Scent of a Girl - Episode 21 "Aren't You Glad I Remembered?"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I knew it was coming and I told myself when it did I would just admit everything and promise to not see Courtney anymore. But the problem is, after this morning all I was thinking about was Courtney and I didn't wanna stop seeing her. That was one of the reasons I was sitting in the lobby of the Keller-Montgomery dorm, hoping she'd come by and see me sitting here before Dakota got back. Oh god I am so screwed.

"Hey my girl" I heard someone say from behind me and smiled thinking it was Courtney, see how screwed I am? But turning I saw Dakota's smiling face.

"Oh hey" I said and putting on my best fake smile.

"What happened to you this morning?" She asked softly as she sat down on the table opposite me. "You like totally disappeared."

"Shower and I had an early class" I said and knowing I was lying at least a little. "No big deal."

"You showered by yourself and walked to class all alone?" She asked. "The girl who is scared to walk down the hall by herself..."

"Fuck you" I shot back as Dakota gave me an amused smile. I hate when she does that, and to be honest she does it a lot. I'm here little dumb blond that needs protecting or so it feels. "I walked to fuckin class with a friend and I am not scared of my shadow anymore."

"OK so you did, I'm proud of you" She said gently as she kissed my cheek and smelled something weird on me. I knew it was no doubt Courtney's perfume. "Who's perfume is that?"


"Mindy you wear the same perfume every day, I can close my eyes and tell when you walk in the room" Dakota said, "Who's perfume is that, cause I smell two on you."

"My friend" I said.

"Who is this mysterious friend of yours?" She asked as Shelby came running in from the outside and crashed down out of breath as we both looked at her in confusion.

"Did you...hear...what happened to...Shrek?" Shelby panted as I smiled.

"No what happened?" Dakota asked and me being thankful for Shelby's arrival when she did to take the focus off me.

"Bitch got her ass kicked and good" Shelby said, "Somebody, and she won't say who cause she's terrified now from what I heard, zapped her with a stun gun and smashed up her shoulder pretty good."

"Ice and Ax again?" Dakota asked knowingly.

"No not Cindy and if she did, she drugged me first cause she's with me all the time anymore" Shelby said with a bright smile. "So might have been Max."

"Well we know it wasn't our little Mindy" Dakota laughed as she pushed me playfully and I just felt my anger surge through me.

"FUCK YOU" I screamed as I jumped up. "I fucked that fat pig up and she's scared because I showed her what a dumb little blond can do. Me and Court...Ugh, I mean she won't fuck with me again."

"Whoa" Dakota said as she jumped up, "Mindy calm down, what do you mean you did it?"

"I said I fucked her up you stupid bitch" I said and immediately regretting calling her that, "I'm sorry I didn't mean..."

"Right and you expect me to believe you beat Veronica up with a bad shoulder?" She asked with an amused look on her face. "What did you do have her chase you around the building till she passed out?"

"NOOOO" I screamed as I pulled the stun gun just to the outside of my sling and showed it to her. "I told you I fucked her up. I'm not your scared little blond anymore Dakota. And I'm getting sick of you treating me like I'm five years old and retarded."

"Where in the hell did you get that?" She asked as she jerked it out of my hand.

"Gimme that back now" I demanded.

"Nooo" She said as stepped back. "You know this is illegal?"

"I don't care, now give it to me" I said as I stepped in front of her. "You have no right to take it from me. Please I'm begging."

"And you have no right to have this" She said as she jerked it away from my hand when I tried to take it. "I'm keeping you from getting hurt."

"GIVE IT TO ME YOU BITCH" I screamed as I smacked her in a blind rage. "Please give it back to me, please?"

"What the hell?" She asked as tears rolled down her face and shoving it back in my hand. "Fine you want it, I'm not staying in the same room with that thing. I'm not getting kicked out of school for you."

"I'm scared without it OK" I said softly as I put it back inside my sling. "At least with this no one can hurt me."

"No one will hurt you as long as I'm here" Dakota said. "I've always protected you."

"I don't want you to anymore" I said as I saw her eyes show the hurt. But it was true I wanted to feel strong enough to do it myself. "I'm sorry, I just wanna be my own person, not just your girlfriend."

"What has happened to my sweet little Mindy?" Dakota asked and by now she had to have been stunned. "Who are you?"

"I'm Melinda Erin Sullivan" I said, "I am my own person and I don't need protection 24 hours a day anymore."

"You didn't have to smack my brains out all you had to do was tell me" She said.

"You wouldn't give me back know" I said, "You had no right to take that, I only hit you cause you made me."

"Now you sound like Maxie" Dakota said as my rage overtook me.

"I AM NOT" I screamed. "Max beat the fuck out of Chloe for no reason, you took something that was mine and refused to give it back there's a huge difference. What was I supposed to do?"

"She kinda does have a point" Shelby said.

"Who the hell asked you?" Dakota snapped as she glared at Shelby. "You're the bitch that defended Maxie all those times no wonder you'd defend Mindy for smacking me."

"Look this is not about Max and me, who by the way is happy again with Sarah and Chloe is in love with Molly, and you are the only one still stuck in the past about that shit" Shelby said and then pointing to me. "She shouldn't have hit you but you were treating her like a five year old. You're not her mother."

"I'm sorry for hitting you" I said, "If you would just have give it back when I asked, that's all I wanted."

"Screw this" Dakota said as she picked up her book bag and walked off. "Do whatever the hell you want."

"WOW" Shelby said. "What just happened here?"

"I broke her heart I guess" I said, "She had no right to take it, it's mine I know what I'm doing with it."

"Do you?"

"YESSSSSSS" I barked as Shelby took a step back. "Please Shel, stop treating me like a five year old."

"You my homey, I'm your niggey" She said as I laughed.

"I won't use that word again" I said, "You my homey too."

"I like this new Mindy" Shelby said as I smiled. "Reminds me a lot of that sister of yours."

"I heard about that" I said, "You like her?"

"Yeh I do" She said and barely able to contain her excitement. "I'm dying to tell someone."

"Yay!" I said as Shelby laughed. "Does she like you I hope?"

"I think so, says she does" Shelby said with a huge smile. "Since you and Dakota left we've gotten real close."

"WOW" I said, "Cindy with a girlfriend? Weird."

"I am so not her girlfriend" Shelby said. "I don't know what we are."

"Girlfriend" I said as she pushed me playfully and laughed. That's when I saw Courtney coming up the walk and into the front of the building and I froze as I looked at Shelby and then Courtney.

"Hey beautiful" Courtney said with a huge smile as she joined us and to my horror kissed my cheek.

"Hello" Shelby said as I damn near fainted. "Excuse me miss thang but just who do you think you kissing on?"

"Not you so please" Courtney said as she held her hand up.

"You do that again and I'll..."

"SHUT UP" I screamed at Shelby. "I'm not your child you can back down and let me decide who the fuck kisses my cheek."

"You have lost your mind" Shelby snapped. "Have you forgot..."

"FUCK OFF" I screamed and hoped she would just walk away.

"Calm down" Courtney said as she moved in front of me and hugged me and I hugged her back.

"Whatever...Melinda" Shelby said as she stormed off.

"What was that all about?" Courtney asked as she touched my face gently.

"No one wants me to stand on my own two feet" I said, "They want me to be scared little Mindy forever."

"I like bad Mindy" Courtney said as she smiled. "But what was that stupid nigger bitch slapping her gums about, have you forgot what?"

"Don't use that word, please?"

"Gotcha, I tend to do that sometimes when I'm mad at someone or I just don't like them" Courtney said softly. "But what have you forgot?"

"This" I said as I kissed her softly on the lips. "Aren't you glad I remembered?"

"UMMMM whatever we were talking about..." Courtney said with a dazed smile. "You win, just kiss me again."

"I like winning" I said with a huge smile and kissed her again softly. I refused to let myself feel the bad stuff in that moment. I wanted to feel good and no one or no thing was gonna make feel bad. "Wanna go back to your room?"

"And do what?" She asked as I took her hand and walked backwards towards the steps. "Knock the boots?"

"Be with you?" I asked as she smiled and rushed me and hugged me as I laughed. Hey, if you see my mind wandering by can you give it directions back to my head? I've lost it.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What are you doing in my cafeteria without your protection?" Vanessa asked as I closed my book and knew who it was before I even turned around. Knowing when I did that her and her loafing sidekicks would be there too. And on cue as I turned there was Chiquita and some other butch looking girl who I vaguely recognized as Marty Stapleton. "Answer me whore."

"Keep walking unless you want trouble princess and take your pack of pathetics with you" I said confidently as I stood and picked up my juice. Praying Molly and Cally would get back from the library like they had said. But so far no one was coming to my aid, so...

"Fuck you red head cracker, you ain't got no protection today and I'm feeling froggy" Chiquita barked. "So am I gonna smack them ugly glasses off your face or you gonna give them to me."

"Hold on" I said as I took my glasses off and put them in the case and slid that into my bag. Chiquita started to go for it when I picked up my tray and barked her down. "Come on bitch, feel froggy now."

"OH no girls little Bre found an ounce of spine" Vanessa said and thinking no doubt I was gonna back down.

"Fuck you barbie doll" I said as I splashed the juice in her face and hauled back to blast anyone who came near me.

"GET HER" Vanessa barked as I backed away a foot or so. "BREAK HER ARM."

"Come here cracker you stepped in it this time" Chiquita said and I thought I just might have with three girls following me as I backed away. Knowing I might get one shot but they would no doubt hurt me anyway. Chiquita rushed me and knocked me down with a thud as the other two laughed. I laid there and felt the air leave my lungs as everyone in the cafeteria seemed to look the other way, including the staff. "No so tough now huh?"

"Are these yours?" Vanessa asked as Chiquita jerked me to my feet and I saw Vanessa holding my reading glasses. "Wanna beg me not to before I break them?"

"Them and then you" Chiquita barked in my ear as she twisted my arm and pain surged through my body as I cried. Knowing I was screwed now.

"HEY!" Cally screamed from the other end of the cafeteria as all action stopped and to my relief I saw her and Molly emerge from the crowd. "Take your hands off my girl you charcoal buffalo."

"Fuck you" Chiquita barked as Molly picked up a metal tray and much like she had done the first day we met she showed it to Chiquita. "I am so not scared of those two anymore."

"Now you whore, she said hands off" Molly said in a rage. "Either listen or get hurt bitch cause you've been warned about fuckin with Bre."

"This" Vanessa asked nervously as Cally turned to her and Molly marched towards me and the baboon holding me.

"SHE SAID HANDS OFF YOU BUFFALO" Molly screamed as she marched towards us and Chiquita pushed me away and tripped me as I tumbled to the floor. Chiquita backed away and figured she'd escape without a confrontation but Molly charged her and speared the buffalo into a bunch of folding metal chairs and got on top and started pounding her with punch after punch into the face. Chiquita began to scream as Molly pounded her in the face. "HUH YOU FUCKIN PIECE OF SHIT? YOU GONNA FUCK BRE WITH ANYMORE?"

"One more move butch and your next" Cally said with a finger point towards Marty. Vanessa backing up a foot or so and suddenly no longer wanting me hurt.

"HELP ME VANESSA PLEASE" Chiquita screamed as Molly punched her again and again. I scrambled to my feet and pulled Molly off as some of the suddenly brave staff arrived to 'help'. "Oh god you broke my nose I think."

"It's OK Molly calm down" I said as I hugged her from behind and pulled her back.

"Come on Vanessa let me take her out, I'll beat the little dyke out of her mind" Marty said as Vanessa seemed to be scared to death.

"You so bad are you?" Cally asked as she pushed Marty back into the crowd and then turned to Vanessa. "You bad huh?"

"No, no I was kidding" Vanessa said as Cally smacked her violently.

"She's got my glasses too" I said as I had to hold Molly back from charging Marty as Vanessa held her face and handed Cally my glasses.

"LOOK AT ME YOU WHORE" Cally screamed as Vanessa looked up and Cally punched her. Vanessa folded like a chair and fell to the ground crying as Marty charged and knocked Cally off her feet. Chiquita had gotten to her feet as Molly broke away from me, being Cally's 'wingman' ran to the rescue as she slammed into the much bigger Marty and knocked her down. I saw Chiquita push away one of the staff members and take a tray and go after Molly from behind and I've never been a violent type but no way was she gonna hurt Molly in a cowardly attack so I charged her and used my old softball slide to her feet to knock the buffalo down just before she could get to her. Molly looked back and saw me as Marty nailed her with a stiff punch and sent her to the floor.

"STOP IT" I screamed as I covered a fallen Molly with my own body and felt a stiff shot to the back of my head as Marty punched me dead in the back of the head. I heard a room rattling blast and watched Marty fall like a ton of bricks to the floor beside me holding her head and crying.

"GOD DAMN WHORE YOU DON'T FUCK WITH MY GIRLS" Cally screamed as two of the staff members tried to intervene and she swung viciously at them and screamed, "COME ON YOUR NEXT YOU FUCKIN PUSSY ASS BITCHES."

"You OK?" I asked Molly as I touched her jaw and felt her move as she opened her eyes.

"We both have girlfriends now Bre, you can't keep doing this" Molly said with a smirk as I groaned and rolled off her.

"This will be reported to.." One of the security said.


"Fuck you" Chiquita said as she got to her feet and backed away into the crowd as Cally chased her and blasted her in the back of the head as Chiquita fell and started screaming in pain and I swear I heard something pop. Cally smacked her as hard as she could and spit on her before I could pull her off.

"Calm down baby" I said as I hugged her.

"LISTEN TO ME" Cally screamed as everyone looked at her, "You bunch of cowards wouldn't do anything to help my girl when that fat nappy headed whore was gonna hurt her. Well my name is Cally Oliver, YEH BITCHES, the leader of the FUCKIN MINTZ. And now Bre is my girl, you fuck with her and you fuckin with me and the GOD DAMN MINTZ. I'll hurt somebody next time you just stand around and watch."

"I think you broke her arm Cally" One of the staff members said as she helped a crying Chiquita to her feet.

"You piece of shit cock sucking loser" Cally barked. "She started to hurt my girl for no reason. YOU PUSSY."

"Calm on let's go" I said as I pulled her away and felt her follow me. Thankfully we got outside with Molly before it erupted again.

"Pussy bitches just stand around and watch someone get hurt" Cally said as Vanessa emerged. "Give over here whore."

"Look you already hit me..." She said as she backed away.

"You terrorized my girl for the last time bitch" Cally said.

"My father will hear about this" Vanessa said.

"And while Daddy limp dick is listening, ask him who David Thornton Oliver is" Cally said as Vanessa walked off.

"Hey, calm down" I said as I kissed Cally, "Thank you for defending me."

"You're family Bre, we got your back" Molly said as Cally turned and smiled.

"Damn straight, Mintz forever" Cally said as she bumped fists with Molly. "You did good in there. You ain't afraid of no one are you."

"I'm your 'wing man' not like I was gonna let them hurt Bre or you" Molly said.

"Hey I hope your not mad about me protecting Molly from Marty" I said nervously.

"You did the right thing" Cally said as I smiled. "Molly took a good shot for me and you did the right thing by protecting her."

"I just don't want you to get the wrong idea" I said as Molly laughed.

"You still want me huh Bre?" Molly asked as I blushed.

"Fuck you Molly Harris" I said as she laughed and I watched in shock as Cally kissed Molly's cheek and grinned at me.

"Think we could share Molly tonight?" Cally asked as I groaned and her and Molly laughed.

"An idea I could get behind" Molly said with a smile towards Cally that was not lost on me.

"Or do you get in behind it?" Cally asked as Molly blushed and laughed. "Remember you admitted that."

"In your behind baby" Molly said as her and Cally smiled at each other and I'm sorry it made me a little jealous.

"Come on over" Cally said, matching Molly's fire with her own.

"Only if I can have Bre's too" Molly said.

"Get away from her" I said as I got between Molly and Cally and pulled Cally's arms around me. "You just remember who's on your..."

"Flirting Bre, you know we both like her" Cally said and ok we had had that discussion but I was thinking it was a private conversation. "You changed your mind?"

"Excuse me? You me?" Molly asked in confusion and I thought now would be a good time to lie my way out of this situation that Calista had gotten us into.

"Oh yeah like you didn't know that" Cally said as she wrapped me tighter in her arms. "If you didn't your blind."

"You're not exactly easy to read" Molly said, "That first day in the plaza in front of the dorm you kissed me and then just walked off. If you liked me so much you'd have stayed cause I sure wouldn't complaining."

"Yeh I got scared" Cally said.

"You kissed her the first day you met her?" Bre asked.

"It was about the Mintz and I was testing her" Cally said. "And then when I couldn't I got scared."

"I get that, but you acted weird the second time too and that was before Bre came up" Molly said.

"Yeh and you had already gone looney over Chloe" Cally said as Molly blushed, as much as admitting it was true. "So what chance did I have?"

"She slept with me after that" I said, "And you already knew we had no chance."

"That is bullshit red" Molly fired back. "You made it very clear the night before you were into someone else and what we did was sex and just that and yes I did like you. I had from the moment I met you. But you ran off after Cally and Chloe showed up and things spun in a new direction. So don't start that shit."

"Yeh I'm the one who didn't have a chance" Cally said as I looked at her and she kissed my cheek. "And yes Bre Kelton I am glad I didn't get a chance to be with Molly. You're the one I wanted."

"You both just want my body" Molly said as Cally and I laughed.

"I've seen that baby, it's amazing" I said as Cally blushed and so did Molly. For once I got to 'one up' someone with a comment like that. I liked that feeling.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You coming to bed?" Cindy asked from the door as I laid on my bed reading.

"I'm already in bed" I said with a smirk.

"Oh ok, goodnight" She said as the smile disappeared from her face and she closed my bedroom behind her.

"God you are dense Cinderella" I said as I groaned and grabbed my blanket and went after her. Running through the bathroom and into the common room and screaming as someone grabbed me from behind in a hug. "HELP!"

"No one's gonna help you Shelby Parker" Cindy said as I relaxed in her arms and she laughed at my reaction. "I knew you'd come running too."

"You are not funny with those sad eyes Cinderella Sullivan" I said as she smiled at me and I think she liked it when I called her by her full name. "I thought I hurt your feelings or something."

"OK, OK, no more sad eyes" She said as she kissed my cheek and I giggled and fought to get lose. "You don't like me like that huh?"

"Yes I DO!" I said as my voice rose to a scream as she tickled me and I squirmed away. Backing away as she came after me matching me step for step, I turned to run as she sprinted after me, into her room and out of her bedroom door. Into the hall were I again started backing away and saw the smile on her face and knew she was liking the game as I stumbled back and caught myself on my own bedroom door that led to the hallway and disappeared inside as she beat on the door and I laughed. "You won't get me this time Cinderella."

"BOO!" She screamed and laughed as she walked away. I knew she was no doubt gonna come in through the bathroom and scare the piss out of me like she had before when I locked her out of her own room. So locking my own door I slipped over what used to be Chloe's bed and crouched down by the door to the bathroom and was planning to scare her when she came into the room. Problem is she never did. After about five minutes I figured this out and knew she had out smarted me again. So opening the bathroom door I braced to be scared but she was nowhere to be found. Opening the door to the common room and again bracing to have the life scared out of me, I saw that she was nowhere in sight.

"Ok I give up, scare me already I'm tired" I said as I saw her appear from behind the couch with a smile.

"I had you good" She said as she grinned and I blushed.

"Then why didn't you scare me?" I asked as she shrugged and moved in front of me and sat on the arm of the couch.

"I don't like seeing you scared" She said as she looked up at me with an adoring smile as she put her hands on mine and laced our fingers together and I knew something was happening. "I like feeling this way about someone. I don't want you to be scared of me."

"I'm not Cinderella" I said with a teasing smile as she grinned and I moved against her thighs. "I like our games of cat and mouse. I'll get you one day."

"You already got me" She said as my heart raced and I could feel her squeezing her fingers around mine. "If you want me."

"You want me?" I asked and couldn't believe someone, anyone was talking to me like this and smiling like she was in love with me. "Shelby Lucinda Parker, trailor park queen of Bronx, New York?"

"Bronx?" She asked. "I thought you were from Manhatten?"

"Nope, I just told people that" I said as she smiled and leaned forward and playfully kissing the fabric of my shirt, right between my breasts and grinned up at me. "Sorry."

"No I like you more everytime I learn something new about you" She said as she stood. "You're like so cool to be with, Max is so stupid for dumping you."

"I'm beginning to be thankful that she did" I said as Cindy smiled. "Cinderella."

"Princess" She said as I smiled and god I wanted her to kiss me so bad. Let me clarify that I had kissed girls before, but Maxie was really the only one I had ever enjoyed kissing to any extent. Much of what I said that day to Maxie and Mindy, you remember that was the day Dakota lost her fruity peebles and tried to kill Max, well what I said was true. I did prefer men and considered myself to be straight for the most part and wanted the protection of being with the Mintz, so I fucked Cally. "You gonna stop running from me now?"

"If you kiss me right now" I said as she grinned and seemed awfully nervous. "You don't have to, no pressure."

"I'm gonna screw this up" She said as I released one of my hands from hers and touched her face, her cheek that is, gently and said, "No you won't, cause I'm falling in love with you."

"You mean that?" She asked as she smiled.

"I'm holding your hand and wanting you to kiss me blondie" I said as she gave me a mean look, "What do you think?"

"WOW, you're beautiful and sexy, that's what I think" She said and hearing those words made my race heart again. I saw her lean in a bit and fought the reflex to pull back, the same way I've done every time a girl has gotten to close. I leaned in a bit myself and our lips met softly, I love how soft her lips were and oh lord I melted into her like I had never before. Her lips moving against mine in such a perfect rhythm as she wrapped me in her arms I knew she wanted this as much me. OHMIGOD this is what I had waited my whole life to feel. Her lips felt so good on mine in that brief moment. She pulled away and I feared she regretted it for a split second but seeing the smile on her face and hearing her next words I knew she was into me like I was with her, "I'm falling in love with you too."