Scent of a Girl - Episode 29 "Me Punky, You Scooby"

Written by: TVM (



{* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE {* ~ *} /\

"Calm down and I mean it Cindy" Shelby said as she hugged Cindy tightly and made sure she couldn't go after Dakota.

Cindy had asked me and Courtney over to her and Shelby's dorm so mine and Cindy's parents could see both of us at once. Not that they knew anything about me moving out of the room or my break-up with Dakota. Boy have I got a lot of explaining to do. Anyway, Dakota had just come out of the library with that Laney girl. Shelby jumped in front of Cindy and Courtney in front of me, for different reasons.

"What's going on...oh boy" Dakota said as she spotted me and Courtney standing a few feet behind Cindy and Shelby. "You all gonna jump me?"

"No one is gonna beat anyone up" Shelby said.

"Let allah bitch start her mouth again and see what happens" Courtney said as I put my arm around her and hoped I could keep her back.

"I AM NOT A MUSLIM YOU DEAF STUPID BITCH" Dakota screamed back as Laney got in front of her.

"SHUT UP" Cindy screamed as a silence loomed. She then pointed to Dakota and said, "I've had it with your psycho bullshit, you hit my sister for the last time. And what the fuck did Molly do?"

"She was fuckin that stupid blond slut" Dakota said as I felt Courtney tense up and struggle against me.

"CALL HER STUPID AGAIN" Courtney screamed as I some how got in front of her. I could see the anger burning in her eyes and then as suddenly as it had begun, it ended. Courtney flinched and clutched onto my shirt for a moment and then grabbed her head and slumped to her knees and a moment later fell limp to the grass.

"What's wrong? Ohmigod, what happened?" I asked as Courtney lay motionless on the grass for a long moment. Cindy and Shelby both rushing to my side as Courtney opened her eyes and seemed dazed. "Are you OK?"

"Dizzy, I get that way when I get upset" Courtney said softly. "Mindy I'm OK, I just need to lay here for a while. God my head is killing me."

"You can't lay here" I said and looking to my sister I asked, "Can you please help me get her back to the dorm?"

"Ours is right around the corner" Shelby said. "Come on."

Cindy and Shelby helped a still dizzy Courtney back to what was now her and Shelby's dorm. We hadn't been inside very long when Dakota and Laney came in after us as I sat by Courtney on the couch. I refused to look at her as Cindy came out of the bedroom and glared at her, Dakota and Laney disappeared into the bedroom on the other side of the bathroom. Something surely would have happened if it hadn't been for the ringing of the telephone. Cindy picked it up with an eye trained on the door. I had turned back to again check on Courtney just as she was taking a drink of the ice water sitting on the coffee table. A look of relief coming across her face in that moment.

"Here you need this" Courtney said softly as she looked to make sure Cindy wasn't watching and slipped one of the by now familiar blue pills into my mouth and gave me the ice water. I sipped it and swallowed and as always after a few seconds the warm feeling from the relief of the pain washed over me and I relaxed as Courtney kissed my cheek. "You OK now?"

"Yeh I'm good" I said as I leaned down and kissed her.

"Hey, ummmmm...Mom and Dad are on there way up" Cindy said as Dakota appeared at the doorway to the bathroom. I glared at her and with a rush of adrenaline I got up before anyone could stop me. Marching the few feet across the room until Cindy got in front of me. "Mindy stop, what's up with you?"

"I wanna talk is all" I said softly. Then looking to Dakota I said, "What was up with that crap?"

"Molly wouldn't let me in and I just thought maybe you two were doing something, I've seen the way you look at her" Dakota said.

"Punky is like my best friend, unlike you she believes me" I said as Cindy surprisingly moved aside, "She doesn't make fun of me when I don't catch on right away. And she's good to me..."

"You two are so into each other" Dakota said accusingly (that's a big word for me huh?), "I heard how you ran to her side that day Shrek jumped you, and then she did the same earlier."

"Because she was scared you were gonna hurt me" I said. "You had no right to hit her."

"Why don't you tell your new slut..." Dakota said as I stepped nose to nose with her.

"Call her another name and I'll show you what I learned in Karate" I said and was almost shocked when she backed away a step or two. Laney coming into the bathroom and getting between Dakota and me. "She's not any of those things you called her, and I told you this was my fault."

"Kota hush, please?" Laney asked.

"Kota?" I asked as she looked at me nervously.

"I'm Laney by the way" She said as she stuck her hand out. "Nice to meet you. Again"

"You too" I said as I shook her hand. Now this girl is way cute. "You and Dakota close?"

"We both got our hearts broke" She said, "Sorta of members of the same club."

"I'm sorry" I said simply.

"Do you mean you're sorry the way you did me?" Dakota asked from behind Laney.

"I'm sorry Dakota, it wasn't right I know that" I said. "No more excuses, I'm sorry."

"You said if she apologized you'd be OK" Laney said as she turned to Dakota. "Well?"

"I think I am now" Dakota said softly as she moved in front of Laney and smiled her best as she hugged me. I smiled and felt some of those wounds had finally begun to heal as I hugged her back. Dakota smiled as our eyes met again. "I have to know..."

"Have to know what..." I said before she kissed me on the lips. I didn't resist, partly out of shock as she held it for a moment and pulled away. I knew then what I was hoping she knew now, it just wasn't the same. "...oh yeah. What did do you that for?"

"I'd like to know the answer to that myself" Courtney said as she rose from the couch on shaky legs and I met her half way with a hug. "Well?"

"To see if it still felt the same way" Dakota said. "It didn't. Maybe it was there for a while and I didn't notice it."

"I'll get it" Cindy said as she went to open the door. Lost in the confrontation of me and Dakota was the fact that mine and Cindy's parents were on their way up. And just as suddenly as that thought formed in my mind, there they were on the other side of the door. "Mom, Dad."

"Hey slugger" Dad said (Jonathan is his name, you can call him that he won't mind!). He and Cindy did the usual and traded punches. "You staying out of trouble?"

"Yeh trying to" Cindy said and she did something I never expected, she hugged Dad. He smiled nervously and hugged her back. "Something new I learned."

"Well Cindy you sure are coming out of your shell I guess, can I have a hug too?" Mom asked as Cindy hugged her.

"Get over there and say hi" Courtney said as she pushed me towards them. Dad smiling as I nervously met him.

"Can I have a hug too?" I asked as he to my surprise wrapped me in his arms. Then being met by Mom with the same thing. "I missed you guys so much."

"We did too, you know that" Mom said. By the way her name is Caroline, pretty huh? "What happened to your arm sweetheart?"

"Cindy beat me up" I said with a smile as Mom rolled her eyes.

"I will if you don't tell her the truth Melinda" Cindy said as I laughed.

"Some girl who hates me pushed me down the steps" I said as a worried look came over Mom's face. "But I'm ok."

"I see one of my favorite people" Dad said as he looked across the room at a nervously smiling Dakota. "What are you doing all the way over there?"

"Nice to see you guys again" Dakota said as Courtney came over and nudged me.

"A new friend we should know about?" Mom asked as she looked to Courtney.

"UMMMMMMMM...Dakota and I broke up and this is Courtney, Courtney Melrose" I said in a rush of confidence. Something I know for a fact I'd never ever been able to do before meeting Courtney. But as you know, she makes me feel different. This was probably one of the first times in my life I had ever felt the confidence to do something like that. "I'm with her now."

"OK" Dad said in confusion. "So I guess it was amicable?"

"No, but we settled it" I said softly.

"She moved out with Dakota to the other side of the campus and then they broke up" Cindy said.

"It was my fault and I did it, not Dakota, I just fell in love with someone else" I said. "This is Courtney, and I'm gonna tell you like I told everyone else. She didn't know anything about Dakota until later."

"Mindy sweetheart, you seem so much different" Mom said, "Something's changed."

"I said the same thing" Dakota offered as I glared at her for a moment. "Shutting up."

"What you see is Mindy Sullivan standing on her two feet" Courtney said. "She's not the dumb blond as Dakota calls her. She's not scared of her own shadow and she's got someone on her side now that doesn't play fair when you go to war with her, me."

"What do you mean? War and play fair?" Mom asked in her best concerned voice. I smiled as Courtney hugged me protectively.

"I mean, like that fat pig Veronica screwed with Mindy and she got it" Courtney said. "When you try to hurt the people I love, I don't play fair and..."

"SHHHHHHH, it's ok, calm down" I said as I turned and hugged her. "Not worth getting upset over, I know how you feel."

"I think it's a good thing" Dad commented as Mom gave him a warning look. "Honey I know, but Mindy has to stand on her feet eventually. She's growing up."

"Can I say something?" Dakota asked as she walked into the room and Laney jumping in front of her.

"Will you get out of my way, you're not my handler" Dakota fired at Laney.

"Bite me Kota" Laney fired back. "Go on run me off and see who's on your side."

"OK, sorry?" Dakota asked as Laney hugged her. "Mindy, I'm sorry for calling you stupid. I won't do it again."

"OK" I said softly. Not caring anymore what she thought really or so I told myself. WOW, now that's some complex thinking for me.

"How about you treat all of us to dinner Daddy Money bags?" Cindy asked as Shelby came over and moved beside of her. Cindy looking back and smiling as Shelby did in return.

"Well I think that's an excellent idea...Cindy honey?" Mom said and noticed that Shelby and Cindy both had this goofy 'I'm so in love with you' look on their face. "Hello?"

"This is Shelby, Mom" Cindy said as she took Shelby's hand and laced their fingers together. "Shelby Lucinda Parker. I love her."

"I love you too Cinderella" Shelby said as she kissed her cheek and Cindy smiled like I had never seen her do before.

{* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE {* ~ *} /\

With so many things on my mind that it was impossible for me to sleep, I rose early and slipped quietly out of bed. Noting that school was again suspended until they got the water leak fixed I had nothing to do but wait for Cally to get up. So a long hot shower was first and then came a spell of boredom like no other. I was honestly just looking for something to take my mind off the stuff me and Cally had been going through. That something turned out to be a rummaging adventure in her cluttered closet. Which netted me some hidden picture albums, buried in a show box in the back of her closet. If I had known what was to come, I think I'd rather have never found them.

"MMMMMMM, god I feel like...what are you doing Bre?" Cally asked as she rolled out of bed. Me sitting in the chair by the bed now flipping through the second of the six or so small albums. Laughing at the goofy pictures of Cally and her family, including a sister (a younger version of Cally) whom she had never mentioned and another girl whom she always seemed to be with.

"Pictures, you know I'm nosey, you were a cute baby" I said but noticed she didn't smile as she snatched the album from my hand and looked to be trying to control her temper. "What? Just pictures."

"These are private and you don't have the right to go through my stuff without asking me" She said firmly.

"I'm your girlfriend, of course I do" I said softly. "I was bored."

"Did you not notice these were buried in the back of my closet in a showbox?" She asked as I shrugged, "For a reason. Cause I don't show these to people."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't" She said and looking down at her hands for a long moment. "These pictures tell a lot of stories and most of them are bad."

"So you never gonna tell me who the people in those pictures are?" I asked, "I mean, I did see them."

"Don't do it again" Cally said in a hushed but angry voice. "You wanna see me pissed, try it."

"Didn't know you had a sister" I said in a direct attempt to get her to hopefully talk about it, even if she didn't want to.

"I don't" She said in a voice that I knew was warning me to back off.

"A cousin then?" I asked as I pointed to the album. "She looks just like you."

"I said I don't have a sister anymore" She said as she tried to pick up the box of pictures and had it shred in her hands. All of the albums tumbling to the floor as a few of the pictures fell out and of course one of them would have to be of Cally and her 'sister'. Cally glared at me for a second as she dropped to her knees and picked up the photo and started to cry.

"How could she not be your sister anymore?" I asked.

"Cancer" Cally said simply.

"She's gone?" I asked as Cally looked at the picture and cried. "God I am so sorry."

"Why couldn't you just leave things alone?" She asked. "Dragging all of this back out."

"I said I was sorry, I had no idea" I said as I slipped to the floor. "You know I didn't do it on purpose. Right?"

"Felicity" She said as she pointed to the picture. "Felicity Oliver. My sister."

"She looks just like you" I said as I gently took the picture. "Maybe if we talk about could help."

"Chondrosarcoma" Cally said. "Bone cancer."

"OK" I said as I touched her hand.

"They found it when she hurt her shoulder" Cally said as she wiped away her tears. "She never had a chance."

"That sucks" I said as Cally nodded simply. "Spread?"

"Yeh, I think they call it grade 4 or so" She said. "One day she's perfectly healthy and the next she's sick in bed and the next she was gone. Seemed that way."

"I'm sorry, Cally never in a million years would I ever..." I said as she turned and stood and extended her hand to me. "What?"

"Bring the albums" She said as I scooped all six of the albums up and laid them on the bed. She sat down at the top of the bed and motioned for me to come up and join her. I turned my back to her and laid back against her chest as she picked up the first of the albums. Turning to the first picture that had Felicity and that mystery girl wrestling on the bed as Cally looked on with an amused expression on her face. "The mystery girl is my best friend, Alisha Swain. She was so cool."

"You get some off her?" I asked with a smirk and saw Cally not smile. "It was a joke."

"She kinda stopped being my friend when she found out I wasn't straight" Cally said. "I was depressed and of course Dad couldn't deal so he packed me up and shipped me here so I could be out of his hair. I don't care much to talk about her anymore. That was last year by the way."

"Ok, Cally, cool no more talk about about the past" I said as I sat the album aside and turned and sat across her thighs. "What do you say me and you spend some time together, there's a light show tommorrow night. Comets exploding and stuff? Could be fun."

"Doesn't sound like it" She said as my heart sank. "Sounds stupid."

"No it doesn't" I shot back. "I like that kinda stuff."

"Then go" She said.

"I don't wanna go alone" I said softly. "I wanna go with you."

"Can't we just stay in and watch a movie?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Whatever you want" I said as I slipped off the bed and headed into the bathroom. "I gotta use it."

"Ok" She said simply as I closed the door and turned on the water in the bath tub and sat down on the toilet and quietly started to cry. Why was this whole thing a reason to get upset about? Now she blames me for bringing up some old memories that hurt, so fucking what, it's life. I'm beginning to believe the reason she didn't call me or even come by after we kissed a year ago and I blew her off the next day was that she's screwed up. She's not able to process emotion, fear, anger, rejection. I don't know, but I do know this sucks beyond anything I've ever gotten involved with. That's when my mind did it's usual and went searching for something to make me feel better. That something was picturing Molly's grinning face, the morning after we...did what came naturally? She looked so into me that morning and now that I think about it, I was really feeling it for her too. Why in the fuck couldn't I have stayed and instead of chasing Cally? Course we both know that she was already in love with Chloe or into her, I think. God, what am I doing to myself? This is stupid, instead of focusing on what ifs I need to be focusing on what I can do to make this thing with me and Cally work.

"Bre I'm sorry" Cally said from the other side of the door. "Come out please?"

"Me too" I said as I opened the door and hugged her. I don't know anymore.

{* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE {* ~ *} /\

"Hey, any idea where your sister ran off to?" Chloe asked from the bed as I worked on her laptop at the desk.

"It's Holly you'll be lucky if you ever hear from her again" I said as Chloe laughed. "She seriously said something about heading home and clearing some stuff up. Not sure. I don't care if she ever comes back."

"Come in" Chloe said as a knock came at the door. Courtney popping her head in a moment later. "Yeh?"

" know we got that big debate tommorrow?"

"Debate?" I asked as Courtney nervously stepped into the room.

"Yeh, it's part of the public speaking class" Chloe said. "We have to put together a platform and debate these two other girls. It's actually gonna be fun."

"Of course we agree on nothing" Courtney said with a wry smile. "Miss red state conservative here."

"Bite me blue state liberal" Chloe said as I laughed.

"She even likes President Chimp" I said as Courtney laughed. "Man's dumber a bag of hammers."

"As useless as a box of hair" Courtney said as we both laughed.

"Stop picking on him" Chloe demanded. "OK, so you don't like him, I do. I think he's honest and hard working and we'd all be better off if we showed him more support."

"Don't start with that Irag stuff" I said as Chloe grinned.

"She's still trying to convince me it was a good idea" Courtney said.

"And I did some" Chloe said. "Admit it."

"Yeh you did, you're girlfriend's smart and she can explain things in a way that make sense" Courtney said as I smiled at my girlfriend.

"This is true, she is smart" I said as Chloe smiled and kissed me. "Very smart."

"So somehow we gotta meet in the middle and form a platform for our fictional party" Courtney said. "I don't think it's gonna happen."

"Why not? I'm not hard headed" Chloe said as I nodded my agreement. "I agree with you on abortion and we talked about immigration."

"This might be interesting" I said as Chloe smiled.

"You wanna come and watch?"

"You bet I do" I said as she hugged me as I stood.

"I love you Molly Harris, you are always there for me" She said.

"OK, not to break up a moment, but are you ok with her and me working till late?" Courtney asked. "Maybe real late?"

"Not a problem, I already told Chloe and I'll tell you, I'm not gonna tell her who to be friends with" I said. "If you two get along, I'm ok with it."

"You ready?" Courtney asked as Chloe kissed me one more time and grabbed her books and was gone. I laid down on the bed, thinking tonight would be the first night in forever that I'd have a whole bed to myself. A light knocking coming at the door a few long minutes later.

"Go away" I said and figuring it was Courtney.

"No" Mindy said with a giggle as she opened the door and stuck her head in. "You busy Punky?"

"Just surfing" I said as I pointed to the laptop now sitting in front of me on the bed. "What's up?"

"Courtney and Chloe being mean to me" Mindy said with a pooched lip look. I smiled and said, "Come on in keep me company?"

"OK, if you gonna beg" She chirped as she bounced into the room happily and closed the door. "Whatcha looking at? Porn?"

"Nooo" I said as I blushed and she laughed. I wanted to pay her back, me being me I went for the bang. "But if you wanna strip off, I won't complain."

"HMMMMMMMM really Punky?" Mindy asked with a knowing smile. Raising her shirt just above her belly button and showing her tan. "Higher?"

"You win" I said as she laughed. "We both gonna be in trouble if you go much higher."

"Wanna do something?" She asked. "I hate being alone."

"OHHHHHH is rittle Rindy all arone?" I asked in a Scooby Doo voice as she gave me a dirty look.

"Stop making fun of me" She said with a hurt look.

"Knock off the hurt look, I was kidding" I said as I reached over and pulled her down beside me. "Come on, Mindy, you can't stay mad at me, you like me too much."

"I do not Punky" She said and trying to hide a smile. Me getting her to laugh when I blew a rasberry on her cheek. "EWWWWWWWWW."

"MMMMMMMM" I said with a suggestive eyebrow raise that made Mindy again blush. "Scooby takes like candy."

"Me Punky, you Scooby" I said as she smiled.

"So you saying I'm a dog?" Mindy asked as I laughed.

"Nooooo, you're just loveable like Scooby" I said as she nodded and we both laughed. "A whole lot cuter too."

"Cute? So if you had met me before Chloe, you think..." She asked and sorta trailing off.

"You were with Dakota" I said as she shrugged. "So no I wouldn't have been interested."

"Say I wasn't though" She said with a smile. "Think you'd be interested?"

"You're easy on the eyes, so why not?" I asked as she blushed.

"You too Punky, I mean Molly" She said. "I know I'm a pain somtimes, like tonight."

"Why?" I asked.

"Bugging you about keeping me company" She said with a smile.

"I actually like having you around" I said and flicking a hair into her face as she laughed. "I don't like being alone either."

"I just don't like it when it gets quiet and I don't have anyone to talk too" She said. "So I usually bug someone into keeping me company."

"You bugged me into it then Scooby" I said as she grinned. "Hang out till they're done if you want, I don't mind."

"You're like my best friend now" Mindy said. "Since Dakota and I broke up, and..."

"Cool" I said as I bumped my shoulder against hers. "And just so you know, I'm jealous of Courtney and Chloe, I think they're hot for each other."

"They are not" She fired back and then blushed when she realized I was kidding. "Bite me, and stop doing that."

"Never Scooby" I said as she smiled and I got up. "Check out my new camera, I gotta use the bathroom."

"Sure" Mindy said as she picked it up off the desk and looked at it.

{* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE {* ~ *} /\

You know sometimes this blond hair does advertise my stupidty, I know you no doubt agree with that sometimes too huh? Well this time it was Molly's new camera that really had me mystified, and to be honest, electronics don't usually give me trouble, but this one was weird. I opened the lcd and looked all over for a power button and finally groaned when I found it at the top on the back just above the battery. Molly came back to the door just as the camera came on and I pointed it at her and wondered exactly why the picture was black. "What's wrong with this stupid thing?"

"Lens cap?" Molly asked as she tried not to laugh at me. I looked up and saw she was right as I took it off and the picture cleared up. "Before you say anything I've done the same thing."

"I'm sure" I said as she sat down beside me and started showing me the features ones by one. It's a digital camera and camcorder, it don't even need tapes cause it has a harddrive. Very cool. "HMMMM, you got some videos on here already huh?"

"Oops" Molly said as she jumped back to beside me and closed the lcd. "UMMMMM, that was a bad idea."

"Why?" I asked as she took the camera.

"Those are private" She said nervously.

"Private?" I asked.

"Yeh, like just between me and Chloe?" She said.

"Really?" I asked as my voice dropped and a dirty thought crossed my mind. "What were you two doing Molly?"

"Monopoly" Molly said as I laughed. "Nothing ok?"

"I wouldn't tell anyone if you told me" I said with a shrug of my shoulders. "But it's cool."

"I know you wouldn't" Molly said as she turned the camera off and sat it back on her desk. "Just stuff ok?"

"Uh huh" I said, leaving me intensely curious about what was on that camera.

"I think I'll crash for a while" Molly said as she stretched and yawned.

"Oh ok" I said softly as I stood. "I'll leave you alone."

"You don't have to leave" Molly said as she stopped me by the door. "You can hang out till Courtney and Chloe are done fist fighting."

"You just wanna get me in bed huh?" I asked and loved seeing Molly blush. She's way cuter than any girl on this campus that I'm not dating. UMMMMMMM, let's pretend I didn't say that, ok?

"If there was no Chloe and Courtney, maybe we could make our own video" Molly said with a horny smile. Then it dawned on me what she must be saying, that her and Chloe had done...s-e-x on camera. Yikes.

"Are you saying?" I asked as I motioned to the camera with my eyes and then back to her as she shrugged and grinned.

"Tell no one?" She asked and as much as confirming it.

"Of course Punky, we got a bond" I said as she smiled and confirmed that too. She crawled back onto the bed and laid down as I sat down at the end and flicked on her TV and as usual nothing was on. It was probably an hour or so later when I got up and went to check on Courtney and Chloe and found them in a heated debate over abortion I think. I listened at the door for a long moment.

"I'm telling you red, that if someone raped me I'm not having his baby" Courtney said.

"But think about the baby he don't deserve to die just because you don't want it" Chloe fired back.

"What about if my health is endangered by it?" Courtney asked. "You still say have it, even though I was raped and might die because of it? And think with your head not your republican talking points."

"I am not a republican" Chloe said. "I guess you did make a good point. But I'm only on board if it's certain circumstances, like those."

"Their gonna be at this all night" I said with a giggle and headed back towards Molly's room and yawning myself as she came out looking like a zombie. Crashing into me as we both laughed. "Their still going at it."

"Figures" Molly said with a yawn. "You staying or going back to your room?"


"You can crash with me until their done" Molly said, "OK?"

"You so cool Punky" I said as I smiled and kissed her cheek. Offering no response as she touched my hand and headed off towards the bathroom.

{* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE {* ~ *} /\

"So you think we can make the debate without making an ass out of ourselves by disagreeing?" Courtney asked as I yawned and realized it was four o'clock in the morning now and we had to be at the Mintzler Auditorium in about 5 hours.

"I think so" I said. "You're not as hard headed as I thought."

"Bite me Reich wing" Courtney fired back as I grinned.

"Same to you Demorat" I said as we both laughed. "Besides we got everything in this notebook just follow the notes and we'll be fine."

"I hope you're right" Courtney said as she yawned and rolled off the bed. "Think Mindy's in bed yet?"

"I assume so, I know Molly is no doubt" I said. "I better head on back and get some sleep."

"Yeh, gonna check on Mindy and see if she wants to crash with me" Courtney said as we left her room. Sticking her head into Mindy's room as I headed on down the hall and slipped inside Molly's dorm and was about to crawl into bed when I noticed a large lump laying beside Molly and looking to be snuggled up to her. My usual spot. Letting my eyes adjust to the light for a moment and I realized it was Mindy. A light knocking coming at the door as my mind tried to peace together why exactly Mindy was snuggled up to my girlfriend. I stepped back and stuck my head out. "Mindy's gone. I'm worried."

"No she's not" I whispered as I opened the door just enough to let her see what I had just seen and then pushed her out as I followed her.

"Oh ok, wonder why she ended up with Molly?"

"Because Mindy's a tit" I said.

"No she's not and you know that" Courtney calmly replied. "She just hates being alone at night. I don't blame her."

"Whatever" I said in frustration. "Don't guess I'll be getting any rest tonight."

"If it bothers you so much go in and wake them up, I will" Courtney said as I stopped her. "What? If their not doing anything what's the big deal?"

"I just don't care much for another girl being in bed with Molly" I said softly. Feeling all those old worries of when I dated Maxie and had to worry about her cheating on me, coming back in full force. "I just need some sleep."

"No, you need to know the girl you love is not cheating on you" Courtney said as she pushed by and opened Molly's door and purposely turned on the light. A loud complaining groan coming from both Molly and Mindy as they rose from a peaceful slumber. "Morning."

"What the hell? Turn the fuckin light out" Molly snapped as she covered her eyes and Mindy did the same. "What was that for?"

"Mindy you crashing with me tonight?" Courtney asked and purposely avoiding Molly's direct question.

"Huh?" Mindy asked as she wiped her eyes. Seemingly still groggy. "Why? You guys done?"

"Yeh we're done" Courtney said.

"Answer me, what gives you the right to come into my room without knocking?" Molly asked as she got off the bed. Me watching Mindy grab her hand to stop her.

"Stop, please, please Punky?" Mindy asked as Molly stopped and simply glared at Courtney.

"You're in bed with my girl" Courtney said simply.

"Oh god, she was sleeping" Molly said, "I told her she could. You guys were up all night deciding who's going to steal the next election."

"Steal the election, Punky you're funny" Mindy giggled as her and Molly grinned each other. "I bet Chloe wins."

"Why would I win?" I asked.

"Cause I'm the only one who likes Courtney" Mindy said as Courtney blushed and I laughed.

"It's not like we were doing anything" Molly said.

"Well not for the last couple of hours at least" Mindy said with a coy smile towards Molly. I swear I could have killed her for that but knowing Mindy it was a joke so I offered no reply.

"That didn't help anything Scooby" Molly said as she pushed a giggling Mindy down on the bed. "You want both of them to kill us?"

"Look I need some sleep so can we lay down Molly?" I asked as Mindy rolled off the bed and bumped her shoulder with Molly's.

"Of course" Molly said with a smile towards me. Holding her hand out as Courtney took Mindy's and they left a moment later. Closing the door, I took Molly's hand and let her lead me to the bed. "You mad at me right?"

"No" I said and knowing it was a lie.

"So you're not only mad at me but you're gonna lie?" She asked as I looked up at her. "Yeh that's mature."

"You were in bed with her" I said as Molly smiled.

"If you don't hush I'm gonna beat you up" Molly said as I flipped her off and she tackled me onto the bed. "Just sleeping."

"Still weird" I said softly as she now sat across my stomach. "She was snuggled up to you and everything."

"Chloe, it's Mindy, she's a big kid and sometimes she likes to feel safe" Molly said. "I didn't have the heart to make her go back to her own room. Nothing happened, well she kissed my cheek..."

"You're cheating on me" I said as Molly glared at me for a moment and then attacked my ribs and tickled me for a long moment. "Gonna pee, oh god, stop please...I love you..."

"Do you huh?" Molly asked as she slipped down behind me. Her arm still over my body.

"Yeh, I get jealous sometimes, but you gotta admit that did look weird" I said as she nodded her agreement.

"I'm sorry for making you feel that way" Molly said as she kissed me softly. "What do you want me to do next time?"

"Mindy's getting more confidence every day you know" I said, "I don't think she'll need to be protected like that before."

"It's really cool to watch" Molly said with a huge smile that for a moment I swear implied she thought more of Mindy than I would have liked. I pushed that thought aside as I kissed her cheek softly. "I hope she never loses that sweet side of her."

"MMMMMMM honey sweet?" I asked and obviously trying to change the subject away from Mindy.

"Well you are filled with honey" Molly said as I smiled and she kissed me. "MMMMMMMMM."