Scent of a Girl - Episode 28 "You Make My Tongue Hard"

Written by: TVM (




Do you know what it feels like to be so mad at someone you could seriously strangle them in their sleep? Not that you would, but at the moment it seems like a good alternative. Well after the way Bre acted last night, I sure felt like that. See, I was gonna tell you about the events of last night in detail but I just don't wanna do the whole detail-for-detail thing right now, so here's the quick version: Bre and I got really heavy into the kissing and one thing lead to another and before either of us knew it, we were both naked and I was between her legs. Well let's just say it was unlike anything I had ever done before, the moment was so perfect and she said immediately after word that it was so good she was still shaking. But then came the part of the night I'd rather NOT remember. She had barely even gotten her tongue 'wet', just enough to get me going really good, when she started acting all weird and then before I knew it she slipped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I begged her to come out and tell me what I did wrong, but she refused and wouldn't even talk to me. So somehow I got to sleep and woke up with her now snuggled up to me, like always, like nothing had happened. I lay in bed for another couple of hours wondering what I had done. Which is what brought on the case of the 'I could strangle her' thoughts.

"Bre wake up" I said softly just as daylight broke. I was just coming out of the bathroom after a shower and already dressed in my prep 'costume'. I sat down on the bed just as she woke with a smile on her face and leaned up to kiss me, but I turned my head away.

"What was that for?" She asked with a frown. "Just gonna kiss you good morning."

"You are gonna tell me what I did last night" I said in a barely controlled voice. "Now Bre."

"You don't tell me what to do" She shot back.

"Why won't you tell me?" I asked. "Let me make it up to you, I will. But this is killing me."

"It's not you, it's me" She said as my lip dropped open. "I don't think I can do this."

"Us?" I asked as my heart started to break.

"Noooo, sex" She said as my whole body went numb. "I can't do that, it's just weird."

"But...I did it seemed it" I stammered as I sat down in the chair across from the bed.

"I did, I mean me doing it" She said in an almost whisper.

"Well fuck me" I said, "So what is it? It tasted funky?"

"Nooo" She said, but offering no other reply.

"" I asked in a demanding voice. "Tell me what I can do to fix this?"

"Stop putting pressure on me to fuck you" She shot back as my bottom lip dropped and I swear in that moment I could have fainted from shock. I couldn't honestly ever remember one time when I had done what she was accusing me of. So with that stinging bit of dialog hanging in the air, as usual in situations like this, you fire back in the same manner.

"You are so full of shit" I said, "You know last night just happened."

"I'm sorry..."

"Fuck you" I snapped in anger. I honestly have no idea where this next bit of accusation came from, but as happens a lot in my life my mouth speaks before my brain has a chance to stop it, "I'll bet Molly got you between her legs huh Bre? Was it good enough for you when she fucked you?"

"What the fuck does Molly have to do with this?" Bre asked. "You still jealous of her?"

"I never was jealous of her" I fired back. "If I wasn't so clueless I would have jumped on that from day one. I'll guarantee she'd return the favor."

"I knew you liked her all along" Bre said as she glared at me. "Just hoping she would dump Chloe so you could babble your way into her bed. She'd fuck you too, she screwed Chloe two seconds after I left to chase you that day."

"At least she'd make an effort to make me feel as good as I made her" I said in a soft tone. "Something you no doubt did with her."

"No I didn't" Bre said. "I begged off, pretending I was tired and she didn't make a big deal about it."

"So what you just expect for girls to go down on you and get nothing in return?" I asked.

"I just can't do it, I don't know why" She said. "Why is it so important?"

"Because I have needs" I said and knowing how dumb that sounded, I still tried to go on. "I mean...I did it and you could at least have done it back. It's not fair to do someone that way."

"I'm sorry" She said in an almost whisper.

"I'm more than willing to let you try again" I said with a horny smile.

"Can you give me some time?" She asked as I sat down on the bed.

"How long?"

"I dunno" She said as if it were a silly question. "What? Suddenly our whole relationship is based on sex?"

"Well obviously not" I said, "Cause one of us is the only one willing to put out."

"Then if that's all you are worried about go find someone to fuck you then" She said with a cold stare. "See if I care."

"Fine" I said as tears began to drip down my cheeks in that moment. "I'm going for a walk, just clear out or don't...I don't care."

"Cally..." Bre said as I walked out the door and slammed it shut violently and stormed off down the steps and out of the front doors of McKinley-Grogan Hall. I wanted to be gone before she could come after me. So instead of walking I ran. Little did I know just what I was running from and too.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who was that?" I asked from the bed as Chloe hung up the phone. Her already dressed as usual and me dreading it as always.

"Mindy" Chloe said, "She said they had some kinda water leak and school's out."

"HMMMMMMM, come here my little glowy" I said, getting to my knees on the bed.

"Bad news, I still got a public speaking class" Chloe said and confusing me.


"I have no idea" She said, "Courtney made sure Mindy told me."

"You and Courtney have the same class?" I asked as she looked at me as if I were crazy.

"Yes" She said, "I mentioned it."

"And I wasn't listening" I said as I pointed to myself and grinned. She glared at me for a second and then tackled me onto the bed. Something that sorta surprised me about Chloe was the farther she got away from the drama of Maxie and the safer she felt with me, the more playful she had gotten. Like her tackling me on the bed, she would never done that a week ago. But now here she was on top of me and wrestling with me, and a moment later pinning me down. "HELP! I'M BEING ABUSED."

"Shut up" Chloe said as she covered my mouth, in the process releasing one of my hands and leaving herself open for an attack. Which I gladly took advantage of as I poked her in the ribs and spin her on to her back and pinned her down. She looked shocked but this time there was no fear in her eyes as she struggled against my grip and we both laughed and begin a tickle contest. Her squealing until she finally succeeded in slipping off the bed and ran for the door. She purposely stopped before opening it and let me catch her, tensing up for another attack. I stopped and grinned as she peaked. "Hi."

"Hi" I said as we both giggled and I kissed her cheek. "I'm listening now."

"You're so mean to me" She said and trying to hide a smile. "Especially last night."

"You keep asking for it" I said and pulling her into my arms as she giggled.

"Because you make it feel so good" She said and kissing me softly. "In a lot of ways."

"Last night was nice" I said as she agreed. "So slow and soft."

"Yes it w..." Chloe started to say as a light tapping came at the door behind us. Chloe groaned as she moved away and opened it. To see a sheepishly grinning Mindy.

"Morning Punky" Mindy chirped as I smiled. "Oh Chloe, Courtney wants to know if you'll walk with her to class, will you? Please?"

"Yeh ok, I got nothing against her" Chloe said as she kissed my cheek and picked up her book bag. "You two behave."

"Behave?" Mindy asked as Chloe gave her a raised eye brow look as Mindy blushed. "You know I'd never do that."

"Why not?" I asked as I moved beside her. "You saying I'm ugly?"

"Meow Punky" Mindy said as I grinned. "Not even."

"You ok with walking with me?" Courtney asked as she appeared a moment later.

"Yes unlike Molly I can give people a second chance" Chloe said with a devilish look towards me. "You ready?"

"HEY!" I said as they walked off, me grabbing a giggling Mindy and pulling her into my arms as Chloe watched. "Maybe I'll give Mindy a second chance while you're gone."

"Shut up" Mindy said as she pushed me away and I laughed. Chloe and Courtney rolling their eyes and heading off to class. "Hey, you wanna do something?"

"Sure hot stuff" I said as I slid closer and watched her smile knowingly.

"Not that, you, Chloe, Me, Courtney" Mindy said.

"Me, horny, you, hot" I said as we both laughed. "Besides with that sling you wouldn't be much fun."

"I'll have you know Molly Harris, I can do a lot of things that would surprise you" Mindy said. "I am Shakespeare after all."

"I'll bet you can" I said with a smile. "Come to think of it, why does Courtney call you Shakespeare?"

"Because I like to read it" She said softly and looking down. No doubt thinking I wasn't gonna believe her.

"Interesting" I said as she looked up at me. "This blond hair and sweet smile hides a very complicated girl huh?"


"Very good" I said as Mindy smiled and hugged me.

"I like you Molly Harris, you make me wish we didn't have girlfriends" Mindy said with an innocent grin.

"Right" I said as she giggled. "Besides we both know I'm the hot one."

"You wanna play some XBOX?" Mindy asked with a hopeful smile. "Scooby Doo?"

"You protect me from the monsters?" I asked as she grinned.

"You know it, punky" She said as she ran her fingers through my hair and laughed as I pushed it away. "Help me with the stuff?"

"Why you lazy?"

"Noooo" She said as she showed me her sling and then blushed when she realized I was kidding. "I'm still a little gullible."

"Ya think?" I asked as she gave me a mock horror look and smacked my arm playfully. "Shakeapeare."

"You damn straight, Punky"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

'Eddie's Fast Eats' the sign read. So this dive is where I ended up as I wandered through town early this morning. I found out after escaping the dorm that school was out today and with that knowledge I decided avoiding that cunt Bre for the rest of the day sure sounded good to me. I took in an early movie at the movie place here in Thief River Falls and did a fair amount of crying. I'm just so confused right now and mad as hell at Bre for last night and this morning. I know I said a few things that I shouldn't have said too but she just got me so mad. Lame excuse I know, but still. So after a horrible movie (twice), I came here for some lunch. The place was pretty much deserted with exception of a nice waitress and the cook.

"Honey you gonna eat or just sit there staring off into space?" Darlene asked me (she had a name tag).

"Oh I'm sorry, I've just had a really long day, I'll just go" I said as she touched my shoulder. The waitress motioning to Darlene that she was apparently leaving as she left a moment later.

"You set there as long as you like" She said with a motherly tone. "You're not bothering anyone."

"Darlene?" A Girl said from the front door. "You needed me?"

"Yes I did, can you cover for a couple of hours?" She asked. "Patricia had to leave early."

"Sure, after all I did get two whole hours of sleep last night" She said as I laughed. Drawing Darlene's eyes back to me, the other girl meeting us at the table.

"And keep an eye on this one for me?" Darlene asked as I looked up at her. "She's having a tough day."

"What's your name mystery girl?" The Waitress asked me.

"Cally...ummm...Cally Oliver" I said in a stammer. Damn this girl was hot.

" name is...ummmm...Megan" She said in a stammer too as I smiled. "....ummmm...Lansbury."

"I got dishes, you take a moment and see if you can cheer her up" Darlene said as Megan nodded and sat down opposite me.

"So what's with the tears, your boyfriend dump you?" She asked.

"No boyfriend" I said softly.

"Girlfriend?" She asked with a smirk.

"May...ummm...maybe" I stammered as she smiled at me.

"Or is it ex-girl friend?" She asked, "Meaning I can flirt without getting killed."

"Maybe I want" I said as the 'Amazing Babbling Girl' made another appearance. Putting my head in my hands. "I suck."

"Hey" She said softly as she pulled my hands away from my face gently. "Either you do or you don't."

"I suck at talking to girls" I managed to say. "Especially ones like you."

"Take a deep breath and don't try so hard" She said, "No pressure, just me and you."

"It's always been this way" I said, "I could never flirt with guys and's just, you know."

"You get nervous" She said, her hands touching mine. "I don't, so if you feel like flirting go ahead."

"I won't, I'll get frustrated and just give up" I said honestly.

"You're lose" She said. "Cause I'm not exactly hating your attention."

"You make my tongue hard" I heard my mouth say, and of course my brain had no previous knowledge of that particular comment being prepared before delivery. I almost expected her to be offended and just get up and walk away. Possibly even telling Darlene that I was a pervert.

"Really? Do I now?" She asked with a grin that oozed confidence.

"I shouldn't have said that" I said with a sheepish grin. "My mouth sometimes operates independently of my brain."

"Seems to me, that way you don't babble as much" She said with a challenging smile. Then dropping her voice as she leaned across the table and motioned her finger for me to lean in. "And between you and me, you make my tongue hard too."

"And I have a girlfriend" I said as she shrugged.

"No shock" She said. "She the one make you cry?"

"Yeh" I said simply. "It's just messed up."

"Tell me about it?" Megan asked, "I gotta a few minutes."

"Why not..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey, ok if I walk with Courtney to the library?" Chloe asked as she stuck her head in my room.

"No" I said simply and trying to hide a smile.

"Why not?"

"Because I said no" I replied, "You wanna fight about it?"

"You are such a pain" Chloe said as I laughed. "Do you mind or not?"

"Chloe, I'm not gonna tell you who to be friends with" I said, "You're allowed to have your own life."

"I like it better if you approve" She said simply.

"And I like it that you love me that much" I said as she grinned and came over to kiss me just as Mindy and Courtney appeared at the door.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWW" Courtney and Mindy said in unison as Chloe kissed me.

"Hurry back?" I asked Chloe as she grinned.

"Be back in a bit" She said, Courtney kissing Mindy's cheek before leaving and her and Chloe heading off for the library a moment later. Mindy standing in the door, looking nervous.

"Can I hang out with you for a while?" She asked softly.

"Of course" I said as I half smiled. "You just can't get enough of me huh?"

"Yeh Punky you just kill me" She said with a goofy grin. "Believe that huh?"

"If you did we'd both have trouble" I said as she smiled and blushed. "What would you let me do to you?"

"UMMMMMMMMMM..." She stammered as I gave her a victorious grin. She nervously stepped inside and closed the door. "I'm not sure we should talk about that."

"Yeh, both have girlfriends"

"Noooo" She said as she sat down at the foot of the bed. "I don't like being made fun of."

"Talking about sex?"

"Yeh" She said softly. "I'm not exactly an expert and people usually laugh when I don't know something."

"And it's mean to do that" I said as I laid down on my stomach. Looking up at her. "If you got any questions..."

"Not really" She commented. "I just usually avoid the topic."

"Mindy don't really like pussy?" I asked as I poked her in the ribs as she laughed. Surprising me with her answer as she replied, "Mindy loves pussy. Everything about it."

"Ever had one that sucks at your tongue?" I asked and thinking she'd blush and refuse to answer.

"Dakota's did" Mindy said with a determined smile. "So tight."

"WOW" I said as she grinned. "Chloe's does too."

"No shit?" She asked as she laid back on the bed and grinned at me.

"Baby smooth and filled with honey" I said.

"MMMMMMMM for you" Mindy said as I blushed this time. "Maxie said that too you know?"

"She is so right" I said softly, "Maxie blew the best thing she ever had with Chloe."

"Noooo, Sarah is really nice" Mindy said. "And Maxie is so crazy about her."

"She doesn't deserve to be in love after what she did" I said in anger. Not meaning it really.

"Me either I guess" She commented. "I broke Dakota's heart."

"I still don't understand that" I said. "Courtney and you?"

"She makes me feel the way you do...I mean you don't make fun of me when I don't understand something" She said as I smiled. "Dakota always thought it was funny and then she called me a stupid blond when she found out about me and Courtney."

"She was hurt..."

"Don't give her any right to call me that" Mindy said. "She really believes that too. Along with the fact that she believes I need to be protected 24 hours a day. I don't and all I wanted was to feel safe for once."

"You're right" I said and touching her hand. "Maybe she did make some mistakes."

"And Courtney made me stand up to Veronica and after that I felt ten feet tall and bulletproof" Mindy said with a smile. Me though zeroing on the 'made' comment as a little weird.

"She made you?" I asked pointedly. "She controlling you?"

"Noooo and that is stupid" She said. "She kissed me right before then and got me all hyped about it and I did it because...I did it. She had 'Shrek' chase her and I had to do something to help, so I did. She's not controlling me."

"If you say so I believe you" I said as she smiled. "Do you love her?"

"It feels so good to be with her" Mindy said, "I can do anything in her eyes. It was never that way with Dakota..."

"I'll get it" I said as a knock came at the door and brought an abrupt end to her our conversation. I opened the door a bit and froze in shock at who I saw standing in the doorway. I honestly couldn't believe that Dakota would have the guts to show up here again. But there she was standing at my door with some mystery girl standing close behind her. I purposely closed the door back so just my head was sticking out, something I know both Mindy and Dakota had to notice. "What do you want?"

"I need to ask you something" Dakota said calmly. "Can I come in?"

"No, what do you want?" I asked.

"You and Chloe huh?" Dakota asked with a wry smile, the mystery girl laughing as I blushed. "Should I come back?"

"Nooo, again...Dakota what do you need?" I asked in a frustrated voice.

"Dakota?" Mindy asked from the bed. Me knowing I had blown my cover by now.

"Mindy, I just want my stuff from our room" Dakota said without a smile. "Do you know if she's here or with her whore?"

"Courtney is not a whore" I said and not believing those words came out of my mouth.

"You promised me you wouldn't do this" The Mystery Girl said to Dakota. "You said, and I quote, Laney I won't start my mouth. Now knock it off, please?"

"Molly who is it?" Mindy asked as she rolled off the bed and moved beside the door. "Are you talking to Dakota and don't want me to know?"

"Mindy?" Dakota asked from the other side of the door. I spotted Chloe and Courtney just then coming back up the hall. Laughing and pushing each other, seemingly having become friends rather quickly I guess. "Mindy's in there huh Molly? That why you didn't want me to come in? She wearing anything?"

"Yes I'm wearing clothes you bitch" Mindy shot back as Laney started to get in front of Dakota and Mindy tried to get around me so they could come face to face. Me struggling to keep Mindy back and Dakota out of my room. Mindy grabbed onto the door knob and tried to pull it open when Dakota's rage exploded and she crashed by Laney and into my door. Sending me and Mindy crashing to the floor. I crashed down in front of the desk and watched in almost slow-motion as Mindy crashed to the floor on her already injured arm and screamed from the impact. My head smacked the floor pretty good and for a moment my vision went blurry. "OWWWWWWWWWW, MY ARM..."

"I KNEW YOU WERE IN HERE YOU WHORE" Dakota screamed in an all out rage. "How long you been fucking around with Molly huh Mindy?"

"STOP, PLEASE, stop Kota, you've already hurt her, look" Laney said as Dakota seemed to be shaken back to reality as she saw Mindy laying on the floor crying in sobs with her arm, helpless. I don't exactly know why, but as my vision cleared, the only thing that came to my mind was, I had to protect Mindy or Dakota was really gonna hurt her.

"I'm sorry...what the fuck?" Dakota asked as I scrambled across the floor and covered Mindy's body with mine. I think the shock of the moment of seeing someone else protecting Mindy made Dakota lose it. I covered Mindy's body and made her lay still as Dakota pushed Laney away and into the desk with another crash and came after me. "GET OFF HER YOU WHORE."

"STOP, DAKOTA....OH GOD" I screamed as she delivered a right hand to the back of my neck and another to the back of my head. A loud scream followed by a struggle in the doorway. Me figuring Laney had finally pulled Dakota off, nope. I looked up and saw Courtney deliver a right hand into Dakota's stomach and another to her face.

"YOU WANNA HURT MY GIRL HUH WHORE?" Courtney screamed in a rage as Dakota slumped to the floor. "Huh? I'll kill you for her. I don't fight fair you allah worshipping rag head."

"OK, stop it's over" Chloe said as she moved in front of Courtney and Laney tried to hold Dakota back as she got back to her feet. "Stop, it's over. Dakota leave now."

"Your girlfriend is fucking that stupid blond she's on top of" Dakota said as Laney backed her into the hall finally. Chloe looking back at me as I rolled off of Mindy and helped her set up. Mindy still sobbing as she finally got to her feet and instinctively hugged me. "See, who does she run to first huh Chloe?"

"Thank you for stopping her from hurting me" Mindy said as she kissed my cheek.

"What's going on Molly?" Chloe asked, drawing my attention to her. A look of worry and shock on her face. But that was washed away as the events took another turn.

"CALL HER STUPID AGAIN" Courtney screamed at Dakota. Mindy leaving my side and fearlessly hugging a rage filled Courtney from behind with her good arm and trying to hold her back. "SHE'S NOT STUPID, She's smart and sweet and if you ever took a moment to see it you'd already know that."

"Please stop? Please for me, I love you now" Mindy said in a pleading voice as Courtney turned and faced Mindy. Chloe shutting the door and locking it to hopefully put an end to the situation for good. "Did you hear me?"

"Yes I heard you" Courtney said as she kissed Mindy and both smiled. "What happened?"

"Mindy and me were just sitting here talking and Dakota knocks on the door" I said as I held out my hand, Chloe taking it and sitting down beside me. "She was looking for Mindy for some reason and she lost it when she found out she was in here. I don't know."

"So thats why she said you two were..."

"Yessss" I said as she grinned. "We made out for a while but that was it."

"You wanna fight?" Courtney asked and for some reason that made us all crack up.

"Noooooo we did not" Mindy said as I smiled.

"Your arm ok?" I asked as she nodded her head no.

"It's hurting really bad" Mindy said. "Really bad."

"Come on, we'll go to the nurse" Courtney said.

"What about Dakota? What if she tries again..."

"No fear" Courtney said, "You hear me Mindy? No fear, you are not allowed to be scared of her."

"Yeh...yeh I'm not scared of her" Mindy said in a demanding voice. "She's hurt me for the last time."

"I can walk with you" I offered.

"No, Molly she's my girl" Courtney said as she smiled at Mindy. "She need don't anybody to protect her."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

You have no idea how horny I was by the time I made it back to campus. God that Megan girl is hot as hell, and she was flirting with me big time and oh lord if she offered me a chance to "tap that", I think it'd really be the end of me and Bre. Because after the frustration of last night, I'm not sure I could turn it down at this point. I don't wanna feel like that, more to the point I hate it. But you just don't know what it feels like (at least I hope not) to have someone do you that way. Why couldn't she just explain that earlier and we both could have avoided this whole sitaution, I'd have been ok with that. So coming up the walk to McKinley-Grogan Hall, I of course spotted Bre sitting on the bench outside. The last person I wanted to see really, but we both know I was gonna run into her. I braced for a confrontation.

"You finally decide I was good enough to come back to?" She asked without even a passing glance upwards in my direction.

"Bite me" I snapped in return. "I told you to clear out earlier, you made it clear how you felt this morning."

"You seriously want me to leave?" Bre asked as she looked up, tear stains on her cheeks and her eyes swollen. "I thought you loved me?"

"I do, but I can't handle it Bre, last night was unfair" I said softly. "You could have told me before."

"I'm sorry, I thought once we got going I could do it" She said, "It just didn't happen."

"That's a part of being with girls though" I said, "Not the most important, but it is."

"I said I was sorry" She snapped. "Stop beating me over the head with it."

"You are so thick headed it kills me" I said, "All you wanna do is bitch at me for trying to find out the source of your...problem."

"I don't have a problem, you do" She said as she glared at me.

"Then clear your stuff out of my dorm room and let's make this break up official" I said, "Cause if last night was my fault then me and you are done."

"I'm scared to death" She said as she put her head into her hands and started to sob. As much as I didn't want too, I still took her hand and pulled her up into my arms. She hugged me like she never wanted to let me go. "I'm finally happy and with the girl I've been dreaming about for a year and now you're just gonna dump me for no reason."

"We'll work through this ok?" I asked as she looked up at me. "We will. Just please be more honest with me."

"Huh?" Bre asked as I grinned.

"If you didn't like girls you could have just told me" I said as I backed away from her and she came after me.

"You're gonna get it Calista Elizabeth Oliver" She said as she came after me. Me stopping at the edge of the sidewalk as a huge jet black limosine came slowly up the main road and slowly passed us by. Bre crashing into me as we both giggled. "Who was that? You're Dad?"

"No dad's limo is hot pink" I said as she groaned and I laughed. "But it is stopping in front of Oliver-Stanton Hall."

"You dad has a huge ego huh?" Bre asked as I grinned back at her.

"He sure does" I said as we both laughed. "But that is in memory of my Grandpa, David Thornton Oliver the third."

"Work through it?" She asked, as I nodded and we both smiled. Not sure what was gonna happen next honestly.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey Cinderella" Shelby said as she plopped down beside me on the bench out front of Keller-Montgomery Hall. I had been on that same bench for over an hour now, waiting on my airhead sister. But she of course wasn't in her room and it's probably not the best idea for me to go knocking on Molly's door with the way her and Chloe no doubt still feel about me.

"Hey Lucy" I said as I grinned and kissed her cheek. "I love Lucy."

"You better" She said as she grinned and for a long moment no one else existed on these planet as Shelby leaned into me and kissed my lips softly.

"Ohmigod" A heard someone say in surprise, looking up Shelby and I spotted a surprised Mindy with her new 'friend' Courtney standing a few feet away. "You guys do like each other, so cool."

"I told you I liked her" Shelby said and then giving Courtney a dirty look.

"Why you looking at her that way?" Mindy asked, "Oh yeah, Dakota, look Courtney didn't know about her and don't start telling me I'm lying."

"Still don't change anything..." Shelby said as she rose and I grabbed her arm to keep her beside me.

"Why not?" Mindy asked, "The day you saw her kiss my cheek, she didn't know about Dakota, you wanna hate someone hate me. This was all my fault."

"You're name Courtney?" I asked as I stepped in front of Shelby before she could say anything else.

"Courtney Melrose, you're the Ice Princess? Half of Ice and Ax?" Courtney asked almost as if she were a fan of mine.

"Yeh" I said with a smile as she held her fist up and I bumped it with mine.

"I suck at fighting but if I got to I'll thrown with anyone" Courtney said, "Like earlier..."

"Earlier?" Shelby asked.

"Dakota showed up and somehow got the idea me and Molly were doing something" Mindy said, "She knocked me and Molly down. Molly kept her from hurting me I think, then Courtney jumped her. That came out wrong."

"I know what happened, what you said is right" Courtney said as Mindy smiled.

"Molly protected you?" I asked.

"Uh huh, me and Punky got a bond" Mindy said with a huge smile that I swear made me think Mindy liked Molly a little more than she was letting on.

"That stupid rag head punched Molly in the back of the head when I came in" Courtney said as she picked up the story.

"She is not a rag head you stupid bitch" Shelby fired back. "She's native american."

"Shut up" I said as I pointed to Courtney and then Shelby. "Please Shel?"

"I'm sorry I have a big mouth and she tried to hurt Mindy..." Courtney said before trailing off, Mindy hugged her warmly. "It's not fair to do someone like that when you know they can't fight back."

"That bitch is gonna think twice before she ever comes near you again" I said to Mindy. "I'll take care of her. You don't gotta worry."

"I don't want you defending me anymore" Mindy said softly. "I'm not scared of her and the nurse said it was just a bruise."

"You been to the nurse?"

"Yeh I landed hard on my arm" Mindy said softly as Courtney took her hand. "It's hurting like crazy right now, but they gave me some stupid tylenol, might help."

"No they won't" Courtney said, "I'll take care of it ok?"

"I just want it to stop hurting long enough so I can lay down and sleep for a while" Mindy said.

"Me too, migraine from hell" Courtney said, "Stressed out."

"UMMMM...Mom and Dad are coming" I said as both looked back at me. "Sometime today."

"Cool" Mindy chirped, "I guess we became more important than Daddy's business."

"Stop that" I said as she giggled. "You know they love us."

"Oh boy" Courtney said. "I'm already nervous."

"And you might not wanna talk about Dakota that way" I said to Courtney.

"Yeh they totally loved her" Mindy said, and then thinking for a moment and saying, "That sounded like a blond comment huh?"

"Like totally and for sure, Shakespeare" Courtney said as Mindy gave her a dirty look before both began to laugh.

"Shakespeare?" Shelby asked. "That some kind of a put down?"

"No it's not" Mindy said defenseively. "Believe it or not this stupid blond likes to read Shakepspeare, and she likes calling me that cause...well..."

"Because your smart" Courtney said as she smiled at her. "Really smart. A lot more than anyone knows too."

"Sorry" Shelby said simply.

"It's ok, we both got big mouths I can see that" Courtney said.

"You have no idea" I said as Shelby's lip dropped and she stormed off in a fit. Knowing she wanted me to chase her, catching her a few feet away in a bear hug from behind as she squealed in laughter and fought to get lose.