Scent of a Girl - Episode 27 "I...Love...Lucy"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I woke just as daylight broke through the window and was ready to turn over and snuggle up to Cindy and go back to sleep for a while, when I realized that she wasn't there. Opening my eyes I groaned as I felt the warm spot where she had laid, now empty. Hearing the bedroom door open I rolled over and hoped she was coming back to bed. But no such luck as she was now clad in a towel with her hair still damp from the shower. Talk about a nice way to wake up. I've never had such a close-up view of Cindy when she was only wearing...well that little clothing. The first thing that really jumped out at me was her tan was pretty dark. I guess I was staring and pretty much drooling as she fished a thong and bra out of her dresser.

"What are you staring at?" She asked with a smile.

"You" I heard my mouth say as I gave up on the charade of pretending I wasn't gawking and decided to just give into the desire, at least until it made her uncomfortable.

"Really?" She asked pointedly. "And I thought Maxie said you preferred guys?"

"Hey a girl can change her mind" I said with a smirk as she grinned. Not that her comment wasn't true, I did say that, but seeing her like this I was definitely reconsidering my stance. "Wanna try and convince me completely?"

"So you wanna see me naked?" Cindy asked as I blushed and she smiled victoriously. "Huh?"

"No, I was kidding...Ugh" I said in frustration. "I do, but I don't wanna screw up what we got."

"You didn't answer the question" Cindy said pointedly. "I said..."

"I know what you said" I replied as I sat up.

"Unless it's true what you said and you don't want too" She said nervously.

"I do, god you have no idea" I said as she grinned. "But you might not like that idea."

"Look, I'm comfortable with liking girls" Cindy said as she laid down her thong and bra and boldly moved in front of me, "You're the one who has to decide what you like and don't like."

"Yeh I think you're right" I said in shock that she was indeed right. For a moment, with her now literally standing between my thighs, I almost touched her bare thigh but stopped just short and moved my hand away. She caught my hand and to my utter shock she placed it on her thigh and gave me a knowing smile that almost told me I had her permission to go farther. The smooth tanned skin under my fingers was an experience I honestly had never felt before, because with the two other girls I had done anything with, it never felt this good. I looked up to her and saw her smile as my hand moved to the bottom of her towel and I playfully pulled at it as she giggled and grabbed on to it. "Come on, give Shelby a peak."

"Stop that" She said as she pushed my hand away and backed up with a huge grin on her face. I jumped up and rushed her, her laughing and giggling matching mine as we crashed against the door of the bedroom and struggled against the other. Her trying to keep the towel in place and me trying to pull it away. "Shelby, stop that, oh god, no, stop, OHMIGOD YOU SKANK."

"What did you call me?" I asked as she grinned as I froze. She leaned in and melted my resolve with a sweet kiss.

"I said I love you" She said as I smiled and blushed.

"You called me a skank" I said pointedly and trying to hide a smile.

"I'm sorry, but in my defense you were trying to rip my towel off" She said.

"I only wanted a peak" I said as she grinned.

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine" Cindy said with a playful grin that made me blush and almost lose it in laughter.

"Shelby Lucinda Parker is no skank" I said and hoping I could avoid the statement she had just made. I just needed some time to really think before I did or rather we did something.

"Lucinda?" Cindy asked.

"My middle name" I said as Cindy started laughing. Which at first confused me and a moment later hurt my feelings that she was laughing at my middle name. I mean after all her name was Cinderella, which is more embarrassing? "What's so fuckin funny?"

"Lucinda...Lucy" Cindy said as she laughed harder and pointed to the living room as she said, "TVland..."

"What does that stupid channel have to do with you making fun of my name, Cinderella" I asked pointedly as she laughed harder and it made me wanna smack the blond out of her head. That is until I heard her next words, mixed with a good bit of laughter.

"I....Love...Lucy" Cindy said as she fell on the bed laughing. "I LOVE LUCY."

"Ohmigod" I said and not believing I had never thought of that. "Yeh I guess you do."

"I do, Lucy" She said with a smile and finally getting her giggles under control. "Does this make me Ethel?"

"Shut up, I'm going for a shower" I said as I turned to walk out of the room and saw Cindy out of the corner of my eye as she sprung up from the bed and grabbed me from behind in a hug.

"You mad at me for laughing?" She asked softly. Her eyes now meeting mine in the mirror on the back of the door. "Well?"

"No, of course not" I said.

"You thought I was laughing at it" She said as I shrugged.

"You didn't make fun of my name when you found out" She said. "No way I'd do you that way. I love your name, Lucy."

"Cinderella" I said as she grinned.

"Lucy" She said as she kissed my cheek and hugged me tighter. God I felt so happy in that brief moment with me wrapped in her arms protectively and knowing she was as in love with me as I was with her. But as always the case in my life, those moments never last long enough. Although this time it wasn't what I was expecting. "Oh yeah..."

"Yeh?" I asked nervously.

"I got up early this morning to answer the phone" Cindy said. "Guess who it was?"

"Max?" I asked as she laughed.

"No but her and her new buddy Dakota left a few minutes ago for breakfast at Eddie's" Cindy said and surprising me. "Yeh, Dakota is making a real effort and Maxie's being nice so who knows what will happen."

"Phone call?"

"Parents, mine"

"No, we're happy for two seconds and...fuck" I said and hearing her laugh.

"This is not bad" She said, "My parents aren't crazy."

"My Dad is not crazy" I said as she laughed and had me turn in her arms and kissed me softly. "Ok, he is."

"My parents are uber hippie liberals" Cindy said as I laughed. "Mom's like Mindy, Dad's like me. They except us for who we are."

"So no major drama?" I asked.

"Nope" She said with a soft kiss. "This is gonna be good."

"I hope so" I said softly and hugged her and wanted to be protected in that moment. She knew that I think cause she gladly wrapped me in her arms.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I'm gonna throw that fucking phone out the damn window" I said as I threw the covers off and crawled out of bed and away from Chloe's arms.

"Just answer it and come back to bed" Chloe said with a grin as she reached for me.

"I will" I said and picking up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey baby sister" Holly said as I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm.

"Holly, where are you?" I asked. "Chloe tells me you're coming and of course you don't show."

"I got a good reason" Holly said, "I waited on Dad's pension check which is now under my name cause he's tucked away in the laughing factory."

"Yeh so?" I asked and smiling at her unique way of putting things.

"That means after paying the bills, which I was worried about, I have a few hundred bucks to piss away" Holly said.

"Bet you're gonna get fucked up" I said as she laughed.

"Nope, I'm coming down to Thief River Falls to see my baby sister and this girl who has stolen her heart" Holly said. "And me you and her are going shopping."

"You know what, suddenly I can't remember why I was even mad at you, sis" I said as we both laughed.

"Yeh, at the risk of ruining everything..." She said before a loud crash made her trail off. "...FUCK, YOU STUPID CAT."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Dad's retarded cat, Mr. Furball, just broke Mom's prized lamp" Holly said as I laughed.

"Don't scream at him" I said, "Pick him up and thank him."

"Yeh, good thinking" Holly said. "I'm sorry Mr. Furby. Oh yeah...I gotta go, see you after school ok?"

"OK" I said simply as the other end of the line went dead. "Maybe this won't be so bad."

"While you're up check the camera and see if it's charged" Chloe said as she stretched. Me looking and seeing the indicator light on the battery charger was off, meaning a full charge. I picked it up and slipped the battery off the charger and after a moment of fumbling slipped it into the slot on the camera. Hoping it would work as I flicked the power from off to on and saw it light up. Grinning as I opened the LCD and seeing Chloe now on camera as she smiled at me. "Hey it works."

"Yeh it does" I said as I zommed in on her face as she smiled at me. Clicking the record button as I did and wanting the first moments recorded with the camera to be something special. "I love you my girl."

"Mmmmmmmmm I love you too Molly Harris" Chloe said directly into the camera. "Let me guess you're recording me?"

"Yeh and I now have proof you love me" I said as she smiled and blushed. "So tell me, am I good to you?"

"I spend every night in your bed, in your arms don't I?" She asked as I sat down on the bed, the camera still locked on her. I zoomed back out and sat it down on my thighs.

"Yeh but that could be because I'm so good in bed" I said as she laughed.

"Well this is true, you do make me feel things Maxie never did" She commented. "And you do have this amazing talent of getting me in the mood in seconds."

"And how do I do that?"

"Rolling your tongue" She said as I lifted the camera and turned it around and got myself on camera as I rolled my tongue a few times. "You mean that?"

"Oh wow, I love that so much" Chloe said as I turned the camera back to her. "Please, I'll beg."

"I told you already that you don't have to beg" I said as she smiled.

"Then what are you waiting on?" She asked pointedly.

"Can I leave the camera on?" I asked as I sat it back on the desk.

"OK, but only this time" She said as I adjusted it so I knew it would capture what was about to happen. Chloe then squealing as I jumped back on the bed and tickling her for a moment before I kissed her softly. The things you do when hormones take over and as the camera recorded it, they did.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey Shakespeare" Courtney said from the door to my room. Me struggling with the simple task of adjusting my shirt under my sling. "Want some help?"

"Please?" I asked as she grinned and I turned and let her adjust my shirt. "Thank you."

"Of course" She said, "Oh yeah, have you been by Molly's room this morning?"

"Yeh, shower" I said.

"What about in the last ten minutes?" She asked.

"No, I was trying to get ready and with my shoulder hurting it's not easy" I said as she kissed my shoulder. "Now it's not hurting at all."

"Come on" She said and taking my hand. She led me down the hall and to Molly and Chloe's room.

"Why are we here, I'd say they are still in bed" I said softly and just then hearing the light moaning.

"No, their not" She said as she moved closer and whispered. "Press your ear to the door and listen."

"MMMMMMMM ohmigod, please make me...MMMMMMMM" One of them moaned.

"Told you, someone's getting laid big time" Courtney said as she kissed my cheek and with the sounds of Chloe and Molly's love making bouncing off the inside of my head, we started to kiss softly. "Oh damn."

"I know, wanna go back to my room and do what the neighbors are doing?" I asked with a horny smile as Courtney smiled and offered no reply as she pulled me along by the hand back to my room and inside and into her arms. Kissing me as she kicked the door closed with her foot and in the process accidently pushing against my shoulder. Sending a bolt of pain down my back as I jumped away. "OUCH!"

"What?" She asked as I grabbed my shoulder and held it. "God I'm so sorry."

"OWWWWWWWWW" I said as the throbbing shot down my back. "It wasn't your fault."

"Yes it was" She said as she sat down on the bed. "I can't even do something as simple as not hurting you."

"Excuse me?" I asked. "You didn't hurt me. Shrek did."

"I'm sorry" She said and looked as if she were gonna cry.

"Stop, don't cry, please?" I asked as I sat down across her thighs and made her look up at me. "For me?"

"I'm just tired of hurting people I love" Courtney said as she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a folded napkin and opened it up. Looking up at me she showed me of her pain killers and asked with her eyes if I needed it. I wasn't sure what to say, I mean it was throbbing but not as bad as last time. And if I gave it a few hours it would ease off some. She kissed me softly as I smiled and before I knew what was happening she held it up and gently slid it between my lips. Before I knew, it was gone and almost instantly the pain began to subside. She kissed me again, her tongue slowly massaging against mine for a long moment. "Better?"

"Those things are good" I said as she giggled.

"I just hate to see you hurting" She said softly.

"You make me feel so completely different than anyone ever has" I said.

"Not scared of your shadow anymore, you spent the night by yourself last night" Courtney said.

"Only because you run me off" I said with a pooched lip.

"Mindy Sullivan that is not true" Courtney said with a kiss to my pooched lips. "I said give me some time to finish that work and you went to play XBOX and didn't come back."

"Well tonight I'm not leaving" I said as she smiled. "You are gonna have an overnight guest."

"Really? Are you gonna be there too?" Courtney asked as I laughed.

"Shut up, you better not have any other girls" I said as she kissed me.

"Hey Mindy, can I borrow..." A Voice said as both me and Courtney looked to see a shocked Bre standing in my door way. "What in the hell?"

"Hi" I said with a deep crimson blush and slipping off of Courtney's thighs as she began to laugh. "What's up?"

"Where you kissing that nasty viper?" Bre asked as she pointed to Courtney.

"Ok, first she's not a viper, and yes I was" I said. "And don't give me those eyes."

"Do you know how many times that little bitch made my life a living hell?" Bre asked. I honestly had no idea.

"No" I said as Courtney quietly joined me by the door. "I don't know much about her past."

"She's telling the truth" Courtney said. "Bre, I'm sorry."

"Fuck you" Bre said as she glared at her. "You think one apology is gonna make me forget the hell you put me through?"

"No" Courtney said calmly. Cally coming out of Bre's dorm room and walking down the hall to meet us. Cally proudly kissing Bre on the cheek. "Oh god, you mean you two?"

"Us two what?" Cally asked as Bre suddenly got quiet.

"You two are hot for each other?" Courtney asked as I just had to grin. One which Cally matched.

"Hell yeah" Cally said proudly. Courtney began to laugh as she fell against the door.

"I always knew that little poor straight girl act was bullshit" Courtney said. "You just mad cause I called you on it."

"FUCK YOU" Bre screamed back and had to be held back from going after Courtney. Cally stopping her.

"What's wrong? What's up?" Cally asked as tears came down Bre's cheeks.

"I caught Mindy kissing this bitch and she's the one who made my life a living hell the last year" Bre said.

"So she called you on your straight girl act?" Cally asked.

"What?" Bre asked with a hurt look in her eyes. "No..I mean ok, yeh."

"Kissing Mindy?" Cally asked as she turned to us. Asking me, "You and her?"

"Yeh and she did it cause I said she could" I said firmly, "Now start acting like my mom and tell me I can't be with her."

"First, no" Cally said. "But what about..."

"Dakota? Thinks I'm a dumb little blond and said so" I said, "Several times."

"I heard her say that" Courtney said and to my surprise her arms went around my shoulders. "She's not stupid. She's a whole lot smarter than anyone wants to give her credit for."

"Thank you" I said as I smiled proudly and kissed her cheek and turned and hugged her back with my good arm.

"Because she says you're smart you just leave Dakota?" Cally asked.

"Knowing this bitch she's got Mindy convinced she loves her so she can use her" Bre spat. "And Dakota is so nice, why the fuck would you wanna hurt her like that?"

"Fuck you too princess" I said to Bre and carefully avoiding her comments about Dakota. But finding it weird that she thought that. "You think I'm stupid too no doubt. I'M NOT YOU BITCH."

"Chill" Cally said. "Both of you shut up."

"Shhhhhhhhh" Courtney said as I turned my back on both Cally and Bre and hugged Courtney. Feeling her hug me back made me feel so much better in that moment.

"Fine take her side, I'm going to class" Bre said. "Fuck you Calista..."

"Bre..." Cally said as Bre walked off in a rage. Cally turned back to us and said to Courtney, "You got one time to fuck with my girl again."

"And you can kick my ass" Courtney said as I looked back. "I know the deal and I said I was sorry. Don't be mad at her for hating me."

"Yeh..." Cally said in shock. "Ummmm....Mindy, can we talk later, just me and you?"

"You're not gonna talk me into getting back with Dakota" I said. "I'm sick of being weak little Mindy."

"Ok, ok, we need to have a Mintz meeting" Cally said.

"I don't wanna come" I said.


"I wanna be with Courtney because she makes me feel so good, strong and independent" I said. "Besides, Shelby, Bre, Dakota and Molly already hate her. Which means you and Chloe are in their corner already. And no doubt Dakota has already turned Cindy and Maxie against her too."

"I sure do have a way of making fans" Courtney said as Cally laughed.

"Sounds like you got skills" Cally said as Courtney smiled. "I thought I was the only person who could walk into a room full of my friends and get beat down after ten minutes."

"I can beat that" Courtney said. "5 minutes tops. If I had any friends."

"Be good to Mindy and you will" Cally said seriously.

"You mean that?" I asked as Cally nodded and I hugged her.

"Thank you" I said and kissing her cheek.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Ohmigod, I can't believe how good you make it feel" Chloe said as she watched the video we had made earlier with my new camera. "I can't believe how hot this is making me."

"I'd have never known that considering you've only watched it like 5 times" I said with a smirk as I closed her laptop and disconnected from the internet.

"Hey I've never been a porn star before" Chloe said as I laughed and joined her on the bed. "This may never happen again."

"Why it was fun and now any time we wanna get in the mood we have an instant turn-on" I said.

"Well true, but no one else sees this ok?" Chloe asked as I kissed her and agreed. "Wanna get started on the sequel?"

"MMMMMMMMM sequel" I moaned as I took the camera and switched to the recording mode and sat it up on the night stand. "Come here my girl."

"Door bell" Chloe said as a knock came at the door and I groaned. She laughed and kissed me.

"I hate this place sometimes" I said as she rolled her eyes. Reaching to turn off the camera and then slipping off the bed. "Who is it?"

"Thief River Falls PD open up" The Deep Male voice said as my mouth dropped open, my heart nearly stopping as I nervously opened the door. Seeing of all people, my fucking sister standing on the other side laughing. "Hey baby sister."

"That shit was not funny" I said as she shrugged and laughed. I noticed right away that she had a rather large bag thrown across her shoulder. Planning to stay a while I thought in the moment. Looking over my shoulder and spotting Chloe lounging on my bed, wearing my prized Sammy Sosa jersey, Holly's eyes opened in surprise. "What?"

"WOW" Holly said as she eye balled Chloe. "Baby sister you got lucky. You got something on her?"

"Who Chloe?" I asked and looking back as Holly pushed past me and into the room and dropped her bag by the door. Chloe's eyes opening a bit as she saw Holly for the first time.

"I knew Molly hadda have a reason to be so horny for you, damn" Holly said as I smiled and shut my door. Chloe blushed as she rolled off the bed. "She makes Megan look like a woof woof."

"I do huh?" Chloe asked with a very flirty smile.

"Mmmmmm-hmmmm" Holly said as she practically undressed my girlfriend with her eyes. Not that she would have much to take off, Chloe wasn't wearing anything under that jersey, believe me.

"Ok you need to stop undressing my girlfriend with your eyes" I said to Holly as I moved in front of Chloe. Who for the record was only wearing my jersey and a tan.

"OK, I'll undress you then" Holly said with a suggestive tongue poke to the side of her jaw as Chloe giggled and put her arms around me. "That ok?"

"It's ok with me" Chloe said as I shot her a warning look and she giggled. "I told you once already that sisters turn me on."

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH really?" Holly asked in a very deliberate tone as she stepped directly in front of me and boldly moved a hand to Chloe's cheek and stroked it seductively. I quickly moved her hand away and said in a calm voice, "Knock it off."

"Why? She's not complaining, are you?" Holly asked as Chloe grinned but offered no reply as Holly did it again. This time it ran through me for some unknown reason.

"KNOCK IT OFF" I screamed as I pushed her away. Holly staggering back and crashing into the door. "I said hands off once already."

"What the fuck crawled up your ass?" Holly asked. "She wasn't complaining."

"You are my problem you bitch" I said as Chloe held me back. "You listen to that whore Megan fill your head with lies and now I'm just supposed to forgive and forget huh?"

"I said I was sorry" Holly said.

"Fuck you" I fired back. "You believed her over me. You've always hated me."

"I did not" She said.

"YES YOU DID" I screamed back as Chloe held me tighter. "Every time Mom and dad left, you treated me like shit the whole time. All you ever wanted from me was when I could do something for you. God the only good thing that came from that stupid blackmailing was I got away from you, my psychotic mother, dickless father and that lying whore Megan."

"And you got me" Chloe said as I looked back at her and smiled.

"That's the best part" I said as I kissed her cheek. Holly shocking me when she started to cry. "OK, Holly turn off the water works."

"I came we could start over" She sobbed as she cried into her hands. "Since Megan took off I don't have anyone else."

"It's not my problem" I said coldly. "Chloe is my world now and you try again to screw with that I swear I'll hurt you."

"I know" Holly said as she sat down by the door and pulled her travel bag into her lap and fished around for a minute or so. Pulling out a roll of cash that would choke a horse. Peeling off a bunch of it and tossing it onto the bed without a word. My eyes opened as I looked at the collection of $5, $10 and &20 dollar bills. "It's Dad's pension, low life bastard has been holding out on us."

"How much is there?" I asked in shock as Chloe quickly began to collect it into piles.

"Six hundred twenty five" Holly said quietly. "Exactly half of the check."

"Six twenty five" Chloe announced and then blushed as she started to laugh. "Why didn't you keep it?"

"Because I do love you" Holly said, "Why do you think I beat the fuck out of Mom for? You."

"And because she hit you" I said.

"It was because of you" Holly insisted. "I know you were you in love with Megan."

"I was, but I'm not now" I said. "Chloe Morgan is the girl that has my heart now."

"If you would just see Megan you know..." Holly said as my anger exploded again.

"I HATE HER" I screamed in a rage. "She screwed me every way she could. She sucked as a girlfriend, the only thing that whore was good at was sex. She only wanted me when I was between her legs."

"Well you broke her heart I know that" Holly said.

"Good" I said as Chloe moved in front of me. Tears of pain and frustration coming to my eyes as she made me look directly into her eyes with a touch of my chin. "I love you now, I have every day since you came into my life."

"I know" She said with a gentle kiss. "You never hit me, you hold me when I cry, you make me feel good just because you love me. You're my everything."

"You're everything Megan wasn't" I said.

"OK, I get it Molly, you love her now" Holly said as I looked back. "It's over with Megan, I got it."

"We broke up before I left for Australia" I said firmly. "She lied to you."

"She figured with me on her side she could get you back" Holly said. "She cried her eyes out in my arms the night you finally convinced her you loved Chloe now."

"I realize we just met, but you kinda of sound like you're in love with Megan" Chloe said.

"She's a user" Holly said. "But if you had tried you could have changed her Molly."

"You do love her" I said in almost shock.

"Whatever" Holly said and wiping away her tears as she stood. "I gotta head back before it gets too late."

"Stay" Chloe said I turned and gave her a disbelieving look. I saw fear in her eyes as my anger grew for a split second. "No, don't you dare scream at me again."


"Give this a day or so, with her around we can go off campus anytime we want" Chloe said. "Think about it."

"Yeh come on sis, I promise no more stupid Megan stunts" Holly said in a pleading voice. "Let me try and make up for some of the stuff I did."

"I say yes, she's the only member of your family that'" Chloe said and kissing me. "I love you, try this for me?"

"It's lonely at home, I don't wanna go back" Holly said softly. "I cried myself to sleep like 5 nights in a row."

"OK, fine" I said as Holly smiled, "You listen to me..."

"OK" She asked with a wicked grin.

"Knock off the flirting games, I mean it" I said as the smile left her face. "I'm gonna try this and if it turns bad and cost me Chloe...I'm gonna put you where Mom is."

"Chill" Chloe said as she moved in front of me. "No one is gonna break us up. No one."

"Maybe I can get an apartment in the city?" Holly asked. "You and Chloe can come crash at my place on the weekends."

"Maybe" I said as Holly smiled.

"Molly, this time we can really be sisters" Holly said. "No Mom playing me against you or Dad backing her up. It's just us now."

"Wrong" I said as I hugged Chloe from behind and laid my chin on her shoulder. "It's me and Chloe now."

"Ouch!" Holly said and flipping me off as we all laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Good?" Megan asked me as she sat down opposite me in the booth. Me wolfing down a late supper like a starving child. Sarah was currently in the kitchen tending to the nightly duties of dishes with Darlene. Other than myself and Megan, the place was unusually quiet.

"The best food in town" I said as she smiled. Seeming to be nervous about something.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked after a long moment of silence.

"No I won't run away with you, I really do love Sarah" I said with a smirk as she blushed.

"Nooooo, but if you want too..." Megan said before trailing off and blurting out, "How's Molly?"

"Molly Harris?"

"No Molly Ringwald" Megan said as I laughed.

"From what I seen she's in love" I said as Megan nodded. "Kinda hoping she wasn't?"

"It's bizarre, my psycho mother and hers are both out of the picture and now that we can be together, she's in love with someone else" Megan said bitterly.

"Then move on if she don't want you" I said. "I know broken hearts suck."

"Easier said than done" Megan said, "My ring of friends are offically you and Sarah. Unless you got some single friends?"

"I do" I said, "One that I know of. Dakota."

"Love that name" Megan said as I suddenly remembered I had my digital camera with me. "Is she hot?"

"Let me see if I still got that picture on my cam" I said as I clicked the camera on and searched through the pictures I had taken over the last few months and found one of Dakota and Mindy lounging together on my bed. "'s one of her and her ex girlfriend."

"That's fine" She said as I showed her and her eyes sorta of bugged out. As much as giving away the fact that she liked what she saw. "Which one? Both are hubba hubba."

"Mindy is the blond, she's sweet" I said, "Dakota is the other one."

"WOW" Megan said. "Please introduce this girl to me. I would so owe you a huge favor."

"She just got dumped too" I said. "Really hurt her."

"Maybe not then, I got no interest in being a rebound romance" Megan said and I kinda understood her reasoning behind that comment. "Maybe later?"

"If you gonna be that picky you'll never get laid" I said as Megan laughed.

"It's been so long I'm seriously about to jump out of my skin" Megan said, "You know honestly, if a hot girl did come on to me, I'd probably give her some."

"I'll keep that in mind" I said as she gave me a knowing smile before both of us laughed.