Scent of a Girl - Episode 31 "MMMMMMMMMM You're Like Honey"

Written by: TVM (



"And boy have I got a surprise for you..." She said and following it with a giggle. "Wanna hear it?"

"Not if it's something bad" I said and in that moment feeling a bit vengeful for the way she had treated me in the days and months after I told her I thought I was gay or at least that I liked girls. "Are you sure this is Alisha Ann Swain?"

"Yes it is" She said, "Do you wanna hear my news or not?"

"OK" I said simply.

"I'm coming to Thief River Falls" She said as my jaw dropped open in shock. "My parents got a job in some Embassy in the far east and they're sticking me in a boarding school. So I begged them to let me pick the school. Guess which one I chose?"

"Mintzler Preparatory Academy for Boys?" I asked as she laughed out loud, making me smile. I always loved her laugh.

"MMMMMMM baby I sooo wish" She said, "That does bring up a good question, are you seriously only gay or are you like still checking out guys too?"

"I like guys some, the nice ones" I said. "But girls, I prefer them."

"So did you ever check me out?"

"Lisha, stop, you're gonna make me say something that will make you feel weird" I said.

"I've changed and with it my perspective on the world has too" She said. "And let's face it, you've seen me naked a few times. So hot or not?"

"Seeing you like that kinda help me figure out that I did like girls" I said. "Now what do you think?"

"So did you like me for more than just my incredible body?" She asked in a sultry tone that just left me wanting to hear more of that.

"OK, yeh I did" I said. "Why?"

"Cause when I hit town..." She said and pausing for a moment, "...think we could explore that a little? I'm not promising anything, but I'm open to new things, hint hint."

"UMMMMMMMMM...." I stammered in disbelieve of all that had just been said.

"Fuck, Cally I gotta run, my dad's bitching about me not being packed" She said. "Anyway you can meet me at the bus stop on Sunday?"

"Of course" I said, my brain now flying on auto pilot.

"I'll call and give you my 411 as soon as I know"

"OK, bye" I said as I hung up the phone. OH damn, this is not gonna be good for me and Bre.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey you knocking down that homework?" Sarah asked as she looked over my shoulder. Me looking up and smiling. "You bought done huh?"

"Math to go" I said. "Maybe if you kiss me it'll go a lot quicker."

"You used that line once before Tay" Sarah said as I stood, now in front of her.

"And as I remember, later that night..." I said as I leaned forward and kissed her cheek before going on. " slipped me the tongue."

"Well you did keep your end of the deal" Sarah said as she grinned and kissed me softly. "Now how about finishing your homework? No stalling. Please?"

"You got it" I said with a smile as I kissed her and grinned. She blushed and walked off as I returned to my homework. I seriously hate math, it's not like it's my worst subject, but it just takes longer than any of the others to do. Thankfully, I finished just as the ringing of the bell on the front door signaling someone was coming in. Making me look back up. Course once I laid eyes on the girl in the door, I swear it was someone I knew all too well. She smiled nervously at Sarah and followed her past Mel, who was groping her with his eyes, and to the table directly in front of me. Me being the clueless blond that I can be at times, was literally staring a whole through the poor girl. Sarah took her order and disappeared back into the kitchen.

"Can I help you?" She asked after a moment or two more of my gawking. I snapped my head away and blushed a deep crimson. "Hello?"

"Sorry, I'm not a stalker I just play one in this story" I said with a grin and to my relief she laughed. "Maxie."

"Holly, and you were stalking me with your eyes, why?" She asked.

"Honestly you remind me of someone" I said. "Someones who really hot, but they hate me."

"Hot?" She asked.

"Oops...ummmmm let's pretend I didn't say that?" I asked as she rose from her original seat and joined me at my table. Sliding into the other side of the booth. "UMMMMMM..."

"No, let's not pretend" She said, "And I'm assuming this someone I remind you of is not a male. Right?"

"No it's not" I said, "And you look just like her."

"But she hates you?" She asked.

"Mmmmm-hmmmmmm" I said. "She's with ex-girlfriend, and for good reason, see I hit my ex a few times and it's a long story."

"Weird, my sister, has a new girlfriend who went through the same thing" She said. "Small world."

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Yeh I don't know a lot about it, but it sounds the same" She said. "This Chloe girl was like hit by her ex and she hooked up with my sister right after that."

"Did you say Chloe?" I asked as the numbness sorta washed over me. "Molly Harris?"

"My sister" She said. "I'm Holly"

"I'm the ex"

"Whoa, small world huh?" She asked as we both laughed nervously. "You seriously Chloe's ex?"

"Yep, she's happy now though with Molly" I said. "At least I hope so."

"They are trust me, so in love it makes me sick" Holly said as I laughed. "Molly moons over that girl every minute. I couldn't deal with that."

"Not so bad, I learned that" I said. "So girls or guys for you?"

"Both" She said simply. "I like girls but guys are more my thing."

"Not me" I said. "Guys are not even on my list of things to try."

"You're what? How old I mean?"


"Yeh same as Molly and I'm pretty sure she feels the same as you do" Holly said. "Not that I blame her, after the example I set no wonder she's so in love with Chloe."

"Bad sister?" I asked.

"Treated her like shit..." Holly said as the bell again sounded over the front door, signaling the entrance of Megan. Holly looked back and I saw her flinch and rise out of the booth, seemingly shocked to her core. Megan smiling for a moment as she saw me and then Holly and freezing in her tracks. Dropping her purse and backing away slowly. Eddie coming in right behind her, stopped her from sprinting out the door it looked. "Megan?"

"Meg what's wrong?" Eddie asked as I got to my feet and headed to the front trailing Holly closely. Megan looking up at Eddie with a scared to death look in her eyes as he again stopped her from running out the door.

"Megan?" Holly asked in what I had to believe was shock. "What are you doing here?"

"She works here" Eddie said as he spied Holly. "Why who has a problem with it?"

"Eddie, she's my friend, I mean she used to be my friend before I screwed her over" Megan said. "She's got a right to wanna hurt me."

"No one is getting hurt and I wanna make that clear" Eddie said with a finger point to Holly. "Do you understand me young lady?"

"Yeh OK, no trouble" Holly said. "But what are you doing here Meg? You trying to cause trouble with Molly I bet."

"No she's not, she asked me not to tell Molly she was in town" I said. "She's staying with my girlfriend."

"Sarah, that's her girlfriend, she's letting me bum a sack" Megan said. "You know what I mean."

"Yeh, you're playing her for some reason" Holly said accusingly. "What's she got you want?"

"Nothing, she's being nice to me and so is Maxie and Eddie and especially Darlene" Megan said in a soft voice. "I don't want nothing from her."

"What's going on?" Sarah asked as she came out of the kitchen.

"That's Sarah" Megan said as she pointed to her. "Will you please tell her that I ain't asked you for nothing?"

"That's right" Sarah said as she eyed Holly. "Who says she has?"

"This is Holly, an old friend of mine" Megan said as Sarah smiled.

"Nice to meet you, I hope"

"I'm just in shock" Holly said. "I seriously didn't come in here looking for trouble."

"Hey guys it's cool, Holly's only violent when you try to hurt her" Megan said. "I think we're cool?"

"You beat the living hell out of your mom, not that I blame you" Holly said as my lip dropped open. "And then you run in the middle of the night. Is there anyone in this world you care about?"

"Molly" Megan shot back and even though I had just met this Holly girl I could tell that she had more than 'friendship' feelings for mine and Sarah's new friend. "My babygirl and you couldn't handle it."

"You lied to me and made me almost destroy my relationship with her defending you" Holly said as I moved in front of her.

"Almost destroyed? You treated her like shit for 14 years, don't blame me cause she hates you" Megan replied. "I tried to be good to her, and ok I screwed it up, but you never tried you just want people to think you did."

"I saw her and you're right" Holly said as she looked down. "She does hate me, or as close to it as you can get. Doesn't even want me around."

"Yeh and I haven't seen her" Megan said. "I ended up here by some twisted accident. And Eddie was nice enough to give me a chance."

"She's a good waitress too" Eddie said with a smirk. "Best one in the place."

"Eddie Castle you know I can still quit" Sarah said as a nervous laughter filled the room.

"If she does can I have her job?" Holly asked as I laughed out loud. "I'm kinda looking for a job and a place to stay."

"Go home then" Megan said with a challenging smile towards Holly.

"Wanna know the truth?" Holly asked as Megan nodded and moved next to me. "It's lonely. You're gone and Molly's happy here, so nothing keeping me home."

"What about Mr. Furball?" Megan asked with a smile. "You loved that cat, even if you said you didn't."

"Adopted by the neighbors little girl" Holly said. "He's happy too. He's got a family again."

"You looking for a place to stay?" Sarah asked.

"Place to rent" Holly said. "I have some money just no one wants to rent to an 18 year old girl it seems."

"My landlord will" Sarah said. "Right Eddie?"

"I'm sure Ms. Whitaker would be happy to add another tenant to her building" Eddie commented.

"The street level two doors down is empty right?" Megan asked. "Those cute guys just moved out. Gay as fuck but holla cute."

"Lesbo" Holly said as Megan flipped her off with a smile.

"Can I hug you without getting punched?"

"Won't hit you, I missed you" Holly said as Megan smiled and practically jumped into her arms as she hugged her around the neck. Holly smiling as she hugged her back for a long moment. "Please don't do me that way again."

"Boy have I got a story to tell Molly" I said as everyone looked at me in shock as I grinned and backed up a few feet and pulled a still shocked Sarah in front of me and hugged her. "She's not gonna believe this."

"Max, nooo, you promised" Megan said with a finger point. "You are not funny."

"I think I am" I giggled as Sarah and Eddie laughed along. "See Dad thinks it's funny."

"You tell'em daughter" Eddie said with a smile as he walked by and headed into the kitchen.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Courtney is such a pain in the butt, last night she tells me to give her some time to work on some stuff online and I do. Playing Xbox with Molly until she ran me off to go to bed. Of course by then 'Miss New Girlfriend of Mine' is offically out cold with her door locked. Forcing me to spend the night in my bed. Which I hate, as you know, but hey I'm a lot more mature than I was when you first met me. So I turned on the tv and laid there till 2 in the morning and jumped at every crack and sound of the night. Somehow managing to get to sleep and after I finally relaxed it wasn't too bad. Kinda nice not having to adjust every few minutes for somone else. I had the whole bed to myself for once. My shoulder even stopped hurting and wasn't even when I woke up this morning. It was a nice morning too. Beautiful clear sky, sunlight, birds chirping. I rolled out of bed and of course who do I run into on the way to the bathroom? Punky of course.

"Hey morning Punky" I said with a smile as I stopped behind her in the hallway. Clean clothes in my arms, just like her, and headed for the shower.

"Morning Scooby" She said with a grin as I blushed at the mention of her pet name for me. "You up early."

"That big dork Courtney made me spend the night by myself" I said as Molly laughed. "Hold me?"

"Go away" Molly said as we both laughed. "You gonna get me in trouble."

"A good trouble?" I fired back.

"Body shaking" She said as we exchanged horny grins. "Now I'm going for a coming?"

"Do my back?" I asked with a grin and loved seeing Molly blush.

"No" She said with a finger point. "Best friends don't do that."

"That means I'm your best friend too?" I asked as Molly smiled and nodded simply. "Cool."

"Yeh it is" She said as we both turned and headed to the showers.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Morning!" I said as Bre rolled over on the bed and smiled down at me for a long moment.

"And what are you still doing here?" She asked with a playful smile as she flipped my air into my face and we started to wrestle again. Her laughing as I tried to keep her hand out of my face. Soon her second hand joining her first as we struggled against the other and the room became filled with laughter. Then it happened, I tried to pull myself up on the mattress when I accidently grabbed onto Bre's shirt and pulled at it as she screamed and tumbled off the mattress and down onto me. Both of us laughing and looking at each other for a moment as the wrestling match paused for a moment. A huge shot gun like sound exploding a moment later as the air mattress now under both of us gave way. The air gushing out as we sunk to the floor and both laughed till our sides hurt as she laid on top of me. "Dakota blowed up my blow up."

"I' that was funny" I said in a fit of giggles as Bre rolled off and laid down beside me on the floor. "Bre, I'll buy you another if I can get the money."

"Not even" She said. "I fell on you."

"Yeh but I pulled you off the bed"

"Not like I minded" She said as we both laughed. "Just means you won't be spending anymore nights on my blow up mattress."

"Yeh same bed next time huh?" I asked as she smiled and stuck out her tongue as we both laughed. "We still friends?"

"Uh huh" She said as she rolled over and smiled. "Been doing some serious thinking too."


"I'm gonna talk to Coach Plotkowski and see if she'll put me back on the team" She said as I grinned.

"Go for it, I'll come to your games" I said as she smiled proudly.

"You interested in a comeback?"

"I wish, but Doctor Vargo said I'd need a major knee brace if I wanted too" I said. "And the one I got just hurts my knee more than it helps."

"Be cool to have a girl on the team I could be friends with" She said.

"I'm coming to your games seriously" I said. "Everyone of them, and I'm gonna be embarrassing with my support. Signs, banners, maybe even a blimp."

"Oh yeah sure, and what would the blimp say?" She asked with a smirk.

"Who cut the Bre" I said as she looked at me in confusion. "Don't get it?"


"There's a type of cheese called Bre, spelled differently" I said as she groaned. "Not a good joke, sorry."

"I don't make fun of your name" She said softly and tried to hide a smile.

"I'm sorry" I said softly. "Lame joke, forgive me? No more cheese humor."

"Good, by the way, I've always wondered are you really indian, native american?" She asked as I nodded.

"Yeh, my mom is a full blooded Santee Sioux Indian" I said as she grinned. "My dad's white."

"Cool" She said as I smiled. "So I could Sioux you?"

"That was good" I said as I laughed. "Sioux me."

"The name Dakota is indian too?" She asked as I got my giggles under control and I nodded.

"The name of my ancestors" I said. "The tribe, I think they call it a tribe, anyway, they're called Santee or Dakota and Mom named me in honor of them."

"So do you have an indian name?"

"Uh huh, Dakota is an indian name, it means friend or ally" I said as she smiled.

"After last night I think you are a friend" She said as we both smiled.

"Yeh and you don't feel sorry for me" I said. "You just wanted someone to hang out with."

"And to watch the light show, which was awesome" She said.

"It was" I said, "So tell me about Bre, anything interested?"

"My Mom is out of her mind with guilt over sending me here" Bre said as I laughed. "I get pretty much anything I want from her. But I tend to play the shy poor girl act so I can just fly under the radar."

"So Mommy's got money?"

"Lots of it" She said as we laughed. "But it's not mine and I don't like what it does to people."

"Is she looking to adopt?" I asked as Bre laughed. "Maybe she could buy me a new knee brace."

"Oh shit..." Bre said as she jumped to her knees and looked down at me now with a shocked look on her face. "If I could work it out so you could get your knee brace, would you play? Seriously?"

"If you did that for me I'd fall in love with you" I said as she smiled from ear to ear and blushed.

"Serious, no cute comments" She said. "I'll bet I could with a few a tears or so."

"I'll do it for you" I said as she gave me a 'sure you will' look.

"You just made a committment" Bre said as she pointed at me. "Promise me if I can you will."

"I promise you" I said as I sat up. "If you can work it out, and coach Plowkey let's me on the team I'm there."

"It's Plotkowski" She said, "It's not funny, she gets enough crap for being from Poland."

"Gotcha" I said as Bre smiled. "UMMMMM...girlfriend, you."

"Yeh?" She asked in a confusion.

"Cally's not gonna like this" I said. "I caused trouble even when I'm trying not to."

"Maybe she will, but you remember it was me who invited you, I needed you last night" Bre said as I smiled. "Besides if you get caught out at that time you'd get in trouble."

"Excuses" I said as she blushed. "You probably thought I was gonna come on to you."

"With the way things have been going with me and Cally, might not be so bad" She said as I bit my lip. "I just wish we could fix us. This isn't gonna make things any better."

"I'm sorry, I really am" I said as I sat up directly in front of her. "I know how it feels to have your heart broke by someone, and I'd never wanna make someone else feel that way on purpose."

"Mindy is stupid for dumping you for Courtney" Bre said as I smiled. "She must be doing drugs or something."

"If you were looking to get laid you just convinced me" I said with a smirk as Bre laughed.

"Keep talking about how much you hate Courtney and I will"

"She's a bitch and a girlfriend stealing whore" I said as I got on my knees and gave her a challenging smile. "And truth be told?"


"You got every right to hate her" I said as Bre smiled. Both of us standing as she hugged me. "So if it's not gonna cause trouble between you and Cally can we hang out sometime?"

"You're coming to my games remember?" She asked as I nodded and smiled. "Mind if I walk with you back over to your dorm, I'm headed to see Cally anyway."

"Sure" I said as I grabbed my cooler and blanket and opened the door. "I'll wait outside so you can get dressed."

"Dakota?" Chloe asked as I closed the door and turned to see her coming down the hall.

"Hey" I said as I sat both the cooler and blanket down.

"You and Bre seriously spent the night together?" Chloe asked.

"Yeh, but not like that" I said. "I slept on the floor. On her air mattress, well...what used to be her air mattress it sorta got blowed all up."

"Sounds like you had a good time" Chloe said and no doubt seeing the goofy looking smile that spread across my face as I replayed the scene in my mind from earlier. "I just hope you don't like her for more than a friend."


"She has a girlfriend, your friend, Cally?" Chloe asked.

"You think I would do that?" I asked, "I was just dumped by my girlfriend for a stupid whore, and you think I want someone else to go through that?"

"Noo, look I know how you feel about her, but can you just please not call her names?" Chloe asked.

"Why not?" I asked, "Mindy was my world and THAT BITCH TOOK HER AWAY."

"Dakota no she didn't" Chloe said softly. "Mindy didn't...she just not that bad and if you'd give her a..."

"What's going on, I heard screaming" Bre said nervously as she came to the door. "Dakota what's wrong?"

"The girl who I thought was my best friend is now in Courtney's fan club" I spat as I glared at Chloe.

"No I'm really not, I want peace" Chloe said.

"And I want someone to be on my side and see what that...girl did to me and Mindy" I said as frustration shot through my body.

"I do, I am" Chloe said. "Dakota I'm still your best friend..."

"No your not" Bre said as she moved in front of me. Looking at me she said, "I am on your side, I hate her too. Everything you said she did."

"Yeh..." I said as Bre smiled and I returned it. "God your beautiful."

"Huh?" She asked as I covered my mouth and almost hoped she didn't hear me say that.

"She is not on your side" Chloe said from behind Bre. "What's up with you Bre, you got a girlfriend and you spend the night with her?"

"I already explained" I said to Bre. "Me on the air mattress and you on the bed."

"You mean what used to be my air mattress" Bre said without ever looking at Chloe as we both started to laugh.

"Boom" I said as we laughed harder.

"Answer me" Chloe demanded.

"Fuck you Molly's new slut" Bre fired back as she turned to Chloe. The corner of my eyes catching the site of Mindy and Molly coming out of the bathroom and down the hall towards us. "You wanna know what I was doing with Dakota? I fucked her. And she fucked me, call and tell your best friend Cally that."

"Ohmigod, you're serious..." Chloe said in shock as Molly and Mindy stopped by us, listening in shock.

"Bre why did you tell her that?" I asked in a panic.

"You two slept together?" Molly asked as Mindy's eyes met mine.

"What?" I asked and found my throat close up and forced me to gasp for air for a second.

"So much for me being the cheating whore huh Dakota?" Mindy asked. "Now we're playing the same game."

"No, we are not..." I said in frustration as Mindy turned and walked off towards what was now her room.

"And you..." Bre said, cutting me off as she glared at Molly. "I hate you for making me feel like this, you fucked me and dumped me in a heart beat for that whore."

"Bre you know it wasn't like that" Molly said with hurt in her eyes. "What's up? You and me are friends..."

"You made me feel like I was missing out on something incredible" She said as tears came to her eyes and began to stream down her face. All thoughts of my previous frustration over her lies about us sleeping together leaving me as I grabbed her from behind and hugged her. Feeling her whole body shaking as she cried now in sobs. "The least you could have done was give me a chance to decide if you were what I wanted."

"You said you were into someone else" Molly said.

"And you seduced me and made me fall under your spell" Bre said as Molly's mouth opened in shock. "You don't know what that night meant to me."

"I guess not" Molly said as Bre broke free from my arms and moved in front of Molly and seemed to be on the verge of either fighting or kissing her. She did the second one, and no I'm not making it up. She kissed her on the lips, softly and gently AND touched Molly's face and willed the girl to kiss her back and for a brief moment Molly gave in and did. The look of shock on Chloe's face was priceless and not in a good way. Molly pushed Bre away roughly and into me as I caught her and kept her from falling. "WHAT THE HELL?"

"Please give me another chance" Bre said and I literally couldn't believe what I had just heard her ask.

"A second chance?" Molly asked in shock, "Are you crazy or something? You ran off to chase Cally's ass that morning and left me you red headed blond. Don't you dare blame me for this. I only did what you wanted too that night and now I'm in love with Chloe...bitch you wanna get hurt, you mess with thaT AGAIN."

"You got your answer, let's go" I said softly into Bre's ear as she looked back at me finally and half-smiled as she let me pull her away from the verbal carnage and down the hall. Down the stairs at the end of the hall (leaving my cooler and blanket behind too) and out of the side doors. She stopped around the back of the building and just started to cry again. Slumping against the building and crying into her hands. I quietly took a seat on the bench beside her. She remained silent for a long time as my mind reeled at what a simple invite to go star watching had morphed into. Cally was now gonna think I was screwing her girlfriend. Ohmigod. And now Mindy thinks the same thing. Why did she have to tell them? I was about to ask that very question again and really getting pissed off when she joined me on the bench and leaned against me and laid her head on my shoulder. "UMMMMMMM..."

"I'm sorry..." She said simply. "...Chloe just made me so mad over that crap with Courtney and you. She knows what Mindy did and she takes her side. I just wanted to put her in her place. I'll go back in and set the record straight."

"Not even" I said, stealing a line that Mindy used many times in our relationship. My mind coming to realize that Bre was also right, that she was defending me in a way when that nasty little lie did slip out. She did have a damn good right to hate that whore Courtney and so do I, am I right? "I wouldn't give Chloe the satisfaction of knowing we didn't. She took Courtney's side over mine. I dunno."

"I saw that" Bre said as she hugged my arm. "I sorta lost it after that, I didn't wanna hurt Molly and Chloe, it was just me losing it. God Cally is not gonna like this. I'm so screwed."

"By me, last night" I said with a horny grin as Bre started laughing through her tears. "So tell me Bre was I good?"

"MMMMMMMMM sooooooo good" Bre said with a gorgeous smile. "Was I good?"

"Amazing" I said as we both laughed. Neither of us hearing the crunching of gravel under a set of tennis shoes as someone came across the courtyard and towards us. "Bre like pussy now huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM you're like honey" She said as I blushed and rolled my eyes. "Whole lot better than Cally."

"She's sorta funky down there huh?" I asked as her mouth dropped open in shock and I jumped up and backed away as she jumped up to chase me when I slammed into someone. Turning, my heart almost stopped as I saw Cally standing there with rage in her eyes.

"You fucked Bre?" She asked in a cold serious 'I'm gonna kick your ass' tone. "Huh?"

"No, we were joking is all" I said. "She told Chloe that to get her going over some shit, but nothing happened. I just walked her home after the light show and she didn't want me to get in trouble so she let me spend the night..."

"You left me to be with her last night?" Cally asked as she zeroed in on Bre.

"You didn't wanna go, so I took Dakota up on her invite" Bre said. "You said it was stupid."

"You didn't fuck her huh?" Cally asked as she moved in front of Bre. Her fists clinched at her side. "Tell me to my face."

"Cally, no" Bre said calmly. "She spent the night on the air mattress and I slept in my own bed. Nothing happened."

"Bull shit I heard you two giggling and talking about last night" Cally said, "You'll fuck her but you won't me huh Bre? Is that what it was? You wanted her all along?"

"Nooo" Bre said as she started to cry again. "Please don't do this to me, Cally it's a misunderstanding, I swear. Nothing happened."

"Yeh, Cally, come on, she's right" I said as I attempted to get in between them. "Chill."

"You psycho bitch, you deserve this" Cally said as she fired a hard right hand into my stomach and doubled me over and into the grass below. Then doing something I had never known Cally to do, she spit on me. "That's for my girl Molly, and Mindy you stupid...whore."

"STOP!" Bre screamed as Cally dropped to her knees and punched me again even harder. Her fist slamming into my temple as I slumped back into the grass and groaned as I cried and covered up. Another punch hit the back of my hands as I prayed she would stop. But as quick as it began it was over as I heard a crashing sound and looked up to see Cally being tackled to the grass by Bre. Somehow she ended up on top of Cally and begged her to stop, "Stop, please, stop we can fix this, Cally you're gonna really hurt her."

"YOU CHEATED ONE ME" Cally screamed as she grunted and pushed Bre off her into the grass with a thud. I rolled over and came face to face with a tree limb that had been broken off as Cally got up and stalked after her girlfriend in a rage. I have no idea if she would have hit her but what I did next was not my hero moment but was in desperation. I scrambled to my knees and toyed with the idea of using the limb for a moment and then gave up on it as I charged and crashed blindly into Cally just as she grabbed Bre's hair. Sending Cally flying for a moment and crashing to the ground just as Molly came out of the door and looked on in shock. I was honestly scared for my life in that moment. I turned over and was about to run when Bre grabbed my hand and begged me with her eyes to please help her. I pulled her up the best I could and to my surprise she hugged me. I smiled at her as she touched my face. Cally getting to her feet as Molly held her back, bringing me back to reality as I grabbed Bre's hand and we took off running across the courtyard. Not sure where we were headed but knowing staying there would be a major mistake.