Scent of a Girl - Episode 30 "Boy Have I Got A Surprise For You..."

Written by: TVM (



"You really mad at me huh?" I asked as I watched Courtney fold down the blanket and say nothing. "Courtney? Please talk to me?"

"You were in bed with her" Courtney said as she looked up at me.

"Sleeping" I said, "Not anything else, I'm stupid OK?"

"You act like Molly or something" Courtney said and in that moment I had to wonder for a moment if I did. Worrying that if I let myself feel it, I might, I pushed it aside and forced my mind to move on.

"No, Punky is my best friend, that's all" I said. "I'm your girl now."

"You sure about that?" Courtney asked with a cold tone to her voice. One I know I'd never heard before.

"Best friend is all" I said. "I swear."

"Yeh whatever" Courtney said as she got up and started to walk away when I went after her and wrapped my good arm around her waist and stopped her. "Mindy stop..."

"No, I'm begging you not to be mad at me over this" I said as she looked back at me.

"Everyone else in my life that I've gotten close to..." Courtney said. "...well....things happen to them."

"I'm not them" I said as I circled around to in front of her. "I broke up with a girl I loved for you, I stood up to Veronica for you, I made Molly give you a chance. Chloe likes you now. You make me feel so good, so strong and without you I don't want to think about that. So please stop being mad at me, please?"

"Mindy..." Courtney said as I kissed her softly. Touching her cheek gently and touching my forehead to hers. Saying, "I love you, I said I love you, you listening?"

"Yeh of course, I always listen..."

"I love you, I really do" I said and kissing her again as her arms went around me. "Please forgive me? Please? I love you."

"OK, OK, I love you too" She said as I smiled. "I am just so into you."

"Ha HA I win" I said as Courtney smiled. "Can we lay down for a while?"

"If you gonna make me" Courtney said as I laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

So it's me again, 'fruity pepples' Dakota, the girl with a temper. Look, you gotta know that I didn't try to hurt Mindy, but that whore Molly was making it seem like they were doing something. So I lost it, and then she goes running to Mindy's defense, and that made it even worse. This happened before, with Veronica when Molly supposedly tried to protect the dumb barbie...sorry, I know I shouldn't call Mindy names. I don't believe it really, it just still hurts like hell. Anyway, you saw what happened that day in front of the dorm, and what does Mindy do? Instead of running away like she should have, she protects Molly. But then again that's Mindy, if she loves you she's on your side no matter what.

I'm rambling...again, I'm just gonna shut up about those two before I get myself crying again. I know it's over with Mindy, that last kiss proved that to me. It just didn't feel the same. Now I just wanna move on with my life. So, feeling free for the first time since this all happened, I woke up a little early this morning and with no school and Laney and Maxie still sleeping, I took a quick shower and snuck out for a breath of fresh air. Taking a deep breath and for some reason having a feeling of this being a new beginning for me. I took a seat on the bench outside of Oliver-Stratton hall, sitting there I could swear I didn't even hear anyone coming up behind me.

"Dakota?" The Voice asked as I looked back and saw Bre, dressed in a jogging suit.

"Hey Bre, what's up?" I asked as she plopped down beside me.

"Early morning run, clear my head" She said. "You doing OK?"

"Fine why?"

"I heard how Mindy did you with that skanky whore Courtney" Bre said as I smiled. "Just wanted to say I'm sorry."

"You don't like her either?"

"I hate her" Bre said. Me smiling and thinking finally someone saw that girl for what she really was. Who knew it would be Bre of all people. "Bitch harassed me for a year and now suddenly she's into girls. Like that changes anything."

"You wanna go make out, I think I love you now" I said with a smile.

"Tempting" She said as we smiled at each other. "But taken, barely so these days..."

"You and Cally having trouble?" I asked.

"No, just me and my big mouth, we're cool" She said as I gave her a 'don't shit me' look. "We are. It's me mostly."

"You don't wanna be with her?" I asked. Almost hoping she'd say yes.

"No, I do, see being with a girl is new to me" Bre said. "And no one understands that."

"I do, I really do" I said as I touched her hand. "Let me guess she's putting pressure on you to sleep with her?"

"We already did, well she did" Bre blurted out and covered her mouth. "I shouldn't have said that."

"You didn't return fire?" I asked as Bre blushed.

"I chickened out" She said. "I told her it was...I'm gonna shut up before I say something you can tell her..."

"That is not gonna happen" I said. "Besides, she's gonna be mad when she finds out about me being a psycho at Molly's yesterday. So regardless, I'm a member of the Mintz about now in name only."

"I feel that way too" Bre said, my hand still laying on hers as she tried to pull it away and me grabbing onto it as she laughed and we started to wrestle. Both crashing to the ground from the bench as Bre finally pulled her hand away and took off running as I jumped up and chased her around the side of the building to the back. Losing track of her and stopping, looking around, I could sense I was being set-up. I almost jumped out of my skin as she grabbed me from behind and pinned my arms to my side. "Now you're mine Dakota, what you gonna do?"

"Take me then" I said with a huge smile. Feeling her grip loosen a bit and her back away as she giggled and obviously wanted me to chase her. So I did, back around the side of the building and down the path leading to the main square. She finally stopped and covered up as I caught up to her. I stopped and nudged her as I smiled and she returned it. "I'll be good, unless you want me to be bad."

"OK, go beat Courtney up for me" Bre said as I smiled and walked off towards the Keller-Montgomery dorm. Bre chasing me when she realized where I was headed. Getting in front of me and trying to stopping me, "I was kidding, Dakota, stop...ohmigod..."

"OK then I'll just beat you up" I said as I suddenly turned on her and grabbed her and started tickling her. She broke away and I chased her and caught up to her again as we started to wrestle and crashed against the sign in the courtyard. Rattling lose a flyer that read 'Light Show: Stars and Bars', talking all about some kind of lightning show tonight around 9 or 10. Some kind of weather phenomenon. I picked it up as both of us got our giggles under control and showed it to her. "Look."

"Cool, you like this kinda stuff?" She asked as she moved beside me.

"Yeh, but growing up in Pittsburgh, you can't usually see it very well" I commented.

"Back home in Billings you could" Bre said. "Big Sky Country."

"Montana?" I asked as she nodded. "So cool. Bet it's so nice living out in the country past the city limit signs."

"Brooks and Dunn" We said in unison and began to laugh. Her saying, "I love them."

"Me too" I said in surprise. "Brand New Man, Whiteline Casanova, Boot Scootin Boogie, Neon Moon, Play Something Country, She's About As Lonely As I'm Going To Let Her Get, My Heart's Not A Hotel, Whiskey Do My Talkin', Hillbilly Deluxe, One More Roll Of The Dice, Just Another Neon Night..."

"Name a few more" She said with a smile. "Their new stuff ain't to good but Brand New Man is one of my favorite songs. I had like 5 of their CD's and they got stole."

"That blows" I said. "I'll make you some copies."

"You don't have to go to all that trouble" She said with a shrug.

"It's no trouble" I said as she blushed and smiled.

"That light show sounds awesome, but Cally's already said she didn't wanna do it" Bre said. "Love to see it though."

"Yeh there's a great spot behind our building that's perfect" I said. "I'm definitely planning for that now. Join me if you want, you know if Cally doesn't want too."

"Thanks" She said as she checked her watch. "I better go, Cally's gonna be worried. See ya?"

"I hope so" I said with a hopeful grin as she blushed and waved as she ran off towards McKinley-Grogan hall.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I thought about this morning with Dakota all day, I don't know why really. But I did and it made me feel good to have something to look forward to. The star show was gonna be cool and to be able to hang out with someone with the same interests was something that I hadn't gotten to do in a very long time. That is if Cally still refused to go. Which in a way I was hoping she would and I could actually have a little fun for the first time in days. But if she accepted my offer, maybe we could begin to bridge the gap that had been growing between us lately.

"Cally?" I asked as I came through the door to her room. Her popping out of the bathroom already in her night clothes. Which told me what she wasn't planning to do already.

"Hey" She said with a smile. "I got us a movie and the pizza is in the microwave, go ahead and change and I'll be out in a minute."

"Cally, wait" I said as she stopped and came back into the room. "Can we go and see the light show tonight?"

"That stupid comet thing you talked about?" She asked as I glared at her. "I'm sorry Bre, I don't know the first thing about that stuff."

"You don't have to I'll explain it to you" I said as the smile vanished from her face.

"So I'm stupid now?" She asked.

"Huh? No" I said. "How do you get that?"

"You gonna have to explain it to me" She said, "What fun will that be?"

"I don't wanna fight with you" I said as I fought back tears. "I wanna do something that interests me and if you loved me like you say you'd at least give it a chance."

"So what? Our plans for tonight just change?" She asked. "I got a movie you like, I got the kinda pizza you like and I decided I wanted to be with you tonight."

"It was not our plans" I said as my anger rose. "I told you last night that I wanted to see the light show. Not like this is a huge surprise."

"Fine, Bre, you wanna go and see that stupid shit you go" Cally said as she turned to walk off.

"FINE YOU BITCH" I said as she froze and stormed back towards me and grabbed my hair, I swear I thought she was gonna hurt me in that moment.

"What you think I'm gonna hit you?" She asked as she released my hair. "Nooo."

"OK" I said as she leaned forward and kissed my cheek. Me smiling despite myself. "Can we talk about this tommorrow, I'm gonna head back to my own room and just give both of us some time to cool off."

"Yeh, ok" She said as she took a deep breath and walked off and disappeared into the bathroom. Was that just the end of me and Cally? What the hell? I need to do something. Not sure what at this point. But in that moment as I slowly walked out of Cally's building, the only thing I could think of was Dakota and that light show. I wanted to have fun tonight and fuck whoever thought it was stupid.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

OK, so truth be told, I thought about Bre all day. I admit it. But see here's the thing, I'm not gonna tell her anything about that. Because who says I can't hang out with someone and crush on them even (if I do) if they do have another girlfriend? I mean as long as I'm not trying to grope her or convince her to leave cally, what's the harm? None and if she does show up tonight, it means she was at least a little interested in becoming friends or just seeing the light show. Either way it's nice to have someone to hang out with for a little while that doesn't feel sorry for me like...well, Laney.

"Where you headed with that blanket and cooler?" Laney asked as she saw those things sitting on my bed. "You got plans for me and you?"

"No why?" I asked as the smile left her face. "I'm just going to watch the light show, remember I told you?"

"Yeh, want me to go with you?" She asked. "Not like I have anything else to do."

"UMMMMMMM..." I said as a light knocking came at the door to mine and Laney's bedroom, the one leading to the hallway. "Get that?"

"Why not" She said as she opened the door and my heart almost stopped as I saw Bre standing on the other side. "Can I help you?"

"Hey girl" I said to Bre as I smiled a bit bigger than intended. One I noticed she returned. "Come in?"

"UMMMMMM...light show, is that invite still good?" Bre asked nervously.

"You know it" I said as I pointed to the stuff on the bed. "Soda, sandwiches and blanket."

"You all prepared huh?" Bre asked with a smile that made my heart beat a little faster.

"Well I guess I know why you didn't invite me now" Laney said softly as she looked to Bre and then to me. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"Ok, I won't" I said as she turned and stormed out of the room.

"Tension?" Bre asked as the door to the bathroom slammed shut. "Girlfriend?"

"No, just friends, not sure what the problem is" I said honestly. "So no Cally tonight?"

"She thinks it's stupid" Bre said.

"Well I don't" I said with a smile. "You know how to use a telescope?"

"Yeh you look in the small end and out the big end" She said as I pulled mine out of the closet.

"Funny" I said as I handed it to her.

"This looks expensive, you better carry this" She said.

"Nooo, I trust you for some reason" I said as she smiled and I picked up the blanket and cooler. "You ready or what?"

"Lead the way" She said with a smile as we left the room. Down the main stairs and out the back door of the building to a small grassy area that's perfect for laying on and looking up at the stars. I know I've done it a few times with...well you know who. Anyway, one thing I didn't realize until we got outside was it had gotten a little colder as the sun went down. I spread the first blanket out and sat down as Bre stood there now looking up at the stars as the shooting lights had already began. I touched her leg as she looked down at me and grinned before sitting down. "Figures it would have to be cold on a night like this."

"Good thing I brought my electric blanket" I said as I showed it to her. The building being literally within reaching distance as I got up and headed over to plug it in and let it get warmed up. "You hungry?"

"You gonna feed me too?" Bre asked as I grinned and opened the cooler. "Pb and j?"

"Only the best for you" I said as she grinned and took the sandwich I offered to her.

"I didn't get to eat lunch" She said as I sat down and leaned back against the building, the blanket already warm as I pulled it around me. "Cally and me."

"You cold?" I asked as she shrugged. Opening the blanket on one side as she grinned and slid in beside me and wrapped it around both of us. "You and Cally?"

"Trouble" She said as she now looked up at the stars and watched one star after another seemingly explode or whatever the correct term for it is. "It might already be over. You don't wanna hear this..."

"I got no other place to be" I said as she looked over at me. "So tell me. Whatever you want, I'm a good listener."

"Cally's putting pressure on me to sleep with her" She blurted out. "Wait that's not fair or true..."

"It is if that's the way you feel" I said as she smiled for a moment. "Pressuring someone isn't right."

"We had this between us?"

"On my heart" I said as she smiled again. "You..."

"We had sex, she went first and I chickened out when it was my turn" Bre said. "I know I'm evil, but I did it."

"Why?" I asked gently.

"I couldn't get into it" She said. "I'm thinking I might be more straight than gay or something. Why couldn't I just tell Cally that?"

"Cause she wouldn't listen if you did" I said. "Cally is like that, I know, but she's got a big heart too."

"How could I be in love with someone and not wanna be with them in that way?" She asked.

"I'll bet you money I could get you to like it" I said and laughed as her mouth dropped open in shock. "Not an invite. Just what I think."

"I doubt it" She said with a challenging expression. "What makes you so sure you're the end all and be all of lesbian lovers?"

"I didn't say that" I replied. "But once you experience it with me, I think I could change your mind. I seriously don't mind doing it all night. Slow and steady, fast and hard, whatever. A lot of girls just wanna get off, which is good but there's more to it."

"Like what?" She asked as she leaned against my shoulder and listened intently.

"Touching, and not just those certain places, but just touching, kissing too" I said. "Lots of kissing, before, after and during. And not being in a hurry to get off. That sometimes ruins it."

"Only been with two girls so I wouldn't know" She admitted.

"Two?" I asked. "Cally and who?"

"Molly" She said as I laughed. "What?"

"She got a thing for redheads huh?"

"I guess, she just was into me from day one and she kept hitting on me in the way only Molly can and one night I finally gave in" She said with a huge smile. "It was amazing. So amazing."

"Sounds like to me Molly is the one you would rather be with" I said as she blushed. "She better than Cally?"

"Yes, but with Molly it was just sex or so it was for her" Bre said as she seemed to be deep in thought for a second and then said again, "It was just sex, that's why she moved on so easily. I mean I did tell her I was into someone else, no wonder. God I'm fucking stupid."

"Hello?" I said as I snapped my fingers and she blushed as she looked back at me. "Hi."

"Hi" She said as we both laughed. "Thank you, I think I just figured some stuff out."

"You're welcome" I said as she smiled. "You feel better?"

"Yeh, Molly was in love with Chloe all along and I was just sex, which is ok with me" She said as she pulled the blanket tighter around us.

"So you're ok with being used for sex, can I be next?" I asked as she looked at me in shock and I smiled knowingly.

"Fuck you, I thought you just wanted to hang out..."

"I did" I said and touching her hand to stop her from getting up. "Joke."

"OK, but no more jokes please?" She asked with a smile.

"I think I'm a comedian sometimes" I said as she rolled her eyes. A long silence following as we both looked up at the stars and enjoyed nature's show for a while. Both finishing our sandwiches and drinking the soda's I brought. The amazing light show sorta wound down in the next hour or so, which is when I noticed that the night seemed to be getting colder and the blanket didn't seem to be helping any, Bre snuggled up closer to me as she seemed to notice the same thing. Pulling the blanket tighter around us and yawning as she laid her head on my shoulder. "Am I the only one that thinks it's getting cold?"

"Yeh it is, I was hoping we'd be able to stay out a little longer" She said as she looked up. "But I think you're right."

"You tired?"

"Yeh kinda, stressed out and stuff" She said. "I could use a good nights sleep. At least tonight I might get that, I'm heading back to my dorm from here."

"You're not walking all the way across campus by yourself" I said and realized it was my old 'protecting Mindy' side showing again. "I mean, I'd worry about you."

"So are you inviting me spend the night with you?" She asked with a challenging smile.

"Oh yeah, me and you sharing a bed with Maxie, Shelby and Cindy all in the same suite, I wonder how long it would take Cally to find out" I said as she laughed. "And I don't wanna cause trouble, well anymore trouble, with you and Cally."

"Yeh and with the way things are going, I need a friend right now" Bre said as she stood and offered her hand to me and pulled me up to. "So if Cally has a problem with me and you being friends then I don't know what to tell her."

"Yeh and I know how bad it sucks to get dumped for another girl" I said. "Even if I'm not really a member of the Mintz anymore I still think a lot of Cally."

"You really feel like that?" She asked as she picked up the blanket and I collected the few things we had taken out of the cooler.

"Yeh I do, Cindy hates me, Maxie is scared of me" I said. "Chloe and Molly now both hate me no doubt and of course Mindy does. My only real friend is Laney and now she's probably not my biggest fan either."

"That last one would be my fault" Bre said.

"No it's not" I said as I stopped her from walking off. "I wanted to hang out with you tonight, see the light show, me and Laney aren't involved or even that close. She really just got here and attached herself to me. She's cool..."

"I'm cold, can we go?"

"Where we going?" I asked as she walked off with my blanket. Me grabbing the cooler and following after her as we took a short cut through the shrubbery behind the building. "Hey, wait up. Answer my question."

"You're walking me home" She said with a noticably flirty smile. "And there's nothing wrong with that."

"True" I said as I fell in step beside her. We reached her dorm and a moment later her floor as we both spotted Molly and Chloe coming down the hall. Both of them giving us a bizarre look as if to say 'what the hell are they doing together?'.

"What?" Bre asked Molly as she came down the hall, giving me an evil stare. Bre opened the door to her room and dumped the blanket just inside the door and took the cooler from me and put it inside too.

"Look I know what's gonna happen and I don't wanna fight" I said as Chloe got in front of Molly. "Molly I'm sorry for hitting you."

"Mindy explained what happened, it's not that big of a deal" Molly said and I can honestly say I never in my life expected her to say that.

"See, no one says anything mean or hurtful" Chloe said. "No one."

"That's cool" I said.

"What are you two doing together?" Molly asked.

"We watched the light show and she walked me home" Bre said. "You got a problem with that?"

"No, but I bet Cally would" Molly said and I just knew this was gonna go bad any second.

"Yeh, Cally and me ain't all that anymore" Bre said, "She's only about one thing, sex, just like you."

"Like me? Bre what's wrong?" Molly asked as she moved in front of Chloe and found her hand pushed away when she attempted to touch Bre's hand. Me glancing down the hall and to my disbelief, who appears in the hallway but Courtney and Mindy. Wrestling as they fell against the wall on the other side of the hallway. Drawing Bre's attention away from Molly as she glared at Courtney. Who looked up and froze as she saw her. "Chill, Bre, she's changed, no reason to start anything."

"What? She's changed?" Bre asked.

"Yeh she's actually pretty cool, we've got the same class and we hang out sometime" Chloe said as Bre's face showed her anger, seemingly getting close to losing it in that moment.

"Fuck you red, and you too Molly Harris, FUCK YOU" Bre said, prompting me to do the only thing I knew to do. Grab her around the waist to keep her from fighting, which it looked like she was ready to do. "She terrorized me for a fuckin year and I am not just gonna forgive her."

"Ok, OK I get it" Molly said as she held her hands up to try and calm the situation. Bre glared at her as I pulled her back into my arms and away from Molly. "We can talk about this later, you look tired. Dakota she'll be ok you can can head on back."

"Screw you Molly Harris, I asked her to spend the night with me" Bre said, which was news to me. "Cally and you both just want sex, neither one of you wanna have anything to do with me when I'm not fucking you."

"Huh?" Molly asked in shock, as was I at that moment. "Bre what's wrong?"

"Nothing that you can help me with, cause you chose this slut over me" Bre fired back as tears streamed down her face. "Now will you please just fuck off and let me spend some time with someone who likes me for more than sex."

"You listen to me..." Molly said before Chloe moved in front of her. Playing the role that Chloe is known for, the peacemaker, girl has a talent for it too. "What? She don't call you those names..."

"She's hurting over something" Chloe said calmly as Bre turned to me and asked, "You leaving me like everyone else?"

"" I asked in more of a question. I'll have to admit that I had never been this confused in my life. What exactly had I walked into with just a simple invite to watch the stars. Bre smiled and took my hand and pulled me into her room and before Molly or Chloe could say anything extra she slammed the door violently and broke down crying. Sitting down on the edge of the bed and crying into her hands like I'd never seen anyone cry. "Bre, I don't know what to do and I'm not leaving you like this. So don't even ask."

"A good nights sleep is all I need" She said as she stood and walked over to the dresser by me. Looking to me with pleading eyes and asking, "Hang out with me tonight? Give me somebody to talk to?"

"Sure" I said as she smiled and hugged me. "We're not doing anything wrong, right?"

"Not yet" Bre said as she looked me directly in the eye as my whole body went numb. "Where you planning to get some tonight?"

"UMMMMMMM....UMMMMMMMMM" I stammered as she laughed and I knew then she was yanking my chain. I blushed and covered my face as she laughed. The room getting quiet a moment later as I looked up and saw Bre still grinning victoriously. "Not like you'd do anything anyway."

"Ohmigod that was mean" She said as she smacked my arm. "You don't know how hard it was for me...that is not..."

"Licky licky Bre" I said, "I bet I could turn you into a pussy lover in no time."

"OK, OK, you got me back" She said with her hands in the air. "Enough talk about that?"

"OK...field hockey?" I asked as I spotted her stick in the corner.

"Huh?" She asked as she looked to where I was pointing. "Oh yeah."

"You play?" I asked as she grinned and said, "Yeh, I did, but I quit a few weeks ago."

"Why?" I asked.

"I was always sore and Cally convinced me it wasn't worth it" She said as I moved past her and picked up the stick. She took a seat on the bed and watched me goof with her stick for a moment before she went on, "Besides no one ever comes to root me on or whatever. It just wasn't much fun anymore."

"I'd kill to be able to play again" I said as she laid back on the bed and watched me.

"You played?"

"Yeh, for four years, back home in Pittsburgh" I said. "Knee injury ended my hopes of playing anymore."

"I'm sorry" She said as I showed her the scars on my knee from the surgery. "Must have been bad."

"Torn Acl, mcl, abc and cbs" I said with a smirk.

"ACL, MCL...ABC?" She repeated to herself and figured it out finally and blushed as I laughed. "Go home. I mean it go home now."

"No" I said with a playful smile as I sat down by her on the bed. "What position?"

"Forward, starter, frontline" She said proudly. "You?"

"Fullback mostly" I said. "But I played goalie too, not as hard on the knees I know that."

"You know the team is looking for a good goalie, Christina Slater is the one now and she's scared of the ball I think" She said. "I'll bet Coach Plotkowski would make you a starter."

"Yeh right I bet" I said as she shrugged and yawned. "So...sleeping?"

"Blow up mattress in the bottom drawer ok?" She asked as she pointed to the dresser. "That way no one can say...oh god...Molly..."

"What about her?"

"She's gonna tell Cally what I said, I have such a big mouth" Bre said. "I'm cheating on my girlfriend without even cheating on her."

"Well let's change that Bre" I said as I pulled her up and into my arms. Her giving me a shocked look as I laughed and we started to wrestle once again. By the way I did sleep on that air mattress later, which only helped in the sense that I could honestly say that Bre and me didn't do anything. Not that that little nugget of info would do anyone any good in the days that followed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

So I felt horrible about the way I treated Bre earlier, but she sorta did me the same way. God this thing is just so screwed up and out of control I got a funny feeling that it's already over and that scares me. It does. But being the spoiled rich brat that I am, and not knowing exactly what to do, I laid there on my bed and looked through my picture albums and cried for an hour or so. Wishing I could fix things with Bre, see my sister again, and go back and try and fix things with my best friend, Alisha. But none of that was possible really. Except for the thing with Bre, I rolled off the bed and wiped the tears from my eyes and was determined to go and fix things with her, even if it meant walking all the way across campus. My heart jumping in hopes as my phone began to ring. I ran to the phone and glanced at the caller I.D. noticing the number was not local, but matched partially my old number back home in Nebraska, Omaha that is. "405, 444?"

"Hello?" I asked as I nervously picked up the phone. Knowing it wasn't my dad who had long since left Omaha behind. Nor my Mom whom I hadn't heard from in years since she ran off with the gardner (I'm serious!). "Hello? Anyone there?"

"Cally Oliver please?" The Female Voice asked and I swear I knew who it was but for some reason couldn't put my finger on exactly why. "Is this her?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"Guess" She said with a giggle. Ohmigod I know that giggle.

"Just tell me, this is weird" I said and almost hoping it wasn't who I was thinking.

"Alisha Swain, your homophobe former best friend?" She asked as my heart nearly stopped. Her rushing on before I could manage a word in response to her opening line. "Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted before you left Omaha, I was stupid and now that I've had some time to take stock in my life I realize that you being gay is not even on my list of important things. But life has sucked without you, my Mom hates me now and my Dad is threatening...well I just wanna say I'm sorry for making you feel like that."

"It's ok" I said in shock as I sat down in the chair behind me. "Is this really Alisha?"

"It is" She said as I smiled. "And boy have I got a surprise for you..."