Scent of a Girl - Episode 14 "Protecting Molly from the Scooby Doo Monsters"

Written by: TVM (



\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Come on in" I said as a knock came at the door. Figuring it was Chloe coming back from Dakota and Mindy's room, which is now down the hall, after she and Mindy somehow got a transfer to our dorm. I don't blame her either, I wouldn't wanna be around that bitch Cindy and her girlfriend beating slug of a friend Maxie. Whoever it was knocked again and seemed to not understand simple directions. So getting up, I said in a pained voice, "I said, come in..."

"Hey" Mindy said with two arms full of what looked to be an XBOX, some games and controllers. "Can I hang out with you for a while?"

"Where's Chloe?" I asked.

"Her and Dakota are watching some stupid movie and ran me out" She said with a frown and then asking in an impossibly sweet voice with a hopeful expression. "Wanna play Scooby Doo?"

"Sure" I said as she practically bounced into the room. "I've never played before so can you show me?"

"It's so easy" She said as she jumped around like it was Christmas for her. "So much fun."

"How about hooking it up first?" I asked with a laugh as she zoomed around the room at Mach 1 doing 9 million different things.

"Kinda hard to play without power huh?" She asked with a smile as I rolled my eyes and knew instantly I was gonna adore this girl in no time.

"Yeh it might be" I said as I sat down on the bed and watched her hook up the AV cords to my TV and then join me as she handed me a controller. Looking around and seeing apparently the view wasn't too good from her vantage point. I scooted back a bit and let her move over but I still had a better view. She grabbed a pillow and laid it on my legs as I sat Indian style and turned her back and laid her head on the pillow with a giggle, and asked, "Are you gonna throw me out yet?"

"Nooo, can you see?" I asked as she grinned and nodded her head.

"I'll play and you watch me for a few and then you play OK?" She asked as I shrugged and to my surprise, I had fun watching her play for about a half hour or so as she giggled and jumped when a monster jumped out. I swear she's like a big kid and she looked to be having a blast. Groaning and blowing a hair out of her face in frustration when she got killed. Then looking up at me and saying, "Sorry I took so long."

"No big deal, show me to what to do" I said as she smiled and had me hold the controller down so she could see it and showed me what buttons to mash when. It was easy, especially for someone like me who doesn't get video games and Ipod's or even cell phones really. I really started having a blast, the point of the game was to collect these Scooby treats and like beat different worlds. I got beat almost immediately and she laughed, but encouraged me to try it again this time I got a little further before I got killed. She even restarted the game and let me try again, wanting me to like it as much as she did. "If you would stop laughing and tell me what to do, I'd be a lot farther, giggles."

"Not my fault you're a klutz" She said with a giggle as I gave a dirty look and she laughed harder. "You're doing good though."

"Yeh, yeh, whateVER" I said in a slowly rising voice. Jumping nearly out of my skin as a monster jumped out on me and she lost it laughter as she looked up at me. "Scared the piss out of me."

"Does Mowwy needs a potty bweak?" Mindy asked in a baby voice as I paused the game and before she could move, I attacked, tickling her as she started to squeal in laughter and tried to fight me off.

"You're gonna need a potty bweak when I'm done" I said as she squealed in laughter and rolled on to her side and covered up as I continued my attack. Stopping for a moment as she peaked out one eye. Me noticing she never tried to get away.

"I sowwy" She said with pleading eyes and a smile that made my heart melt.

"It's your turn" I said as I pushed her on to her back as she again laid back on the pillow across my thighs. Laying her controller back on her stomach as Chloe came through the door and gave me a look of 'what's this?'

"What?" I asked.

"We're playing Scooby Doo" Mindy said. "You guys wanna be alone now?"

"No, I just came to get my jacket, and see if you wanted to go walking?" Chloe asked. "Me and Dakota gonna go and get a soda before curfew."

"Nah, is it cool if I just hang out with Mindy and play XBOX?" I asked as she came over and kissed me and I knew then that she knew this was innocent and was just two friends getting to know each other. "Don't be too long."

"Dakota was worried about you" Chloe said as Mindy smiled.

"Tell her I'm safe, I'm protecting Molly from the monsters on Scooby Doo" Mindy said as we both laughed and Chloe rolled her eyes as she left and closed the door.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

To say I was shocked to have my 'Mintz' life saved by Mindy of all people, is an understatement. Talk about a switch in the flow of the sewage. Not only was I still in with a voting voice, but Cindy was apparently on the outs now, with virtually everyone, especially Cally. OK, now let's be honest, which was more shocking, Molly's new status as Cally's 'wing man' or my NOT being dumped from the Mintz? Both shook my system but I'm still in awe of the turn of events in my case and for some reason am again on top of the world. I realize that only, Cindy and Shelby truly want me in, but Mindy must have some love left for me. I hope. Maybe I can, over some time, gain the trust of Cally back. Cause I'm pretty sure that Dakota, Molly or Chloe will never trust me again and at this point I'll take that for what it is.

"God I hope she's still happy to see me" I said as I stood outside of 'Fast Eddie's Eats' and watched Sarah from the side of the window. She looked to be in a testy mood as she argued with a regular named, Mel. Who was always cranky, but never much trouble. Eddie seemed to be trying to get Sarah to pick up a dish at the counter as she turned and walked away from Mel in mid-sentence. Snatching the plate away from the counter and loosing a handle on it as it splattered to the floor. I watched her just about lose it, and wondered if I should just come back later when maybe she would be in a better mood. I was about to make my get-away when Darlene came out from behind the counter and stopped Sarah from picking up the plate and motioned for her to go outside and take a break. I froze and knew know, for better or worse, she was gonna see me. She came outside and leaned back against the bricks on the side of the building and covered her eyes. Not crying I don't think, just in frustration of an already long day.

"God, you can't do anything right" Sarah said as I moved and she looked up and my heart jumped when she smiled.

"You OK?" I asked as she took a deep breath and walked over to me.

"Better now" She said as she pulled me by the hand, down the street a couple of feet, out of view of the diner and then hugged me. "God I needed to see you."

"Me?" I said as I gladly hugged her back and felt her turn around and lean against me as I nervously slipped my arms around her and I leaned against the building behind me. "You happy to see me?"

"Yes, so happy" She said, "God today I just can't do anything right and you got me thinking about you and it's just screwed up."

"Then why are you happy to see me?" I asked in confusion.

"No, thinking about you, that's the good part" She said as she turned again with my arms still around her. "Can you please just act like you know I do this all the time and don't get freaked out by my neediness, give me 5 minutes and I'll be fine."

"Hey, it's OK" I said as she took a deep breath and laid her head on my shoulder. "I'm just excited you were glad to see me."

"I am" She said, "Hang out for a while?"

"Till you run me off" I said as she laughed and took another deep breath as she pulled away. "I think I can manage now."

"You sure, I don't mind" I said, "It's kinda new but, I'm getting to like it."

"By the way, ummmm...weird moment, but Eddie says you're 15" She asked as my heart skipped a beat and I just knew the whole, 'you're too young for me' speech was coming. "Is that true?"

"Yeh, but I've lived enough in those 15 years to last me a lifetime" I said as I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my jeans, "So is this where you get nervous and start backing away?"

"Nooooo" She said as she ran her fingers through her hair. "It surprised me. You don't act like a giggling 15 year old. I was one believe me, but you're sure not."

"Like I said I've had a lot of stuff happen to me in my life" I said. "But this, you, is the best thing I can remember."

"Me?" She asked with a smile and I sensed a chance to turn on the charm and maybe score some points.

"Yeh, you" I said, "You're wearing that...and you're still hot."

"Max" She said with a warning finger point but I know she liked it.

"What?" I asked as I smiled my best and moved in front of her. "Shoot me, I think you're beautiful too."

"You working on getting laid?" She asked as I laughed. "Cause it's not gonna work."

"Nope, last thing on my mind" I said, "I'll settle for a kiss."

"Well that's not gonna happen either" She said with a challenging smile, "Cause I'm straight."

"Oh yeah I'm sure, so am I" I said as she laughed, "You like it when I flirt with you, cause you know I'm honest."

"I have to get back to work" She said with a blush of crimson red covering her face. She turned as I slipped in behind her and hugged her, feeling her tense up at first then relax as I moved her hair away from her shoulders and kissed the bottom of her neck softly for a long moment as I felt her melt in my arms. "Oh my god, Max, oh wow."

"Good?" I asked as she playfully pushed me away and turned to face me.

"You're gonna me in trouble with that stuff" She said as she backed away and I matched her step for step. "You're gonna make me do things I've never done before."

"Oh yeah that's smart, tell me about it, so I can make mental notes" I said as she blushed and covered her face. I hugged her and knew I had gotten her good with that one.

"I'll lay off OK?" I said as she looked at me. "You tell me what you want?"

"Thank you" She said, "Slow? Just see where this goes?"

"I can do slow" I said as I held the door for her and we walked back inside to a loud smattering of claps and shouts of encouragement. I just about fainted as Sarah turned into me and hugged me as she hid her face and we both laughed.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"I am so fuckin' stupid I should get an award" I said as I sat on the bed in my now empty dorm room. You know the one I used to share with a 'friend' of mine and my own twin sister, Mindy. But now as was the case at many other times in my life. I have managed to screw the pooch to the point of not having anyone who gives a fuck about me. My 'family', the , had basically kicked me out, without actually doing so. I had lost the trust of my 'wing man' and biggest defender, Cally, and was replaced by the new girl. God, you have no idea how bad that one stung. Even worse than seeing my sister and her girlfriend clear out their stuff earlier in the day. I wanted to beg Mindy to stay, but like my dad, my damn pride refused to let me even offer an apology. So out the door they walked, to their new room in the Keller-Montgomery dorm on the other side of the campus. "God you're retarded, you stupid cold hearted bitch."

Factor than in with my Ice Princess reputation at this school and you get an idea of how far I've gotten with my 'so-called' preferred sex. Not even to second base yet, yeh I know you're no doubt shocked that I'm not a lesbian slut by now. But my actions and temper have pretty much ruined any chance I ever had at having a real girlfriend or even a close friend who cares about me, beyond what I can do for them. Cally, my best friend in this world, has basically turned her back on me because of this heartless, no emotion attitude. Can't say that I really blame her honestly, but it still hurts like hell to think no one cares enough to help you change. If I don't make some changes in my life, I know I'm gonna be left alone in this world. Which scares the living hell out of me. Right as I was about to cry for the first time, maybe in my life, honestly, Shelby came in.

"Hey" She said nervously and looked to be in much the same mood as I was in.

"Somethings wrong" I said as Shelby fought back tears and I felt my body try it's best to reject the emotion that wanted me to ask what it was. Being a good friend, that's even hard for me. "Tell..ummmm...tell me?"

"You wanna know?" She asked in surprise and I knew then that my hard ass approach to life had bore me this very reputation.

"Yes" I said in a demanding voice, partly to force myself to say it and partly cause I didn't know any other way to make my real feelings known. "I mean, yes, please?"

"You got to be on drugs" Shelby laughed as I blushed, another thing I don't usually do. I looked up at her and I noticed, for the first time I think, how gorgeous her skin was and how much she reminded me of how much I did like girls. Oh lord, Cindy the Ice Princess is melting.

"Look cunt, just tell me" I snapped as we both laughed.

"Max" She said as I tentatively reached for her hand and found no resistance as I pulled her gently in my direction as she sat down beside me. "She met someone."

"So?" I asked. "You're jealous?"

"No, I was just starting to have feelings for her, she kissed me a few days ago and said she had this crush on me, so when I finally started to look at her that way, she runs of and meets someone new" Shelby said as tears came streaming down her face and she had a almost meltdown. Flinging her body onto my bed and slamming her fists and feet in frustration. I scooted away and stopped myself from just running and suddenly had what seemed like at the time, the dumbest idea in history. I crawled back onto the bed and pulled Shelby into my arms as she started to fight me and cried, her heart obviously breaking. I laid back on the pillows at the top of the bed and with arm around her shoulders and one around her waist, I held her in place as she cried. Relaxing my grip when she did and she willingly sunk back into my arms and shook with the pain that was, I guess, making her like this. "Shhhhh, it's OK, Shel, you are way better off."

"Huh?" She asked as she turned over and to my surprise pressed her stomach to mine and put my arm back over her as she asked, "How do you figure?"

"She met someone, so let her do what she wants" I said and knowing that sounded borderline retarded I tried in vain to rephrase before Shelby started crying yet again. "If she don't want you, then fuck her."

"Yeh, fuck her" Shelby said with a smile on her face now, her tears stopping slowly. "Can I..."

"What?" I asked, and with a shaky nervous hand, wiped away her tears. Trying to be gentle and knowing I was making an ass out of myself.

"Sleep with you tonight?" She asked and looking down, not wanting to meet my eyes and figuring no doubt that I would reject her flat out. I thought for a nice moment that she wanted to do something more than 'sleep' by the way she phrased that. Not exactly like I hadn't entertained that thought over the last year or so since we had been friends. Just never had the chance to get to know her enough to get in that position. I was about to make a stupid, and clumsy (I'm guessing) move on her when she went on and made her feelings a little more clear, "Max is gone and it's lonely in my room."

"Sure" I said as we laid our heads on the same pillow. "Two other beds you know."

"Nooo" She said softly with a nervous, lip biting, smile, "in the same bed?"

"Seriously?" I asked as she smiled nervously.

"I just wanna be close to someone tonight" She said, "It's kinda stupid, considering you'd rather punch me than hug me..."

I watched her try to convince me to let her into my bed and in that moment she looked so hurt and so vulnerable, something just went through me and I wanted to make her feel better. All the things I usually try to turn off in those moments, the emotion to help someone, to make them feel better. I wanted for once in my life to do something for someone else that didn't involve me getting anything in return.

"How about we sleep on the couch?" I asked. She agreed as I got up from the bed and extended my hand to her as she took it and giggled as I pulled her up off the bed. With no one else likely too walk in on us, we had the complete freedom to do what we wanted now, I thought. She went to get her favorite blanket as I ran down the hall to grab some soda's out of the machine and feeling like suddenly life wasn't so bad after all. I was looking forward to cuddling...OK that was a moment I'll never forget. I stood by the soda machine for a long moment and smiled at what was about to happen. Hoping I could actually do this one simple thing right. Coming back into the common room and closing and locking the door, I saw Shelby was already stretched out on the couch, covered up. "And where am I supposed to sit?"

"I dunno" She said with a smile as I handed her one of the soda's and crashed down behind her and wrapped my arms around her playfully as she giggled. I dunno why exactly in that moment that I wanted to be playful and close to her, but I did. She did something next that, I dunno, it just made my night, she pulled her favorite blanket off her as I laid down and covered us both up. It was almost like she was taking care of me a little. Instead of being in complete control like I feel I always need to be, I let her cover me up and adjusted the blanket so we were both comfortable. She asked me with her eyes moments later if I was comfy as I nodded and she smiled and laid back down. She laid her head back across my arm and let me put the other one over her, like I was protecting her from something or I just wanted to be close to her at that moment. It was so nice just being close to someone again, especially someone I'd never before gotten to be close to, and damn, girl smelled good too. I, without regard to my own safety began to nuzzle her neck and take in her scent and it was intoxicating as it filled my senses. She giggled and pushed me away and asked, "You trying to get some?"

"No, you just smell good" I said as she gave me a sweet smile and said, "Scent of a girl, dumby."

"I'll show you dumby" I said as I attacked her ribs and she started squealing with laughter. We had so much fun wrestling for the next few minutes, her making me about pee my hands and then me stopping her from escaping after she couldn't take anymore and slipped off the couch and listen to me beg her back and promising I'd be good if she did. She laid back down and tentatively excepted my arm back over her waist and after a few moments relaxed again when she realized I wasn't gonna start again.

"This is nice?" She asked with a nervous smile on her face and thinking, I'm assuming, that I was already growing tired of her. Which was the complete opposite of the truth.

"Yeh, you're thawing the Ice Princess" I said as she laughed.

"Melt baby melt" She said in a tone that so got my motor running as we both giggled. "How come you and Mindy are so different?"

"She's like my mom, sweet, naive, open minded and I'm like my dad, hard ass and close minded, tries to turn off all emotion" I said as she kissed my cheek and giggled and wanting me to smile, which I did.

"But why do you do have to turn it off?" She asked. "I like this Cindy. The one who let me cover her up without adjusting the blanket so she wouldn't bitch and the one who put her arm over me, like you were protecting me."

"I guess I'm butch" I said as she laughed again. "Wanna see my tattoo?"

"Not unless it's a butterfly tattoo...hint hint" She said as I blushed and she raised her arms in victory at making me blush about twenty different colors.

"I was a lot like you for a while" She said as she tried to stop giggling. "But I tried to soften my approach and let someone else take charge sometimes. It's OK to do that."

"So I will too" I said, "We pretty much have our own dorm room now."

"Yeh I know" Shelby said as the smile left her face.

"Hey, no don't cry" I said as I impulsively blew a raspberry on her cheek and felt her squirm in my arms and burst out laughing as I did it again. "We can hang out. Like be real friends."

"OK, this is nice, but really?" She asked with a 'sure she will' expression on her face.

"Move into my room" I said, "Two open beds."

"But what about Max?"

"You mean the girl who just made you cry?" I asked. "Wanna rephrase?"

"Right, fuck her" Shelby said with a determined voice.

"Go on, tell her, scream it" I said.

"OK, yeh, FUCK YOU MAXIE" Shelby screamed as I laughed. "FUCK YOU IF YOU DON'T LOVE ME."

"That's my girl" I said with a kiss to the cheek and hugged her proudly.

"Your girl?" She asked with a surprised look.

"Hey, from now on, I got your back" I said, "If you got mine."

"I can do that" She said as we both smiled and laid there for a long moment just smiling at each other. Me, thinking this could be a new start for me and maybe, just maybe the pretty girl laying in my arms. But I am not thinking or hoping that far ahead just yet. She soon turned back over as she yawned and pulled me tighter around her and the quiet filled the room as she relaxed into my arms. Me no longer 'protecting' her so to speak, just holding her cause she had asked and I was enjoying it.

Funny we never even turned the TV on or drunk those soda's, I laid my head against hers on the pillow and listened to her breathing getting heavy and before I knew she was asleep in my arms. A true first for me. She looked to be so relaxed and peaceful, content I think, not a care in the world suddenly and it melted by initial instinct to run before I started liking this. But instead I hugged her tighter and held on and tricked my mind for that instant into believing I needed to protect her from something horrible. But I soon realized that this was OK to enjoy, this was my mom's side coming out a little bit and god knows I could use a lot more of her and a little less of my dad. Before I knew it, I was asleep too.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked as I was suddenly woke from my own peaceful slumber by a moving Shelby a few hours later.

"Nothings wrong, go back to sleep" She said softly as she slipped from my arms and I wondered what had happened. I heard a door open and saw a light come on as I covered my eyes and then the light went out and Shelby re-appeared as I looked up. "I guess I'll go on and get in my bed so you can get some rest."

"I was sleeping, and good too, till you hadda visit mister turd man" I said in a grumpy voice as she laughed and I grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards the couch as she laid back down and kicked off her slippers and I threw the blanket back over us and pushed her, giggling, back onto her side as I put my arm back over her. "Don't argue with me either. You're not going anywhere, unless you really want to."

"Well if you gonna force me" She said as we both giggled. "Melt baby melt."

"Grrrrr" I growled as I playfully nuzzled her cheek and she giggled.

"Meow" She said as we both lost it in laughter.