Scent of a Girl - Episode 34 "Money, Money, Money"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I hadn't been out of bed long (school is finally back in session), just long enough to get a shower and get back to my room before I saw her coming across the campus in a slow jog, Dakota that is. Watching from the window in my room as she disappeared inside of the building and I hoped she was coming up to see me. How crazy is this world when you break up with someone and immediately turn your attention to another person who you think may be even better. I heard the knock on the door that I knew was coming. I almost floated across the room and opened the door and found...Molly.

"What do you want?" I asked as the smile left my face.

"We got school today" She said. "I didn't know if you knew that."

"Thanks, bye" I said and tried to close the door but found Molly's hand on the door stopping me. "What?"

"You think you can ever forgive me?"

"Forgive you? Why what ever could you have done?" I asked in my best southern 'damsel in distress' voice. Molly giving me that trademark 'ohmigod I want you' smile.

"I apparently did a lot" Molly said after a moment. "I'm sorry the way things turned out and I want you to know we can be friends."

"Save it" I said with a hand in the hair. Spotting Dakota coming down the hall and a huge smile crossing my face. "I don't wanna hear it, you got what you wanted all along and I got to feel like I was missing something great."

"Yeh and you chasing after Cally had nothing to do with that?" Molly asked as Dakota stopped behind her. All bitching stopping as Molly turned and backed up a few feet. "What do you want Dakota?"

"Her" Dakota said as she pointed to me, my smile widened. "And I'm not here to cause trouble."

"This is not over" Molly said as she turned and walked off down the hall. Dakota grinning at me as I blushed and moved aside as she came inside and I closer the door behind her.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"God that girl is so hard headed" I said to myself as I now stood at the end of the hall just to the side of the entrance to the bathroom. Mumbling to myself and glaring at the back of Bre's now closed door. "Bitch!"

"You OK Punky?"

"Huh?" I asked and turned to see Mindy now standing beside me with a worried look on her face. Just having gotten out of the shower, hair wet, glistening tan. "I'm fine Scooby."

"Need to talk best friend of mine?" She asked with a goofy grin that got me to smile.

"Bre is being a cunt" I snapped. "I swear someone needs to smack her up side her head and knock some sense into her."

"Do you like her still?" Mindy asked.

"Believe me after the way she's been acting you're far higher on my list of people I like than her" I said as Mindy gave me a 'oh really' smile. "Don't start."

"Why?" Mindy asked as she grinned at me. "You afraid you can't resist me Punky, huh?"

"Oh shut up" I said as she laughed. "And I am not answering that question."

"Oh so you just wanna fool around for a while?" Mindy asked. My mouth dropping open as she laughed.

"OK fine let's do it" I said as I grabbed onto her towel and pulled at it as she squealed and started giggling as she tried to fight her way lose. I released her towel as she took off down the hall with me giving chase.

"NOOOOOOOO PUNKY!" She squealed as I caught her by her own door and started tickling her. So much fun having a real best friend.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Was that Mindy I heard giggling?" Dakota asked as she now sat on my bed.

"Beats me" I said. "Why?"

"No reason" Dakota replied as I sat down by her. "So what's up with Bre today?"

"No one ever asks me that" I said honestly.

"I really wanna know to"

"Talking to Coach Plotkowski about letting me back on the Field Hockey team" I said with a smile crossing my face. "You coming with?"

"If you want me too" Dakota said.

"I could use the support"

"I'm there" Dakota said simply. I touched my head to hers and couldn't help feeling a little excited about this new friendship. "You know I was looking at the schedule today and found out that Softball try outs are after school."

"I used to play softball back home"

"Me too" She said. Me being amazed at the amount of things we had in common.

"I was pretty good at playing Centerfield. wanna try out for the softball team?" I asked.

"I dunno...maybe" Dakota said.

"Want me to go with you and make sure you actually do it?" I asked.

"Yep!" She said as we both laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I saw her cute little ass swaying down the hall and stop at her locker as I watched with a bit of drool dripping from my lip almost. The 'her' is Alisha, my new sorta girlfriend/best friend. Note that she was wearing the usual prep uni but had it rolled a bit higher than normal. Which for some reason made her look extra hot. I approached her from behind as she stuffed books in her bag and was completely oblivious to my presence. Thinking quick I cupped my hand over my mouth and tried to make it sound like I was an official voice as I said, "Ms. Swain do you think you're current attire is appropriate?"

"Would you prefer I strip off and come to school naked?" She asked without ever looking. Me, like a goof, blowing my cover when I blurted out, "Hell yeah that'd be great."

"Pervert" Alisha said as she looked back and with her tongue poking at the side of her mouth she smiled. "Hey Cal."

"Damn it" I said as she laughed. "I am such a dork."

"This is true, but you're my dork" She said with a sweet smile.

"Your dork?"

"So to speak" She said.


"Meaning you're my dorky best friend?" She asked. Me feeling a bit confused at her comments.

"I thought we were more..."

"We are or we might we have to talk about this now?" She asked in a hushed voice as she moved close and looked around to make sure no one was listening at that moment. "Well?"

"We can talk about it whenever you want too" I said flatly. Her groaning as she rolled her eyes.

"Look Calista" She said, "You know this is all new to me and if you can't deal with going slow then screw you."

"Fact is I'm not good at going slow"

"Fact is I'm still straight until further notice and I'm not ready to announce to the world that I'm a fag...damn it, gay or what the fuck ever" She said in a almost hiss.

"You sure kissed me like you were a fag" I said aloud as she blushed and looked around nervously. "So was that all an act?"

"I'm sorry for calling you that, I don't think like that anymore but in my defense I was raised like that and it's hard to break a habit" She said as she picked up her back pack. "So bottom line is I'm not doing this here, you wanna talk in private then you come find me after school. You know where my room is."

"Life cannot possibly getting any dumber" I said to myself as I watched Alisha storm off.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"MAX!" I screamed from down the hall before I took off running down it and towards her. Sliding to a stop beside her. She caught me by the arm and stopped me as we both laughed. "Your Mom called and why didn't you come home last night?"

"Spent the night with Sarah" Maxie said with a raising of the eye brows suggesting she 'got some'.

"You did not" I said as I pushed her and she laughed.

"No I slept on the couch" Maxie said. "And what did my drunk mother want this time?"

"She was acting weird and she wasn't drunk" I said. Maxie giving me a weird look, one of surprise. "Serious."

"Who cares" Maxie said with a shrug. Me noticing for a second that her eyes seemed to be looking at something over my shoulder. "She's crazy and I don't wanna see or talk to her."

"But she said she had quit...OHMIGOD" I started to say when I was grabbed in a tight bear hug and nearly had the life scared out of me. Maxie falling against the lockers in laughter as I looked back and to my relief saw Cindy grinning at me. "What the you love scaring me?"

"Yep" Cindy said and kissing my cheek. "Cause I love Lucy."

"You're lucky I love you too" I said as she grinned and shook me as I laughed. "Why you so hyper?"

"Softball tryouts are today and I'm going out for the them" Cindy announced. "Come and root me on? I could use the help."

"You're the best player in school Cindy, you don't need the help" Maxie commented as she threw her book bag across her shoulder.

"True dat but I'll still be her cheering section" I said as Cindy leaned in and kissed me.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Guess what? I get my sling off today, according to Nurse Prader. Whose office I was just coming out of when a nervous looking Courtney came down the hall and walked right past me without so much as a glance. "HEY!"

"What?" Courtney said in a daze as she stopped. "Oh hey, ummmmmmm I got a huge test in Geometry in like five minutes is it OK if we talk after, cause I got a million possible answers in my head and I have to pass this or I could be kicked out of school."

"Say what?" I asked in shock. I knew Courtney was struggling with her grades but being kicked out of school was the first I'd heard of.

"Big test, really important" She said. "I can pass it I know but I gotta concentrate, don't be mad at me please?"

"I had a test this morning..." I started to say before she smiled and kissed me. "Love you?"

"Uh huh" She said with a huge smile before turning to literally run off towards her class. Leaving me feeling like something bad was happening. That something bad turned out to be (at least I thought so at the time) to be a very large and suddenly healed Veronica who had stopped across the hall from me. My 'protection' not with me on this occasion, she knew I was scared as I looked around for someone to help me.

"Hey!" Veronica said in a calm voice.

"Look I don't want trouble and if you start I'll...UMMMMMMM..."

"I'm not stupid enough to start that up again" She said. "I learned my lesson last time."

"Good" I said as my confidence grew. "Cause I'm not..."

"MINDY!" Molly screamed as she came charging down the hall and dropped her book bag a few feet short and had to see me smile as she stopped in front of me. "You OK?"

"Fine why?" I asked.

"Shrek and you alone in a deserted hallway, not good" Molly said as she turned to Veronica and glared at her. "You want some Shrek?"

"I don't like that nickname shrimp" Veronica said.

"Funny ain't it? I don't like you terrorizing my best friend" Molly said and reaching to pick up a broom. "Now either move on or you gonna have to hurt me to get to Mindy."

"Punky, noooo" I said as I got in front of her. "She's cool for now, said she learned her lesson."

"OK" Molly said as she followed Veronica as the girl quietly walked off. "She's up to something."

"I doubt it" I said. "I do, she was just coming by and nothing happened."

"Well OK" Molly said as I grinned and just then realized that with Courtney in class and me done for the day that I'd have to go and see the Doctor by myself. UGH I hate that idea. "What's wrong Scooby?"

"Will you please go to the Doctor with me? I'm getting this sling off today I hope" I said and almost praying she would say yes.

"Sure" Molly said as I smiled. Figuring then that this was coming, "Wittle Mindy Wendy scared off da big bad doctor?"

"Fuck you Molly Harris" I said as she laughed. Making me blush a deep crimson.

"So cute when you blush Scooby" She said as I glared at her and walked off. Her catching up with me a moment later and dragging me down the hall towards the exit.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"This is Coach Plotkowski's office" I said to Dakota as we stood just outside the door. "Wait here for me?"

"Gimme a kiss and I will" Dakota said as I blushed.

"No" I said with a finger point. Prompting her to grin and rush me as I squealed in laughter and felt her lips brush my cheek as we crashed against the wall. Freezing when the Coach's door opened and out popped Coach Plotkowski.

"Bre Kelton?" Coach Plotkowski asked as she spied me and Dakota. Me pushing Dakota off me as she giggled.

"Hi Coach"

"Hi yourself" Coach said with a smile towards me. Raising my hopes that she was glad to see me back. "Have we come to our senses?"


"Meaning you've apparently come to the conclusion that your friend Cally was bad news and you've moved on?"

"How do you figure that?"

"Bre I'm not much older then you, I'm 26" Coach said. "I know what blossoming young love looks like and in this case sounds like."

"Yeh I'm kinda of over with Cally" I said. "She was one who wanted me to quit. I wanted to stay on the team."

"And now you want back on?"

"Yeh I just want one more..."

"No!" Coach said in firm voice. She went on before I could even reply. "You let someone in your life who didn't have your best interest at heart and cared about how much this sport means to you tell you what to do. You abandon this team when we needed you."

"I'm willing to do what ever it takes" I said softly. "What do I have to do?"

"Come back next fall and tryout again" Coach said as my mouth dropped open in shock.

"That's not fair" I heard Dakota say.

"What's not fair about it?" Coach asked Dakota. "Bre you left this team and quiet frankly the girl who replaced you has made great strides in her new starting role."

"Dakota, it's OK" I said as I turned my back to my former coach and fought the urge to cry.

"But it's not fair, you should at least give her a second chance" Dakota said as she moved in front of me. I simply looked down.

"I'm sorry my decision is final" Coach said as she walked off. "Oh yeah...UMMMMMM I'm not sure this will interest you but..."

"What?" I asked as I turned and saw Coach coming back towards us. Handing me and Dakota an empty application. "What's this?"

"Softball" Coach said. "Bre you have real athletic talent, you should use it in some way."

"I don't think so" I said as Coach turned without another look and walked off. "Fucking cunt."

"Oh come on Bre you're not that bad" Dakota said as I snapped my head up and saw her grinning. "Really hot actually, not to mention sweet."

"Dakota Lane..." I said with a finger point as I smiled. "You're so...much different than I thought. I like you too."

"Was hoping so" Dakota said as she looked down nervously. A long moment passing as a silence loomed. "You wanna go and maybe check this softball thing out anyway?"

"I guess" I said as she hugged me warmly. "Might be fun."

"Might be the...chance of a lifetime" Dakota said as I looked at her in confusion. "Brooks and Dunn? Their new album Cowboy town?"

"I got that on my MP3 player" I said. "Mom's latest present for making me go here."

"I for one am glad she is making you go here" Dakota said as I smiled and loved seeing her smile back at me. That was a really nice moment.

"Me too!" I said softly.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Thank you Doctor Caselli" Mindy chirped as she came out of the exam room and smiled as she saw me still sitting by the entrance. "I got my sling off."

"I see that, you all healed up now huh?" I asked as she nodded and we walked outside.

"I am I am" Mindy said. "What do we do now?"

"You got no plans with Courtney?" I asked as we began walking along the sidewalk and absentmindedly turned up the trail leading to Daniel Field.

"No and might not have anymore at all" I commented. "She said something about being kicked out of school and bad grades."

"Chloe said the girl was really smart" I replied. "What's up?"

"I don't know, she tells me earlier that she has to pass this huge test or she could be kicked out of school" Mindy said as we reached the walk that surrounds Daniel Field. Seeing on the field a bunch of girls passing softballs back and forth. "I guess I should head on back and see if she passed or not."

"You leaving now? Want me to go with you?"

"No I'll be OK" Mindy said as she bumped shoulders with me and smiled before she headed on towards our dorm.

"Tell Chloe where I'm at?"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I'll do" I said as I left Molly at the field and headed back to the dorm. Something I secretly wanted to do on my own to prove to myself that I had grown up at least a little bit. A nervous walk it was but reaching the front doors of the dorm was a welcomed event. I smiled in pride at the small but important accomplishments I had achieved that day. But before I could get too lost in my world of congrats Courtney came bouncing down the steps and practically ran to greet me. Kissing me and sweeping me into her arms. "What in the world?"

"I passed, I got a 93 on my Geo test" Courtney announced with pride. I squealed in excitement and hugged her.

"That's so great" I said as she smiled brightly. "A 93?"

"Missed two questions is all" She said.

"I got a 97 on my Math test" I said, "Kinda weird being the smart one in the relationship."

"You are...hey you are huh?" She asked as I grinned and agreed as we both giggled and then kissed softly. "I'm so happy right now."

"Me too" I said as I kissed her. The most perfect kiss in the history of ever. One that made me wanna rip her clothes off and make love to her right there in front of the dorm. Which prompted me to ask, "So you wanna go upstairs?"

"And do what?" Courtney asked.

"Be together?" I asked as she grinned and seemed to get the drift of what I was hinting at.

"I'm new at this so be gentle with me?" She asked as I giggled.

"Maybe" I said, "I hope you like whips and chains."

"Add whip cream and you got my attention" Courtney said as I laughed. We headed upstairs a few moments later. WOWZERS!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey Megs can you wait on Mel?" I asked as I stood by the usual booth at the back of the diner that we used for breaks. Megs being Megan of course.

"Sure, you need a break?" She asked as I sighed and sat down as my feet felt like they where about to turn numb from the pounding of the last 12 hours. The place had been a zoo today and Me and Megan had been running ourselves ragid trying to just keep up. The place finally cleared out about 1 in the morning and I could finally sit down for a few minutes. Which also gave me a great opportunity to watch Megan sway around in that dangerously short skirt she was sporting today. Boy...if Maxie weren't my girl I think I'd tap that.

"Stop that you old pervert" Megan said as she smacked Mel's hand away when he reached for her butt. Something that was normal for those two, I swear I think she likes being groped by perverts. Mel just grinned and handed her a five dollar bill as he headed out the door. Passing a lady on the way in, who stopped and looked around nervously. Megan meeting her at the front door and asking sweetly, "Can I help you?"

"Probably not, I'm having the worst of luck today" She said with a tired look. Me noticing her striking blond hair and thinking she looked a good deal like Maxie. "I was told a young lady worked here named Sarah."

"That'd be me?" I said as I raised my hand. She gave me the once over and immediately walked to the back of the diner. "Can I help you?"

"This is gonna sound bizarre and probably creepy" She said and making me nervous. "But I need to talk to you about a matter of great importance."

"Who are you?"

"Carolyn Bradlidge" She said and making my eyes go wide with surprise at that announcement.

"Maxie's drunk Mom" My mouth said without the help of my brain. "I'm sorry that was so rude."

"And not true, at least it's not anymore, clean and sober" She said as I smiled.

"Congrats" I said as her smile dimmed to a half. A heart stopping, horrible feeling coming over me in the next few moments as I realized she must be here to take Maxie away or something like that.

"You're here to take Maxie away aren't you?" I asked. "You can't..."

"Nooo" She said gently but firmly as she touched my shoulder and calmed me. "It's something a lot more like her staying here."

"Good, know we're involved and how did you find out about me and OK I'm really confused..." I rambled as a million and one thoughts began to rampage through my mind as the seconds ticked away.

"I talked to Maxie's best friend, Shelby?" She said as I breathed a sigh of relief and offered her a seat opposite me in the booth.

"I've met her she's nice" I commented.

"She is, when you're not drunk and or horribly rude" Carolyn said as I nodded. "Anyway, she filled me in on the goings on in Maxie's life and the whole thing now seems to revolve around you."

"She spends a lot of time here yeh, but Megan, that's her..." I said as I pointed to her at the front of the diner. She smiled and started coming our way. "...And Eddie, he's the owner and Darlene, that's Eddie's wife, we all think Maxie's...we love her."

"I'm glad Maxie has some sort of support system" Carolyn said as Megan arrived by the table and leaned against the jukebox across from the table as she listened. "She certainly never got that from me or her worthless father."

"Max has had a hard life" Megan said. "More than you know. But she's really tough."

"You know her pretty well?" Carolyn asked Megan.

"Nope just a few days but she's been really good to me already and we've spent a lot of time talking" Megan said.

"Is this about you reconnecting with Tay, I mean Maxie?" I asked Carolyn. "Because that's gonna take some doing."

"That would be nearly impossible" She said.

"Probably" Megan commented as I gave her a 'shut up now' look. "What? I'm just saying."

"I'm dying" Carolyn said as Megan and I snapped our attention back to her.

"You mean it's killing you the way you and Maxie are?"

"No" She said simply as she reached down and brought up the bag she had had in her hand when she came in and laid it on the table. The end result was a long silence as the news sunk in. No one really knew what to say and I sat there for the longest time and wondered what exactly this would do to Maxie and possibly even our relationship. Thankfully she broke the silence. "So, I've come to ask a monumental favor."

"OK" I said nervously.

"I don't have much time left and I of course have the task of planning for Maxie's future at least until she is 18" Carolyn said as she produced a huge manila folder full of documents from her briefcase and laid them in between me and her on the table. "And I am under the impression that my daughter cares a great deal for you. Along with having some very caring friends at Mintzler, am I correct?"

"She does have a few friends yes, Shelby Parker is the one she always talks about" I said.

"I'm glad" Carolyn commented. "She'll have a chance at a normal life with you."

"I dunno if you'd call her and Sarah normal" Megan cracked as Carolyn fought against laughing. Me glaring at Megan as she giggled.

"Go do the dishes or something" I said as Megan grinned victoriously.

"Sarah" Carolyn said and drawing the attention back to her. "You're 18 am I right?"

"Yeh" I said and growing nervous suddenly that mine and Maxie's age difference would now become an issue.

"I don't know any other way to ask this but to be blunt" She said and taking a deep breath. "I want you to take care of Maxie for me."

"No problem" I said and breathing a sigh of relief.

"Honey, no, I mean legal custody" She said as she opened the manila folder and showed me the legal paper work.

"Huh? No, I mean...I love Tay with all my heart but I'm in no position to take on that kind of responsibility" I said. "This place barely pays enough to keep up with the bills. Ohmigod, I...UMMMMMMM..."

"Let me explain" Carolyn said with a mothers reassuring voice as she touched my hand. "See I began working for a man named Crumpette shortly after I got clean and sober. I was shown the ways of the underworld by this man, being his personal assistant I was privy to much of his business dealings. I'd been there for only a short while when I discovered a loophole in the banking software they used and I was able to divert roughly one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars into a personal account. That will be yours if you agree to this."

"Party at Sarah's place tonight" Megan said as I laughed.

"Won't he notice the money is gone and come after you?" I asked.

"Even if he did I've covered my tracks pretty well and made so many double turns that he'd be hard pressed to do anything of the kind" Carolyn commented. "He knows nothing of my real name or birth date or of the existence of Maxie."

"WOW" I said as she showed me the bank statement that read exactly as she has said. $125.096 to be exact. She then took out a platinum colored Mastercard and handed it to me. My name displayed as Megan now peaked over my shoulder and reaching forward as I took the card and rubbing it.

"So Rae Rae you need another girlfriend?" Megan asked as she scooted me over in the booth and plopped down beside me, her arm around my shoulder. "Huh?"

"Knock it off" I said as she giggled.

"That card is a debit, with a limit of sixty thousand dollars on it" Carolyn said.

"I thought you said one..."

"I've split it into two accounts" She informed me. "That portion is for you and Maxie to do with as you please."

"WOW" Megan commented for me. "I like you Carol old gal."

"Roughly one half of the remaining money is currently invested in a number of safe stocks and if it remains undisturbed it will grow into a nice chunk of money for you and Maxie by the time she turns eighteen" Carolyn said. "The rest is for Maxie's tuition at Mintzler. Which is already paid in full."

"I think you just mended the fences with Maxie" I said as she shook her head no and I laid the card back on top of the pile of papers in the manila folder.

"I doubt that, anyway sweety, do we have a deal?" She asked. "This really is the most important thing left in my life to take care of."

"You better let Eddie talk to her before you sign anything" Megan said as I smiled at her. Really good advice.

"See why I like having you around?" I asked as Megan smiled.

"Eddie?" Carolyn asked.

"He's the owner of this place and sort of like a father figure to me and Tay" I said. "He'd be mad if I did something without letting him offer an opinion."

" about twenty four hours? Would that be sufficient time?" Carolyn asked.

"He'll be into work any minute" I said. "Why don't I call him and see if he can get down here early?"

"OK" She said as Megan got up just as a ear splitting tire screech out in front of the diner brought our attention. Followed by a loud crashing sound as two cars apparently crashed into each other. Megan jumping up as I followed her out the front door of the diner and found that a driver not to far down the street had crashed into an expensive looking car in front of the Medical building. We both stared at the carnage before Megan began jogging down the sidewalk to see if she could help. My frazzled mind just then remembering that Carolyn was still inside, I turned to see that she was gone. Not inside or out, but had literally disappeared.

"SARAH HE'S BREATHING" Megan cried as an ambulance siren sounded in the distance and Megan checked on the guy who had just crawled out of the wreck and seemed to be badly injured. I ran to help. Not sure what the future was gonna bring.