Scent of a Girl - Episode 18 "My Mouth Said That Not My Brain"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You gonna be otay wittle Mindy Wendy?" Molly asked in a baby voice as I had to laugh and knew she was teasing me like always.

"Fuck you Molly" I growled as she laughed. It was two days after the whole 'Veronica/Down the steps' incident and my arm was now in a sling and sprained, and pretty much hurt all the time as a result of her. So as you now can figure out I'm paranoid as fuck and don't wanna be alone. So Molly, my Punky as I call her, always volunteers to keep me company when Dakota has class or so. Which she did today, a late one and Molly got me to come to the library with her. I like to read in the back by the big double windows where it's quiet and no one bothers me.

"Don't make promises you can't keep Mindy" Molly said. "Cause you are too tempting."


"You cutie" She said as she touched my nose with her finger and smiled seductively, making me blush. "I'll just be over at the computers OK?"

"Yeh I just wanna read for a while" I said softly. "Don't leave without me?"

"No chance of that" She said as she touched my hand and soon disappeared around the shelf's and finally I had some peace and could read. I had just opened my book when I froze and felt someone was behind me. My voice closed up and I felt my heart race as I saw the shadow on the floor and just knew it was Veronica again. Folding my book together as my only weapon I got ready to throw it at her and run when I heard a soft voice say, "Excuse me? You mind if I sit here and read?"

"Huh?" I asked as I turned and saw a smiling face that was way cute. But my fears overcame me for another moment.

"Look I don't want any trouble and my friend, who is a bad ass, is just right over there" I said as I pointed.

"Stepping back" She said nervously. "I don't want any trouble either, I'm harmless, big mouth, but harmless. Who hurt you?"

"No one" I said as I turned away and rubbed my arm as it started to hurt again.

"I was just looking for a quiet place to read" She said softly. "I usually come back here during lunch and read."

"After school" I said as I looked back and realized maybe she was harmless. "Sit?"

"Thanks" She said as she took a seat at my feet, which were stretched out on the couch I was sitting on. "Courtney Melrose."

"Mindy Sullivan" I said as I took her hand and shook it gently.

"Oh shit, you're the sister of the Ice Princess?" She asked as I started to laugh.

"Yeh notice the resemblance?" I asked as she laughed.

"You guys look a like but she's cold as ice, one girl I wouldn't want after me" Courtney said as she folded her legs into the Indian position and turned towards me.

"Yeh her and Maxie are kinda the enforcers of the Mintz" I said, "Maxie saved me once before from that whore Veronica Lake and then she did this to me, Veronica I mean."

"I'm sorry" Courtney said softly. "Why would she pick on you?"

"Because I won't fight" I said softly. "I get scared easily too."

"Boo" She said as I glared at her but had to smile.

"Fighting is way stupid anyway" She said, "I get into a lot of shit by making comments about people and then have to beg off to keep from getting my ass beat."

"Like what?"

"Calling people Fags...or other names that I shouldn't use" Courtney said as I decided she went from being really nice to someone I no longer wanted to talk to.

"Fag is such a mean word, just because someone wants to love different don't give you any right to talk about them that way" I said as she looked directly at me. "I don't think we can be friends."

"Why? Because I said something stupid a few times and by the way I haven't used that word in a while cause I kinda gave up on being straight" She said, which made my mouth drop open. "It's true, I suddenly don't care what people think. Just like you, I can tell you right to your face I think you're cute and a few other things."

"You're way cute too" I heard my mouth say as she smiled. "My mouth said that not my brain."

"Maybe a disconnect in the wires in that pretty head?" She asked with a teasing smile.

"No, I'm not stupid and I'm sick of people making jokes like that" I snapped.

"No one said stupid" She said gently and looking down at my book and saying, "Shakespeare?"

"Hamlet, yeh" I said as I held it up and showed her.

"People call you stupid and you read Shakespeare?" She asked as I blushed. "No way you're stupid that stuff is impossible to understand."

"No it's not, it's kind of easy" I said, "I like it anyway."

"Where for art thou Fred?" Courtney asked as I laughed, "Does thou have gas or is it the stink of thy cheese?"

"No one name Fred in here" I said and covered my face as I blushed and realized she was kidding. I heard her whisper a moment later, "You're way cute too Mindy Sullivan."

"OK maybe we can be friends" I said in a giggle as I looked up.

"Or maybe more if you keeping smiling at me like that" She said.

"Chill I have a girl..." I started to say before I heard Molly's voice cut me off, "You little cunt, you got two chooses back off her or I'll make you hurt."

"Huh?" Courtney asked as I watched Molly march towards her and wondered what was up. I jumped up as did Courtney, her backing away and me jumping in front of Molly.

"Stop, Molly...NOOOOOO" I said as I lost my balance when Molly bumped into me accidently and I fell back and braced for the pain but suddenly a pair of arms caught me and lifted me back to my feet.

"You OK?" Courtney asked as she held me in her arms as I smiled back at her for a moment.

"Mindy I didn't mean to knock you down" Molly said.

"I know, just calm down what did she do?" I asked.

"Big mouth bitch is the one who's been pestering Bre for a year from what she told me" Molly said.

"Look I'm sorry, it was a stupid feud" Courtney said in what I thought was an honest apology.

"You best watch it slut, Bre is running with the Mintz now and we run this campus" Molly said as she pushed Courtney away from me. "And if you fuck with Mindy again I'll..."

"She did not" I said in an angry voice as Molly looked to me. "Hello, 15 not four, I said she did not, we were talking and OK we flirted a little but it was just that. You don't tell me who to talk to."

"I wasn't trying to, you know that" Molly said, "I just don't want people messing with you."

"She was being really nice to me" I said as Courtney smiled. "Stop talking about her that way please?"

"Mindy you don't understand"

"FUCK YOU" I screamed, "I am not stupid and you better learn that, I get that you don't like her. Fine, then no one says I gotta hate her."

"Fuck you too miss attitude" Molly said as I smiled. "You wanna be friends with her, you're on your own when you have to explain it. I'm leaving in a few minutes OK?"

"Come get me?" I asked as Molly nodded, smiled and walked off.

"Has she got a girlfriend?" Courtney asked as Molly walked off.

"Yeh why?" I asked as I looked at her and saw she was practically fucking Molly with her eyes.

"Cause I bet behind all that spit and venom is one incredible night of lesbian sex" Courtney said with a smirk and I had to admit I was just a little bit jealous that suddenly she was no longer flirting with me.

"You just said five minutes ago that I was way cute and now you're fucking my friend with your eyes" I said as she stepped in front of me and grinned.

"Are we jealous? Someone wants my attention only on them huh?" She asked as she playfully flicked my hair.

"Yeh I do" I said as she grinned. "I mean..."

"I can do that, anyway that was just an idle comment about Molly, I have a serious thing for blonde's" She said with her eyes trained on me. She has beautiful eyes too. "Especially ones who read Shakespeare and let people think their not as smart as they really are. I have a thing for those kind of blonde's."

"MINDY!" I heard Molly scream from across the library. Real smart ain't she? Screaming in a library. And I'm the dumb one? LOL.

"Oh boy I gotta go" I said as Courtney smiled. "I'll see ya?"

"Same time tomorrow if you want..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I swear that Mindy is full of surprises, standing up to me over that whore Courtney and walking back to the dorm with me arm and arm and apologizing like she had done something wrong. Girl reminds me a lot of Chloe, but under the surface I think there's another girl just begging to be let out and it wasn't the sweet and naive girl we had all come to love. I think the girl is just coming out of her shell and when she does most of us are gonna be shocked at what we see. I mean her standing up to me was a first but I've only known her a little while and I thought she'd never do that. Well it's good that she feels she can do that with me without fear of me not being her friend. She met Dakota by the front entrance and hugged her happily as I smiled and watched them kiss, but got the weirdest feeling in that moment that something had changed.

That feeling sort of stuck with me as I walked up the steps to my dorm room and found Chloe on my bed with the headphones on bobbing her head to the beat. She had her back to the door and was obviously lost in the music. I closed the door and gently crawled on to the bed and got over the back of her thighs, not believing she hadn't noticed yet as I lowered down and gently moved her hair, I felt her tense as she froze and felt a pair of lips on her bare shoulder. I smiled as she looked back and I lowered my body onto hers. She smiled back as she slipped off the headphones.

"Hey my girl" She said as she kissed me softly. "Thought I was being seduced by a horny stranger."

"Nope just your horny girlfriend" I said as she laughed and I laid down beside her. "I love you so much."

"Enough to gimme some in the middle of the day?" She asked with a tongue poke to her cheek as I laughed.

"You know I will" I said as she pulled me to the center of the bed and got over my stomach. "MMMMM baby, just take what you want."

"Noooo" She said as she leaned down onto her elbows and kissed me. "I just like being on top of you."


"I'm not your girlfriend though" She said pointedly and again confusing me. "Not officially cause you never did ask me. I'm your girl..."

"Weird" I said as she giggled. "I seriously didn't think about that till now, you do wanna be? My Girlfriend."

"Yessss" She said excitedly as she kissed me. "I'm in love with you. You're all I ever wanna do."

"Same and don't you start thinking otherwise" I said with a smile. "I told you I'd be good to you."

"God I know, I never thought it could be like this" She said with an adoring smile. "You let me cry when I need to and you hold me even if I don't ask. You basically let me move in with you. You won't let Maxie hurt me again, I love you Molly Harris."

"I love you..." I said as the phone began ringing and my heart sank. Knowing it was no doubt bad news or someone I didn't wanna talk to. "...NOOOOOOO!"

"Calm down I'll get it" She said as she got up.

"Let it fucker ring" I said as I stopped her from picking it up with my hand gently on hers as she gripped it. "Every time that damn thing rings it tries to rip my world apart. I can't take life without you Chloe Morgan."

"It won't be bad news" She said soothingly with a soft kiss.

"Oh yeah I'm sure..." I said as I looked at the call box and said, "'s my worthless parents."

"Good, let's introduce them to your new girlfriend" Chloe said as I rolled my eyes and she picked up the phone.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello, this is the girlfriend of Molly Harris speaking" I said as Molly laughed. "Can I help you?"

"Excuse me?" A male voice asked.

"I said this is the girlfriend of Molly Harris speaking" I repeated. "Is that a problem?"

"Well I'm not sure" He said as I felt confused. "Can I ask your name?"

"Names Chloe Morgan sir" I said softly and was shocked, as was Molly, that this had gone so well so far. "Is this her father?"

"Yes it is, Eugene Harris" He said in an almost charming voice as I mouthed to Molly, "He's being nice to me."

"It's nice to meet you" I said and hoped it wasn't gonna turn nasty now but figuring it was coming from the way Molly had talked about her less than evolved parents.

"Well, it's nice to meet you too" He said as I smiled and Molly pretended to faint on the bed. "I'm assuming she's sitting right by you and refusing to talk to me, so can I ask you a few simple questions?"

"She's actually laying on the bed sir" I said as I took a seat at the desk. "You can ask me anything."

"Is Molly ok?" He asked. "Emotionally, you I hope would know that if you are so close as to call yourself her girlfriend."

"Molly is wonderful" I said as Molly gave me a confused look. "She has gotten over most of...well she's doing good now and she's better to me than anyone ever has been. My ex used to hit me and Molly saved me and won't let her hurt me again. And I call myself her girlfriend because she asked me and I said yes. I love your daughter very much."

"Yeh..." He said and I knew he was struggling to except what I had just said, I think. "She saved you?"

"My ex, names Maxie, hit me a few times like I said" I said softly as Molly seemed to be listening. "She hit me twice on the same ear and it still hurts a little and well anyway, ummmmmm, I came to see Molly and Maxie tried to hurt me again and Molly defended me. Maxie's pretty tough too."

"WOW and what do your parents think of that?" He asked.

"My dad doesn't call much and my mother is gone sir" I said as Molly slipped into the chair behind me and hugged me around the waist.

"I'm sorry to hear that" He said as I smiled. "Molly hasn't wanted to have anything to do with me since her friend Megan had a confrontation with my wife, Molly's mother. I may have made a few too many mistakes for her to forgive me now. But I won't stop calling and trying to get my daughter back."

"I know the story and at the risk of ruining a nice conversation, you suck for letting your wife hit that Megan girl" I said firmly. "No one deserves to be hit, no matter what they do. Unless they hit you first. I'm pretty sure whatever Megan and Molly were doing wasn't that bad."

"WOW" He said simply.

"Well I feel the same about Molly as she does about me and I won't let anyone hurt her" I said, "And I have news for your wife sir, if she wants to attack me, I may sound like a push over but I'd love to see her try it."

"She won't be attacking anyone else" He said softly. "And I respect you for saying what you did in the way you did it. My daughters and wife are not exactly known for tact."

"This is true" I said as we both laughed.

"Who the hell are you talking to Eugene?" I heard a nasty sounding voice ask as Molly put her head beside mine and I let her listen.

"Barbara calm down, I'm having a nice conversation with Molly's...Molly's friend" He said softly.

"What the hell are you doing talking to a 15 year old girl you pervert?" She asked as we both had to cover our mouths to keep from laughing. "Planning to fuck her and Molly both like that whoring daughter of yours did."

"What?" I asked in a whisper as Molly grinned sheepishly. "You really did do it with your sister huh?"

"And Megan" She said softly as my lip dropped in shock. God that's hot.

"Gimme the fuckin phone" Barabra said in a nasty tone and then into the phone she snapped, "Who are you?"

"Your daughters girlfriend Ma'am" I said respectfully.

"Well you can consider that relationship over and you are to stay away from my daughter you little faggot" She spat as I covered Molly's mouth and asked her with my eyes to let me handle this. "I am her mother, I brought her into this world and I'll take her out..."

"But her pussy is so sweet" I said and couldn't believe I had said that. I heard a gasp and knew it had the intended effect as I bet the bitch was about to faint. "Just love sticking my tongue in there it's so tight."

"MMMMMMMMMM Chloe" Molly moaned as I almost laughed. "Oh god baby you're so good to me."

"STOP THAT YOU FAGGOTS" Barbara screamed in an attempt I know to get a rise out of both of us.

"Barabra please give me the phone" I heard Eugene say in a remarkably calm voice.

"NOOOOOO" She screamed, "They are over here having sexual relations in the most vulgar of terms."

"Only to get a rise out of you" Eugene said.

"Fuck you Eugene you small dick bastard" Barabra said as Molly started laughing out loud. Then back into the phone Barabra said, "You listen to me you give the phone to my daughter you little fucking whore and no more smart mouth from you."

"MMMMMMMMM Molly, my sweet baby" I moaned as Molly hugged me tighter and laid her face against my neck to keep from laughing out loud. "MMMMMMMM baby you gonna make me cum on your tongue. Stick it in my pussy so far."

"OHMIGOD" Barabra as I moaned louder to draw the attention back to me.

"OHHHH OHHHH MMMMMMMM cumming Molly, sweet baby I'm cumming" I moaned and I thought it sounded like the real thing. "Cumming on your tongue, MMMMMMMM, so good to me."

"That's...ohmigod that is....vulgar and...repulsive...ohmigod..." Barabra gasped as Molly and I both rolled in laughter. "I'm...gonna be sick."

"MMMMMMM hey mommy" Molly said as she took the phone. "You called at such a bad time. Can you call me back in an hour or so? I need to make Chloe cum about five or six times before she's satisfied, not that I mind, she always returns the favor."

"Sure do baby" I said into the reciever. " good to me."

"You little faggot you so much..." Barabra stammered in disbelieve. "I'm coming down there AND I'M GONNA BEAT HER LITTLE WHORING ASS FOR WHAT SHE'S DOING TO YOU."

"Bring it on you bitch" I said as I took the phone back. "I'll meet you in town at a place called Fast Eddie's Eats if you wanna fight me. I'm beat the hate out of you, try me you heartless red state homophobe."

"Are you threatening me?"

"YES I AM, YOU STUPID WHORE, YOUR DAUGHTER is not a faggot and neither am I" I said as my voice went from screaming to soft back to screaming and then back to calm, "SHUT UP WHORE AND FUCKIN LISTEN, I love Molly more than you can ever know and it's an honest love, a pure love. She is so gentle with me and she protects me from my ex who used to beat the hell out of me. And if you think for one GOD DAMN SECOND I'll let you hurt her or me, you are stupid bitch. I know for a fact that I can kick your ass and this won't be another Megan situation."

"Megan?" She asked in total shock.

"Molly's ex you stupid bitch, the one you attacked for one reason" I said as I stood and shook with rage. "PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO COME DOWN HERE AND TRY TO HURT MY GIRL AGAIN...I'll whip your god damn ass up and down main street and yesss this is a threat on your life. I'LL KILL YOU FOR HER."

"OHMIGOD" She said in total disbelief and shock at what I had threatened as Molly hugged me and said plenty loud enough for the phone to pick it up, "I love you more than I ever loved Megan."

"Gimme the damn phone Barabra" Eugene said in a demanding voice as a struggle sounded like it had broken out.

"SHE'S MY FAGGOT DAUGHTER I'M GONNA HAVE HER FIXED" Barabra screamed in a panic as the phone sounded like it crashed to the floor.

"Call her that again woman..." Eugene said in a loud voice.

"FAGGOT" Came Barabra's reply and that was followed by what sounded like a thunderous slap and her cry for help as another slap followed and a third one. Her cries for help ending as a thump could be heard.

"Ohmigod" Molly said in shock as the other end of the line went dead. "I think my Dad just lost it."

"Sounded like he hit her"

"Yeh I guess" Molly said as I hugged her and dropped the phone as I kissed her.

"I love you more than I ever did Maxie" I said with an honest smile.

"I was hoping you did" She said as we kissed softly again.