasty reward. Chloe's breathing returned to normal as she enjoyed the afterglow. Her hands moved up and down my naked body idly as I kissed Maxie.

"She has my vote that's for sure" Chloe said giggling as me and Maxie broke and Maxie started giggling herself.

"Did her pussy suck at your tongue?" Maxie asked me.

"Oh yeh and really hard too" I replied.

"It does that to me" Maxie said rubbing it gently for a moment, "it's so fucking tight."

"So what about you?" I asked, "do I have your vote too?"

"Uh No it ain't that easy little girl" Maxie said smiling knowingly.

"You are so sexy" Chloe said smiling at me and massaging my tits now as Maxie watched on.

"Same to you" I said as we kissed for a long moment.

"Watching you lick her pussy made me so hot" Maxie said moving out from behind Chloe, who sat up and moved to the top of the bed, still making eyes at me. "We need to see if you can do more than one thing at a time."


"69?" Maxie asked simply setting down in front of me and doing as Chloe had been doing, cupping my tits in her hand and massaging them softly.

"Won't be the first time" I said crawling over Maxie as she laid back on the bed and we began kissing a second later. A short one, as I jumped at the first touch of hers. She rubbed my pussy up and down, testing it for smoothness she said later and started to guide me to turn around. I did just that wiggling my naked, sweaty ass at Chloe as she rubbed it up and down. I watched as I lowered myself on to Maxie's eager mouth. I moaned softly as I felt her tongue on my clit and she licked over it ever so lightly. Making me shudder and beg for more. She repeated this method until I thought I was gonna go crazy with lust. Her hand then came up and went into my hair and pushed my head down towards her own boiling hot sex. Chloe laid down length wise and smiled at me as I began licking softly at Maxie's bald pussy. Her taste was a little more tangy than Chloe's honey sweet juice. I quickly grew to like it as much as I sped my attack and she did the same. Both moaning almost as one, working on each other's pleasure hole now in a frenzy as Chloe moved my hair to the other side of my head and kissed my cheek a few times, watching on intently. I thought about using the rolling technique, but wasn't sure what kind of an effect it would have from above like this. Besides Maxie was really enjoying what I was doing already, as she bucked her hips after ever few passes with my tongue and moaned into my pussy. I knew it wasn't gonna take much more to bring her off and I was right.

"Here suck it right here" Chloe said as I felt her hand now in my path and looked to see she had Maxie's little rose bud fully exposed and standing at attention. "She loves it when you suck on the tip real soft and then harder."

Chloe kissed me softly and even slipped me some tongue and seemed to not want to pull away. I took that bit of direction as Chloe pulled away with a dreamy smile as held she Maxie's clit exposed I sucked the tip gently, drawing a loud extended moan from Maxie. She bucked her hips and began to suck on mine, softly and quickly sucking harder and harder as I matched her pace and intensity as we started to cum as one. Her hips bucked and I squirmed hard over her sucking lips as a wonderful orgasm surged through me. After a few long moments, I peaked as did Maxie and we both came down slowly, still sucking softly on each other's clits. Tasting her cum was unique, it was tangy, sweet and slightly salty all at the same time. I never the less sucked it all out greedily getting my mouth filled several times. I think I filled Maxie's mouth several times too as she sucked at my pussy lips for more. Chloe gently rubbed across the back of my neck and when I looked up she pressed her lips to mine. I think I lost track of time as we shared Maxie's cum for the longest time, Chloe found my tongue with hers and we frenched as I moved off of Maxie. Chloe rolled me on top of her. I rested on my elbows, which were right by her face as we frenched passionately. Her arms went around my back and she pulled me in. Maxie was right about her earlier comment, Chloe did love kissing. I had to admit she was a really good kisser too. After a few minutes, we slowed to a more gentle french and finally came up for air. The smile on Chloe's face was very evident as she looked at me dreamily. I returned the smile and kissed her once more, one which she gladly returned herself.

"Whoever taught you to kiss did a great job" Chloe said laying her head on the bed and putting her arms behind it.

"Sure looks like it" Maxie said giggling as she glanced over at us. She was now laying beside us flipping through a magazine.

"You know your the one I love" Chloe said touching Maxie's arm and rubbing up and down it as Maxie smiled.

"Ditto kiddo" Maxie said rolling over and kissing Chloe for a second and prompting me to ask, "wait you guys are together? and you don't mind seeing her make it with another girl?"

"Yep she's my baby" Chloe said smiling at Maxie, "ever since last year."

"And to answer your question Molly" Maxie said laying her head next to Chloe's, "Chloe loves to kiss, and I suck at it, so if she finds someone she likes kissing, why should I give her a hard time over it. I know she's all mine."

"You do not suck at kissing and I am all yours" Chloe said honestly to Maxie and then looking at me said, "like Max said earlier, I'm a kissing slut. Hell I'd make out all night with someone if I could find someone who liked it that much. And someone like you who understands that it's only kissing and nothing else."

"Is that a hint?" I asked laying down on the other side of Chloe as her and Maxie laughed out loud.

"If you want it to be" Chloe said cupping her hand under my chin and drawing my lips to her.

"I'm gonna for a shower" Maxie said, "you guys have fun."

We did, and for most of the next hour, I made out with Chloe. One thing I realized was, although it felt really good and hell she was fucking gorgeous, It didn't make me fall in love with her. I still missed Megan and yes, this was fun, but I would still love to see the girl who changed my life forever. By the way, Chloe is a really good kisser. Really Good.