Scent of a Girl - Episode 13 "Are You Fucking Kidding?"

Written by: TVM (



\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Where in the hell have you been all fucking night?" Shelby asked in anger as I came through the door to our dorm room in a rush.

"Out" I said as she stopped me and said in a stern voice, "Let me smell your breath."

"I ain't drunk one drop, nor have I been doing pills, I swear" I said with my hand over my heart.

"Let me smell your breath" She said as I groaned and breathed in her face.

"Fast Eddie's huh?" She asked with a smirk as I laughed at how well she knew me by now.

"Yeh" I said as I hugged her and felt her push me away and say, "You had me scared to death."

"I was afraid to come back" I said, "I know I deserved what Dakota did, but I didn't wanna give her a second chance."

"Max, god you are so complicated" She said with a warm hug.

"I'm sorry I worried you" I said. "Really."

"Yeh, yeh I know" She said as she smelled something different on my neck and got a jealous look on her face.

"And just who's perfume is that?" She asked pointedly.

"I met a girl and believe it not she likes me, I think" I said as Shelby nearly lost it.

"WHAT?" She asked in shock. "What about us?"

"What about us?" I asked, "You made it very clear yesterday, before I got my brains beat in, that you didn't exactly prefer girls."

"So, instead of encouraging these feelings I have for you, you just go and find a new whore to fuck" She said as I raised my hand and I swear I wanted to beat her brains in. But in that moment, I saw the least bit of fear in her eyes and it froze me. Why, I couldn't quite figure out, but it did and I turned around and walked across the room and said with my back to her, "You don't call her a whore, she's not, you don't even know her."

"Max" Shelby said as she approached me from behind.

"Say you're sorry" I said simply. "You've never even met her."

"OK, I'm sorry" She said. "I just realized maybe I made a mistake."

"Look, as you might have seen, I wanted to smack your brains out for that" I said as I turned, "But I didn't."

"Yeh I know" She said as she hugged me. "I wanna see, where this can go."

"'re friends" I said, "I'm not the one who starts giggling and laughing every time we start to get somewhere."

"I don't get it" She said.

"Every time we kiss and it starts to feel like you're getting into it, you pull away and start giggling and laughing and saying it's weird" I said, "How do you think that makes me feel?"

"You did it too, at least once or twice" She said.

"OK, then I'm guilty too" I said. "I think we found out that, me and you, are meant to be friends."

"OK, Max, I'm stupid, and I'm sorry" Shelby said as she touched my face. "I realized last night that maybe I was resisting. I've never had feelings for a girl before, it's scary."

"If you had told me yesterday, about being scared..." I said, "...maybe this could have happened."

"What the hell does one night change?" She asked. "You met a slut with a pretty smile and suddenly you're in love?"

"I ASKED...." I screamed before turning my back again and slamming my fist into the wall and saying in a calmer voice, "...I once to please stop calling her names. Her name is Sarah, Sarah Rae, she works at Fast Eddie's as a waitress."

"What does she want with you?" Shelby asked as I turned and I know she could see the hurt in my eyes.

"She let me crash at her place last night, cause I was scared to come back here" I said, "And a lot of stuff that I needed to sort out, she helped. And OK, I'm pretty sure she's older, but she did let me kiss her. And she didn't laugh. She smiled. And no I didn't fuck her either."

"What about me?" Shelby asked as she pushed me in anger with tears coming down her face and I know she was hurting but what was I supposed to do? I had no idea and in that moment the only thing I really wanted to do, was see Sarah. But I was stuck here in this room with my best friend, who needed a hug and some answers. But I didn't have answers, but for once I was gonna try to clean up my mess. I touched her face and felt her smack my hand and knew that was Shelby when she was hurt. I tried again and she let me hug her as she cried. I stood there with her for...well I don't know how long, but it was a lot longer than I really wanted to. But she needed me, and all I did was hug her tighter and hold her while she cried. Knowing this was the end of our 'so-called' romance and maybe the beginning of a new friendship. "I hate you, Maxine..."

"No you don't" I said as I looked at her. "You're mad at me."

"Ok, fine, I don't" She said as she wiped her tears away. "Maybe I just liked having you all to myself."

"Maybe, we got class and then we got counseling" I said, "Right?"

"You are so lucky I love you" She said with a growl as I smiled.

"Love you too Shelby" I said as I blew a rasberry on her cheek and made her laugh.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Come on Bre" I said as I stood outside my dorm room door and watched her fiddling with her hair. "You look great, lets go."

"You're just saying that cause you're in a hurry" Bre said.

"Look, you are hot as hell" I said as I grabbed her hand, "Since you gave up that sweet and innocent act, you been playing barbie every morning and I'm sick of it. You look great and I mean that. And if you don't stop making me late with this crap I..."

I was about to go on before she kissed me and made me kiss her back for a long moment. Dropping my book bag, I pulled her into my arms and one hand went into her hair. Licking her upper lip with my tongue and finding her tongue meeting mine as we started to massage the others with our own. She showed no intention of letting me talk again as she wrapped both of her arms around my neck and had me lean back against the door facing as our lips fell into life's most perfect rhythm. God, she can kiss better than anyone I've ever been with, it's so soft and sweet and tantlizingly hot. Then having her against me and knowing she likes me as much as I do her is almost enough to make me lose control. But I know after a talk we had, that she's wanting to make sure she's in love with me before we do sleep together. Which, I know this is gonna come as quiet a shock to you, but it's really ok with me. I felt her lips slow and I knew she was about to pull away like always, but she always stops and holds her lips against mine and pulls away with a slight popping sound and then makes a show out of licking her lips.

"Sorry" She said as I grinned. "I really am."

"Whatever I was mad win, just kiss me again" I said as she laughed.

"No more barbie doll in front of the mirror" She said softly.

"Good, and by the way..." I said with a pause, "...have you ever noticed I can't take my eyes off in the morning?"

"Kinda..." She said.

"Sammy Kershaw" I said, "She don't know she's beautiful, that is soooo you."

"Well instead of telling me about some song I never heard, just keep telling me I'm beautiful" Bre said with a smile.

"I have been" I said, "But you won't listen."

"Well, when you've been called ugly your whole life..." She said looking away.

"And anyone calls you ugly now and they gotta deal with me and the Mintz" I said as I hugged her from behind. "You are not ugly. You are so beautiful."

"Keep talking like that, I'm starting to believe the hype" She said with a giggle as I kissed her cheek and we both picked up our book bags and I closed my door. Taking her hand, I pulled her along to the top of the steps as we spotted Cindy coming up.

"Hey" Cindy said as she met us at the top. "We got Mintz business, scram Bre."

"You don't talk to her that way" I said with a warning look to Cindy and laced my fingers with Bre's.


"You...don't talk to her way" I repeated. "I am still the leader, whether you like it or not and I will not put up with your attitude anymore."

"Fine" Cindy snapped in anger. "We are about to not be a group anymore. If you don't get your head out of her ass and pay attention."

"You're one smart mouth comment away from me kicking your ass" I said as Bre stepped in front of me.

"Come on, she's upset about something" Bre said, "Let her explain."

"Thanks...Bre?" Cindy asked as Bre nodded her head yeh, "Last night, Dakota snapped and beat the fuck out of Maxie and Shelby got it too."

"Over what?"

"Well, at first, it was over Shelby being a cunt about Mindy calling her the N word, now how many times has Mindy said that and Shelby laughs?" Cindy asked.

"A lot" I said, "Last night her mind changed?"

"Yeh I guess, she pushed Mindy down and hurt her arm..."

"Bitch is gonna have to deal with me over that" I said.

"Dakota took care of it" Cindy said, "It all started with Mindy and then Dakota went into a rage about Chloe and laid Maxie out with one punch and just jumped her and hit her over and over. I came in just then and it took me and Shelby to pull her off."

"How did it become about Chloe?"

"I'm still confused about that" Cindy said, "But here's what I know. Maxie hit Chloe really hard one night and she came into our room crying and holding her ear, Mindy and Dakota held her while she cried with it. Then a couple of nights ago or so, Maxie did it again on the same ear and Dakota found out about it."

"What the hell is wrong with Maxie?" I asked in confusion. "Was she trying to hurt her?"

"Nooo" Cindy said, "It just happened."

"You are one heartless little bitch" I said as Cindy stepped back. "What do you mean it just happened?"

"Ok, calm down Cally" Bre said.

"ANSWER ME" I barked at Cindy.

"Max said it was a mistake she didn't mean too" Cindy said. "Besides we all know how big a baby Chloe is."

"Cally, stop" Bre said as Cindy stepped back as I lost my temper. "Step back."

"You don't fuck with someone's hearing" I said in a barely controlled rage. "Do you know I've got a partial hearing loss in both ears?"

"No, I didn't..." Cindy said before I cut her off.

"I saw Chloe's ear and she's lucky it didn't damage her ear drum" I said as I glared at Cindy, "And now you tell me Maxie does it again and I'm supposed to be ok with it? HUH? YOU STUPID HEARTLESS CUNT."

"Chloe is fine" Cindy said. "Why does everyone love that little crybaby?"

"You are one lucky bitch" I said as Bre hugged me and held me back, "If it wasn't for her...god, you're out."

"What the hell do you mean I'm out?" Cindy asked.

"I'm ok Bre" I said as I turned and walk away a few feet trying to get my anger under control.

"I'm your no. 2 I've been here since the beginning when it was you and me fighting the battles" Cindy said.

"Chloe is not a crybaby" I said, "All she wants is love. And you and Maxie, and Shelby just don't get that. Ok, so she's emotional, I wish I could be that open about my emotions."

"I'm sorry..."

"Fuck off" I said, "You always run your big mouth and then you expect people to forgive you."

"What can I do..."

"Nothing" I said, "You are so heartless. I get mad as hell when someone fucks with one of you, including you. And for you to stand there and call Chloe a crybaby for crying with her ear, is just about all I can take. Let me pound on your ear until there's a black mark all the way around it and see if you don't cry with it."

"Ok, I get it" She said as I grabbed her by the collar and pushed her up against the wall in a rage and clutched my fingers into her shirt.

"Chloe, is very important to me, I know what she's been through and I still love her" I said, "She's one of my best friends, you are too stupid to see that."

"Ok, Cally, I get it I was wrong" She said as I shoved her away and wanted to hit her but was stopped in part by Bre.

"You are so through with the Mintz" I said, "I'm calling a meeting tonight, and I'm gonna let them decide your fate."

"I said I was sorry" Cindy pleaded. "I'm your wing man, remember?"

"Not anymore" I said as I took Bre's hand, "Tonight, things are gonna change."

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Going to see your new girlfriend now?" Shelby asked as we came out of Dr. Blackwell's office.

"She's not my girlfriend and I said I was sorry" I said, "I just don't get why you are still so hurt."

"Because I love you" She said as she pushed me away and walked off.

"Yeh, as a friend and for once I think I'm right" I said as she stopped and gave me a hurt look.

"You have no idea how I feel about you" She said in a demanding tone and in that moment I know she felt like she was right. I just felt she was still over emotional about my disappearance and the whole Dakota incident.

"Maybe I don't, and if I'm wrong then, well add it to my list of screw-ups" I said, "But I know, we won't work. You are hard headed and bitchy and so am I."

"Screw you" She said as she started to cry again. "Why won't you give me a chance?"

"Because you only want me now that can't have me" I said.

"That is soooo not true" I said as I looked at the watch hanging from my skirt and saw that Sarah would just be heading to work about right now. "Give me a chance, one chance Max."

"No" I said simply. "We tried and you didn't want it too work."

"I am so starting to hate you" Shelby said as Cindy walked up and stopped beside us.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Cally being a bitch over that whiny crybaby Chloe" Cindy said. "She pretty much just kicked me out of The Mintz."

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Yeh I told her what happened with you, Shel, Dakota and Mindy" Cindy said, "And then she went off and told me I was a heartless bitch."

"Cindy, I know you're usual no-tact style" I said as she grinned. "And for god sakes you know how protective over Chloe she is."

"Why does everyone love her like she's the most precious jewel on earth?" Cindy asked. "God I am sick of her whiny baby attitude."

"Just shut up" Shelby said. "You hate her we get that."

"I do not hate her" Cindy said. "She's just a wimp."

"Say that again and I'll show you wimp" Shelby said with a glaring look towards Cindy and stepping in front of her. "I am not kidding."

"Chill, Shel, calm down" I said as I pulled her back gently. "Cindy, just because you don't like her, don't mean we don't, me included."

"She dumped you" Cindy said.

"Cause I hit her" I said and wasn't sure why I was getting so upset in defense of Chloe.

"God you are so warped" Cindy said, "Fuck this, we got a meeting in an hour at Cally's crib, either show or you're out. Her words."

"Let me go, Max" Shelby said as Cindy walked off. "Let me have a 5 second head start."

"No" I said as I hugged her. "I'm not letting you hurt her. I know how bad it sucks to hurt someone."

"Yeh, I bet you do" Shelby said as she relaxed back into my arms. "Sorry, she just so deserves it."

"We gotta a Mintz meeting" I said, "Maybe my last too."

"I'll fight for you" Shelby said. "I always got your back."

"And I got yours" I said.

I was nervous as all hell for the next hour. Cally, Dakota, Chloe and no doubt Mindy wanted me out, so I had accepted the fact that I was basically gonna be orphaned out of the group. I was seriously considering not going, but Shelby convinced me, saying she had my back if Dakota or Molly tried to start a fight, and believe me, the only person on this earth that I trust more than Shelby (and Cindy, long story, trust me that will get told) is...well no one actually. She's my best friend, and about right now she might be my only friend.

Anyway, we arrived a few minutes after 5, and found Cally's door closed with the sign reading, "Mintz Only Meeting", hanging on the door. Shelby knocked softly and was greeted by Cally as she looked at me coldly and then softened her approach as she motioned us to step inside. Dakota was laying on the couch reading a magazine, while Mindy and Bre sat in the floor playing Xbox. I could have melted the ice in Dakota's eyes with fire in that moment as she glared at me. A long silence hung in the room as Shelby stood in front of me, protectively. Cindy was sitting at the desk on the other side of the room looking at some magazine and obviously upset. Strangly enough I didn't see Molly or Chloe yet.

"Ok, I don't wanna hear anyone's mouth" Cally said calmly. "No one says anything until Chloe and Molly gets here."

"We can't even talk about Scooby Doo?" Mindy asked with a sweet smile as she held up her controller and everyone laughed. I think that was what stopped a riot from breaking out in that tense moment.

"We got..." Cally started to say as another knock came at the door. "...Shel, Max wait by the bedroom door and don't argue with me."

"Ok" I said as me and Shelby moved over beside Cindy as she refused to look at either of us.

"Come on in, everyone's here" Cally said as Molly and Chloe walked in, holding hands. Molly stepped in front of Chloe and clutching a stick in her hand. "What's the stick for?"

"Just in case" Molly said with an icy glare towards me. "And no, I'm not putting it down."

"Molly, no one's gonna hurt you or Chloe" Cally said as Molly put a hand on Cally's chest and stopped her from taking the stick.

"I'm doing what I need to do" She said as Chloe hugged her around the waist from behind, "She's my girl and I'll hurt anyone who tries something."

"Ok, let's just do this before this gets out of hand" Cally said as she turned to the group, "First, after a less than heart warming conversation with Cindy The Ice Princess I learned some shit went down that no one told me about. Like Max hitting Chloe again."

"I did" I said, "And I take the responsibility."

"Well, anyway, we need to vote on whether we're gonna kick you out" Cally said. "And as of right of, I'm making all votes majority rules."

"No, that's not fair" Shelby said, "Cally, come on, she fucked up ok, but we can't just abandone her. You know you've got enough votes to kick her out, that's why you're doing this."

"It's ok with me" I said as I hugged Shelby from behind. "It's ok, Shel, whatever they want."

"I'm the leader, I make the rules" Cally said.

"Excuse me, until this point I was your number 2" Cindy said, "I used to have some say so."

"Ok, then you have the floor Ice Princess" Cally said.

"I agree" Cindy said. "Majority rules from now on."

"Ok, good" Cally said, "Molly and Bre are not in yet, so they don't vote. I'll point to each one of you, each one of you has to vote. It's simple, one word. In or out and no comments from the peanut gallery."

"Out" Dakota said coldly.

"Out" Chloe said and let's be honest what did you expect?

"In, obviously" Shelby said as she turned around and hugged me.

"In" Cindy said and turning away as it came down to Mindy as she looked up at me and then to Cally.

"It's 2 to 2, Mindy you cast the deciding vote" Cally said.

"But no..." Mindy said with pleading eyes as she stood and wanted I know to see this over or at least not have to decide my fate. "...I don't wanna hurt anyone."

"Just vote her out Mindy" Dakota said.

"Shut up or leave, everyone" Cally said as she hugged Mindy.

"Mindy, you can vote me out, let's just get it over with" I said, "It's best. I won't be mad at you."

"No" Mindy said as she stepped away from Cally and looked at me. "I know you screwed up, but you're not a bad person, I know that."

"Just vote" Cally said as Mindy got a determined look on her face.

"Ok, fine, you want my vote to decide it?" She asked with hands on her hips as she looked to everyone in the room. Cally took a deep breath and nodded her head yes. "IN."

"Huh?" I asked as the air left the room as everyone looked at Mindy in shock.

"You fuckin heard me" She said as a smile of surprise crossed my face and a feeling of complete and utter shock washed over my body. Shelby ran over and hugged Mindy with a huge smile on her face. Kissing her cheek and saying, "Thank you. I'm sorry for pushing you down, please forgive me?"

"Of course, you my nig...I mean my homey" Mindy said as her and Shelby started to laugh and hugged again.  

"Are you sure?" Cally asked as Mindy began to laugh as Shelby spun her around and sat her back down.

"Yes I am, positive" Mindy said, "You wanted me to make that stupid decision and I did. Max made a mistake, but she apologized and I think she's going through enough already, I still love her, even if most of you don't."

"Ok" Cally said.

"You're stupid plan back fired" Cindy said.

"It wasn't a plan to get Maxie out, it was a change in rules to let everyone have a say" Cally said and going on before anyone else could say anything. "We got two new members to vote on."

"Vote?" Cindy asked.

"Yeh, from now on if someone wants in, we vote" Cally said as Bre joined her. "Cause, as you can see, most of us are involved with other girls and the whole fuck your way in was stupid."

"I said that all along" Cindy said before Cally went on, "Molly's first. Same as last, everyone votes in or out, with no comments. Maxie you can vote again."

"In, duh" Chloe said as she hugged Molly and everyone laughed.

"In" Mindy said.

"In, I don't have anything against her" Shelby said.

"Out" Cindy said as everyone looked at her. "What? I said out, that's how I feel."

"3 to 1" Cally said as she looked at me, "I want your vote to count, cause I'm dying to here this."

"In" I said as the air left the room again. "She'll be good for the group."

"Don't think this is gonna get me to stop..." Chloe started to say before I said, "This has nothing to do with you. That's how I feel honestly."

"In" Dakota said as everyone looked at her. "Molly's the newest member."

"Seriously?" Molly asked with a smile and I could see the look of affection Chloe had on her face as her and Molly kissed. But this time, seeing that didn't kill me like I thought it would.

"Ok, second vote" Cally said as she took Bre's hand, "Do we seriously even need to vote? I think we all know Bre is good for us and she needs us."

"I think we should vote" Cindy said.

"Ok, one vote against does anyone else wanna voice an opinion?" Cally asked. "Come on, let's hear it."

"Ok good, Bre you're in" Cally said as Bre kissed her and both smiled, "Now I've got a decision to announce. Molly come over here please?"

"Ok" Molly said as she moved, still hand and hand with Chloe, beside of Cally.

"I want you to be my new number 2" Cally said as again the shock swept the room.

"ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING?" Cindy screamed as she jumped up. "I am your wing man, I've watched your ass since it was just me and you fighting those battles. How can you just dump me like this?"

"Cause I am sick and tired of you" Cally said, "You always trash Chloe, cause she's sensitive. And Mindy to for that matter. No everyone can be a block of ice like you."

"You say stuff about me?" Mindy asked with a hurt look in her eyes. "How can you be my sister?"

"Mindy stop crying please" Cindy said as frustration set in and she unleashed her wrath on Molly. "This is all your fault you slut, before you came here, everything was good."

"Keep talking bitch" Molly said as she clutched her club, "I am so in the mood to hurt someone."

"FUCK YOU" Cindy screamed as she looked to be about to cry and slumped to the couch.

"Stop" Cally said as she stood in front of Molly and asked her. "You in or out?"

"What is a number 2?" Molly asked.

"It means, you got my back no matter what" Cally said, "I need someone I can trust to watch out for not just me, but everyone. Including Maxie. When we go to war, you're the first one to my side."

"I'm in" Molly said without a moment's hesistation as she held her fist up and bumped hers with Cally's, "They fuck with you, they fuckin with me now."

"Exactly" Cally said as she smiled knowingly.