Scent of a Girl - Episode 37 "With the Rising of the Sun"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello?" I asked as I heard someone pick up the phone in the Mintz Suite.

"Yeah?" Came Maxie's familiar voice.

"Well I have good news" I said as she giggled. "You have new parents."

"Seriously?" Maxie asked with excitement in her voice. "Eddie and Darlene?"

"No me and Megan" I said as Maxie laughed. "Yes Eddie and Darlene. They'll be on campus later to make sure the school knows."

"WOW!" Maxie said. "So I can come see you anytime I want?"

"According to Eddie you can" I said as Maxie squealed and started jumping around in excitement. A loud wrapping come at the door and prompting me to stick my head out of the bathroom door and look around for Megan. Finding her in the kitchen in a dangerously short night shirt. She grinned happily and (purposely) spun around and showed me her thong clad butt and that caused me to miss Maxie's next question and forced me to say, "What?"

"Are you coming with Eddie and Darlene on campus?"

"Yes I am" I said and hoping that I could. "Megs can you get the door?"

"Who is at the door?" Maxie asked.

"Sure" Megan said before grabbing my robe off the hook by the door and peaking out the peep hole to see who it was. She then groaned as she opened the door and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to take you to see my sister so you two sluts can finally have some peace" Holly said as she came inside.

"Tay I gotta go this place is about to go up like a meth lab" I said Maxie laughed. "I love you."

"Love you too, bye" Maxie said as we hung up and I wrapped a towel around me and came out of the bathroom just as Megan responded. "I don't wanna see her cause she doesn't wanna see me."

"I just think it's important for both of you" Holly said. "I got an apartment in town now and she'll be spending some time with me, I hope. And I don't want there to be this awkwardness between us when you come over."

"You're assuming she'll even wanna spend time with you" Megan fired back.

"Of course she will I'm her sister" Holly said.

"And she hates you" Megan said pointedly. "Or did you miss all those times she screamed that?"

"We've moved past that and now we're trying to be friends" Holly said with a hurt look.

"And you think forcing us to see each other is gonna make either one of us feel any better about you?" Megan asked.

"Not really involved other than this being my place but I think you should do it" I said as both looked at me and Megan's eyes opened suggestively as she saw the rather skimpy towel I had wrapped around me.

"Yeah let's just go and get it over with" Holly said. "That way you'll know for sure."

"Know what for sure?" Megan asked.

"That she doesn't love you anymore" Holly said softly.

"She doesn't" Megan said. "And she still does not wanna see me."

"Doesn't matter we're still going" Holly demanded as she handed Megan her pants and kicked the girls shoes across the room to her. She then picked up Megan's coat and handed it to her. Megan making me laugh as she snatched it from Holly's hand and grunting at her as she walked past her friend and out the front door.

"You sure this is the right thing to do?" I asked Holly as she grinned at me.

"Probably not" Holly said. "But nothing could be worse than what Megan has been going through over this thing. She deserves to have Molly at least tell her it's over."

"I hope you're right" I said. Holly gave me another half-hearted grin as she followed after her friend and closed the front door behind her. "Finally."

I slipped into some jeans and socks as the apartment was kind of chilly this morning and was about to walk out the door and head for Fast Eddie's Eats when the phone began ringing again. I smiled and figured it was Tay calling back with some last minute message for me to give to Eddie or Darlene but boy was I wrong. "Hello?"

"Sarah Fae Rae?" The woman who sounded suspiciously like my nutty mom (Phylicia) said. The nutty mom who is trying her best to torture my father to death in their divorce struggle from which I had thankfully escaped and hadn't even told them where exactly I had ended up. I had though called them from a pay phone every few weeks to let them know I was still alive but had refused to give them my home number for fear of this exact thing happening. Them finding me and coming to town and trying to force me to come home by any means necessary.

Mom though was the worst when I was younger. She's the kind of woman who insists on having the last word and won't stop talking till she gets it. Though she wasn't an especially bad mother in my early years it changed in my late teens when she "found god" and became Portland, Maine's version of Tammy Faye Baker. Make-up, hair, gawdy clothes and an undying "love for god" all contributed to her demand that I become her mini-me. It also lead directly to her breaking up of her own marriage to my father (Estill) and the war that ignited within the church that both of them attended. One half of the church taking my Dad's side and the other half taking Mom's side. Soon the lawsuits flew and the lawyers were getting rich and the church (and me) were dragged into the middle of an ever increasingly bitter feud between the two. All of this drove me into the arms of my low-life ex-boyfriend (Derek Lowenstein). Which only helped to make things worse when Dad hated him and Mom loved him. Dad was right about that one. Anyway...

"Yes Mom it's me" I said in a depressed mood.

"Praise the lord, glory be" She said in a celebratory voice. "I finally found you."

"Knock off the religion Tammy Faye we both know you only go to church to gossip" I said. "What do you want and how the hell did you get my number?"

"Well aren't we in a foul mood" Mom snapped.

"Yes we are because you called" I said. "What do you want cause I'm on my way out and don't care what horrible thing Dad did to you."

"Well what the..." Mom said in shock. "I have never heard you talk to me this way before."

"That's because you're usually so busy talking and not listening" I informed the old bat. "Now one more time and I'll ask, and this is the last time, what do you want?"

"You're just all full of spit and vinegar aren't you?" She asked in a bitter tone. "Been on your own for a few days and now you think you can make it without me."

"Over a year now Mom" I said. "Don't need you now and even if I did I wouldn't ask cause you and Dad are completely nuts."

"Well missy we found out where you are and we're coming to see you" Mom said in a nasty tone of voice.

"I knew you'd eventually find me and try to make my life a living hell again" I said. "You're really good at that."

"You take that back" She demanded as I hung up the phone calmly and laughed as I picked up my coat and heard the phone again. Knowing it was her and how obsessive she is about having the last word I just knew she'd keep calling until someone answered. So I turned off the ringer and walked out the door and headed for Fast Eddie's Eats with a smile on my face even though I know the looney tunes hour was coming to town in a few days.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I got up early this morning after having had a rather bland night of sleep and decided to watch something on Turner Classic Movies instead of going back to bed. The movie paused for a commercial when I went to fix myself an egg McMuffin knockout in the microwave and enjoy the solace of this early Minnesota morning. The movie concluded and after an early shower and a change of clothes I stood at the end of the hall and looked out the big double windows.

Thinking how the last couple weeks had flown by since Cindy had joined the softball team and had been gone (for the first time) over the weekend on a trip and how much I missed her. Thankful that she was back but also knowing that the school year was winding down and I wasn't sure at this very moment what I'd do at the end of the year with my uncertain family situation. And even more worrisome was my relationship with Cindy and how it would survive with her possibly spending the summer back in Los Angeles. Thankfully, before I could worry myself up an ulcer, the place began to stir.

Figuring, as I turned to head back to the room, that Laney and Cindy were probably already up. I was right as I walked into the room and heard them already chattering in front of the bathroom mirror.

" Shelby is doing the crossword puzzle in the paper and asks what's a six letter word for Dim bulb" Cindy said to Laney as I walked in to join them. "And I said Shelby."

"Shelby's a dim bulb" Laney giggled as she turned and saw me standing there and tried to stop laughing. "Oh boy."

"That was not funny" I said as Cindy turned and started laughing as she said, "Yes it was."

"I'm sorry but it is" Laney giggled. "It was funny."

"You're basically calling me stupid" I said.

"She can be a bit over dramatic at times" Cindy said as she kissed me and laughed when I glared at her.

"Ain't that the truth" Maxie said as she arrived at the bathroom door and watched on. "And look what I found in the floor."

"Where did you get a bottle of wine, Max?" I asked as I joined her and took the bottle from her.

"That's mine" Laney said as I looked at her in confusion. "I bought it at the airport on the way here and figured I might need it."

"What were you planning to do? Christen a cruise ship?" Maxie asked as everyone laughed and Laney gave all of us a sour look.

"No" She said as she took it from me. "My family uses it for celebrations."

"You could get in trouble for that" I pointed out.

"Who's gonna rat her out, you?" Cindy asked as she kissed me again and I gave her a determined look.

"No, but I don't think we should have this" I said. "Maxie is a pain when she gets drunk."

"Funny as hell is more like it" Cindy said as Maxie grinned. "Remember the time she asked Chloe if she could make love to her hair?"

"I don't" Maxie giggled. "But everyone thought it was funny."

"I still don't want you drinking this" I said to Maxie as the giggling died.

"Why not?"

"Because you're fucking mother is a drunk and chances are you will be too" I snapped and immediately regretting blurting that out.

"I am nothing like my damn mother" Maxie said without a trace of a smile. "And I do not have a drinking problem."

"No you're right you don't have a problem because nothing has happened lately that makes you feel bad" I said. "Because I know full well what happens when you can't handle something."

"Fuck you" Maxie said. "I've been in therapy for like 4 months almost every day and I haven't had a single drink or done anything but you won't let it fuckin die."

"Why are we fighting over my wine?" Laney asked as a way (I think) to break up the argument. "How did you find it anyway?"

"I was looking for that book you said to give to Sarah" Maxie said.

"The Twilight book?"

"Yeah!" Maxie answered. "And your bag was open."

"I was getting something out last night and forgot to zip it back" Laney said.

"OK, fine I was wrong" I said. "I'm sorry Max."

"OK" Maxie said as she simply turned and walked off.

"Why the hell did you start a fight over something that stupid?" Cindy asked.

"She's my best friend and I worry about her" I said in my own defense.

"I think you over reacted" Laney said.

"Me too" Cindy said as I remained silent. Cindy then asking Laney, "And why do you still have stuff in your luggage?"

"Because I didn't know if I'd be staying" Laney said. "I wasn't sure if I'd have any friends here."

"Well don't you think it's time you unpack the damn thing?" Cindy asked as Laney smiled.

"I agree" I said as I took off in the direction of her bed as Laney gave chase and soon we were involved in a wrestling match on her bed as she tried to stop me from doing it.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"MMMMMMMMMM hey sexy girl" Alisha said as she slipped in behind me as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and combed my still wet hair. Wrapping her arms around me and kissing my neck as I smiled at her. "Thank you for last night."

"Thank you too" I said as she gave me a wicked grin. "Nice to be with someone who wants to be with me."

"After the last couple of weeks I sure do" She said proudly. "MMMMMMMM best sex I've ever had."

"Oh yeah" I agreed as I turned and kissed her softly on the lips.

"And while I love this I really do need to head back to my room and get ready for school" Alisha said. "OK?"

"No" I said as she slipped from my arms and giggled when I grabbed by the shorts and refused to let her go.

"Let me go you butt whore" She squealed as I looked at her in shock.

"Butt whore?" I asked as she grinned knowingly and I knew then she knew something about me that I'd never told her. "Where did that come from?"

"From your dresser drawer and the bottle of astroglide" She said. "You think I don't know what people use that for?"

"You're a nosey little bitch" I said as she grinned victoriously. "When did you find this?"

"About a week ago" She giggled.

"And why didn't you mention it before now?" I asked.

"Was hoping you'd mention it" Alisha said with another wicked grin. "But since you didn't I guess you lost interest, huh?"

"I didn't mention it cause I didn't want you to think I was a freak" I said.

"And the thought never crossed your mind that I might be a freak too?" She asked as I smiled.

"Honestly?" I asked, "Yeah."

"Too bad you didn't mention it sooner cause now I've lost interest" Alisha said as she backed away into the other room and giggled when I came after her. She scrambled onto the bed and slid to the other side against the wall and grinned as I came after her. Only to be stopped cold by a loud sharp knocking at the door. I groaned as I crawled back off the bed and slipped into some shorts and a t-shirt. Alisha covering up with a blanket (both of us had been in undies) and opened the door to see a black guy with a PDS uniform on. PDS (Personal Delivery Service) being my Dad's small delivery company that delivers mostly in the Minnesota area. "Yeah?"

"Calista Elizabeth Oliver?" Eugene the PDS guy asked.

"That's me and I know who sent this" I said as I signed his pad. "Where is it?"

"Right here" Eugene said as I stepped into the hallway and nearly wet my panties when I saw the huge ass box sitting on the dolly with a box only slightly smaller sitting on top of it. "What in the hell has my crazy ass father done now?"

"Looks like furniture" Alisha giggled as Eugene wheeled the boxes inside and left without a word as Alisha closed the door and I attempted to rip the tape off the box. Finding it much easier when Alisha broke out the razor and sliced it open with a smirk. "How it is that I'm the smart one?"

"It's something new cause it's never happened before" I said as she made a face at me that was sooo typical Alisha when I got her good. I was still grinning over the 'battle of the wits' win when I ripped open the box and nearly fainted when I saw what it was. An entire case (10) of brand new MacBook Air Pro's. "OHMIGOD!"

"Are those fucking real?" Alisha asked and all I could do was nod yes as I took a seat on the bed and practiced breathing for a moment. Dad had apparently lost his marbles and was showing all the signs of needing to be locked up cause the laptops were very much real. AND so were the cell phones that were in the other box. HOLY SHIT!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I got up early and took a shower. Coming back out I saw that Courtney's door was slightly opened and having not seen her the previous night because we both had homework I stopped and peaked inside and was surprised when I didn't immediately see her. Then being scared nearly out of my towel when she walked into the room behind me and whistled at the sight of me in a towel. My heart sped and I spun around and was relieved to see it was. "What? Who? How?"

"Hey Shakespeare" She said with a grin. "Snooping?"

"Your door was open and I was looking for you" I said. "Duh!"

"Sure you were" Courtney said as she kissed me. "Find any of my kinky sex toys?"

"Remind me again why I love you?" I asked as she laughed.

"Cause I'm good in bed?" She asked with a horny smile.

"That you are" I said as she kissed me and we were soon so lost in each other. The ringing phone was the only reason something further didn't happen because my towel was already beginning to come off. "Fuck!"

"We almost did" Courtney said with a smirk as she picked up her phone and the smile left her face as she told them. "Hold on Dad."

"Something wrong?"

"Don't be crazy" Courtney said. "Just my Dad and all. This might take a while so is it OK if I just catch up with you in school?"

"It'll take that long?" I asked in confusion.

"I promise I'll explain later, OK?" Courtney asked as I shrugged and kissed her before I left. At that moment, as I left the room and closed the door behind me, I didn't really think anything of it. Stopping to yawn and stretch in front of my door and being surprised when Bre's door popped open and out came Dakota. She spotted me and grinned awkwardly as I walked down the hall to join her.

"Hey" She said.

"You spent the night with Bre?" I asked.

"Yeah" Dakota said. "We got back late from the game last night and I crashed here instead of going home."

"Did you win?" I asked.

"Of course we did" Dakota said with a bright smile. "I had two hits and Bre made a game saving catch."

"You're like 8 and 0 now, right?"

"Actually we've won 9 games and yes still undefeated" Dakota said as I just happen to look down and see her knee looked to be swelled slightly. "Is your knee OK?"

"It's been swelling up lately" Dakota admitted. "Hurting too."

"You remember what happened last time it started doing that?" I asked and I could tell she was worried.

Thinking back to our 8th grade year and the injury she suffered when we were simply running around and playing on the soccer field. Her knee buckled and she wasn't able to walk for like a week afterwords.

"I have a team that's counting on me..."

"So? What good will you be to the team if you can't walk?" I asked. "And remember what your parents said about it."

"I'd have to come home if it happened again" Dakota said.

"I don't wanna see that happen" I said.

"Why would you care?" She asked purposely. "You didn't even care enough not to cheat on me."

"That doesn't mean I still can't worry about you" I said.

"You don't have to" Dakota said.

"I can't help it" I said. "You're such a huge part of me that..."

"Still?" Dakota asked.

"Well yeah" I said softly. "You can't love someone that much for that long and just stop all at once."

"You still love me?" Dakota asked as she looked right at me and for a long horrible moment I froze and couldn't say anything. Finally just as my mind formed the answer and my mouth prepared to say it Bre's door popped open and out popped Bre with a smile on her face.

"What's going on?" Bre asked.

"Just talking about the team" I said softly and then muttered, "I something. See ya."

I walked away with my stomach turning inside out and the realization of what we had just been said and what remained unsaid. I quickly closed my door and leaned against the back of it and again felt that horrible feeling of confusion at what I felt. I simply started to cry into my hands and for the next hour or so that's all I did.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who would be calling this early in the morning" I griped as I rolled out of bed and waking Chloe up in the process. Her giving me an immediate smile as she saw my naked body. I snatched the phone up and asked, "What?"

"Where you sleeping?" Holly asked in a sarcastic voice and following it up with a giggle as I groaned and then slammed the phone down.

"Who was it?" Chloe asked with an amused smile.

"My whore sister" I said as Chloe laughed. "She lives to piss me off. I seriously wish she'd just go the fuck home and stay there."

"I kinda like her" Chloe said as she wrapped the sheet around her and sat up in bed. Shifting as her butt was a little sore from the activities of the previous night. "She's a refreshing change from the people we normally see."

"She's real alright" I said as I put on my Sammy Sosa jersey. "Really annoying."

"Be nice" Chloe said as she rolled out of bed and kissed me. "You love me?"

"Stupid question" I said as I kissed her back and slipped my arms around her. "What do you think?"

"Answer the question Punky" Chloe demanded.

"I love you with my all my heart" I said as she grinned.

"Then you should be nice to her cause I'm asking you to" Chloe said. "OK?"

"Saved by the bell" I giggled as the phone rang again and I immediately snatched it up. "Hello?"

"I'm bringing Megan to see you and meet Chloe" Holly blurted out. "Now hang up on me whore."

"You're what? Are you psycho? Don't answer that I already know" I said. "And why is it you always have to make my life a living hell?"

"You need to see Megan one more time and finish it with her" Holly said calmly. "And Megan needs to meet Chloe so she can move on."

"Holly making some sense?" Chloe asked with a smirk.

"She's bringing Megan to see me and meet you" I said as Chloe's smile disappeared.

"You've got an hour or so before school starts right?" Holly asked.

"If this stunt costs me Chloe..." I said as I clutched the phone in my fingers. "I'll put your ass in the hospital beside Mom. BITCH!"

"I think it's a good thing" Chloe said after I slammed the phone down again in a rage. "I wanna meet Megan and see if she really does have horns and a pitch fork."

"Jokes?" I asked. "That's your answer?"

"We are strong and very much in love" Chloe said. "I'm not worried about you seeing Megan."

"Fine" I said with a deep breath. "I'm going for a shower and hopefully they won't show up."

"It couldn't be" Chloe said as a loud wrapping came at the door.