Scent of a Girl - Episode 41 "You Can Kiss My Butler"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I am gonna miss you like crazy," I said as I kissed Cindy one more time before she left.

"Come on you can make out when you get back," Bre said as she pulled a giggling Cindy away from me and down the hall while Dakota grabbed me in a hug to keep me from going after Cindy.

"I hate it when she leaves," I pouted as Dakota closed the door behind us a moment later, Laney coming over and doing her usual, a hug. "Thanks."

"Always buddy," Laney said. "So want me to keep you company tonight?"

"Please?" I asked as Dakota squealed and crashed back down on the couch. "What's got you so excited Dakota?"


"So?" I asked as Laney giggled.

"It was the first time," Dakota said as she popped her head up from the couch. "It was sooo good too. That girl is hot."

"I think Mindy's hotter," Laney commented rather randomly. "She still with that Courtney girl?"

"Kinda, I'm not sure," Dakota asked as I listened intently. "Why?"

"If she were single I might ask her out," Laney said with a eye brow raising smile.

"And you wouldn't care that she's my ex?"

"No I wouldn't cause I wouldn't rub it in your face," Laney commented. "I'm just saying she's really pretty."

"You two drop it," I said aloud. "I mean it. No more piss fights."

"She started it," Dakota whined.

"And why would you care unless you're still in love with Mindy?" I asked with a pointed look. "Are you?"

"Do whatever the fuck you want Laney," Dakota said as she stormed off and slammed her bedroom door.

"She didn't say she wasn't in love with her," Laney pointed out.

"I noticed that too!"

"Where am I gonna sleep tonight cause now I'm afraid to go in there," Laney said.

"You can bunk with me," I said as she grinned knowingly. "In the spare bed."

"Missed it by that much," Laney said as I started laughing. "So what we gonna do tonight?"

"We could watch a movie," I suggested as Laney shrugged. "Turner Classic Movies always has something good on."

"Not tonight I checked the guide," Laney said as the phone started ringing and Laney looked at it and then to me as I sat on the couch. "Phone call!"


"You always answer the phone," Laney said. "You're like a butler."

"You can kiss my butler," I said as she laughed and met by the phone with, the usual, a hug from behind.

"I wasn't saying you were like my servant or anything," Laney said as she rested her chin on my shoulder. "Might have come out that way."

"It was funny," I said as I picked up the phone and Laney laid back down on the couch. "Hello?"

"Guess who this is?" the male voice asked. I knew instantly that it was my Dad (Harold) but wanted to get a rise out of him for not having called me for so long.

"Some random pervert calling a lonely, defenseless teenage girl in the middle of the night?" I asked as he laughed. "Where the hell have you been for the last two months, pops?"

"It's a long story," he said. "But first things first, I knew you'd be worried about Maxie so I called to tell you she's OK."

"Thank god," I said as Laney's head popped back up from the couch and I relayed the news. Laney rushed over and hugged me again as we both felt the relief of knowing she was OK. "Where was she?"

"She got some wine and according to Sarah got smashed on it," Dad said. "Sarah told us she found Max outside the apartment about an hour ago. She's sleeping it off at Sarah's."

"She did take my wine," Laney said with a hurt look as she listened.

"Classic Maxie," I said.

"What do you mean?"

"Dad she does this shit every time something she can't handle comes up," I said. "Besides her Mom was a drunk and doesn't that mean Maxie has a good chance of being one too?"

"Actually it does," Dad said. "I'll have a talk with Eddie and relay what you said since you know her better than me."

"OK... wait, how do you know Eddie?" I asked in confusion.

"Well after our last visit with you here in Thief River Falls," Dad started as Laney and I both listened intently. "We returned home and had to appear before Judge Walker and your mother just laid it on thick with lie after lie and tried her best to get back custody of you. I had enough and right in the middle of the hearing I stood up said I had decided to file for divorce. She nearly shit her pants."

"I'll bet," Laney (who knows my history) and I said in unison.

"So Judge Walker had us brought to his private office and I told everything that she did while she visited you," Dad said. "Even showed him the bald spots your lovely girlfriend created for Lana (my mother). He quizzed her about her actions and so of course your mother lied some more and tried to make it your fault, my fault and the new president's fault. But this time I stood my ground and eventually the judge took away her visitation rights and gave me full custody if I intended to file for divorce. I did and he did and here I am."

"So you're staying in Thief River Falls?" I asked.

"Rented a house on Duluth Avenue North," Dad said as I smiled. "White house, two stories, right on the corner and about 5 or 6 blocks from the school."

"So I can see you anytime I want?" I asked excitedly.

"If you still want to," Dad said.

"Of course I do," I said. "I don't blame you for what Mom did."

"I wouldn't blame you if you did," he said. "Anyway we will have all the time in the world to discuss this and any other topic you want when I come by tomorrow morning and pick you up for breakfast."

"OK," I said simply. "So you never did explain how you know Eddie."

"I met him when I came in one day for coffee and his wife, Darlene, lovely lady, hired me to be the new cook," Dad said. "You know I used to have that job in the military?"

"Yes I do," I said.

"Your dad was in the military?" Laney asked as I nodded. "What branch?"

"Marines," I said as Laney seemed shocked. "Why?"

"Who are you talking to?" Dad asked.

"Laney, you met her when you were here before," I said.

"Of course I do, Dakota's friend?"

"More like my best friend now," I said as Laney smiled brightly.

"And tell her I was a member of the United States Marine Corps for 6 years," Dad said.

"Marine Corps," I said to Laney. "Why?"

"My Dad, Philip has been in the Marines for 35 years," Laney announced. "Ask him if he knows a Captain Bryant?"

"Dad?" I asked and knew he could hear Laney by now.

"I served under Captain Bryant for almost my entire time in the service," Dad said as Laney listened. "He was a fine man. Though back then he was only Major Bryant."

"Our dads know each other," Laney squealed and for whatever reason we both started jumping around excitedly (after I hung up the phone) at the connection we had discovered between us.

"What's all the giggling and celebrating about?" Dakota asked from the door leading to the bathroom.

"Mine and Shelby's Dad served in the military together and they were even friends," Laney said excitedly. "Before either of us were born though."

"So? My dad served in the reserves and you don't see me throwing a parade to celebrate that achievement" Dakota said prompting Laney to give her a sour look.

"Party pooper," I said to Dakota.

"You can kiss my butler," Laney said to Dakota as I fell down on the couch laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey Scooby," I said as I came out of the shower (an early morning one) now wrapped in a towel and saw Mindy standing by the sink and staring blankly into the huge mirror. She snapped out of it and saw me and smiled. "You OK?"

"Do you think I deserve to be loved?" she blurted out. I have to admit that I was literally stunned by that question.

"That is such a stupid question," I said as I hugged her from behind. "I love ya Scooby. You're my best friend in the world."

"That's the first time you ever said you loved me," Mindy pointed out as I blushed. "Is it true?"

"Of course it is," I said as she smiled brightly and that seemed to lift her mood considerably.

"Me too Punky," she said with a blushing grin. "I love you too I mean. You're my best friend."

"Good," I said as I went to fiddling with my hair in the mirror. "So what's this stuff Courtney tells me about you not wanting to speak to her."

"She's leaving school because of her Dad," Mindy said. "How am I supposed to handle that?"

"She said she might be," I pointed out. "Why not have faith that your love is strong enough to keep her in your life. Might just happen if you believe enough."

"It's not that strong though," Mindy said as I looked at her shock.

"You left Dakota for her and now you don't love her?" I blurted out as Mindy panicked and covered my mouth and then whispered in my ear. "I don't think I ever got over Dakota."

"What brought this on?"

"I saw Dakota a few days ago and her knee was hurting and I got worried about her," Mindy said. "That started me thinking about her and all those old feelings started coming back and it just confused the fuck out of me."

"OHHHHHH rittle rindy is confused," I said, mimicking Scooby Doo as she laughed and gave me a certain look.

"Stop making fun me and tell me what I should do," Mindy said with a playful push.

"Well, Dakota is into Bre big time now so..."

"They don't much act like it," Mindy commented. "Maybe I'm wrong."

"Maybe you're hoping you're not wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know," Mindy admitted. "I guess I could at least go and see Courtney..."

"What?" I asked as I looked over my shoulder and saw that Courtney had just come into the bathroom with a towel and some clean clothes. "Awkward."

"Then get the fuck out," Courtney giggled as I got the message and punched her shoulder playfully on the way as I left.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hi," I said to Courtney nervously as Molly left the room and now whether I wanted to or not I had to talk to her.

"You're actually gonna talk to me?" Courtney asked.

"Well you're here so I guess I have to," I said. "Molly said she'll beat me up if I don't."

"You could take her Shakespeare," Courtney said as I smiled.

"Any update?" I asked. "Maybe good news?"

"Limbo," Courtney said. "Afraid that's all I know."

"We both know you're leaving," I said flatly.

"We do," Courtney confirmed as my heart skipped a beat. "But what can I do?"

"We could run away," I suggested as she laughed and joined me by the sink.

"If I thought for a second you loved me that much I'd pack and we'd be gone by tonight," she said. "But something feels different between us."

"Dakota hurt her knee playing softball and when I asked her about it..." I started and then struggled for the words to finish the sentence. "...I've felt weird ever since."

"You're in love with your EX-girlfriend again?" Courtney asked in shock.

"I don't know," I said in protest. "I just wish the world would stop and I could get off."

"So there's no reason for me to stay here then," Courtney said softly as tears started rolling down her cheeks.

"Please don't cry I've done enough for us both in the last two days," I said.

"Look..." Courtney said as she stepped away a few feet and sobbed into her hands. "... you don't get to break my heart and then comfort me."

"I'm not trying to... but you said you were leaving..." I said as my own tears began to fall.

"Save it," Courtney sobbed. "Goodbye Mindy."

"I can't do anything right," I said as Courtney ran out of the shower room crying. I did the only thing I could do... I disappeared back into one of the shower stalls and cried.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Mindy and her drama," I giggled as I made my way back to my own room and found Chloe was already up and cleaning out my closet. Well she was taking her stuff out and laying it on the bed and desk in several neat piles. "What are you doing Red?"

"Don't call me that," Chloe said as I laughed and closed the door behind me.

"So what are you doing?"

"Key to my new room finally arrived," Chloe said as she showed it to me on her necklace.

"3 weeks before school is out and they finally do it," I said as I slipped on my Sammy Sosa jersey and a pair of shorts. "Almost as on the ball as the federal government."

"I know," Chloe agreed. "But with finals beginning I really do need the privacy and study time."

"And what's wrong with my room?"

"You," she said. "I can't study with you around. All I wanna think about is you."

"Good save," I said as she giggled and watched me mixing a pair of her socks with a pair of panties. "Stop that!"

"What?" I asked as she tried to stop me and we began wrestling over it.

"See classic example," she said as I finally gave up and she put everything back in order. "You distract me."

"You never seemed to mind before," I said with a kiss to her cheek.

"Because finals are hugely important," Chloe said. "These count for a bucketload of your grade. You need to study too."

"I will," I said as I flipped open my MacBook (my BRAND NEW MacBook) and fired it up.

"You're grades have been slipping," Chloe reminded me.

"I still got a B plus average," I said in protest. "All I gotta do is tread water on the finals and it's a home run year for me."

"Home run?"

"Yeah you know that's what they call it when the ball flies over the fence in baseball?" I asked as she flipped me off and I grinned victoriously.

"I know what a home run is smart ass," Chloe said as she took her final t-shirt out of my closet and started packing the box on the bed. "What do you mean by home run year?"

"Meaning I've rarely done better than a C+ average," I said as I sat down at the computer. "I always pass though."

"Well you're with me now," Chloe said with hands on hips and her 'demanding attention' pose. "And C plus average is not gonna cut it."

"Why not I'll still be a sophomore next year?" I asked.

"Because I said so," she replied. "I am not having my girlfriend slacking off on her grades."

"They're my grades..."

"Wrong," Chloe said. "We are together and I have your heart and you have mine. Sooo that means that everything you do effects me and everything I do effects you."

"True," I said in a defeated voice.

"Now if you tank those finals like I suspect you were going to," Chloe said. "We are gonna have a huge problem"

"And what about if I just beat you up for threatening me?" I asked as I stood and showed her my fist.

"I ain't afraid you," she said with confidence. I was thinking in that moment that she had grown so much in the few months we'd been dating. From a scared little gun-shy girl to the confident one standing up to me right now. I leaned in and kissed her. "What was that for?"

"I love you," I said.


"I agree," I said softly. "I promise you I will do my best on the finals and see if I can pull a few A's out of my ass."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yep," I said as she hugged me. "I'll help you study I promise. You can even come visit me down the hall if you want. You know I love you too."

"If I can find the time," I said as I picked up one of her now filled boxes and opened the door, headed for her new room, and made it to the hallway when I heard her say, "You better find the time Molly Harris."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I got up early this morning and let Maxie sleep in as I took a shower and put some coffee on. I settled in at the counter and found something odd, the package of info that Maxie's mom, Carolyn, had left when she signed over the parental rights to Eddie and Darlene. But that wasn't what stood out to me it was what fell out when I lifted the package: a brochure for Alcoholics Anonymous. My stomach almost fell out in shock that this would be included in a package her mother left. I held it in my hands for a long time and considered if she was really suggesting that Maxie needed AA.

"Maybe she was trying to help," I commented to myself as Maxie came staggering out of the bedroom holding her head and shielding her eyes from the light. Hangover!

"GOOD MORNING!" I screamed as Maxie crashed back against the wall and covered her ears.

"Please Sarah stop!" Maxie pleaded. "I'm dizzy, sick to my stomach and have a splitting headache."

"I shouldn't even be nice to you," I said as she joined me at the counter.

"Why?" Maxie asked as she laid her head down and covered her eyes.

"You got drunk last night and scared the crap out of me and everyone who loves you," I said.

"My normal pattern," Maxie said from underneath a mess of blonde hair and hands. "I'm surprised I made it this far."

"Well you're not drinking anymore and I mean not one ounce," I said. "No beer, no wine, no wine coolers..."

"What about hard liquor?" Maxie asked with a smirk.

"You're not gonna charm you're way out of this," I said with a finger point.

"You look beautiful this morning by the way," Maxie said as I blushed. "So beautiful."

"Max..." I warned.

"I'm not trying to change the subject I'm just saying," Maxie said. "Are you really attracted to me?"

"What kind of a random question is that?"

"You haven't sleep with me yet or really shown much interest," Maxie said.

"I am very attracted to you," I said firmly. "And one reason we haven't gone further is you."


"If you ever put on the full court press you'd get laid," I said as Maxie grinned. "Too much charm to resist."

"Oh really?" Maxie asked in a deep male voice as I giggled.

"Enough of this talk," I said as I pushed the AA pamphlet across the counter to her. "That's what we need to be talking about."

"I need to go?"

"I think so," I said. "That was in the stuff you're Mom left,"

"Maybe the stupid whore was trying to keep me from going down the same path she did," Maxie said as the bell on the coffee maker went off and I went to pour myself and Maxie a cup. "I don't know."

"Tay you have a mother who was an admitted alcoholic and that means that you're predisposed to it," I said.

"I hate Shelby sometimes," Maxie said.


"Shelby said the same damn thing," Maxie said in a defeated voice. "She's gonna be all up in my face with the I told you so's."

"Shelby loves you," I said. "Maybe too much for her own good. And if she does that I'll defend you."

"Think you could get me something to eat?" Maxie asked after a long few minutes of reading over the AA pamphlet.

"Are we going to our first meeting?" I asked and she knew full well what I was talking about.

"If you feed me you can take me anywhere," Maxie said as I laughed.

"Feel like walking to Eddie's with me?"

"I think so the dizzy spell went away a few minutes ago so I can probably make it down there," Maxie said. "Hopefully I can hold the food down."

The slow walk to Fast Eddie's Eats was interrupted by a case of the dry heaves as Maxie held onto me and the wall but nothing really came out. After her recovery we finally did make our way to the diner to find that the family had all gathered around this morning waiting our grand appearance. Harold with Shelby, Eddie, Darlene, Megan and Holly were all in the house when we arrived. Despite a moment of tension as we first walked in and Shelby, Maxie's BFF, and her met eyes it turned out OK as Shelby was the first to greet her. Not with words of protest but with a hug that seemed to signal where she stood on the whole situation. For her part Maxie sure seemed surprised.

"You're not mad at me?" Maxie asked Shelby hugged her.

"Of course I am," Shelby said as she smiled. "And the next time you do this I'm..."

"...gonna kill me? I know," Maxie said as Shelby blushed but hugged her protectively.

"I still love you no matter how stupid you act," Shelby said as Maxie smiled.

"Well you can consider that your last drunken escapade," Eddie said calmly from the counter. "Because now legally myself and Darlene are responsible for you. And neither of us have the desire to stay up all night worrying about you while you're out doing something monumentally stupid."

"I think we both know I've done dumber things than this," Maxie said as Shelby laughed along with everyone else. "But I get the message."

"Besides with the changes President Carlson is making at the school you won't be able to sneak off anymore," Darlene said.

"What do you mean?" Shelby asked.

"Well Eddie had a meeting with the school president and convinced him that security was important," Darlene said. "He noted how easily several of the students were making it off campus."

"You rat," Maxie said to Eddie as he grinned and I hugged Maxie from behind and rested my chin on her shoulder.

"Anyway, beginning the first of the new week the school is bringing in Resident Advisers that will be responsible for each dorm and the fence at the main entrance is being repaired," Darlene finished.

"Think they'll hire a security guard that isn't a hundred and twelve like Old Joe?" Maxie asked.

"Old Joe retired," Shelby said.

"Customer," Harold said as he headed for the kitchen as Mel came in and stopped to listen for a moment. "Glad to see you're OK Max."

"Me too," Megan said as she hugged her. "Sarah loves you, blondie, don't do this to her again."

"See that's the thing, Sarah and I talked about it and we think it's best if I start going to AA meetings," Maxie announced. "My Mom was an alcoholic after all."

"I told you that days ago," Shelby said. "But you wouldn't listen to me."

"Because you have a terrible way of putting things... screaming your opinion," Harold said to his daughter from the kitchen.

"AA meetings will only help if you are really serious about staying off Grandpa's cough medicine," Mel said as he moved to beside me and Maxie.

"Don't tell me you were sober at one point," Megan said to Mel as he laughed.

"I've attended meetings for 30 plus years," Mel said. "Not something I talk about though."

"How could you have avoided telling us that with all the yapping you do?" I asked.

"I do that mostly to keep you girls entertained," Mel said as he took his usual seat.

"Entertained or creeped out?" Holly chimed in as she stopped by him to take his order.

"Whichever one you prefer pretty lady," Mel said as Holly giggled.

"Yeah creepy is so sexy," Megan said as everyone laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

So here it is the last of the 9th inning and we're down 6 to 1 to the lowly Bemidji team and looking at our first loss of the season thanks to goof ups by Bre and myself in the third and fifth innings, respectively. And this comes on the heels of two games in the previous days when we pretty much dominated with Lisa (Wilcox) & Anisha Mac (our other starter) twirling a pair of gems it was easy pickings. But this game (the third in the series) had started out different as Lisa was off from the first pitch and that kinda threw us off to. It started when Lisa left one low and inside to the Bemidji lead-off hitter (Colleen Dewhurst) and well... not sure that ball had landed yet. 1-0. Then in the third with two girls on (2nd and third) and two outs Pam Schriber (Bemidji's clean-up hitter) laced a one hop rocket at me and I flinched long enough to let it skip past me into left field and two runs scored. 3-0. We did though get some good luck in the 4th when Bre muscled an inside pitch into right field for our first hit and run as Kelly Markee (Dakota's replacement) scampered home in a bang bang play at the plate. 3-1. Bre would make up for her hit in the next inning when she flubbed an easy fly ball and two more runs scored on an inside the park home run. Add in another Colleen Dewhurst moon shot in the sixth and that's where we stand at this moment.

"You OK?" I asked Bre as I joined her on the bench as we watched Wendy Traber (Bemidji's pitcher) toss a few warm-ups.

"I feel terrible I can't get that play in the fifth out of my mind," Bre said. "If we lose it's my fault."

"And my screw-up in the third gave them a three run lead," I countered. "At least you drove in a run to balance it out."

"You're right you did fuck up worse than me," Bre said.

"No this is has been a team effort," Lisa said as she paced up and down in front of us. "That ball Colleen hit is still orbiting earth."

"You should be proud of that one Lis," Hana giggled. "Hurt my neck watching it."

"I would normally have a comeback... but you're right," Lisa said.

"Why does this game matter so much?" Chiquita asked as she joined the conversation.

"Because if we win tonight we go undefeated and get a bye in the play-offs," I said. "We go directly to the Championship game and the other three teams have to play each other to determine our opponent. That's our reward for going undefeated."

"WOW, I didn't think it was that important," Veronica chimed in as she joined us. "19 wins and 1 loss just sounded good to me."

"I don't know about you bums but I wanna go undefeated," Cally said as she came back into the dugout. "This game is not about being undefeated though."

"It's not?" I asked.

"It's about Patty and Lisa being seniors," Cally said. "If we win that means Lisa gets 4 days off to rest her arm."

"It's dead right now," Lisa confirmed.

"So that means we go out and play this half inning like the entire season depends on it," Cally said. "Because if we win Lisa only has to pitch one more game instead of three."

"I think I have exactly one more game in this arm," Lisa said as Cally smiled. "I think it could be a gem."

"I promise I'll win the game for you if you get me to the championship," Veronica announced.

"OK guys let's do this," Patty said as a roar came from our dugout and for the first time all night we felt like we had a serious chance of winning this game. Even if we were 4 runs down with only three outs to play.

"OK Bre let's get it started," Coach Rowe said as Bre, Hana and I came to the edge of the dugout. Bre headed to the plate while Hana waited on deck.

"Come on Bre, try not to fuck it up this time," Hana said as I laughed and Bre grinned as she took her place in the batters box. Bre, who by the way bats left handed, took Wendy's first pitch for a strike and for a moment I thought this was gonna be just another crappy inning until the next pitch when she ripped a rocket down the first base line for an easy double. "YEAH BABY!"

"Come on Hana keep it going," I said as Hana stepped into the batters box next (also batting left handed against the right handed tossing Wendy). You could almost feel the momentum swing to our side as Hana ran the count to three and O on three rise balls that rose too much. The fourth pitch though was right down the middle and she creamed it to dead center. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I begged the ball to get out. "COME ON GET OUT OF HERE!"

"FUCK!" Hana screamed when the Bemidji centerfielder (Anna Longmeyer) ran it down about an inch from the centerfield wall. I groaned in disappointment. But one person was not so disappointed, that was Bre, who took off for third base on the aborted homerun/sacrifice fly and made it without a throw.

"Hey!" I said as Hana crossed by me at the plate. "You gave it everything you had."

"Pick me up?" Hana asked as I grinned and she trotted off to the dugout and I stepped into the batters box.

"I GOTTA PEE ICE PRINCESS!" Bre screamed from third base. "DRIVE ME HOME!"

I laughed as I turned my attention to Wendy and her first pitch. It was high and away, a clear sign she was nearly out of gas, for 1 and O count. Her second pitch though was what we call a "get me over" fastball and I knew it was coming. Even with that I didn't try to do anything special with it, I simply put the bat on the ball and dumped it into short right field for a single and RBI. Our dugout went crazy as Bre crossed home plate to make it 6-2. Veronica was next as everyone settled back in it appeared and Wendy got her second wind as she quickly dropped in two pitches for strikes on Big V.

"COME ON BIG V!" I screamed and even after 19 games with the girl I still feel weird rooting for her due to our past.

"YES! WHO HA!" Wendy screamed after the next pitch when she struck Veronica out on a foul tip. You could again feel the momentum swing only this time it was to their side as that was the second out of the inning.

"COME ON CALLY!" I screamed a few minutes later as I took a lead off first base and prayed my former wing-man would come through. Cally grinned confidently and quickly sliced the first pitch down the first baseline and sent me motoring to third were I was held up by Hana (now rotating as our 3rd base coach). 2nd and 3rd with two out. I barely had time to catch my breath before Chiquita (the sixth place hitter) took the first pitch and blooped a fly into center. The centerfield, Anna, hesitated for an instant before she charged and that nanosecond gave the ball just enough time to land safely in front of her dive. The ball ricochet off her glove gave me and Bre enough time to score and Chiquita time to get to second. "YEAH BABY. WE GOT'EM NOW!"

With the score now 6-4 the Bemidji coach came out to check on Wendy and satisfied that his pitcher had something left he quickly made his way back to the dugout. Which would prove to be not so good a decision as Patty Peterson quickly walked on four pitches that weren't even close. Lisa (our pitcher) was next as she worked the count to 3 and 2 and almost gave me a heart attack when she popped one up at home plate. But unbelievably, Casey Kane (Bemidji's catcher) dropped the ball when it sailed a bit to the right. Lisa, now with another life, managed to work another walk out of an exhausted Wendy Traber.

"You got a big hole on the right side," I whispered in the ear of Kelly as she headed to the plate. Two pitches later she inside-outed a ball and dumped it into right field to make it 6 to 5 and sent us into a frenzy in the dugout.

"It's all up to you Bre," Cally said with her hands cupped around the back of Bre's neck. "Do this for Dakota!"

"You sooo said the right thing," Bre said as she stepped to the plate as the entire team came to the fence that separated the dugout and the field and pounded it as we chanted and prayed for one more hit. It didn't look good early as Bre swung wildly at the first pitch and missed. Repeat performance on the second.

"Just make some contact," I prayed as the three runners on base took a lead. She did. Though it wasn't exactly what we wanted as Bre barely made contact as she lunged at a low outside sinker and topped it out in front of home plate. She, to her credit, tore out of the batters box down the baseline and forced Casey (Kane) to spring to action. She pounced on it immediately, with Chiquita sprinting home and Patty headed for third, she fired it to the Bemidji first baseman (Allison Lohman) who normally has soft hands but as the ball hit the dirt an inch before Allison's glove she couldn't pick it and it ricocheted away just far enough for Bre to reach first base safely. Chiquita crossed home to tie the game but as I looked back I saw a crazed look in Lisa's eye as she came charging home like a rabid bulldog. Allison picked the errant ball up and fired a strike to Casey behind the plate and Lisa was dead to rights. Until, that is, she plowed over Casey and rattled the ball lose for the game winning run.

"WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!" Hana squealed as she jumped onto my back and I carried her onto the field as we celebrated an unbelievable come back and our place in the championship game. A dog pile at home plate was the perfect way to celebrate too.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Yes Molly I am sure I can spend the night in my new room," I said into my new cell phone.

"Well I don't wanna spend the night by myself," Molly pouted. "I'm scared, come hold me."

"I have studying to do Molly and so do you," I insisted. "Remember what you promised me?"

"I have been already for like two hours," Molly said as I smiled. "I was reading online about Robert E. Lee."

"Why him?" I asked as I hung the last of my clothes up in the closet.

"Hana Peterson, she's one of the girls in my history class, told me that Robert E. Lee is one of Mr. Reed's favorite topics and if you know a lot about him you can pass the history final on that alone," Molly said.

"Oh no," I worried. "I barely know who that is."

"Civil War dude?" Molly asked as I laughed. "I'll fill you in don't worry."

"HMMMMMM," I said as my phone started beeping and when I looked I saw it was a number I didn't recognize. "Molly, can I call you back? I got another phone call."

"OK, love you," Molly said.

"Bye love you too," I said as we hung up and I flipped over to the other line. "Hello?"

"This is Alisha, Cally's whore, is this Chloe?"

"Cally's whore?" I asked as I sat down on the bed laughing. "I'm sure you're more."

"Got your attention though," Alisha said as I had to agree. "So I was wondering..."

"Bout what?" I asked as I flipped open my history book.

"What you and Molly decided about the orgy," Alisha said. "Yes or no. I'd just like to know."

"We haven't made any final decision I'm afraid," I said. "And I know what that sounds like."

"OK," Alisha said. "I'm coming up."

"Oh yeah that's right you got a room a floor below me," I said as she giggled. "How long?"

"About now?" she asked as a knocking came at my door. She giggled as the phone went dead and I opened my door to see her standing there, "Hi!"

"You're not funny," I said as she laughed. "What did you want? Seduce me?"

"Only if Cally and Molly are here," Alisha said. "Actually I had an idea that would really get a rise out of Cally."

"Go on," I said as she closed the door.

"Me, you and Molly sneak into her room before she gets home tonight," Alisha said as she showed me what I assumed was Cally's room key. "And when she gets home she catches us in bed."

"No," I said instantly.

"No, not like that," Alisha said. "Me and you like under the covers giggling and Molly comes out of the bathroom in a robe. Cally will think we've already done it and I just wanna see the look on her face."

"That does sound fun," I said as Alisha laughed deliciously and followed me down the hall as we went to explain to Molly what our plan was. Molly laughed till she almost cried as she quickly agreed and before I knew what hit me we were on our way across campus to the McKinley-Grogan Hall and slipping into Cally's room.

"Where are you?" Alisha asked Cally over the phone as Molly was now sitting at Cally's desk and checking her email again.

"Just pulled onto the campus and I'm walking up the walk as we speak," Cally said. "Did you know they fixed the broken gate at the front entrance?"

"Nope," Alisha said simply. "Well I'll call you back in a few, let you get settled in, K?"

"K, bye," Cally said as they hung up. That was when it struck me that there was no way Cally would believe that we were doing anything.

"OK, Chloe in the bed with me and Molly grab that robe and..."

"Gotcha," Molly said as she snagged the robe off the hook above the window and disappeared into the bathroom. I followed Alisha under the covers and giggled when she snuggled up to me.

"This doesn't look right," Alisha said.

"Why not?"

"If we took our shirts off it'd look like we were naked," Alisha said as I laughed. "We both got bras on it's like not we'll see anything."

"Take your bras off too" Molly said from the bathroom as Alisha and I both laughed. But nevertheless we skinned the shirts and tossed them in a pile by the door so that would be the first thing Cally saw when she came in. We covered up and disappeared under the covers just as the door knob rattled and we knew it was Cally coming in. Alisha and I started giggling and then squealing when she started tickling me and I returned the favor as the door opened. The next thing we heard was someone clearing their throat and when we uncovered our heads we saw her standing there in shock.

"What the hell is going on here?" Cally asked.

"The beginnings of my devious plan," Alisha said as she sat up in bed and showed Cally she was wearing a bra.

"I thought we were pretending we were sleeping together to get a rise out of her?" I asked as Molly came out of the bathroom looking confused.

"I'm as confused as you two on this one," Cally said as she set her bag on the bed.

"I lied a bit to get you here," Alisha said to me and Molly. "But that's only cause I really wanted this to happen and if I left it to you three it never would."

"You did what?" Molly asked.

"Here goes nothing," Alisha said as she leaned in and kissed me right on the lips. "MMMMMMMMMMMM."

"Holy fuckin shit," Molly and Cally said in unison.

"What the fuck?" I asked in shock as Alisha licked her lips and then did something even crazier as she, in one smooth move, reached back and unsnapped my bra. Making me squeal as I caught before it could come off.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?" Cally asked Alisha as I glared at my new friend.

"Never had much of a mind to lose," Alisha said as everyone laughed. "And I am horny, really horny, so one way or the other I'm getting laid tonight."

"Not by me," I demanded as I rolled off the bed in protest.

"Why is everyone so hung up on this?" Alisha asked. "Cally you said you wanted to butt fuck Chloe."


"You butt slut," I said to Cally as she blushed. Alisha crawled across the bed and took Molly's hand and put it on her ass.

"UMMMMMMMMMM.... WOW!" Molly said as I watched her squeeze Alisha's ass cheek in her hand and then move her other hand to do the same thing. "OHMIGOD!"

"MMMMMMM see Molly's having fun," Alisha moaned as Molly looked to me for direction but I just shrugged.

"I guess I'm in if you guys are," Cally said as she kicked off her shoes and crawled onto the bed and came over to me. "What do you say Chloe?"

"You really said you wanted to butt fuck me?" I asked as Cally grinned and as much as confirmed it.

"Yes I did," Cally confirmed as I grinned and let her kiss me on the lips as she gently tugged at the bra still in my arms. Molly guided Alisha off the bed and turned the girl around and kissed her as the hormones of the moment totally took over and my bra got pulled away and Cally grinned as she saw my titties. And over the next several minutes everyone became comfortable with the idea of the four of us sharing each other. I was the first one naked, soon to be followed by Cally as we crawled to the middle of the bed and made out while Alisha and Molly stripped each other. "So you do want me too?"

"If you can get it up," I giggled as Cally gave me a horny smile just as Alisha scampered onto the bed and tackled me to the mattress.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Come here Molly," I said as I pulled my bag to the edge of the bed and took out my surprise. A new kind of strap-on that's strapless.

"A FeelDoe?" Molly asked as Alisha ravaged Chloe a few feet away before the two again started making out. "How does it work?"

"The knob goes in your pussy and it vibrates so it makes your pussy spasm around it and that keeps it in place."

"I'll bet that's gonna feel good," Molly said as she kissed me and for a long, long moment that's exactly what we did. "I don't think I've ever been this horny in my life."

"Wait till you feel this inside your pussy and then you might wanna rephrase," I said as we tore open the packages of the FeelDoes. Molly was the first to adjust hers and get the vibration going and moaned as she slipped it inside her pussy.

"OH WOW you were so right," Molly moaned as she stroked her newly attached cock and felt the vibration inside and the way the ridges worked her clit. A feeling that I too would soon feel and join her in moaning my approval. Chloe and Alisha's giggling drew our attention as the two had turned onto their stomachs and showed us their cute little asses. "I think it's time we go do some butt fucking partner."

"I so love the way you think," I said as I kissed her once more and we both crawled to the top of the bed and joined Chloe and Alisha.

"You gonna need your wing-man on this one Cal?" Alisha asked as I moved across the back of her thighs and stroked my cock a few more times and covered it in the lube on the nightstand.

"MMMMMMM yeah I think you should you two should share her first," Chloe said as she kissed Molly softly. "You need to help her out on this one."

"I think so too," Molly said as she joined me and we kissed again as I lined my cock up with Alisha's brown puckered little asshole and sank inside as she moaned with me. I stroked my hands up her back as I started pumping it in and out as her moaning got louder and louder and Molly watched intently. I leaned forward onto my hands and my thighs started smacking at her ass cheeks as I did it harder and harder, loving the fact that I was being watched at the moment. Chloe had since took over the stroking of Molly's cock and covering it in the lube I'd used. "MMMMMMMM you're loving that huh, Cally?"

"MMMMMMM I'm seriously in love with this already," I moaned as my pussy spasmed around the knob of the vibrating FeelDoe and the ridges worked my clit so well my stomach was heaving in pleasure. I pounded at Alisha's asshole as she watched me intently and moaned for me with every stroke. "MMMMMMMMM feels so good I can't even tell you Lisha."

"Baby it sure does," Alisha moaned in reply as she shook gently from my pounding butt fucking as her pussy spasmed hard. "You gonna give your tag team partner a turn baby?"

"Oh I sure am," I agreed as I sunk all the way inside and made Alisha squeal as I held a hand up and smiled when Molly literally tagged in and prompted me to pull out of Alisha's asshole.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"MMMMM being your tag team partner definitely has its benefits," I moaned as I kissed Cally and moved across the back of Alisha's thighs and then lined my cock up with Alisha's asshole and slid inside the same hole Cally had just fucked. I moaned out loud as Alisha did the same and the pleasure flooded my body as Chloe came over to join me and guided me forward onto my hands and encouraged me to start and I did. I began to spank my thighs at Alisha's ass cheeks as I butt fucked her just like Cally had done, loving the thrill that Chloe and Cally watching brought with it. She laid down a moment later and kissed Alisha as I began to pound my cock home. Cally sat right beside me as she stroked her cock and moaned to me, "MMMMMMMM yeah that's what I wanted to see."

"MMMMMMM and I wanted to feel it," Alisha moaned as my cock slid as deep as I could it. My ass clenched on each stroke to get it deeper and increase the pleasure of the moment as the sensation of the bare skin above my pussy spanking at her ass added that much more. My pussy was spasming already like crazy around the vibrating knob inside and with each successful thrust downward it felt even better. Mix my moaning with Alisha's and you get a pretty good idea of what it sounded like inside that bedroom. "MMMMM OHHHH she can really butt fuck good Cally. OHMIGOD my pussy is feelin so good now."

"AWWWW fuck yeah baby let me pound it hard," I moaned as Alisha's hands began stroking up and down my arms to add extra sensation to the pleasure. A few moments of that and then Chloe kissed me as I traded my tongue for hers I started a body shaking orgasm. One that Alisha shared as I pulled away from Chloe and enjoyed my peak as I watched Alisha shake in orgasmic bliss. Amazing orgasm. "OH fuck now that felt good."

"WOW did it ever," Alisha said as I pulled out and she rolled over and sat up to kiss both me and Cally one at a time. "That was an amazing butt fucking."

"I really enjoyed it," I moaned as Alisha kissed me and then Cally again.

"OH WOW I loved watching that but now I need to come so bad," Cally moaned as Chloe got to her knees and motioned Cally over to join her. Cally did just that as she kissed my girlfriend for a long moment and rubbed Chloe's hot little ass as she stroked her cock (FeelDoe) up and down fast. "MMMMMMMMM how about I cum while I'm butt fucking you?"

"I can't think of a better way for both of us to cum," Chloe moaned as she turned her back to Cally and laid back down on her stomach. Cally moved across the back of her thighs and quickly slid inside of my girlfriends asshole with a loud moan that matched Chloe's. Cally's body began to drip sweat as she leaned forward onto her hands and started a pounding rhythm that had Chloe moaning and clutching the pillow below her head. Cally's thighs spanked at Chloe's ass cheeks as she pounded away with her ass clenching on every stroke now. "MMMMMMMMM is it feelin' as good as you thought it would?"

"MMMMMM it's feeling so good," Cally moaned as she took shorter and harder strokes inside Chloe as both moaned urgently. She smacked her thighs stiffly at Chloe's ass cheeks and making them jiggle a little more each time. Chloe had her eyes closed now as she took in the pleasure and moaned her approval of Cally's methods as Cally now looked down and watched every single stroke of her cock and as it slid as deep inside as she could get it. "MMMMMM makin my pussy feel good butt fucking you Chloe."

"Looks like to me you're gonna need some help with that butt fucking," I moaned to Cally as I stroked my cock and moved beside her. Cally moaned as she slowed inside Chloe and held her hand up as I smacked it and tagged in again. She pulled out of Chloe's little asshole and moved aside as I replaced her and lined my cock up with Chloe's asshole and slid inside. Leaning forward onto my hands and over Chloe's back as I started pounding out the same rhythm Cally had been keeping. Chloe's moaning got louder and louder as I buried my cock inside her repeatedly and spanked my thighs at her ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMM I really love tag teaming you Chloe."

"OHMIGOD it feels so good," Chloe moaned as Cally gently stroked her hand up and down my back and watched intently as she continued to stroke her own cock and waited her second turn. That turn wouldn't have to wait long as I clenched my ass a few last times and drove my cock deep inside over and over and stopped as Chloe squealed from the sensation and I held my hand up to tag Cally back in before I pulled out. She smacked hers against mine as I pulled out and let her take my position and slide back inside. Chloe squealed as Cally started fucking her with a passion and as both moaned out their pleasure, and I kissed Alisha softly, the two began cumming in an awe-inspiring climax to the events.

An hour later...

"Wanna give me some more when we get back to the dorm?" Chloe asked me as we walked home, slowly but surely.

"I would if I could," I said as she laughed. "But this was a serious workout for me."

"And for Cally," Chloe said.

"Did you like what she did to you?" I asked.

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah," Chloe said. "You two tag teaming me was uber hot."

"That I will agree with," I said as I slipped in behind her as we reached the center court. "So you still love me more?"

"I don't know Cally is pretty hot once you get her clothes off," Chloe said.

"Very true," I agreed. "And who knew Alisha had a butt that cute..."

"...and welcoming?" Chloe asked.

"MMMMMMMM just like you," I cooed as she turned in my arms and we began kissing softly.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Bre?" I asked as I arrived by her door and found it was open but she was nowhere to be found. "Where the hell would she be?"

"Phone call," I said as Bre's phone began ringing and with no sign of her I finally decided to answer it. "Hello?"

"BreAnn do you ever answer your phone anymore?" The Lady asked. I assumed it was Bre's Mom but who was BreAnn?

"UMMMMMM..." I stammered.

"OK fine then you just listen and I'll talk," she said. "I need to know what you are gonna do about coming home this summer so I can book your airfare. And have you decided if you're staying home for good or what?"

"Do what?" I asked in shock as Bre appeared at her door and stared at me in shock. "Someone's on the phone and asking if you're coming home?"

"OH god that's my mom," Bre said in a panic as she took the phone and said, "I'll call you tomorrow Mom. Bye."

"You're going home for good?" I asked.

"No, yes, I don't know," Bre stammered in frustration. "Why did you have to answer the phone and find out that way?"

"I'm glad I did now," I said as Bre closed her door rather loudly. "What are you doing trying to get me to fall in love with you so you can dump me or something?"

"Do you even know how stupid that sounds?" Bre asked. "First things first, my mother is nuts and doesn't know anything about me anymore. She honestly thinks my life is as simple as one two three. It's not."

"Then why did you kiss me like that Friday before you left if you're going home?" I asked.

"Because I thought when you came over tonight we could do more than kiss," Bre said. "I know you'd like that and you said you could make me like it."

"Hello, you're leaving and not coming back," I repeated. "OHMIGOD now I know what Mindy must feel like."

"What does you're ex-girlfriend have to do with this?" Bre asked.

"She told me that Courtney was probably leaving for good too," I said in shock. "And now you're doing me the same way."

"No I am not," Bre said calmly as she came over to join me. "Nothing is set in stone. Instead of worrying about what might happen in the future why don't you spend the next few hours convincing me to stay."

"I'll bet that's exactly what Courtney said," I said as my heart started breaking all over again. "I am not fucking you."

"I don't want you to fuck me," Bre said. "I want you to make love to me Dakota. Right now and in that bed."

"YOU'RE LEAVING," I screamed. "How fucking stupid do you think I am?"

"To be having this reaction? Pretty stupid," Bre said as she turned her back to me.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Punky are you up?" I asked as I tapped on her door and seriously just needed someone to talk to. But hearing no response I figured she was in bed or in Chloe's room which was now down the hall. "I'll see if she's down there."

But as I turned to make my way down the hall I heard someone scream from the other direction and took a couple of steps towards Bre's room and found out that was where it was coming from. So being rather nosey (you know that to be true) I slipped closer and listened for a long moment.

"YOU'RE LEAVING," I heard Dakota say (hey I know the girl's voice instantly). "How fucking stupid do you think I am?"

"What in the world is going on?" I asked myself and nearly jumped out of my skin when a loud crash came from down the hall from one of the empty rooms. I slipped back down the hall and away from Bre's door and muttered to myself. "Stupid crap. Make me pee myself."

"Why is Courtney's door open and her light out?" I asked as I came by it on the way to Chloe's new room. Only it wasn't just out with her gone... all of her stuff was gone too. "What the fuck?"

I clicked on the light and looked in horror and shock at the scene before me. The room was stripped clean with exception of a piece of notebook paper that was tacked to her cork board. The only thing remaining was the old steel desk and the bed sans the sheets. The realization set in then that not only was my relationship with her officially over but she was now gone from my life... maybe forever. The waterworks started almost immediately as I plucked the letter from the cork board and found it only said a few words, "Mindy I loved you with all my heart and I hope some day you can understand why I had to leave."

"YOU FUCKIN WHORE YOU LEFT ME AND I'M SUPPOSED TO FORGIVE YOU?" I screamed in a rage as I tore the paper to bits and threw it as I stormed out of the room and wanted so desperately to be anywhere but here at this moment. Tears streaming down my face as I walked towards Chloe's room and passed several of the other residents and they looked at me like I was retarded and that was what prompted me to detour down the central staircase and to the first floor common room. I quickly threw myself on one of the love seats and cried into my hands in sobs as I felt my whole world had just come apart... well officially.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I am stupid alright," I said as tears streamed down my face. "Because I actually thought I had a shot with you when you've made it very clear the whole time that you wanted nothing to do with me."

"BUTT SHIT!" Bre screamed as she turned around with tears in her eyes. "You're just saying that to hurt me because you know damn well that's a GOD DAMN LIE."

"I don't even care anymore," I said as I opened the door. "I hate this place so much and after this I hate you."

"SCREW YOU!" Bre raged as she slammed the door violently in my face and I simply walked off in a daze of heartbreak and confusion. I stopped for a moment when I passed Mindy's door and wished with every breath in me that I could go back in time and be holding her in my arms right now. That only made the pain worse as I remembered what she did do to me and then it struck me that part of why she cheated on me was my fault. Something I'd never considered before. I raised my hand to knock on the door and thought, well, honestly I didn't know what I was gonna say and that in the end was the deciding factor as to why I didn't actually knock and instead simply walked off and went thundering down the central staircase into the main common room. I stopped short when I heard the sobs, familiar sounding sobs, I knew instantly it was Mindy crying. Yes I know her that well. "Mindy?"

"Dakota?" Mindy asked as her head popped up from he love seat directly in front of me. Tear stained cheeks, hair all mussed and looking heartbroken. "OHMIGOD."

"What's wrong?" I asked as she scrambled off of the love seat and ran to me and almost knocked me down with a hug as she sobbed in an all out panic. Suddenly everything in my life became secondary as Mindy's needs became primary and I instantly morphed into the old protective Dakota and ran my fingers threw her hair and got her to look at me.

"Calm down it's OK," I said softly as she tried to stop crying. "What happened?"

"Courtney left me and she's seriously gone, her room is cleaned out and everything and I just wish so bad that you'd love me again and we could go back to the way things were," she rambled in one long, long breath. "I still love you, I swear I do. I love you with all my heart and I just wish so bad that you loved me again and I swear on my heart that I'd never hurt you again."

"Mindy, breathe calm down," I said as I touched my forehead to hers and tried to take in everything she'd just blurted out. I tried my best to decipher what was just emotion and what her heart was really saying, flashing back to our conversation a few days before when she confronted me about my knee and then almost admitted that she was still in love me. "SHHHHHHH."

"I still love you Dakota, you still have my heart and you always will," Mindy said in a much calmer voice but clutching at my shirt. "I love you and I know you love me too."

"Mindy I just broke up with Bre and I honestly don't know what I'm feeling," I admitted as she looked at me and realized I'd been crying too.

"I heard you screaming and wondered what was going on," Mindy said. "You broke up with her?"

"Stupid whore is leaving school for good and she expects me to fuck her," I said in a bitter tone. "It's true."

"Well I'm still here and I'll do that with you," Mindy offered and shocked me to my core when she kissed my lips soooo, sooo perfectly. "I will Dakota. Please?"

"Mindy we broke up," I said. "You cheated on me."

"And you left me scared and alone," she fired back. "You know how scared I am to be alone."

"And you paid me back by sleeping with Courtney!"

"No I didn't," Mindy said with the honesty of a five year old. No way possible she could have been lying. "I slept in the bed with her but I didn't do that. We kissed."

"Kissing is pretty bad but that's not exactly what I thought you did," I said softly.

"We both made mistakes," Mindy reasoned. "And the girls we moved on to just broke our hearts."

"Go on..." I said as she grinned and I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw that.

"Nothing keeping us from trying again and I want that so bad right now," Mindy said as she hugged me tighter and kissed me again and as much as I didn't want to I let my lips fall in time with hers and after a few moments I was lost in her. The soft soothing sensations flooded my body as my hands slid through her hair and her tongue slid against my mine and we started a tantalizingly hot French kiss that was so incredibly perfect that every single bit of pain drained from body. She was leaving me breathless as she took a step back and brought me with her as we parted for a split second as she pushed me down on the love seat and sat down across my thighs and didn't even give me a second to think or speak before she kissed me again and we started kissing again. And so it went like for... I'm not sure how long. Mindy's hands came to rest on my cheeks when we finally parted with her forehead touched mine. She said in a 'for yours ears only' voice, "Please just tell me you love me one time, please Dakota?"

"Mindy this is happening..."

"Please Dakota, please? I'll beg all night if you want, please say you love me..."

"I love you," I said in a rush and kissed her this time myself. "I wish we could go back to the way things were too."

"For real? You swear?"

"Of course I do," I said as she grinned. "But you broke my heart."

"I'll do anything you want me to do if you just give me another chance," Mindy pleaded. "I'm scared to be alone tonight. I love you and want you to hold me is all."

"What am I gonna do now?" I asked as I looked at Mindy now smiling at me as I absentmindedly caressed her cheek and heard her purr like a kitten.

"You're gonna love me Dakota Lane," Mindy said as she kissed me and slid her arms around my neck and mine went around her. "And I'm gonna love you."

"I don't know..." I started to say.

"You already said you loved me and you wouldn't have said that if you didn't mean it," Mindy whispered to me. "You might not trust me but you love me."

"OK, I do," I admitted and for some unknown reason that announcement didn't at all seem strange in that moment. "I guess I never stopped."

"I knew it, ha ha," Mindy whispered as she kissed me again and giggled. Then in a sultry voice and looking right into my eyes she said, "Let's go make love."

"Is that what this is about?" I asked. "You need to be..."

"You love me Dakota and you know I'd never do you that way," Mindy said as she slid off my thighs and to her feet. "I wanna make love to you."

"Mindy we can't," I muttered as she raised her shirt just a bit and showed me her flat tanned stomach and grinned innocently. "Stop that."

"No," she said as it went a bit higher with every passing moment. "Why don't you just give in cause you know you can't resist me."

"No I can't but this is insanely fast," I said as I stood and tried to stop her and that ended up in a giggle fight as she poked me in the ribs and started tickling me first (not common for Mindy). I started to return the favor when she slipped from my grasp and took off running for the steps and without so much as I thought as to where I was took off after her and gained on her with every step, finally catching her on the landing as we turned for the third floor and pinning her against the wall as she squealed in laughter when I dug my fingers in her tickle spots. Her only defense was to kiss my on the lips and get me to ease off long enough so she could escape. I groaned as I realized she'd out smarted me as I took off running again and chased her down the hall way and saw her dip inside her room. I slowed as I reached it and saw her now on the bed and giving me a challenging smile. "You're gonna get it."

"I already know that," Mindy said as she whipped off her t-shirt and fired it at my head. She laughed as I ducked and it went flying into the hallway. "Can't even catch a t-shirt what are you a dumb blonde?"

"What did you say?" I asked as I pushed the door together and saw her flop down on her back and skin her pajama bottoms in record time and throw them at me too.

"I said are you a dumb blonde?" Mindy repeated. "You must be because you're not already taking advantage of the opportunity in front of you."

"You're right I must be," I said as I moved to the end of the bed and in a frenzy Mindy met me and pushed my own t-shirt up and over my head before kissing me roughly and making me kiss her back as she pulled at the belt in my jeans and threw it away when it came clear. Parting for a split second, she unbuttoned them and pushed them down in record time as I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the jeans. I then kissed her again as all rational thought and impulse control was completely lost as she jerked down my thong and I stepped out of it as we kissed passionately and I then shed my bra. "MMMMMMMMMMM fuck I want you so bad right now."

"Then come get it, Kota," Mindy moaned to me in the way that only she can as she flopped down on her back and shed her thong and tossed it aside and a nanosecond before she slipped off her bra, I crawled up the bed after her. Settling in on top of her she kissed me passionately. I lowered down and could have screamed in joy as she kissed me so perfectly and my pussy came in contact with hers, smoothie on smoothie. My ass clenched as we started a slow steady grind that produced more pleasure than any orgasm I had ever known. She moaned into my mouth as I quickened the pace and fell completely under her spell as we parted and she looked down and watched for a moment. "OHMIGOD Kota, you're making my pussy spasm so good I can't take it."

"Sweet baby you don't have any choice but to take it," I moaned too her as I grinded harder and actually started lifting my hips and sending my pussy gently smacking back into hers as she started squealed in pleasure and kissed me again. The pleasure came in breathtaking moments of bliss for both of us as a light sheen of sweat formed on both of our naked bodies. Mindy fed me her tongue and a new type of pleasure was added to the mix as my ass clenched more and more in this endless rhythm. "MMMMMMM see baby I told you so, you didn't have a choice."

"I'm gonna cum so hard, I love you so much Kota," Mindy moaned urgently as I sped my thrusts and started kissing her neck as my own body trembled in pleasure along with hers. She began to grunt as she reached down and aggressively started to squeeze her fingers into my ass cheeks and titled her head back and I watched her eyes roll back in her head as she moaned in pure pleasure. A few more seconds of incredible pleasure and the awe inspiring climax came like a rain storm, a wondrous rain storm with a steadily harder rain falling. As we reached the peak it felt so good I lost my breath completely and just stayed there in pleasure for something like 20 seconds before it released its hold and I slumped forward and gasped for breath. Much as she did.

"I love you too Mindy," I whispered when I regained my breath enough to roll off to the side and pull her into my arms.

"MMMMMMMMM most wonderful thing ever in life," Mindy said in reply.

"I so agree," I said as I kissed her neck and she pulled the blanket up over us. "You saying I'm welcome to stay the night?"

"Please? Will you hold me tonight? I need you so bad I..." she started when I gently covered her lips and I knew how vulnerable she always feels after love making.

"I'm yours again," I whispered as she grinned and said the one thing that I'd never expected, "You're really easy."

I just started laughing out loud at that one. I'm not sure what the future holds honestly, but... well for right now I'm so happy I can't stop smiling.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who's moving in with three weeks left in school?" Chloe asked as we came up the sidewalk leading to the dorm and found a hatchback sitting on the road with boxes stacked four and five high outside it.

"Weird," Chloe committed. "But they have a Blu-ray player."

"And that is?" I asked as Chloe rolled her eyes.

"It's a DVD with more space," Chloe said as I nodded and a girl who I'd never seen before came out of the building with a dolly. "Must be the new girl."

"Hello? And who are you?" the new girl asked.

"I'm Molly and that's Chloe," I said.

"This is your dorm?" she asked.

"Yeh on the third floor," I replied.

"OH great, I'm Maggie Rainfield and I'm the new KMH resident adviser," Maggie said.

"Resident adviser?" Chloe asked.

"Please tell me they told you I was coming?" Maggie asked with a pleading look.

"Sorry," I said.

"OK I can handle this," Maggie said. "See I was supposed to be here two days ago but thanks to delays and car problems I just got in."

"Where are you gonna stay with all this stuff?" Chloe asked.

"Come on I'll show you," Maggie said we followed her in and found out that she was now taking over the old office which had been the place I caught Courtney cleaning out a few days ago. "Home sweet home."

"And you can fit all that stuff in this little space?" Chloe asked as we only saw one small space off the main entry way.

"OH no it's plenty big," Maggie said as she pushed the door open and revealed a long hallway and four other doors. "That's the bedroom or it will be when I get my bed set up, that's the bathroom..."

"Whirlpool tub I'm in love," Chloe said as she reached her arms out and sighed.

"I so agree, I screamed when I saw it," Maggie said with a smile. "And if you keep it between me and you I might be persuaded to let you use it."

"Consider me your new lackey then," Chloe said to Maggie as I giggled.

"And that is the storage room," Maggie said as she continued the tour.

"This place is huge," I said as I walked inside. "What are you planning on storing here?"

"Beats me," Maggie shrugged. "Bathroom supplies and the like I guess. It has another entrance so the janitors can take stuff out."

"And what's this?" Chloe asked as we reached the door that was straight across from the main room.

"That would be my closet for the time being," Maggie said.

"And this is your living room?" I asked as I pointed to the room just off the main hallway with a service window (such as you'd find at McDonald's) over looking the main lobby.

"Pretty much," Maggie said. "It's big enough for a couch, desk and a TV and that's all I really care about."

"So why exactly did they hire you with only three weeks to go in school?" Chloe asked as we walked back into the main hall.

"Said it was security concerns," Maggie replied. "And being that many students will be staying on campus all summer I'll pretty much have a full time job."

"So what changes?" I asked.

"Well from now on if anyone comes they have to check in at the main gate and sign in here at the window before they can visit upstairs or down the hall," Maggie said.

"And I assume we have to be in by curfew?" I asked.

"By 9:00," she said. "And I will be doing a head count every night to make sure everyone is here too."

"What if someone has a friend sleeping over?" Chloe asked.

"You mean like you two love birds?" she asked as Chloe and I both looked shocked. "I saw you two kissing out by center court as I was coming up."

"Busted," I said as Maggie laughed.

"Don't get all concerned on me I know how it is around here," Maggie said. "Everyone has their little flings and I'll keep your secret if need be."

"Everyone already knows about us," Chloe said. "About those sleepovers?"

"As long as everyone is in the building I could care less if you're hanging out in the boiler room," Maggie said as I laughed. "And I hate to ask but can you please help get the rest of those boxes in before it rains?"

"Sure," Chloe and I said in unison as the giggles started.

A few minutes later we had all of the boxes brought in and scattered around her new place and some lined along the wall by the service window. A short break for a soda and snack and Chloe offered to give her a tour of the place and Maggie readily excepted, making notes on her clipboard the whole way. She planned to have the long ago broken elevator in the front hall fixed and commented that it would be her first priority. The tour of the first floor concluded with the usual name of the suspects as far as people that Chloe and I knew or had even heard of. Same on the second floor and then it was up to our floor.

"OK, my room is right here," Chloe said as walked down the third floor hallway. We soon passed by what used to be Vanessa Carlson's room (now empty) and circled back down the hall and stopped by Courtney's room. "And this is a friend of ours room, Courtney Melrose."

"Or it used to be," I said as I pushed open the door and found the room was completely empty aside from a piece of paper that had been scattered all over the floor.

"You mean she's gone?" Maggie asked as she made a few more notes on her clipboard. "Is this something I should be worried about?"

"She was here this morning," I said. "I saw her in the shower room."

"I'll take this up with Miss Logan in Admissions," Maggie noted. "Anything else."

"Yeah this is my room and where you'll find her if you can't find her anywhere else," I said and motioning to Chloe.

"And that room is our friend's, Mindy Sullivan," Chloe said with a point. "You'll love her."

"And that's my kind of friend Bre Kelton," I said. "And down there is the shower room."

"Bre Kelton," Maggie muttered as she wrote on her pad. "That it?"

"I think so," I said. "If you need to know anything else just call me or Chloe."

"I will keep that in mind," she said. "And thanks for being so nice to me and all."

"No problem," Chloe said. "And as much as I hate to run I got studying to do still."

"And I have boxes to unpack and sort through," Maggie commented. "So goodnight girls and thanks again."

"Night," Chloe and I said in unison.

"Even though I'm exhausted I'm gonna go study," Chloe said before I took her hand and said, "Me and you are going to bed and right now."


"We can both study tomorrow night," I said as she grinned and offered no more argument as we headed off to bed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I came out of my apartment this morning (drying my hair on the sidewalk) as I got ready for work and noticed a few things that would later make sense but seemed odd at the time. That being Harold, the new cook, coming out of the Yoga place next door to Fast Eddie's Eats with a series of chairs and then several small tables and taking them into Eddie's. I then spotted the guy who owned the Yoga place, a nice Chinese man named Peterson, coming in and carrying out several large boxes with the help of Harold and later a couple of more guys. I knew the Yoga place wasn't drawing a lot of business but at that moment it dawned on me that he must be going out of business.

"Well that sucks," I said to myself and nearly jumped out of my skin when someone from behind me asked, "What sucks?"

"Scare the life out of me," I said to Holly as she giggled.

"What sucks?" she repeated.

"Mr. Peterson is going out of business," I said and pointed as the aforementioned came out of the place with a large rolled carpet.

"Actually Megan told me that Eddie and Mr. Peterson are gonna switch locations," Holly said.

"How did this happen and me not know it?" I asked.

"You been off for two days and didn't come in, at all," Holly said. "Harold has really been pushing Eddie to take advantage of the customer base he's developed."

"Yeah practically everyone in town comes in here," I noted.

"Exactly," Holly said as Eddie appeared on the horizon and slowly made his way up to join us. "Morning!"

"Morning ladies," he said with a cup of Mickey D's coffee in his hand. "Harold and Chin-Li hard at it are they?"

"That's Mr. Peterson's first name?" I asked.

"She pays attention so well," Eddie said to Holly as she laughed.

"And what about this moving stuff?" I asked. "That came out of nowhere."

"Not confirmed just yet," Eddie said. "But Chin-Li is wanting a place that costs less and we need more space so it seemed like a natural fit. Still working on getting the building owner to agree."

"Great now we'll have even farther to walk to wait on customers," I complained.

"That's true," Holly said. "Fuck the move, stay where you are."

"Good thinking," I giggled as I smacked a high five with Holly.

"Now listen," Eddie said calmly. "Since Darlene has been bugging me to spend more time with her and Maxie now that the summer is upon us I've had to make some tough decisions," Eddie said. "And the move is the first one. I've also got to make some new hires if we want to keep up with the pace of progress."

"A new waitress or three?" I hoped.

"One maybe," Eddie said.

"If you move into that new space and don't hire at least two, I quit," I demanded.

"Sure you do," Eddie said as Holly laughed. "And why would you quit before I offer you a promotion?"

"Assistant dish washer?" I asked sarcastically.

"Assistant Manager," Eddie said.

"Shit!" Holly said in surprise.

"Now Holly we had a talk about your language," Eddie cautioned her. "You are far too nice a young girl to sound like you often do."

"Sorry," Holly said sheepishly. "I'm trying but it's hard to stop something you've been doing your whole life."

"Just work on it," Eddie advised.

"Me the assistant manager?" I asked finally, still in shock.


"More pay?"

"Obviously," Eddie confirmed. "And you worry about hiring the new waitress."

"OK!" I said with a huge smile.

"So are we planning to stand here all day or go to work?" Eddie asked.

"I'm off to visit my sister actually," Holly said. "I'm off today unless you need extra help."

"Just come by when you're done and I'm sure we'll be in need," Eddie said as Holly smiled and walked off. "Hey!"

"What?" Holly asked as she stopped.

"Bring that sister of yours by sometime," Eddie said.

"If she will," Holly said with a shrug as she headed towards Mintzler.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey you're not leaving now are you?" I asked as I awoke from the most peaceful of sleeps and found Dakota slipping on a pair of shorts.

"Going to the bathroom but I'll be right back," she said before squirting out the door and leaving me a moment to contemplate exactly what happened less than 8 hours ago. That thought started me kicking my feet and hands against the bed in excitement. It just felt so completely new and so perfectly right that I didn't wanna feel bad or even think about any of the potential negatives. Though I did get kind of worried when Dakota was gone for about 10 minutes. But just as I was wrapping the sheet around me and got to my feet to go check on her she came back through the door and grinned at me. "What are you doing here?"

"After what we did last night it wouldn't be a huge shock if neither of us could remember," Dakota said as I laughed and she kissed me softly. "MMMMMMM Mindy."

"MMMMMMMMMM Kota," I cooed back as we started to get seriously lost in one and another when a knocking came at the door and almost caused my heart to stop. "Who the hell would that be?"

"Probably someone wanting to talk," Dakota said as she went to open the door and I panicked and stopped her. "What?"

"No one knows what happened between us last night and you know how people will judge," I said.

"For better or worse we are back together," Dakota reasoned.


"Hold on!" I said. "Hide, please?"

"No," Dakota said as she kissed me. "I don't care what people think."

"What do you want?" Dakota asked as she opened the door. I hid behind it and turning a bright red color of blush.

"Not you," Molly said in reply. "What the hell are you doing in Mindy's room and not Bre's?"

"It's a long story," Dakota said as she stepped into the hallway. I took a deep breath and came out next and proudly hugged her from behind as Molly nearly fainted on the spot. "Then again maybe not."

"You guys are back together?"

"I love her and always have," Dakota said as I smiled.

"And I love her too," I confirmed.

"But what about Courtney? And by the way where is Courtney?"

"She's gone," I said simply. "And no I don't wanna talk about her."

"And Bre broke the news last night that she's going home for good," Dakota said. Chloe came down the hallway and rubbed her eyes to see if they were playing tricks on her.

"Bre is leaving?" Molly asked with a worried look.

"Are you two playing a trick on me with Molly's help?"

"Nope this is real," Dakota said. "It's hard to explain but last night the world fell back into alignment finally."

"Cool," Molly said as we exchanged smiles.

"You do realize this is the girl who cheated on you?" Chloe asked.

"She never slept with Courtney before we broke up," Dakota said in my defense as I hugged her tighter. "They kissed is all."

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Chloe asked.

"Because cheating usually involves sex, at least to me," Dakota said. "I think it's a big deal."

"So you just forgive her?"

"We both made a lot of mistakes," I said as Dakota nodded her agreement and turned in my arms and kissed me. "MMMMMMMM."

"I'll say," Dakota said as I smiled so wide my face hurt almost. "A lot of people will think I'm crazy... but I just can't say no to her."

"Ha ha I win," I giggled as Dakota and I shared another kiss.

"Someone please stop the world I wanna get off!" Chloe said as Dakota, Molly and I laughed out loud.