Scent of a Girl - Episode 46 "The Mintz "Rock""

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Do you think Holly is still downstairs?" Chloe asked as she laid in my arms in my new room after we had successfully unpacked our bags.

"Probably between Maggie's thighs by now," I replied and loved it when Chloe laughed.

"By the way Dad..."

"...his Richardness..." I chimed in as Chloe laughed. This nickname came from a game we caught her Dad, Richard Morgan, playing with Chloe's youngest sister, Carly (4), where Richard played the role of a king and his princess was Carly. Out of this game came his summer-long nickname of "His Richardness".

"...yes him. Anyway, he said he's thinking about sending Mackenzie here when she turns 13," Chloe said. "You can look forward to that."

"Oh yeah," I said as I rubbed my hands together. "Two Morgan sisters all for me."

"And then I get you and Holly at the same time?"

"I knew that was too good to be true," I said as Chloe laughed again. Both of us then yawned as the clock read 10:01. "You bout ready for bed?"

"Yeppers," Chloe said as she rolled off the bed to her feet and stretched as I admired her summer tan a bit. "Think that's where I'm headed now."

"Well come on baby," I said as I pulled the covers off me and offered her the spot next to me.

"Tomorrow is the first day of school and I need a full night's sleep," Chloe said. "So that means by myself not making love with you half the night."

"I'll hold you," I offered as she groaned and wanted so badly to except my offer I know.

"Tomorrow night," she said with a finger point and leaning down to kiss me good night. "I love you."

"I like..."

"Finish that sentence the wrong way smart ass and you won't be getting laid anytime soon," Chloe interrupted me.

" so much I love you too?"

"Sounded borderline retarded but I'll take it," Chloe said as she kissed me again and headed for her room, closing the door behind her. I stretched out and enjoyed the peace of this late September Minnesota night for a few moments. I was about to nod off to sleep when a knocking came at my door. I smiled, knowing it was Chloe, as I slid out of bed and into my slippers, Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) slippers, to answer the door.

"Did you change your mind about sleeping with me?" I asked as I opened the door.

"I sure did sweetheart," Holly said as she came in and kissed my cheek. She laughed as she sat down in the desk chair and watched me blush and close the door. "Thinking I was Chloe?"

"No, I knew it was you," I said sarcastically as she laughed and I had to roll my eyes. "What do you want?"

"I don't want Maggie to know what a loser I am by losing my apartment so I wondering if I could bunk here tonight?" Holly asked.

"You're not gonna be evicted for two weeks," I pointed out. "Why tonight?"

"I don't know," Holly said. "It's a long walk home and I'm tired. Can I?"

"Before this summer I would have thrown you out," I said as I tossed my extra pillow at her. "But now I guess things have changed."

"You mean I can stay?"

"Go and borrow Chloe's blow up mattress unless you want a hard floor bed," I advised. She pointed towards the bed when I went on, "And no you are not sleeping with me."

"Party pooper," Holly said as she laid the pillow on the desk and went to borrow the blow-up mattress, leaving the door open in the process as Mindy came by.

"Hey Punky!" Mindy said as I smiled and she came in, giving me an eye full of her dangerously short nightshirt (Care Bears). Those legs and that dark, rich summer tan sure did look good. "What?"

"That nightshirt might just be illegal," I said as she gave me a knowing grin.

"Not for you Punky you have special privileges," she said as she came in and sat down at the foot of the bed and giggled when I sprang up to meet her and asked in a deep male voice, "Oh really?"

"Chloe and you ready for bed?" she asked as she playfully pushed me away, still leaving me wondering what those "special privileges" were.

"Chloe is sleeping her in own bed tonight," I said. "What about you? Is..."

"...Rittle Rindy is sleeping alone," she said for me as I laughed. "Is Wittle Mowwy?"

"Yes her is," I said. "Does Rittle Rindy wanna join Wittle Mowwy?"

"You two are strange," Holly said as she arrived back in the room before I could get an answer, closing the door behind her.

"I'll have you know I was hitting on her before you so rudely interrupted," I said as Holly laid out the blow up mattress and plugged in the pump and sat down by the desk and got a great look at Mindy's tanned legs.

"I don't blame you on that baby sister," Holly said as she tickled Mindy's foot.

"Stop that," Mindy giggled as she scooted away and back towards me.

"You got a girlfriend tanned, sexy and damn near perfect?" Holly asked Mindy.

"Dakota Lane," Mindy said proudly. "And don't start your flirting."

"Wouldn't think of it," Holly said. "Hey can you hand me the cap for the blow up Mattress over there? It's by the door."

"And you can't reach it?" I asked Holly.

"Holding the pump," Holly lied. Mindy nevertheless slid out of bed and bent over to pick up the cap and gave me (and Holly) a breath taking view of her cute little thong clad ass. Holly mouthing to me before Mindy turned back, "That was for you."

"Good sister," I said as Holly laughed. Mindy simply handed the cap to Holly as she rejoined me on the bed with what I detected as a slight smirk on her face. Leaving me wondering if she didn't already know what Holly's plan was.

"So why are you spending the night?" Mindy asked Holly.

"Spend some time with my sister," Holly said

"She's homeless," I inserted as Mindy giggled.

"And you're as full of hot air as this..." Holly said before pausing and crashing down onto the now completely filled air mattress. "...air mattress."

"Do you still like Molly's ex Megan?" Mindy asked my sister. Holly gave me a look as if to say, "How could she know that?"

"She knows everything about me," I said as Mindy shook her head in agreement.

"And no Megan doesn't want me around so I moved on," Holly said.

"To Maggie, huh?"

"Yes to her," Holly confirmed.

"She's key-ute," Mindy said. "Too old for me but still."

"She prefers girls her own age like me, huh Scooby?"

"Shut up Punky," Mindy said with a finger point as I laughed.

"Now what's the deal with these nicknames you two have for each other?" Holly asked as she pulled her pillow behind her head.

"We were playing XBOX one day and a monster on this Scooby Doo game..."

"...scared the piss out of me..." I chimed in.

"...and that's kinda where my nickname came from."

"And mine comes from..."

"...this!" Mindy finished for me as she ran her fingers through my spiky hair. "She's my Punky."

"And what's this baby talk stuff?"

"Scooby Doo talk," I corrected Holly. "I've done it for so long that I do it now without thinking."

"She does it to pick on me because everyone kind of thought I was little girl for a long time," Mindy said.

"Rittle Rindy," I said in my Scooby Doo voice as she laughed.

"If you two ever hooked up it'd be a life long love affair," Holly said seriously.

"You also said that about me and Megan," I said to my sister as she blushed.

"Maybe I should just stop making predictions," Holly said as Mindy and I laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Pick up the damn phone already Dakota," I griped as I heard her phone ring continuously but no one answered. She told me her family was going to the mountains for some hiking in the final days of summer break but that was five days ago. I was officially worried now. This was the morning after my fun time with Molly and her sister. We stayed up till late goofing off. "Rittle Rindy."

"I wonder if Mowwy is up yet," I giggled as I slipped into a thong and checked that it looked OK in the mirror, spanked my tanned ass and watched the cheek jiggle which only served to make me hornier than I already was. Slipping on a t-shirt and shorts as I commented, "I need to get laid."

"Maybe that will be someone to lay me," I giggled as I opened the door and saw the one person in this world that I wanted to see, Dakota. "DAKOTA!"

"OHMIGOD you feel so good," Dakota said as she wrapped me in her arms and kissed my lips. "I missed you so bad I wanted to cry."

"Me too, me too," I said. "You have no idea how much I needed to see you."

"Sorry about not calling but my cell phone got busted in the mountains while we were hiking," Dakota said as I dragged her inside my room and pushed the door shut as she closed the door. "I saved the SIM card though so I can maybe get up with Cally and see if she has a spare I can use."

"I got an extra," I said as I reached into my dresser drawer and fished out my old go-phone. "Here you go. I used it this summer when we were at home."

"Thanks," Dakota said as she sat down by me on the bed and kissed my lips. "Molly and Chloe back yet?"

"Yep," I said as Dakota grinned as she played with my newly curly hair. "We met them at the airport. What?"

"Never seen you with curly hair before," Dakota said. "Kota like."

"Rittle Rindy like... damn it, I mean Mindy like when Kota do," I said and blushed as she started laughing.

"Rittle Rindy?" Dakota asked. "Been hanging out with Molly again, huh?"

"Yes," I said. "Her and her sister let me hangout last night for a while."

"She didn't let you hangout she wanted you there," Dakota said. "Her and her sister don't get along very well. Even I know that."

"Things are getting better between them," I said as Dakota turned on the phone and smiled when it connected to the network so she could make a phone call. "Shouldn't you call your Mom and Dad?"

"Doing that right now," Dakota said as she typed in their number and waited for an answer. She placed the call on speakerphone, and I laughed when I heard her father pick-up and Dakota say, "Morning Chuck."

"That is Dad to you," Charles (Dakota's father) said. "You make it OK?"

"I did and I'm using Mindy's old phone so you can call me anytime you want now," Dakota said.

"Hi, Charles," I said.

"Hi, future daughter-in-law," Charles said as I grinned. "Take care of that wild hare daughter of mine."

"I already am," I said. "She had to bum my cell phone after busting hers."

"Hi honey," Anpaytoo (Dakota's mom) said. "I already miss you."

"I know," Dakota giggled. "Can't blame you."

"She thinks she's funny," I said. "Hi Anpaytoo."

"Hi honey," she replied. "Make sure Dakota calls us every week, please?"

"Will do," I said. Dakota said her goodbyes a few minutes later and hung up. "And you better do that too."

"No," Dakota said as I leaned in and kissed her. "Maybe."

"You better," I said as Dakota gave me those pleading eyes and pooched bottom lip. "Stop that."

"If you don't make me I'll have it printed in the newspaper that I love you," Dakota said before snatching up the paper as a prop. Though it wasn't her pleading to get out of calling her Mom and Dad every week that caught my attention, it was the headline in the Thief River Falls Times, it read, "Private Schools Battle for Top Coaches."

"Holy crap," I said as I snatched the paper away from Dakota and showed her the headline. "Look."

"Current Mintzler Prep Softball Coach Victoria Rowe is entertaining offers from both Mintzler Prep and newcomer, Twilight Hills Academy," I read in disbelief. "Twilight Hills being the newest kid on the private school block with many big name benefactors betting on making the new institution a factory for college softball prospects."

"Coach Rowe is leaving?" Dakota asked as she read over my shoulder as the article continued. "... last year Mintzler Prep produced two much hyped prospects in pitcher Lisa Wilcox and second basemen Patty Peterson who have gone on to sign letters of commitment to the University of Minnesota."

"Good for them," Dakota said.

"It is also being speculated that if Coach Rowe were to fly the coup across town to the new rival that Mintzler may have an ace up their sleeve in Coach Ace "Rock" Newman," I read on. "Newman, being the coach of the statewide all-star team five years in a row, has not, though, been a full-time institution Coach for nearly a decade now. Previously he ran the development program for the National Pro Fast pitch league."

"WOW!" Dakota said. "Let Coach Rowe leave if she wants. Give us the Rock."

"He also has a daughter, listen," I said as I read the last few lines of the article. "Newman's daughter, Randi Newman, is a 5 foot tall spark plug of a second baseman with a rocket throwing arm, excellent range and a bat compared to the "Pocket Rocket" Mike Fontenot of the Chicago Cubs."

"Goodbye Coach Rowe," Dakota giggled. "Speaking of Twilight Hills did you see the new campus on the way into town?"

"We did," I said. "Nothing much there yet."

"When I came in they were already starting construction on three buildings and what looked to be a sports complex," Dakota commented. "The paper said they have big name benefactors and they just might get it finished before the end of the year."

"Bastards," I said as we started laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"GET UP!" I screamed as I beat on Molly's door or rather what I thought was Molly's door as Dakota was the one actually answered it. "Dakota? What are you doing in Molly's room?"

"Molly expanding her list of lovers?" Alisha asked as she hugged me from behind.

"This isn't Molly's room she's next door," Dakota said as she pointed down the hall. "And is she the only girl you wanna see?"

"No," I said as I pulled Dakota into my arms and hugged her. "When did you get in?"

"This morning," Dakota said. "Was just taking a nap with Mindy because school was delayed for some reason."

"We got that note too," Alisha said. "Something about an assembly at noon that will explain everything."

"What's going on... CALLY!" Mindy squealed as she jumped into my arms. She then looking at my longer hair and grinned. "Sexy!"

"Told you baby," Alisha said as she and Mindy grinned at each other.

"What are you screaming at?" Molly asked from what turned out to be her new door. "Wake up everyone in the damn building."

"What the fuck?" I asked as Alisha pushed me into Mindy and Dakota ran down to meet Molly, letting me watch as she hugged her and grinned at her.

"Good morning to me," Molly giggled as she wrapped her arms around Alisha.

"Get your hands off my girlfriend," I demanded as I walked down to join the two while Mindy and Dakota went get dressed.

"Why are you jealous now?" Alisha asked as I pushed her away from Molly. "You two stop that."

"MMMMMM Calista," Molly cooed as we hugged. "Wanna come in for a while?"

"As long as I'm invited," Alisha said with hands on hips.

"Chloe's room is two doors down," Molly said as she pointed down the hall, then pulled me into the room and closed the door behind us as we both laughed and exchanged high fives as Alisha beat on the door.

"Let me in!" Alisha said as I unlocked the door and let her in. "You two are not funny."

"I love the hair," Molly said as she flicked my hair in my face.

"I like yours too," Alisha said to Molly. "Trying to represent all the colors of the rainbow?"

"It's the color of our people ain't it?" Molly asked as I laughed.

"By the way had you heard about school being out today?" Alisha asked Molly.

"Maggie, the resident adviser, came by early to wake my sister, Holly, and told us about the assembly at noon and all," Molly said.

"Molly, get up.... oh hey," Chloe said as she came charging down the hall with her hands in the air to knock on the door. "Cally!"

"Hey girl," Chloe said as she hugged me and then Alisha. "You get in last night?"

"We did and both of us were dead tired," I said. "I went on to bed."

"Oh yeah, I just heard some crazy news," Chloe said. "I was coming to wake Molly to make sure she knew..."

"No school?" Molly asked before kissing her girlfriend good morning.

"No, well yeah, but I also heard that President Carlson quit this morning," Chloe announced as a shock wave went through the room. "People are saying he quit to take over Twilight Hills Academy."

"Are you serious?" Dakota asked as her and Mindy arrived at the door. "President Carlson is leaving for Twilight Hills?"

"What I heard," Chloe said with a worried look. "One girl even told me she thought the school might be in financial trouble."

"My Dad runs the place so I know that can't be true," I said.

"Can you call him and see what's really up?" Molly asked me.

"I sure can," I said as I opened my cell phone and dialed Dad's private line. It really began to worry me when his phone went direct to voicemail and even then it was full. "No answer."

"I'm getting worried," Mindy said as she hugged Dakota. And suddenly all of us had a sinking feeling that something was up and we'd have to wait until noon to find out what it was.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Look who I found," Megan said as she came up the steps from the main door, trailed by Holly. "And guess what she did?"

"You?" I asked Megan from the couch in which I had been reading a book. Megan gave me a look that said, "I wish."

"No I wasn't," Holly said as she sat down beside me and found Megan sticking to her like glue as she too joined us. "I got kicked out of my place by my lying psycho of a father."

"I hate that bastard," Megan said honestly.

"That's something me and you agree on," Holly said. "So now along with trying to find time to spend with Maggie and work I have to find someone who will rent to a girl barely 18."

"Move in here," Megan suggested. "We have a spare bedroom and need help with the rent."

"Bedroom? Yes. Trouble with the rent? No," I corrected her.

"If we had a third roommate it'd be easier on us," Megan pointed out.

"It's OK Sarah," Holly said. "I'll find something."

"You can move in if you want," I said to Holly. "The bedroom is nice and quiet."

"Yeah then we could hangout a lot more," Megan said as she hugged Holly's arm.

"Are you losing your mind?" Holly asked her friend.

"Maybe," Megan said. "But I don't think so."

"Good one, Albertina," I laughed as Megan smiled.

"Thanks Fae!"

"Look at me," Holly demanded of Megan as she got to her feet and glared at her. "Why would I wanna hangout with you?"

"We're friends..."

"No we're not," Holly said. "I've been here six months and we can barely even work together and how many times have you even been nice to me?"

"I'm nice to you all the time," Megan announced.

"You really shouldn't lie Megs," I commented as she gave me a glare that spoke volumes. "You afraid of the truth?"

"I am not lying," Megan declared.

"So you're nice to me?" Holly asked. "How many times have you been to my place in the four months I've been there?"

"Twice," Megan said in a small voice. "You only invited..."

"About 20 times till I got the idea that you obviously wanted nothing to do with me," Holly said.

"I was just trying to get Sarah to like me..."

"That is such complete crap," Holly said. "You needed a place to stay so you sucked up. As always."

"She didn't suck up," I said to Holly. "Now you're lying."

"Whatever she was doing she wasn't doing it with me," Holly said. Then went on, before Megan could reply, to unleash a bombshell (one that I myself had long suspected) "I came down here because I was in love with you. I thought once you got over Molly that you'd give me a chance and you refused..."

"We kissed when your Dad, psycho Eugene showed up..."

"Two and a half months ago," Holly said. "And after you had thrown a hissy fit over me seeing Maggie."

"She doesn't like you she just feels sorry for you," Megan said with a acid tongue.

"Now I see, very clearly, why the hell Molly was so GOD DAMN desperate to get the fuck away you," Holly said as she glared at Megan and slowly tears began falling down her cheeks. "I'd rather live under a bridge than have to put up with your shit."

"Holly don't go," I said in frustration as she stormed off down the steps and slammed the door. I then turned back to see Megan crying into her hands.

"You are on thin ice," I said to her as she looked up at me in surprise.


"You have tried every way in the world to hurt her for god knows what reason..."