Scent of a Girl - Episode 3 "Wanna Try That Kissin' Thang Again?"

Written by: TVM (



I know avoiding someone is childish and usually counter productive, but I just didn't wanna see Chloe or Maxie for the rest of the day, for obvious reasons. So I stayed hid in the library on the computers. My theory being, if one of them wanted to find me they'd come to my dorm room. So until about 9:30 (say 10 hours or so) I played online and pretended to be busy. I think it was almost 9:30 when I got the courage enough to finally head back to the dorm, and who did I run into? No, not Chloe or Maxie, but that red-head from breakfast. She was sitting down the hallway about 3 doors down from my room reading, yet again.

"Bre right?" I asked as she looked up and quickly shot to her feet and smiled as she seemed happy to see me.

"Yeh, Bre Kelton" She said extending her hand, "Room 49, we're like neighbors."

"Talk about luck" I said as I smiled and noticed that this girl had the most adorable smile in the world.

"Thank you for earlier" She said in a rush as she removed her glasses. "These things cost like 200 bucks and god only knows what I would do without them."

"No big deal" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"But it was a big deal" She countered, "Now maybe I can actually go into the cafeteria and eat in peace."

"You can" I said with a reassuring smile. "I told her to leave you alone."

"Well like I said" She commented, "Anything I can do for you. I'm all yours."

"I might just take you up on that" I said with a smile as my mind wondered if she was aware at how many ways that that exact comment could be taken. But I for once decided to play nice and let her off the hook as I yawned and excused myself to get some sleep.

I woke up early the next morning and felt so much better about life. It was like a good nights sleep can make you feel renewed, I rose for the day determined to get Chloe out of my mind and hey maybe find someone who could replace her. I grabbed some clean clothes and headed down the hall to the showers hoping that no one would be there this early. But out of luck I was. I turned the corner and stopped almost dead in my tracks, there stood one of the most gorgeous creatures I had ever seen in my life. Red hair, firm perfectly rounded breasts, muscular sculpted thighs and a flat sexy stomach, I watched her try and fix her hair the right way. She was topless and with her arms over her head, her breasts were standing so proudly at attention it was incredible. Nipples hard, not a hint of sag. Drool worthy.

"Ohmigod that's Bre, fuck girl you're a doll baby" I commented to myself as I starred in awe of this girl. Finally after a few long moments she threw the ribbon down and screamed, "GOD DAMN IT."

I giggled out loud and then jumping back behind the wall as to hopefully not be noticed. After a few seconds I re-emerged and casually walked around the corner, Bre grabbed her towel and quickly wrapped it around her breasts and gave me a very nervous smile. I dropped my clothes and glanced back to find her no longer paying attention to me, I shrugged off what I had seen earlier and headed into the shower. 15 minutes later I came out expecting to be alone, but found poor Bre still standing by the mirror, with her hair now in four corn rows running across the top of her head. She caught me starring and smiled into the mirror and asked, "Could you do me another favor and hand me that last ribbon? Please."

"God you're needy" I giggled as I quickly moved beside her, now wrapped in my towel and handed her the ribbon, when she realized she couldn't take it and hold in place the work she had already done. She grunted trying to figure out how to manage it, when I decided I had to help.

"Ummmmm you want this to hold together all the rows right?" I asked politely.

"Yes" She said in an urgent panicked voice as I moved behind her.

"Here just tell me what to do" I said smiling and following her simple directions and fastening her hair into place. She looked in the mirror and smiled brightly and excitedly thanked me.

"Looks good on ya" I commented as she blushed.

"Thank you I owe you a big favor..well another one" She grinned.

"How about doing something with my spike punk hair" I commented as she smiled at me and said, "It's not so bad, it actually works for you."

"Ya think?" I asked as she nodded.

"Keep it spiked out like that it looks really cool" She said as she moved behind me and without even asking, started running fingers threw my by now almost dry hair. I said nothing and wondered if she was gonna notice, but instead she snatched some kinda of cream from her bag and squirted some in her hands and finally asked. "Can I?"

"Why stop now?" I asked as we both started laughing out loud at the goofiness of the situation. She rubbed the gel in my hair and started spiking it up in all directions and I had to admit that it certainly did look good, or at least better than it did just a few minutes before. Just then a bunch of other girls came around the corner into the bathroom and one of the blonde girls stopped to give a whistle.

"Better watch it new girl" She snarled at me, "Bre sure looks comforable with her hands in your hair, if you let her she'll put them in some other places too."

"FUCK YOU SLUT" Bre screamed angrily as the blond laughed with her friends.

"Maybe I want her to" I said defiantly, turning my head around as Bre seemed determined to fix my hair even after that rather nasty comment towards her.  "And I don't think it's any of your damn business anyway bitch."

"EWWWWW carpet munching sluts" She snarled as she disappeared into the shower room.

"You're just jealous cause you want some" I said loud enough for her to hear and turned back around to find Bre smiling brightly and said quietly, "Thank you for that and not freaking out. Was so funny seeing Courtney get put in her place once. You're quit the spitfire."

"Why would I freak out?" I asked, "It's your business if you like girls or whatever. Truth be told I do too."

"Whoa really?" She asked finishing with my hair as she twisted a couple of strands together and let them hang casually down the side of my face. "By the way you look great."

"Thank you" I said confidently as I looked at my new do. "You got magic fingers, and yes I do like girls."

"Well I don't actually like girls" She said as I realized I may have let the cat out of the bag for no reason. "Stupid bitch found out about me kissing a girl last year, one time and ever since she's like 'I'm a lez' ever chance she gets."

"OHHHHH" I said as the thoughts of a potential romance went flying out the window.

"But I don't mind if you are though" She said pleadingly. "I mean if you wanna be friends, I hope."

"Of course I do, don't be silly" I said admiring my hair in the mirror and smiling at her handiwork. "Besides maybe I can convince you to try that kissing thing again?"

"Oh god" She said laughing and covering her mouth as she pushed me away. She checked her watch and realized she was late for practice and said "oh no I'm late, well almost, coach is gonna kill me."

"Then go go, can't have you getting in trouble over me already" I said as she flashed me a million dollar smile, scribbled a note on a piece of paper and tossed it to me before she ran out the door. "THANKS FOR THE NEW DOO."

"NO PROB" She screamed back as she ran down the hall, her voice echoing.

Courtney and her gang of tag-alongs came out and snarled one more time, but surprisingly didn't say anything as they exited the bathroom. Soon after that, a steady stream of girls came in and out as I finished. I didn't have any classes that day or for the rest of the week for that matter, so I went outside for some fresh air and went for an early morning walk. Hoping in a way I'd run into someone I knew. But before I knew it, I was following this trail that led to the west side of the campus into a wooded area. I stopped by a wooden bench under this huge oak tree to tie my shoe again when I saw a familiar face coming down the trail towards me, Cally. I stood and was about to walk in her direction when I felt someone grabbing my butt under my skirt. I jumped and turned as she went by, looking at her as she smiled and dared me to do it back. She was really pretty and for some reason (an obvious one) I didn't feel like pounding her.

"Hey I'm Shelby and you are hot, damn girl" She said as I blushed and watched Cally walk up behind this girl, who for the record was a light skinned black girl with a smoking hot body and the most gorgeous set of....eyes, yeh that's it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, this was the girl from the auditorium, Cally's friend. Holy shit, talk about daylight changing things for a person. "You see that Cally? I grabbed her ass and she didn't even jump. I so wanna tap that ass."

"You gonna let her grab my ass that way and get away with it?" I asked Cally, and thinking about Shelby's 'wanna tap that ass' comment as she grinned and reached for my butt again as I moved to Cally's side and taking her arm and trying to look like a damsel in distress said, "You said I was your girl."

"Come here bitch" Cally said running after Shelby as I laughed and ran after them. Shelby had something to get to as we reached the center of the campus (coincidentally in front of my dorm) a few minutes later. She made some excuse and took off running. I secretly thought that Cally gave her the signal to get lost and she took the sign. Strangely I also got the feeling that Cally was really attracted to me, not that I minded, she was so hot, but for some reason she was so tense and uncomfortable around me. I also remember thinking how she was obviously wanted to ask me something...

"You break them up yet?" Cally asked with a rather monotone sound to her voice.

"Chloe and Maxie? No and I'm not going to" I said sitting down on the bench as Cally sat down beside me and looked down at the ground, I could swear she was nervous but why I asked myself.

"No problem" She said flashing me a smile and making me think that that's what she was wanting to know all along. Cause now she was noticeably less nervous. "I kinda prefer if you did, I mean you didn't. God I'm so stupid."

"No you're not, but you are cute" I said nudging her playfully as she looked at me and flashed a genuine smile and half rolled her eyes at my playful flirting. "I mean you did say I was your girl..."

"Yeh just a figure of speech" She said taking the air out of my sails.

"OH" I said figuring it was something she said and didn't really mean.

"No Molly.....ugh....I didn't mean it that way" She said as she turned to look at me. "I just mean....we're not know....we're not you.... you're not...that's what....I dunno. I just didn't mean to hurt your feelings that's all."

"Say what you mean" I said gently as I crossed my legs, trying to be lady like and move a stray hair from her eyes (a Megan move if there ever was one).

"I can't" She said looking at me with a worried look on her face.

"Why not?" I asked trying to figure out what was so hard for her to say.

"I suck at this, I always have" She said turning away and biting her lower lip, "one of the reasons I stopped chasing guys, I can't talk to them. But that sure hasn't changed."

"Cally" I said as she stood and I took her hand as I followed her. Partly cause I thought she was about to walk away and partly cause I liked holding her hand. "Why is it so hard for you to tell me what's up?"

"Cause of yesterday" She said looking at me, "After I kissed you, I thought about you all night."

"So I got to you?" I asked with a smile I couldn't wipe off my face.

"I liked kissing you" She admitted with a gentle smile.

"Same here" I said circling her neck with my arms, "Was really nice."

"But it wasn't supposed to happen like that" She said nervously. "There's certain things you had to do and it was my responsibility to make sure you did."

"Like fuck a member of the group?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yeh" She said in a questioning manner.

"Done" I said with a huge proud smile. "done twice over actually."

"Twice?" She asked.

"Uhhhhhhhh huuuuuuuuuuuhhh" I said, "me, Maxie and Chloe."

"Holy shit those little sluts" She said laughing. "And that's why you're so.....ohmigod, no wonder I never had a chance."

"A chance with me?" I said in a state of confusion. "But who said you didn't have a chance with me?"

"Chloe" She said as she released me and backed up. "I knew it, I fuckin knew it, you do like her. Especially sense you fucked her."

"It just happened Cally, I didn't plan it" I said almost pleading my case. "You can't be mad, you said I hadda do that."

"I'm not mad" She said coldly, "And you're right you do. I'm glad I know where I stand now."

"Cally you don't...." I said before I was cut off by a screaming voice from the other side of the plaza, "MOLLY."

I looked to see Bre running towards me nearly out of breath as Cally pulled away completely and Bre reached the place we were standing. Cally looked awfully uncomfortable for some reason and quickly excused herself saying, "I'll see ya Molly."

"Cally where ya going?" I asked in a state of confusion as Bre put her hand on my shoulder and gasped for air and I swear she was giving Cally a look as she walked off into the distance.

"I......ran....all" She panted after a few long moments, I watched as Cally disappeared behind the building and was out of sight.

"Ummmmm Why?" I asked trying to figure out what again made Cally run off like that. For the second day in a row, and what in the hell was up with my new friend.

"I had to tell....someone....anyone...the incredible news" She said standing up and catching her breath as the sweat beats poured off her head.

"Wellllll?" I asked excitedly after a tense moment when she said nothing.

"I made the Field Hockey team, I'm a starter" She said proudly, obviously wanting me to be happy for her. I was, maybe not as excited as she was but it was still great news. So I decided to make a show out of it (and in the process humiliate myself and her).

"WOO HOOO" I said pumping my fist in the air, Homer Simpson style and starting to run around the courtyard screaming and celebrating.

"Stop, Molly, stop geez your embarrassing me" She said grabbing my arm and dragging me up the walkway and inside the building as she laughed and I kept pumping my fist up and down. "Shut up already."

"Fine then" I said pooching my lip out as she giggled and said, "OK I'm sorry, thank you for being excited for me. But do you have to make such a show out of it?"

"Yeh I do" I said giggling.

"You're crazy" She said pulling me along towards the front hall stairs and as she reached the top, down the hall to her room.

"Seriously though that's great news" I said as she opened her door and ushered me in. Her room was totally different than mine. She had everything I didn't. A VCR, Mini-fridge, and posters wall to wall and not to mention ceiling to ceiling. "WOW."

"Thanks" She said taking the chair by her desk and sitting down. "Like my room?"

"Very cool" I said.

"My Mom sends me all kinds of stuff, she's like guilty out the ass for sending me here" Bre said.

"Love that TV" I said admiring the gold tone 27-inch set she had.

"Really?" She asked moving to the bed and sitting beside me now, "if you want, when Mom sends me a new one you can have it."

"No shit?" I asked in shock as she laughed and it struck me, for some reason or another in that moment, she was offering me an expensive TV for free and she couldn't afford to pay for a new set of glasses. OK, now that had me thinking. But to soon that thought was washed from my mind with the sound of her voice.

"No seriously I can't use both" She said non-chalantly as I lunged at her and wrapped my arms tightly around her neck and kept saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you" as we both fell to the bed.

"It's important to have friends and I don't wanna lose one before we're even really friends" She said.

"Look, I'm not gonna be your friend just cause you give me stuff" I said as she looked down at her lap, "But I will be your friend cause I like you. OK?"

"OK" She said smiling in surprise it appeared.

"Besides..." I said cupping her chin in my hand and letting my best devious smile cross my face and touching my forehead to hers, "...I haven't convinced you to try that girl kissing thang again. So I gotta hang around for that."

She blushed and I could tell she was somewhat embarrassed, but I also sensed she was somewhat flattered also as she said softly, "Maybe you will...someday."

"You know it's not that scary" I said laying back on her bed a few minutes later as she tried to find something on the stereo.

"What ain't?" She asked barely glancing at me.

"Being with a girl, romantically" I said as she turned and gave me a weird, frustrated look.

"Are you stuck on that?" She asked sitting down in the chair.

"No but..."

"Look Molly, I don't like girls ok" She said firmly, "it's not my thing. If it was I'd prolly be all over you. It just doesn't turn me on."

"OK OK" I said acting as if I was offended as she laughed. Taking her shoes off a minute later, she stretched her legs out on the bed aside mine. She flipped to some movie on one of the pay channels and we really got into it. Now as weird as this sounds, it's true. The movie was the one with Piper Perabo and Jessica Pare as lesbians. Something with "Lost" in the title, anyways it's a great movie. We got about half way through before I noticed what was going on. Bre's foot was lying between my feet, about even with my calf. During the scene where Perabo and Pare make love, you get a clear shot of Piper's nipple, it's so erotic. That's when I first felt her sock caress my calf. Ever so lightly, up and down. I froze and after a long moment looked down to see she was watching the movie wide-eyed, glued to the screen while her foot danced up and down my calf. The soft cotton from her sock gliding up and down my calf started turning me on after a while. I thought I might as well do a little test while this was going on. So I slid down on the bed and turned towards the tv. Now bringing her foot to the edge of my skirt, just above my knee. It stopped suddenly and I froze again thinking she had caught herself and knew what I was doing. But a few minutes later she shifted positions on the chair and her foot moved into my thigh firmly. A little bit higher than I had intended.

"How the hell can she not notice this?" I thought to myself, "or maybe she knows exactly what she's doing. Well I'll play as long as she wants."

After a few more moments of rub-a-dub by her up and down my inner thigh and my poor pussy was aching for attention and I was done playing. She was seeing if she could get a rise out of me, I thought. Well if she is, she's about to, that's for sure. I moved my hand to the leg between my mine and lightly traced the outline of her calf, she paid me no attention, so I did it this time with another finger and made a bigger circle, staring a hole right through her as I did.

"What are you doing?" She asked a few moments later after I caressed her calf for the first time with my hole hand.

"The same as you" I said as she looked at her foot and jerked it away, or attempted too. I quickly grabbed her ankle and said, "UHNNNN uh"

"I didn't mean too I swear" She said as I pulled her towards me and out of the chair, onto the bed. She struggled and I started to laugh as did she at the silliness of the situation. She tried her best to hang onto the chair, but a quick finger jab to the ribs stopped that and I pulled her successfully onto the bed. Pushing her down on her back and wrestling with her, until I could pin her hands down. To my absolute shock, I did. "I didn't mean too, I was watching the movie and didn't know what I was doing, I swear to you Molly. Please just let me go, I can't stand being held down. If you tickle me I'll pee my pants....please no."

"I'm not gonna do any of that" I said moving her hands above her head. "I'm just wanna find out what you're up to."

"I told you" She pleaded, "nothing."

"Well I don't like that version of the story" I said, "so tell me a good juicy lie and I might let you go."

"Huh?" She asked in total confusion.

"I said lie to me about what you were doing rubbing my thigh and make it a good one or else" I said grinning as she seemingly caught on.

"You're nuts Molly, do you know that, you're fuckin nuts" She said trying to hide a smile.

"Only about you sexy eyes" I said leaning down more and resting on my elbows.

"My eyes are sexy?" She asked with a twinkle in them.

"Yep" I said, "very sexy. Now tell me a story Megan....I mean Bre."

"Megan?" She asked, "who's Megan?"

"No one" I snapped in frustration and then catching my breath said much more gently, "now will you quit stalling and tell me?"

"Fine" She said squirming but unable to get lose as I smiled at her and playfully lowered my head and just as she thought I was gonna kiss her, I moved and pressed my cheek to hers and inhaled as her scent filled my senses. "MMMMMMMM, scent of a girl."

"Huh?" She asked in confusion.

"Scent of a girl" I said as our eyes met again. "Sweetest smell in the world."

"OK" She said as I went on, "Never mind, trust me, when you like girls, it is. Now lie to me and you can get up."

"Fine" Bre said in frustration. "I want your body OK, I lied earlier about being a lesbian. I secretly crave your body. It turns me on so much. God I want you so bad right now. I love being forced, why don't you just lock the door and take me. Lick my fucking pussy and make love to me till I beg you repeatedly to stop. Suck my clitty till it's sore with those soft warm puckered lips and then let me taste my cum on them. I'm sweet huh?"

"Fuck yeh" I said feeling my entire body come to live with desire.

"That's why I was rubbing your thigh like that" She said as I thought she really did have no idea she was doing it. Cause if she did she would have mentioned starting with my calf and then probably something about moving up and starting again. Or so I thought at the moment. Her next words snapped me back to reality though, "Can I please get up now?"

"Yeh" I said releasing her hands as she smiled gratefully.

"You know we are alone, and no one, no one would ever find out if you did wanna try a certain something again" I said biting my lip as I watched her for a reaction.

"Why do I feel I can trust you?" She asked as I nodded my head. I was now laying beside of her on the bed as she moved her hand behind my neck and drew me to her. Her head tilting as mine came down and pressing her lips to mine. I nearly fainted as she started moving her lips in time with mine. I touched her stomach with my hand and then felt her pull away and look at me with a grin. "Happy now? You got to kiss me."

"Yeh was great" I said honestly as she smiled shyly, "did you like it?"

"I didn't feel anything" She said honestly, I guess knowing what I meant by my last question. "but it was a nice kiss."

"At's cool" I said sitting up and smiling down at her. "though I can't help wishing you had."

"If I ever do you'll be my first stop" She said grinning and taking my hand in hers. "friends?"

"You know it" I said smiling. Then thinking about the moment earlier in the day when we first met and about that blond cunt Courtney. I formed my devious plan of torture for my new friend. "So what room is Courtney in anyway?"

"Courtney?" She asked, confused.

"Yeh blond bitch from this morning" I said grinning.

"UMMMM other end of the hall, room 6, why?" She asked as I crawled over her again with a devious smile crossing my face.

"She's gonna love this story" I said as Bre's eyes went cold and I smiled again and jumped off the bed and ran for the door.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" She screamed lunging after me and catching my ankle as the door slammed shut again. "No please no, I swear I'll kill you if you do."

She wrestled me to the floor and after having pinned me down on the floor I said as I laughed out loud, "Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Make my heart stop you tease" She said smacking my arm as she got up and pretended to sulk.

"Bre, I was kidding" I said gently nudging her, "you don't have to worry about it. You can trust me. You wanna tie me up so you'll be sure I won't?"

"You'd prolly like that" She said grinning.

"Uh huh" I said kissing her cheek and pulling her down to the bed as she squealed with laughter and tried to fight me off.