Scent of a Girl - Episode 12 "Tryin' To Keep The Lesbian Off Me"

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\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

I so deserved that ass kicking, you know I did. You've been reading all along, so I assume you know about the damage I caused to Chloe. After last night, I actually feel better, a little dizzy still after that shot to the wall my head took and scared to death to even show my face back in the dorm room of mine, but life is not so bad anymore. It's almost 4 in the morning now and I have no intention of going back before school starts. I happened to know a nice old guy downtown, about a quarter mile from the main gates of Mintzler that let's me hangout at his restuarant if I don't bug the customers too much. So I just hung out at 'Fast Eddie's Eats' after I escaped campus (which is not exactly an accomplishment). Now, I'm sure Shelby is worried about me, not that I care after her hurtful comments about not liking girls much, talk about a wake-up call. So I settled into a booth in the back, near the bathroom and napped in the booth as my head slowly stopped hurting. The dizziness was horrible, but I made it through, like always.

"Excuse me? Are you ok?" I heard a voice asked as I opened my eyes and saw the most gorgeous face ever, looking at me in concern. "You haven't moved in a long time, Eddie said to keep an eye on his buddy. I assume you're his buddy."

"Yeh, that'd be me" I said as she slipped into the other side of the booth. I noticed she was wearing a waitress uniform, although I'd never seen her before. "Eddie's my big teddy bear. He takes care of me."

"Yeh he's a big wuss" She said as I noticed her name tag said, "Sarah."

"Sarah, right?" I asked as she smiled and looked at her name tag and blushed.

"Sarah Rae" She said as I shook her hand. "You're Maxine?"

"Maxie, or Max, or bitch" I said as she laughed. "Among others."

"That's funny" She said, "But, seriously are you ok? Eddie said he was worried about you."

"I got a well deserved butt kicking last night" I said as she looked at me in shock. "Trust me, it's worse than it looks and I had it coming."

"I'm sure you couldn't have anything to deserve that" She said as she touched my hand and damn, I swear I felt electricity shooting through my body.

"You'd be surprised hot stuff" I said as I went into flirt mode.

"Hot stuff?" She asked with a shy smile. "Oh, Eddie told me to watch you, you're a player."

"Not really, but I do like girls, yes" I said and noticed she never made an attempt to pull her hand away. "And you I hope?"

"Straight" She said with a giggle. "So you watch yourself."

"Oh, come on, I'm harmless, for the most part" I said as I played with her fingers, "It's just flirting, I don't have a girlfriend, and you are so easy on the eyes."

"As long as you know it won't get you anywhere" She said with a smile, and I know she liked the attention.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked as I continued to play with her fingers and now walked my fingers up her arm and felt her never flinch or even offer to pull away.

"No, not exactly on the top of a guys list after 12 hours in this dive" She said.

"Well, then why not hang out with me?" I said. "I'm pretty good company."

"Yeh and you are defintely hitting on me which makes you slightly crazy or blind" She said.

"Both, and include dizzy in that" I said as she jerked her hand away and gave me a playful dirty look. "But...if you want me to stop telling you hot pretty you are, I will."

"Now you're being mean" She said as she stood and said, "What do you want to eat?"

"I'm not hungry" I said.

"Eddie said you had to eat and if you get me trouble with him I'm not gonna be your friend" She said with a smile.

"Bring me whatever, just come back" I said as she smiled and headed off to the kitchen. "Soon."

Damn, she was so hot. And am I wrong or did she love the attention I was paying to her. What about me, Maxine Taylor Bradlidge attracting an older girl? She had to be 18 or possibly 19 and she was making no attempt to pull her hand away from mine until I made that stupid crack about being dizzy. My usual move, got a girl interested and I got to ruin a moment with a retarded joke. How in this world Chloe ever fell for me I don't know. I suck at those mushy moments, all about feelings and being together. But, therapy with Dr. Blackwell has helped a lot. My stress level is less now that I have someone to unload on (emotionally) and not have to worry about that person using it to hurt me. Which, Chloe never would have I know, but I just made myself do that with her. I know if I had just given in one time and let her hold me or just saying everything she was feeling I would have been addicted to her. But stupid, and I mean stupid, me, had to resist those feelings everytime and eventually it drove her away into the arms of someone that would give her that. Now, too late of course, I realize how nice it is to just lay and hold someone in your arms for a while and talk or just do nothing. Shelby showed me that and I also know how it feels to be terrified of someone. I learned that from Dakota when she snapped. I can just imagine what Chloe felt like, I mean it has to be worse when you love someone. I'll never forgive myself for that and to clarify, I didn't intentionally try to hit her ear that last time, it was a stupid horrible mistake. The first time was too, she tried to stop me and I hit her way to hard and I swear I thought I hurt her a lot worse. Well, at least I can't hurt her anymore, I'm pretty sure Molly will be good to her.

"You are so fuckin retarded" I said to myself as I sat there and slumped back in the booth. I did something, I usually only do when I'm mad, I cried into my hands. My heart hurts so bad, I just wish I could take back all those horrible things I said about her mom (talk about cruel), and go back and just for once hold her and give into those feelings that I wanted to let her show me. If I had, I would have never hit her, and my heart would not be in pieces right now. I'm glad she hates me, I deserve it. She did everything she could to love me and I pushed her away at every turn.

"It can't be all that bad" Sarah said as she sat down in my side of the booth with a plate of food. I looked up and saw her smile and I felt a million times better, I don't know why, but it was someone, god I think, was trying to tell me it was ok to feel good for a little while. "I'm off, you wanna...hang out or something? Seems you could use a friend right now."

"You don't wanna hang out with me" I said. "I can't do anything right."

"Welcome to the club" Sarah said as she handed me a fork and scooted the plate of food over in front of me. "Eat something so you don't get sick?"

"Ok" I said as I took a few bites.

"Come on, eat" She said with a reassuring smile. "Hurting yourself is not gonna help anything."

"Not really..." I started to say as she smiled and cut me off, "You can eat more than that. Please?"

"Yeh, don't want Eddie getting mad at you" I said as she got up to get her jacket. I turned back to my plate of food and felt hungry for the first time in days as I ate a little more like she had wanted. You know, it's weird, how in a moment you're life can change. Just a few days ago I was the one who smacked around my gf for sport almost and Molly came to her rescue. I heard Sarah's voice pleading as my head snapped around and saw this normally mild mannered guy name Jake pawing her and trying to kiss her. When she slapped him, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her into one of the booths as Darlene (Eddie's loving wife), begged him to stop. He pushed her down and with no one else in the place I had to do something. So I took a page out of Molly's book and for the first time in my life, I attempted to play the role of hero. I first picked up my plate of food and threw it at him to get his attention away from Sarah and ran for the ice machine a feet away as he looked up with eggs, gravy and bacon dripping off his clothes. I know Eddie's ice machine has been fucked up every since I been coming here. So they use a fire place poker (I guess you call it that) and a bucket to break up the ice into small enough pieces to put in the machine or it gets clogged. I grabbed the poker as he started towards me and held it up, picturing Molly doing me the same way over Chloe. He stopped. Thankfully.

"You better leave asshole" I said in a calm voice as I willed my rage to take over.

"JAKE STOP, I CALLED THE COPS" Darlene screamed from behind the counter as Sarah tried to escape before he caught her again by the tail of her skirt and pulled her screaming back into his arms. Again, channeling Molly, I slammed the poker violently into a table, making a heart stopping rattling sound and screamed in a rage, "I'LL FUCKIN KILL YOU OVER THAT GIRL, LET HER GO YOU BASTARD, NOW."

"Let me go, please" Sarah begged as Darlene fearlessly slapped soapy water in his face as he screamed and released Sarah and I made my move as I grabbed her and pulled her away and blasted him in the back with the metal poker. He slumped to the floor unconscious as Sarah hugged me and I stood over him in disbelieve of what I had just had done.

"Are you ok?" I asked as I turned to her.

"Yeh, thanks to you" She said as she hugged me.

"What's the problem Darlene?" Officer Campbell asked as he burst threw the door and saw Jake laying on the floor.

"Jake, for some reason went after Sarah and Maxine had to hit him to get him off her" Darlene said.

"Well, he's still alive" Officer Campbell said with a smile as he took the poker from me and tossed it behind the counter. "I think we can not mention that considering the circumstances."

"It's true Mark" Sarah said, still with her arms around me. "She did protect me, after Darlene gave him a soap bath."

The cops took Jake away in an ambulance with some kind of story about him tripping and hitting his head and knocking himself out. Darlene said I was gonna be Eddie's hero cause he thought the world of Sarah and I had a free plate for life. Always good news to know you can have free food anytime you want it. Sarah put her coat on a few minutes later and asked me to walk her home.

"Why did you do that for?" She asked as we reached her door which was only about a block away.

"Beats me" I said honestly. "I wasn't really thinking and he just...he was hurting you."

"Come in?" She asked as I smiled in surprise.

"It's not big, but it's mine" She said as she opened the door to a four room street level flat. One nice size bathroom, kitchen, living room and a closet size bedroom. I'd take it over my current accomdations.

"You look like you could use a good nap" She said, "I am so dead tired."

"That's cool" I said softly, "I actually go to school at Mintzler Prep so it's only a quarter mile walk back to the campus."

"Sleeper sofa, it's brick hard but you're not gonna anywhere at 4:30 in the morning" She said pointing to the sofa.

"But you don't even know me" I said.

"I know you kept me from maybe getting hurt tonight" She said, "You can't be all that bad."

"I'm really not" I said as she smiled. "I could use a couple of worry free hours of sleep."

"Hit it" She said, "And there's not much in the fridge but soda, help yourself though."

"Thanks" I said as she smiled one last time and disappeared into the bedroom. I was so tired I never bothered to pull out the sleeper, I just crashed on the sofa and covered up with the quilt on the back and slept, good too, for the first time since I had broken up with Chloe.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Good article?" I asked as I came back into the room from the shower and closed my door as I spotted Chloe laying on my bed, lost in an article in my Newsweek magazine.

"Yeh, actually it is" She said with a smile as I slipped onto the bed and snuggled up behind her as she read. I couldn't help but see the still bruised skin around her ear as I gently moved her hair out of the way and looked at it more closely. She paid me no attention until I kissed the spot gently and felt her giggle and squirm away.

"Your ear ok?" I said as I carressed her cheek.

"Yeh it's ok" She said as she rolled onto her back and gave me an adoring smile. "Didn't hurt that much."

"You can still hear ok?" I asked.

"Molly, I'm ok" She said, "It's getting better everyday and the nurse checked it and said I was fine just a bruise."

"Never again" I said as I kissed her cheek and she smiled.

"I know" She said as I picked up the magazine and glanced at the artcle.

"You like this goof?" I asked as I pointed to a picture of "President" Bush.

"Yes I do" She said, "He's an honest man who tries hard."

"You do know who this is?" I asked as I pointed to the picture and she laughed.

"Yes Molly, I do" She said, "Why?"

"Cause he's a walking disaster" I said as she frowned at me.

"Well, so we disagree on politics" She said softly.

"If you don't stop liking him..." I said as I poked her in the ribs and made her laugh, "...I will beat you up."

"No you won't" She said with a giggle. "You love me, I know you'd never hit me."

"Oh you do huh?" I asked as she squealed in laughter when I rolled over and smacked her butt.

"Ouch" She said as she squirmed away. "That hurt."

"Pain can be good" I said as she grinned but I could tell she was getting nervous about this new foreplay. I crawled up to her as she covered up, half-playing, half-serious I thought and kissed her shoulder as I laid down beside her. She looked up and saw me grinning and blushed as I kissed her cheek. "And you're right I do love you."

"I kinda knew that" She said as she turned and scooted back to me as I wrapped her in my arms, "Hold me for a while?"

"Five minutes?" I asked as I laid my head against hers and she laughed and said, "I'll take it."

"Or, all night" I said softly, "Which do you prefer?"

"You're not gonna hear me complain about all night" She said as she looked at me and pulled the covers up and over us. "I don't have any other plans."

"Me either" I said as I felt my eyes grow heavy a few moments later as we lay there and enjoyed the quiet of my room.

"I love you too" She whispered to me I remember as I slipped off into a dream.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

What a wonder two hours of worry free sleep can do you. I'm not a huge sleeper anyway, so I rolled over as my eyes popped open and listened, no screaming girls, no stupid comments or piss fights to get me upset and ruin my morning. Just a peaceful quiet that was about to lull me back to sleep when a noise at the door caught my attention. It sounded like someone was trying to break in, I swear that's what I thought in the moment as I jumped up and grabbed the bat sitting idly in the corner. Before I could get near the door it opened and in walked Sarah with take-out from Eddie's.

"Planning to play some softball?" She asked with a smirk as I put the bat down and blushed.

"No, I thought for a second you were trying to break in, but I didn't know it was you" I said as she laughed and sat the food down on the bar that seperated the kitchen and the living room and said, "My protector."

"You know it" I said as I joined her on the side of the counter, "I'm starved so you're sharing."

"You know it" She said as she handed me a plate of Eddie's best eggs and biscuits and gravy. "Now eat and don't throw it at no one this time."

"You know that was a special circumstance" I said as she grinned and loved putting me on the spot. God she was so beautiful, hair in a loose ponytail and still in her pajama's. "Can I pay you an honest compliment?"

"Always" She said as she watched me for a reaction.

"You are so beautiful this morning" I said as she looked at me to see if I was serious.

"Thank you, that was really sweet" She said and I believe in that honest moment she started to like me. Hopefully for more than a friend, I remember thinking at the time. A long silence ensued as both of us ate.

"Good food, Eddie has a magic touch" I said finally as she looked at me again.

"Yeh" She said, still seemingly dazed over my compliment which, in all honesty was the truth if I had ever told it. "Good food, and good company."

"Me?" I asked.

"No, the softball bat" She said, "We have the best conversations."

"Couldn't be more boring than me" I said as she laughed.

"I'll bet you've got talents other than being a world class charmer" She said.

"Charming, me?" I asked in confusion and could never remember anyone having said that to me in the past. "Wait, I kinda threw you with beautiful comment didn't I?"

"Ok, yeh you did" She said and waiting for me to go on.

"You saying you liked it?" I asked.

"Oh, no, I am not gonna get into a flirting contest with a lesbian" She said as I laughed and slid her my plate as I crossed around the counter and met her at the sink.

"You seem pretty comfortable around me though" I said as she stopped in front of me. "You like it, cause you know I think it's true."

"Turn it off" She said, trying to hide a smile.

"Come on, why?" I asked, "I do think you're beautiful and I don't just hand out those compliments."

"I'll bet, playerette" She said as she tried to push by me as she blushed and I grabbed her in a hug from behind and felt her tense for a moment and then relax.

"I'm honestly not a player" I said with my honest expression. "I just got dumped by my ex, I deserved it, but I'm still trying to recover."

"But you're here, flirting like mad with me" She said.

"So sue me" I said as she laughed. "I'm tired of playing kiddie games, I know I'm coming on too strong and you're not interested, but that was a completely honest compliment."

"Don't tell me what to think" She said, "I'll make up my own mind as to whether I'm interested."

"Hello" I said as she blushed and playfully pushed me away as I came after her.

"Stop it" She said as she picked up her bat and held it out to keep me at bay. I grabbed it as we started to wrestle for control, both of us laughing. Suddenly she lets go and the bat barrel goes flying straight into the wall and stuck. We both looked at each other in shock and then realizing no one got hurt, started to laugh as we fell into each other. "You're gonna pay for that."

"No, but why, you picked up the bat and tried to hit me" I said as she gave me a shocked look and pushed me.

"I did not" She said and in that moment I looked into her eyes and saw a twinkle. Like her life was starting over or something. I thought for a split second about whether she had been hurt and that's why she was here and alone. Cause let's be honest, she's so beautiful and hot and if this girl can't get a guy, then no one can. "I'll have you know, I was trying to keep the lesbian off me."

"Funny thing is..." I said as I stepped closer, "...I get weirdest feeling, someone in your past broke your heart?"

"How could you possibly know that?" She asked as I shrugged and moved a step closer.

"I saw this twinkling thing in your eyes while you smiled at me" I said, "It just gave me the weirdest feeling that you been hurt."

"Hit" She said softly. "And bad."

"Shit" I said in shock.

"Yeh I know, damaged goods" She said as she started to walk away before I touched her hand and stopped her as I hugged her.

"I'm so sorry" I said, and holding her as long as she would let me. "Me too."

"Somebody hit you?" She asked.

"No, my ex, that's why she dumped me" I said as she pulled away and looked at me.

"You, I don't know if I believe that" She said.

"I'm in therapy for it" I said as I sat down and fully expected her to ask me to leave and never come back. But she didn't, she sat down by me and said, "My ex, hit me so hard I've got partial hearing loss in one ear and...well I can't have kids."

"I don't understand why he would do that to you" I said as she smiled.

"Why did you do it? To whoever it was" She asked.

"Anger, stupid anger" I said as I fought back tears. "I destroyed the only thing I ever did good."

"My ex said the same thing about me" She said, "I was the only thing he ever did good. But I apparently wasn't good enough for him to seek counseling. Are you really?"

"4 days in a row, an hour at a time" I said, "It helps, I can already see things I could have done to stop what I did."

"You gotta stick with it too" She said as she touched my hand. "You can't let those demons win."

"I finally get it now" I said as I looked at her.

"Get what?" She asked.

"What my ex saw in her new girlfriend or the girl she fell in love with" I said, "Molly is the girls name my ex fell in love with, she stopped me from even getting close to her last time. I see why she hates me."

"Yeh maybe" She said as I got up and walked over to the wall and pulled the softball out and holding it, I said, "I wanna go find your ex and use him for batting practice."

"Thanks" She said with a smile and never hestitated as she hugged me. "But I don't need your protection."

"Excuse me?" I asked as she laughed.

"Ok, maybe I do, but my ex lives back home, a thousand miles away, Maine" She said. "He's not gonna hurt me again."

"You damn right" I said as I showed her the bat. "You know how to use this right?"

"Of course" She said.

"No, you don't" I said as I turned her around and put the bat her hands and showed her how to hold it correctly. My chest against her back as I guided her hand to the right spot. "You don't swing for legs either, you swing for the biggest target, chest to balls."

"Why?" She asked.

"Trust me, you might only have one shot and you better make it count" I said as she seemed to clue in as I showed her how to swing it.

"No here watch" I said as I took the bat and swung, clearing my hips through before swinging like in softball. "Get your body into it, and one shot is all you'll need to hurt him and get away."

"Gotcha" She said as she did it to perfection as I watched with pride. "By the way you know you got school?"

"Damn" I said as she giggled.

"Go on, I'll be here when you're done, besides I'm going back to bed for a while" She said as she playfully pushed me towards the door. Her following me.

"One more thing" I said as I stopped at the door and she gave me an impatient look as she asked, "What?"

"This..." I said as I leaned in and kissed her roughly, and then letting my re-training come in to play, I relaxed my lips and then I felt her let me her softly for a long moment. I pulled back and expected to be slapped, but she just smiled and licked her lips slowly. A sign she definitely liked at least part of it. "Kinda rough at first...but ok?"

"How would I know?" She asked with a smirk and a comment that confused me. "I've never kissed a girl before."

"So you're not mad?"

"If I was, you'd already be bitch slapped" She said.

"I know I'm not the greatest kisser..."

"It was too rough at first but once you relaxed it was nice" She said as my eyes opened in surprise. "You got school, now go."

"Can I come see you after therapy?" I asked as I backed out onto the sidewalk.

"I'm working tonight" She said as my spirits dropped. "Come hang out at Eddie's if you wanna see so bad."

"That's exactly what I'm gonna, Sarah Rae" I said as I felt my heart race as she smiled. Maybe life didn't have to suck so bad. It sure didn't as I was walking down that sidewalk towards Mintzler and found I could not, for the first and maybe the only time in my life, wipe the smile off my face.