Scent of a Girl - Episode 36 "Where the Hell Have You Been?"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Can you please explain to me what that was out there?" I asked as I trailed a silent Alisha up the steps to my room. "Alisha?"

"Come in here" Alisha said as she dragged me inside and closed the door behind me. "Can we discuss this in private?"

"You just kissed me in front of half the school and now you're concerned about privacy?" I asked as I dumped my bag in the floor.

"I just wanted to show you how bad I wanted to be with you" Alisha said. "And now I'd like to be alone with you."

"What about tomorrow in school?" I asked as I tossed my shoes into the corner. "Are we gonna be back to fighting?"

"I don't wanna fight but I'm not ready to make out with you in front of the entire school" Alisha said as she kicked off her shoes and tossed them into the corner and landing them on top of mine. Sparking memories of Omaha when she would spend the night (or just come over for a while) and would do that in the corner of my old bedroom by the closet door. "But I think we can work something out."

"You've already kissed me in front of the school" I reminded her a second time as I took off my t-shirt and saw the look on Alisha's face as she smiled at me. "What?"

"I am definitely not straight anymore" Alisha said.

"Well I sure hope so" I said as she laughed and rose from the bed and came over to meet me by the bathroom door. "And what makes you think that?"

"Let me put it this way..." She said before kissing me softly on the lips and trading her tongue for mine for a long moment. "...if you want some tonight you're gonna get it."

"HMMMMMMMMM" I started to say before the phone began ringing. I groaned as Alisha hugged me and said, "Get it, I need a shower and you can join me if you hurry."


"Is this Cally?" the girl on the other end of the phone asked. "This is Patty Peterson from the softball team?"

"This is her" I said. "What's up?"

"Coach Rowe had me call since I'm the co-captain and let everyone know we have practice tomorrow on Francis Field at five" Patty said. "OK?"

"I'll be there" I said as she chirped a "great, see ya then."

"Who was that?"

"Patty Peterson" I said. "She's on the softball team, she's the starting second baseman."

"Isn't she one of the two seniors?" Alisha asked as she pulled off her own t-shirt and tossed it at me.

"Yeah Patty and Lisa Wilcox are both 18" I said. "Co-captains and seniors this year."

"Hana Peterson is Patty's what? Younger sister?" Alisha asked. "I heard someone mention it at the tryouts."

"Hana's 15" I said as I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them down and off leaving me in only a thong and bra. "This is her first year at Mintzler."

"The picture keeps getting better" Alisha said as she gawked at my body. My eyes becoming transfixed on the belly ring that my best friend was now sporting. "You like?"

"Very sexy" I said and took a step towards her and the bathroom and was stopped cold by another ringing of the telephone. I snatched it up in a pissy mood as Alisha giggled, "What?"

"Always the charmer Calista" My Dad (David Thornton Oliver) said with a chuckle. "How is my lovely daughter?"

"About to get laid if you'll hang up" I said and was literally shocked when Dad laughed. "Dad? Is this really David Thornton Oliver?"

"Yes it is and for once I am in a relaxed mood and you cannot piss me off" He proclaimed. I usually take a claim like that as a personal mission. But his next words stopped me cold, "I've just signed a new defense contract with the federal government for 2.2 billion."

"That's the biggest contract you've had in years Dad" I said as Alisha joined me. "Congrats?"

"Well thank you daughter of mine" Dad said as we laughed. "And how about I make your life a little easier with a gift."

"You wanna buy me something?" I asked. "Not me having to beg for it?"

"You name it and I'll order it right now from Amazon" Dad said.

"I better make it big huh?" I ask and heard him again laugh.

"Yes you should" He said and suddenly it came back to me about my conversation with Molly earlier about the cell phones.

"How about cell phones for me and my friends?" I blurted out and expected him to say no immediately.

"How many are we talking here?" He asked. "10 or so?"

"I think that would about cover it" I said in complete shock. "Are you seriously considering this?"

"Placing the order as we speak and how about I throw in some of these new Macbook Air's that you kids seemed to love?" Dad asked.

"Sure Dad you do that and order me a blue one" I said and now convinced he was just jerking my chain or he'd lost his mind. My money is on the latter.

"I got a call on the other line Cal" Dad said. "I'll talk to you soon."

"The old man is losing his mind" I said as Alisha laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Did you see Max today at school?" I asked Cindy from the door to our bedroom as she tried on her new softball uni.

"Briefly at lunch" Cindy said.

"I SAW HER GOING INTO THE THERAPISTS OFFICE!" Laney squealed from her bedroom as she sat reading a magazine on her bed.


"And if she doesn't start staying here more often she's gonna get busted" Cindy pointed out.

"I know" I said as I turned and walked back into the living room just as the door to the hallway opened and in came Max with her book bag across her shoulder and sipping a soda like nothing had happened. "Finally decide to come home?"

"Yeah I thought it'd fun for a change" Max said as I gave her a dirty look.

"Where the hell have you been?" Cindy asked as she appeared at the bedroom door.

"Yeah where the hell have you been?" Laney asked as she appeared at the door to the bathroom. Cindy giggling at Laney's mimicking.

"Two of the three stooges folks" I said as Laney and Cindy met and shared a high five at their goofiness. "Seriously Max."

"Sarah's, then school, therapy..."

"Told you so!" Laney chimed in.

"...and then here" Maxie finished. "My usual."

"You had me worried" I said. "No more overnights at Sarah's for a while you're gonna get in trouble?"

"Actually I won't" Maxie said. "Because I got mega huge news. My lushy Mom is in town."

"Please don't tell me she's pulling you out of school?" I asked as I met Max by the mini-fridge.

"No she's gonna sign over custody of me to Eddie and Darlene" Maxie said as the atomic bomb of shock swept over the room. "She claims she's dying and got all of this money and now she's gonna let Eddie and Darlene, at least I hope so, have custody until I'm 18."

"If you're making this shit up I'm gonna stomp you" Cindy said to Maxie.

"I'm not" Maxie said. "And Eddie and Darlene said I could move into their spare bedroom if I want to and that way I can see Sarah anytime I want."

"You are not moving out" I demanded after I had recovered enough to think straight again. "Did you hear me?"

"But I'll just be down the road and you'll see me every day..."

"Nooooo!" I demanded in a louder voice. "We are your family as much as they are. We love you and you are not moving out of this suite and that is final."

"OK OK" Maxie said as I hugged her.

"Say it Max" I said. "Promise me now."

"OK I won't move out" Maxie said as I smiled.

"That means if you move anyway I get to kick your ass" Cindy said as Laney giggled. "Try me blondy, I dare you."

"Wait, did you say you're Mom was dying and had money now?" I asked as an almost after thought.

"Oh yeah" Maxie said. "Or so she claims. She told Sarah that she had some disease and stole some money from some rich dude and wanted Sarah to take custody of me and as it turned out Eddie and Darlene wanted me too."

"I'm sorry about your Mom" Laney offered as she now sat on the couch opposite Cindy. "If you need to talk."

"First, she's a world class liar, she's also clean she says" Maxie said as me and Cindy laughed. Poor Laney having to be filled in on the history of Carolyn's (Maxie's Mom) drunken phone calls filled with lewd rants. "And two, even if it is true I could care less. That evil woman doesn't deserve my love and I finally realized that."

"UMMMMMMMM...anybody wanna play a board game?" Laney asked as a heavy silence hung in the air.

"How about strip poker?" Cindy asked as her and Laney laughed.

"Take it off baby" Laney said in a husky voice as she dragged Cindy to her feet and the two goofs started wrestling when Laney tried to pull up Cindy's t-shirt. Bad mistake. Cindy soon had her over her knee and in perfect place for a hard ass slap. Only to be bowled over by a charging Maxie who saved Laney and successfully pulled our newest roommate to safety as Cindy glared at the two as she came after them.

"Another fun filled night in the Mintz Suite" I laughed as a squeal of laughter came from the bedroom that Cindy had chased Maxie and Laney into. "I better go and save Cindy before she gets killed."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ BRE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I can't believe we both made the softball team" Bre said as we arrived back at her dorm and stood in front of her door. I simply smiled.

"I know, it's kinda weird that this morning I hadn't even considered playing softball but now I'm on the team" I said as Bre opened the door and walked inside and dragged me along as I giggled. "You feel the same way right?"

"I'm in shock" Bre said as she grinned so wide it made my heart beat faster. "And the best thing?"

"Me?" I asked as Bre looked back at me from the dresser and grinned knowingly. "No Molly. She can't involve herself in this no matter how hard she tries."

"Is that why you did this?" I asked as I leaned against the back of the door.

"No but it's a definite benefit" Bre said. "We'll be going on weekend trips and that means three whole days without seeing her."

"What's the big deal about seeing her?" I asked.

"She's annoying with her...crap" Bre said.

"Is this love, hate thing you two got going on gonna last for a while?" I asked. "I can let myself out and not come back."

"I thought you wanted to be with me?" Bre asked pointedly as she looked directly at me.

"I only wanna be with you if you want me and not her."

"She just made me feel like I was missing something great" Bre repeated as her rational.

"And you started dating Cally" I pointed out. "Bre you made that decision."

"After I caught Molly in bed with Chloe" Bre complained.

"And you went chasing after Cally like five seconds after sleeping with Molly. Or what resembles sleeping together."

"HMMMMMMM" Bre said as she was now deep in thought and sat down absentmindedly on the bed. I wasn't sure what to do so I sat down on the other side and waited for a few long moments as she digested what I had said.


"What I did was pretty stupid" Bre finally said. I looked at her as she met my gaze and half-smiled. "Both chasing after Cally and how I did Molly."

"And Cally too" I added as she gave me a shocked look and soon reached over and push my shoulder playfully. "So am I gonna be next?"

"Shut up" Bre said as I laughed and curled up into a ball on my side as she rose and started poking at me in protest. "It's not funny and you're being mean."

"It's not my fault you're the first lesbian in history to not like pussy" I said as she gave me an evil look before she attacked for real and latched onto my tickle spots and made me literally squeal in laughter. After a few moments of torture I began to return the favor and made her squeal even louder as I gained control. That though only lasted a few moments as she was able to escape and slide off the bed and run for the door and made it out it just a split second before I could catch up. She went tearing down the hall towards the central staircase and kept looking back to make sure I was following, which I was. She sprinted down the staircase and disappeared somewhere in the deserted common room. "Damn it. Bre where did you go?"

"I'm not telling" I heard and saw a few strands of red hair splayed out over the back of one of the love seats and that signaled where she was hiding. I quietly snuck up behind it and darted up and found her laying face down, giggling at her own cleverness. "You have to find me if you want me."

"You mean like now?" I asked as she jumped and looked up in shock as I grinned.

"OH no" Bre said as I came over the back of the love seat and she rolled onto her back and was prepared to fight me. Holding her hands up to defend herself as I settled in beside her. "Aren't you gonna do anything?"

"Do you want me too?" I asked as she gave me a confused look.

"I thought you were chasing me to pay me back for tickling you" She said.

"So you liked that?"

"Obviously" She said with a blushing grin. "I was having fun."

"And you're not mad at me for picking on you?"

"For some reason when you do it I like it" She admitted as I smiled and carefully slid a hand across her flat stomach and soon enough had my arm across her stomach. "Though what you said was pretty mean."

"Really funny too" I said. She simply pointed at me as a warning as I grinned and she noticed my hand and asked, "Are you making a move on me?"

"Yep" I said as I poked her in the ribs and got her to squeal and rolled away from that hand and into my arms. Both slipping around her snugly now. "Haha."

"That was so sneaky" She said in protest as she looked back at me. I laid my chin on my her shoulder as she smiled too. "I should be mad at you."

"Probably should" I agreed.

"Why am I not?" She asked.

"You wanna be here as much as I do?" I asked as Bre blushed and bit her lip and I swear I said a mini prayer in hopes that she would give me at least a small sign that she agreed with me.

"Don't let go for a while?" She finally asked as she looked me right in the eye. "This feels good after all I've been through."

"And it's all about you?" I asked softly. "I got my heartbroken too you know?"

"I know that Dakota" She said. "I didn't mean to make you think that I was the only one who's been through hell."

"It just feels like you don't want me" I said. "You've actually never said you did..."

"You just wanna hear me say it?" Bre asked.

"Be nice..."

"I'm falling in love with you" Bre blurted out as my heart soared at that announcement and her gentle touch as she caressed my cheek with the back of her hand. "So now will you just hold me for a while?"

"Until you say stop" I said as she smiled and snugled back into my arms. I gently nuzzled the back of her neck and breathed in deep, scent of a girl, and knew instantly that I was falling deeply in love with this amazing, complicated girl in the arms. "Me too Bre. I swear, me too."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey!" Mindy said as I came out of the bathroom and almost bumped into her as she was coming in. "Where have you been all day?"

"Softball tryouts" I said as Mindy groaned. "You forgot your sister was trying out?"

"I kinda forgot everything" Mindy said with a dreamy smile. "Had other things on my mind."

"So you and Courtney going good again?" I asked.

"WOWZERS" Mindy said as she kind of bounced around and was obviously dying to tell someone what her and Courtney had apparently did.

"I can guess why your brain is scrambled" I said as she giggled and hugged my arm as she walked with me back down the hall.

"Uh huh...and oh yeah, did Cindy make the team?" Mindy asked.

"Starting third baseman" I said as Mindy seemed mystified. "You don't know much about softball?"

"I never had much interest" Mindy said. "That was always Cindy's thing."

"But I do know what a third baseman is though" She said. "Who else made the team?"



"Yep and get this, she's playing the outfield with Bre and Dakota" I said as Mindy gave me a disbelieving look.

"But Dakota can't play because of her knee" Mindy said with a worried look on her face.

"She had a knee brace on with an ace bandage under it and she looked like it was stable" I said. Mindy though still seemed to be concerned.

"I just don't want her getting hurt" Mindy said softly. "But nothing I can do about it now."

"If you're so worried about her then go and check on her" I said. "She was here earlier with Bre, I think."

"If I see here" Mindy said as she shrugged. "I better get back or Courtney will worry. I'll see ya Punky."

"Night Scooby" I said as I watched her walk off and wondered what was going on. Shrugging it off and hoping it was nothing I slipped inside my room to find the phone was ringing. Chloe grabbed it as I changed into my night clothes.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello?" I asked.

"Chloe?" Shelby asked from the other end of the phone.

"Yeah what's up?"

"The lady from the Admin building called and said they had you a new room so you can move" Shelby said sarcasticly as I laughed. "5 months late."

"Where's my new room?"

"Other end of the hall from where you are right now" Shelby announced. My mouth dropped open in shock as Molly gave me a confused look. "Said to come by tomorrow and get the key."

"Great" I said as Shelby laughed. "Only 2 months left of school and I finally got my own room."

"And you're Dad called" Shelby said. "I said I'd have him call you back. As always."

"I'll call him back" I said. "Thanks Shel."

"You know it" Shelby said.

"Tell Cindy I said congrats on making the team and all" I said.

"We'll do" Shelby said as we hung up.

"Looks like I'm moving" I said as Molly gave me a mystified look.


"After 5 months of living with you the morons who run this place decided to give me my own room" I said as Molly laughed. "It sucks."

"At least now you can hang up your clothes again" Molly commented.

"And so can you" I said as I joined her by the computer and kissed her. "Thank you for taking care of me all this time."

"Uh huh" Molly said as she kissed me back. "I promised you I'd treat you right."

"And you sure did" I said as Molly opened the top drawer to the dresser and gave me an idea when I saw the strap-on that had been there since the day I moved in. I quickly plucked it out and showed it to my girlfriend.

"Yeah?" Molly asked with an amused smile. "You gonna use it on me?"

"No you're gonna stop talking and do me the way you've been promising" I said as I turned my back to Molly and held the fake cock up to my butt. "What do you think of that as a way to say thank you?"

"I'm not gonna let you do it to pay me back for something" Molly said as she now spiked her hair up in the mirror.

"But I seriously wanted to try it and you haven't mentioned it lately" I said. "Can we try it?"

"Now you're talking my language" Molly said as she grinned at me and I joined her as I handed her the strap-on and we kissed deeply. Molly's arms slipping around me and down to my ass as she squeezed my cheeks in her hands and grinned at me when we parted. Then slowly pushing down my shorts and revealing my thong as I slipped from her arms and turned my back so she could get a closer look. Molly grinned as she dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down my shorts and let me step out of them. She then delivered a sizzling kiss to each of my ass cheeks as she pulled down my thong and had me step out of that. "Really really pretty ass."

"You gonna stick something in it finally?" I asked as Molly rose and took off my shirt and left me nude.

"Yes I am baby" Molly answered as I turned and helped her out of her shirt and then her own shorts and left her naked as well. Another long slow kiss as Molly slipped the harness on and adjusted it so it was comfortable. She then had me turn again and moved in behind me as she guided me to lean forward onto the desk and had me move one foot onto the seat of the chair as I looked back. Molly covering the cock with a lube before she slid in closer and lined it up with my asshole. A gentle push later her cock head slipped inside and she slowly began butt fucking me and I started moaning like I was being hurt. My pussy immediately responded and started spasming wonderfully as Molly got deeper and deeper inside me. So deep in fact that her thighs quickly began spanking at my ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMMMMM finally getting to butt fuck you."

"OHMIGOD it feels so good right now" I moaned back to her as I watched every stroke. Her stomach heaving a bit in and out and her hands sliding up my back to just below my shoulders as she drove the cock in and out of my asshole a bit harder. Molly pulled all the way out till her cock head caught on my asshole ring and then plunged it back in and clenched her ass to get it even deeper. My pussy spasming harder and Molly's body tensing as she moaned with me now and both of us drew close to an orgasm. "MMMMMMMMMM so close to cumming."

"AWWWWWWW not yet my baby" Molly moaned as she slowed and sunk all the way inside before stopping and making me almost scream with the pleasure. She then shocked me as she pulled out and took my arm as she sat down in the chair I had just had my foot propped on and had me get over her. Guiding me down to her cock and at first I thought she wanted it in my pussy but instead she guided it back into my asshole. I was just beginning to drip sweat as I sunk all the way down and started to bounce on her cock as it pistoned in and out of my asshole once more. I held onto the back of the chair and pounded down on her so she could see my titties bounce. "MMMMMMM getting to see my titties bounce now Molly, you like that?"

"MMMMMMM oh god, oh god watching your titties bounce while I'm butt fucking you is gonna make me cum" Molly moaned as her hands clutched into either side of my waist and she bounced me more aggressively and we both moaned even louder and without much advance notice we both began an awe inspiring orgasm.

"MMMMMMMMM that rivals your rolling thunder baby" I moaned as I now sat across her thighs and then kissed her lips softly. A kiss that lasted seemingly forever.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Well finally you decide to get my eggs to me" Mel complained as Holly (the new waitress) delivered his order and gave him a good natured smile.

"She's new Mel" I said from behind the counter. "You run her off with your grouching and bitching, you're gonna replace her in that skirt."

"That doesn't concern me cause I have the legs for it" Mel said as I rolled my eyes and everyone seemed to laugh.

"Can I please take a break?" Holly asked as I motioned her to sit down and Darlene came out of the kitchen and wiped her head with a towel. "Now I see why Megan comes home so tired."

"You get used to it after a while" I said. "Just keep in mind to take a seat every moment you get to conserve your energy."

"And you're feet?" Holly asked. "Mine are killing me."

"Soak them in epsom salt every night for a few minutes and you should be fine" Darlene chimed in.

"That works" I said as Holly smiled. "Oh yeah, how is the apartment hunt coming?"

"I got one if I can come up with 300 bucks rent by weeks end. My dad's pension check should solve that" Holly said, "Not a palace but it beats being back in Green Bay all by myself."

"Damn it" Holly groaned as another customer came in and she started to get up.

"Stay put I'll handle it." I said.

"Can I help you...ohmigod" I stammered as I recognized Carolyn. "I was thinking you weren't coming back."

"I considered that" She said as I motioned for her to sit down. "But this is too important for my own selfish desires to take precedence."

"To say the very least" I said.

"I say we get right to this" Carolyn said. "I hope you have decided to except my offer?"

"No I haven't" I said softly. "But my friends and the owners of this place have decided to."

"That would be me and my husband" Darlene chimed in after having stood quietly by. "Maxie has spent a great amount of time here and she has by extension became a part of our family."

"They really would be a good choice to keep Max out of trouble" I said as Darlene laughed.

"It's not like I have much of a choice" Carolyn said with a tired deep breath.

"She's gonna be in good hands" I said softly.

"We love Maxie" Darlene said as I grinned and hugged her. "We'd make sure she never forgets her mother."

"She doesn't wanna remember me and nor should she" Carolyn said. "My crimes have far out weighed my good deeds in reference to my daughter."

"Please take a seat and I'll be right with you" I told a gentleman as he came in.

"You take care of him and let me have a moment with Ms. Bradlidge" Darlene said as I simply nodded and tended to my duties. Taking his order and that of another customer who also came in shortly after. By the time I was able to look back and hope to catch up on the events...Carolyn was once again gone. I rushed to the counter and asked, "What did she say?"

"Eddie and I got full custody!" Darlene announced as I squealed and impulsively hugged her. "Good news?"

"The best news ever" I said as Darlene smiled and we hugged again.