Scent of a Girl - Episode 4 "That is How To Kiss A Girl"

Written by: TVM (



"Yeh I'll be out in a minute lover and we can really get busy" I said to Bre from the shower stall, who was standing on the other side by the mirrors. How time flies when you are loving life suddenly and even with all of the bizarre situations I had been in so far (Chloe/Maxie or Cally?), I was lovin life. Bre was now my constant companion, and since that day in her room, I had to find at least one moment in the day to mention our kiss. She always had the same reaction, blushing deep red with hands over her face followed by a playful push and her saying, "Shut up about that already."

It was fun to torture her and this morning was no different as she gave me a dirty look as I came out of the shower. Weird thing is, I found myself crushing big time on this girl, which made me put Chloe, and Cally for that matter, out of my mind for the time being. And for her part she seemed to love the attention and maybe it was just me, but she seemed to be flirting back at times. While still making it clear (at certain times) she wasn't interested. One event in particular during that next week stood out as a clear example of this. We snuck some wine coolers into the dorm and had a great time drinking and watching movies till late, like 4 a.m. So before I knew it, Bre had passed out on my bed. Her cute little ass took up nearly the entire bed, so I had to move her over and snuggle up to her to have any room for myself (not that I minded).

Anyway, She woke me next morning in an absolute all out panic attack, pacing back and forth in front of my bed. She managed to explain that she woke up with her shirt unbuttoned, she wasn't wearing a bra, and me snuggled up to her. She was convinced we had slept together. I couldn't control myself and started laughing so hard my sides hurt and she shot me a dirty look and said in a bitter voice "It's not fuckin funny, I'm not like that. You took advantage of me."

"NO.....I didn't you brain surgeon" I said as I gasped for breath in the middle of my laughter.

"HUH who are you calling...." She snapped before I cut her off.

"NOTHING HAPPENED" I screamed in one loud breath as she started to breath again finally. Color came back to her skin and she sat down on the bed as I continued to laugh. "Your drunk ass fell asleep on my bed, dumby. And took up most of the bed I might add, sooooo I had to crawl in beside you. Nothing happened Bre. Nothing."

"You sure?" She asked obviously still worried.

"Yeh I'm sure" I said breathing again after another bout of the giggles. "I would never take advantage of you. Geez you know me better than that. Don't you?"

"Yeh, I should have known that" She said, "Sorry for freaking out. Won't happen again."

"Yeh, uh huh, sure it won't" I said as I rolled off the bed and feeling grimy and more than ready for a shower I grabbed my towel as Bre followed after me. I stopped at the door and feeling her bump into me, I turned and with a wicked smile on my face, one I know she recognized, I pressed my lips to hers for a long moment. To my surprise their was no resistance on her part. I pulled away and she looked at me strangely as I gave her my best shit eating grin and said, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, now that time, I was taking advantage of you."

"What took you so long?" She asked as she grabbed my towel and ran out the door. Leaving me standing their dumbfounded and wondering what that could have meant. Was she serious? or was she paying me back for doing it. This girl was getting inside my head for sure and she loved to play games. That too was obvious.

After a hot shower, Bre took off for Field Hockey practice and I decided to wonder around the dorm on my final day of freedom before classes started. I took my usual seat on the bench beside the door in the entrance hall and watched the legions of girls walk by. Finally I spotted one I knew and it was kinda of a nervous moment when I realized who it was.

"Hey there slut" Maxie said sitting down beside me and bumping my shoulder as she giggled, "Long time no see...hint hint."

"Who you calling a slut?" I asked with a smile and feeling a huge sigh of relief that she wasn't mad at me over Chloe.

"Chloe was asking if we could get together tonight, I said I'd talk to you" Maxie said. "It's up to you, but if you don't wanna it's cool and all."

"And you don't?" I asked as Maxie half smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"I never said that" She replied.

"Well then I suppose I could be convinced to attend your gathering at the appointed time and place" I said in a proper voice as Maxie laughed.

"Maybe you can teach me a few things tonight" Maxie said.

"Like what?" I asked, "your pretty good at what you do already. I know that for a fact."

"How to kiss" She said with a not so confident smile.

"You want me to teach you?" I asked.

"Yeh Chloe loves kissing and I just suck at it"  She said, "I don't wanna lose her."

"You don't suck at it" I said touching her cheek, "just your using the wrong technique."

"Technique?" She asked confused.

"Yeh, see Megan, a friend from back home taught me about different techniques" I said trying to sound like a doctor of kissing. "The point of kissing Max ain't to suck the spit of their mouth. It's to gently massage your lips while they do the same to you."

"Huh?" She asked now appearing more confused that ever.

"I don't think that helped much, let me try again" I said having her turn to face me on the bench, as I did the same. "OK, when I kiss you, I'm gonna massage your bottom lip with both of mine, you do the same thing to my top lip. Gently though, not like you're trying to suck the honey out of the pot."

"And your's does taste's like honey" She said giggling.

"Just kiss me you horny thing" I said as she did her best to do as I had said. But instead of gently sucking and massaging at my lips she was squeezing it with hers. I pulled away and she looked at me knowing she had did it wrong.

"What part of gently don't you understand" I said, the smile now gone from Maxie's face. "Gonna have to teach you how to kiss all over again girl. Who taught you to do that?"

"No one" She said looking down for a moment.

"Ok, try it again and gently" I said as I touched her lip with my finger and said, "Like that, just barely apply any pressure."

"Ok" She said as I pulled her to me by her tie and pressed my lips to her and she at first started out rough and fast, but before I had a chance to pull away and say something, she slowed almost to a stop and relaxed her lips. It was like something clicked online in that moment and she found her rhythm. It was soft and gentle, just barely massaging my lips with hers, god she learned fast when she tried. I felt her hands now on on my thighs and rising up fast as she quickened the pace and started to stiffening up as I pulled away. "I know it sucked."  

"Nooo, that is how you kiss a girl" I said as she smiled. "That was a really good kiss after you relaxed."

"Sorry, I was getting into it a little too much" She said as I flashed her a smile and let her know I didn't exactly mind, "So I did good?"

"Yes, very good, for a few moments" I said, "Just take it slow and easy, no need to quicken the pace that soon. It don't really make it feel better."

"Show me some more tonight, I'm getting to like this kissing thing" She said and god the girl was adorable when she wanted to be.

"Tell you what, tonight when, me, you and Chloe get together, I'll show you slowly" I said as she grinned a devious grin, "Break it down, barney style for you."

"And me and Chloe will teach you something we liked to do too" Maxie said leaning forward and gently, with an ever so light of a touch, brushed her lips to mine and smiled. "Better?"

"Uh huh" I said as she whispered a goodbye and headed off towards the dorm to deliver the good news to Chloe. I loved watching Maxie walk away, in that skirt you get a really good view of her legs, she was sexy as hell, I thought to myself. Getting an even better view as the wind kicked up and blew her skirt upwards a little and gave me a nice view of her thong clad butt cheeks. She pushed it back down as I giggled and got hit right in the face by a wad of paper kicked up by that same gust of wind. Picking it up a moment later, I opened it out of curiousity.

"No Place to go this summer?" I read from the top of the flyer, "Why not stay on campus and work with the staff and other students to make Mintzler Preparatory Academy for Girls a better place. You'll be serving as a guide for campus tours of possible incomming students and working on new and exciting projects that will impact your future."

"Cool" I said before reading on, "In exchange for your help, you will recieve any or all of the following; Monatery Compensation; First choice of quarters for the upcoming semester; Choice of classes and professors; and umlimited class schedule flexibilty for the coming fall. Plus advantages unavailable to other students. So apply today at the Administration building's, Service Desk."

"Beats fucking going home to that damn slut of a mother of mine" I snapped as I stuffed the paper inside my satchel and jumped as I heard the leaves crunch behind me as if someone were sneaking up on me. I spun around and was ready to pounce when I saw another familar face standing in front of me, Chloe. She was wearing much the same outfit as the last time I had seen her. Only this time the jeans she was sporting looked to be painted on and her shirt was tied above her flat sexy stomach, showing off that beautiful site. Was she trying to look extra hot? Cause she didn't need to, but god was I happy she was trying.

"Hey Chloe" I said smiling as she didn't return my smile.

"I was watching you two" She said in a cold manner, "Why did you kiss her? Maxie I mean."

"Oh shit" I said out loud, "Chloe we talked about kissing and Maxie said she wanted me to show her how to kiss and I thought it would be ok. I mean she was doing it for you. Believe me it didn't mean anything."

"Besides what would your girlfriend Cally think?" Chloe snapped in a jealous tone. "You two sure seem to be having fun that day on the bleachers at the Courts."

"Chloe..." I said and stammered as I tried to figure out where all of this was coming from. "What is up with you? I'm sorry for kissing Maxie if that makes it better, ok?"

"Sure, ok, no problem" She snapped.

"And Cally is sooooo not my girlfriend" I said as Chloe looked up at me with a half smile, "Not sure what she wants, she's so on and off."

"Yeh she's like that" Chloe said flashing me her best smile, "You're better off without her. Anyways were you been so long?"

"Ummmmm just hanging out with Bre, a new friend and staying in my room a lot I guess" I said as she smiled at me and moved in front of the bush so as not to be seen by anyone else I thought.

"Bre? Are you and Bre together?" She asked as the smile disappeared from her face again.

"No, just friends" I said as she smiled yet again and seemed to perk back up at the sound of that comfirmation. "But for a straight girl she sure don't mind me kissing her."

"Kiss? You kissed her but you said you two were friends?" She said in a questioning manner, trying to figure it out herself, I thought. Course with my lack of attention paying I never clued into this till later on.

"Well, she said she had once kissed a girl and I bugged her about it till she let me kiss her and after she said she didn't feel anything" I said as Chloe's face grew more and more, shall we say, "not friendly." "But then the next morning, she let me kiss her again and didn't act like she hated it. I dunno maybe she wants to try it."

"And I'll bet my last dollar you'll be right there when she wants to" Chloe said, in a tone which shook me back to reality and finally clued me into the fact that she wasn't enjoying my story as much as me. Was she jealous? "Is that all you ever do? Aren't you ever opened to something more?"


"Like falling in love with someone even when you shouldn't or whatever" She blurted out and came closer to me, "Or....I mean...have you ever felt that way?"

"Yeh" I said simply, "With a girl back home named Megan, and we broke up a few months before I came here. I was in love with her."

"Are you still?" She asked and for some reason, in that moment, my mind came back online and I figured out what this was all about or so I thought. She was jealous of me with Maxie, Bre and even Megan, but when she found out I was available she seemed to lighten her mood. Ohmigod she couldn't be into me that way. Well one way to find out and that was too see were this little convo led to. So I replied simply.

"No" I answered simply and Chloe's eyes shined with this twinkle and her smile beamed as she looked at me now. "Why you wanna know for? You've got a... whatever yourself."

"Yeh, she's a whatever, alright" Chloe said with a worried and I would even say a scared look, "And she does anything she can to get out of spending time with me. Might even has a girl on the side, I'm not sure."

"Whoa" I said as I got an evil grin on my face and said, "I'd sure love to be your girl on the side."

"Yeh, right Molly" She said biting her lip nervously, "Like Jonny Lang says, Lie To Me."

"You like Jonny Lang?" I asked, "The blues singer?"

"Hell yeah" She grinned, "Lie To Me, is one of my favorite songs and what's the other one about the school girl?"

"Good Morning Little School Girl?" I asked as she touched my hand and made bolts of electricity shoot through my body and quickly jerked her hand away and said, "Yeh that's it. Mustang Sally is another I like by him."

"He did that?"

"Yeh I found it on the net" She said, "Soooo good too."

"What it would be like to make love to that man's voice" Chloe said dreamily, "Ohmigod, that would be heaven."

"Yeh, you and Maxie should do that" I suggested as Chloe looked down and said in a lower tone of voice. "Nahhhhh, she's only interested in fucking me, not making love. She says I'm too high maintainence for her. Too much hard work for her. I hate this."

With that she suddenly started crying as she slumped to the bench and put her head in her hands. I sat down beside her and bumped her shoulder playfully as I said in a sweet voice, "She cares about you and you know that."

"No she doesn't and if she does she sure as hell has a funny way of showing me" She said as she looked at me with that same scared/panic look in her eyes and I knew then that something was really wrong with their relationship, "She's not there for me when I need her, and she's jealous of you. Like uber jealous. I'm afraid...I mean I'm sure she doesn't wanna do this tonight."

"How jealous could she be, she came by here and invited me to join you two tonight" I said as Chloe smiled shyly and said, "She's only doing it cause I made too big of a deal about that threesome."

"Well it was...." I began to say and agree with her before she glanced at her watch and jumped up, saying in a paniced voice, "I gotta run, I'm late for registration. Maxie said meet her there, she's gonna kill me."

"Ok see ya tonight?" I said as she rushed off without answering my question.

"What the fuck?" I asked as she seemed to be again in an all out panic as she ran down the walk.

"Girl has issues" I said as I giggled and decided I was over reacting and to just drop it as I walked back inside. Going by the soda machines I grabbed a soda and went up the back way to my room. Going by Bre's room I swear I heard some music playing, but i knew she was at field hockey practice. Shaking my head I headed on to my room and let the thought slip from my mind as I crashed down on the bed and after some light reading I drifted off to sleep and had the most horrible nightmare. It was the one were Mom attacked Megan, only this time it was a twisted version so I could not do anything but watch as Megan got pummeled. I think I might have woken up screaming as I jumped awake and realized the phone was ringing off the hook. It's not like this is the first time I've had this stupid nightmare and it prolly won't be the last. At least it's just a dream I thought, I don't have to live it again in real life.

"Who the fuck would be calling me?"

"Hello?" I asked and for some reason I had this horrible feeling come over me, before the person on the other end of the phone even had a chance to speak. The feeling was the same as the one I had in my dream just moments before. I just knew this was bad news or worse, someone I didn't wanna talk to ever again. Like my fucking mother.

"Hi honey, how's my baby" The Voice said and my blood ran cold and my stomach turned into a large group of knots as I heard that shrill/fake nice voice.

"Mom?" I asked in total disbelief at the coincidence and hoped against hope that it wasn't. But as my fingers clenched around the phone my worst fears were realized.

"Yeh silly who do you think it is?" She said being overly friendly. Which didn't change my feelings about her at all. "Are you settling in ok? Your father and I are planning to come down and visit you soon so hang in there."

"FUCK YOU WHORE, DID YOU FUCKIN HEAR ME GOD DAMN IT?" I screamed into the phone as the rage over what had happened with her and Megan suddenly returned with a venegeance, "I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU AND DADDY DICKSUCK COME NEAR THIS PLACE I'LL KILL YOU WHORE."

"Why Molly Harris, you little smart mouth..." My Mother said before I slammed the phone down and repeatedly beat it against the table, before hanging it up. A continous stream of filth coming from my lips in a loud voice as I did so. I don't know how exactly I kept from breaking the phone and I was glad I didn't, cause in that moment I remembered some other stuff I wanted to say to my "loving mother." I patiently picked the phone back up and redialed my number and was prepared to scream my lungs out at her. Problem is the person who answered the phone wasn't her, it was my father.

"Molly Harris calm down" He said before I could even unleash my wrath. "You should know your mother is crying now over the horrible things you said to her. Do you seriously not want us to come visit you?"

"Fuck you cock sucker, your a pathetic puss bag for putting up with her shit for 25 years" I snapped, "Do you seriously expect me to belief that Cruella Deville is really crying over me not wanting her to come visit me? You know I'm 15, not 4."

"Molly she is...."

"Good, I'm glad cause I want her to feel like I did the night she attacked Megan for no reason" I said and resisting the urge to slam the phone down again and scream my feelings. "And prick, I want you to feel like that too for holding me back while she beat the crap out of a defenseless girl. How did that ball shot feel Daddy? Well you gonna find out how it feels when you and that god damn stupid whore come visit me. I swear to you."

"Are you done ranting?" He said calmly, "Keep it coming Molly, I can take all you can dish out. Call me some more names if you want. And maybe when you are done you can think about what you did to your mother. She caught you having sex with your sister."

"It was good too" I said in a deliberate attempt to get him upset. "But Megan, now that girl is an amazing lover. She makes my fuckin pussy spasm so damn hard. The things she did to me."

"I love you Molly Harris, even though you hate me, I will always love you and want what's best for you" I heard my mother say as she took back the phone.

"Really?" I said as my mood changed and I decided to play along, "You love me?"

"Yes god yess with all of my heart"

"Well I'm sorry about everything" I said as she quickly replied, "It's ok we'll get you some counseling and this whole thing will just go away and we can be a happy family again."

"One problem mom" I said as I knew I had drawn her in and now I could unleash my most powerful tool. "See, my first day here I made a mistake."

"What honey, is it something bad?" My mother asked in the best 'worried' voice I ever heard.

"My tongue accidently found it's way into another's girls pussy, well, two actually" I said as I heard her gasp. "God she tastes like honey mom, sooo sweet and yummy and I don't think I can give that up."

"Wha...what...wha" She stammered in total and complete shock and disgust.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM mom you should try it" I said in a sexy tone as she exploded in rage.

"YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU LITTLE FAGGOT WHORE...." She practically screamed as I calmly hung the phone up and I could not believe how much better I felt as I laughed. I sat there for the longest time and listened to the phone ringing endlessly and glanced at the caller I.D. each time to make sure it was my loveing mother. I laughed till my sides hurt and finally got sick of the noise and picked it up and said in a monotone voice, "Whore hotline."

"You sure are babygirl" I heard as my heart literally skipped a beat and I prayed it was who I thought it was.

"Megan? Please be Megan"


"What's up babygirl?"

"Oh god I miss you" I said, "You just have no idea. I had this horrible fight with my mother just now, on the phone."

"I miss you too" She said, "I'd do anything to see you again."

"I'm not going anywhere" I said as she giggled and said, "Turning you into a lesbian wasn't such a good idea now was it?"

"Shut up" I said as we both laughed, "I felt that way long before you."

"Yeh sure you did" She said, "You know I had a hand in making you love pussy."

"True dat" I said, "Pussy sure is a favorite now. Especially yours."

"Yeh we'll see about that when I come down there" She said, "I don't know when yet, but I'm working on it ok?"

"I hear ya and I won't hold my breath in the meantime" I said as she giggled. "And who says I won't have another girlfriend by the time you get here."

"So?" she said, "You'll be a challenge. I love a challenge."

"I wouldn't cheat on my girlfriend" I said in a somber tone as the line got quiet for a moment and then she said, "Wouldn't expect you to...babygirl I love you. I gotta go my mom's back. Bye"

"Bye" I said in shock complete after hearing those 'three little words'. I couldn't and wouldn't say it back, we said we'd move on and I was trying, what part of that didn't she get? Now she's declaring her love for me again. God how stupid does that sound. Ok, so I'll admit, it made my heart skip a few beats for the first few seconds. But now I'm left with nothing and feeling almost empty inside. It's the weirdest feeling I've ever had in my life.

Good lord what was I gonna do. I still had feelings for Megan, no matter how much I wanted to deny it. I had a crush on a straight girl, Bre. I'm trying my best to figure out Cally and all of her weird signals and then there's the most gorgeous creature on earth, that being Chloe. Was she sending me signals that she was into me or was I over analyzing stuff again. And more important how did I feel about her? I swear I just wish someone, anyone, would knock on that damn door, and give me the answers to these questions so I could sleep tonight. Suddenly like a bolt of lighting from the sky, it came. Not the lightning. But a knock at the door.

"Are you serious with this shit?" I asked as I looked up, talking directly to god. "Who is it?"

"Just open the door, please?" I heard the voice say, and couldn't for the life of me put my hand on who matched that voice. I opened the door after sliding off the bed and my jaw dropped as I looked at the person standing before me. "Holy fuck!"