Scent of a Girl - Episode 22 "Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

This whole situation was to just to bizarre for my frazzled mind to comprehend. My girlfriend, who I still loved, I think, was leaving me and going back to the old dorm with Cindy and Shelby. I sat there on the bed and watched her pack her stuff and felt many different feelings and sweeping emotions that it just froze me in place and made me wanna cry. Why didn't she understand and just let me keep 'my protection' till I felt safe without it. It's not like I was gonna rat myself out or that anyone other than her and Shelby knew about it. I'm guessing she figured if she took long enough to pack that my panic mode would set in and I'd be on my knees begging her to stay. Boy was she in for a surprise.

"Well I guess this is it" She said as she looked back at me laying on the bed. "You got anything you wanna say?"

"Yeh I'm sorry for hitting you" I said softly. "All I wanted was what you took from me. I begged you to give it back and you wouldn't. I'm so sorry for that."

"You don't need it Mindy, you have me" She said as she sat down on the bed. "I've always been your protector. It just comes naturally now."

"I love you and I said I was sorry, you know I'm not like Maxie" I said. "Besides it's not like I even hurt you, I know for a fact I hit like a girl."

"You always have" Dakota said with a poke to my ribs as I laughed and squirmed away and my 'protection' fell out of my sling. She looked at it and the smile left her face. "Who is this friend that gave this to you?"

"Just a friend" I said as I picked it back up. "I just feel safer with it. Especially since you're leaving."

"Get rid of it and I'll stay"

"That's not fair" I said as I sat up. "You're making me choose between not being scared and being with you, and fuck you Dakota Lane, I wanna feel safe for once in my life. If you can't handle that then get out. I'll cry myself to sleep but at least I'll feel safe."

"I can't get kicked out of school" Dakota said. "You know this. My parents can barely afford to send me here and if I got kicked out they'd be heartbroken."

"Bullshit" I said, "Cally would never let you get kicked out, you know that."

"Maybe it's better if I go for one night and let things cool off" She said. "We can talk tomorrow?"

"You know where I am" I said as I turned my back and laid back down. My shoulder hurting again as I did but I refused to look at her again. I heard the door open and shut and I was hoping she'd still be there grinning like always when I looked up. But she wasn't. She was gone and I had a feeling that I was on my own now and that thought really scared me. I've always hated spending the night by myself, Cindy was always there growing up and even when we came here. Then Dakota became my girlfriend and most nights we slept in the same bed. So for most of my life I've never had to face the night alone. I turned the small TV on and laid down as darkness fell and the loneliness I had myself created began to sink in. I knew there was no reason to feel sorry for myself, but I did and like always the tears began to fall like rain. Somehow in that hour of self-pity and reflection on the stupid decisions that had brought me to this point I thought about Courtney. The same Courtney who now occupied the room not to far down the hall from mine and Dakota's. Oh boy. "Courtney?"

"Fine Dakota, you bitch, you wanna abandon me..." I said as I slipped off the bed and opened my door and then walked down the hall. I stopped nervously in front of her door and knocked. "...I know someone who does."

"What?" She asked in a angry voice as she opened the door and saw me, headphones on her head. My heart sank as I started to walk away. "Wait..."


"Where you going Shakespeare?" She asked as she flipped her headphones off and met me in the hall. "Just gonna walk off without saying hi?"

"You sounded mad" I said as I looked down.

"I'm frustrated over some stuff online" She said as she poked me in the ribs and I jumped away laughing. "It wasn't you."

"I just wanted someone to keep me company for a while" I said softly.

"Lucky me" She said with a playful kiss to the cheek and then giving me a challenging smile. "God you're so hot."

"My girlfriend just left me" I said and honestly I'm not sure why it came out but it did as Courtney backed away in stunned disbelief. I mean let's be honest, how much longer could I possibly go with her now on the same floor without having her find out. It was truly a miracle that she hadn't found out by now. Why I hadn't told her is a whole different story in itself. "So I decided I wanted see if someone wanted to be with me when I didn't need their protection 24 hours a day."

"The whole time?" She asked as I nodded. "No surprise. I mean look at you, your beautiful and smart and just so cool to be with. How in the hell did I believe the fact that you weren't already taken? Come to think of it I heard someone saying you had a girlfriend but I guess I didn't wanna believe it."

"Yeh for over a year now" I said softly. "When I met you, it's just blew me away with the things you made me feel."


"In your eyes I could stand on my own and be independent, hell I felt ten feet tall and bulletproof with you" I said and wanting for some reason to plead my case for her being with me. "You think I'm smart, no one else does, and I mean no one. And when you kiss just feels soooo good. I'm sick of being everyones little dumb blond who needs to be protected. With you it's not like that."

"Damn" She said as she leaned against her door in shock. "I do all that? Courtney 'the screw up' Melrose? The mouthy bitch with an attitude did that?"

"Yesss mouthy bitch you did" I said as I boldly move forward and hugged her. "I'll beg you to stay with me tonight."

"You wanna be with me that bad?" She asked.

"I just don't wanna lose everything in the same night" I said with a pleading look in my eyes.

"OK, I'd never leave you scared" She said softly as she touched my face. "Even if I wanted to I couldn't. I'm still in shock you know?"

"Over what?" I giggled before turning serious and saying softly. "I'm sorry for all of this."

"I know you never meant to hurt anyone, I sure didn't" Courtney said. "I just wanted to be with you every minute."

"Well if you want me, tonight you can have me" I said with a horny smile as we broke up laughing.

"MMMMMMM baby" Courtney said as she kissed me softly. "What are we gonna do?"

"69?" I asked with a huge smile as she laughed.

"Oh I doubt wittle Mindy even knows what that is" She said in a mocking baby voice as I gave her my best dirty look, trying to hide a smile.

"I'll bet little Mindy can you make you fuckin scream" I said as her bottom lip dropped in shock. "So fuck you Courtney Melrose."

"I'll bet you can" She said as she took my hand. "Spend the night with me?"

"Yeh" I said softly as for the first time we both leaned in and kissed each other. Not me kissing her or her kissing me, we kissed. It felt so good I never wanted it to end.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Cindy..." I said as I came out of my room through the bathroom room and saw them wrestling on the couch. I stood there for a moment and cleared my throat as they looked up. "Something you two wanna tell me?"

"Yeh fuck you" Shelby said with a 'bird' flip towards me and then squealed as Cindy grabbed her right under the arm and tickled her. "OH GOD I'M GONNA PEE CINDERELLA STOP!"

"Cinderella?" I asked in shock as the action on the couch stopped again and both looked up. To be honest I had always wondered what Cindy's real name was but no one had ever mentioned it and like most things it just never prompted me to ask.

"Her name" Shelby said as Cindy gave her a dirty look. "Don't even give me that Cinderella Sullivan, you know I don't make fun of you with that."


"And your ass is gonna be hurt if you mock her one time, Maxine Taylor Bradlidge" Shelby said as she pointed at me and I saw Cindy smile again and kiss Shelby's cheek playfully. "MMMMM."

"Hell yeah your sweet as chocolate" Cindy giggled as I gave her a strange look.

"Are you two sluts more than friends now?" I asked pointedly as both stopped and looked nervously at me. "Just tell me, I know something is going on."

"Well?" Shelby asked as she looked at Cindy for a long moment. Cindy seemingly being not very happy with my direct question as she rose and never looking at me as she pulled a giggling Shelby to her feet too and into her arms. "What are you doing?"

"This..." Cindy said as she kissed Shelby softly on the lips and as my bottom lip dropped in surprise they started to kiss slowly. Shelby's arms wrapping around Cindy's neck as their lips fell into a perfect rhythm for a few more long moments. Pulling back I saw that look in Shelby's eyes and Cindy's too for that matter and I knew this was beyond a simple crush. They were in love. Both smiled as they touched foreheads and neither seeming to care that I was still in the room. " didn't want her Max. So thank you, because now she's mine."

"Yeh" Shelby said as she kissed Cindy once more and both smiled as they looked to me. "You OK with this?"

"NOOOOOOOOO" I said as I pulled Shelby away from Cindy and hugged her as I pretended a crying fit, "Please come back to me, I'll do nothing for you and make your life a living hell...sounds good eh?"

"Get off me" Shelby said as she laughed and pushed me away. "You never take anything serious."

"It's cool with me" I said with a smile and the front door opening undetected as I went on, "You're my best friends in this world. You even had my back during the Chloe situation..."

"What's this about Chloe?"

"Huh?" I asked and turned to see a very pissed off looking Dakota as she dropped her bag inside the door. "What are you doing here?"

"I said what did you say about Chloe?" Dakota asked in a calmer voice than expected as she came towards me and I felt that fear that I had felt the night she jumped me in the bedroom come back as Cindy stepped in between us and I backed away. "Tell me what you said."

"She wasn't saying anything about Chloe" Cindy said as Dakota stopped in front of her. "She said me and Shel had her back during that and what the hell are you doing here you moved out?"

"Mindy is being a cunt and I'm not staying in the same room with her and that stun gun" Dakota said as I felt I was again totally out of the loop on this story. "I was wondering if I could stay here for a few days?"

"No" Shelby said firmly as she looked at me and back to Dakota. "You are not gonna start on Max again this time she didn't do anything I know that."

"I don't want trouble" I said as Shelby moved in front of me.

"Oh yeah like you couldn't whip me" Dakota said.

"She's scared of you" Cindy said as Dakota seemed surprised. "Now either you back down or you got me and Shelby to fight first. We are all family."

"I don't want you to be scared of me" Dakota said as I backed away again.

"Look, I already apologized a million times to you and Chloe and all I want is to see Sarah for a while" I said as I picked up my bag and froze as Dakota moved in my direction and Cindy blocked her path.

"STOP" Cindy screamed as she pushed Dakota back.

"I'm not gonna start" Dakota said, "I'm sorry for everything that happened I know how it feels to be hit now."

"Mindy didn't even hurt you" Shelby said as she moved back in front of me. "And you were treating her like a five year old what do you expect."

"Mindy hit you?" I asked as Dakota simply nodded.

"She's changed and I'm scared it's over" Dakota said as I put my fear aside and tried to bridge the canyon that now stood between us and our former friendship as I hugged her. She smiled as she hugged me back. "Max, I'm sorry for hitting you."

"Forget about it" I said softly. "We all did shit we'd never do again."

"I'm sorry to have to break this news to you" Shelby said as she looked at Dakota. "Mindy has moved on and from what I seen it was with some girl named Courtney."

"How do you know?" Dakota asked.

"Some came in after you stormed off and kissed Mindy's cheek like it was something she'd done a million times" Shelby said as I felt my body go numb. "And then Mindy turns on me and runs me off when I started to get in this bitches face."

"WOW" Dakota said as she staggered back and seemed to be dizzy for a moment as Shelby and I both grabbed her to steady her. "What's going on with Mindy?"

"No idea" Shelby said.

"Excuse me..."

"Yeh?" Shelby and I asked as the same time as we looked to see a girl standing in the dorm that neither of us had ever seen before.

"My name is Elaine Bryant is this..." She said and trying to read the paper in front of her and groaning as she realized she couldn't see it. "...fuck. My glasses are in my bag and this is just screwed up."

"Here let me see, are you new here?" Cindy asked as she met her at the door and took the paper.

"Just got in from the airport and I'm drained" She said.

"OK it says you're our new roommate" Cindy said as Elaine smiled.

"Thank god" Elaine said. "I was afraid I'd get a devil worshipper or some fruit loops. I was supposed to be in 3 days ago and oh lord I'll bet you had no idea I was coming did you? They promised me that they would let you know so you wouldn't be freaked out of your head when I showed up at 9:45 or whatever time it is. This was the only flight into town and I'm so sorry I'm just gonna go."

"Download complete" Cindy giggled as she took Elaine's hand and stopped her. "Chill, this says you're our new roomie so come on in and put that bag down."

"Thank you" Elaine said as she hugged Cindy. "Can you please help me get the rest of my stuff before someone steals it?"

"You got four new friends here" Cindy said as Elaine smiled. "I'm Cindy, that's Max or Maxie, Shelby, and Dakota."

"Hi" Elaine said. "And since you guys are being so nice you can call me Laney."

"Just so you know" Cindy said with a smirk. "We all like girls, so don't be freaked."

"Really?" Laney asked with a smile and I swear I saw her for the first time sneaking a peak at Dakota. "Not freaked I heard stories about this place. If anyone's single I am too. Just no weird shit?"

Fortunately, she only had a few boxes and a few bags to carry up and she was settled into mine and Shelby's room. I explained about my situation with Sarah and made my escape before something else could happen tonight. 20 minutes later I was standing in front of 'Fast Eddie's Eats' on Main Street and peaking in the window and watching Sarah argue, as usual, with one of the regulars, Mel. The bell sounded and I knew sarah hadn't heard it as she seemed about to lose it.

"Look, Mel this is the third time I've brought you those eggs..." Sarah said in a frustrated voice as the ever contankerous Mel made her jump through hoops to please him like always. " want the damn things fixed right do it yourself."

"The customer is always right" He demanded as tears of frustration came to her eyes and she groaned as she walked off just as Eddie came out of the kitchen. She stopped as she saw me and smiled as she breathed a sigh of relief and hugged me around the neck as I sat down on one of the stools. I held on and made her hug me as she cried. It'd been one of those long nights I know and Mel was just making it worse.

"It's ok Sarah, someone is here for you" I said as she relaxed into me and hugged me tighter. "I am, I came to see you."

"This whole night has sucked" She said softly as she turned away from Eddie as he came towards us. "Thanks for coming to see me."

"I wanted to see you so bad tonight" I said as she grinned. "Can I spend the weekend with you?"

"You won't get in trouble back on campus?"

"Nah my friends cover for me" I said. "They know I can't go without seeing my girl."

"Say that again I like hearing it" Sarah said as she leaned in and was about to kiss me when Eddie cleared his throat and I saw the smile disappear from her face.

"What Eddie?" Sarah snapped. "All I need is two minutes with Tay and I'll be fine."

"Take a break, you and Tay go walking" He said as she smiled. "I'm gonna have a talk with your least favorite customer."

"Tay huh?" Sarah asked as Eddie grinned.

"Hey you two are like my own daughters so if you get to call her that so I do" He said as Sarah kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Dad" I said with a giggle as Sarah pulled me away towards the front exit. Saying over my shoulder, "Can I borrow 20 bucks?"

"Where's my damn eggs?" Mel demanded.

"Fuck you Mel" Sarah said as Mel laughed and got serious as Eddie moved beside him.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked as Sarah pulled me down the street forcing me to practically jog to keep up. I finally realized as we got to her door that something was up.

"Wanna show you something" She said as I followed her inside and saw a box sitting on the couch with a bow on it. She pointed to it as she smiled at me. "It's for you."

"Me?" I asked and couldn't help but be thrilled that she bought me something no matter what it was. I picked it up and laid it on the counter as she moved beside me and watched with a nervous smile. Hoping I'd like it. I opened the box after taking the ribbon off and my eyes went wide with shock. It was a jet black leather jacket. I took it out of the box and she took it and held it for me as I turned to slip into it. There's just something about the feel of a leather coat that makes you feel important almost. I turned and saw that she was almost as excited as me. Smiling proudly as she adjusted my hair and the collar. "WOW, thank you?"

"Your welcome" She said as she hugged me and I wrapped her in my arms.

"My girl" I said simply as she smiled and played with my hair. "My girl."

"That all you gonna say?" She asked.

"You said you liked hearing it" I said as she smiled even brighter and kissed me.

"I love hearing that" She said. "And you look hot."

"I do huh?" I asked as she giggled.

"Yeh I knew it was perfect for you from the moment I saw it" She said, "And no I am not telling you how much it costs."

"298.99?" I asked as I read the sticker on the sleeve and she blushed and started laughing. "Sarah Rae folks, she's my girl and I love her, but..."

"You say I'm stupid I'll take it back" She said with a warning smile.

"Gotcha boss and anyway I was gonna say how much I missed you today" I said as I kissed her.

"Keep talking like that and you might get some" She said as she attempted to walk away when I grabbed her in a bear hug from behind. "HMMMMMM right now huh?"

"I am in love with you Sarah" I said in a whisper and felt her relax in my arms. "It feels so good."

"Yeh, I felt this way once before, but Derek was..."

"Not me" I said firmly as she smiled. "I'm into you like 24/7 girl and I've learned from my fuck ups. Therapy every day."

"I get it now Tay" She said softly as she smiled back at me. "You're not Derek."

"Nope" I said as I kissed her cheek. "Thank you again for the jacket my girl. I love it."

"You are very welcome...Max" She said teasingly as she slipped out of my arms and ran off laughing. "Come get me..."

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

Usually I wake up beside Dakota and just lay their thinking for a while and wait till she gets up and go to the shower with her. It's the yellow streak running down my back you see, but this morning I woke up beside of Courtney and laid there watching her sleep and didn't feel the need to wake her up so she could hold my hand on the way to the bathroom. God I felt so much stronger in those few moments and I realized that I no longer needed someone to babysit me 24/7 and I could maybe stand on my own two feet and oh fuck I loved that feeling. I sat up and reached over her and took 'my protection' off the nightstand and stuck it inside my sling as I tried to get up but felt something holding me in place. I squirmed again and couldn't move and looking down I saw her smiling as she held me by the shirt and now giggling. I guess I had accidently woke her up.

"Is wittle Mindy having twouble?" She asked in a baby voice as I shot her a dirty look.

"No and let me go" I said as she rolled on to her back and pretended to wrestle with me and easily letting me cross my thighs over her stomach and pin her down. "Oh yeah I'm sure a one arm girl can whip you."

"Who says you beat me?" She asked as she slipped her hand away from mine and I braced for a tickling attack but it never came as she gently touched my face and smiled at me. "Mindy Sullivan I am crazy about you."

"Me?" I asked as she grinned and I let her kiss me softly. MMMMMM what a nice moment. "Yeh me."

"Yeh you" She said and suddenly seemed to be getting nervous. "So now that the night is over you going back to your girlfriend?"

"My girlfriend, the fuckin bitch left me alone knowing I was scared all because I wanna feel safe, fuck her" I said as Courtney smiled. "I just wanna feel safe for once."

"You can feel safe with me" She said softly. "I'll always make sure you feel that way."

"It's not your job..."

"I don't mean I'm gonna babysit you" She said, "You need to learn to stand on your own and not depend on someone to protect you. That stunner is good but I think you should get involved in taking Karate."

"I do take Karate"

"But you suck at it?"

"Yeh" I said as my heart sank and she kissed me again. "What was that for?"

"Wanted to see you smile" She said as I did, "And I think you like when I do that Mindy Sullivan and you wanna be with me. Don't you?"

"Whoa...ummmmm..." I said in shock as I slipped off her stomach and then the bed and backed away as I realized what had just happened. Whatever I had with Dakota was pretty much over and this no doubt confirmed it. But maybe, just maybe if I went back, told her everything, begged her forgiveness and promised her I'd never see Courtney again she'd take me back. I stumbled back into the door and was about to open it and run for my life when I froze in fear as Courtney caught me from behind. Realizing then 'my protection' was still on the nightstand and I was pretty defenseless if she wanted to hurt me. It was one of those panic moments where you think weird things. "Please don't hurt me, I'm sooo sorry."

"Noooo, just don't leave like this please?" She asked as she wrapped me in her arms and I tensed for a moment and then slowly relaxed. Then I swear she was reading my mind as she said the one thing that forever changed my mind and heart. "You don't have to go back to being scared, I wanna show you how it feels to be fearless. Please, I'm begging for a chance."

"A...a...ummmmm....a chance...with me?" I asked as I nervously looked back at her. "You're begging?"

"I'll beg all day" She said as she moved in front of me and touched my cheek so gently and leaned in and on instinct I turned away. Frustrated at the position I had gotten myself into. She didn't stop though, she kissed my cheek and as I looked back at her she kissed my lips this time and it was the best kiss in the history of the world. I finally gave in and felt myself fall as my lips moved so perfectly against hers in a slow and steady rhythm that I never wanted it to end. By falling I don't mean on my ass, I mean in love. Dakota had left me alone and scared and here this amazing girl was trying to make me feel so strong and independent and begging to be with me. Fuck Dakota, I wanna be in love with someone who wants to be with me so bad they can't even think about being without me. Courtney kissed me like she was feeling like that and I kissed her back, no longer holding back and letting my feelings for her finally come out. She slowed her lips and pulled away and looked at me and saw I was smiling as I touched my forehead to hers. "Please? I'm falling so deep in love with you..."

"Me too..." I said before kissing her again softly. " win."

"I like winning" She said as we both started laughing. Oh boy...