Scent of a Girl - Episode 20 "The Girl in My Arms"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I just wish I could go back to being the dumb little blond who had to be protected from the world by my girlfriend. Laying in bed beside Dakota, I don't think I slept at all, maybe a few minutes and all I thought about was Courtney and the amazing way she made me feel. I felt so strong and independent in her eyes and when she kissed me I melted and just wanted to kiss her back for the next few hours. OHMIGOD! What am I gonna do, my girlfriend, the one who I love and adore is laying next to me sleeping peacefully and I'm thinking about another girl and the things I can to do make her smile and like me more. If I laid there any longer I was gonna lose my mind in worry. So I kissed Dakota's cheek and slipped out of bed as soon as it turned 5 a.m., I grabbed some clothes and my 'protection' and headed off to the shower. Little did I know who I'd meet once I got there.

See, Courtney had a room on my floor for a while but was forced to move out a few weeks ago into one of the other dorms because of a water leak in her old room. So fortunately with that situation she'd never meet Dakota and maybe just maybe I could pretend the whole 'kissing Courtney' thing never happened and not have to see her again. Stupid I know.

Anyway, I nervously made my way into the shower room and was thankful that it was empty. I laid my clothes and 'protection' aside and slipped into one of the shower stalls and turning on the water I didn't hear them at first and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand gently on my shoulder.

"Please hurt don't me" I said.

"Mindy? Mindy Sullivan?" Courtney said as I turned and couldn't believe my luck as she smiled. "Guess who got moved again?"

"Apparently you" I said as we both laughed at the dumbfounding luck of that coincidence. "Where to?"

"Two floors down" She said. "But the showers are taken so I thought I'd try up here. And what's this shit about please don't hurt me? You got your protection right?"

"Yeh" I said as I picked it up and showed it to her.

"Then it's not, please don't hurt me" She said as she gently touched my hand, "If you get scared go for it and ask questions later. No one has the right to terrorize you."

"Yeh they don't do they" I said as I turned the stun gun on, both watching the electricity flow between the two censors. "I'm not scared little Mindy Sullivan anymore."

"I bet Shrek won't bother you anymore now" She said as I laid the gun back under my towel and squealed when she grabbed me and kissed my cheek playfully. "MMMMMM so sweet."

"Am I?" I asked as she grinned at me.

"Yeh you are" She said softly.

"Why are in here so early?"

"I always come in early to shower before the crowd. Don't care much for being in here with a lot of people."

"Yeh me too, I just couldn't sleep, my arm is hurting and just a lot of stuff" I said.

"Hope I'm not one of the bad things" She said as I fought myself but relaxed in her arms.

"No, I was thinking about you most of the night" I said as she smiled.

"Me too Mindy Sullivan, all night" She said as she spun me around as I giggled and she kissed me so perfectly on the lips. "Girl I am falling so fast for you."


"You" She said as she gently touched my face, caressing both of my cheeks. "I'm hoping you like me too."

"Yeh I do" I said as my heart raced and so many things went rampaging through my head in that moment. Too many to figure out really.

"Wanna take a shower with me?" She asked with a devious grin.

"No I do not, I barely know you" I said as she giggled.

"You can leave your underwear on I will if you feel more comfortable" She said gently. "I'll wash your hair for you."


"Yeh of course, it has to suck with that sling" She said. "That way you hurt something just trying to wash your hair."

"I have to take it off anyway" I said, "It hurts no matter what I do."

"Then we'll be careful" She said as she pulled the sling over my head and gently removed it. "OK?"

"Yeh OK" I said with a smile. "Take my shirt off too? It hurts like crazy to do that."

"And anything else you let me" She said as I blushed and relaxed as she carefully removed my shirt. Leaving me and her 10 minutes later in our undies under a shower spray that felt so good on my no longer aching shoulder. Her touch on my skin as she did my back felt so good I couldn't help but moan softly and except her arms around me as we both smiled. She washed my hair, the first time since 'Shrek' threw me down the steps that it didn't hurt to wash my hair. She even washed the rest of me, oh wow what an experience that is. With exception of one, well two, very important areas that remained covered. "Want me to take off those panties now?"

"Nooo I do not" I said as she giggled and wrapped me in her arms. "Thank you for being so nice though."

"You're easy to be nice to" She said, "I bet you drip honey."

"My girl...ummm I mean my friends say the same thing" I stammered as she gave me a weird look for a long moment and then seemingly let it drop as she laughed. "Can you step outside and let me change?"

"Sure, I'll stand guard" She said as she flexed her muscles and I laughed. I was doing my best at the required task of putting on new panties and bra (can you please close your eyes for a minute? lol). I guess it was some 5 or 10 minutes later as I got into my clothes and somehow got my now achin' shoulder back into the sling and was about to step out of the shower when I heard it. Dakota that is. My heart I think stopped as I felt my whole world could come to an end in just seconds, is all she had to do was open that curtain in front of me and I'd have some serious explaining to do. OHMIGOD.

"What are you doing?" Dakota asked and I knew she was talking to Courtney. "Standing guard?"

"My girls dressing" Courtney said and I smiled at the mention of me being her girl until I realized what kind of a huge mess I had gotten myself in now.

"You have a girl?" Dakota asked.

"Not officially but maybe soon" Courtney said. "We're going on a date."

"I'm shocked" Dakota said with a laugh and not a friendly sounding one either.

"Look there's plenty of other showers" Courtney said as Dakota didn't offer a reply as I heard the water come on in the shower next to me and the curtain close on the stall as I peaked out.

"You done?" Courtney asked with a bright smile.

"Yeh" I said as I grabbed my stuff and darted out. Grabbing Courtney's hand and practically running out of the bathroom as fast I could get her to go. Do the words 'I'm fucked' mean anything to you? They would if you were me.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I woke again this morning from a peaceful sleep with Shelby in my arms. She was turned towards me and slipped down some on the couch and her head was almost buried against my chest with an arm over my waist as she slumbered peacefully under her favorite blanket, which was tucked around both of us. I laid there for a moment as I had started to do recently and watched her sleep. She started to giggle and squirm against me and then I heard some mumbling, followed by another giggle as she pushed against me and rolled on to her back and threw her arms in the air and pretended to be wrestling with someone. I was hoping it was me from the way she was giggling and smiling.

"Stop it Cinderella I don't wanna go to the ball with you" She said in a giggle as I smiled and watched her turn back towards me and hug me tightly and heard something ever more shocking, "Just dance with me please? I wanna be close to you...yeh I do...stop it no I don't want Maxie anymore....Cindy no I don't...please don't leave you're all I've got, I'm falling in love with you."

"Whoa" I said out loud as Shelby snapped awake and looked up at me nervously.

"Hi there" She said with a nervous smile as I laughed.

"Morning brown sugar" I said as I caressed her cheek. Noticing just then that a warm feeling was overtaking my body that felt so good I never wanted it to end. It was something that froze me for a second but I didn't resist and as it took over, wow, this must be what it feels like to fall in love? Oh shit, did you hear what I said? OK, let's pretend that didn't come out of my mouth OK?

"Morning Cinderella" She said a sweet smile. "I was talking in my sleep again?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" I said with a smile. "And I'm not Maxie."

"Who said you were?"

"In your dream you seemed to think I was gonna leave you"

"Bad dream" She said with a nervous smile.

"But it's not reality" I said as I laid my head beside hers. "We need each other. I need you more than you know."

"Yeh no one else wants to hang out with the ice princess" She said as she stuck out her tongue and started to roll of the couch and I swear she waited till I grabbed for her before even attempting to get away as I started tickling her. "Get off me you dyke. Oh god I'm gonna pee my pants."

"Come back here you tease" I said as she slipped away and ran for the bathroom as I chased her and into her room. "Come back here Shelby."

"Bite me Cinderella" She said with a challenging smile. Weird thing is I usually get mad at someone for using my name in that way but this time I actually liked it as I dove across Chloe's old bed and barely missed her as I crashed to the floor and she laughed and walked off. Screaming a moment later as I jumped up and chased after her. She ran into my room and shut the door and laughed as I crashed into it and found it locked. "Now what you gonna do?"

"You're so gonna get it" I said as I quickly got an idea and ran for the front door as I circled around and came in silently through the door to my bedroom that led to the hallway. She had her back to me now, listening at the door to the common room as I slid in behind her. "Shelby?"

"WHAT?" She screamed as she almost jumped out of her skin in shock and turned to see me as she backed away and I fell to my bed laughing out loud. Doing my best imitation of her scream as she glared at me. "It's not fuckin funny, you scared me half to death."

"WHAT?" I screamed imitation as I laughed harder.

"Bite me" She said as I jumped up and tackled her onto Dakota's old bed as she again started to laugh. Me now over her in the missionary position with her hands pinned under me. She didn't really make much of an attempt to get away I noticed. "Let me up please?"

"No, I'm really starting to like having you all to myself" I said as she smiled.

"Until you decide to leave me too" She said as I slipped to the bed beside her and laid down.

"Not me" I said softly. "I wouldn't do you that way."

"You're the ice princess you don't have a heart" She said as my heart sank.

"You know what Shelby, I know your getting scared too or whatever but that's just mean and you suck" I said as I jerked away from her and left the room. I marched out of my room and into the living room as my heart felt like it was breaking and in that moment I swore I'd never let anyone get close to me that way again. This hurt to bad. My eyes filled with tears and I fought it as hard as I could and was about to close the door to the bathroom when Shelby practically crashed into me.

"I'm sorry, Cindy I'm scared to death to be by myself" She said and I could see the fear in her eyes. "That dream scared the hell out of me."

"You said you were falling in love with me and now you fuckin tell me I don't have a heart you stupid bitch" I snapped in anger. "How do you think that made me feel huh?"

"Hurt, I know I'm sorry?"

"Fuck you" I said as tears came down my face. "You just broke my heart I think."

"I am falling in love with you, please just give me another chance" She said as I looked at her. "Please I just love the way you make me feel. I'll do anything you say just please stay with me. Please?"

"It's OK, I won't leave" I said as she jumped into my arms and hugged me and wouldn't let me go it felt. I closed my eyes and held onto to her like she was the most important thing in my life. Hell without her I'd be alone to so...I dunno, I just don't know. I wanted to pull away and turn this off and stop hurting but moment by moment that pain turned to something a little more, warm. This was the same feeling that I had earlier and it felt so good, she looked at me again nervously for the first time in my life I wanted to do something to make someone else feel better. "You OK?"

"So much better" She said as she smiled. "I'm sorry for...what I said."

"I do have a heart" I said as she nodded. "I just don't use it much."

"I said I was sorry and I mean it" She said, "Now you say you forgive me."

"No" I said as I pulled her tighter in my arms as she giggled. "You gotta gimme some now to make up for it."

"Oh god" She said with a blushing smile. "I'll only do that if I get your butt."

"Say what?" I asked in shock as she laughed.

"You heard me"

"You've had butt before?" I asked and OK I knew Shelby wasn't a virgin and rumors had floated that she'd had a few butts, I had just never paid attention to them.

"One or two possibly" She said as she kissed my cheek playfully and laughed at my shocked to silence reaction and walked off. I just then realized that there was so much I didn't know about this girl I was so crazy about. Yeh OK...I'm crazy about her I know that now and hell we survived our first fight and we were OK. I turned and saw her standing in the living room by the TV as she looked back at me with her shorts now down below her butt cheeks and showing me her thong. Oh god that made me hot as hell. She saw me looking and this time I wasn't hiding the fact that I loved that thong on her. That's when I saw her give me a knowing smile and repeat a line she used the previous morning. "Cindy the Ice Princess is horny huh?"

"Yeh you gonna gimme some of that brown sugar" I said as she laughed and pulled her shorts back up as I chased after. Yeh the Ice Princess is melting fast now, how about we just call me the slushy princess from now on?

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Did I do good?" Chloe asked as she crawled up beside me and had to have felt my whole body shaking like a leaf as she pulled the covers over us. "MMMM I think I did."

"MMMM OH damn you got me shaking" I said as she hugged me and kissed my lips as I tasted my girl cum on her lips. "God you can make me feel so good without even trying."

"This is a good thing" She said as I turned to face her, our heads now on the same pillow. "Showing you how much I love you."

"Show me much more and you'll kill me" I said as she laughed and blushed.

"Oh yeah like you're not mind blowing at it" She said and it was my turn to blush. "You do that rolling thunder so good I'm still cumming."

"Well you keep asking for it" I said as she laughed.

"It feels sooo good" She said, "No one has ever made me cum that many times. No ones ever tried."

"Living up to my promise of you not having to beg to feel good" I said as I caressed her cheek. "Right?"

"Yes I get that now" She said, "I am so happy with you."

"Well as usual right as that announcement comes, the phone rings" I said as I groaned and Chloe kissed me softly and the phone did ring.

"I love you, I already proved that" She said as I smiled as she moved across my stomach, still under the covers.

"Yeh I know that" I said as I kissed her and the phone rang again. For some reason earlier the phone had been moved to the night stand and thankfully Chloe didn't have to move much as she reached to the night stand and picked up new cordless phone. "I love you too."

"I know...Hello?" Chloe asked. "Can I ask who this is please?...Yes she is here and she asked me to answer the phone."

"Who is it?" I asked and figuring it was my whoring mother. Chloe shrugged as I laughed to myself.

"No I do not have to let you talk to her" Chloe said as I pulled her forward so she leaned on her elbows and over my chest as I kissed her playfully and played with her long red hair. "Then tell me who this is and I'll stop being a controlling bitch."

"You tell'em my baby" I said as she smiled at me.

"Yes that is her, now tell me who this is and you can talk to her" Chloe said. "Holly?"

"Holly?" I asked with a smile as Chloe grinned and handed me the phone. "What up slut?"

"Who the hell is that bitch?" Holly barked as I groaned. "You tell her I don't gotta ask no one to talk to you."

"OK first she's not a bitch she's my girlfriend" I said softly, "And you don't talk to her that way either."

"Oh good lord she's got you under a spell" Holly said.

"No she doesn't, I'm thinking very clearly" I said as Chloe listened intently. "For the first time in my life I'm not making stupid decisions."

"Oh yeah I bet, you broke Megan's heart over that whore" Holly said.

"You listen to me bitch" I said, "You call her a whore again and they'll have to pull me off your ass. You call me whatever you want I could care less what you think but you best leave her out of this."

"Fuck you ego girl" Holly said, "Megan loves you and you just dump her..."

"WE BROKE UP, DID YOU HEAR ME DUMBASS?" I screamed into the phone. "Before I left for Australia, we broke up and I am not gonna break Chloe's heart just so I can see Megan once in a blue moon."

"Now you can see her anytime you want" Holly said.

"What? Are you losing your mind?"

"I'm your legal guardian now" She said as my heart nearly stopped. "Mom got the ass beating she deserved from Dad and she's in a coma and he's tucked away in looneyville. So you can come home now."

"What? no..." I said in shock as Chloe gave me a worried look. "Are you crazy?"

"No" Holly said softly. "You can be with Megan again now Molly, you can be her baby girl, you're coming home sis."

"She says I can come home now, dad beat the fuck out of my mom and now Holly's my legal guardian...somehow" I said as Chloe's eyes grew wide and I saw the fear for her life in her eyes as she froze. I dropped the phone as she rolled off me and tried to get out of bed. "No, Chloe stop. Please?"

"You're leaving me" She said as she pulled away and slipped into a pair of my shorts and a t-shirt in what seemed like warp speed.

"Nooo I am not" I said as she glared at me with a hurt look and just walked off. Opening the door and walking off down the hall. I felt my heart beating faster as I slipped into her shorts and shirt and ran after her. "STOP!"

"Why?" She asked as she turned and I finally caught up to her.

"I am not gonna leave you, I don't wanna go home and I'll fuckin kill her if she tries to take you away from me" I said as I touched her hand. "Please Chloe I am begging you, please believe me. You're the one I love now."

"But she said..."

"LISTEN" I screamed as I cupped my hands around her neck and made her look at me, "I am not Maxie, I love you honest, never have I give you one reason to doubt my love."

"I love you so much" She said with a soft kiss. "I love you Molly Harris, I love you."

"Me too my girl" I said as I wrapped her in my arms and we both smiled.

"No more baby girl?"

"You can be my " I said as she grinned. "Nope, you can't."

"Why not?"

"Your my little glow worm" I said as I looked at her with love in my eyes. "Glowy."

"Oh god" She said as she covered her face and blushed. "Still?"

"Still" I said as I laughed and took her hands and pulled her back towards me room. "Let me tell Holly she can go to hell and then I'll make you really glow."

"MMMMMMM" She said as she met me by the door and kissed me. "I'll be waiting on the bed."

"Hello?" I asked as I picked the phone back up and closed my door. Chloe making a show out of pretending to take her shirt off, before putting it back down as I looked on with wide-eyed interest.

"What the hell happened?"

"None of your business" I said, "and I'm not coming home and you can't make me."

"What?" She asked. "Of course you are, Megan is dying to see you I'm pretty sure she'll forgive you even if you did cheat on her."

"What? Cheat?" I asked. "Are you deaf Holly? We broke up, Me and Megan broke up before I left."

"Right Molly, look she's sitting here and wanting to talk to you and then we can make plans for me to come pick you up."

"LISTEN TO ME YOU STUPID WHORE" I screamed, "I am not coming home and you can tell that lying snake Megan Lansbury she can GO TO HELL."

"Little sister you better watch that mouth you're not to far away for me to drive down there and beat your ass and make you come home..."

"Bring it you suicidal bitch and bring Megan when you do" I snapped. "Me and Chloe have gotten pretty good at fighting psycho bitches and you'll be next on my shit list. I'LL BEAT YOUR GOD DAMN BRAINS IN IF YOU TRY TO FUCK WITH WHAT I GOT GOING. YOU HEAR MEEEEEEEEEEEE?"

"Baby girl..." I heard as Holly apparently dropped the phone. I knew it was Megan and my heart stopped as Chloe watched. "Holly's crying now, what is up with you?"

"I am happy" I said as tears came to my eyes, "I don't wanna come back, I'm sick of hurting over you and your bullshit, please I am begging you both to leave me alone."

" can be my baby girl again" She said and I knew she was crying.

"I am Chloe's baby girl now" I said softly, "And you have no idea how much I wanna be with her. She needs me and I am not gonna hurt her..."

"You love her that much huh?"

"Yes god yes, a million times yesss" I said as Chloe stood and watched with a proud smile as she moved in front of me, "Please Megan stop, I can't take this anymore..."

"OK, goodbye Molly..." She said as the other end of the phone went dead. I felt in that moment that I had finally broken my link to my past and Megan was gone from my heart. I turned to see a nervously smiling Chloe as I dropped the phone on the bed and wrapped her in my arms. I kissed her.

"I'm yours now" I said as she smiled.

"And I am yours" She said as she hugged me. My heart has never been this free and the girl in my arms is the one I love now. I know that.