Scent of a Girl - Episode 23 "I Could Be A Cure for Migraine's"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey you ready?" Courtney asked as I looked up from her bed. Taking the headphones off my head as I saw her and asked, "Huh?"

"You ready?"

"For what?"

"Karate, it starts in 20 minutes" She said as I took a deep breath.

"I'm no good at it..."

"And I don't care Mindy Sullivan" She said firmly as she took my hand and pulled me off the bed. A huge pain shooting up my bad shoulder as I cried. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"OWWWWWWW, that really stings" I said as I got up and held my shoulder now. The pain almost making me wanna cry and the look on her face was something like I had never seen. It was like she was blaming herself for my pain and she so badly wanted to do something to take away all my pain as fast as she could. She did. I watched her smile as she turned to her dresser and opened the top drawer and pulled out a pill bottle and took out a blue pill and handed it to me. "What's this?"

"It'll stop your shoulder from hurting" She said and handing me my soda. "Just take it."

"I don't even know what it is"

"It's a..." She said and telling me the name of it. "It's pretty powerful and it zaps pain."

"OK" I said as I took it and it seemed almost instant as the pain seemingly shut off like a slowly closing faucet of water. I smiled as a warm feeling washed over me. "WOW."

"Feel better?" She asked as I smiled. I hadn't felt this good since the day before 'Shrek' threw me down the steps.

"Yeh I feel great" I said as I hugged her.

"Now listen, you ask me before you take one of those" She said firmly. "And I know how many there are so..."

"OK..." I said softly as I touched her lips. "I get it, they can be addictive?"

"Yeh, I have them for headaches" She said softly.


"Not since I met you Mindy Sullivan" She said as she kissed me softly. "No stress can wash you out of my mind for a second."

"Who knew I could be a cure for migraine's" I said with a giggle.

"Yeh, so you my girl now?" She asked as I smiled and as hard as it was to believe at that moment I was about to say yes, when it happened. Dakota walked by the door on the way to our room and saw me by chance. "Oh my god..."

"OK, if it's too soon" She said as she touched my cheek gently and I pointed to the door. Courtney turning and coming face to face with a seemingly enraged Dakota.

"You girlfriend stealing WHORE" Dakota said as her fists clinched at her side and Courtney pushed me behind her and fumbled as she reached into her dresser and pulled out a stun gun.

"Oh my god Courtney, please no" I said as I got in front of her and saw the fear in her eyes. Dakota stopped as I looked back.

"I won't use it unless she tries to hurt me or you" Courtney said as she kissed me and I knew she was almost making that promise to me.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING MY GIRLFRIEND?" Dakota screamed and I swear if it were not for that stun gun I think she'd have hurt Courtney.

"Stop screaming" I demanded as I turned to her. "She fuckin kissed me cause I said she could. You left me last night."

"But..I love you with all..."

"You left her scared to death" Courtney said as she hugged me. "And now she's with me and you want her back you gonna have a war on your hands."

"God I am so stupid" I said as I covered my face with both of my hands and looked down in shock and realized I could move my injured shoulder now pain free. I looked back at Courtney and instinctively kissed her as she smiled. "My shoulder stopped hurting I can move it. That pill worked."

"What pill?" Dakota asked. "You're doing drugs now?"

"What? No, it was a pain killer and she gave it to me to help my shoulder" I said as I turned back to Dakota. "It was hurting me and she wanted to help, I am not on drugs."

"Then you explain to me you stupid blond bitch how you go from loving me to loving this girlfriend stealing whore" Dakota asked as tears streamed down her face and I wanted so bad to run to her and beg her forgiveness but what hurt more than me watching her hurt was the fact that she really thought I was a stupid blond. "ANSWER ME. ARE YOU TO FUCKIN STUPID TO DO THAT?"

"Call her stupid again and we will fight you mouthy muslim rag head" Courtney said as she threw her stun gun on the bed and tried to push past me as I hugged her and tried to stop her.

"Rag head? I'm not muslim you stupid bitch" Dakota said as she stepped into the room and to my shock she pushed me into Courtney and sent both of us crashing to the floor with a thud. I somehow landed on top of Courtney as she grabbed her ribs and started to cry. I watched Dakota stand over us as she screamed. "GET UP, YOU WANTED TO FIGHT FOR THE STUPID BLOND NOW FIGHT FOR HER."

"FUCK YOU I AM NOT STUPID YOU WHORE" I screamed back and scrambled to the night stand and grabbed my own stun gun and turned it on as I showed it to Dakota. "I'll fuckin zap your ass, I am not gonna let you hurt her."

"Mindy, stop, oh my god stop" Dakota said in a panic as she stumbled back and fell over some clothes in the floor and scrambled to get back out of the door as my tears streamed down my face.

"Leave her alone, please" I said as I turned the gun off and watched Dakota get back to her feet. "She didn't do anything she didn't know about you."


"Fuck you Dakota Lane, it's the truth" I said as Courtney got back to her feet holding her stomach.

"OK fine you wanna play dirty bitch?" Courtney asked Dakota. "You don't know what dirty is whore. I wrote the book on taking people out."

"Yeh and I got the Mintz on my side, your ass is grass" Dakota fired back.

"FUCK YOU" I screamed, "They are my family too you clueless cunt."

"WHOA DAKOTA CALM DOWN" A Voice said from down the hall. I was almost shocked to see Molly appear from down the hall as she jumped in front of Dakota and looked to see me and Courtney and looked shocked. "What's going on, that bitch hurting Mindy?"

"No, she stole Mindy from me" Dakota said as Molly turned with rage in her eyes as she glared at Courtney. "Screw this, you broke my FUCKIN HEART, we are so through."

"You, you mouthy BITCH" Molly said as Dakota stormed off with tears in her eyes and Molly came after Courtney.

"Please Molly, stop, I love her, stop please?" I said in an all out panic as Molly looked at me. "I swear to you, please believe me, she didn't know anything about Dakota. This is my fault, please don't hurt her, please? I'm begging you."

"" Molly asked as I took a deep breath as she backed off. Courtney sitting back down on the bed.

"That day we met at the library and it just did" I said, "Dakota just wants me to be her little retarded blond and..."

"You are not retarded, you are smart and beautiful" Courtney said as I smiled back at her. "Dakota called you a stupid blond and you're not."

"Dakota didn't call her..." Molly said as I stopped her again.

"Yes she did, a few times" I said as Molly looked to be in total shock.

"Are you sure?" Molly asked.

"Yeh, I think she believes it to" I said softly as Courtney stood and hugged me as I cried.

"I know you hate me Molly..." Courtney said as she looked at Molly and wrapped me tighter in her arms. "...I'll do anything you want, just please give me a chance. I swear I'll be good to her. I'm in love with her."

"Huh?" I asked as I looked up.

"You said you loved me" Courtney said and my frazzled mind remembered back to a few short moments ago when those very words did pop out. "Right?"

"Yeh" I said as I hugged her tighter. "You make me feel so good."

"This what you want Mindy?" Molly asked as we both looked at her.

"Yeh, please?" I asked. "Don't let Dakota talk Cindy and them into her hurting her, please?"

"Mindy, it's ok, I'll calm the situation" Molly said as she glared at Courtney and I feared the worse.

"I don't know what just happened here but you're on a leash about an inch long and the first time you hurt her you're dead" Molly said to Courtney. "Me and Cally run this school, you're one lucky bitch..."

"Shut up" I growled at Molly. "She's not gonna hurt me, she's the reason I stood up to that bitch Veronica, I fucked her up, and when you attack her you're gonna have to hurt me too."

"Mindy?" Molly asked as she backed away a step.

"Melinda Erin Sullivan just grew up" I said in a demanding voice. "I love you, you're like my best friend, but I am not gonna let you hurt her."

"Boy are you hot when you get mad" Molly said as I blushed and heard Courtney laugh behind me. "Good luck with this one Courtney."

"Down kitty...meow" Courtney said as I glared at her and tried to hide a smile as she hugged me from behind. "I'll be good to her, she says I'm why she's well...not scared anymore."

"This is what you want?" Molly asked me as I looked back to Courtney and feeling her arms wrapped around me, I had no doubt about it as I nodded. "I don't like this. I'm sorry I don't."

"Gimme a chance" Courtney said softly. "I've been whipped before and if I hurt Mindy you can kick my ass."

"Molly?" Chloe asked in shock as she came by Courtney's door and saw us. Stopping and giving me and Courtney a shocked to silence look.

"Hey" Molly said as she put her hands in her hair and joined Chloe by the door. "Have I got a story for you."

"Tell me why that girl...why is that girl hugging Mindy and where is Dakota?" Chloe asked.

"Mindy and Dakota just had a huge fight and..." Molly said as she reeled off the fast version of the events and Courtney and I filled in the rest. Chloe listened in shock and seemed to be getting more upset by the second. "Mindy says that's what she wants."

"Have you lost it Mindy?" Chloe asked, "Dakota loved you, I know that..."

"No, I grew up and now I don't need protection 24 hours a day" I said, and feeling as if Molly and Chloe were almost like my Mom and Dad in that moment. Me trying to convince them to let me date the new girl. "I know you love Dakota, but you love me too and I need you to be ok with this and let me try it."

"You broke her heart, over what?" Chloe asked softly.

"Because she wanted me to be the same little scared girl she wanted to protect" I said. "You heard Veronica, I mean Shrek, she got fucked up?"


"We did that, and that fat pig won't ever mess with me again" I said as Chloe smiled and for that matter so did Molly. "Courtney makes me feel like I'm ten feet tall and bulletproof when I'm with her. Dakota left me last night alone and scared, and why you're gonna ask, because of this..."

"A stun gun?" Chloe asked as I picked it up and slid it inside my sling. "Mindy you..."

"We know" Courtney said. "Look if she goes down I'll go with her and none of you will be mentioned."

"Wait, you're the mouthy bitch who pestered Bre for what a year over her being gay and now you are?" Molly asked.

"I had a crush on her" Courtney said, "I started going to therapy, once a week..."

"You didn't tell me that" I said as I turned to face Courtney.

"Because I had no idea this was gonna get this serious, so now you know" She said. "It's not a big deal right? I'm trying to fix the problems."

"I just wonder what else you're hiding" Molly said.

"No, it's ok, I'm proud of you" I said as Courtney smiled and kissed me. I smiled back at her and turned to Molly and said, "Look, if you wanna keep running your mouth you can leave. I'm old enough to make my own decisions and this is what I want, and your stupid remarks are not helping."

"Let her do this" Chloe said as she hugged Molly.

"" Molly said with a finger point towards Courtney. "One..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"YEH AND YOUR A BITCH TOO" I screamed from the other side of the bathroom as Dakota glared at me and then slammed the door to my room. I so wanted to tear that door down and fight her right here. I mean the bitch had basically just kicked me out of my own room in a rage. But realizing the pain she was no doubt in, I held back. This fight wasn't even about us, it was way more about Dakota and Mindy, or what used to be of them. I gather from her crying/screaming fit that they broke up and I was right about that Courtney bitch and Mindy. So she blames me in some twisted/retarded way. I was just about to go and try to calm her down when I felt someone grab me from behind as I squealed and felt someone dig into my tickle spots as I turned to see Cindy with a huge grin on her face. My anger fading as I squealed in laughter and she loosened her grip enough to let me escape, just so she could stalk me and she did as I backed away and laughed with my hands up to protect me. She rushed me and grabbed me again, "Please stop, OH GOD CINDERELLA, STOPPPPPPP!"

"No" She said with a huge smile as I broke away again and ran for her room. Circling around the bed and heading for the door to the hallway as Cindy ran in and said, "Ok Shel, stop I quit, ok?"

"You promise?"

"Yeh, I promise" She said as I walked back over and I took her hand as she held it out. "Did I hear screaming?"

"Yeh, Dakota and Mindy had this huge fight" I said, "Her and Mindy broke up."

"Great" Cindy said in frustration. "That means I gotta pick up the pieces and stand between them when she moves back in here."

"Mindy's got a new girlfriend" I said, "Remember that Courtney bitch Mindy jumped me over?"

"Yeh you mentioned that" Cindy said, "Since she moved out I don't see her all that much and just..."

"Dakota's the one in pain not Mindy" I said as I hugged her. "But this means our nights of peacefully sleeping on the couch are over."

"I hate this" Cindy said, "I got used to having you all to myself and now the place is crawling with people."

"Maybe I should just move in with you and we'd have our own private room in a way" I said and only being half-serious.

"You would do that?" She asked with a huge smile. "No wait, you gotta keep peace between Max and Dakota."

"Why is Dakota in my room for anyway?" I asked, "She was your roommate."

"Yeh and now we barely talk" Cindy said. "She slept on her on old bed last night but it wasn't fun."

"Let the new girl keep the battling bitches apart" I suggested as Cindy smiled. "Laney is in there now with Dakota."

"God I wish we could do that" Cindy said as she kissed me and I smiled. "Would you really move in with me if we could work it out?"

"Yes I would love too" I said as a loud screaming match began in the living room and both of us groaned as we ran into see Dakota about to lose it as she glared at a terrified Maxie, Laney trying to hold Dakota back.

"What happened now?" Cindy asked as she moved in front of Maxie.

"I didn't do anything I swear, I came into get my bag and was heading back to Sarah's when she started screaming at me over Chloe" Maxie said with fear in her eyes.


"SHUT UP" Cindy screamed at Dakota, "Can't you see she's scared to death, now either shut up or you're gonna fight me you bitch."

"Dakota I said I was sorry, what did I do?" Maxie asked as I hugged her.

"Yeh come on calm down, I know how you feel" Laney said.

"Fuck you and stay out of this, this is family business and you are not family" Dakota snapped as she glared at Laney now. With those words Laney backed off with a hurt look in her eyes.

"You don't have to be mean about it, I know I'm new here and I'm not really your friend..."

"Yes you are" Cindy said as she hugged Laney. "You tried to help, that makes you a hot cousin at least."

"WOW I'm the hot cousin" Laney giggled.

"Look I'm gonna go and crash with Sarah tonight" Maxie said, "Pretty clear I'm not gonna get any rest in my own room."

"Yeh and you come back and you're gonna get what you deserve" Dakota said as Maxie froze. Cindy had had enough in that moment and shocked us all when she buried a stiff right hand into Dakota's stomach. Sending her to the floor in a heap.

"FUCK YOU" Cindy screamed as Laney again tried to keep peace and got in between the two.

"Ok, calm down it's over, you don't wanna hurt her" Laney said as I moved away from Max and hugged a still shaking Cindy from behind.

"You don't want Chloe to be terrified of Maxie you bitch and I'm not gonna let her be scared of you" Cindy said as Laney checked on Dakota. "Mindy broke your heart not her. Threaten her again and find out how many people it takes to pull me off you."

"FUCK" Dakota screamed in all out frustration. Rising and holding her stomach she looked to me to be considerably less angry. "I think I'm gonna go home."

"Home?" Maxie asked, "Back to Molly's dorm?"

"No, Pittsburgh" Dakota said softly. "I don't wanna be here anymore."

"Dakota no, that is not the answer" I said.

"Maybe it would be best" Maxie said softly, "She hates me, and she can't go back to the other dorm with the way Mindy is acting and Cindy and her can't get along."

"Come on Dakota, there is life after this Mindy girl I promise you, fuck her" Laney said as everyone gave her a weird look and she asked, "What?"

"That's my twin sister" Cindy said with a smirk as Laney froze.

"God I'm stupid" Laney said as everyone laughed.

"It's ok, she is actin weird lately" Cindy said.

"Look, everyone listen" I said as the room grew quiet and I moved centerstage to speak. "Me and Cindy had this whole place practically to ourselves for a while and we liked that. And now you drama queens are dragging us down and I'm tired of it. So here's what's gonna happen, I'm moving into Cindy's room and Laney gets my old bed."

"Great so now no one is gonna stop her from killing me" Maxie said.

"No Max, the indian bitch is gonna cool it or she's not staying" I said as I looked directly at Dakota. Going on before she could, "First we are your family, get that through your thick skull. Second, I am sick of hearing about Chloe and Max, one more word and I am gonna seriously kick your ass and it won't be one punch. Third, that is Maxie's room, not yours, so you wanna stay here you better be asking her."

"Look I can keep peace" Laney said, "I can, my family is from the south and it's a family tradition to have a brawl on occasion. I'm usually the peacemaker."

"Well I guess that answers that, I'll pack my stuff and leave tommorrow" Dakota said, "No one wants me here."

"I do, I like you already" Laney said with a flirty giggle as she touched Dakota's face. "I know how a brokenheart feels. It sucks."

"Yeh it does" Maxie said, "Believe it or not, I'm doing things right with Sarah and she loves me and I love her. So there is life after, brokenhearts suck."

"You broke Chloe's heart a million times" Dakota said softly. "And then you hit her..."

"And look who she's with" Maxie said, "Molly, who is good to her and treats her the way I'm treating Sarah. We both came out of this good, Dakota I am begging you to..."

"No stop, you are not begging her for anything" I said to Maxie. "She's not gonna have you scared to come home."

"Max I'm not gonna hit you again" Dakota said.

"Whatever" Maxie said, "I'm just gonna..."

"Tell her you're sorry" Laney demanded, "I'm serious, why do you want her scared of you?"

"She deserves it" Dakota said.

"You're sleeping on the couch tonight and tommorrow you can go home to Pittsburgh or to hell on a frozen canoe, I could care less I am sick of your shit" Cindy said to Dakota, "And when Maxie comes back tonight you even look at her I'll HURT YOU."

"Whoa" Dakota said as it took me and Laney to hold Cindy back.

"You know I can hurt you bitch, Max is my tag team partner and I've had all of your mouth I can take" Cindy said. "Threaten her one more time and your ASS IS MINE."

"Maxie stop don't go please?" Dakota asked. "This whole Mindy thing is hurting like hell and you know what I'm like when I'm upset. Anyone in my field of vision gets it."

"I said I was sorry a million times already" Maxie said softly.

"Except her apology and forgive her" Laney said, "Come on Dakota, please?"

"Why do you care so much?" Dakota asked softly as Laney smiled.

"Cause your hot" Laney said with a smirk as Dakota laughed and smiled. "And if you can chill out we got the room all to ourselves, so who knows."

"Go on Dakota hit that" Maxie said as we all laughed.

"You gonna let me?" Dakota asked Laney with a flirty smile, "Make me feel better?"

"Tell her you're sorry and you forgive her and you stop threatening her" Laney said, "I'm serious if you do that...we can talk."

"It won't happen all at once Max, but I won't threaten you no more" Dakota said. "We used to be friends."

"Ok" Maxie said simply.

"Thank you" Laney said as she hugged a very excepting Dakota.

"This is gonna sound bad, but..." Dakota said as she touched Laney's hand, "...will you lay down with me and maybe keep me company until I fall asleep?"

"Now how could I turn down an offer like that?" Laney asked as she took Dakota's hand and they disappeared into the bedroom a moment later.

"I'mma go see Sarah for a while" Maxie said as I hugged her warmly. "See you guys in the morning?"

"You know it" Cindy said with a smile and both watching Maxie leave before I felt Cindy wrap me in her arms and as I braced for a potential tickle attack she kissed my cheek, "MMMMMMMMMM sweet brown sugar."

"I will have you know, Cinderella..." I said and pausing to test her reaction at my using her full name, she simply smiled, "...I am not brown, I'm light brown."

"You know that's true" She said as she pulled the collar of my shirt down a little and snuck a peak at my boobs as I gasped in shock and jumped away. "Is all of you the same color?"

"You keep acting like that and you'll never find out" I said with a warning finger point as she sat down on the couch and looked up at me with a beyond adoring smile. She was in love with me, I could see that now. God that's a beautiful sight.

"Can I ask a weird question?" She asked as she held her hand out and I took it and let her guide me down onto the couch and across her thighs.

"Sure" I said as I ran my fingers through her hair playfully. She is so beautiful and sweet and I realize I'm talking about the 'Ice Princess' but it's so true and I just can't get enough of that smile on me and those eyes.

"You are really light, are your mom and dad both light?"

"My dad's white" I said as Cindy grinned. "So I'm not a porch monkey."

"MMMMMM cute little porch monkey too" Cindy said and normally I might get mad at somebody for saying that but in her eyes I didn't. "Well half of one..."

"Cindy..." I said as she leaned up and kissed me.

"I am crazy about you" She said as she looked up at me and broke my will to respond. I touched her face and caressed her cheek softly as she smiled, "You crazy about me too?"

"Tell me I can do your butt and I will be" I said as I kissed her. This was obviously an attempt to get a rise out of the cute blond below me.

"You can, but you gotta be gentle" She said seriously as my lip dropped a bit and my whole body went flush with shock and excitement. "Who were the other girls by the way?"

"Cally, Cally let me do it" I said without thinking, my brain still numb from the previous moments invite. "And some girl back home, she taught me how to use a strap-on when I was like 13."

"You did a girls butt when you were 13?" Cindy asked.

"She was older and she taught me how to and wanted me to try it" I said. "I didn't care much for it the first time but I got to like it."

"Cally Oliver?"

"Yeh, but don't say nothing, please?" I asked as I kissed her and felt her rise with me in her arms and lay me back on the couch as we kissed for a long moment. My tongue softly massaging hers.

"Not a word" She said as she kissed me again, both groaning when a loud knocking came at the door. "FUCK, I hate this room. Can't even spend five minutes with you anymore."

"Answer it, I gotta use the bathroom anyway" I said as I kissed her one more time and we both slipped off the couch. Me heading into the bathroom and hearing Cindy talking to someone a moment later as I finished and had the weirdest feeling wash over me, like something was waiting for me on the other side of that door that I didn't wanna see or hear. Little did I know then the shock that I was in for. I opened the door and stepped outside as Cindy looked to me nervously and my only response was, "OH MY GOD..."