Scent of a Girl - Episode 25 "You So Cool Punky"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\


It feels like nothing I have ever let myself experience to feel this way about someone and know they feel the same about you. I woke early as usual and lay there watching this amazingly beautiful girl sleeping in my arms peacefully. I love these moments of quiet when it's just me watching her sleep and no one else on this planet exists, just me and her. She shifted and giggled in her sleep and I knew within a few minutes she'd be awake, her usual pattern. And I swear to you this was not of my doing, but looking down I noticed the top two buttons on her night shirt were undone and you could clearly see the top of her breasts. Something, believe it or not, that I've never had the pleasure of seeing in real life. I tilted my head and caught a slightly better view for a split second before Shelby shifted and giggled as she wrestled playfully in her sleep, with me I'm assuming.

"Oh god don't you dare put your hand down there" She said and holding her hands up as I watched. "OH geez MMMMMM go ahead..."

"I must be good" I giggled as Shelby rolled onto her back and looked to be in pleasure for a long moment before she snapped awake.

"Morning" I said as she looked at me. A smile of embarrassment on her face.

"Talking again?"

"Mmmm-mmmm am I good?"

"Oh god, shut up" She said as she covered her face and I laughed. "Cinderella's mean to me."

"No I am not" I said as I kissed the back of her hands as she moved them and looked up at me. "If I was, you wouldn't be having such a good dream about me."

"This is true" She said as we both smiled. "You ever have dreams like that about me?"

"I wish I did, I don't have much imagination" I said as she laughed. "But I'll bet the real thing is much better."

"Keep being nice to me like this and you'll find out" She said as she turned towards me on the bed. Her stomach against mine and of course putting my arm around her.

"And you can live out your fantasy if you keep being nice to me" I said, "Butt?"

"Oh god, after that dream and you're here" She said as she kissed me softly. "MMMMMMMMM, keep talking like that and you'll get some."

"Sweet brown sugar?"

"Better than a cute little porch monkey" She said with a half smile.

"Half of one" I said as we both laughed. "No more porch monkey?"

"I like sweet brown sugar lots better" She said and again kissing me. "Wanna throw a few more compliments my way and see what happens?"

"Beautiful, smart, gentle, patient" I said as she grinned and a warm feeling flooding my body that felt so good, "So easy to love."

"You saying you love me Cinderella?" She asked with an adoring smile on her face as she touched my cheek and urged me with her eyes to say yes. My heart beat faster and I froze for a second in the moment as to what to do. I've seriously never told anyone I loved them before under these kinda circumstances so this is all so new to me that it scares me. I'm starting to like that feeling too. "Answer me, please?"

"God it feels that way" I said as she smiled and rolled onto her back and excitedly started to kick her feet as she squealed her excitement. "Good news?"

"Oh my god yesss" She said as she rolled on top of me, now across my stomach. "You just said you loved me and not in front of anyone, just me and you. Well not in so many words..."

"I love you" I said as she leaned down and kissed me softly. "Now you like me too huh?"

"I wanna spend my days and nights with you from now on" She said, "So many things I wanna do with you, and yes, I...ummmm....why am I having trouble saying this?"

"Because it's scary" I said as she took a deep breath and smiled. "Right?"

"Yes" She said softly as a knocking came at the door leading to the common room.

"Fuck" I said as Shelby held me in place and made me look at her.

"I love you" She said softly and kissing me. "Did you hear me, cause I might not get the courage to say it again."

"Yes I did" I said as a smile crossed my face and I sat up and met her with a soft kiss. One that just felt so right and completely perfect that I think without a second, and louder knock at the door, we might have gotten so lost in each other that we'd never come back. Not that morning at least. "What?"

"Open this door" The Voice said as Shelby groaned and I knew by her reaction that somehow her looney tunes mother had wormed her way back into the dorm. "Open it now or I'll break it down."

"Break it down then" I said as I got out of bed and pulled Shelby off the bed and into my arms as she smiled and I once again kissed her. Both of our hearts stopping almost when the door rattled violently. "She's fucking gonna do it."

"STOP IT" Shelby said as she broke away from me and opened the door to see a severely pissed Lana looking for a fight. Harold standing behind her with a helpless look on his face. "What are you doing here?"

"I came back to get your father and to see you one more time before we left and find out you're sleeping with your...this girl" She spat. "I am still your parent and I'm going to the Administration and informing them of this and requesting you be moved to another dorm immediately."

"NOOOOOOO, please, why do you hate me?" Shelby asked as tears began to fall down her cheeks and I instinctively hugged her from behind. "I am finally happy again, she makes me happy and we are not sleeping together. I am in love..."

"No you are not, and as soon as I get the court to agree you are leaving this god forsaken school" Lana said as Shelby froze and I felt her start to shake as she cried in my arms.

"Stop, DAMN IT, STOP" Harold screamed as Lana looked at him. "You're gonna cause her to have another breakdown if you keep this up."

"Oh that is such crap, you know she faked that" Lana said as Shelby hugged me.

"Please stop her, I can't take anymore" Shelby begged me in a panic and I saw the fear in her eyes as I smiled and kissed her. "Yeh?"

"I love you, she is not gonna do this again" I said as she smiled and I moved around Shelby and pushed Lana from behind to get her attention.


"I will so smack your brains out if you don't stop interfering in a family matter, that little whore in there has been nothing but trouble since day one and she's got you wrapped around her little finger" Lana said as my rage took over.

"Hit me, and you'll see what happens" I said in a growl. "HIT ME. I SAID HIT ME YOU NIGGER BITCH."

"MOM!" Shelby screamed in shock as Lana did the unthinkable, she smacked me with an open hand and pointed her finger at me and started to lecture me.

"Now you know who you're dealing with you little foul mouthed racist" She spat as I grabbed her finger and with rage filling my body I bent it back and felt it crack and pop as she screamed in pain.

"You ever come back near Shelby again...fuck this" I said as I lost it and punched her as hard as I could in the stomach and then a clean shot to her face. She screamed for mercy as she fell to the floor and covered up. I moved right above her head and started pounding in frustration at her hands and face with both hands. "CALL HER NAMES AGAIN, She's happy you psycho bitch..."

"SHELBY, HELP ME SWEETHEART SHE'S GONNA KILL ME" Lana screamed as I took hold of her hair and pulled her up to meet me face to face. Her nose and mouth bleeding and one eye already showing the bruises forming. "Oh my god, please don't kill me..."

"You ever come back near her..." I said as I spit in her face. " low life hate filled bitch."

"Never...OH MY GOD" She screamed as I pulled as hard as I could at her hair and several clumps came out in my hands. She screamed as she rolled away and Shelby tackled me to the floor and held me down to keep me from going after her.

"Stop, please, Cinderella, stop for me" She begged as she touched my face. In her gaze I felt something I had never felt before, calm came over me. "It's over."

"You ripped my hair out, oh my god, you little psycho" Lana said. "The police are gonna hear about this..."

"No they won't" Harold finally said. "They won't and I will lie my ass off if you even call them."

"She's got my heart now and I've got hers...right?" I asked as Shelby smiled and kissed me as she nodded. "I'll hurt anyone who tries to hurt her."

"She is not gonna win this..." Lana said as she rose and I would have if it hadn't been for Shelby holding me in place. I saw the fear in Harold's eyes and snapped my head back to see Dakota standing in the doorway glaring at Lana as she saw the carnage. "...ummmmmmm..."

"You got something to say?" Dakota asked as she stepped inside and got in front of Lana. Laney arriving at the door and watching silently. "I thought I told you not to come back?"

"Harold you better stop her or I'll..."

"Get your ass kicked again?" I asked as Shelby and I started to laugh.

"Your handiwork?" Dakota asked as I grinned and she offered me a high five, which I gladly excepted. "Your mom's new do looks great Shel, glad you didn't go to the same shop though."

"Yeh Mom great new do" Shelby said as me and her laughed from the floor. Watching Lana lose it as she began to beat her hands on the sofa.

"GET OVER HERE NOW SHELBY AND APOLOGIZE TO ME" Lana demanded as the laughing stopped and Harold moved in front of her and tried to calm her down. Which was met by an enraged slap, so violent in it's impact that Harold slipped to one knee. "You are a worthless good for nothing man, I wish to god I'd never married you."

"I'll move out the minute we get home" Harold said calmly as he rose again. "I'm going to the judge and inform him of everything you've done. I'm going for full custody and she's staying here because she's happy. Right, Shel?"

"Very happy" Shelby said as she rose from the floor and pulled me up. "For the first time in my life."

"YOU CAN GO TO HELL" Lana screamed, "I won't let you be happy you little whore. I wish you were never born..."

"KOTA STOP" Laney screamed from the door as Dakota lost it and charged Lana. Spearing her over the couch and a building shaking thump as both crashed over the back of it and landed on the floor. Laney pushed Harold away as she ran to check on Dakota who wasn't moving for a long moment. "Kota get up, wake up."

"I think I broke me" Dakota laughed from the floor as Lana coughed and rolled onto her side. Lana holding her stomach and crying now as she tried to breath and seemed to be having trouble.

"You better not be broken" Laney said as she helped Dakota to her feet. Everyone now watching Lana struggle to get to her feet.

"Help me up please" Lana begged as I grabbed Shelby around the waist from behind and refused to let her go. "Shelby honey I'm sorry...oh know I say things I don't mean."

"No, you are not gonna help her, she hates you" I said as Shelby looked back at me in confusion. "It's OK to be happy, and we are."

"But she's my mom..." Shelby said as I spun her around and kissed her. "Oh boy."

"Yeh, I make you feel good without trying to tear you down and I love you" I said with both hands on her cheeks gently and kissing her softly again. Both of us taking the time to enjoy the incredible feelings at the moment as she hugged me and I knew in that moment she had chose me. "You love me too?"

"Yeh I do" She said as we hugged and never in my life had I ever wanted to hold onto someone more than in that moment.

"I SAID HELP ME UP YOU LITTLE WHORE" Lana screamed as Laney hugged Dakota and I took Shelby's hand and we left the room. Not sure what I was gonna do but I know I had to get her and me out of there before something worse happened.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello?" I said picking up the phone in Cally's room, like always.

"Who is this?" A very stern voice asked into the phone.

"Who's this?" I asked as Cally came out of the bathroom now wrapped in a towel and spied me on the phone. Joining me as she playfully put her arms around me.

"David Thornton Oliver, the father of that little hellcat standing beside of you" He said as I laughed.

"Nice to meet you sir, my name is Bre Kelton" I said with a smile.

"A friend of Cally's who is respectful enough to politely introduce herself..." He commented in what sounded like shock. "You no doubt are the first one of the kind."

"I am respectful sir unless..."

"What do you want Dad?" Cally asked as she pulled the phone away from me. Me giving her a dirty look for her effort.

"You young lady are about to wear out my patience with you" David said. "You have no reason to think you are safe from all punishment just because you are my daughter."

"Dad, chill, you're talking about the brawl in the cafeteria?"

"Yes I am, you cost me thousands of dollars in repairs and you apparently injured some lovely young lady name Chiquita" He said as I listened at Cally's ear.

"Charming? She tried to attack my girlfriend" Cally said as I smiled. "All me and Molly did was clean up the mess. And that sweet innocent Chiquita is no sweet and innocent. She's a char coaled buffalo who is the enforcer of the school's resident spoiled brat bitch. Kramer Carlson's daughter."

"Young lady you will not talk bad about Kramer's lovely daughter anymore, Vanessa is a sweet and charming young lady..."

"They tried to break my arm" I said as Cally put the phone back to my ear. "Did you hear me? Break my arm."

"Well I'm sure you are exaggerating for my daughter's defense" He said.

"Break my fuckin arm you prick, that's what they were gonna do" I snapped, "And that Vanessa is only respectful when she needs to suck up I bet. She wants you on her side so she can continue to do it. Well guess what? Cally is my girl now and when the little spoiled princess starts her shit again, she's gonna get hurt."

"Like I said old man I was taking up for the girl in my life" Cally said as she took the phone back. "Say something."

"What happened?" I asked as Cally hung up the phone.

"Phone went dead" Cally said, "Typical Dad, he can't handle the truth so he just hangs up and pouts for a while."

"I don't like him already" I said as Cally smiled.

"You will" She said softly. "He's just hard headed to a point but once he sees the truth he's on my side big time."

"OK, if you say so..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey..." Courtney said as I opened the door and saw her standing there nervously. " Mindy here?"

"No" I said flatly. "Why?"

"She went to check her mail and get a soda about a half hour ago and she hasn't come back yet" Courtney said as a huge bolt of worry shot through me. "I was hoping she was here."

"Well you seem to think she can take care of herself"

"She can" Courtney said smugly. "But I still worry about her. Well anyway, I'm gonna go and look for her this was my first stop."

"Hold on I'm coming with you" I said. "Mindy's my family."

"You don't have to, I know you hate me and all"

"I hate you cause you're a hate filled little nazi who terrorized someone I care about for no reason" I said as Courtney stood her ground and offered no smart remark in reply, a first I bet.

"I'll apologize to Bre if it helps, that Courtney is gone" She said as I softened my approach.

"Fuck this" I said, "Let's just find Mindy."

"OK" Courtney said as we headed downstairs and checked the mail boxes, no Mindy and then both of us parting and searching the rest of the first floor and finding nothing we met back in the common room. "I'm getting worried."

"Me too, did she have know?"

"Yeh, which is why I'm not panicking right now" Courtney said. "She carries it in her sling most of the time. But someone could jump her and knock it away."

"Thank god" I said as I pointed down the walk outside and we saw Mindy coming up seemingly without a care in the world. We both met her at the Keller-Montgomery sign out front.

"Where you been Shakespeare?" Courtney asked.

"Huh?" Mindy asked as she stopped in front of her and then looked to me and gave us a confused look.

"You said you were going to check your mail and that's been an hour or so" Courtney said.

"Chloe and me went to the library" Mindy said as Courtney smiled. "It was last minute."

"I was worried" Courtney said as Mindy smiled and hugged her warmly.

"I'm sorry, but I'm fine" Mindy said and then looking to me asked, "Building on fire?"

"No why?" I asked.

"You two are together" Mindy said, "Something must be wrong."

"She came to get me when that Scooby Doo brain of yours forgot to tell anyone where you were going" I said as Mindy flipped me the bird.

"And you better be glad I have a Scooby Doo brain" Mindy said, "Who's the one who stopped the monsters from hurting you?"

"Very fuckin funny" I said with a blush as Mindy smiled proudly.

"Me and Punky play Scooby Doo on XBOX sometimes and she got scared of the monsters on it" Mindy said as Courtney laughed.

"You wanna borrow my stun gun next time Molly?" Courtney asked as I glared at her. Mindy and her laughing.

"Lighten up" Mindy said as Courtney moved behind Mindy and hugged her. "It was funny, you could use the protection."

"Next time you disappear, don't come back" I said as Mindy laughed. "Is Chloe gonna be at the library long?"

"Another hour or so" Mindy said as she pointed behind me and a look of worry came over her eyes. I looked back and expected to see 'Shrek' but instead I saw Vanessa's flunky, that butch Marty. And of course she had to spot us and start trouble.

"Just keep moving" I said calmly as she stopped and glared at me.

"Fuck you pint size" She said as she came towards me. "Where's the lead dyke at? You're all alone."

"I don't need Cally to kick your ass" I said and prayed that I was right about that. She stopped in front of me and looked down at me. Being two or so inches taller and OK I was intimidated. "Mindy go inside I got this..."

"Nooo" Mindy growled as Marty suddenly swung and somehow I jumped back and she missed and I was able to land a solid punch to her cheek and was going for another when she bull rushed me and both of us slammed into the Keller-Montgomery sign with a earth shaking thud. I heard Mindy scream as I slumped to the ground and knew I had taken the worst of the crash. Marty staggered back to her feet and looked to Mindy as I grabbed her foot to keep her from going after her and got a stiff kick to my stomach for the trouble. "STOP!"

"STOP, you're gonna hurt her for nothing" Courtney screamed and drew Marty's attention back to her. "Come on shit for brains, fuck with me I'm her new personal security you butch."

"Huh?" I asked as I sat up and watched in mind numbing shock as Courtney pushed Mindy behind her and ducked Marty's attempt at a punch and landed a perfectly placed punch to the girls side. Courtney turned to Mindy and motioned for something as Mindy blocked my view and fished something out of her sling and stuffed it into the girls hand. Moments later as I got to my feet, Marty grabbed Courtney's shoulder and spun Courtney around and with my view still blocked, I only heard a sizzling sound and saw Marty begin what looked like a seizure as she fell limp to the grass, shaking uncontrollably. Courtney stuffing something back into Mindy's sling. Then dropping to the grass and grabbing Marty by the hair as I joined her, not sure what to do.

"You ever come after Molly again and you'll get it more than once" Courtney said in a menacing hushed voice as fear came to Marty's eyes. "And that goes double for Mindy, you BITCH."

"Courtney stop, please stop" I said and couldn't believe I was pulling her off but I did just as she punched Marty in the face violently. Marty covering up and crying. "Stop, stop, calm down. What's up with you?"

"Come on let's go" Mindy said as she looked around nervously and took Courtney's hand and in turn Courtney took mine and we disappeared back inside.

"Answer me" I said finally as we reached our floor. Courtney looked nervous as Mindy protectively moved in between me and Courtney.

"She saved you from getting hurt, you should be thanking her" Mindy said in a firm voice.

"Who says I'm not going too" I said as Mindy smiled and kissed my cheek.

"You so cool punky" Mindy said as I grinned.


"This" She said as she ran her fingers through my spiky hair. "Molly got punk hair."

"OK enough flirting" Courtney said as she pulled a giggling Mindy into her arms and away from me.

"So anyway..."

"You're a friend of Mindy's" Courtney said softly. "We don't get along I know and we both got reasons not to like each other but it just felt like something I had to do."

"All I needed was one more shot and I think I had her" I said, "I staggered her before she rushed me."

"I saw that...pow" Courtney said as I smiled and Mindy giggled. "But I didn't know that, I thought she might have hurt you."

"Yeh...ummmm...thanks" I said softly as Courtney simply nodded and at that moment I think I stopped hating the girl so much.