Scent of a Girl - Episode 42 "Next Door to the Harper's of Raytown"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

The last few days have been hectic as Molly and I both prepared to take the most important tests of our lives and true to her promise, Molly was working her cute little ass for me. Studying four and five hours almost every night and for the sake of finals we spent the night in separate rooms for the first time in months. I enjoyed having my own bed for a change (so did Molly). So fearing a burnout/overload I decided we both deserved some time away from the books and to just have some fun before the first of our finals came up tomorrow morning. Not sure why we ended up at the library but we did. We separated as I got lost in the travel section and Molly went to look at the sports section. She's weird.

"Find anything interesting?" I asked Molly as I found her a few minutes later where I had originally left her.

"Autobiography of Sammy Sosa," she said as she held a book in her hand. "It's called, Baseball been berry berry good to me."

"You're nuts," I giggled as she grinned victoriously and didn't even glance back as Alisha came around the corner of the shelf and saw us. She motioned with a finger over her lips not to ruin the moment as she snuck behind Molly. The moment was ruined anyway when Molly caught her at the last second and giggled when Alisha hugged her from behind and cooed, "Hey sexy."

"MMMMMM hey to you too," Molly replied with a horny grin.

"Excuse me miss thang with her hands on my girlfriend," I said to Alisha. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Looks like she's about to grope me," Molly said with a smile directed at me. "At least I hope so."

"And if I say no?"

"Well, come over here and I'll grope you first," Alisha said as she stuck her tongue out and I purposely walked over and licked it.

"You have no idea how horny that makes me," Molly commented.

"Yes I do," I said as I kissed my girlfriend. Alisha took a seat on one of the foot ladders in the floor and looked through some of the books. "Looks like Alisha has lost interest."

"No way," Alisha said as she peaked under the front of Molly's skirt and giggled when she jumped away. "What's wrong?"

"Can you two knock it off before we get tossed out here?" I asked. Alisha grinned and shrugged as Molly kissed me.

"Gonna go see if that book I wanted ever come in," Molly said as I nodded and she ran off to the front counter.

"So you ready for finals?" I asked Alisha as I sat down by her.

"I doubt it," Alisha said. "I've been studying like crazy the last week or so and so has Cally but I'm not sure it'll be enough. You?"

"Cramming all night the last four or five days and I think Molly and I are both ready," I said. "I hope so at least."

I noticed Cally coming in and joining Molly at the front counter as Alisha and I looked through the rows of books in search of various things and basically waited for our girlfriends to join us. Which would be a bit of a wait as Molly followed Cally outside and the two started goofing around on the front walk with a skateboard, which got me and Alisha both to giggling as we now watched the natural born goofs from a table just inside the main door.

"When did Cally start riding a skateboard?" I asked.

"Looks like about the same time Molly did," she said as I laughed.

"What about plans for the summer?" I asked as Cally tried to flip the board up to herself and over rotated it and slammed it into her shin. She began hopping around holding her shin as Molly laughed at her. Both of us laughed again.

"My family wants to see Cally so that's a couple of weeks and then I'd say she'll visit her Dad in Houston or where ever he's based now," Alisha said. "Then I'd say we'll end up back on campus for the last few weeks. What about you and Molly?"

"She's gonna come down home with me for a while," I said. "My Grandpa said I could bring the whole school if I wanted. He likes having a house full of people."

"So he knows you're gay?"

"Possibly, possibly not," I said as Alisha giggled. "He's never asked me about it and I said that Molly was my girlfriend. Soooo I'm assuming he knows what that means."

"And you plan to spend 2 and half months in Kansas City?"

"It's not really Kansas City, like downtown," I admitted. "It's a smaller town in the suburbs called Raytown."

"Raytown?" she asked as I nodded and she laughed. "Like on Mama's Family? That sitcom in the 80's? I've seen it on YouTube."

"That'd be it," I said with a giggle. "We live next door to the Harpers."

With that comment Alisha fell back in the chair cackling out loud and that drew the attention of the none too pleased librarian, Miss Harris. Who asked us to either pipe down and or get out. We chose to leave after Alisha couldn't get her giggling under control fast enough. We arrived outside just as Cally and Molly were arguing over... something. I think it was who sucked more at attempting to ride the damn skateboard. Anyway it was a funny moment.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\
~ (~ (FAST EDDIE EATS) ~) ~

"Hey did you ever get the money to pay your rent?" I asked Holly as I came out of the kitchen and she turned her back to the counter to answer me as a new customer came in. One who I'd never seen before.

"Yeah thankfully," Holly said. "My Dad's pension check finally came in and just in time."

"I was gonna say I got some more money from my low life EX and you could borrow if you needed it," I said.

"You're way to nice to people you've just met," she said as the new customer, a girl about Holly's age, sat down at the counter and picked up a menu. "You gave Megs a place to stay without even knowing her."

"And she's been a big help too," I pointed out and motioned to the new customer. Holly turned around and smiled and then literally froze as she looked into the eyes of this customer. I quickly poured another cup of java for another customer and slid by her and bumped her purposely to snap her back to reality.

"Is there a problem?" The girl asked Holly.

"UMMMMMMMM no," Holly stammered. "You're just sooo... UMMMMMM... what can I get you?"

"I already know what you recommend," she said with a smirk and looked at Holly's name tag. "Holly."

"That's my name alright," Holly said. "Can I ask yours?"

"Maggie, Maggie Rainfield," she said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," Holly said with a dreamy look as she shook Maggie's hand and leaned on the counter. "You new around here?"

"Actually no," Maggie said. "Went to school at Mintzler Prep down the road for like 5 years until I graduated three years back and now they've hired me on full time as a resident adviser."

"Mintzler Prep? My sister Molly goes there," Holly said.

"Molly Harris?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah, you know her?"

"She's one of the residents I'm advising," Maggie said. "And she looks just like you."

"That she can't deny no matter how much she wants to" Holly said as Maggie giggled. "Wait, I was up there a couple mornings ago and didn't see you but there was a sign out front about signing in."

"Was probably in bed," Maggie said. "What time was it?"

"Early morning around 7 or 8," Holly said. "The doors were unlocked, obviously."

"Still in bed," Maggie said. "We're supposed to have everyone sign in now to cut down on the rule breaking that's been going on."

"What about students who have family in town?"

"They have to have a pass to get off or on the campus," Maggie said.

"So you went to Mintzler for 5 years?" Holly asked and was obviously VERY interested in every word Maggie had to offer.

"My Dad was a military man and we lived in Florida when he was sent to Iraq and I got shipped up here," Maggie said. "I ended up falling in love with the area and hung around after graduating and then stumbled upon the opportunity to work at Mintzler as a dorm adviser or residency adviser."

"You gonna take her order or listen to her entire life story?" I asked Holly as she blushed and picked up her pad with a sheepish grin.

"I'll have the breakfast platter," Maggie said. "And a large milk."

"Sunrise with a big cow, Harold," Holly said through the window to the kitchen.

"I'm on it," Harold said in reply as Megan came through the door and gave a strange look to Holly as she witnessed Holly's rather obvious flirting with the new girl. Megan came back to join me in the back booth as the place was empty except for Maggie.

"What's up with Holly and the blond?" Megan asked.

"You jealous?" I asked with a smirk.

"Yeah she wishes," Megan said as she sat down and started to sulk. "I could care less."

"You're pathetic," I giggled. "She's been working here for weeks now and you won't even go to her place but you get jealous when she finds someone who will give her the time of day."

"Bite my ass Rae Rae," Megan said as she glared at me and I laughed. Maggie and Holly giggled as their conversation continued from the counter.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What are you guys doing for the summer?" Laney asked as she came to mine and Shelby's bedroom door as we lay on the bed studying.

"Well you know my Dad's in town now so I guess I'll be staying with him," Shelby said.

"Mindy and I are going home to Los Angeles," Cindy said.

"I miss you already," Shelby said as I smiled and kissed her.

"It's double bad for me because I miss both of you already," Laney said with a frown.

"AWWW," Shelby said as she got up and hugged Laney by the door. "I got so used to having you around it's gonna be murder without you this summer."

"Yeah weekends without Cindy wouldn't so bad," Laney said.

"Yeah without you I'd have lost my mind," Shelby said to Laney.

"I'm gonna miss you too," I finally said.

"Sure you will Cinderella," Laney said as Shelby laughed and stood back as she expected me to chase Laney.

"I will Elaine," I said in reply. "It's not gonna work this time."

"We'll see about that," Laney said with a smirk as she made sure I was watching when she leaned in and rubbed her nose against Shelby's as I giggled. "I just made out with your girlfriend."

"You did what?" I asked in confusion.

"She just gave me an Eskimo kiss," Shelby said with a grin. "We saw it in that documentary a few nights ago."

"Was a good one too," Laney giggled.

"MMMMMMM sure was," Shelby said as she rubbed her nose and made eyes at Laney.

"You two act like five year olds," I said as I returned to studying or attempted to when Laney ran over and grabbed my foot and dragged me partially off the bed and giggled as she ran off. I'd had enough this time, and even though I knew it's what she wanted, I jumped up and chased her into the main room and around the couch as she squealed and was barely ahead of me when I detoured and went over the back of the couch and snagged my fingers on her pajama bottoms and as I crashed to the floor, down they came with me and suddenly I had a gorgeous view of Laney's surprisingly tanned ass clad in only a g-string thong. I heard Shelby gasp in shock as I held onto Laney's pajamas and wrestled with her as she dropped to the floor till she actually wiggled out of them. Another few seconds of a view of her in a thong followed as she scrambled to her feet and plucked a pillow off the couch to cover it. I fully expected her to now be embarrassed and mad at me much the same way she was with Dakota when Dakota pantsed her in front of Maxie. "Still wanna wrestle?"

"This means war, Cinderella Sullivan," Laney declared as I laughed and she blasted me with the couch cushion over the head as I covered up and attempted to hang onto her pants. "Let go or I'm gonna get rough."

"BRING IT ON!" I squealed as Laney tossed the cushion aside and dropped to her knees and whacked my ass. "OWWWWW!"

"Gimme back my pants," Laney demanded and finally pulled them free and ran into her own bedroom to put them back on.

"Laney's got a cute butt," Shelby said as she helped me up. Laney grinned knowingly as she wiggled it at us once more before pulling her pajama bottoms over it.

"Why didn't you help me?" I asked Shelby before kissing her.

"You pantsed her and got what you deserved," Shelby said following that with a kiss.

"I love fighting with you Ice Princess," Laney announced as she came back through the bathroom.

"Me too," I said as we laughed. "Not too rough?"

"You're asking me if it was too rough and I'm the one that smacked your ass?" Laney said.

"To me that's foreplay," I said as everyone laughed.

All action then stopped as the door popped open and in came Dakota, hand-and-hand, with Mindy. I didn't know exactly what to say and it's been a few days since the news broke that they were back together. Though to this point I haven't gotten a chance to ask Mindy about it in private and that's definitely something I want to do.

"What's going on?" Dakota asked nervously.

"Laney called you a whore and I was defending you," Shelby said to Dakota as she joined them by the door. Dakota laughed as Laney gave the stink eye to her bestie (Shelby) as Mindy and Shelby hugged for a long moment.

"I don't care what everyone else thinks, Mindy, I am soo happy for you two," Shelby announced.

"I called no one a whore," Laney announced. "But if anyone's offering I'm open to possibilities."

"I like her," Mindy giggled.

"Twin sister we need to talk," I said as Mindy gave me a nervous look. "In private."

"I wanna hear this," Shelby said.

"This is between me and Mindy, please Shel?"

"I didn't wanna listen anyway," Shelby said as I groaned at her silliness and Mindy nervously joined me. Laney turned the attention back to herself as she darted past Mindy and pantsed Shelby before running away into her bedroom laughing with Shelby and Dakota chasing her.

"OK what is going on with you?" I asked Mindy after we closed the door to mine and Shelby's room.

"Courtney disappeared like I told you and things fell apart between Bre and Dakota..."

"Did you interfere?"

"No and go ask Dakota right now without me if you don't believe that," Mindy said. "Bre's planning on going home to Billings and not coming back in the fall."

"That's a good reason why Dakota broke it off," I said. "But that doesn't explain how she could just forgive you for cheating on her."

"We're working on it," Mindy said. "And it depends on how you define cheating."

"Cheating would be sex with another person while your dating someone," I said.

"Then I didn't cheat because I didn't sleep with Courtney," Mindy admitted. "Dakota sees it that way too."

"You kissed her..."


"If you guys are happy I guess I can't complain," I said as Mindy hugged me and for one of the first times in my life I took a long moment to enjoy hugging my twin sister.

"You hugged me," Mindy said with a grin. "You really are melting."

"Shut up," I said with a crimson blush as I pushed her away and left the room as she giggled. Shelby came running out of the bathroom that lead to Laney and Dakota's bedroom with them chasing her in full pursuit. Shelby crashed into me and jumped behind me as Laney and Dakota stopped cold. "Why'd you stop for? Now the odds are even and you don't wanna play?"

"Not exactly even," Mindy said from behind me as she dropped to her knees and pantsed Shelby. Shelby screamed and reached for her shorts as Mindy started laughing as she fell back on the floor and I rolled my eyes at the goofiness.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\
~ (~ (FAST EDDIE EATS) ~) ~

Can you believe I spent the last 4 hours on campus studying in a room (alone) at the library? I did. And not because Sarah encouraged me but because I wanted to do well on the finals that begin, for me at least, tomorrow. I'm nervous as fuck cause I really wanna nail these and hopefully spring my average from a mid C to hopefully a low B. Which for me would be a huge victory in that I've never been much of a student. Math being my biggest concern as I'm not as strong in it as I am in a couple of my other subjects such as Geography and Chemistry.

So with my studying done, for now, I snagged an off-campus pass and headed for Fast Eddie's Eats and hoped for a little fun. I found Eddie, Darlene and Harold sitting in a booth at the front of the diner in a discussion as Sarah and Megan waited on the few customers. "Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Uncle Harold."

"That was a good one," Megan giggled as I sat down at the counter and she joined me. "Uncle Harold."

"Nice to see you too my adopted niece," Harold said as I smiled.

"What can I get you Max?" Megan asked as Sarah came over and kissed me. "MMMMMMMM more of that?"

"Lots more," I said as I slipped off the stool and slipped my arms around Sarah as she giggled and let me kiss her.

"Where have you been?" Sarah asked me as she put her arms around my neck and grinned.

"School, therapy and then four hours of studying at the library," I said. "I think I'm gonna do pretty good on my finals."

"You should you're plenty smart and you know the material," Sarah said. The door bell clanged and signaled the arrival of a few customers. "And the late night rush begins."

"I'll get the grill all fired up," Harold said as he headed off into the kitchen.

"And I'll get my apron and help out," Darlene said. Sarah kissed me and pointed to the back booth we often used for relaxing before I nodded and settled in there a few minutes later. I noticed for the first time the new tables that sat just to the side of the front door. There were three small ones for just two people each with stools for chairs. Those quickly became filled as more and more customers came in with every passing moment. Holly finally arrived some time later as I was once again looking over my math and making sure I had everything down.

"Hey Max," Holly said as she joined me.

"Yeah?" I asked as Megan came back our way to eavesdrop, at least I thought.

"Can I walk with you when you go back on campus?" Holly asked.

"Sure," I said. "Going to see Molly?"

"That and her new resident adviser," Holly said with a suggestive poke of the tongue at the side of her mouth.

"It's her new girlfriend," Megan chimed in from the booth directly in front of us. Holly looked back and glared her, supposed, friend.

"No she's not," Holly said calmly. "But unlike you she's nice to me and invited me."

"She doesn't even like you she just feels sorry for you," Megan said with a acid tone to her voice. Holly turned away with a hurt look in her eyes.

"And you are a smart mouth jealous cunt," I said to Megan. "Now either stop running your trap or I'll tell Eddie what you said."

"I don't know why she hates me," Holly said after Megan had stormed off.

"I think she loves you but doesn't know how to show it," I said.

"I don't even care anymore cause I've been here for months and she barely acknowledges my existence," Holly said. "But this Maggie girl really seems to like me."

"I doubt it," I giggled as I kicked Holly's shoe under the table and she laughed and warned me not to start. "I'll be leaving in an hour or so. I need to get to bed early tonight."

"Well even though I'm off tonight I'll go help out till you're ready," Holly said as she headed towards the front of the restaurant. A woman came in that I immediately noticed looked remarkably like Sarah. I flashed back to the mention she had made about her looney mother calling and connecting two and two I figured this must be her. Why? Because this woman was dressed just like Sarah described her: big hair, a pound of make-up, expensive jewelry and clothes that looked to be perfectly tailored. This was soon confirmed when Sarah came back out of the kitchen with a arm full of food and stopped cold in her tracks as she saw the woman. I jumped up and practically ran to the front and arrived just in time to take the plates from Sarah before she could drop then. The woman said, "Well hello there, Sarah Rae."

"What are you doing here?" Sarah asked of her mother as I delivered the plates of food to a table only a few feet away. "And why did you pick now?"

"Well after you ran off in the middle of the night like a little sneak thief I chose to make it my mission to find you," she said in a snobbish tone.

"Did you ever think that I didn't wanna be found?" Sarah asked. "Eddie, I'm taking a break."

"You better go, she's gonna have a meltdown," Eddie told me as I followed mother and daughter outside.

"Well, what in the world could I have ever done to make you wanna leave me?" Phylicia asked.

"You wanted me to be your religious mini-me and I'm not," Sarah said as I listened by the door. "Plus you and dad both went nuts when you decided to divorce."

"I am no such thing, it is your father who has smeared my good name in his quest," Phylicia declared.

"And you sold photos of him with a hooker to the Portland Press Herald," Sarah said as I laughed.

"I did no such thing," Phylicia said. "I don't know what devilish person did that."

"The devil who did it was you," Sarah said. "I found the negatives in your office."

"Well your father spread those horrible rumors about me being a gossip behind peoples back."

"You did that too," Sarah said. "You called that nice Ms. Pendleton a broke down old has been because she wanted to run the clothes drive."

"I did no such a thing," Phylicia protested.

"And let's not forget when you demanded everyone in the church pick a side in the divorce," Sarah said. "Dad didn't do that cause he had quit the church and despite that half the people in the congregation still backed him when it came down to the two of you."

"I did no such a thing," Phylicia protested.

"YES YOU DID!" Sarah screamed in frustration. I moved by Phylicia and found Sarah now crying in frustration as she gladly excepted my hug. "Just leave I don't want you here."

"Well that's just silly," Phylicia said. "And who is this?"

"This is Maxie," Sarah said and then got an evil look in her eye. She knew then what would finally wound her oblivious mother. "She's my lover."

I simply grinned knowingly as Phylicia got a horrified look on her face and covered her mouth as she digested what she had just heard.

"She is your what?" Phylicia asked.

"My lover, my fuck buddy," Sarah raged as I held her back and she went for the kill. "She makes me scream her fucking name on a nightly basis."

"You've become a homo... homosexual?" her mother asked as she began to gasp for breath in shock.

"MMMMMMMM yes I am," Sarah said as she turned to me and seemingly on a spur of the moment kissed me on the lips. "MMMMMMMMM Tay."

"OHMIGOD you two stop that or I will not stay and be witness to your repulsive lifestyle," Phylicia said.

"If she kisses me again you'll leave and never come back?" I asked Phylicia.

"And I will never offer any financial support no matter how much you beg," Phylicia said.

"I've been on my own for a year now and in case you didn't notice, and you didn't, I refused to tell you where I was in an attempt to get you out of my life," Sarah said directly to her mother. "Some people might think I was trying to tell them something."

"I always listen and you never have to repeat yourself," Phylicia protested.

"I don't want you here," Sarah said calmly. "Now repeat that back to me."

"You're just under the influence of this homosexualist," Phylicia said.

"Bitch my own mother doesn't call me that and if you continue with the name calling I'll smack the make-up off you," I said as Phylicia backed away.

"No you're not," Sarah said as she turned back to me. "There's only one way to get rid of crazy Phylicia."

"What did you call me? I demand an apology."

"No," Sarah said simply as she kissed me. A long slow soft kiss that lasted a lot longer than either of us had planned and long after her mother had stormed off in anger and disgust. "If I had known it was that easy to get rid of her I'd have done it a long time ago."

"I'm not complaining," I said as we shared a laugh and then another kiss.