Scent of a Girl - Episode 47 "Wanna Be Stuck on You"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Assembly today at noon," the electronic billboard read as I walked down the side from the academic building and saw almost everyone seemed to be hanging around and waiting for the assembly to begin. Maybe, hopefully, providing some answers to the numerous questions surrounding the exit of the school's President, Leonard J. Carlson. He'd been at the school for more than 2 decades and was a personal friend of Cally's Dad, David Thornton Oliver. He was such a part of the school that this very building was named in his honor. So knowing what I do, it obviously, worried me that something was really wrong behind the scenes at Mintzler. Knowing that the new Twilight Hills Academy was throwing money around like it was going out of style I figured that was the deciding factor in the decision for ex-President Carlson to leave.

"Hey Max," Laney said as she drew my attention to her and Hana laying on the grass (on top of their school blazers) and surfing the net on Laney's MacBook Air. My eyes zeroed in on the girls' thighs that were on display just below their matching skirts. I sat down between them and watched as Hana showed Laney one thing or the other. As both girls' attention was on the computer, I playfully started walking my fingers up the back of each girls thighs. "Max knock it off."

"Yeah lesbo with a girlfriend," Hana said with a gorgeous smile. Damn that girl could make me do anything.

"What Sarah doesn't know won't get me killed," I said as I walked my fingers higher a bit all the time.

"I've talked to Sarah and if you keep hitting on me I will tell her," Laney warned me.

"Fine," I said as I moved my hand away from her thighs but continued my walk up Hana's thigh.

"The same goes for me too," Hana said. "You have a girlfriend, so hands off."

"Fine," I said as I leaned forward and laid down between them on my stomach as well. "So what are you two looking for?"

"News on what's going on," Laney said with a worried look. "The forum on the school website is going nuts."

"We have a school forum?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes Max we do," Laney said as Hana giggled. "It's linked from the main home page."

"We have a home page?" I asked as Hana laughed.

"Look at this post," Hana said, reading the header. "I know Ace Newman and he hates Mintzler."

"But look at her name," I said as I pointed. "TwilighterGirl."

"You think she goes to Twilight Hills?" Laney asked.

"I'd bet so," I said as Hana clicked on the link and all three of us started laughing when we read the profanity laced post that was clearly designed to get a rise out of people. But the ending was the most interesting part as it revealed something that none of us would have ever guessed, Twilighter Girl ended her rant with this, "...and for all losers at Mintzler who think little Randi Newman, and I do mean little (she's like 4 foot tall), is the saving grace just remember that she has trouble keeping her clothes on... who wants that kind of a slut on their team? NOT US. Click here to see the pics I found on her Photobucket account."

"Click here already," I said as Laney giggled and clicked on it to find a FTP listing of a few photos. Randi_Newman_Whore 1 was the first photo in the listing and when clicking on it we got a eye full. It was Randi, in all her tanned glory, with her back to the camera and sporting a thong. "What a cute little ass."

"I don't know," Hana said as she twisted her head sideways to get a better look as I laughed. "Need more evidence."

"Are you a closet lesbian?" I asked as Hana giggled.

"I'm... open minded," Hana said. "But not to girls with significant others."

"Look at this one," Laney said as she drew all attention back to the screen and we saw this time that Randi was posing in a bikini out by a pool. Flexing her muscles, showing off her rock hard abs and basically making me wish I was single (for a few moments). "Damn!"

"Laney's in love," Hana teased as I giggled. Laney offered no objection to that accusation as she quickly clicked through the various other photos. Only one of them though was of much interest as it showed Randi in her bikini again and posing on the diving board. "Now you're really hoping she comes to Mintzler, huh?"

"I sure am," Laney said as Miss Harris (the school librarian) signaled to us that the assembly was about to begin. A long, long line formed in front of us as the three of us got up and got our blazers back on and tried to look presentable. Laney put her MacBook Air back in the bag and draped it over her shoulder. We got in line just behind a girl with what looked to be a softball bag over her shoulder. "You think Randi is as good as everyone says she is?"

"Are you stuck on her?" Hana asked. "Got her in your head?"

"Shut up," Laney said as I laughed.

"Randi is a great player," the girl in front of us offered up. "If she comes here you'll love her."

"You know her?" Hana asked as the girl turned to face us as the line moved forward slowly.

"I played with her on the statewide all-star team two years in a row," the girl said as I tried to remember where I had seen this girl before. She was a light skinned black girl with tousled curly black hair and a softball player's body. It suddenly dawned on me as to who this girl was. Anisha Mac, the girl who blew her arm out in the state tournament the year before. "Her Dad, Rock Newman, is an awesome coach too."

"And who are you?"

"You're Anisha Mac?" I asked the girl. "You hurt your arm in the state tournament last year?"

"That was me and it was a torn rotator cuff," Anisha confirmed.

"You're gonna be playing for Mintzler?" Hana asked as she excitedly joined the girl.

"Possibly," Anisha said. "If I can get my arm back in shape."

"Anytime you need to practice call me," Hana said. "We so need you right now."

"I thought Mintzler had a great pitcher?"

"Lisa Wilcox graduated," Hana said. "So right now all we know for sure is that Cindy Sullivan will be playing third and I'm at short. And Cally Oliver will be patrolling left field."

"Chi Marsoon is probably gonna be the catcher too," Laney added in. "And Cally told Cindy that Allison Lohman is gonna be playing First Base. She was talking to me earlier."

"We're going in," I said as we entered the main hall and separated to find our seats.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I wonder what the big news is gonna be?" Molly asked as we reached the front row of the assembly hall and she sat down by Chloe and I watched my own girlfriend set down on the other side of her.

"Alisha, don't you think you'd like to sit by me?" I asked.

"No, I like the view from here just fine," Alisha said as she purposely hugged Molly's arm. Chloe hugged Molly's other arm as she grinned at me. "MMMM a Molly sandwich."

"I'm in heaven," Molly cooed as I sat down by Chloe and simply said, "You could be if you be nice to me, wingman."

"We will definitely talk about this," Molly said as I laughed but had to admit the thought was erotic.

Up on the stage a bunch of people, officials, were huddled together in several different groups whispering back and forth about what was to happen. I looked back to see Mindy and Dakota coming in as the hall filled to capacity. They ended up taking seats right behind us in the second row with Maxie, Laney and Hana sitting on the far side. That was when I had the first inkling of something being odd or strange. I couldn't put my finger on it but I just felt that something was gonna happen that no one expected. It did.

"Hey!" Mindy said into my ear as she leaned over the back of my seat. "Is your Dad in town?"

"I don't think so," I said. "Why?"

"I saw this massive stretch limo pulling up out front when Kota and I came in," Mindy said.

"It wasn't bright green was it?" I asked as Mindy started laughing and nodded her head yes. That was him alright.

"Who the hell rides in a bright green stretch limo?" Chloe asked.

"A man who needs two extra seats for his ego," I said as a bunch of people around us laughed. I knew then that this shit was big and VERY important.

"AHEM!" the gray balding man said from the front of the auditorium. "My name is J. Stapleton McGrath and I am here today to hopefully put most of your concerns to rest..."

"WAS PRESIDENT CARLSON FIRED?" came the voice from the back.

"We will get to that," Stapleton said.


"We will go at my pace and only my pace," Stapleton declared. "Now if you will let me continue with my own opening remarks."

That was when all attention turned from the nasally 60 year old on stage as a gasp went through the room and everyone's attention turned when the back doors opened and in walked... my Dad. He knows how to make an entrance. Everyone seemed to be in dumbfounded shock as virtually none of them had ever met him. Even though it was royalty arriving he made no grand gestures as he simply marched down the hall and onto the stage as a shocked Stapleton announced to the group, "Ladies it is my great honor to introduce the primary reason that Mintzler Preparatory Academy for Girls exists to this day. Mister David... Thornton... Oliver!"

A small cheer with a loud round of applause rippled it's way through the crowd as I grinned directly at Dad, when he spotted me, and stood and with two thumbs down and began to boo loudly. He took the mic from Stapleton as I tried my best to get a rise of him. "HE'S A BUM. GET HIM OUT OF HERE."

"Very very charming Calista," Dad said calmly. "I see your manners have not improved."

"And neither has your sense of style considering you rode up in here inside a frog painted limo," I said back as the crowd laughed.

"WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN TO US?" came another voice from the back that broke up mine and dad's witty repertoire.

"You're a student at my school and nothing is gonna happen to you," Dad said. "We shall marshal on the same as we always have."

Dad directed one of his flunkies to hand a microphone to a girl on the other side of the hall that politely raised her hand and requested a chance to ask a question.

"My name is Summer Valentine sir, and I literally just started going here," she said. "And this morning classes were canceled and I heard that the President quit to take a job with the new school across town. I'm very worried. Can you tell me anything to make me feel better?"

"I can tell you that my ex-friend Leonard Carlson is a turncoat, a Benedict Arnold for the modern age who took the money they waved at him and ran like a thief in the night," Dad said as everyone was seemingly taken a back by the public trashing of his former friend.

"What does that mean for us?"

"It means, sweetie, that Mintzler is on firm financial ground and that I will be taking charge until such time as a new President can be named," Dad announced. Which seemed to thrill Summer as she chirped a "Thank you" and sat down.

"UMMMMMM Mr. Oliver we have already appointed an interim President in Marshall Higgins," Stapleton informed my Dad.

"Are you kidding me? That man is so old he remembers when time began," Dad said as the hall erupted in laughter. "Not at my school. That decision is final."

"But we voted..."

"Now don't you feel like a fool for wasting all that time?" Dad asked Stapleton as everyone laughed again. Stapleton stomped off in anger and sat back down in a huff. "Now as I said I will be taking the position as President effective immediately."

"BOOOOO!" I screamed in reply as everyone laughed.

"If you don't pipe down I'm gonna make you join the cheer leading team Calista," Dad threatened as I simply clammed up. A second girl raised her hand and had the microphone handed to her as I looked to see that it was Alison Lohman (my dorm neighbor and future softball teammate).

"My name's Allison Lohman and I just transferred here to play for your softball team," Allison said. "And I've read in the newspaper that our coach may also be leaving for Twilight Hills."

"Young lady let me assure you that Coach Rowe is a dedicated Coach and teacher and it would take a great deal more than money to pry her from our hands," Dad assured her.

"Good news," Allison said. "I also have a friend, a close friend, who wants to come here and play but I don't know who to talk to and she's also being recruited by... that other school."

"I'll bet money it's Candy Fanning," Chloe whispered in my ear.

"How do you know?" I asked as Dad droned on and on to Allison about how she should do this and that.

"It was posted on the forum on the school's website and they even had a picture of them holding hands before a game," Chloe whispered.

"Interesting," I said. The assembly wrapped up a few minutes later as Dad came down to talk to me, with Molly, Chloe, Alisha, Mindy and Dakota circled around.

"Are we feeling better?" Dad asked the group.

"Not really you're here," I said as everyone laughed.

"Sir, are you Cally's father?" Laney asked as she joined the group.

"I am," Dad said as he shot me a questioning eye before smiling at Laney.

"Thank you for the laptop and cell phone," she said. "I know it was back last semester but they've been a huge help."

"Well that's nice to hear and you're very welcome," Dad said as Laney smiled before walking off.

"So you're the one to blame for the way she ended up?" Molly asked as she looked up at my Dad. I laughed so hard at that my sides hurt.

"Her lovely mother had a great deal of influence on her too," Dad said. "Well look, I have business to attend to so how about I take everyone out to lunch one day soon?"

"I'd like that," I said as I hugged him. "And I'm sorry about your losing your friendship with President Carlson."

"I'll see that bastard in hell," Dad said. "But thank you Calista."

"Calista," Molly said mockingly as Dad walked off with his flunkies.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Where the hell are you two going?" Holly asked a very properly dressed Eddie and Darlene as she came through the front door of the diner as they where coming out of the kitchen. I looked up from my spot in the side booth by the window.

"Holly, language sweetie," Darlene reminded her. Holly shrugged and nodded her head. "Try that again?"

"Where you guys headed?" Holly asked.

"We are going to Church," Eddie said.

"On a Thursday?" Holly asked.

"Since when do you two go to church?" I asked from the booth as Megan swayed over and poured me a new cup of coffee and tried smiling at Holly but found her attention was not wanted.

"We've always attended church," Darlene said. "It's just something about ourselves that we choose not to emphasize."

"Ashamed of it are you?" Megan asked with a smirk as I choked on my sip of coffee when trying not to laugh.

"No we are not in the least," Eddie said firmly. "Tonight is a special meeting to raise funds for a new community swimming pool."

"A church raising money for the purposes of actual charity and not a political campaign designed to spread fear, hate and lies," I said. "Novel."

"We know very well how you feel about the Marriage repeal in Maine," Eddie said.

"Then why do you keep bringing it up?" I asked. Everyone laughed as Darlene and Eddie gave me a certain look and made their exit. "Holly you're off tonight."

"I know I just came in to see if Harold was here," Holly said as she sat down at the counter. Mel came in quietly a moment later. "He said he wanted to check on Shelby at Mintzler and I was gonna go see... Molly."

"He's in the can!"

"Not going to see Maggie?" Megan asked with a pleasant voice.

"None of your mother f... none of your business," Holly said coldly to her, seemingly, ex-friend.

"Did you reload the Redbox Megs?" I asked, referring to Harold's newest investment, a Redbox DVD rental kiosk that sat between the front door of Eddie's new location (two doors down from the old one) and our apartment, to change the subject.

"I did," Megan said as she followed Mel to his table. "How's Maxie doing in school?"

"It's only been three days but she's doing good," I said. "She likes being back on campus."

"Eggs and bacon like always," Mel said to Megan. "And tell Harold not to burn them this time."

"He doesn't burn anything," Megan said to Mel. "You're just an old grump."

"Tell me something I don't know," Mel said as I laughed.

"I'm back," Harold said as he emerged from the bathroom.

"Eggs and pork," Megan said as she handed him a slip with Mel's order on the way by.

"Walk with me up to Mintzler?" Holly asked Harold.

"Be off in an hour or so," Harold said. "Be anxious to meet that sister of yours. Heard a lot about her."

"My ex-girlfriend you know," Megan inserted into the conversation. The doorbell clanging signaled the arrival of a new customer, though it was one Megan didn't wanna see, Maggie.

"Hey you," Holly said with a smile as Maggie returned it. "Whatcha doing here?"

"Got Molly and Chloe to keep an eye on the front desk and came to see what your landlord said," Maggie said. "Just coming by and saw you in here."

"Good news for a change," Holly said. "I get to keep my place for now."

"How did you manage that?" Maggie asked as she joined Holly at the counter.

"I told my landlord that my father was a pathological liar, convicted felon and domestic abuser," Holly said. "Basically told her that Dad beat the stuff out of Mom, not mentioning the fact that she deserved it, and he was convicted and sent to the funny farm. I think she felt sorry for me after that."

"I do," Maggie said as she touched her forehead to Holly's. Megan turned her back to the two and walked off to the bathroom. "Wanna come and watch movies with me?"

"You gonna run Molly off first right?" Holly asked as she leaned in and kissed Maggie. "Huh?"

"Chloe and Molly are welcome just the same as you," Maggie said.

"Harold is it OK..."

"I'll meet her another time," Harold said as he watched Holly leave with Maggie.

"Well I'm glad them kids are happy," Mel said.

"Well that's nice, Mel," I commented.

"Not really," Mel replied. "I just wanted Megan all to myself."

"In your dreams," I said.

"Pretty much every night," Mel said as Harold and I laughed at his goofiness.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey finished your homework?" Chloe asked as she came to my door and saw me sitting on the floor and playing a racing game on Mindy's XBOX 360. Mindy by the way was laying on the bed quietly reading Hamlet by Shakespeare.

"No I did not and I do not intend to," I said as Mindy starting giggling.

"Molly," Chloe warned as she gave me a certain look.

"Yes I did," I said as she sat down beside me and we kissed. "MMMMM perks."

"Indeed," Chloe said as she turned to Mindy and asked, "What are you reading?"

"Hamlet," Mindy said as she showed her the book cover.

"It's this great book about a fry cook whose boss won't let him cook Ham," I said as Chloe gave me a confused look. "But finally his boss agrees but he's just had a stroke and can't really talk very much yet so all he can say is, ham... let."

"That's fucking retarded," Mindy laughed as I smiled proudly. "Ham... let."

"Can we break up?" Chloe asked as I shook my head no and kissed her. "After that I should consider it."

"I agree with that," Mindy giggled.

"You hush and go back to your Shakespeare," I said as Mindy grinned.

"That's right Hamlet is by Shakespeare," Chloe said as she turned around and looked at Mindy. "You actually read that?"


"And you understand it?"


"For what class?"

"She does it for fun," I said.

"You do what?" Chloe asked Mindy.

"I read it for fun," Mindy said.

"I've known you for more than two years and never saw you reading it," Chloe pointed out.

"Remember I used to go to the library a lot?"


"I'd hide in the back and just read," Mindy said.

"And you can really understand that?" Chloe asked.

"She explained Hamlet to me last year when we had a test on it," I said as Mindy smiled proudly.

"Then why the hell do you think Hamlet is about a fry cook and his stroke afflicted boss?" Chloe asked me as Mindy and I laughed.

"I just get it," Mindy finally said. "Unlike Math."

"Math?" I asked.

"You having trouble in Math again, Scooby?"

"Pretty much," Mindy said. "It's harder this year."

"I actually think it's easier," I said as Chloe and I joined her on the bed.

"I don't," Mindy said. "And one of the other girls in my class called me stupid when Miss Donovan asked me a question and I didn't know it."

"Come on," Chloe said as she stood and held her hand out. "Enough Shakespeare it's time to move on to the math."

"What?" Mindy asked.

"I helped Molly and I can help you too," Chloe said as Mindy took her hand with a questioning look on her face. The two left the room a few moments later. I got up to reset my game on the 360 and groaned when my cell phone started vibrating inside my holder. I fished it out and flipped it open.


"Don't make any plans for tomorrow after school," Cally said from the other end.


"I got plans for me and you."


"Tomorrow after school I have plans for me and you," Cally repeated.

"OK what are they?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," Cally said mysteriously. "And no Alisha and Chloe are not invited."

"Are you gonna take me somewhere and rape me anally?" I asked as she laughed out loud.

"You did tell me at one point that you liked to give and receive," Cally pointed out. "So maybe."

"Just tell me what the fuck you wanna do!"

"I gotta go, Alisha, is here," Cally lied. "See ya tomorrow after school."

"Cally!" I warned. "Cally?"

Hearing only silence on the other end of the line I knew that she was trying to be mysterious and wouldn't answer me even if I did bother to call her back.

"You fucking cunt," I said to the phone. Though I did have to admit that I was now intensely curious as to what she had planned for us.