Scent of a Girl - Episode 19 "Heaven Sent Me You"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I saw her, Shelby that is, standing by the mirror as I came out of my bedroom in the standard issue Mintzler Prep uni, all ready for school. She was of course wearing everything I was, but the skirt. My eyes opened wide as I saw her butt for the first time in a thong. Oh lord, please tell me you sent her to earth for me with a butt like that. She awakened something inside me that I had tried to suppress since I had first felt it, sexual attraction. Meaning you lose your cool over someones body and this is one time my body was telling me to love it and my brain was telling me it was useless. I shook my head and finally turned away as apparently my brain had won that battle. That's when I heard giggling in the bathroom as I looked back and saw her smiling at me. "What?"

"You like my butt" Shelby said as I blushed and she giggled again and knew she was right. "Cindy the Ice Princess is horny for Shelby."

"No I am not" I said in a demanding voice and then groaned as I became frustrated with myself and saw the smile leave her face. "I didn't mean that Shelby, please believe me?"

"Whatever" She said as she turned and walked back into the bathroom and went back to brushing her hair. I fought myself the whole way to the bathroom to just turn off this emotion that was feeling so good to me and just pretend like it wasn't there. Stopping behind her, I tensed for a second and almost let myself walk away until I stopped. "What's wrong?"

"This" I said as I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her warmly. Feeling my body go crazy with emotions I had never wanted to feel. She smiled at me in the mirror, a slightly confused smile but she did. She relaxed back into me and let me hold her. "I'm going crazy."

"No you're not, you're holding me, this is nice" She said as she smiled. "Please don't quit?"

"I feel so much better now" I said as I pulled her tight to me. "I wish it wasn't so hard for me to show someone I care."

"I'm not seeing hard, I'm seeing Cynthia Sullivan doing a good job of making me feel how she does" Shelby said.

"My names not Cynthia" I said as she looked at me in confusion.

"Well I just assumed that with your nickname being Cindy..."

"Let's pretend it is then" I said.

"No, what is your name?" Shelby asked as she laid her head against mine. "Show me you care, tell me a secret you apparently don't want anyone else to know."

"I do care" I said as I found my hand touch her cheek as I watched both of us smile. OK, I wanna know who's doing this mushy shit, cause I sure can't get the courage do it, not like this. HELLO, ANYONE THERE? "More and more."

"Me too, every night I'm getting closer to you and over Maxie" She said as she turned and melted my heart when she kissed my cheek. "Tell me please? Between me and you."

"It's Cinderella" I said as she smiled so bright and I was already to walk away if she started laughing but she didn't. Unlike everyone else who has ever found out.

"That's beautiful, unusual but sooo cool" She said. "Will you go to the ball with me Cinderella?"

"Not funny" I said.

"We got a dance coming up" She said softly as she held on to the sleeves of my shirt and wouldn't let me pull away. "If you would go with me, I'd love to."

"Cinderella's never been to a ball" I said as Shelby smiled. "Are you my Princess?"

"You tell me cause it sure feels like you like me" Shelby said as my heart raced a million miles a minute. "Tell me."

"OK, I do, a lot" I said as she looked down for a moment and said, "Me too, OK?"


"Yeh a lot too" She said. "I love seeing you melt."

"I'm melting, I'm melting" I said and trying to sound like the witch from the 'Wizard of OZ' movie. Shelby laughed and hugged me. That felt so good as we stood there for the longest time in each others arms just enjoying the feeling of being close to someone you cared for.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What are you doing here?" Eddie asked with a surprised expression on his face as I opened the door to Sarah's apartment. He was holding two plates of what looked to be steaming hot food in his hands and from that little clue alone he knew I had to be here. "She run her boyfriend off?"

"She doesn't have a boyfriend, but she does have me" I said as Eddie smiled and I knew he heartily approved of my comment. I stepped outside as he handed me the food and closed the door behind me for a second. "Something wrong?"

"You need to be good to Sarah" He said in a stern father type voice, one which usually makes me mad as hell. But with Eddie it was different, he didn't have to try and be 'all father figure' on me but I think he does it because he really cares and maybe more than I know.

"I am Eddie, I don't think I've screwed up yet" I said as he smiled and handed me the food.

"That's good, because you listen to me..." He said as I took the food, "...Darlene and I for better or worse have gotten attached to you two and I will not be taking sides if you two start fighting like feuding bitches. So here's some advice..."


"You can pick your battles, meaning you don't have to fight over everything to feel superior" Eddie said.

"I don't want her to feel like she's beneath me, that was Derek's style not mine" I said, "I'm still in therapy and I'm really learning how to make decisions and consider another persons feelings first. I do with her."

"Good cause that girl is fragile after the crap that Derek put her through and one more heartbreak like that and I'm scared..."

"Not gonna happen" I said as he smiled and I lowered my voice. "Eddie, she don't know this yet but I am in love with her."

"Yeh that's a shock" He said with a laugh as Darlene appeared at the door of the diner and screamed Eddie's name. "Well the ole ball and chain is bellowing I best git. Enjoy the breakfast."

"Always do, you da master with eggs and bacon" I said as he smiled and walked off with a wave of the hand. Turning to go back inside I caught a sight that I never intended to, Sarah in a bath towel, standing in front of the mirror with the back hanging open a bit. WOW. I only saw a side of butt cheek to be honest. And you know what crossed my mind first? Who knew she had an all over tan, no tan lines too, I think. Damn, Maxie Bradlidge you are one lucky bitch. Unfortunately for me, she caught on way to quick and jumped and turned around as I laughed. "WOOHOO Sarah Rae got a tan."

"Peeping Taylor" She said with an embarrassed smile as she pushed the bathroom door shut.

"You know you wanted me to see" I said as I sat the food down on the counter and got out some forks and two cold soda's. Sitting down on the living room side of the counter, my usual spot. Just as she emerged from the bathroom in jammer (PJ shorts) bottoms and a t-shirt that looked to be a little too tight.

"You shouldn't have seen that" She said as she sat down on the kitchen end of the counter and noticed the food, "Eddie?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmmmm" I said with a mouthful of food and a nod of the head, "And why not? It's not like I was watching for that."

"Because Tay, you're 15 and I'm 18" She said with a worried look in her eyes. God that comment about stopped my heart as I was suddenly scared she was gonna start pulling away and intentionally destroy what we had going.

"Nooo, you do not have to worry about that" I said with a determined voice as I sat down my fork and crossed around the counter into the kitchen and was relieved when she accepted my arms around her as she sat on the stool. "We are not doing anything wrong. And if we did and someone found out, I would lie my ass off for you. No one is gonna hurt you with me here. No one, do you hear me?"

"Yeh" She said as she slipped off the stool and into my arms. "I get it Tay."

"Besides I'm not looking to get laid anyway" I said as I touched her face, weird how the oddest of things become clear in situations like these. Like, her hair is so beautiful when it's straight and curves around her face naturally, we are both at the same eye level (same height) and how this, caring for someone in a gentle way has become so much easier for me. "But if I did, you are the only girl I can picture doing that with."

"Tay, you might never get laid with me, cause I don't like girls that way" She said with a challenging smile. "I only pretended when I kissed you."

"Here's your Oscar Sarah Rae" I said as I picked up her soda and handed it to her as she laughed. "You convinced me I know that."

"I just don't wanna get to lost in you and realize you aren't as in to me as I am with you" She said, my heart soaring at that bit of information. My heart took over then and I said what it wanted too.

"I am in love with you Sarah Rae" I said as I gently put a hand on each of her cheeks and saw her smile spread, it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life, I swear.

"Taylor" She said as she pointed a finger at me and looked to be about to cry, "Please repeat that?"

"I am in love with you Sarah Rae" I said softly and kissed her.

"I am so feeling the same way too" She said as she hugged me and we touched foreheads. "I'm in love with you too."

"Yeh I kinda thought so" I said as she giggled and the smile never left her face. "I am so glad everything went down the way it did, cause I get to be with you now, right?"

"Yeh you do" She said as she kissed me softly. Her lips starting the rhythm this time against mine and for once I didn't stiff lip it and ruin the whole moment. I relaxed and let her take control of the situation, her tongue licking mine in a surprise as I matched her passion and soon our tongues massaged against the others. Ohmigod I love that sensation, this is why I like girls. So soft and sweet and tantalizingly hot, is this what I was missing with Chloe? God no wonder she hates me now, this is enough to want to kill someone to feel again. Well at least now she has Molly and I know for a fact that she is a hell of a kisser. And now I'm in love too, Sarah Rae has my heart and I have hers, and I will die before I break her heart the way I did Chloe's. I wanna say this and I know it may sound weird but I wanna say this: Thank you god for giving me the courage to go to therapy and most of all for giving me Sarah to love. Wait, didn't John Michael Montgomery do a song like that? 'Heaven Sent Me You' I think it was called.

"WOW Tay you kill me with those lips" Sarah said with an adoring smile. "It's like heaven on earth."

"Heaven Sent Me You" I said simply as she kissed me again. "Feels that way."

"John Michael Montgomery?" She asked.

"I think so" I said, "Why?"

"Would you dance with me if I played it?" She asked honestly.

"I've seen your CD's you don't have that" I said as she smiled and looked to our plates of food and said, "Let's finish and I'll show you what I mean. Will you dance with me if I do?"

"I'm not a good dancer" I said as she kissed me and said, "Good neither am I. Eat."

20 minutes later she was dressed and dragged me out of her apartment just as my watch read 8:00 a.m., which meant I had an hour before I had to be to school, free first period. Eddie and Darlene were certainly surprised to see us as Sarah dragged me along by the hand into the diner and to the back to the jukebox by the ice machine. I didn't even think it worked, it never has since I been coming here.

"Will you tell me what you're doing?" I asked as we stopped in front of it and she searched for a minute with her finger and then started jumping around excitedly as she found it. "Well?"

"Look..." She said as she pointed at the song listing. "...John Michael Montgomery, Heaven Sent Me You."

"We can't play it though" I said as Sarah gave me a knowing smile as she turned.



"Does the jukebox work?" She asked.

"I doubt it" He said from the front counter, "Plug it in and try it, I never got time to mess with it after we bought it a few years ago."

"Here goes nothing" Sarah said as she found the plug and slipped it into the juice. A moment of silence and then like magic the jukebox started playing a song like it had been cut off in the middle of it. We smacked a high five at our 'achievement' and grinned at each other as a small round of applause filled the place. Sarah popped a quarter in and selected the track she wanted as the next song wound down and we both hoped it was gonna work. She took my hand and pulled me towards the counter, stopping in front of it and saying, "Come on Tay, you're gonna dance with me."

"You've been warned" I said as she laughed. Darlene just coming out of the kitchen as she joined Eddie at the counter.

"Ok listen you bums" Sarah said aloud, "This next song is special to me, so if anyone has a problem with me dancing with Taylor please just keep it to yourself and no stupid remarks please?"

"I don't like it one damn bit" Mel said as Sarah glared at him. "You should be dancing with me beautiful."

"Right there Mel" I said as I flipped him off and we both laughed. "Sarah is my girl now."

"I've never seen blue eyes filled with so much love..." Came the voice of John Michael Montgomery as it played so perfectly over the jukebox and the place got quiet. Sarah smiling as she took my hand and pulled me to her, her arms going around my neck and mine around her waist as we started to dance. "I never thought I'd find what I found in your touch."

"Someone up there must like me 'cause I'm Lookin' at the proof. There's no doubt about it" He sang as I pulled her into my arms tighter and she held onto me like I was the most important thing in the world to her. She is to me, I know that. In those few moments, no one else existed on this earth as I danced with the girl I'd fallen in love with. "Heaven sent me you..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Cute blond at 5 o'clock" A Voice said in my ear as I tensed up for a second and then figuring out it was no doubt someone friendly I turned to see a smiling Courtney. "Hey."

"Hey" I said with a smile a little bigger than intended. "You talking about me?"

"Yeh I was shakespeare" She said as I laughed. "You so smart."

"Don't make fun of me..."

"I'm not, cause I think you're smarter than you let on" She said. "Wanna head to the library with me?"

"Want me to read to you huh?" I asked as she laughed and I loved being able to pick on someone else and them not make me feel stupid.

"Oh yeah like you could" Courtney said as I laughed as she backed away and I slammed my locker and grabbed my book bag and chased after her. You know it sucks running with a sling. I had just caught up to her at the door when I saw Veronica, the big ape lumbering up the front walk to the building. "What's wrong?"

"That big ape is the one who hurt my arm, she terrorizes me" I said as Courtney turned to see Veronica with her wrist now in a cast coming in.

"Don't move she's gonna have to go through me to get to you this time" Courtney said as she moved in front of me and 'Shrek' spotted us and glared at me.

"You got a problem Shrek?" Courtney asked as she picked up a broom and twisted the top off and challenged Veronica to start something. "Mindy's not scared of you anymore you fat pig."

"You talking awfully bad for someone who needs a weapon" Veronica spat.

"You I got a weapon, your hideous face could stop traffic" Courtney said as Veronica glared at her. "And that gut is big enough to hurt someone just by swinging it at them."

"That's two good ones" I giggled as Courtney smiled.

"You better watch it Mindy, the little blond whore won't always have someone to protect her" Veronica said as I froze and my heart started beating fast and I just wanted to run.

"Don't let her do this to you anymore" Courtney said in a demanding voice as she turned to me, me keeping my eyes on Veronica to make sure she wasn't gonna jump Courtney from behind. Courtney picked up her bag and pressed her body to mine and pushed a square black box into my sling and my hand. "Here you're gonna pay her back right now."

"What is that?"

"It's a fuckin stun gun, I'll distract her and you nail her with it" She said as I took hold of it and she placed my fingers on the button. I squeezed it for a split second and saw the electricty flow as she grinned and showed me exactly how to use it. "You can do this, she won't bother you again if you do."

"I'm scared" I said and being shocked to my core when she leaned forward a bit and kissed me softly on the lips. God I felt like I could fight a lion for this girl after she had done that and I know she had to see the smile on my face then cause I know I saw one to match mine on her face. "Will you help me?"

"Yes, of course I will, I'm not gonna let her hurt you, now will do it for me?" She asked with a smile and after that kiss, ohmigod what a kiss, it had melted every bit of my fear away and suddenly with her in front of me I felt ten feet tall and bulletproof. "Keep it inside your sling and when 'Shrek' lumbers after me follow us behind the building, back by the tall shrubbery?"

"Yeh why there?" I asked.

"No one's gonna see us and we'll zap her fat ass" Courtney said with a grin that made me wanna kiss her right then.

"Ok" I said as Courtney smiled and touched my injured arm in a way that made all the pain go away as she then turned around and flipped Veronica off.

"YOU WANT SOME SHREK?" Courtney screamed as she backed out of the front doors of the building as Veronica glanced one more time at me and then chased after Courtney, I knew then I had to do it. I grabbed both mine and Courtney's book bags and followed after Veronica as she lumbered after Courtney. Around the side of the building and behind the tall shrubbery just like Courtney had planned. I got there and dropped our book bags just as Veronica caught up to Courtney. I froze in fear as Courtney swing her weapon and it landed squarely on 'Shrek's' leg. Staggering the fat pig but being able to knock away Courtney's stick as she grabbed her by the hair. I pulled the stun gun out of my sling as I decided it was now or never. I moved closer in a determined march towards the two and froze again as I heard Courtney scream in fear. But the next scream was the one that changed my life, "HELP ME MINDY, DO IT ALREADY. SHE'S HURTING MY NECK."

"I'll break your neck whore" Veronica screamed as she looked back and saw me standing there again terrified and shoved Courtney to the ground as she smiled and came after me. "Little Mindy's gonna get hurt bad this time. No one to protect her this time."

"FUCK YOU SHREK" I screamed as I willed my rage from all the times she had terrorized me to take over and it did. I showed her the stun gun as she froze in fear. Something she relished seeing in me, I did just what Courtney had showed me and prayed it would work as she lunged forward to try and knock it away. I stuck it to her fat gut and heard a sizzling sound and Veronica screamed and fell to the ground and lay there shaking like she was having a siezure. I didn't know what to do as Courtney grabbed her stick and blasted Veronica in the shoulder and all the rage from every time 'Shrek' had terrorized me came back in a rush. I waited for her to look up at me as I spit in her face, just like she had done to me.

"DO IT AGAIN, SHOW HER WHO SHE'S FUCKING WITH" Courtney said as I stuck the gun to Veronica's leg and I watched as she shook in pain and screamed until Courtney pulled me off and grabbed my book bag. "Come on we got her. Let's go."

"Oh god, somebody please help me" Veronica whimpered as she still shook in pain as we disappeared into the bushes behind the building and came out on the other side as I hid the stun gun in my sling. God what a feeling it was to know I had just took down my biggest enemy. Courtney led the way as we basically took the back way across the entire campus, through every hole and alley in the whole place (girl knows this campus like the back of her hand). Finally coming to a stop behind the library as she looked around and saw no one as she smiled. She saw the smile on my face and knew she had helped me.

"Thank you..."

"Now how you feeling?" She asked as she moved close to me. "Ten feet tall and bulletproof huh?"

"Yeh it's amazing" I said as she leaned forward and kissed me. I resisted for a second but then I made the mistake of kissing her back. My lips moved against hers in such a perfect way it made me feel so good. She pulled away before I wanted her too and yes I know it was wrong but she made me feel so different than everyone else I had ever met. "WOW."

"Yeh I heard it could be like that...that was so good" Courtney said softly. "You did so good back there."

"I did?"

"Yeh you showed her you're not the dumb little blond that's scared of her own shawdow, you're Mindy Sullivan, bad ass" Courtney said as I laughed and looked around and handed her back the stun gun. "No you keep that, just don't show it to anyone ok?"


"Yeh I want you to be protected" She said with a sweet smile. "She might try it again, who knows. She can't hurt you with that on your side."

"I hope not" I said as she hugged me and I hugged her back.

"She can't hurt you anymore and you just showed her you'll stand up for yourself" Courtney said and her voice lowering to a growl, "Now tell me are you dumb?"

"No" I said as my heart sank and thinking she thought that.

"I said Mindy Sullivan are you a dumb blond, come on fire back" She demanded.

"NOOOOOOOO" I screamed in her face. "And fuck you if you think I am."

"Is she gonna pick on you anymore?"

"NOOOOO fat pig is gonna get hurt if she fucks with me anymore" I growled as Courtney smiled.

"Mindy Sullivan will you please go out with me?" Courtney asked as she leaned in and kissed me again and in those few moments my world stood still, ohmigod what was I gonna do? The next words that came out of my mouth certainly didn't help matters.

"I'd love to" I said as she smiled and we hugged again. This time her forehead touching mine and both of us smiling, she made me feel so strong and like I could survive on my own. I wanted so bad to feel that way all the time now. "You are so pretty."

"I got a thing for cute blond's with an attitude you know?" She asked as I giggled.

"Is that me?" I asked.

"It sure is" She said with a soft caressing of my cheek and a sweet smile. I couldn't help but kiss her. Softly on the lips too, god I love kissing her so much, her lips feel so good on mine and the things she makes me feel is just so different than what I feel with Dakota. Oh god, Dakota? My girlfriend. Oh god I am in so much trouble. HELP ME!