Scent of a Girl - Episode 2 "Come See Me Early in the Morning"

Written by: TVM (



Sometimes events in your life inspire the most erotic of dreams. This was definately one of those very occasions. I had spent my first night in my new bed, dreaming of the most erotic threesome of my life and yes I am including the one with Megan and Holly. So safe to say I woke the next morning horny as all hell and could not get the events of the previous night out of my mind. The taste of Chloe and Maxie's (Chloe's mostly) girl cum was still on my lips and if I do say so myself it's still a sweet taste the next morning. There was something so incredibly hot about Maxie and Chloe and the way they made me feel. More to the point, it was Chloe and the way she kissed and touched me. God I hadn't been so hot since...well, Megan.

I lay in bed, in the quiet and solitude of my new room, for a long time and relived each and every moment as I licked Chloe's sweet pussy, at the same time my hand danced around my clit and gave me the pleasure I so badly needed after such an erotic dream. I had just started rolling my tongue at the entrance to her bald little cunny as her moans increased and my clit responded in the way I knew it would and brought me near the mountain top and was threatening to push me over. I was really moaning to myself when it happened...a knock at my door. OHMIGOD, I could have thrown a hammer at that person right then as I stopped without being about feel that wonderful explosion, that I so badly needed, and it faded away. I jerked the covers off and grumbled a "hold on" as I slipped into an old baseball jersey that was hanging on the back of my desk chair. Thankfully it's over sized so it comes down to my mid thighs and there was no need to put on panties. Yet.

"Yeh?" I asked as I jerked the door open and saw the object of my fantasies standing in the doorway looking so hot it made me wanna jump her right there. It was Chloe, with her hair in a ponytail and wearing a Harley bandana, in a pair of tight jeans and a belly shirt that was notciably too small for her frame. God she was gorgeous.

"Bad time?" She asked as she bit her lip and half smiled. My anger suddenly faded.

"It's never a bad time when you come to my door hottie" I said with a smile as I watched her blush and take a step forward.

"What's up?"

"Sleeping mostly" I said giggling as Chloe turned and looked at me as I closed my door.

"Sorry..I woke you?" She asked as her smile faded into a nervous smile.

"Ummmmmm..actually no" I said. "I been up for a while."

"OH good" She said smiling again, "Thought I could give you a tour of the campus, if you want."

"That's actually a good idea" I said, "I got lost yesterday on my way back here after assembly."

"Yeh it's a big campus" Chloe said as I watched her eyes go up and down my body and I couldn't help but think she was seriously checking me out. And in the moment I was loving the fact that it was happening, even though the fact that she had a serious girlfriend kept creeping into my mind. I wanted desperately to make it ok. And for the moment I did, with the thought that all she was doing was looking, no touching, so it was ok. "So you shower yet?"

"Not yet and...I definately need one" I said sniffing under my arms as Chloe laughed and sat down on my bed and took the remote to my small TV, a small 13 inch my mother so lovingly gave me. Flicking it on she laid back and said she'd just wait while I did, if I hurried.

~ ~ ~ ~ \/ {* ~ *} \/ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the next part of the story I thought maybe I could tell it better cause the stuff going on inside my head was probably what you need to hear about to understand what happens next.

I laid back on Molly's bed and watched her as she got some clean clothes and a towel and got ready for the shower. If she thought I was checking her out every chance I got she was damn right. Cause I was. She has the most perfect body this 15 year old girl has ever seen. OHMIGOD, she is hotter than any girl I have ever met in my life and that includes my current girlfriend, Maxie Bradlidge. It's not that Molly is so much better looking either, cause Maxie is a serious looker with plenty of attention from other people, it's the fact that I felt a connection with Molly instantly. And after just one night with her, well her and Maxie of course, but for me it was her that drove me crazy, I was addicted. God I am so screwed, I lay in bed this morning since 4:00 am, watching Maxie sleep peacefully without a worry in the world. Not knowing that her girlfriend was thinking of another girl, hell fantasizing about her even. For like two solid hours, why did I have to meet this girl? Trust me I asked myself that all morning. Including the time when I snuck out of the room early this morning, even before Maxie rose and got a shower. A half hour later I was on my way over here and hoping that Molly would be happy to see me. Which she wasn't I know, but she did flirt with me, so maybe there's hope. God what am I saying, I have a girlfriend and I'm hoping another girl whom I just met less than 24 hours ago would be happy to see me. These are the kind of insane thoughts that ran threw my head the entire time I lay there waiting for Molly to shower. By the time she got back I was ready to confess my love almost. lol.

"You're losing it girl" I muttered to myself as Molly finally made her way back into the room, now clad in only a bathrobe and smelling of a sweet aroma that made me wanna jump her on the spot. If I didn't leave right now and get her off my mind I was gonna be in some serious shit, cause I know how I am. Anyway I made the quick decision to get out while the getting was good and never talk to her again (insane I know, but it's how my brain works). I slipped off the bed as Molly did something so unexpected that I was froze in place. She slipped out of her robe and and dropped it on the bed and stood before me nude, her back to me. I think my eyes bugged out so far I strained them. Taking in her beauty once again in all it's glory.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" She asked over her shoulder as she slipped into a gold thong and I could see her baby smooth pussy lips just a little as she bent over. HELP ME! Next she put on a shirt and again looked at me for my answer. My eyes never leaving her body. "Chloe?"

"What? No?" I finally said as I snapped out of my daze and quickly turned away. All thoughts of leaving suddenly vanishing from my mind. She then slipped on a pair of skimpy short shorts and sat down to put on her shoes and socks as I again got lost in stairing at her legs which were toned to perfection it looked. I plead insanity for the next five seconds or so as my mouth opened and the following words came out completely on their own. They were true you see but I still claim I had no previous knowledge of them being prepared. "You are so hot."

"I am?" She asked with a very flirty and confident smile that made me wanna....well it made me wanna do and feel things I shouldn't.

"Yes you are" I heard my brain respond and a huge smile spread across my face as she replied, "Takes one to know one. Sexy."

"You sure you got a girlfriend?" She said with a tone to her voice that made me wanna faint. I so wanted to know if she was serious but I could see she was in flirt mode and there's nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting, right?

"Yeh too bad huh?"

"Well maybe for me, not for you" She replied as we left the room and closed the door behind us. "Maxie's a real hottie too."

"That she is..." I commented and then thought inside my head, "...but you're hotter."

"Bet she's good to you" Molly commented as we left the building and headed right to the path that lead to the Academy's swimming and tennis center. "How could she not be."

"Yeh she was..I mean is" I said as I prayed secretly she wouldn't notice my slip up. She stopped me by touching my arm, just that touch made me want her more. And I just knew she was gonna question me further on the topic, until I saw my saving grace. "That up there is the swimming pool and tennis courts."

"Ohhhhhh cool" She said as she looked to where I was pointing and the moment seemed to quickly pass.

"Yeh I think they finished the second pool over the summer" I said as we walked closer and then pointing to the tennis courts, "I used to play a lot of tennis."

"Yeh I can tell" She said looking down at my legs and seemingly liking what she saw. "There's something sexy about a soft flat stomach and toned legs."

"MMMM yeh there is" I said as I smiled and looked at her and we seemed to get lost in a serious moment of eye to eye longing or so it looked to me. She wasn't starring at my nose, I know that and most importantly she was smiling directly at me. "So can I ask a personal question?"

"Wish you would" She said smiling and leaning her head against the fence we had stopped in front of.

"How did you end up here?" I asked, "Robbed a bank?"

"Noooooooooo" She said laughing, "I got caught doing something though, just wasn't anything illegal."

"Don't tell me you borrowed the family car for a joy ride over the weekend?" I said as she laughed harder and pushed my shoulder gently and replied, "Nooooo again, I said nothing illegal."

"Well what was it?" I asked suddenly becoming very interested in this new chosen topic. "I won't tell."

"It's not really a big secret" She commented as she turned to look down at the tennis courts and then back at me with a devilish grin before she broke the news that shocked me. "I got caught in the middle of a threesome with my girlfriend and sis.....a friend....named sissy."

"HOLY SHIT" I said as my hand went to my mouth in shock and she smiled and gave me this knowing look. But what sorta caught my attention was the way she caught herself on the name of her friend. It almost sounded like she was about to say sister instead of her friend Sissy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sure if I would do it with either of my own sisters (I have two by the way, 12 and 17) if given the chance. But I'd certainly consider it and there's no doubt it's a nice turn on as a fantasy. God what am I babbling about? Have you stopped reading yet? OK back to the story. "Are you serious?"  

"Would I say if it wasn't true?" She asked as I looked into those beautiful eyes.

"Well you could" I said teasingly as she smiled at me, "But I bet you're not, cause you sure seemed comfortable last night. So I was thinking you'd no doubt did it before."

"Last night?" She asked without a hint of a smile and I almost panicked in the moment when the insane thought of her not remembering came to mind. Then she stepped a bit closer and asked in a lower, sexier voice. "Why was there something interesting I missed? HMMMMMM?"

"I did my very first threesome with two girls" I said as I blushed and for some reason felt so sexy in that moment and with Molly's confident smile and her looking me straight in the eyes I thought I was gonna cream my panties. Then came my first bout of babbling on the day and trust me it wouldn't be my last. "Best night of my life and this one girl...the new girl we met..she's the most amazing lover I've ever been with. She seriously made me feel better than anyone ever has, times 2 or maybe 10, I'm really not sure. She just does it so so well. And so she can do this thing with her tongue that's like Wow."

"Me?" She asked as I just then realized what I said and as she looked at me with those confident sexy eyes I wanted to run away and hide. But I couldn't pull away from her smile and her eyes being locked on mine as I muttered a soft reply, "Yeh."

"You're just saying that" She said teasingly as I bit my lip and countered her with a comment that even I can't understand where I got the courage to say it. "I'm serious Molly, you did."

"But....I didn't do anything special" She said as I moved a step closer and felt myself about to lose control and do something totally unlike me. But she was like drawing me in and I couldn't resist. I know it sounds stupid but it's the way I felt in the moment.

"You were so gentle and patient" I said softly and raised my hand to gently sweep a stray hair out of her eyes when I nearly jumped out of my skin upon hearing an all too familar voice. "Hey babes."

"MAXIE?" I asked as I turned in shock and Molly took a large step away and looked to be blushing. Maxie smiled and didn't seemed to notice that I was blushing, nervous and almost in shock as she leaned forward a bit and kissed me hard on the lips. Maxie's normal way and it's not my favorite. One of the main problems I have with being with her is she's not a big fan of kissing and I could be classified as a 'kissing slut' and that is fine by me, cause I do love it. But anyway, Maxie smiled happily at me and then to Molly who was now looking at us with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"I was just headed to the courts for some practice" She said showing the tennis racket that I had just now noticed. "What happened this morning?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well...I woke up at 8 and you were already gone" Maxie said with a slightly worried look.

"I was just giving Molly the ole campus tour" I replied in hopes that she would believe it.

"Yeh she was being a good friend" Molly said with a forced giggle that died when no one else seemed to notice.

"Oh ok" Maxie replied as she took my hand and laced our fingers together, something she hardly ever does. I thought it was kinda weird in the moment, but I tried my best to push that thought aside and enjoy the moment while it was there. "So you guys wanna come and cheer me on?"

~ ~ ~ ~ \/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Sounds like fun" I said as Maxie smiled and she looked to squeeze Chloe's hand a little tighter as we headed down the path a little more and disappeared inside the fence and down a few steps to the courts. We took a seat on the bleachers at court side and waited for the girls playing to finish. We chatted for a few minutes before Maxie grabbed Chloe's hand and dragged her off to courtside as the girls finished. Chloe looked up a moment later and gave me an 'I'm sorry' type of look as she walked off with Maxie. To tell you the truth I was glad she was gone, not sure how much more I can take being around her with the way things had been going today. I knew when Maxie showed up, if she hadn't that is, we would have ended up kissing or so I thought to myself in the moment. I mean what purpose does it serve to use the ole 'sweeping the hair out of your eyes' move accomplish other than setting up that or more. God what am I gonna do? She has a girlfriend and I think I'm about to get in too deep for my own good if I keep seeing her like this.

I know what you my readers are no doubt thinking. "Have you forgot about Megan?"

No I haven't, but something you should know is we officially broke it off before I left my hometown. She said she wanted me to make a new start and not worry about being loyal to her and the three months over the summer I spent in Australia without her sure did help. I don't cry anymore when I think about her and I can now think about other girls without feeling guilt ridden. Which is why I am in this place now. After my first meeting with Cally yesterday, I was thinking she would be the girl I was crazy about but low and behold look what happens when you least expect it.

"Talk to me you slut" A Voice said rudely and shaking me from my thoughts as I looked over and was relieved to see a friendly face. It was just the person I needed at that very moment, it was Cally. "Who ya thinkin about so hot and"

"You know it" I said confidently as she smiled and bumped my shoulder playfully. "Been thinking about you all day."

"I know you're lying to me but thanks for the effort" She said with a smirk.

"Huh? And just how do you know?"

"It's pretty easy to figure out just by watching you two" Cally said as I realized she might have seen me and Chloe by the fence earlier. "Chloe never acts like that around Maxie. I saw the look on her face when Max surprised you guys."

"Just talking" I said, "Besides I'm not into her, and even if I was. She has a girlfriend and I respect boundaries."

"And I like that about you" She said touching my hand gently and then pulling it away. I bit my lip and took her hand back in mine and said, "But what if I like this other girl? She's cute and sexy, great set of legs and just doesn't know how special she is?"

"Then you should tell Maxie how you feel" She said as my jaw dropped open and she stuck her tongue and we both laughed.

"God you are impossible" I said as I pushed her hand away and we started to wrestle on the bleachers. We struggled until she pinned me down on the bleachers and got over my tummy as she stood. She looked at me for a long moment as I smiled up at her and offered no resistance. Cally's eyes looked away for a moment then looked back to me as she then said. "She's watching us."


"Chloe and god is she jealous" Cally said giggling as I squirmed to get loose now and Cally giggled and released me as I shot up just in time to see Chloe snap her head away and walk off towards the courts. In what I thought had to be a show of defience, she walked right over to Maxie and spun her around and kissed her on the lips. "God she must be nuts about you."

"Huh? She's kissing her girlfriend and you say she's crazy about me?" I asked in total confusion.

"She's trying to show you two can play at that game" Cally said as I watched Maxie and Chloe part and break into a fit of giggles when the pitching machine began firing again and they had to jump out of the way to keep from being hit.

"Have you suffered a traumatic brain injury recently?" I asked as Cally shrugged her shoulders and finally explained a little as she said, "Nooooooo, but I know what I see and what I see is Chloe mooning over the new girl. You. And Maxie, in only the way Maxie can, is jealous as all get up of you already."

"But...." I stammered as I tried to break in and she cupped her hand over my mouth and rudely told me, "SHUT UP! Listen. Maxie and Chloe are all wrong for each other, I know I dated Maxie for like a year off and on and when she broke up with me to go out with Chloe, I told her it was a mistake. And there's some wrong in that relationship, but I don't know what. Max's pretty screwed up."


"Because Maxie is the type of person that can't handle high emotion or confrontation, she just shuts down when it comes her way" Cally said. "She's just never learned how to process her feelings the right way I think. She just doesn't know what to do about it when Chloe breaks down and starts crying. Maybe why we went so well together was that I can handle high emotion, my whole family is loud and it comes out in the fights and trust me growing up an Oliver you learn a lot about protecting your space. Anyway, Chloe is the complete opposite of Maxie in that she is a high maintainence girl, like I said she'll just start crying sometimes over the most simple things and Maxie can't handle it. It's those moments when she needs lots and lots of TLC to make her feel truly loved. You just seem like you can do that."

"Yeh I could, it don't make me uncomfortable at all" I said. "My family used to be real lovey dovey, you know hugs and kisses and I love you's all the time. So emotion is not a problem."

"You should break them up" Cally said with a dead serious tone to her voice as I sat there stunned.

"No thank you" I said as she smiled and replied, "I knew you'd say that. But you should...really. Maxie wants a way out and Chloe really likes you."


"" Cally said deliberately. " her. Stop denying it."

"Ok ok" I said removing her hand from my mouth. "Don't be so rough."

"I thought you'd like it rough" She said with a challenging smile as I blurted out something that would embarass and further my induction into the Mintz all at once. "And in the ass..."

"In the...? You do?" She asked as I blushed 8 million colors and turned away as she circled around and sat down in front of me again and asked, "Tell me the truth. Do you like it in the butt? Or was that just for effect?"

"God help me" I said as she laughed and squealed with laughter as she said out loud as she hugged me, "Molly you are my kinda girl."

"So you do to?" I asked quietly as she grinned and nodded, blushing a little too.

"Yeh it feels good" She said, "and ummmmm...speaking of butts, you do know that you're not a member of the Mintz yet right?"

"Oh I know" I said as I bit my lip and thought about the previous night with Chloe and Maxie and how they'd said I had there votes.

"Gotta run, someone's gonna be so mad at me she won't be able to talk if I don't" She commented as she stood and glanced towards Chloe as I followed her eyes. Chloe who apparently had been watching intently, snapped her head away and walked off, this time disappearing inside the clubhouse. "Too late. God what a drama queen. Anyway I'mma go and drop some info on some of my girls about you."

"Info?" I asked as she smiled and turned around and padded her butt cheeks and smiled. "I really hope you were serious about that."

"Ummmmmmm.....yeah I was...but it's been a while since..." I said as she covered my mouth gently and whispered. "Gotta go, see ya love bug."

"Bye" I said as she stomped off down the steps and stopped at the gate and screamed, "Think about what I said?"

"OK!" I said, and it took me a moment to realize she was talking about me breaking up Maxie and Chloe. She flashed me a thumbs up sign and headed off in the opposite direction. She's still gotta a really nice pair of legs and a nice butt too I noticed. "I'm sorry girl, it's not gonna happen."

I sat there watching Maxie work up a serious sweat as she chased those stupid yellow balls all over the court for the next half hour and from the time Cally left and the end of Maxie's court time I never saw Chloe even give me a passing glance. So much for liking me or whatever Cally wants me to think. Somewhere along in there my belly started to rumble and I figured Chloe and Maxie would wanna spend some time alone so I headed off towards my dorm for some late breakfast. Thankfully the last of the breakfast meals were still sitting on the line as I got to the cafeteria and I snagged one of the last ones and plopped down at the nearest table.

"MMMMMMMMMM day ole biscuits and rubbery gravy, my fave" I commented out loud and heard a giggle from down the table. It was from this red head sitting at the other end, who had it not been for that I prolly wouldn't have noticed her at all. She had her head buried in a book and trying to do her best it looked to go unnoticed. Too bad this wasn't in the cards for her this morning. Just then a bunch of cheerleader wannabes arrived on the scene and started mouthing off.

"I thought I told you to stay out of my cafeteria...bitch" She snarled as this red head started to say something in return when a larger black girl slapped her cheek and knocked her classes off her face. I saw the red head crumble back into the chair as tears rolled down her eyes and the black girl laughed and said, "She said out dyke ho."

I watched this whole scene in complete shock that no one was doing anything. Just looking the other way and pretending to see nothing, even the so-called staff was acting as if nothing was happening. Ohmigod, this made me so mad, I can't even tell you. That's when it happened, the fat black bitch went over and picked up the red heads glasses and looked to the blonde who was apparently the leader of the crowd, and waited for instructions. I looked down to my tray and saw I had a piece of biscuit left still soaking in the gravy.

"Now little miss Bre dyke slut is gonna be taught a lesson in being straight" The Blonde snarled.

"Please don't break my glasses they cost like two hundred dollars and I can't buy them back" Bre begged as I stood and watched the black girl squeeze them in her fist almost to the breaking point as Bre cried and started to go for them. "I can't read without them, god why do you hate me?"

My blood boiled over at that point and I snatched the biscuit up and turned and hurled it the direction of the group, hitting the blonde flat on her cheek and splattering gravy all over her clothes. She screamed in disgust as the black girl start coming towards me and the blonde screamed "GET HER."

I picked up my tray as a weapon and screamed, "BACK OFF APE GIRL, I'LL WEAR YOUR FAT BLACK ASS OUT WHORE."

"Fuck you, you little white cracker bitch" She said as I drew the tray back and move towards her and she stopped and backed off. "Whoa, calm down you don't know what you're getting into bitch, just walk away."


"I'm not afraid of you" She snarled as I marched in her direction, now running on adrenaline, the tray in my hand about to strike when she tripped over a pile of chairs and the cafeteria crowd erupted in laughter. I got over her and looked back, stairing down the rest of the wannabes and held out my hand and said in a deadly serious voice, "I swear to god I'll break you're ankle in a million pieces, you don't know who you're fuckin with whore....give them to me NOW!"

"Here, here, god just calm down" She said pushing them into my hand as Bre appeared at my side with her book back in hand and mumbled a thank you as she snatched her glasses and ran off. I turned around and was gonna go after her when I saw the blonde approach me, gravy still on her shirt.

"Think you're a bad ass?"

"I can whip your scrawny ass bitch and that charcoaled buffalo in the floor over there" I snapped as a few more laughs broke out and the blonde glared at them. "By the way whore, you fuck with her again I'mma be in your face like your breath on a two inch cock."

"You don't know who you are fuckin with" She said as I raised the tray and had the black girl take a few steps back again. "My daddies the president."

"So you're one of the bush twins?" I asked with a smirk. "So are you as fuckin retarded as Daddy?"

"Huh?" She asked in total confusion as I rolled my eyes. "You said you were the daughter of the president? You know George DUHbya. I think he's still in office. You know the guy that lost to Al Gore in 2000?"

"Why are you talking about politics?" She asked, "I was referring to Kramer Carlson, my father, the president of this school you dumb barbie."

"OH NO" I said, acting as if I were shocked. "What's daddy gonna do ground me? I don't give a damn who your daddy is bitch."

"Well you better and from now on you best not get in my business and that includes with that little dyke ho Bre..." She snapped before I reached up and smacked her face and dared her friends to come near me.

"I got friends too you blonde piece of trash" I said as she held her face and glared at me. I'm not sure still why I said what I did next. But it proved pretty effective in my defense. "I'm a new member of the Mintz...."

"Oh fuck Vanessa, I'm not having anything to do with that" The Black Girl said as she turned and walked off and I thought that I had just hit on something huge.

"She's just bull shitting you Chiquita" Vanessa said as a red mark appeared on her face in the form of my open hand. "She don't even know Cally Oliver."

"Wishful thinkin on your part" I said as I pointed a finger at her. "Next time you fuck with Bre, Cally and me are gonna whip you're ass like you're daddy should have."

With that I walked off. Knowing now, no matter what I had to get into this group. More for my own protection than anything else. God the messes I get myself in.