Scent of a Girl - Episode 32 "Only on Days That End in Y"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Let me go Molly, let me go after that girlfriend stealing whore" Cally said and realizing she'd have to fight me to get past, she kinda calmed down or so I hoped.

"No and you're gonna tell me what happened" I said with a warning finger point.

"Dakota and Bre are fucking" Cally said as my ears opened at that announcement. I seriously could have sworn earlier in the hallway that Bre had said that just to get under Chloe's skin. And judging by the look on Dakota's face she didn't exactly expect Bre to say that either. "I was coming up the walk when I heard them laughing about it and then both of them tried to deny it."

"So it's not true?"

"Of course it's true, Dakota gets dumped by Mindy for a girl so she figures she can do the same thing and take my girlfriend" Cally said as tears slowly dripped down her face.

"I don't get it, they denied it and they were laughing about it?"

"Yeh, kinda why?" Cally asked.

"Sounds like to me Bre was trying to get under Chloe's skin with that comment about her and Dakota sleeping together" I said as Cally looked at me in confusion. "Earlier we had this huge scene in the hallway and Bre told Chloe that. That's where it started. Mindy believes it, but she's sweet and cute...ummmmm, I mean..."

"You got the hots for Mindy?" Cally asked me as she cut me off.

"Noooo" I said all to fast. "Best friends. That's all. Don't go there."

"Anyway, so what makes you think Bre and Dakota didn't sleep together?" Cally asked.

"Because unless you changed things, Bre only enjoys recieving" I said as Cally started to laugh. Confusing me.

"She did the same thing to me" Cally said. "Apparently she thinks it's a one way street."

"Really?" I asked.

"A few nights ago and we been fighting like bitches ever since" I said. "I even ran out that morning and ended up at a dive downtown named Fast Eddie's, flirting with one of the waitresses even."

"Right" I said.

"I was and her name is Megan, Megan Lansbury" She said as I felt my heart skip a beat, my fingers begin to tingle, my stomach grow into knots and my whole body start to become numb. "Would I know her name if I didn't flirt with her?"

"Bout this tall?" I asked as I held my hand up even with my own head and watched Cally nod. "Brown hair, blue eyes, great body, dirty mind?"

"Yep, how did you know, you been in Fast Eddie's lately?"

"That psycho bitch is my ex-girlfriend" I said as Cally showed her surprise. "Did she say how long she's been in town?"

"A few days, something about Eddie feeling sorry for her and giving her a job but she likes it" Cally said, "And Sarah, Maxie's new hottie is letting her stay with her. I think."

"Why hasn't she come to see me yet, cause I know she's going to" I wondered aloud.

"You looking to get her back..."

"Noooo, I will hurt her ass if she tries to fuck with what I got going with Chloe" I said. "Bre learned that earlier when she kissed me and...oh boy."

"" Cally asked as the smile left her face and she took a deep breath and fought back the urge to cry.

"FUCK!" Cally screamed in frustration. "I knew she still wanted you."

"I guess I don't know..."

"That first day, you remember on the bench in front of the building?" Cally asked.

"Of course" I said with a flirty smile.

"If I had known what kinda insane shit was gonna go down I'd have begged you to go out with me" She said as I blushed. "It's true, you wouldn't have..."

"Why do you think that?" I asked. "You walked off like a dazed and confused lump not me. You had an opening, but you blew it, not me. When you kissed me I hadn't even met Chloe yet. True facts."

"You are such a good kisser too" Cally said as she stepped closer as I froze for a moment and knew she was smiling only at me in that moment. Cally's hand nervously coming up to meet my cheek for a split second, before Chloe came crashing through the same doors I had just moments ago. Spotting me and smiling as Cally jumped away and looked down. "See ya Molly."

"Cally, wait, STOP!" I screamed as she refused to and took off running across the lawn.

"What happened?" Chloe asked as she joined me and we watched Cally round the corner and disappear.

"The entire world as we know it just changed" I said as Chloe gave me a worried look. "Except for one thing."


"This..." I said as I pressed my lips to her cheek and blew a rasberry. Prompting her to squeal in laughter and jump away. "I love you Chloe Morgan."

"EWWWWWWW" She said as she wiped her cheek and froze as those words came out of my mouth. "You do huh?"

"Yes I do" I said as she smiled and moved in front of me. "You love me?"

"Only on days that end in Y" She said as I laughed. "Clay Walker."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Ohmigod I have never seen her that mad" Bre said as we now sat outside the 'The Mintz Suite'.

"I thought she was gonna kill me" I said as I touched my lip and was surprised to find no swelling at least not yet. "Thanks for knocking her off."

"You too, you could have run I'm pretty sure she wouldn't hurt me" Bre said.

"This is all my fault, I should have just kept my mouth shut yesterday when we saw that poster for the light show" I said.

"You saying you sorry you asked me?" Bre asked as she looked at me.

"Only because of what happened" I said as she seemed to be hurt still. "I like you ok, I did from the first moment we talked in the plaza, if that means anything."

"Are you saying..."

"Pretty much" I said and looking down. A long silence taking over as neither of us knew what to say following that.

"So when you buying me a new blow up mattress" Bre asked finally as I looked up and knew she was trying to change the subject as she had a smile on her face. "Huh?"

"I'm not" I said with a challenging smile.

"Yes you are, you blowed up my blow up" She said as we both started laughing and fell against each other.

"I guess I did huh?" I asked as she nodded her head, still laughing. "That was so funny."

"BOOM!" We screamed in unison and started laughing yet again. The opening of the door to what was now my bedroom. Laney appearing.

"Thank god, you're ok" Laney said with a relieved smile, "Where have you been?"

"I spent the night at Bre's, I walked her home after the light show" I said as Laney took a deep breath as both Bre and I stood.

"You could have called at least" Laney said, "I know you feel like no one else cares about you, but I do and I'm telling you that. Please don't make me worry like that again."

"I didn't even think, I'm sorry..."

"Yeh I figured that" She said, "And I get that you like her I guess, but...forget it."

"Come in?" I asked Bre as Laney turned and walked in before us. Bre took a seat nervously on my bed as I took Laney's hand and stopped her from leaving the room. Asking her a moment later, "Can I talk to you in the bathroom?"

"Yeh" She said as she smiled and followed me into the bathroom. Closing the door behind us as I turned the shower on to hopefully drown out the sound of our voices. "Not a chance Kota. You are not getting me in that shower."

"Nooo, I'm sorry for last night and worrying you" I said as she smiled. "Forgive me?"

"Don't I always?" She asked. "You and me bonded already."

"Yeh we're friends right?" I asked.

"If that's all you wanna be" She said coldly as she turned her back to me. "This Bre really got to you huh?"

"UMMMMMMMM...she had a girlfriend till about ten minutes ago" I said as Laney looked back in confusion. Forcing me to tell the entire story of what had happened this morning. "True story."

"She hit you, I was wondering what happened to your face" Laney said as she turned and hugged me.

"You know the crap I've pulled so far, I deserved it" I said as Laney grinned and replied, "I agree."

"Hey!" I said as she laughed. "You could at least pretend to be in my corner."

"I am" She said softly as she hugged me. "So you out of the Mintz now?"

"As good as" I said as she looked worried.

"What's gonna happen now?" She asked.

"I wish I knew" I said as I hugged her back, a knocking coming at the door leading to the common room. "Yeh?"

"You" Cindy said as she stuck her head in the bathroom and saw me. "Where you been all night?"

"She was with Bre" Laney said. "She got jumped by that Cally girl this morning over it."

"Cally hit you?" Cindy asked. "You been her friend longer than me, what happened? You and Bre?"

"I spent the night with Bre, nothing happened but Cally got the idea that it did" I said. "She hit me, a few times, and then went after Bre."

"She hit Bre?"

"I knocked her down and we ran, me and Bre" I said. "I'm pretty sure she's gonna kill me if she sees me again."

"Are you trying to piss people off?" Cindy snapped. "First you jump Mindy and Molly and now you screwin around with Cally's girl."

"I'm not screwin her" I fired back. "We watched the stars last night and I slept on her floor. And shut up she's in the other room."

"You brought her here?" Cindy asked. "You tell her to leave, I am not getting involved in this."

"Noooo" Laney said, "You listen to me Cindy this is my room too and that Cally girl sounds dangerous, what do you want her to hurt Bre?"

"Cally's not gonna hurt Bre" Cindy said. "I think you're just making it up."

"You don't have to pretend to be my friend Cindy, I know we never got along" I said. "I understand really."

"Correction, I liked you when you treated Mindy good" She said as Laney stepped in between us, "My problems started with you when you lost your fruity peeples over Chloe and had Max scared half to death."

"Yeh and we made up" I said. "Besides you don't like Bre anyway, I think we know that."

"I am trying to be nice Dakota" Cindy said as she glared at me and as much as admitting the truth.

"Ok that's your side of the dorm and this is our side" I said, "If Bre comes over she'll stay in my room. If Max or Laney got a problem I can deal with them myself. The same goes for Cally."

"What's wrong?" Shelby asked as she came into the bathroom. "Cinderella what's wrong?"

"Bre's here" I said.

"She's fucking Cally's slut girlfriend" Cindy said as she turned away from me.

"No I am not" I said in a demanding voice. "Stop saying that. She is not a slut."

"Who hit you?" Shelby asked as she touched my cheek and then my lip.

"Cally beat her up" Laney said as she turned and hugged me.

"Why?" Shelby asked.

"She thinks we did" I said, "Slept together, so does most everyone else now thanks to Bre. But nothing happened at all."

"I don't think she's lying" Laney said as she looked at Shelby. "I'm pretty good at reading people too."

"I'm scared she's gonna really try and hurt Bre" I said. "All over some stupid rumor."

"You better not be lying to me" Shelby said with a finger point. "I'm gonna go and talk to Cally."

"Why?" Cindy asked. "It's between her and Bre."

"You listen to me Ice Princess, if Cally hits Bre and you don't do anything to stop it, you and me gonna fight next" Shelby said as Cindy's anger seemed to dissolve in a matter of moments. "You hear me?"

"But Dakota hit Mindy and Courtney when she found out" Cindy said with pleading eyes.

"And she was wrong, right Dakota?" Shelby asked as she looked at me.

"I said it was stupid, I dunno..." I said and trailing off.

"This is different" Shelby said to Cindy. "Bre and Dakota didn't do anything."

"You don't know that" Cindy said softly. "You don't Shel."

"I believe Dakota" Shelby said as I smiled.

"Right now both of them..." Cindy said before stopping and taking a breath. "...I'm gonna lay down, is that ok?"

"Better than seeing you beat someone up over nothing" Shelby said as Cindy walked off. A knocking coming at the door to my room, I turned opened it and saw Bre grinning.

"You two done with your shower?" Bre asked with a devious smile. Laney blushing as I laughed, "Oh hey Shelby."

"Hey" Shelby said nervously.

"We were not showering together" I said to Bre and hoping to break the tension. "But if you're offering?"

"I already showered" Bre said with a shrug. "Maybe Laney will though."

"Excuse me, could you please leave me out of this?" Laney said and blushing as she left the bathroom past Bre. Shelby laughing as she said, "You're mean to her, but it's funny."

"Seriously two?" Shelby asked as Bre stepped beside of me.

"No, nothing happened with exception of one destroyed blow up mattress" I said as Bre laughed. "Just friends watching the stars out back of the building for a couple of hours and I walked her back to her dorm. She invited me to stay because..."

"Because..." Bre said and cutting me off as she hugged my arm and touching my slightly swollen lip gently. "...I don't want you getting in trouble for me. Like earlier with Cally."

"You and Cally over?" Shelby asked Bre pointedly.

"I have no idea, I'm so confused right now" Bre said as my heart sank a little at that comment but feeling Bre lay her head on my shoulder I knew in my heart that it was over between her and Cally. "I just need some time to think."

"You need to back off Dakota" Shelby said. "Looking at you two I can see why Cally might think what she did."

"My head laying on her shoulder means we're fucking?" Bre fired back. "I am no ones slut and if Dakota wanted me like that...she doesn't. She had her chance last night."

"Bre...god, shut up" I said as she looked back at me. "Nothing happened, nothing even started to."

"You said you liked me" Bre said with a hurt look in her eyes. "Lie?"

"You two got issues" Shelby said as she turned and left the bathroom, soon followed by the closing of the door to the common room. A light knocking coming from what I thought was the bedroom door in mine, Maxie and Laney's room. Laney passing by the bathroom door as she went to answer it. That being erased from my mind as I realized Bre was still waiting for an answer.

"No, no lie" I said to Bre. "But you have a girlfriend. I'm not out to ruin what you and Cally got."

"I know" She said after a long pause. One that was filled with a distant chatter of Laney talking with someone at the bedroom door for a long moment. Bre breaking the tension when she gave me a goofy grin that made me laugh.

"Hey!" Laney said from the doorway as she held up of all things, my knee brace. "Is this yours?"

"Yeh, where did you get that?"

"That Mindy girl just brought it by with a box of your stuff" Laney said. "I don't like her."

"Of course not, you're in love with me" I said as Laney gave me a dirty look and shoved my knee brace into my arms as Bre and I came out of the bathroom.

"This thing looks expensive" Bre said as she looked at the molded fiberglass brace. "So you going out for field hockey?"

"No, the coach would never let me on the team" I said as I sat down on the bed. "Besides, that thing rubs sores on my leg."

"Ace bandage" Bre said. "You wear it under the brace."

"That actually works" Laney offered as she now sat on her bed flipping through some magazine. "Had to wear a brace on my elbow when I was younger and that helped keep it from rubbing."

"How about on Monday we go and see what coach Plotkowski says anyway?" Bre asked. "She might even let me back on the team."

"Well I'm inviting myself this time" Laney said as I smiled at her. "Cause no one else here even likes me."

"Come in" I said as a knock came from the other side of the door leading to the bathroom. Shelby popping her head in and spotting Laney and asking, "Cindy's laying down, so you wanna go ahead and watch that movie we talked about?"

"The one with Robin Williams right?" Laney asked as a smile spread across her face.

"He becomes president" Shelby giggled as Laney jumped up and met her by the door.

"Laney!" I said as she looked back at me.

"You were saying?" I asked as Laney blushed.

"I was wrong" She said as she smiled. "Can I still hang out with you two?"

"I like that idea" Bre said with a smile. "That way Dakota will keep her hands to herself. Unlike last night. Huh...Kota?"

"Ohmigod" Shelby and Laney said in unison as Bre laughed and I glared at her and charged. Her squealing as I tackled her onto the bed and start tickling the piss out of her. She's so much fun to hang out with.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I ran all the way back to my dorm and crashed down onto the bed with a locked door behind me and just laid there crying for the longest time. All afternoon and into the night as it turned out. Waking on Sunday I found I had seriously cried till I couldn't anymore. I wondered to myself what would have happened if I had actually gotten Bre to stand up at the end of the fight when Dakota knocked me down. I am not the type of person to hit the person I love, but I dunno what I would have done. Another thought that stuck in my mind was what if I had made a real attempt to let Bre show me how much fun star watching can be, I might have liked it. Now she's got Dakota in her eyes and I'm out of her heart. The most fucked up thing of all is...well, Dakota is my oldest friend at this school. It was us that became friends first, now she's stabbed me in the back and took my girlfriend away. The ringing of the phone shaking me back to reality.

"What?" I asked in anger as I snatched the phone up.

"You doing ok?" Molly asked from the other end of the line. I smiled and rolled over and sat up.

"Better now" I said as she laughed.

"Stop flirting, you know Bre is the one you want" Molly said.

"No, you are" I said, prompting a long silence on the other end of the phone. "But you're with Chloe, so you're off limits."

"Me too" Molly said softly. "I mean, if you hadn't ran off that first day..."

"I'll always regret that" I said. "Anyway, what's up? We can still be friends?"

"Yeh and I need my wing-man" Molly said as I smiled. "UMMMMMMM...this Megan girl you met, you sure her name is Lansbury?"

"What she told me" I said. "Why?"

"I need you to help me get off campus so I can see her" Molly said. "I'm gonna end it with her once and for all."

"I'm going with you" I said and was thankful that Molly offered no resistance. "Think we could find a couple of minutes to make out?"

"UGH, I'll call you when we decide to go, ok?" Molly said as I laughed.


/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Bye Cally" I said as we hung up. Chloe rolling over and sighing contently as she pulled me onto my back and slipped across my stomach and moving on top of me. "Cally's going with us."

"What was that stuff about if she hadn't ran off that day?" Chloe asked as she leaned down on to her elbows and kissed my lips. Me just then realizing that Chloe honestly had no idea what exactly had happened the first time I had been alone with Cally. Well maybe she knew bits and pieces but not the whole story like she should.

"The first day I was here and I met you and the rest of the group in the hall, I met Cally after" I said as Chloe listened. "She kissed me, several times, and then just walked off like a dumbass when we started to get somewhere. So I was just saying if she hadn't been so weird...maybe things would have been different that day."

"You got feelings for her?" Chloe asked.

"I never got a chance to develope those" I said and kissing her. "She's just going through a lot of stuff with the Bre thing falling apart."

"She is such a screw-up" Chloe said bitterly. "She fucks up everything she touches, no wonder her and Maxie were so close."

"I am so glad I met you instead" I said and wanting Chloe to smile but she didn't.

"So if not me who do you think you'd go after?"

"I'm not answering that" I said firmly. "This feels weird, like you want a reason to be mad at me this morning. I only have one girl in my eyes and that is you. Understand that?"

"Just a question" She said as she rolled off onto the bed and refused to look at me. "So who would it be? Mindy?"

"Is this about the night she fell asleep beside me?" I asked and not hearing a reply I said in a demanding frustrated voice. "Answer me."

"I don't gotta do what you tell me" She fired back. No fear in her eyes as she glared at me. I smiled at that moment, knowing she was truly over Maxie and all the trauma that had caused. This was for some reason our first real fight. I rolled over and touched her face and was surprised when she rolled her head away from my hand. Crawling over her and quickly blowing a rasberry on her cheek as she squealed in laughter, doing it again as she started to wrestle with me on the bed. "Ohmigod get off me I don't want you're old body on me."

"Rolling thunder" I said and watched her freeze and look up at me. "You like that?"

"Now?" She asked with a horny smile.

"Feels good huh?" I asked as she grinned and kissed me.

"Best feeling ever times ten" She said as she touched my cheek and caressed it.

"Mmmmm-hmmmmmmmm" I said, "You crave it huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM" She said with a sexy growl. "All the time."

"Then why you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at you" She said as she looked away. "Not fair to get me in the mood and change the subject."

"And it's not fair for you to be acting like this and won't tell me what's up" I said as I sat up and moved across her stomach.

"Megan's back right?" Chloe asked.

"Not really, she can't see me unless I want her too" I said.

"You can leave campus whenever you want with Holly here" Chloe said.

"I'm gonna tell her it's over and introduce her to you" I said as Chloe kissed me. "I need you to trust me and be by my side on this."

"Only if I get rolling thunder first" Chloe said with a horny smile. "HMMMMMMMMMMM?"

"No fair" I said, "You know I don't like girls that way."

"You know that line got old about 15 chapters ago?" Chloe asked as we laughed. "You love it more than me."

"Still so tight my tongue barely fits in" I said as Chloe grinned and kissed me. "I love you moaning my name."

"And you make me do that so much" Chloe said with a kiss as I grinned. "How about right now?"

"You gotta get me in the mood" I said as she smiled and rolled over on top of me. Whatever comes later can come, right now Chloe is the only thing on my mind. I know that.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Morning Shaekspeare" Courtney said with a bright smile as I opened the door to my dorm room. Me smiling as always. "What happened last night?"

"I watched that movie on Lifetime, the Truth About Jane and fell asleep" I said as Courtney frowned. "And you were busy till late."

"You know you can come crawl in with me right?"

"Uh huh, I don't mind as much spending the night by myself" I said as Courtney smiled and kissed me.

"So cool watching you grow up" Courtney said with a smirk. "Pretty soon you be out of diapers, huh?"

"Just for that I'm not gonna invite you to shower with me" I said as Courtney's lip dropped open. "No undies this time, but you blew that."

"OK, I'm sooo sorry" Courtney said as she put her hands up and we started to wrestle. "Please let me take it back, please?"

"Noooo..." I laughed and suddenly felt Courtney tense up and the fun stopped. Looking back I realized why, Bre was coming down the hall with her jogging suit on. Spotting Courtney and giving her a death look almost.

"I'mma lay back down for a little, ok?" Courtney asked as she kissed my cheek and quickly headed back down the hall, past Bre and back into her room. I nervously turned around and hoped Bre would just pass on by without causing anymore trouble. I mean I know she hates Courtney but, I don't know, when you love someone you don't wanna see people hate them.

"Mindy?" Bre asked from the door.

"UMMMMMMM yeh?" I asked as I turned.

"Can we talk?"

"I love Courtney and if you wanna hate her, it's fine but I don't wanna hear your mouth" I said as Bre took a step back. "I'm sorry, it's just, I don't know the history exactly and I don't want trouble."

"Dakota and me are friends" Bre said. "Not what you heard."

"OK" I said in confusion. "Anything else?"

"I don't want you to think she broke me and Cally up, cause she didn't" Bre said as she now leaned against the door to my room. "Cally and me been having a lot of trouble. I didn't cheat on her though, and especially not with Dakota. She still loves you."

"She does?" I asked, a smile crossing my face that I know Bre had to see. Those old familar feelings coming back again, but weird thing was they felt more distant this time. Fading away kinda. "Wait, you and Cally are over?"

"She beat Dakota up and came after me" Bre said as my heart nearly stopped. "Dakota's ok though."

"Why didn't anyone tell me that yesterday?" I asked. "I was so mean to that Laney girl. God I feel stupid."

"You can always say you're sorry" Bre said. "Trust me Mindy no one is gonna stay mad at you. I barely know you and think you're cool."

"Me? But I'm with Courtney"

"Everyone's makes lousy chooses" Bre said with a smirk as I smiled.

"Think you could ever stop hating her?"

"Some day" Bre said. "Won't be any time soon."

"It was that bad?"

"I cried over it more times than I want to admit" Bre said as I finally started to realize the depth of hurt that existed between her and Courtney. "She was cruel sometimes. Anyway..."

"I'm sorry, I had no idea" I said as Bre smiled.

"Familar feeling huh?" Bre asked with a smirk.

"Hey!" I said in protest as Bre laughed. "You callin me dumb huh?"

"Kidding" Bre said as she held her hands up as I came over to meet her at the door. "Don't beat me up?"

"Not even"

"Besides you're too cute to be mad at" Bre said as I smiled.

"You're way cute too" I said in reply, both of us blushing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Not having the courage to call Bre after what I pulled and being of the mind set that she wouldn't wanna see me anyway, I laid in bed most of the day and kept reliving that moment in front of the Keller-Montgomery dorm with Molly. It was better to think of something that made me feel good I reasoned than something that made me wanna cry. I thought about a lot of the things that me and Felicity (my sister, remember?) did back home and laughed at some of the goofy ones. We were so close it killed me almost when she died. Wanting to get my mind off that, I forced myself to think about Bre again, and truth be told I wanted to call her and see if what...well I just wanted to hear her voice really. But thinking she was no doubt fucking that whore Dakota made me stop every time. Eventually the tears came again and I knew I had blown it for a third time with Bre and this time it was no doubt permanent. Yet again something or in this case someone saved me from a depression with a knoc k at the door. Jumping out of the bed in excitement and not realizing I was only wearing a bra and panties, I practiced my apology over in my head, knowing it was Bre, hoping it was Bre, praying it was Bre.

"Hey" Dakota said nervously as I jerked open the door and saw her standing on the other side. A slightly swollen bottom lip and two bruises on her cheek marking my handiwork. "Don't hit me again, please?"

"What do you want?" I asked with hands on hips.

"The way you're dressed, you" Dakota said as I looked down and blushed at the sight of my body. Turning my hack to Dakota and slipping into the first pair of shorts I could find. I spotted her staring at my thong clad butt with a smile. "Cally you don't even know how hot you are."

"You always thought so" I said with a smirk and sliding on a shirt now. "Again why you here?"

"I didn't sleep with Bre" Dakota said. "I swear on my heart nothing happened."

"Then why did she tell Molly the same thing?"

"Chloe was being a pain about that whore Courtney, the one Mindy left me for?" She asked as I motioned for her to walk in.


"Bre told her that to get under her skin" Dakota said. "It was stupid."

"I heard you two talking about it"

"Laughing" Dakota said as she boldly came over and sat down by me on the bed. "I swear Cal nothing happened, I walked her home the night of the light show and she invited me to stay. I slept on what used to be her blow-up mattress."

"Used to be?" I asked.

"We started wrestling and Bre fell off the bed on me and it kind of exploded under us" Dakota said as I laughed. "It was so funny."

"Bre is clumsy" I said as Dakota agreed.

"Not with your girl, not ever Cally" Dakota said honestly. "And not because you might beat me up. Again. Because you're my girl. You've had my back for so long it's become part of my DNA."

"I'm sorry for hitting you" I said as Dakota smiled and let me touch her face. Me realizing in that moment how beautiful she really is. She let me touch her cheek and caress it with my hand and I swear neither one resisted as we looked at each other for the longest moment. No giggling, no goofy jokes, just two girls with seriously broken hearts looking into the others eyes. I leaned in and I think she did too for a brief moment before she pulled away and gave me a nervous look. "We're both over with the girls in our lives, so what's up??"

"I am I know...but are you?"

"I just tried to kiss another girl, so I might as well be" I said and was about to try that kiss again when she stopped me and slipped away and off the bed, to her feet. "What? You said I was hot..."

"You are, Cal, you are" Dakota said. "And I swear to you, this would so be something I would do if...things were different."

"How different could they be?" I asked and even confusing myself. "No strings attached."

"I like Bre" Dakota said and nearly stopping my heart and bracing for what she no doubt figured was coming. But as soon as the anger started to build I pushed it aside and listened for a change. "I won't do anything to keep you two apart I swear, but I don't wanna do something that would hurt you or her like that. I just really got to know her and...she made me forget Mindy a little."

"So now you telling me you want my girl?"

"Noooo" Dakota said softly. "I told you, I'll back off and let you try and work things out. Honest, you can try, call her."

"Yeh I'm gonna do that..." I said as Dakota half-smiled and both looked as the phone rang. I went to answer it, hoping it was Bre.

"Hey my best friend..."

"Alisha?" I asked in shock as she giggled from the other end of the line.

"This is last minute I know, but can you meet me?"


"Right now?" She asked as the biggest smile spread across my face. "I'm already on campus, got my room, it sucks and now I am dying to see you, please?"

"I'm dying to see you too" I said as the thrill of a lifetime, or so it felt, shot through me. Oh boy.