Scent of a Girl - Episode 48 "The Tan os Summer"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"GET THE FUCK UP!" I said as I beat on the door to the other bedroom. Maxie, Dakota and Hana complained as I woke them from a peaceful slumber. "We got school."

"We know that now go away already," Maxie grumbled from the other side of the door. Cindy came back into the suite from checking the mail (nothing) as I went to make sure Laney was up. Though it wasn't hard to figure that out as I opened the door to our bedroom door and saw Laney sitting at the desk surfing the net on her MacBook Air. I spotted something very familiar as I came into the room.

"Are you drooling over Randi Newman again?" I asked as I watched her hurriedly closing out windows. Numerous pictures of Randi Newman I noted.

"I was not drooling," Laney insisted.

"Masturbating?" I asked with a smirk as I sat down on Cindy's bed.

"Earlier... I mean no," Laney said as I started laughing. "Why don't you go away? And knock before coming into my room."

"Because it's my room too, simpleton," I said as she blushed. "Those thong pics really got your motor running, huh?"

"No they did not," Laney lied. Cindy came into the room and looked into the mirror at her hair and groaned in frustration. Laney used this as a perfect way to change the subject. "What's wrong, Cindy?"

"My hair is growing out and I'm starting to see the blond again," Cindy said. "And that's not what I want."

"I loved your blond hair," I said as I joined the two.

"I know," Cindy said as she turned and kissed my lips. "But I made the change and I like it."

"I see blond too," Laney said as she carefully parted Cindy's hair. "Gonna have to dye it again, Icey."

"GRRRRR," Cindy growled at Laney and making her giggle. "Too bad we don't have any hair dye."

"How about the box in the top drawer of your dresser?" I asked as Laney giggled. "Duh!"

"See why I don't wanna be a blond anymore?" Cindy asked as she looked up at the clock. Laney and I laughed as we saw that the same thing that Cindy did: it was time for school. The dye job would have to wait till later.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I hope she passed her math test," I said as I waited alongside Chloe outside of Mindy's 4th period math class.

"She got it last night after I found a way to get her to understand," Chloe said. "She should do fine."

"Here she comes," I said as Mindy came out of the classroom with a huge smile on her face and showed us her test score, a 93.

"That's pretty good, right?" Mindy asked.

"I got a 92 on that same test," I noted as Mindy squealed and hugged me.

"I told you Math wasn't that hard," Chloe said as she hugged her.

"I guess you're right," Mindy said. "I just followed the steps you showed me and it worked."

"Congratulations. I got class," Chloe said as the bell for the next period sounded. She kissed me before running off for the other end of the hallway and her next class.

"Why didn't she kiss me too?" Mindy asked as I laughed.

"You're not her girlfriend?"

"Details, details," Mindy said as the hallway began to clear out. "You've got the next period free?"

"Yes I do," I said as I dropped my bag and sat down on top of it. "You do too?"

"Yeah," Mindy said as she followed after me and sat down on her bag. "Want me to pick up your air mattress cap again?"

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"The night that Holly was over and she wanted me to pick up the air mattress cap?" Mindy reminded me. "I was wearing that night shirt you like so much?"

"UMMMMM," I stammered. "I never said I liked that shirt."

"You also never said you liked seeing my tanned butt in a thong but you sure stared at it," she said with a gotcha smile.

"OK in my defense that was Holly's idea not mine," I said. "And I had no way of knowing what she was doing when she asked you that. You don't believe that do you?"

"Yes I do Punky," Mindy said simply.

"Then why bring it up?" I asked.

"To let you know that I know," Mindy said. "So did you like what you saw?"

"That summer tan you got is..."

"Yes?" Mindy asked as I looked past her and saw Dakota coming down the hall reading a book. "Well?"

"Dakota!" I said as I popped up and Mindy looked to see her girlfriend and smiled.

"Hey baby," Dakota said as she kissed Mindy's lips.

"I'll see you guys after school or... whenever," I said as I snatched up my bag and took off down the hall. I was thankful that I didn't have to answer Mindy's question and now ready to kill Holly for giving me that image of a girl whom I did not want to look at that way. Of course, maybe Mindy wanted me to look at her that way. I'm not really sure.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What is going on here?" I asked myself as I came out of the door of the apartment and saw a very unusual sight. Eddie stood with Megan and Holly on either side of him and looked to be upset. I locked the door behind me as I made my way down the sidewalk and caught Eddie in mid-sentence.

"... you two are driving me nuts with your bickering," Eddie said to them. "Now I've had it with you two upsetting me, Darlene and even the customers."

"She started..." Megan said with a point as I stopped behind the two of them.

"Megan, you're 17, soon to be 18 and you are making it on your own so why you choose to continually dip into the mindset of a 5 year old is beyond me," Eddie said. Holly grinned but only briefly before Eddie turned to her and continued, "You're no better Holly. You have to keep on and on until you get Megan into a fight."

"I simply mentioned I was going to the see Maggie after work..."

"6 times," Eddie said. "Even Sarah, who hasn't been in today, knows what your plans are."

"You both need to grow up," I said flatly as they looked back at me. "I get sick of hearing it too."

"I don't get why this is such an issue," Eddie wondered aloud. "Other than Holly being rather annoying with her repetitive announcements..."

"... Holly was in love with Megan when she arrived in Thief River Falls and Megan wouldn't have anything to do with her..."

"That is not..." Holly attempted.

"... shut up!" Eddie commanded.

"... and once Holly figured out Megan didn't want her she moved on to Maggie," I said. "And now Megan says she's in love with Holly and that's why she's being so damn anal."

"Go to hell," Megan and Holly said to me in unison as I laughed.

"It's true," I said. "Both of you know I'm right."

"You had no right to tell her that," Megan demanded.

"And you had no right to treat her that way," I said to Megan. "You may not believe this but you're my best friend now. And I don't let my best friend act like a butt clown."

"Me?" Megan asked and seemed to be in shock. "Your best friend?"

"Yes," I confirmed.

"OK, I'll quit being a bitch," Megan said suddenly.

"That was a quick turn about," Eddie said. "How did that happen?"

"I never had a best friend before that was willing to kick my ass..."

"Language," Eddie insisted.

"... butt?" Megan asked as Eddie smiled. "I never had anyone who cared enough to kick my butt back into line."

"I did," Holly said.

"Your way of doing it is the way you did with Molly and that was by screaming your opinion," Megan said. "Pretty much the same reason that Molly felt the way she did about you."

"And this means that we all need to work harder to stop these silly fights cause like it or not we are all family," Eddie said. "Enough talk. Holly back to work and Megan you've got 30 minutes left on your break."

"Thanks!" Megan said as we shared a hug after Eddie and Holly had gone back inside. A girl who looked vaguely familiar came out of the office for the Twilight Hills Academy, looking down at a paper for a long moment, and nearly bumped into us.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said. "Wasn't watching where I was going."

"It's OK," I said. "Signing up for classes at Twilight Hills?"

"Home schooled actually, but they're recruiting me to come play softball for them," she said. "I'm Candy Fanning."

"Sarah Rae and my friend..."

" friend. Megan Lansbury! And didn't we see you in St. Cloud at the State tournament last year?"

"I was there playing for the Northwestern All-star team," Candy said.

"Aren't you going to Mintzler?" I asked as the attention came back to me. "Maxie, my girlfriend, mentioned your name. It came up or something at the assembly they had a few days ago."

"Why would she mention that?" Megan asked.

"She was just telling me about it and she mentioned this girl, Allison... somebody, mentioned her name."

"Allison Lohman?" Candy asked.

"That's the name," I said. "You know her?"

"You could say that," Candy said and quickly went on before I could question her any further on the subject. "Why was I mentioned?"

"Something about your friend having a friend who wanted to come to Mintzler," I said. "You were thinking about going there?"

"I want to actually," Candy said. "But with their softball coach leaving or thinking about it, I'm not sure it'd be worth it. Besides Twilight Hills just offered me a scholarship so I guess my decision is made."

"I wish you were going to Mintzler," Megan said. "They need you."

"Maybe things will work out," Candy offered as a car pulled up across the street. I thought nothing of it really as a customer came out of Eddie's and another came in. A man and a young girl got out of the car and came across the street as Candy's face showed a case of shock.

"Afternoon ladies," the man said as he stopped by us. "Candy, Candy Fanning?"

"Hi, Coach Newman, hi, Randi," Candy said with an adoring smile. "What are you doing in town?"

"Can I tell her?" Randi asked with an adorable smile.

"No you cannot because nothing is official yet," he said firmly. "We are simply going for a visit."

"But they said their current coach is leav..." Randi started to say when her father cleared his throat and she clammed up. "Yes, Rock."

"Now can we enjoy our lunch and not discuss this anymore?" Rock asked his daughter.

"Yes, Coach Rock," Randi said as she walked off, my eyes on her cute little ass, clad in skin tight jeans, for a long moment. Her father following a moment later.

"OHMIGOD!" Candy said as she started bouncing around in an excited frenzy. "It's gonna fucking happen."

"What?" I asked.

"Ace "Rock" Newman, the best high school softball coach in the state is coming to Mintzler and he's bringing the Pocket Rocket with him," Candy said as she held up the papers that she had in her hand and tore it up. "I've made my mind up where I'm going."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Why can't Alisha and I go?" Chloe asked as I stood beside Molly with a back pack loaded down with a mystery item.

"Because I have something to discuss with Molly," I said. "And you two are not gonna know about it until I choice to tell you."

"These two are probably cheating on us with each other," Alisha said as Chloe giggled.

"I hope so," Chloe said as Alisha laughed. "But I still wanna know what's going on."

"And Molly can tell you as soon as she gets back," I said. "Now promise me you're not gonna follow us and be nosey and ruin it?"

"Fine," Chloe said. "We're going to the library and you can find us there."

"Bye," Molly said as she kissed Chloe and I kissed Alisha and we watched the two of them disappear down the long sidewalk that lead to the Lewis P. Gorman library. "Now what is it you wanted to show me?"

"Just follow me partner and all will soon be revealed," I said as we turned to head the other way. Taking the path that lead across center court and around the tennis center before we cut down a long abandoned pathway that lead to the back of the Mintzler Administration & Academic Building (MAAB). We stopped right in front of a ladder that was about 10 feet off the ground. I picked up the piece of bent metal that's used to pull the access ladder down and did exactly that. "So you ready?"

"To do what?" Molly asked with a mystified look on her face.

"Up there," I pointed to the top of the building. "That's where we're headed."

"Are you completely fucking nuts Cally?" she asked as I laughed and nodded my head before beginning to climb. I stopped, after a few feet, to look down and see Molly not following.

"Come on," I encouraged her. She finally did follow me.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Are you gonna help me with my hair?" Cindy asked Laney as she came into the living room after school and saw Laney sitting on the couch with her laptop. Cindy giggled (as was I as I sat as the desk by the phone) when she saw Laney exiting out of the same pictures I had caught her looking at this morning. "Randi Newman?"

"Yes, I'm in love with her alright?" Laney asked as she closed the laptop and followed Cindy into the bathroom, which was now just to the side of the main door.

"I already knew that," Cindy said as she handed Laney the box of dye and I watched from the door.

"I'll blacken your eyebrows to if you don't leave me alone," Laney said as she put on the plastic gloves that came with the kit. A towel went over Cindy's shoulders to protect her clothing.

"I still don't get why you don't like being a blond," I said.

"I just wanna look different for a while," Cindy said.

"You sure did accomplish that," Laney giggled as she opened the squeeze tube that contained the actual dye.

"I'm gonna let that one slide for now," Cindy warned Laney.

"You two have fun I'm gonna answered the phone," I said as I left the bathroom door and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Shelby?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, you looking for Max?"

"I am!"

"Still at therapy I think," I said. "Any message?"

"Well, yeah, I was gonna have Max tell your friend Cindy what I heard today," Sarah said.

"I can tell her she is my girlfriend," I giggled.

"Oh yeah," Sarah giggled back. "Anyway, ask Cindy if she knows who Candy Fanning is?"

"Of course I do," Cindy replied after I had asked her as Laney washed her hair to rinse out the shampoo. I then got the idea to place the call on speakerphone. "She's a great player, why?"

"She's coming to Mintzler according to what I heard from her earlier today," Sarah announced.

"Are you pulling my leg?" Cindy asked as Sarah giggled.

"I will," Laney said as she leaned down and gently ran her fingers up the back of Cindy's thigh.

"Stop that or your new girlfriend will get mad," Cindy said as she handed the tube of dye goo to Laney.

"Who's my girlfriend?" Laney asked.

"Randi Newman," I giggled.

"I met her earlier," Sarah said from the speaker.

"Very funny Maxie's girlfriend," Laney said as she smeared the goo into Cindy's hair as Cindy sat on the toilet. "I'm not falling for it."

"I'm not kidding," Sarah said. "She was with her Dad, Ace Newman, and she said something about him having an interview at Mintzler today."

"Randi Newman? The Pocket Rocket?" Cindy asked.

"That's the exact name that Candy used when she was talking about her," Sarah said. "Candy got a scholarship offer from Twilight Hills Academy but she wants to come to Mintzler. She ripped up her scholarship papers right in front of us so hopefully she can get that scholarship."

"Laney is standing here with an orgasmic smile on her face," I told Sarah as she laughed. Laney simply shrugged as she finished with Cindy's hair and took off the now black-stained gloves and tossed them in the garbage.

"Maybe you guys can talk to someone and get them to talk to Candy?" Sarah asked.

"I can do that," Cindy said. "Cally Oliver is one of my best friends and her Dad runs the place."

"I gotta go," Sarah said. "Let me know what happens."

"Bye," I said as I hung up.

"Remind me to call Cally when we get done here," Cindy said.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Well at least it's a nice view from down here," Molly giggled as she climbed up the ladder below me and was obviously looking up my skirt at my thong. I blushed as I got to the top of the ladder and stepped over the riser wall to the roof. I reached down and helping Molly as she came up a moment later.

"Like the view did you?" I asked Molly as she smiled and nodded.

"I did," she confirmed. "Course it's better when you're wearing less."

"Like nothing?" I asked as she nodded and we both giggled. "Speaking of wearing nothing..."

"I wanna know why we're up here and not discuss sexual fantasies," Molly said as she looked over the edge and quickly moved away.

"Actually we can do both," I said as I dumped the bag that was across my shoulders and started pulling out the rather heavy filling.

"What is that an air mattress?" Molly asked as I grinned and nodded my head yes. "Just tell me what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking that you, my tag team partner, are gonna take on my girlfriend and yours... right here," I said after standing to join her.

"I always thought you bordered on insanity and it looks like you've finally crossed over," Molly said. "You're nuts."

"Just listen," I said as I laid out the air mattress and plugged in the pump and we watched it begin to inflate along side the massive cooling system that took up much of the roof space. "We have a perfect place to do it and there's no chance of getting caught."

"Unless someone sees us coming up here, like, I don't know, say... security?" Molly asked.

"Doesn't it get your motor running though to think you could butt fuck Chloe and Alisha right here in the sunshine?" I asked and watched Molly cross her legs and I knew I'd made her pussy spasm with that thought. "All three of you naked and soaking in the sun and the pleasure."

"FeelDoe?" Molly asked as I grinned and simply nodded. "That's so hot... but no. We could easily be seen."

"By who? We're on top of the tallest building on campus and the only way up is the ladder," I said. "So who's gonna see us?"

"Someone flying over in a plane?" Molly asked as I laughed out loud.

"You are stupid," I said as she laughed. "And we also have a four foot riser wall so no one is gonna see us. And the sounds from the cooling system will gonna cover the sounds of moaning."

"Sounds of moaning out loud," Molly said as she joined me by the far wall.

"Sounds of Chloe's pussy spasming before she squirts in Alisha's mouth," I said. "You do wanna butt fuck them in a 69?"

"Of course," Molly said, "Talk about feeling good on your cock."

"Yes it will and Chloe will love you more than she does now once you make her cum doing that," I pointed out.

"And what is in this for you?"

"I get to watch," I said. "Then next time you watch while I do it."

"I can do that," Molly said as we bumped fists. "So you convince Alisha and I convince Chloe?"

"That would be the plan my tag team partner," I said as we both smiled. My phone ringing broke up the moment. "It's Cindy!"

"Just don't answer it," Molly said as I laughed.

"Hello?" I asked, then went on to listen to Cindy's story about Allison Lohman's friend, Candy Fanning, and the details of Sarah's meeting with "Rock" Newman and his daughter, Randi. "Yeah, yeah, I'll call my dad tonight and ask if he can do that. So Coach Rowe is leaving for sure?"

"Why don't we go tomorrow after school and find out for sure?" Cindy asked.

"That's a plan," I said a few moments before we hung up. And now got nervous about what could possibly happen with the proposed meeting. It would not go as expected.