Scent of a Girl - Episode 33 "WE...ARE...THROUGH"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Hanging up the phone after arranging to meet Alisha in front of the Keller-Montgomery dorm, I walked with Dakota back to Oliver-Staton Hall in virtual silence. I know she wanted to ask me about where I was going, but for some reason she never did. Thankfully. I watched her walk inside before I literally felt the adrenaline rush of a lifetime and took off running across campus in a dead sprint, never once thinking of Bre or Molly or whoever else I might run into, I was so locked in on seeing Alisha I didn't care. Unlike seemingly every other time in my life when I had to wait for something, coming up the walk I slowed, she was already outside sitting on the bench looking around for me. Daylight just fading into night as I stopped to get my breath and watched her. She stood and adjusted her skirt and then her ponytails. Was she trying to get me horny just by looking at her? Well she did.

I emerged from my hiding place behind a tall shrubbery and walked the last few hundred feet or so and trying to remain casual. Having the weirdest feeling that I was being followed in that moment. But Alisha saw me just as my paranoia was taking off and that smile that formed on her face melted any other rational thought from my mind as she stood and hesitated for a moment before she came running towards me.

"Hey" I said as she smiled and tried to keep me from seeing she'd been crying.

"Can I hug you please? I missed you so much and we've got a real chance now to be friends if you will please just forgive me for being a stupid cunt back home and give me a..." She rambled as I nodded my head and hugged me. Her cheek against mine and her arms wrapping around my neck as I wrapped her as tight as I could in my arms. She felt so good I swear it wasn't one bit sexual it just felt sooo incredibly right. Our eyes meeting for the first time as she touched her forehead to mine. "I missed you Cal, so much. So much you wouldn't believe. Omaha sucks without you and it's just screwed up what I did, I'm sorry for acting that way. But in my defense I'd never known a gay person before and it shocked me to my core, honestly. Not that it's even a good excuse. I'm just not a homophobe anymore and I wanna be with you and be your best friend again..."

"Breath" I said softly as she giggled and smiled brightly. "Everything in the just that. Can't change it. I missed you too, just as much or maybe more."

"Good" She said simply.

"So you a lesbian now?" I asked as she blushed bright red and tried to pull away but I grabbed her and held her firm in my arms as she laughed we started to struggle against the other. My lips accidentally brushed against her cheek and she froze and looked at me like she was shocked to her core. I thought she might honestly be rethinking this whole sexuality thing. So me being the total smart ass that I am, did something to play it off as a joke, saying "MMMMMMM Lisha."

"Why don't you aim for my lips next time, you always did suck at doing anything straight" She said with a challenging smile. "Softball? Sex?"

"Bite me" I said as she laughed as I started tickling her. But only for a moment before she flung hair into my face and I closed my eyes and covered them as I turned away.

"You OK?" She asked as I rubbed my eyes and nodded my head. That was when she made her move, she leaned in and kissed me, yes you heard me SHE kissed me. I have no idea why she did it then but she did and it was the best kiss I think...ever. She pulled away and smiled at me, touching my bottom lip as my arms slipped back around her. "UMMMMMMMM you wanted to do that for a long time huh?"

"Yeh, for a long time" I said as her smile brightened. "Can I kiss you if I promise no stupid stuff?"

"Cal we both know you can't do anything without a certain level of stupidity being involved" Alisha said as I pulled her closer and silenced her giggles when I kissed her. She froze for a moment but then to my hearts desire she kissed me back. Her tongue softly and gently meeting mine as we began massaging one against the other in a steady rhythm that felt so incredibly good. Talk about washing away bad memories in a heartbeat. One of her hands sliding into my hair as she kissed me back with a real spirit. That was unlike anything I'd ever felt in my life. Faintly in the back of my head I heard a rustling of leaves and what sounded like footsteps running away but as I started to pull away, Alisha refused and I melted back into her. Which is where I stayed for the better part of that night.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I still can't believe she did that" I repeated to myself for seemingly the four millionth time since last night. Referring to Cally and the mysterious friends kiss in front of the building. She had no idea I was watching I know and now here I am struggling with the decision of what to do, tell Bre or not tell Bre. On one hand if I did she could go crazy on me and call me a liar and never wanna see me again or she could simply take it calmly and not freak out. I'm praying for the second one if I get the courage to tell her. So having successfully avoided her till lunch, I got my tray of what these yahoo's call food and went to snag a cold soda out of the machine. That's when I felt something sharp poking into my back through the fabric of my shirt. Freezing I heard a stifled giggle before the person said in a familiar voice, "Buy me a soda and I don't wanna hear any excuses."

"UMMMMMMM...Laney?" I asked as I heard a groan and the poking stopped as I turned nervously to see Bre giving me a dirty look. "Hi?"

"Laney? You don't even know my voice?"

"Noooo" I said as she blushed. "What am I psychic?"

"Hoping you'd want it to be me" She said as she bit her lip. "After you disappeared all weekend I guess I get the idea."

"Disappeared?" I asked. "I was just hanging out with Laney and Max, no big deal. You didn't call me either."

"You're the one who likes me remember?" She asked with a suddenly cute smile. "Maybe if you made an effort..."

"So you're saying you like me too?" I asked as Bre blushed. "Huh Bre?"

"Buy me a soda and you might find out" She said with a knowing smile.

"Nooo, you have a girlfriend" I said as the smile left Bre's face.

"Don't remind me, just an official break up really"

"Speaking of..." I said and pausing to buy me and her a soda. Her smiling as she took hers. "...I went to see Cally last night."

"Why?" Bre asked in a demanding voice.

"Tell her everything" I said, Bre giving me a confused look. "This is complicated."

"No it's not, you told her what and she did what?" Bre asked. "Tell me damn it."

"Chill Bre, it's me your friend, I'm gonna tell you" I said as she took a deep breath and after a moment of silence we sat down at a table on opposites sides. "I told her we didn't do anything and she seemed to believe it."

"Good, and?"

"She tried to kiss me" I said in almost a whisper.

"You're lying to break us up" Bre said with a hurt as I grabbed her hand and stopped her from getting up.

"I swear to you I'm not" I said as I held on to her hand. Feeling her relax a bit in my grip and simply look away. "I don't know why either."

"She tried or you tried?"

"She did, and I stopped her" I said as Bre looked back at me. The pain in her eyes looked so familiar to my own freshly broken heart. "And tried to convince her to call you, she was going to before this friend of hers called and she went to meet her."

"Who Molly?"

"No, someone I've never met before" I said. "I think her name was Alisha."

"What world did I step into?" Bre asked. "You can't mean her best friend from back home?"

"UMMMMMMMM...Bre not a clue" I said as I released her hand and started to playfully walk my fingers ever so slowly up her arm. "I don't know what else to tell you."

"Well she never did call" Bre said as she looked down at my hand and watched it walk up her arm. Smiling back at me, "So apparently neither of you wanted to see me."

"You are so cool, and funny, and pretty..." I blurted out before I could catch myself. "Sorry, shutting up."

"You better" She said with a challenging smile. "Cause you keep telling me those things and I'm gonna be forced to like you too, Kota."

"Why can't this just be simple" I said, "I mean, I wish you were single or not, all this, maybe she is maybe she isn't stuff is confusing. I just wanna be able to ask you out on a date and see what you would say. But until you figure this thing with Cally out, I'm just causing trouble and I know how bad it sucks to be dumped. I can't deal with this."

This was the moment in time when my mind went back to review the heart stopping events that had transpired just last night. Cally's almost kiss of me and her eventual kiss of that Alisha girl in front of the building while I watched secretly. I wanted so bad to tell Bre and let her know everything that was going on. But I refused to be the reason she finally breaks it off with Cally. I want her to have every chance to reconnect with her girlfriend and my oldest friend without her decisions being clouded by words from me. As my sweet Mindy used to say, "This is way complicated."

"Yes" Bre said with a smile as she took my hand in hers and boldly laced my fingers with hers. "Yesss Dakota."

"Y-yesss, w-what?" I asked in a confused stammer. Did she just agree to go out with me? All of this being washed from my mind when I spotted Cally coming through the door by the soda machines and seeing me and Bre holding hands. Bre following my eyes and seeing Cally herself as she jerked her hand away.

"Excuse me?" Cally asked as she glared at me. "You holding hands with my girl?"

"Cally, don't you dare hit her again" Bre said as she got in front of me. The Alisha girl from the previous night running up from behind and jumping in front of Cally. "Stop, please, I was holding her hand, it didn't mean anything just us goofing."

"Yeh just being goofy..."

"What's going on?" Alisha asked. "Cally what's up, talk to me?"

"Alisha?" Bre asked as Alisha looked back. "It's really you, where did you come from?"

"She came from Omaha, she's going to school here now..."

"Who is this?" Alisha asked. "She fucking with you?"

"I'm her girlfriend" Bre said.

"No you're not, Cally ain't told me about me no girlfriend" Alisha said with attitude as Cally looked to be frozen in place. "And if she was your girlfriend sweetheart why was she swapping spit with me last night?"

"You did what?" Bre asked in shock as Cally looked back to me and asked, "You said she tried to kiss you."

"She did, and then later she kissed her" I said as I pointed to Alisha. "They didn't know I saw them."

"You big mouth bitch" Cally said as she glared at me. "Why the fuck didn't you tell her everything? You wanted her so bad."

"You mean it's true?" Alisha asked as she looked at Cally. "Girlfriend?"

"She hasn't acted like my girlfriend in days and you saw me last night, you the one who figured out I'd been crying" Cally said as Alisha touched her face gently. "I've wanted to be with you for so long I couldn't tell you because, well you showed up a lot quicker than I thought and Bre and I were trying to work things out."

"You SUCK" Bre said as her voice rose to a scream. "You never tried one time to fix us, you were too busy lying to this stupid whore."

"Princess, you call me a whore again and I'll smack that ugly red hair out of your head" Alisha said as I moved in front of Bre. "What the fuck? You her bodygaurd?"

"I'm her friend..."

"Dakota, stop, she's gonna hurt you again, please just go" Bre said.

"Alisha, stop" Cally said as she pulled Alisha back. "No fighting."

"She called me a whore" Alisha said.

"And as my good friend Mindy would say, this is way complicated" Cally said as I started to laugh. "A lot more than you know."

"You kissed me last night like you were so into me" Alisha said to Cally with a hurt look in her eyes. "What gives?"

"I'm so sorry" Cally said as she started to cry. "You called and shook my world to the ground and I never thought I'd get a chance to be with you and now you're here and Bre was my dream girl since the day we kissed, but it's just so screwed up lately."

"What's so screwed up, what did you do, what did she do?"

"I wouldn't fuck her" Bre said as she tried to confront Alisha again, prompting me to hug her around the waist to hold her back. "And she could't handle it."

"Why don't you stop lying and tell THE FUCKING TRUTH" Cally screamed. "I did and you refused to even try and then made me feel like crap and hid in the bathroom all night. How do you think that made me feel?"

"I don't care anymore" Bre hissed as she struggled against my grip.

"You are one evil toad" Alisha said as she glared at Bre. "You don't do people that way. I know if Cally was my girl she'd never have to worry about that."

"Yeh?" Cally asked as Alisha seemed to calm as her eyes met Cally's again.

"Yeh, this is new but if you would I would" Alisha said as Cally smiled. Alisha grinning as she, in the shock of my lifetime, kissed Cally on the lips and grinned.

"WE...ARE...THROUGH" Bre screamed in a rage as she broke away from me and went running across the cafeteria and crashing through the doors leading to the outside. Cally looking as helpless as I had ever seen her.


"Go, Dakota, go" Cally said softly. "I can't fix me and Bre now."

"I'm sooo sorry...this is all my fault" I said as tears came to my eyes.

"You didn't sleep with her?" Cally asked as I shook my head no.

"Then you had nothing to do with it" Cally said. "I know you'd never do that to me."

"I love you Cal, you my girl" I said, "I just wish..."

"Mintz Forever" Cally said. "Go chase the girl."


"You wanna be with her?"

"Yeh" I said as I smiled.

"I wont be mad" Cally said. "Unless you treat her like I did."

"Gonna...go and you...ummm you know" I stammered before I went charging after Bre, hoping and praying as I ran that I could find her and keep her from doing something she'd regret. I ran out the doors of the cafeteria and into the main square at the center of the Mintzler campus and saw Bre running down the path headed to what I thought was the Soccer field. I ran after her and got to the main gate just as I saw her red hair disappearing under the bleachers. Taking a deep breath and taking off again and thinking I'd have to run forever to catch up to her, but as luck would it I rounded the corner of the bleachers and saw her now sitting under them in the corner. Arms wrapped around her knees as she cried in sobs. I quietly sat down opposite her, indian style, and was at a loss at to what to say.

"I hate you, I swear I hate you, you suck" Bre said in anger and I thought she might just be talking about me. A frustrated double slam of her fists into the cold hard grass under us brought her eyes up to meet mine. "Where did you come from?"

"Pittsburgh" I said as she laughed and tried to wipe away her tears.

"Don't make me laugh" Bre said as I gently touched her hand and found her more than excepting of it. She looked at me for a long moment as I relaxed back against the frame holding the bleachers up. I gently pulled her towards me as she smiled despite the pain she was in and let me guide her over to me, she turned and leaned back against me as I wrapped my arms around her, much like I used to do Mindy. Bre laying her head on my shoulder the tears started again. "This sucks, she just moves on without even trying to fix it."

"You loved her a lot huh?" I asked gently, Bre looking back at me and seemingly being deep in thought. Her answer shocking me as she simply said, "No."


"I don't think I've ever been in love" She said. "Now I'm more confused than ever, thanks."

"You're welcome" I giggled as she laughed again and smiled at me. "She told me to be good to you."

"She did?" Bre asked as she snuggled up to me.

"She did" I said. "She's still in shock I think, the whole Alisha thing, me and you being friends, them kissing last night in front Keller hall. It's got to be overload."

"You said that, you saw them" Bre said. "Why didn't you tell me, I deserved that much, you said you liked you..."

"I didn't wanna break your heart" I said as she looked at me in shock. "I swear it's true, I was not gonna be the reason you broke up with her. Please tell me I'm not."

"You really do care about me" Bre said in surprise. "You just proved it."

"UMMMMMM...yeh I do" I said as my eyes locked on hers for a long moment.

"Cally broke my heart, not you, we did this, me and her" Bre said finally. "I'm just glad it's over."

"I'm glad it over with Mindy too" I said, "I loved her, really loved her, but now the pain is starting to go away and I feel so alive again."

"Mindy is so cool" Bre said, "I told her we didn't do anything that night. She believed me I think."


"Uh huh, I just wanted her to know" Bre said as I smiled.

"You care about me too" I said as Bre bit her lip and offered no denial to that comment nor did she confirm it. "Right?"

"I didn't do it to get you to like me" Bre said softly.

"Oh, yeh ok" I said as my heart sank and I swear it took everything in me to keep from crying at that moment. "I understand if you don't feel the same way, a lot of drama."

"Huh? How did you get that?" She asked as my spirits rose thinking she might actually feel the same. "I didn't say anything like that."

"Then admit it or deny it, please?" I asked with pleading eyes as she smiled shyly and leaned in and kissed my cheek. "WOW."

"I just don't wanna be your rebound romance, ok?" She asked with a coy smile. My heart racing as I heard the words that confirmed for the first time that she was into me too. My hands got a little shaky as she smiled at me, her tears having long since stopped. "I'm cheating on the blues."


"Brooks and Dunn?" Bre asked, "Their first album?"

"Duh Kota" I said as she laughed out loud. "But you don't wanna fall in love with me...I'm no good."

"Well why don't we get...lost and found?" She said, "...and you can kiss me under a...neon moon. Then I can decide."


"Oh yeah, and before you ask no I'm not...heartbroke out of my mind" She said as I shook my head and smiled. "Cause now she used to be mine."

"And our time is coming" I said as Bre smiled brightly and nodded her head.

"I'm looking forward to that" Bre said as I wrapped her in my arms and closed my eyes and took in her scent. Savoring this moment in time for as long as I could. I heard Bre sigh contently and I think she felt what I did in that amazing/bizarre/heartbroke moment under those bleachers. Believe it or not, it was the first day of the rest of my life.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Look Cinderella I know you hate her for hitting Mindy and making Maxie feel like Chloe did but why can't you just see that she was in a lot of pain over breaking up with Mindy?" I asked as Cindy laid with her back to me on her bed. "Talk to me, please?"

"I don't see why I gotta forgive her for everything" Cindy said as she rolled over and sat up. "She's a bitch and a troublemaker."

"Grrrrrrrr" I said in frustration. "I am so getting tired of your hard headed, no feelings crap."

"You knew when you got involved with me I was like this"

"No, you're not, this is not the girl who held me while I cried over Maxie" I said as Cindy shrugged her shoulders. "This is the girl everyone hates. I love you and I'm asking you to stop...just give Dakota one last chance. We are her family."

"OK, OK, you win" Cindy said as I smiled and bounced over to her and pulled her up to her feet and kissed her. Knowing she was just trying to make me happy but I didn't care. Because as long as she was trying was all that mattered to me. "You happy now? You won the argument."

"Not trying to win a fight" I said honestly. "I'm helping you change, remember what you told me? You wanted someone who cared enough to help you change? I am. Now deal with it Icey."

"But I thought I was mushy now?" Cindy asked as she grinned at me and snuck a kiss as I smiled. Her looking down the front of my night shirt and prompting me to jump away. "What?"

"Stop that" I said with a finger point.

"I only wanna a quick peak" She said as she poked her tongue at the side of her mouth suggestively. "Are they perky?"

"I like them" I said as Cindy suddenly rushed me and swept me into her arms as I laughed and squirmed to get lose. Both of us laughing and wrestling as we crashed into the door and I slipped away and ran into the living room, turning and backing away with a huge smile on my face as Cindy stalked me. Laney, coming out of the bathroom from her room as I thought quick and ran behind her. Laney laughing as I pushed her into Cindy and ran off towards the front door and with them on my trail now I detoured into the hall and circled around and headed back into mine and Cindy's room. Backing away slowly as Cindy came after me as she came into the room now sans Laney. My mind focusing on Cindy as she backed me again towards the door of the common room. I nearly wet myself as I backed into a pair of arms and felt them wrap around me and pin my own arms to my side. I heard giggling as I looked back and saw Laney. "Ohmigod I'm dead huh?"

"Gonna make you pee your panties" Cindy said as she started to tickle with me Laney holding me.

"OH GOD I'M SORRY" I squealed in laughter as Cindy stopped finally and gave me a victorious grin.

"You smell good Shel" Laney said as the moment froze and I looked back at Laney. She loosened her grip and growing nervous as she released me. "What? Out of line?"

" trying to get some?" I asked as Cindy fell onto my bed laughing. Laney blushing 14 different shades of red.

"Absolutely not, you and Cindy are together I know that" She said.

"Take her butt Shel" Cindy said before she began laughing again. Making me blush.

"Take my what?"

"Nothing" I said as I shot Cindy a warning look. "Cindy has a big mouth."

"She said butt" Laney insisted in what I thought had to be a bit of interest in the subject on her part. "What did she mean?"

"She has a big mouth" I said as Cindy nodded her agreement. "It's nothing Laney just some stuff I did and made the mistake of telling her about."

"I don't get it" Laney said.

"She likes ass" Cindy said bluntly.

"Ohhhh yeah" Laney said as I sat down on the bed and groaned.

"No one said I liked it, I said I had done it" I lied.

"Bullshit" Cindy said as she sprang up and kissed my cheek. "You told me you liked it."


"Does it hurt?" Laney asked.

"Not as bad as you think" I said as Laney thought about it for a minute.

"I know it hurt like hell when I lost my virginity" Laney said. "Not sure if I'd wanna do something that hurt that much again."

"Mine hurt too" I said. "Dude was a loser."

"Ditto, loser" Laney repeated as we both laughed.

"Maybe we should just do a threesome and you both share me" Cindy said as Laney and I both looked at her in shock. "What?"

"Can we stop talking about sex? Someone is gonna get embarassed" I said.

"Not really" Laney said as she sat down on Cindy's bed. "Not saying I'd even wanna do it, never kissed a girl, but no reason to just stop talking about it."

"I got a real question" Cindy said as she rolled over and laid her head on my thighs now. "You think you could handle both of us?"

"I honestly have no idea" I said and was about to go into some long winded excuse about why we should change the subject when thankfully the phone rang. "I'll get that."

"Hello?" I asked after walking across the common room and picking it up.

"Maxie?" The Female Voice asked nervously.

"No this is Shelby, Maxie's in class...I mean laying down" I stammered.

"I know she doesn't wanna talk to me" The Female Voice said. Me knowing immediately that it was Max's Mother.

"Ms. Bradlidge?"

"Yes, this is her friend Shelby correct?"

"Yeh is it, you sound different"

"I sound sober" She said as I laughed. "For the first time in 20 years I've been sober for more than a few hours. With exception of one night it's been 5 months now."

"That's great, it does matter" I said as Laney and Cindy's giggling from the bedroom distracted me for a moment. "Maxie's really not here Ms. Bradlidge. She ummmmm...she has a new girlfriend that she spends a lot of time with."

"Why don't you call me Carolyn?" She asked. "And what's this about Maxine and a new girl? What happened to her and Chloe? I think that was her name."

"Chloe left her" I said. "It's a long complicated story. She kinda gave up on Maxie."

"You have every right to not tell me, but may I ask is this new girl good to Maxie?"

"Sarah, that's her name and she seems nice and Maxie sure has changed since being with her" I said. "She's in therapy now and Maxie goes about every night to see her at the diner, Eddie's Fast Eats, she works at downtown. From what I know Sarah is crazy about her too, I'm happy for them."

"Maxie in therapy?"

"Yeh, I made her go after she hit Chloe and..."

"It's ok I kinda figured that was the reason Chloe gave up on her" Carolyn said. "Maxie's father was an abusive drunk too. She gets it honest."

"Is that why you started drinking?"

"Yes honey it was" She said softly. "But now I'm trying to live the last...I mean the rest of my life with a clear head."

"You know if you call back in a little while Maxie will be here" I said. "I can get her to talk to you."

"I think my actions over the years have taken anyway her urge to connect with me in anyway" Carolyn said.

"Maybe" I replied.

"Thank you for talking to me sweety" She said. "I best go, my bus is leaving."

"You're traveling?" I asked.

"UMMMMMMM...bye Shelby" She said and with that the other end of the phone went dead. Leaving me confused and frustrated. All of that being washed away when Laney came running out of mine and Cindy's bedroom with Cindy giving chase. Laney crashing into the bathroom door and finding it wouldn't open quick enough, Cindy grabbed her from behind in a bear hug and dragging her back to the couch and dumped her. I laughed as the two started a test of strength with their fingers laced. Me knowing how strong Cindy is and figuring she'd win easily but I watched in shock as Laney somehow wrestled the girl I love to the floor and slipped off the couch and now sat across her stomach and pinned her hands down. I walked over with a grin on my face as Cindy gave me a look as to say, "Get over here, help me."

"How did you do that?" I asked Laney as I sat down on the couch and watched with an amused smile. Cindy groaning as she struggled against Laney's grip.

"I used to be a gymnast so I'm pretty strong" Laney said as I noticed for the first time that she had some definition in her arms as the muscles struggled to hold Cindy's hands in place.

"She's got me in position Shel you ready for your threesome?" Cindy asked and started to laugh when both Laney and I blushed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who was that on the phone?" I asked as I came back into my dorm room from the bathroom. Chloe just hanging up.

"Your sister, she's coming over and I don't wanna hear you complaining" Chloe said with a determined finger point.

"Excuse me?" I asked as I now stood over here and showed her my fist. "What if I don't like your attitude and decide to beat you up?"

"Bring it on shrimp" Chloe said with a confident smile. I smiled and caressed her cheek as I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. "MMMMMM I like when you beat me up."

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMMM" I said as I kissed her again and like always began to get lost in my girlfriend. Crawling over her as she laid back on the bed and invited me on top of her. So good kissing the girl I love like this. "MMMMMMM wanna turn the cam on and do what comes naturally?"

"MMMMMMM we could..." Chloe said seductively as her hand stroked down my cheek and she paused dramatically. Her hand slidingly down finally to one of my tits. "...or we could do something we've never done before."

"Like what?" I asked and followed her eyes to the night stand as she smiled and said, "That strap-on you always wanted to use on me, that's where it's at, right?"

"Uh huh, front or back? Or is it my option?" I asked as she giggled and blushed.

"You wanna stick it in my butt, I'm just saying..." She said with a kiss.

"True, but it's sooo much better if you got someone working your pussy at the same time" I said as she grinned.

"MMMMMMMMM now that sounds like a really good time" Chloe said as she kissed me and let it linger for a long moment.

"MMMMMMMM for me too" I moaned as we kissed again.

"So who joins us?"

"I have no idea" I said. "UMMMMMMMMMM, any suggestions?"

"Our soon to be guest?" Chloe asked with a horny smile.

"You'd love that huh?" I asked as she grinned and nodded.

"You're hot and so is your sister" Chloe said with a horny grin.

"I'll do that as soon as your sister...what ever her name was..."

"Mackenzie" Chloe said in a mocking tone. "Go on."

"As soon as I get both of you, then you can invite Holly in" I said as she stuck out her tongue.

"Molly don't love me no more" Chloe said with a pooched lip.

"I am not fucking my sister with you" I said as she laughed. "But what about another girl?"

"Who?" She asked. "Mindy?"

"You're not funny" I said as I rolled off and laid down behind her.

"It was a joke" Chloe said.

"I don't look at Mindy like that, ok?"

"I've seen her naked" Chloe said as I looked over at her and saw her smiling. "I have."

"Right" I said.

"I have she came out of the shower one day when she thought everyone was in class" Chloe said. "Honest."


"Smoothie, dark tan, no tan lines" Chloe said as my eyes opened in surprise at that announcement. "Just saying it was worth looking."

"Soooo threesome? If we met someone you'd do it?" I asked.

"Uh huh, if she was nice and we both liked her" Chloe said as she kissed me. "The first one still sends shivers down my body."

"Even if it was with Maxie" I said as she gave me a dirty look and we both laughed. A loud wrapping knock shaking the door behind us as I rolled my eyes and rolled off the bed and felt Chloe grab my butt and squeeze one of my cheeks playfully. She's so much fun to be with. I turned suddenly as she curled up into a ball on the bed and giggled, no fear in her eyes this time as she peaked up at me with a playful grin. "Just for threesome with Holly."

"Huh? No I sooo sorry" Chloe said as she rolled onto her back and grabbed onto my shirt and pleaded with me.

"No" I said as she gave me a dirty look. Another knocking at the door ending that exchange. I rolled off the bed and opened the door and saw the unusually concerned looking face of my sister Holly as she eyed balled me. "What's up with you?"

"UMMMMMM I got news and you're gonna think I set this up and that I'm just trying to break you and Chloe up or something" Holly said and then looking over my shoulder and grinning, then nodding at my girlfriend. I turned just as Chloe was making eyes at Holly. "Hey baby, you wanna come play with the Harris sisters?"

"Yesssssss" Chloe moaned with a huge smile on her face as she grinned at me.

"Neither one of you sluts are funny" I said as I looked from Holly to Chloe and back. My girlfriend giggling knowingly as she knew she was pushing my buttons so perfectly. "Anyway sis what's your big news?"

"Someone you say you don't wanna see is in town" Holly said nervously.

"Megan?" I asked calmly as Holly nodded. "I already knew that, this confirms it though. A friend of mine met her and some how I ended up finding out."

"I had nothing to do with this" Holly said.

"And for once I believe you" I said as Holly smiled.

"Cool" Holly said in almost shock. "Soooo I got more news..."


"I got an apartment" Holly said.


"That means you can leave campus anytime you want, you and Chloe both" Holly said as I crawled back onto the bed and slipped in behind Chloe and wrapped her in my arms as she smiled proudly. "Ok Molly, I get it, I'm not stupid you love Chloe now."

"And I don't wanna leave campus" I said as Holly took a deep breath in frustration. "I'm happy, for once in my life I'm happy. I got a great best friend, a beautiful girlfriend who I love and get this, I'm doing good in school."

"Very good as a matter of fact" Chloe commented as I kissed her cheek.

"For once you can't screw my life up" I said coldly.

"I want you to be my sister for a change" Holly said as she sat down on the end of the bed. "We've never gotten to do that."

"You're gonna have to give me some time" I said. "A lot of time."

"Fine you want me to just go home?"

"And you can tell that whore Megan that if she comes near me she just might get hurt" I said as Holly looked at me in shock. Me carefully avoiding her previous question. "I don't wanna see her at all really."

"Sounds like a good idea to me" Holly commented.

"Yeh well no one asked you" I said as I gave my sister a determined smile. Her flipping me off as we all laughed.