Scent of a Girl - Episode 15 "I Wasn't Trying to be a Hero"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You bout done with that?" Sarah asked as she refilled my soda for me and looked over my shoulder as I slaved over my homework. Something I had been doing now for almost two hours. Mostly because she insisted, with the backing of Eddie and Darlene.

"Yes, Mom" I said in a frustrated voice as I looked up at her. "Can I take a break? All I've got left is math and I suck at that. My stupid drunk whore of a mother always used to say, Maxine Taylor Bradlidge you are too stupid to do math that's why you suck at it."

"Your middle name is Taylor?" She asked and I believe conveniently avoiding the topic of my mother.

"Yeh why?"

"I like that" She said as she moved my hair out of my face. "Anyone ever call you Taylor or Tay?"

"Nope, it's almost always Max" I said with a shrug of the shoulders. "Why?"

"Can I call you Tay?" She asked as I smiled and I swear it made me feel special that she wanted to call me something that no one else did. "Max just sounds like a boy's name to me. And you are no boy."

"So you noticed?" I asked as she blushed. "You can call me Tay, I like that."

"Good then...Tay, I just want you to get good grades is all, so back to work" She said as she slipped into the other side of the booth I was in.

"But this stuff ain't do till Monday" I said and this being about 2:00 a.m. on a late Friday night/early Saturday morning. The place was usually pretty dead this time of morning and Eddie didn't make a big deal about her loafing and helping me with my homework which is exactly what I was hoping she'd do with my math.

"If you get it done now, we can spend the whole weekend together with no distractions" She said as I smiled and she got up and asked, "Does that sound fair?"

"Yeh, course you could kiss me and I'm sure this would go a lot quicker" I said as she blushed and I loved knowing she was starting to like my flirting.

"Ok, break over...TAY!" She squealed as I jumped up and pulled her into my arms. She grinned and started to push me away for a moment until she realized I'm assuming I wasn't gonna do anything she didn't want me to do. I touched my forehead to hers and the place grew quite for a few moments as she smiled shyly and relaxed in my arms. "Get back to work? Please?"

"What would you do if I kissed you right now?" I asked in a 'for your ears only' voice.

"Excuse me?" She asked in mild surprise.

"I said...Sarah, what would you do if I kissed you, right now?" I asked with my best smile and felt my heart race when she smiled and touched my face like she was actually touched by my asking. "Honestly..."

"I would either, a, smack your brains out" She said as I laughed. "or B, kiss you back cause I didn't get a chance to the first time."

"You like me Sarah Rae" I said as she covered her face as she blushed and no doubt couldn't believe she had admitted what she just did. "Tell me I'm wrong If I am."

"Ok, enough of this" She said as she pushed me back towards the booth. "You finish you're homework."

"And you'll answer my question when I'm done, please?" I asked as she smiled at me and said simply, "Tay, work."

"Well I like you" I said as she turned to walk away and froze as those words left my lips and I knew she liked what she heard as she turned around and smiled for a second and then headed off to the kitchen to help Darlene with the dishes. I did finish my math after another half hour or so. Just as some dude with a very expensive looking business suit came in.

"Can I help you?" Darlene asked as she came out of the kitchen with Sarah in tow. I saw the look of terror in Sarah's eyes as she froze in the doorway to the kitchen, staring at this guy. She moved behind Darlene and looked to be scared to death.

"Hey honey" He said and I was pretty sure he wasn't talking to Darlene.

"Derek? What the hell are you doing here?" Sarah asked as he stepped towards her and she stumbled backwards, I knew then she was scared out of her mind. I slid silently out of the booth and grabbed the fire place poker out of the ice bucket and marched towards the front of the diner, Sarah saw me and on instinct ran towards me I think.

"Tay, just leave and go home, I'm not kidding, leave" She said in a pleading voice.

"Nooo, I am not leaving you scared like this" I said firmly.

"Come on, Sarah I just wanna talk" He said as he rounded the corner and I pulled Sarah behind me and held the fire place poker up and said, "You got two more steps till I hurt you."

"Excuse me?" He asked with an amused look on his face.

"I said, I'LL CAVE YOUR GOD DAMN SKULL IN YOU BASTARD IF YOU TOUCH HER" I screamed in a rage as I slammed it on the counter for effect and sent a couple of glass sugar containers crashing to the floor. "BACK OFF."

"Maxie, baby, calm down he's not gonna hurt anyone" Darlene said as Derek backed off and I tensed for a moment as I felt Sarah hug me and I knew she no longer wanted me to leave. Darlene quietly picking up the phone and talking for a moment with someone on the other end.

"You damn skippy he's not" I said as Sarah hugged me tighter and laid her chin on my shoulder.

"This is the asshole who beat me till I'm almost deaf in one ear" Sarah said in tears as my rage stormed through me and she had to hold me back from going after him.

"That is such bullshit, I never hit you that hard" He said.

"Come on hit her now" I said as Sarah held me, "COME ON DEREK, TRY ME I WANNA SEE YOU HIT HER NOW."

"Who the hell is this?" He asked and Sarah's answer shocked me to a stunned silence.

"She's my girlfriend" Sarah spat, "After being with your pathetic ass I decided I wanted to be with someone who was gentle."

"So you're what? A dyke now?" He asked.

"I'm gonna ask you to leave, my husband is on his way" Darlene said to Derek.

"So what if she is?" I asked Derek. "I've never beat her like you, SHIT HEAD."

"You got a smart mouth for someone I could easily take over my knee" He said as he took a step towards me. "You need the taste smacked out of your mouth."

"COME ON TRY IT" I screamed as I slammed the fireplace poker into the counter again and was relieved when he backed off, "I AM SOO NOT AFRAID OF YOU SMALL DICK MOTHER FUCKER."

"Put that weapon down and say that" He said boldly as Sarah cried into my shoulder.

"JUST GO AWAY, I HATE YOU" She screamed as I looked at her to see if she meant me, but feeling her clutched to my shirt I knew she meant him.

"Why honey?" He asked soothingly.

"Let me list the ways" She said, "You beat me, you made me feel like garbage every time you could, you could never satisfy me in bed. Want a few more?"

"Oh and I'm sure this little girl you're with now can?" He asked in a angry sneer.

"She makes me scream, it's soooo good" Sarah said as I smiled at him victoriously. "God I can't get enough of her."

"It's so good we go on for hours" I said confidently.

"Don't believe me asshole?" She asked Derek as she pulled away and moved in front of me and did the one thing I never thought she would do, she kissed me. Softly on the lips as I again reverted back to my old style of stiff lipping it, she stopped for a moment and smiled, encouraging me to soften my approach which I did as she kissed me again. God what a kiss that was, soft and slow, my lips rolling in a rhythm against hers, just the way Molly said it could be. She licked my upper lip and asked for my tongue as she kissed me and I gladly met hers with mine as she massaged her tongue against mine and I relaxed into her and touched her face with my free hand as she seemed to be getting lost in me as I was with her. Our tongues working against each others only served to increase the already mounting pleasure in that moment, as my lips worked against her soft lips. All the rage in the world couldn't force me to stop kissing her like this, I thought, as I dropped the poker to the floor and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her body to mine as she clutched at my shirt with her hand. Her lips quickening the pace a bit as her tongue worked ever harder against mine and my whole body came to life in those few long moments. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she melted into me more and clutched a hand into my hair for a few more seconds before she pulled away. Hugging her tightly as she laughed in my ear and said in a barely audible whisper, "Damn girl, you just answered all my questions."

"About?" I asked as she grinned and raised her eye brows suggestively. I was pretty sure in that moment what she thought but couldn't be positive if this was all for show or not. But I was soon convinced she did like it as she kissed me again and said with a smirk, "I like you to Max...I mean Tay."

"Well...hello" Darlene said as I smiled at Sarah and saw her smile back at me. Before she blushed and started to laugh as Derek looked at us in shock. I reached down and picked the poker back up as Sarah took my hand and laced our fingers together.

"Get the picture asshole?" I spat as Sarah moved behind me again with a huge victorious smile on her face and hugged me proudly with her chin on my shoulder. I thought later that was the moment we moved from being friends to something more. Almost lovers after that kiss.

"That is so sick" Derek spat as he reached into his breast pocket of his jacket and took out what looked like three dollars bills and slammed them down on the counter.

"I'll show you sick, mother fucker" I said as Sarah held me in place.

"I came here to try and make amends for my past" He said as I stopped for a moment. "Sarah, that's three hundred dollars, it's not a lot I know, but my new fiancÚ agrees with me that I owe you something. For all the bad times."

"No shit?" I asked as I picked up the money and handed it to Sarah as her eyes opened in surprise.

"This isn't a one time thing" He said. "I wanna try and help you get out of this dive and get back on your feet."

"Excuse me mister fancy pants big city business man, if my little diner isn't good enough for you" Darlene said with hands on her hips. "No ones asking you to come back."

"I don't want your fuckin money" Sarah said as she wadded it up and threw it at him. "I want you to leave me alone forever. I wanna stop being scared to sleep by myself."

"You don't have to be scared anymore" I said as I turned and touched her face softly. "I'm here now and I am not gonna let anyone hurt you."

"You promise?" She asked as she smiled and I nodded as she kissed me softly. "I feel so safe with you."

"Fine, I tried" Derek said as he threw his hands up and started towards the door when Eddie came crashing through the door like the cavalry, a shot gun in hand.

"You the asshole scaring my family?" He asked.

"He's the piece of shit that beat Sarah" I said as Eddie glared at Derek. Who fell back in total fear and tumbled to the floor and tried to scramble away as Eddie stalked him and cornered him in one of the booths and put the gun to Derek's head and said, "You the one who hurt my Sarah huh?"

"Sir, sir, sir it was a mistake, a horrible mistake" He said as the fear for his life came into his eyes. "I was trying to make up for it, when I came in here cause I knew she would be working."

"Convenient it's two in the morning and only woman in here" Eddie said. "You ever come back near my wife, Sarah or my daughter Maxie and I'LL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT."

"I'll never ever come back to town..." Derek said as Eddie moved away and Derek ran for the door and scrambled outside and ran down the street like the coward that he is, I thought.

"Your daughter?" I asked as Eddie smiled and hugged me as he laid the gun on the counter.

"For effect, if he thinks you're my daughter he'll never come near you again" He said as Sarah hugged him and said, "Thank you so much."

"Weren't you afraid you'd kill him?" I asked as Darlene picked the gun up and let me hold it.

"It's a prop" She said with a smirk. "From our days in Hollywood. Doesn't work."

"Maxie stopped him from hurting Sarah and me too I'd say" Darlene said as Sarah turned to me and said, "Yes she did."

"Thanks Maxie" Eddie said as he kissed my cheek.

"I wasn't gonna let him hurt her again" I said, "I wasn't trying to be a hero."

"Well this is the last time you two will be on the same shift" Eddie said as he looked at his wife. "From now on I'll work nights, I can't chance losing you."

"Can I talk to you outside?" Sarah asked as I got nervous.

"Sure" I said as she took my hand and Darlene and Eddie barely noticed as they kissed.

"Did you finish your homework?" She asked as we now stood a few feet down the street out of view of the diner.


"Your homework" Sarah asked. "Did you finish it?"

"Yeh" I said as she kissed me softly and grinned. "Hello!"

"Hell yeah, hello" She said, "That kiss in front of Derek was uber hot."

"Yeh it was" I said as I boldly kissed her again and she smiled and offered no resistance. "Does this mean you like me?"

"Well you sure made me feel things Derek never could" She said as she playfully ran her fingers through my hair and pressed her body to mine. "Once you relax your lips, you sure know what to do."

"And you Sarah Rae, sure know what to do with that tongue" I said as she laughed and laid her head on my shoulder. "And what about that straight thing?"

"So?" She asked as she turned and let me hold her in my arms. "I never said I was a bible thumping red state straight girl. I said I was straight, but I'm really open minded and you just proved you'd do anything for me. So I'm gonna give you a chance, ok?"

"Just so you know, I'm falling so fast for you" I said as I laid my head against hers and hugged her as she relaxed into my arms.

"Best news I've heard all night" She said. "Spend the weekend with me?"

"Yeh I will" I said as I kissed her neck softly. "Can I kiss you again?"

"Anytime you want too" She said as she giggled and pulled away as I tried to and ran off down the street.

"You want me, you gotta catch me" She said as I took off in a dead sprint and caught up to her a few feet down the street as she squealed in laughter and Darlene and Eddie came out to see what was going on. I held her in my arms as she laughed and fought playfully to get loose and then stopped as our eyes met and let me kiss her softly. "Ok, so you caught me. Lucky me."

"GET'EM MAX" Eddie screamed as we both laughed out loud.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I woke the next morning, still with Shelby in my arms and resting comfortably. She had now slipped down on the couch a little and turned towards me, her head laying against my chest with a content look on her face. How could I not have seen this look before with anyone? Answer being, I had never taken the time like I had took last night with Shelby. She had the covers pulled tight around her and had it tucked in behind me, like she made sure I wasn't gonna wake up cold. I didn't have the heart to wake her up at this point so I laid and watched her sleep for a few minutes. My eyes opening in surprise when she giggled and shifted closer to me, having a nice dream I thought. She then grabbed on to my shirt with her hands and giggled again, as I laughed and wondered what she was dreaming about, suddenly she jerked and her eyes opened and she saw me and froze.

"Oh boy" She said with a blushing grin. "Morning?"

"Who were you dreaming about?" I asked as she covered her face with her hands and laughed.

"No one" She said as I kissed the back of her hands and asked, "Was it me?"

"Ok, fine" She said as she looked at me again. "It was."

"What was I doing?" I asked as she took a deep breath and couldn't stop smiling.

"Chasing me around the room and then tickling me" She said as I smiled.

"That would be pretty fun" I said as she gave me a 'sure you would' look. "What do I get if I catch you?"

"Laid" She said as we both laughed.

"Be my first" I said as she stopped and looked at me to see if I was serious. Yes folks, you heard me right, the Ice Princess of Mintzler Prep is a big ole fumbling virgin. Trust me, if I ever do get that far with a girl or guy (keeping my options open), it'll be a day they regret. I sooo don't have the hand-eye coordination to bring someone any type of real pleasure. Although kissing comes pretty easy to me for some odd and totally unknown reason.

"Wow, I had no idea" She said, "You've never been with anyone?"

"Never even been with anyone this close for this long" I said, "That's what you get when you're the ice princess."

"You are so not" Shelby said, "You made me feel so much better. That wasn't that hard."

"You'd be surprised" I said as the smile left her face. "No, not me holding you was hard, I liked that. Forcing myself to feel the emotion that told me you needed me last night."

"I thought you'd punch me or laugh at me when I asked" She said softly.

"Thanks for asking" I said as she smiled, "Last night was a massive swing for me."

"So let's keep the momentum going" She said, "Let's hang out today."

"I got no plans" I said, "What have you got in mind?"

"Great make me come up with something" She said seriously as I laughed and hugged her tighter and said, "How about this?"

"Yeh, I could do this for a while" I said. "Till my butt goes numb."

"Don't worry Ice Princess, if it gets cold I'll warm it up" Shelby said with a challenging smirk as I started tickling her. Her squealing in laughter as she kicked her legs and fought to get me to stop. This is nice.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey" I said as Sarah stuck her head out of the shower and smiled at me. "Can I join you?"

"Sure come on" She said as I froze and she laughed. "No, you can't."

"Tease" I said as she laughed. "I have to go back on campus for a while, wanna go with me?"

"Yeh I got the day off" She said as I stepped into the bathroom and picked up a towel and said, "You done?"

"Yes, I am, now leave" She said as I stepped in front of her and thought she'd start screaming but she didn't, she just reached for the towel as I pulled it away.

"Tay, come on" She said.

"I'll close my eyes and you get out" I said, "See how much you trust me."

"Ok, close them" She said as I did and heard the rattling of the shower curtain as it swung open and knew if I opened my eyes now I'd get an eye full but also knowing she would kill me. Then I felt her body push against the towel and wrapping my arms around her as she kissed me softly. Opening my eyes I saw her smiling. "That was interesting."

"Didn't see a thing" I said as she looked down and asked, "But you wanted too right?"

"Are you kidding?" I asked as she blushed. "As soon as you let me..."

"Just shut up" She said with a giggle. "I'm not gonna lay you."


"Not now" She said, "I made that mistake, not again."

"I'm not asking you too" I said as I touched her cheek gently. "I wanna do whatever you want."

"Then let me get used to the idea of being with you" She said honestly. "Cause this is all really new and kinda scary."

"I like slow" I said, "I can do this."

"Now go and let me get dressed?" She asked as I playfully pulled at the towel and heard her squeal and jerk away. "TAY! GET OUT."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I saw the big ugly thing lumbering up the path leading to mine and Dakota's new dorm and hoped I could pretend to be invisible enough so she would go on by and leave me alone. The big ugly I speak of, is Veronica Lake, the biggest toughest girl at Mintz prep and she sorta knows all about me and doesn't like me. Not that I've ever done anything to her, she just doesn't like me, well, cause I love Dakota and not some perverted boy who would just use me for sex and dump me. Which is the way I feel about guys, honestly. Not that all of them are bad, but everyone I ever tried being me. They think cause I'm not the smartest girl they can get me drunk (I hate alcohol) and then just get to me to have sex. Ok, I admit I like sex, but only with Dakota, she was my first and she's so good to me. I am honestly in love with her. Cause I'm always first on her list and hers on mine.

"Mindy whore" Veronica said as she stopped and glared at me. "What is the dumb little girl doing by herself?"

"I'm waiting on my girlfriend" I said as she seemed to be waiting on me to say that as she stepped in front of me and pushed me.

"Look, leave me alone, I didn't bother you" I said as I looked around for help but no one seemed to be around.

"I don't like dykes" She spat as she grabbed my shirt, the one Dakota bought me and tore the sleeve as she laughed. "Oops didn't mean to do that."

"Stop leave me alone please" I said as tears came to my eyes and I turned to run when she pushed me down. I felt my head hit the ground and the air leave my lungs. I cried and wished Dakota would help me as she jerked me back up and spit on me.

"STOP!" I heard someone scream and saw Molly charging at Veronica and crash into her and knocked me out of her hands.

"STOP IT PLEASE" I screamed as Molly tried to defend me as she punched Veronica. Veronica stumbled back and blocked Molly's second punch and landed one of her own as I cried and looked for someone to help as she threw Molly into the Keller-Montgomery dorm sign. I thought she killed her as Molly crashed into the grass and grabbed her ribs. I crawled to her and covered her with my body hoping Veronica would stop but she wouldn't as she tried to pull me up by the hair. I cried as I fought to get loose again and heard screaming as someone smashed Veronica in the kidneys, I think, she screamed as she let me go. I didn't wanna know what was going on as I covered Molly again and prayed it would just be over.

"Are you ok?" I asked as Molly groaned and opened her eyes.

"Yeh I'm ok" She said as she touched my face and looked as more screaming began. Some girl was begging for Maxie to stop as she beat the crap out of Veronica and the fat ass tried to get away now that someone was standing up to her.

"YOU FUCK WITH ONE OF THE MINTZ YOU FUCK WITH ALL OF US WHORE" Maxie screamed in a rage as she punched Veronica again and again and then started to kick her as this girl, whoever she was, pulled Maxie off and Veronica staggered away as best she could as Maxie had to be held back from going after her.

"Tay, it's over calm down" She said as she held a shaking mad Maxie around the waist. What did she call her?

"I'LL FUCKIN KILL YOU" Maxie screamed as I felt Molly try to set-up and I moved and helped her up. Hugging her as she got to her feet, making sure she didn't fall again.

"You ok, you sure?" I asked as Molly smiled and took a deep breath and hugged me back. "Thank you for helping me."

"What happened?" Maxie asked as she came over to us with the mystery girl now holding her hand.

"Ask her, I'm not sure" Molly said pointing to me.

"I didn't start it, I swear" I said and it felt like they thought I did. "She don't like me."

"Mindy, I know that, no ones saying you did ok?" Molly asked, "Are you ok?"

"Thanks to you" I said as I hugged her. "She wanted to hurt me."

"No one's gonna hurt you" Molly said, "Not while I'm around."

"Me either" Maxie said.

"Thank you" I said as I hugged Maxie.

"What was that exactly?" The Mystery girl asked. "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Mindy and this is my friend, Molly" I said.

"See, these guys are kinda my family" Maxie said, "They sorta hate me now, but Mindy's one of the people that I'd give my life to protect."

"Excuse me" Molly said, "I only hate you for beating the fuck out of Chloe, no other reason. Get it straight."

"Come on, please stop" I said as I moved in between them. "Maxie helped both of us. Can't we just all be friends again? Please?"

"No" Molly said as I stomped my foot.

"Stop being a bitch" I said as Molly smiled, "She said she was sorry and I forgive her."

"Ok, Mindy, ok" Molly said as she looked at Maxie. "Thank you."

"Hey, I got your back" Maxie said as Molly looked at her and I moved in front Molly again and thought I might have to hold her back.

"Please don't start again?" I asked.

"I'm not, everything's ok" She said as I hugged her.

"I'm serious, we're both Mintz now and they fuck with you, they fuckin with me" Maxie said. "Want me to go after Veronica?"

"You would?" Molly asked as I turned around.

"No it's over" I said.

"Mindy, Molly makes the decisions when Cally's not here" Maxie said. "I don't care I will."

"No you won't" The Mystery girl said.

"Pretty girl with Maxie, what's your name I don't know you and what did call Maxie, Tay?" I asked, purposely trying to change the subject. See I'm smarter than they think, which is a good thing.

"This is Sarah" Maxie said as she took Sarah's hand and I knew then that Maxie was over Chloe or maybe she was trying to get over her. They sooo smiled at each other. "And she calls me Tay, it's short for Taylor? My middle name."

"You got a middle name?" I asked as Maxie blushed and laughed. I love making her do that. And yes I do know her middle name just never heard anyone use it before. It's pretty don'tcha think? "Cool, you like her?"

"Yes I do" Maxie said as she looked at her. "A lot."

"What about you pretty girl, I mean Sarah" I asked as they laughed at me.

"Yeh, she's been good to me" Sarah said, "Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. Are you and Molly together?"

"No, I protect her from the monsters on Scooby Doo" I said as Molly grabbed me and started tickling me. "Help me Maxie, she's being mean to me."

"Hey, she's the leader" Maxie said as I broke away from Molly and ran towards the door as Chloe and Dakota come out.

"Help me" I said as Dakota jumped in front of me.

"I'll show you monsters" Molly said with a smile as she tried to get to me.

"What is she doing here?" Chloe asked as the fun stopped.

"She beat that big stupid bitch Veronica up for trying to hurt me and Molly" I said to Chloe, "Molly tried to help me and then Maxie jumped her and finally made her stop."

"I couldn't let her get hurt" Molly said, "Mindy never hurt anyone and that big moose is just lookin to hurt someone."

"Who's she with?" Chloe asked giving Maxie a look that even I could tell, wasn't friendly.

"It's her new girlfriend, right?" I asked Molly.

"They said they liked each other" Molly said with a smile towards me. I like her smile. She moved in front of Chloe and asked, "Look, I'm still mad as hell at her. But can we try and be civil with her?"

"She's really sorry and Sarah is really nice" I said, "She is, I think."

"I think we should all be a lot more like you my girl" Dakota said as I smiled and she took my hand and we walked over to where Maxie and Sarah stood.

"Don't start please?" I asked as I hugged Dakota.

"You stopped Veronica from hurting Mindy?" Dakota asked Maxie.

"Yes she did, after Molly" I said before anyone could start calling each other names.

"Yeh" Maxie said.

"See, she's trying to be a friend again" I said as Dakota I know wanted to fight her, but I knew if I was in front of her she wouldn't. "Can we all just be friends?"

"Mindy it's complicated" Dakota said as she hugged me and I felt so safe in her arms. Molly and Chloe joined us, Chloe behind Molly.

"Thank you" Dakota said before I kissed her. "Without Mindy...I don't wanna think about it."

"Guys, look I know I'm not a friend or even know you..." Sarah said as she got everyone's attention. "But I'm assuming the Molly she keeps talking about is you?"

"Yeh it is" Maxie said.

"What are you saying about me?" Molly asked as Chloe stopped her from going after Maxie.

"Wait, it's good things" Sarah said as she stepped in front of Maxie. I can tell I'm gonna like her already. "About the things you helped her realize. And you must be Chloe?"

"Yep" Chloe said as she hugged Molly from behind.

"I know how you feel" Sarah said, "I was in a relationship with someone who beat me half to death."

"Then why the hell are you with her now?" Molly asked. "You know her history?"

"That's not fair" I said, "Maxie should tell her that..."

"She did" Sarah said, "And I chose to be with her cause she's...well she's been good to me."

"Thank you" Maxie said as she hugged her and Sarah hugged her back. "Thank you for being on my side."

"Hush" I said to Molly as she got ready to say something and I moved to the middle of the group and said, "Look, everyone here has something against Maxie, ok? I am saying I forgive her. She's still my family, and if any of you have any heart, you'll let her have a second chance. She's trying so hard."

"She did something I can't thank her enough for" Dakota said as she smiled at me and hugged me. I love her so much. "You got one more chance in my eyes Max."

"Molly?" I asked as I looked at her.

"It's not my decision" Molly said, "It's up to Chloe to forgive her and I am not asking her to do that, ever."

"Can we please go?" Chloe asked as her and Molly left and walked back into the building.

"I guess those wounds go deep" Sarah said as she hugged Maxie again. "You got me now."

"Lucky me" Maxie said and I could tell she was happy. Why do people have to be so mean to each other? Why do poeple have to hit the ones they love?

"Hey" I said as I touched Sarah's shoulder, and hugged her a moment later, "Nice to meet you, I'm happy for you guys."

"Thanks" She said as I hugged Maxie.

"I still love you hot head" I said as she laughed and hugged me back.

"We gotta run, library's open for another hour, you coming?" Dakota asked me as she held her hand out and I took it.

"Hey" Maxie said as Dakota stopped and looked. "Mintz forever, I got your back."

"Mintz forever" Dakota said as we headed off towards the library. Life ain't so bad anymore.