Scent of a Girl - Episode 35 "Love Triangle"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I just called the hospital and they said the guy that was hit out front is probably gonna make it" Megan asked as she came out of the kitchen from finishing the latest round of dishes and saw me sitting at the counter nursing a cup of coffee. "That's good news."

"Miss hero" I said as Megan smiled. "You saved his life."

"Whatever" Megan said before quickly changing the topic and asking, "Did you call Eddie yet?"

"I did and explained all about Tay's Mom coming in and that's why I'm still here" I said. "He's on his way down here now."

"Oh OK."

"I can't get this thing off my mind" I admitted as Megan joined me. "I can't raise a kid at my age. I can barely dress myself."

"A kid? Maxie is 15 and more mature than me or you" Megan pointed out. "She's been good for you from what I can tell. She gives you something to hang onto and look forward to."

"But I can't picture myself having to be her parent" I said.

"You won't be" Megan said. "You'll be her girlfriend who loves her and watches out for her. Nothing changes. You guys fight now when you try and convince her to do what she needs."

"But what if we break-up?"

"So you break-up, most couples do" Megan said. "Look at me and Molly."

"What about you and Molly?" I asked in confusion at this bizarre turn in the conversation.

"We met, I fell in love with her and we broke up" Megan said. "Well not exactly like that but the end result is that she moved away and met someone who wasn't me and moved on with her life."

"Chloe" I said.

"She's Maxie's ex" Megan said.

"And she's really nice too" I said. "I met her once."

"And I've talked to her on the phone and I disagree" Megan said. "She threatened to hurt me without even hardly talking to me."

"Emotions can do weird things to people" I said. "But you're in a better place now."

"Very true, Rae Rae" Megan said with a brief smile. "But Molly still doesn't want me back."

"Then stop whining and find someone new who will love you" I said and following it with a poke to her ribs as she giggled and slid off the stool and backed towards the door in defense as I followed after her. Maxie, of all people and of all times to pick, coming in without a sound and stopping behind Megan as she continued to back up and crashed into my girlfriend and panicked when Maxie wrapped her arms around the girls waist. "OHMIGOD, what the fuck?"

"Just me Megs" Maxie said with a smile. Megan's alarm fading as her flirty side came back out and she morphed instantly into horny Megan and asked Maxie, "Me and Rae Rae were just talking about someone loving me, want it to be you?"

"Boy did I come at the right time" Maxie said as Megan laughed and I pulled them apart and replaced Megan with my myself. "Party pooper."

"You don't even think about what she suggested" I commanded as Maxie tried not to laugh. Maxie simply kissed my cheek gently and hugged me as a small show of how much she loved me. "I love you. You do know that?"

"I sure do" She said as I turned more serious and took Maxie's hand and led her over to the counter as we both took seats opposite one another.

"We need to talk."

"I thought that I love you sounded a bit ominous" Maxie said. "So what did I do wrong?"

"You didn't do a thing wrong, Tay" I said. "But this is serious."


"I don't know how to tell you this..." I stammered, and was praying Eddie would come through that door, so I didn't have to.

"You're Mom was here, she's dying, she stole a bunch of money from some dude and she wants Sarah adopt you" Megan blurted out. "Now you're all up to date."

"What the fuck?" Maxie asked in mass confusion. I could have killed Megan in that moment.

"Thanks a lot big mouth" I said to Megan.

"You're gonna pussy foot it and that's worse than the news itself" Megan said. "So I just ripped the band-aid off, so-to-speak, and now you can explain."

"My Mom was here?" Maxie asked.

"Yes Tay she was" I said as I turned back to her.

"Are you sure? Blond hair like mine, bout 50 years older, staggering from side to side with the smell of bourbon on her breath?" Maxie asked.

"Amazing" Megan commented. "That description was dead on."

"Both of you are completely nuts" I laughed as Maxie and Megan exchanged high fives and enjoyed a moment of giggling. But the moment soon turned serious again when I had to explain what her mother told us during her visit. The hardest part (or at least I thought it would be) was to explain what Carolyn had told us about her medical condition. But what truly amazed me was Maxie's reaction. She shrugged as if nothing had happened. "That's all your gonna say?"

"What do you want me to cry?" Maxie asked. "She was a pathetic excuse for a mother and I've hated her my whole life. I don't care what she does or has. I just want her to leave me alone."

"WOW! I didn't realize" I said.

"And what's this about her stealing some money and wanting you to adopt me?" Maxie asked.

"She came into some money and she wants me to take custody of you" I said bluntly. "She said she'd give us the money if I agreed to."

"Seriously?" Maxie asked with a huge smile.

"A hundred and twenty five thousand" Megan said.

"She must have fucked a whole family of drug dealers for that kinda loot" Maxie said as Megan laughed. I simply rolled my eyes. "And just think about what we can buy with that money?"

"We don't get it all at once Tay" I said. "If I agree to it we get 6000 of it upfront and the rest goes into an account and draws interest so you'll have money when you're 18."

"If? You mean you're not gonna do it?" Maxie asked. "But I won't be any trouble. I promise."

"I'm not worried about you being trouble" I said and leaned in and kissed her lips. "I love you."

"And I love you Sarah Rae" Maxie said. "Please do this for me?"


"Morning" Eddie said as he and Darlene came in hand-in-hand. "Have we already broke the news?"

"We have" I said as Maxie turned her back as she stood and slipped into my arms as I hugged her. "I have no choice but to do it."

"Fortunately for you I'm here and you're not gonna have to try" Eddie said as the room grew quiet and I wondered what he could have meant by that.

"I agree with Eddie" Darlene said. "You're in no position to take on the responsibility."

"But the money like I told you would make things a lot easier" I said.

"Sarah sweety you're 18 years old and not ready to be a parent" Darlene reasoned. "Eddie and I have been discussing it and we think we have a solution to this that may make good sense for everyone."

"You've fallen madly in love with me and you're planning to adopt me?" Megan asked from the booth she was now relaxing in. A laugh rippling through the room.

"You're half right" Eddie said. "We'd like to take custody of Maxie instead."

"Say that again?" Maxie and I asked in shock. Darlene coming over and taking Maxie's hand and saying, "You know how much Eddie and I think of you."

"I thought you cared about me..."

"We both love you" Darlene insisted. "And we would love to have you join our little family."

"Are you serious?" Maxie asked.

"Yes!" Eddie said with a smile. "Whatta ya say Max?"

"I could come and stay with you guys on the weekend sometime?" Maxie asked as I listened and worried.

"You could move in the spare bedroom if you want" Darlene said as Maxie squealed and practically jumped from my arms to Darlene's as the two smiled at each other.

"What about me and Tay dating?" I asked bluntly as everyone stopped and looked at me like I was weird.

"What about it?" Eddie asked.

"She wants to know if this is gonna create problems with us dating" Maxie said seriously. "And if it does I don't..."

"If we had objections to you two dating don't you think we'd have made those clear long ago?" Eddie asked as I took a deep breath and blushed a bit. "So is everyone on the same page now?"

"Can I still spend the night with Sarah?" Maxie asked as she went over and hugged Eddie.

"She sleeps on the couch and not with me just so you know" I said as Maxie and Eddie laughed.

"I don't think anything needs to change" Eddie announced. "And before anyone asks about the money you two can decide what to do with it."

\/ {* ~ *} \/ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"I GOT IT, I GOT IT" I screamed from left field as I watched a shot launched from the bat of Cindy as it soared higher and higher and came directly towards me.

"NOT YOU DON'T, NO YOU DON'T" Cindy hollered back as I went back as far as I could and looked up as the ball flew over my head by about 10 feet and crashed down in the woods beyond the left field fence.

"Damn!" I said as Cindy posed at home plate proudly. Even by Cindy's standards that was a shot and half I thought as she handed the bat to the next girl and I retook my position in left field. Managing to shag one or two more balls over the next few minutes as the tryouts continued on. Finally Coach Rowe signaled for me to come in and meet her at Second base.

"Yeah Coach?" I asked as I breathed ragged from the jog in.

"You're doing a good job out there" Coach Rowe said simply. "Did you say you'd never played on a team before?"

"Yeah" I confirmed and could have shit myself when I saw Bre and Dakota coming in through the fence beside first base. "I played some pick up games but never like this."

"Well how do you feel about playing the outfield?" Coach Rowe asked.

"I guess" I said with a shrug. "I can give it a try if you think it's best."

"You've got quick feet, good speed, a strong accurate arm and great awareness" Coach said. "I think you'll be perfect."

"You mean I made the team?" I asked in hope.

"I'll announce that after tryouts today" Coach Rowe said. "With the rainout yesterday we are really backed up and I've got like 20 more girls to tryout."

"OH OK" I said as my hopes fell a bit.


"Excuse me?" Coach asked as we both looked to see Molly sitting in the stands and grinning victoriously.

"NO ONE INVITED YOU!" I screamed back as Molly laughed and I walked over to join her on the stands. "What are you doing here?"

"Chloe had a late class so I come to root you on and I see you're ex and her new psycho showed up" Molly said as she looked at Bre and Dakota down on the field and waiting for the Coach.

"Take it easy on Dakota?" I asked. "I know what she did but she's still my girl and all. So are you."

"I'm your wing man" Molly said as we exchanged fist bumps (terrorist fist bump to you Fox "News" viewers). "I didn't know you were trying out cause you weren't here yesterday before the rains came."

"I got here late yesterday after dealing with my looney friend, Alisha" I said as Molly laughed. "We're fighting and all."

"You're ex-best friend that just came to town?" Molly asked.

"Dat be her" I said. "Why don't you and Chloe come over tonight and meet her?"

"OK" Molly said simply.

"Speaking of ex's...well...when are you gonna go and see Megan?" I asked.

"I don't know that I want too" Molly admitted. "It's not important to me really."

"You're weird" I said as she laughed and we began to wrestle on the bleachers.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Those two are nuts" I said as I watched Molly and Cally wrestle on the bleachers above us. Dakota just giggling at my accusation.

"So you think you gotta chance to make the team?" Dakota asked.

"Hopefully we both will" I said cryptically.

"Both?" Dakota asked as I opened the gym bag that was thrown over my shoulder and showed her the brace (and ACE bandage) that was now inside. The molded fiberglass one that Mindy had just returned a couple of days ago. "Where did you get that?"

"Laney brought it to me during school" Bre said smugly as I spotted Laney coming down the trail leading to Francis field. "Speaking of..."

"Hey!" Laney said as she came onto the field and grinned when she saw us. "You show it to her yet?"

"Just did" Bre said as they exchanged grins and my nerves suddenly started. "Now we gotta make her try out."

"And just who are you?" Coach Rowe asked as she walked up with her clipboard in hand.

"Bre Kelton, Dakota Lane" I said nervously.

"You're not on my list so what are you doing here?" Coach asked.

"We showed up yesterday just as the rain came" I explained. "Didn't get a chance to talk to you."

"OK, you got thirty seconds, talk now" Coach Rowe demanded.

"Coach Plotkowski from the Field Hockey team recommended I try out" I said. "She won't let me back on the team."

"And you?" Coach asked Dakota.

"She's making a come back" I said as I produced the knee brace from my bag.

"A come back from what?"

"I played a couple years ago back home in Pittsburgh, Field Hockey not softball and got hurt and this is the first time I've..."

"Well what positions you have in mind?" Coach asked in a demanding voice and as much as confirming that she would let us tryout.

"The outfield?" I asked nervously. "I have no idea."

"Me either."

"OK" Coach Rowe said as she studied her clipboard. "I want you in Centerfield, Kelton and you Lane in...right field."

"Right now?" Dakota and I asked in perfect tandem.

"No let's wait fifteen minutes until it rains again" Coach Rowe said. Laney giggling and drawing Coach's eyes. "You trying out too?"

"Nope, just here for moral support is all" Laney said. "I'll be up there."

"Get your knee brace on and hit the field" Coach said to me and Dakota.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Why the hell is Shrek and Vanessa's lackey here?" I asked as Veronica and Chiquita strolled in through the gate and went over to talk to the coach.

"I have no idea and it can't be good" Cally said as we each now sipped on sodas. "When was the last time you saw Mindy?"

"She was with Courtney in school earlier and then I didn't see her after that" I said. "Thinking the two of them might have done something?"

"It's unlikely" Cally said. "And I don't like this not knowing."

"Too bad we don't all have cell phones" I said. "Be a whole lot easier to keep in touch."

"If I got you one would you carry it?" Cally asked me.

"I'm not gonna let you buy me a cell phone" I replied.

"Just answer the question!"

"OK sure" I said finally.

"Besides my Dad owns stock in a few AT&T stores so I can get them for next to nothing" Cally said. "I'll look into it."

"If you say so Mommy Warbucks" I said as Cally laughed and pushed me playfully. A long moment of silence returning as I watched Bre and Dakota take the outfield and Veronica got to the plate. It was easy to why she tried out I remarked as me and Cally watched her launch ball after ball into the astrosphere. Several of them being tracked down by Bre and Dakota in center and right field but the pop ups to left being misplayed (horribly) by the girl who replaced Cally (Patty Peterson). She was clearly out of place in the outfield.


"YEAH?" Cally screamed back.

"Left field" Coach Rowe said as Cally grinned and snatched her glove before bumping shoulders with me and going lumbering down the stands and sprinting into the outfield. Being passed by the Peterson girl as she came back in and found herself planted at second base now. "Veronica, you man first base. Chiquita you're up to bat."

"You got it coach" Veronica said as she lumbered down to first and even I had to admit she'd been impressive so far.

Chiquita stepped up as the pitcher (Lisa Wilcox) delivered a few easy ones at first and watched as the ball got drilled in line drive fashion on pitch after pitch. I still couldn't help but wonder where her leader was, that whore Vanessa. But this much was clear: she could hit. Line drive after line drive proved that.

"Good play Peterson" Coach Rowe said as the girl Cally replaced in Left field had just snagged a wicked one hop line drive with a backhand stab and then fired a missile to first. "I think we found your comfort zone."

A few more hits and Chiquita handed over the bat to another girl (a Kelly Markee) and talked to Coach for a moment before heading into the dugout and disappearing for the time being. Cindy (who had been watching from behind third base) grabbed her glove and came when Coach motioned for her. She was soon assigned 3rd base duty as the Asian girl who had been playing there (Hana Peterson, Patty's sister) moved over to shortstop. That was when Chiquita emerged from the dugout in the catchers equipment and headed back behind home plate.

"Hey girlfriend who abandons me but I love with all of my heart" Chloe said as she came up the stands.

"Abandons you? You had a late class" I protested as she sat down beside me and hugged my arm.

"You used to wait for me" She pointed out.

"I could again if you want" I said before kissing her. "You think?"

"Not at all" She said simply. "I like having time to myself. Makes our time that much more special."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" I asked.

"I don't intend to find out" Chloe said as I smiled.

More action on the field ensued as Chloe and I watched on. Cindy made a fabulous play at third base on a ball that was smoked right at her. While Bre ran down a ball in center field that I thought for sure she couldn't get to. And Dakota showed that she had skills to when she fired a line drive like throw from right field on the fly to Patty Peterson at Second base. I thought to myself that the players on the field would make a great team.

"Did you notice the outfield before Bre came into bat?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah all members of the Mintz or they used to be" I said.

"No not that" Chloe said. "Cally used to date Bre who is now sorta dating Dakota and Dakota is Cally's best friend."

"Love triangle?" I asked.

"Not even" Chloe said. "Cally and Bre finally broke up in the cafeteria a couple days ago and I heard Cally was dating Alisha now."

"And who exactly is Alisha?"

"Cally had a bestie back in Omaha and that was her" Chloe explained. "She came here because she wanted to be with Cally."

"Cally wants us to come over tonight and meet her" I said as Chloe simply nodded. "And Cally mentioned something about buying all of us cell phones."

"Cool" Chloe said. "I hope she does."

"It doesn't bother you that somebody else will be paying the bill?" I asked.

"Nope, not one bit" Chloe said. "Cally knows I love her and if she thinks it's something we need and she wants us to have it who I am to argue?"

"Well I say you can't have one" I said Chloe groaned.

"I will kick your ass if you don't shut up" Chloe said as she got on her knees in front of me and kissed my lips. "You hear me half pint?"

"Oh I'm so scared of my little glowy" I said as she blushed and covered her face with her hands as I grinned victoriously. "I won't give you anymore rolling thunder if you keep mouthing off."

"Oh no I sowwy" Chloe said with a pooched lip and looking pleadingly as I grinned and kissed her softly. "MMMMMM Glowy want it now."


"Yeah?" I asked as I looked over to see Shelby had finally arrived in the stands. "Oh hey Shel."

"Did Cindy make the team yet?" Shelby asked. "Or have you two sluts even been watching?"

"GRRRRRRR I'm not a girlfriend is" I said as Shelby laughed and Chloe began her protest.

"SHHHHHHHH listen" Shelby said as Coach Rowe held court now on the field below.

"I've made my final cuts and I have here the eight starters, 4 pitchers and 3 reserves that I've chosen" Coach Rowe said as everyone listened nervously. Dakota and Bre holding hands nervously and the Peterson sisters hugging nervously from beside them. "First things first, my catcher will be Chiquita Marsoon."

"Can I be called Chi?" Chiquita asked. "If that's OK? Wait I made the team?"

"Pay attention Chi" Hana giggled as everyone laughed.

"Chill!" Coach Rowe boomed. "At first base is Veronica..."

"Fucking Shrek looking freak" I grumbled under my breath.

"At second base, Patty Peterson and joining her is Hana as our shortstop" Coach Rowe announced. The Peterson sisters began dancing around and smacking high fives as they giggled and celebrated. Everyone else laughing as they watched. "At third base is, of course, Cinderella Sullivan."

"It's Cindy please!"

"Ohmigod I'm surprised she didn't even seem to care" Shelby said as she bounced around happily.

"And now the outfield, Cally Oliver in left, Bre Kelton in center and Dakota Lane in right" Coach Rowe rattled off as the celebration really began as Cally started jumping around and pumping her fist in the air. Her and Cindy doing a mid-air butt bump as me and Chloe laughed. Cally and Cindy then came charging up the stands after Coach Rowe had announced the rest of the team. Cindy and Shelby happily meeting a few rows down and Cally crashing down beside me and Chloe.

"Congratulations" I said as Cally bumped my shoulder happily.

"From me too Cal" Chloe said with a smile. "I'm glad you're happy after all the drama with Bre."

"I'm OK with that" Cally said. "And being on the same team with both of them I guess I'll have to be."

"Congratulations" Came the response from a girl who I knew I'd never met.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Alisha?" I asked with a huge smile as I jumped up to meet her. "You were watching?"

"Most of the time" She said as I bit my lip. "Rooting for you."

"You're not mad at me?" I asked.

"I don't want you to be mad at me" Alisha said. "Can we maybe go and celebrate?"

"Celebrate what?" I asked in my best smart-ass voice.

"This..." Alisha said as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. Then blushed and covered her face as a chorus of AWWWW's could be heard. "Can we go?"

"I'll see ya Molly and Chloe" I said in a complete daze as I took Alisha's hand and we walked off.