Scent of a Girl - Episode 10 "A Cold Day in Hell"

Written by: TVM (



\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Maxine these thoughts are normal" Dr. Blackwell said. "You are obviously very much in pain over this break up with your chosen partner and wanting to apologize and ask for a second chance. Am I right?"

"Yeh, exactly" I said, "But I know it's over, this new girl she's with, she's different than me and she treats Chloe the way she deserves to be treated. So, I really just wanna apologize so I can prove to Shelby that I'm trying."

"Excuse me, doctor, can I say something?" Shelby asked.

"I believe in therapy and I see the change in you Max, just in the two days we've been coming here" Shelby said as I smiled. "You don't have to prove anything to me. I'm your best friend as long as you make a effort I've got your back."

"I know that" I said.

"Now, as to this apology" Dr. Blackwell said.

"Doctor, I know I'm only 15 and all but that sounds like a bad idea" Shelby said, "Chloe is scared to death of Max and if she goes and tries to apologize, I'm afraid there's gonna be trouble. This Molly, she's not afraid to fight and she's already defended Chloe once when genius here went over there drunk."

"I still I think I should try" I said stubbornly, almost hoping Molly would hurt me in Chloe's defense.

"God, you are about the thickest skulled bitch I ever met" Shelby said as she pushed her chair away and got up to walk out. "I'm gonna wait outside before I snatch your ass up out that chair and beat some sense into you..."

"That was certainly colorful" Dr. Blackwell said with an amused smile.

"I know, I like her" I said as we laughed. "I say shit like that just to get her going."

"She certainly does seem to care a lot about you" Dr. Blackwell commented.

"My best friend, scratch that, one of my only friends" I said. "She's hot too."

"Are you done yet?" Shelby asked as she stuck her head back in the door. "You're hour is up right?"

"Yes, sweetheart" I said as Shelby blushed and smiled and said, "You know I like to be called sweetheart."

"Same time tomorrow, Maxine" Dr. Blackwell said. "You're making good progress. Don't let something distract you this time."

"Yes, sir" I said as Shelby smiled and held the door for me.

"You are doing good" Shelby said as we exited the main building and she appeared very nervous about something. "Can we talk about us?"

"What us?" I asked as she gave me a dirty look and then said, "Damn it, you always do this, you liked to see me mad more than happy and I am sick of it."

"OK, OK, Shel, I'll stop, and I already know what you're gonna say" I said as we took a seat on the bench. "It was...awkward?"

"Yeh" Shelby said, "How do we go from not laughing at each other when we try to get romantic?"

"We don't?" I asked. "I suck at romance."

"Yeh I'm not exactly a romeo" She said. "It just felt nice kissing you, but once we got to, you know, it got all weird."


"And you actually made an effort to kiss me like you should have with Chloe" Shelby said, "I liked that."

"Sure does beat my old style" I said as Shelby laughed. "After a few minutes I kinda got into the rhythm."

"Oh no" Shelby said as she looked up and across the circle a few hundred feet away stood Chloe. All by her lonesome, looking as incredibly hot as ever. God that girl has curves that I wish I could take another chance at exploring. I would love to show her how I've learned to take it a little slower, or rather how I'm learning to do that. Before I even knew it I jumped up and started walking towards her in a march. Determined to apologize and try my best at winning her back. "Noooo, Max, stop, please."

"Get off me" I said as I shoved Shelby away and turned back towards Chloe and saw her spot me and the fear return to her eyes. That fear will forever be a regret of mine. I never wanted her to fear me and now I knew that no matter how much I apologized she was scared of me. Can't blame her though, you hit someone and they tend to do that. She started looking around nervously and backing up as I approached, thinking to myself if I could get her by herself I could convince her to listen and just apologize and walk away and maybe, just maybe start the healing process. But the closer I got the more she backed away and looked to be searching for someone to protect her.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

I came out of the my last class and was kinda worried when I didn't immediately see Chloe sitting in the usual spot outside of the classroom, waiting on me. I grabbed my book bag and ran down the hall and to my relief, I saw her standing in the courtyard just outside the door. But what little relief that brought was soon washed away when I saw her looking around with that scared to death look on her face. Then something even more heart stopping caught my vision, Maxie was coming across the courtyard in a march with Shelby trying to stop her. I threw my book bag across my back and went in an all out sprint, thinking I'd give my life for Chloe's if Maxie started again. Chloe was backing away from her as I crashed through the main door and Maxie seemed to be pleading with her as she touched Chloe and my blood ran hot as I saw Chloe throw her books and say, "Stop, I don't wanna hear it, stop Max. Please just leave me alone."

I threw my book bag down and grabbed the broom from in front of the building and slammed it against the pavement as hard as I could, breaking it in two and getting every ones attention as Chloe spotted me and ran towards me. She hugged me like I was her savior as she cried. Hugging me as I held her and tried to calm her down.

"Please don't let her hurt me again" Chloe said with pleading eyes, "You promised me, remember?"

"Yes I remember Chloe" I said, "You're are my girl now, do you remember that?"

"Yes, I love you" She said as I smiled and replied, "I love you too, she's won't hurt you anymore."

"I just wanted to apologize" Maxie said as she walked towards us. "Why can't you just listen without your bodyguard?"

"STOP" Shelby screamed as she finally got in front of Maxie and I stepped in front of Chloe. "You are gonna get someone hurt, she's not playing Max, she's got a weapon, Chloe is scared to death, let's go."

"You better listen to your friend" I said as I showed her the broom stick, "It'll be a cold day in hell, before you ever hurt my girl again."

"She's not your girl, she's just acting like that cause she's a stupid whore who won't listen" Maxie said as Shelby exploded in a rage and pushed her down in the grass.

"STOP CALLING HER NAMES" Shelby screamed as she stood over Maxie. "This is all your fault, not hers."

"Call her that name again" I said as I walked a few feet towards them and said it again only louder, "CALL HER THAT AGAIN, I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I CAN DO WITH THIS YOU STUPID BITCH."

"Fuck you" Maxie spat as Chloe hugged me from behind and stopped me. "You stole her from me and now you got her convinced she hates me."

"I DO HATE YOU" Chloe screamed. "God, I hate you, she is soooo good to me, I wish I'd met her before you."

"What did I do that was so bad?" Maxie asked as Shelby held her back and I screamed in a rage as I broke away from Chloe's arms and slammed the stick I was holding against the bench to my right and screamed, "YOU HIT HER YOU GOD DAMN AIRHEADED BITCH. TRY IT NOW, PLEASE TRY IT NOW. PLEASE I'M BEGGING."

"Max she's gonna hurt you" Shelby said, "Now shut up."

"Look, Chloe I'm sorry OK?" Maxie asked as I felt my rage about to boil over when Chloe grabbed me again and stopped me from going after Maxie.

"You had your chance bitch..." I said as Chloe hugged me tighter. " she's holding me, and you know what? You'll never get her back now."

"She's serious Max" Shelby said, "Let's just go, it's over."

"Chloe, I still love you" Maxie said in a pleading voice and for a moment I thought my worst fears had been realized and Chloe was gonna fall for this and go running back into her arms. But after a moment of her grip loosening from around me, she hugged me even tighter and said, "I don't love you anymore. Molly loves me like you should have."

"You can't love her" Maxie said, "She's not supposed to be able to take you away like that."

"I love her Max, I can't help it" Chloe said as she kissed my neck and did the same thing I had done to her a few days before while we watched the rain fall. She nuzzled my neck and inhaled my scent and smiled as she held me tighter and said softly in my ear. "MMMMM, scent of a girl who loves me."

"You're right" I said as I turned around and kissed her. "I do love you."

"OK, you've had your heart broke again and now you're crying are you satisfied?" Shelby asked as Maxie looked at me and Chloe now with tears in her eyes and to my relief she turned to walk off with Shelby.

"Thank god" I said in relief as I dropped the stick on the ground. "That might be the end of it."

"I hope so" Chloe said as she kissed me softly. "No ones ever stood up for me before."

"Someone had to" I said.

"Actually, you don't...I mean not with most people" She said as I looked at her strangely.

"What do you mean?"

"Maxie knows I'm scared of her" Chloe said, "But truth is, I'm pretty good at Karate."

"Damn, you are full of surprises" I said as she smiled. "Remind me to never get you mad."

"I wouldn't hurt..."

"I know, I promised no one would hurt you again either..."

"And you just proved it" She said as she kissed me.

"Does make me feel better than you can defend yourself" I said, "I worry a lot about you."

"Well, I can" She said, "But it turns me on to see you do it."

"HMMMMMM, lucky me" I said as I kissed her again and she gave me this look that shot through me.

"Wanna take me back your place?" She asked. "I can promise, you're gonna get laid."

"How about we don't and say we did?" I asked as she gave me a shocked look as I backed away and said, "I changed my mind, I don't like girls anymore."

"Oh, you're gonna pay for that one" She said as she came after me and I ran a few feet onto the grass as she caught up to me and started tickling me as we both fell to the ground in a wrestling match. We rolled over and over a few times as she tried to successfully pin each other down until she got on top and pinned me down, my arms above my head as I laughed. "Now take it back and I'm gonna make you pee yourself Molly Harris."

"But I don't like girls" I said as she attacked again and made me squeal in laughter. "I don't...oh god, stop."

"Take it back" She said in a demanding voice but the smile on her face told me she was loving this.

"I don't like girls, just this one girl" I said as she gave me a dirty look and smiled, "You."

"OK, good answer" She said as she let me up, and that was a mistake as I rolled her over and pinned her down as she looked at me in shock. "God you are mean to me."

"Rolling...thunder?" I asked as her eyes went wide with interest. "Hmmmmm?"

"Please?" She asked, "I been a good girl, right?"

"Yeh" I said as she giggled.

"I made you happy" She said as my heart melted.

"You sure have" I said.

"Will you please stop teasing with that" She asked as I stood and pulled her up and into my arms. "Please?"

"Wanna go back to my place?" I asked with a smile. "Tonight, your wait is over."

"MMMMMMMMMMM god I love those words" She said as she hugged me. "I so wanna feel that."

"Gonna make Chloe go...pop" I said as she blushed.

"Just remember, it's easy the first time, so be gentle?"

"Very" I said as I kissed her and felt her lips fall in time with mine in a beautiful slow dance. I pulled her closer as I wrapped my arms tighter around her and licked her lip with my tongue and felt her lick my tongue almost playfully as we started to massage each others tongue against the others and slowly got completely lost in each other. God, this girl is killing me, yeh, I'm in love alright. I honestly fell so hard and fast for this girl, I'm still kinda dizzy. It just feels good to be alive right now. Yeh I wanna lay her, but more than that, I wanna do something I've never gotten to do, make love to her. Slow and steady and make her feel how much I love her. If all goes as planned, in a few minutes we just might get to do that.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"OK, so I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree" I said to myself as I flipped my reflection off in the mirror. "Now you know, you've screwed the pooch on this one, Maxie."

"Who ya talking too?" Shelby asked as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looking so hot, her hair still dripping wet as she fished some clean undies out of the drawer by her bed. I always thought my best friend was a looker and know that I actually have a chance to admire her openly, I'm taking the chance. She smiled and posed with her hands on her hips as I blushed. "You done gawking?"

"Nope" I said as we both laughed.

"Good, cause maybe if you stop being so thick headed, we, might get somewhere" She said and I know it sounds weird, but I was looking forward to something, for the first time in a long time. I did have a crush on Shelby, I've always kinda had a thing for someone who's, how do I say it? Not blond haired and blue eyed (like me). My two favorite girls in the world to gawk at, other than Chloe, is Shelby and our other friend, Dakota, girl has some curves and that hair and that skin. If she wasn't already involved with someone (our other friend, Mindy Sullivan), I'd so try and get with that. Anyway, back to the hottie in front of me, Shelby, I keep wondering if she is really that interested in being more than friends, or if she's just being nice while I'm trying not to fuck up again. Shelby again caught me looking as she teased me by starting to open her towel as she smiled and then stopped and asked, "Is it killing you, Max?"

"Not really" I said as I slowly made my way over to her. "For once, I'm looking forward to taking this slow."

"Max? Are you really in there?" Shelby asked as I laughed. "On second thought, don't bother coming out, I like this person better."

"God I feel so alive right now" I said as Shelby smiled. "Broken heart and everything."

"I like this Max, a lot, the one who sees beyond her own selfish needs and is good to me" Shelby said, "This is the Max, I wanna get to know."

"The one who kisses you slow and easy?" I asked.

"Yeh, but you still wanna do that stiff lip thing" Shelby said, "And I'm not Chloe, you kiss me that way I'll smack the blond out your head."

"Maybe a few whacks on the noggin would help" I said as Shelby laughed. "I like slow and easy, it's just that no one ever taught me to until Molly showed me some stuff."

"That's another thing..." Shelby said as she made me look her in the eyes, " need to just except that Chloe has moved on and please stay away from her. Molly was not playing today Max she was gonna try and hurt you."

"I'm not afraid of her" I said as Shelby grabbed me by the hair and said in a growl, "She will kill you're blond ass if you keep fuckin with her girl, she is not gonna fight fair."

"Ohhhhh..." I said as Shelby pushed my head away as I got it finally.

"She feels the way about Chloe you that claim to have" Shelby said, "Next time, I'm not stopping you and when she beats the hell out of you with something. I'm done."

"I get it now Shel" I said as I sat down on the bed. Girl has a way of getting me to understand things quicker than anyone I've ever met. Maybe it was some tough love I needed all along and no this is not a reference to sex either. "No more stalking Chloe. If I see her I'll go the other way."

"Please?" She asked. "Maybe if you do leave her alone and let her and Molly be in love, she'll stop hating you eventually."

"Let me be in love" I said as Shelby looked at me in confusion as I got up and walked over my to Cd tower and pulled out a case and showed it to her. "Look at number two."

"Ohhh, yeah" Shelby said looking at the Cd, and turning it over and seeing a picture of Tracy Byrd and saying, "Damn, he's...kinda hot."

"I like his music" I said as she smiled.

"Never cared much for country" She said as she sat down on the bed and opened her Cd player and put the CD in.

"Course not, you're the wrong color" I said with a giggle as gave me a mock horror look and whacked me with a pillow.

"OK, so I'm mixed I can't like redneck music?" She asked as I smiled and said, "I didn't say that, I was really just kidding."

"Racial jokes are so not funny" She said with a glare, but I knew she was liking the game, at least some. She stomped off as I grabbed her at the bottom of the bed and pulled her down as she squealed in laughter. I pulled her to the top of the bed and wrapped my arms around her as she laughed and fought for a moment to get lose. "Stop it, Max, I mean it, I'm not wearing anything under this..."

"And I'm not trying to get you naked" I said as I relaxed my grip on her and laid down on the pillows behind her and pulled her back into me. She looked at me for a minute when she realized all I was gonna do was hold her. I felt her give in and lay back against me. In that moment, I finally figured out just a little of why it was that Chloe loved this so much. The smile on Shelby's face as she looked back at me, was a mixture of love, pride and I think just a hint of lust. I laid my head gently behind hers, my breath had to be hot on her neck and we laid there for a long time, not talking, just me doing something I thought I'd never like, I held her. I nuzzled her behind the ear as she giggled and squirmed a little, but didn't try to pull away and suddenly it hit me as I inhaled. The sweetest smell anyone could ever want filled my senses, I looked at her for a moment as she smiled and wondered what I was thinking.

"I need another shower?" She asked as I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"No, it's something new for me" I said as I kissed her shoulder softly and inhaled again. "It' of a girl?"

"Yeh, you mean you never noticed before that I can smell good?" She asked.

"Never took the time" I said as she reached up and gently, touched my face as she said, "I'm willing to let you take all night. I'm so proud of you."

"Yeh?" I asked as she rolled over and placed my arm back over her, our eyes meeting and laying only an inch or so part on the same pillow.

"Yeh" She said, "Just because I'm starting to feel something for you..."

"I get it" I said as I touched her lips, "I'm trying, OK?"

"OK, no more speeches" She said, "Just me and you."

"I like that I got you all to myself" I said as she pressed her body to mine and almost inviting me to kiss her.

"Yeh, it's not so bad" She said with a giggle as she had me turn my head and nuzzled my neck as I smiled. "Besides, you don't smell to bad either."

"I'm already changing" I said.

"How do you figure?"

"I've got a beautiful and practically naked girl laying in my arms and all I wanna do right now is hold you" I said honestly. "And that Shelby Parker, is the truth."

"Not like you'd get anywhere if you did start the crap like you did with Chloe" She said as I closed my eyes.

"Shel, can we please just not talk about her?" I asked, "Just, I'm beginning to feel good again."

"OK, I'm sorry" She said, "I'm kinda nervous."

"You afraid of me?" I asked.

"No" She said as she stopped me from pulling away. "I'm afraid of developing real feelings for you. And then it turns out all of this, holding me and kissing me just the right way was just a mirage. The no drugs or getting hammered all weekend. If it turns out to be a mirage, I dunno."

"Kissing you...just the right way?" I asked as she blushed.

"Yes, it was a really good kiss, slow and easy" She said.

"And I can't promise, I won't make mistakes" I said, "But...I will promise, if you keep pushing and pushing, I'll do what I can, no matter how hard, and I finally have someone to do it for."

"You" She said, "You don't even love yourself."

"A lot of stuff is wrong with me"

"There's nothing wrong with you" Shelby said as she touched my face. "You just don't wanna believe that, instead of facing your fears. With me, you will face those fears."

"But..." I said as she gave me a 'shut up I'm not done' look.

"I didn't ask you, I told you" Shelby said and gently holding my cheek to keep me in her gaze. "You are not a fuck up, you're smart and beautiful and caring. And better start showing me that side of you, I'm sick of this feel sorry for me crap."

"I like it when you make me do things" I said with a smile. "Gets me so hot."

"GRRRRRR" She said as we both laughed. "I can play dominant if you like that."

"Suddenly, I like being submissive" I said as she opened her eyes in surprise. "Could be a fun game?"

"But it won't get you laid" She said as she kissed my chin. "But keep being good to me and it will before you know it."

"Hey!" Cindy said from the door to the bathroom as she walked in and saw the scene on the bed. Shelby in only a towel and wrapped in my arms. "Something you two been hiding? Maybe explains why Chloe got the fuck out of here."

"Nooo" Shelby said as she rolled over and pulled me against her back again. "This is, Maxie, starting over."

"Whatever you say" Cindy said with a laugh. "Get laid yet, Max?"

"Just did" I said as Shelby laughed and gave me a shocked look, "Wanna join us for round two?"

"I'll kill you" Shelby said as she blushed and Cindy, shocking both of us when she came over and laid down in front of Shelby and said, "You were serious, right?"

"Nooo" Shelby said in a growl as I blushed. "She's never had me. And you, Cindy Sullivan, are not gonna now."

"Stop that" Shelby said as she smacked Cindy's hand away and pushed both of us away as she got up and headed to the bathroom just as Mindy came through to our side of the room.

"HMMMMMMM" Mindy said as she saw me and Cindy laying on the bed. "Are you guys done with Shelby? And if so, can I be next?"

"You do that and I swear I'm moving out tonight, Maxine Bradlidge" Shelby said from the door to the bathroom as me, Cindy and Mindy broke out laughing.