Scent of a Girl - Episode 16 "That Was So Close to Heaven"

Written by: TVM (


/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What's a six letter word for dim bulb?" Shelby asked me as I watched from beside her as she did the crossword puzzle in the paper.

"Shelby" I said with a giggle as she gave me a shocked look and I started to laugh out loud.

"That's it, I'm through with you" She said with a smile as she tried to get up but found me holding her in place as she kicked her feet and said, "Let me up."

"Nooo" I said as I gave her a challenging smile, "I was just kidding."

"Grrrrrrrr" She growled at me as I smiled and had to admit she was soooo cute like this. Playful, in mock horror, but loving my attention. At least I think that's what was going on in that moment as we both drew quiet and just looked at each other. She relaxed again in my arms and leaned in, pressing her body to mine and adjusting the covers over us. No we never made it off that couch. Well to go to the bathroom and then right back. It's weird, it was like we both wanted to be here and realized what we had been missing all along. Or maybe, hey this is possible, maybe she was desperate for affection after the whole Maxie dumping and wanted it anyway she could get it. Regardless, she liked my attention on her, at least for now, and I liked hers on me. She grinned and playfully ran her fingers under my chin, tickling me as I squirmed away and she said, "Bite me Ice Princess."

"How can I be such a icey princess with such a hot girl in my arms?" I asked as she gave me a look of confusion and pointed to herself as I said, "Yes Shelby, you."

"Oh yeah, with this body and this skin" She said as I groaned.

"I just called you hot and you're arguing with me?" I asked. "Why don't you let me decide what I think?"

"Then say it again if you're serious" She said as I looked down and touched her arm and felt the smooth skin under my fingers and said, "I like your skin, there's nothing wrong with you and I like your smile."

"I'm starting to think you like me" She said and no doubt thinking this is where I pull away. My body wanted to but I fought it again and noticed that it was becoming easier every time to be close to someone.

"Well, if it don't make you wanna punch me, maybe I do" I said as she smiled.

"Yeh, and then it'll be another Max, cause I know how you are" She said as my heart sank and she seemed to notice. "No, wait, Cindy, I don't know that."

"No you don't" I said, "We've never even kissed and you're already turning me away."


"I know Max hurt you, stupid bitch does that" I said in anger, "I'm here with you, not out chasing some girl I don't have a chance with."

"Because you wanna be?" She asked.

"Yeh, I could have done a lot of things today, play softball, go beat the fuck out of someone" I said as she laughed. "I'm here with you, cause this...felt nice."

"OK, then kiss me" She said with a smile, one which I gladly returned as she leaned into me and just before our lips touched the door to the dorm opened and we both jumped.

"SHELBY!" Maxie hollered as we sat up and she looked at us in shock and covered her mouth.

"OH shit" She said with a shocked look on her face as she spied our current position. "Having fun?"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Shelby asked as she got up from the couch in a fit and confronted Max as some other girl came through the door to our room.

"There you are" The Mystery Girl said and sliding in beside Maxie and taking her hand. Oh shit, this is gonna be good I thought, this has to be the girl Maxie dumped Shelby for. I quickly got to my feet and got in front of Shelby, last thing we need is another Mintz inter-family brawl. Shelby gave me a weird look as I forced her back and gave her a warning look. "Is something wrong?"

"Are you Maxie's new whore?" Shelby spat as the girls face fell and Maxie looked ready to fight.

"Shut up" I said to Shelby as I covered her mouth. "I know you're hurt, but this girl didn't do anything to you."

"And she's not a whore, her names Sarah" Maxie said, "And if you ever gave anyone half a chance you'd know that. I wanted her to meet my best friends and for you to meet her."

"Can we just go?" Sarah asked. "I've already heard enough to know what she thinks of me."

"You watch it" I said to Shelby as she glared at me. "You don't have to hurt her feelings."

"She stole Maxie from me" Shelby said in a demanding voice as she tried to get by me.

"I did not" Sarah said, "I had no idea you two were together."

"We never were" Maxie said as she got in front of Sarah, "I swear to you, please believe me? I'm not like everyone else, she's lying on me."

"She's right" I said over my shoulder. "Shelby's just mad because she realized to late she had feelings for Maxie."

"This is such bullshit" Shelby said.

"You promise me?" Sarah asked Maxie.

"Yesss, I swear on my heart, no one else is in my eyes" Maxie said as Shelby seemed to relax as she watched and listened.

"Why did she say that for?" Sarah asked. "I stoled you?"

"The first night I met you, I ran out of here scared for my life" Maxie said, "And she was worried about me, and then when I came back she tells me she has these feelings for me. She's lying if she tells you it was before."

"But I said I was straight" Sarah said.

"And you let me kiss you" Maxie said, "That's all I needed, I was crazy about you. And she's just jealous."

"I'm not jealous" Shelby said in a soft voice, "It hurt."

"I had no idea" Sarah said as she hugged Maxie, and I saw Maxie's relieved expression.

"Thank you for believing in me" Maxie said as Sarah smiled and kissed her.

"I do believe in you more every day" Sarah said as Maxie bit her lip and smiled, like I had never seen her.

"Look..." I said as I hugged Shelby and made her hug me back and said in her ear in a whisper, "Let them be in love OK? You got me to hold on to."

"I do?" She asked as I smiled my best and tried to reassure her.

"Yes, if you want too" I said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Everything Maxie said is true" Shelby said and I could almost feel her let go of the hurt she had felt over Maxie dumping her.

"This girl who was about to beat me up is my best friend, Shelby Parker, and that's my other best friend Cindy" Maxie said as she took Sarah's hand and laced their fingers. "Guys this is Sarah, Sarah Rae."

"Nice to meet you, maybe if you ever stop hating me, we can be friends too" Sarah said as Shelby laughed and to my shock walked slowly over and hugged Sarah. I think she saw the way Maxie looked at Sarah too. Because her attitude had definitely changed some.

"You better not hurt her" Shelby said to Sarah but in a non-threatening voice and then looking at Maxie said, "And you hit this one and I'm gonna whip your blond ass this time myself. One time Max."

"Calm down kitty" I said as I pulled Shelby away.

"Hey, I'm still going to therapy and I saw what I did wrong or at least some of it" Maxie said, "She knows about what happened. She's part of the reason I'm trying so hard."

"I was in a really bad relationship with my ex-boyfriend hitting me" Sarah said, "And he came back to town a couple of nights ago and it was just me and Tay and Darlene in the diner, I thought he was gonna hurt me. Until Tay backed him down, with a weapon, but she was willing to stand in front of me and protect me from him."

"That's my girl" I said as I held my fist up and bumped it with Maxie's. "Who the hell is Tay?"

"That's Maxie's middle name, I'm glad she was there" Shelby said softly as she turned around and looked at me and I knew she wanted to be hugged. And honestly I didn't care what it looked like anymore, I hugged her.

"By the way, Veronica's on the war path again" Maxie said as I looked up and knew it no doubt involved my twin sister. "She was trying to hurt Mindy."

"What?" I asked and immediately felt Shelby hug me tighter and I knew she was trying to hold me back.

"Yeh Molly saved her from getting really hurt" Maxie said and that comment shocked me.

"Chloe's Molly? New Girl?" I asked as Maxie laughed and said, "Yeh, new girl saved your sister, but Veronica's too strong and you know Molly's not big as a minute and she was totally going on instinct trying to protect Mindy and she got practically broken in half when Veronica threw her into the sign out front of the hall."

"Is she OK?" I asked as my heart beat faster.

"Yeh I was just coming up the walk when all that went down" Maxie said as my anger turned to rage as Shelby hugged me tighter. "I got there just as she threw Molly and you won't believe what Mindy did, instead of running and trying to protect herself she covered Molly's body with hers. Crying and begging Veronica to stop."

"She was protecting Molly?" I asked.

"Yeh she was more concerned with Molly then herself" Maxie said.

"What did you do?" I asked and thinking or rather hoping Maxie had intervened.

"I hit the bitch right in the kidney with that rabbit punch you showed me" She said as I laughed.

"And then she beat the snot out of her" Sarah said as I laughed again. "Veronica swung a few times but Tay was like Ali, float like a butterfly sting like a bee."

"I don't know about that but bitch realized she was in a real fight then" Maxie said. "She tried running off and I just started kicking her."

"She's gonna think fucked up when I get my hands on her" I said as Shelby hugged me and wouldn't let me move.

"Stop, no, Mindy's OK right?" Shelby asked Maxie.

"She's fine" Maxie said.

"Mindy's OK" Shelby said as she touched my cheek with such a gentle touch I calmed down as I saw her eyes. "She's not hurt, you can deal with this on Monday OK? I'll stand by you on this. But please don't leave me now?"

"Yeh she's fine, same sweet Mindy" Sarah said, "You can tell that when you first meet her."

"Yeh this is her polar opposite" Maxie said with a smirk, "And I mean polar, we call her the Ice Princess."

"That is not fair Max" Shelby said as she looked to her and backed to me, "She's thawing out. Pretty soon she'll be the slushy princess."

"Or how about just your princess?" Sarah asked as I blushed and Shelby did too.

"I dunno yet" Shelby said, "She was good to me last night when she didn't have to be and we been laying on the couch all day just...being together?"

"Pretty much" I said as Shelby smiled at me and I smiled back and felt like this suddenly was the beginning of something new.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You sure you OK?" Chloe asked as she looked at the bruises on my back.

"Yeh I'm fine, bitch is gonna have some bruises of her own when I get a second chance" I said as Chloe seemingly got scared and hugged me.

"No" She said as she hugged me from behind.

"Chloe, I can't let..." I said as Chloe kissed my neck.

"I said no" She repeated, "I don't care what that stupid group says for you to do. You should care more about me than them."

"I do" I said, "I love you..."

"All I need to know" She said. "Wanna lay down for a while?"

"Yeh" I said as she jumped onto the bed and this time had me lay in front of her and she held me. "Just please don't fight her again."

"And what if she tries to hurt Mindy again?" I asked. "OK, I know I don't know Mindy very well, but how can I just stand there and watch that cow hurt her? I won't."

"And get yourself killed?" She asked.

"Chloe, baby, this was not about me" I said as I turned to face her.

"No it's about me losing you" She said, "She could hurt you, really bad."

"And when they take Mindy to the hospital with broke ribs and a punctured lung and I watched it and didn't do anything" I said as her eyes opened, "How do you think I'm gonna feel? Did you know she protected me?"


"She crawled over and covered me with her body to keep Veronica off me and she could have, should have, got up and ran, but she didn't" I said, "I'm serious she did."

"I didn't know that" Chloe said. "She must think a lot of you."

"I tried to help" I said, "Next time, I'm not going in alone either, I'll kill that bitch with something."

"Why do people have to be so mean?" Chloe asked. "I just want people to leave me and you alone so we can be in love."

"Me too" I said as I touched her cheek. I leaned into to kiss her just as the phone rang. I groaned and knew that was never good news or anything relating to good as I shrugged and got up and looked at the caller i.d. and wondered who would be calling from a place called the, 'Come On Inn'. What a stupid name for a place. "Hello?"

"Hey babygirl" I heard the familiar voice say as my heart just about stopped. "How's my love doing?"

"Who is it?" Chloe asked as I looked back and saw her and smiled.

"Hold on" I told Megan. I laid the phone down and kissed Chloe softly on the lips and said, "I love you, do you know that?"

"Yeh" She said with a smile as her arms went around me. "My protector."

"That is my ex on the phone and I'm gonna start acting weird in a minute" I said, "But I love you now, and I am not gonna let her ruin that."

"How would she?"

"By coming down here for one day and suckering me back into her trap" I said as I looked at the phone. "I don't even wanna talk to her honestly. I am not going back there."

"I will" Chloe said softly as she kissed me. "I love you Molly Harris, and if you think about leaving me, you're gonna have a real fight. And I don't mean physical."

"I don't wanna leave you" I said, "I love being with you."

"Me too" She said with one last kiss before reaching over and picking up the phone.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

So I knew this was coming, just don't ask me how. I knew this girl was gonna try and screw up what me and Molly had been building and I was kinda worried Molly would just up and leave me for her. But after what she just said, I'm thinking she really does love me, not that I doubted it, just she feels like I'm hers now and I am. Maybe I can keep this bitch from hurting Molly and by the same route, me too. So picking up that phone and confronting her head on was the only way, in my mind at least, to put a stop to this. To let her know Molly was with me now and she needs to back the fuck off and let me as Tracy Byrd says, 'Just Let Me Be In Love'. And I mean both of us.

"Who is this please?" I asked nervously.

"Who is this?" She asked in a surprised tone of voice.

"I asked you first and I'd like to know" I said.

"My names is Megan, I'm Molly's girlfriend" She said as I looked at Molly and covered the receiver as I asked, "You're still her girlfriend?"

"Nooooo we broke up" Molly said with panic in her eyes, "Bitch is trying to screw me again."

"I believe you" I said as she smiled. I did too, something about Molly's eyes tell me when she's been truthful. I then turned back to this, Megan girl.

"No, you're not, cause I am" I said to Megan.

"Yeh right, sweetheart" She said as Molly pressed her ear to the phone and I let her listen, "Look are you fucking with me or is this not Molly Harris' room?"

"No, Molly Harris, cute brunette, spiky hair most of the time with an amazing body..." I said as she sorta gasped, "...and that tongue trick, oh my god, rolling thunder baby."

"You're gonna get that..." Molly mouthed to me as I smiled and watched her roll her tongue and I was already in the mood at just the mention of that promise. But seeing her tongue like that made my eyes open in surprise. My blood started to pump towards a certain area, 'down there'.

"Ohhhhh damn you do know her" Megan said.

"I do and as I told you, she is now my girlfriend" I said, "And she told me you broke up with her so don't start your shit about her being your girl. And don't threaten me either cause I'm ready to hurt you already."

"Yess!" Molly said as she kissed my cheek and smiled.

"What?" Megan asked. "You've never even met me and you're already threatening me, do you beat Molly?"

"YOU BITCH" I screamed as Molly took the phone away and laid it down as I glared at Megan through the phone line.

"She asked if I beat you" I said as Molly kissed me, and said, "I gotta take this."

"What the fuck do you want?" Molly snapped as she picked up the phone.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Me back between your legs and you know I can be in about another hour" Megan said in a voice that made my skin want to jump off. "Now stop playing games and tell me who that bitch was."

"My girlfriend you stupid whore" I said. "And what do you mean in an hour?"

"What did you call me?" She snapped.

"I called you a whore" I said.

"I thought you were my babygirl?" She asked in a hurt voice. "I went through a lot of trouble to come see you."

"I am with someone else, someone new" I said, "I can't get back into this with you now."

"But I still love you..."

"Stop saying that" I said in anger, "You can't love me from there and I don't wanna FUCKIN HEAR THAT SHIT."

"Baby, calm down" Chloe said as she hugged me and I felt my rage about to overtake me.

"Well, if you wanted to break my heart, you did" Megan said as the phone line went dead. I didn't know what to feel, but anger and heartbreak were two things that I knew were there and this one hurt. Bad. I slammed the phone down and then pulling away from Chloe I cut the cord with a pair of scissors and blasted it against the door as I screamed, "GOD DAMN THING IS ALWAYS CAUSING ME PAIN."

"It's OK, I'm here" Chloe said softly as she looked at me as I turned. "If you still want me."

"I can't take this shit" I said as I slumped to the floor and started to cry. "She's trying to hurt me now."

"I love you, do you hear me?" Chloe said as she sat down and leaned against the bed and made me move back into her arms and hugged me as I cried. "I love you, I love you Molly Harris, you listening? I love you now, I am here and you are in my arms, and I am not letting you go."

"I hate her" I said as I cried, and pulled Chloe's arms around me. "I just wanna be in love with you. She doesn't want that."

"It's OK, she can't get to you" She said as she held me. "I'm on your side."

"I love you" I said, "You need me."

"Yes, I do" Chloe said as she touched her head to mine. "More than you know."

"Bitch said she was coming to see me" I said, "No doubt bringing my whore sister with her. God I was retarded for getting involved with those two."

"Involved?" Chloe asked and I knew she had to know the truth before she heard it from Megan's big mouth or Holly's in an attempt to break us up.

"I had sex..." I said as I took a deep breath, "...with Megan and..."

"And your sister?" Chloe asked as I nodded.


"I know, and it was all my stupid retarded ass idea" I said, "Believe me, it was a huge mistake."

"I knew you were kinky" Chloe said as she giggled. "MMMMMM, I'm sorry but I so wish I could have been Megan."

"Chloe Morgan" I said as I turned and saw that she was serious.

"I do" She said honestly. "Two sisters, that's hot."

"OK, I guess" I said as my mood lightened.

"Do it again with me?" She asked with a challenging smile.

"Grrrrrrr" I growled playfully as she kissed me. "I'm just glad Holly's not here or you might talk me into it."

"I'd try" She giggled.

"MMMMMM, rolling thunder?" I asked as her giggles stopped and I kissed her and stood as she took my hand and I pulled her up and said, "Rolling thunder?"

"I'm begging you" She said, "I can't take that kinda teasing."

"So you go...pop...really easy the first time, right?" I asked as her eyes opened and I pushed her playfully down on to the bed. "Huh?"

"You know I do" I said as I slipped to my knees and stroked my hands up and down her jean clad thighs as I looked up at her.

"Then I better give it to you early..." I said as I gently guided her to lean back on her elbows and I unbuttoned her jeans and smiled in a knowing way as she almost begged me with her eyes to pull them off. She raised her hips and I slowly pulled them down and off her legs a few moments later. I motioned with my finger as she sat up and I rose and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Please, no more teasing?" She asked with pleading eyes as I smiled and kissed her again. "It's been so long, I just wanna feel you make me..."

"I will" I said as I had her rise to her feet and I lowered her panties. Seeing her baby smooth pussy come into view my mouth began to water as I licked my lips seductively and helped her step out of them. She sat back down on the bed and ran her fingers threw my hair and pulled me to her as I giggled. "I said I was gonna give it to you."

"I'm dying, I can't wait, I'm sorry if I'm acting obsessed" She said as I kissed her softly and lifted her shirt up and as we broke and she raised her arms, I lifted it over her head. No bra this time.

"Lean back baby" I said as I formed a plan in my mind. I knew she wanted it desperately and I figured why make her wait for the one thing I could do to make her feel good. So, kissing her stomach softly as I made my way down that flat sexy stomach, girl even tastes good. She leaned back on her elbows and watched, not knowing I wanted this as bad as her. I rubbed the smooth patch of skin between her thighs and closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy the smoothness. She moaned lightly and squirmed and I knew it was gonna be so easy to make her cum after all the time we waited, so I knew then what I wanted to do. I lowered my head and kissed her pussy softly once and again as I circled my arms under her thighs and placed both my hands on her stomach as she slid her fingers into my hair and clutched her hands into a fist as I licked her for the first time. She moaned and squirmed a little and in the next moments I truly believe she never expected this. I pushed my tongue into her gently, right below her clit, and started rolling my tongue. I watched her eyes go wide with shock, her mouth drop open and a loud moan escape her mouth as the sensations started to blossom in her body.

"OH MY FUCKIN GOD" She moaned as I rolled my tongue again and again and moving up a little, I started flicking my tongue against the underside of her clit and felt her shake in pleasure as she whimpered and pulled softly at my hair and begged me not to stop. Her thighs squeezed around my head and her stomach rolled softly as she tried to take in all the pleasure she was getting now. Moaning in pure delight, she gently pulled my head away as she sat up and I smiled as her second hand went to my hair and she said, "God, I just wanna see you make love to my pussy. Please just make me cum?"

"Yes baby" I said as I pushed my tongue back inside and started rolling it again, right at the entrance as she clutched her hands into my hair and moaned out loud in pure delight. Her body shaking and her pussy started to do the most wonderful thing it can, spasm. I could feel her fighting as hard as she could not to cum just yet as I again pulled my head away and she looked down at me with a panicked look as I said, "Just give in, don't fight it anymore. I promise I'll make you feel good as many times as you want."

"I love you so much" She said as I smiled and slipped my tongue back into her and rolled it a few more times and felt her give in and let her orgasm take over. Ohmigod, she tasted like honey as her cum began to drip and ooze out of that bald little slit. She shook in pure pleasure and milked my tongue for every bit of pleasure it could give her as I rolled my tongue until the last twinges of pleasure subsided and I felt her hands go limp in my hair as she settled down and I capped my lips over her pussy lips and stuffed my tongue deep inside and sucked. Making her pussy spasm wildly for another moment in time. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god..."

"Gotta suck all that honey cum out baby" I said as she moaned and let me do it again and again until I had all there was. God what a sweet flavor. It's sooooo addictive. She let me lick her clit a few more times as she squirmed and trembled in complete pleasure. I finally came up and kissed her stomach and then between her breasts and felt her heart racing as I kissed her chin and then her lips. She immediately slid me her tongue as we frenched like lovers and I wrapped her in my arms. Our tongues falling into a wonderful rhythm as they massaged against one another. Chloe milking my tongue and lips for the taste of her honey. "MMMMMMM was that good?"

"God that was so close to heaven" She said with a soft kiss.

"Want it again?" I asked as she smiled.

"Ohhhh you keep doing that you'll never get me between your legs" She said as I grinned and kissed her again.

"I told you as many times as you want it" I said as she grinned and kissed me softly. "I'm not like, you know who, I love making you feel like that. And god your honey makes me so hot."

"I know, I thought about that kiss we shared after that threesome" She said as she caressed my cheek. "It makes me so hot tasting my cum on your lips."

" I getting on to the bed or going south one more time?" I asked.

"South?" She asked as I looked down with a knowing smile. "More....rolling thunder?"

"If you're little honey pot can take it" I said as she smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck and asked, "You really do love me don't you?"

"Yes, I do" I said as I touched her cheek, "My heart is yours now Chloe Morgan."

"And mine is yours" She said with a sweet smile, one that I gladly returned, "It has been since the moment I met you."