Scent of a Girl - Episode 5 "Doing What Comes Naturally"

Written by: TVM (



"Bre?" I said as my jaw dropped and I stood there gawking at her for the longest time. She was dressed to kill in a short and I mean short turquoise sequined dressed. Which not only barely came to her mid-thigh but it also cut dangerously low, exposing much of those beautiful titties too. Her hair was down and curled to curve around that gorgeous face. I'm not sure how I stopped and snapped back to reality so as to not make it completely obvious that I was drooling over her, but I did, eventually.

"Do I look OK?" She asked as she spread her arms and spun around once.

"DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" I said shaking my hand as she grinned, "Baby got some serious back."

"Yeh right" She said as she blushed noticeably. "You wanna go out for a while tonight?"

"Tonight?" I asked, "Bre school starts tomorrow."

"No it doesn't" She giggled as I looked at my calendar and noticed she was right. "So will you, please?"

"Bre I'm not dressed or anything, can't you get someone else?"

"I don't have any other friends" She said as she took a step forward and looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, "Besides I want you to go. Get it?"

"Bre I'm your friend but..." I said and froze as she slipped a hand under my chin and drew me to her and smiled at me as she drew my lips to hers for a long moment. Letting me move my lips against hers as she offered no resistance for a long wonderful moment. God her lips are so soft, I remember thinking. She pulled away and gave me a challenging look. " what do you say?"

"Are you drunk?" I asked as she laughed and said, "Noooooo."

"Fine, fine you helping me get dressed" I said as I thought about what I could possibly wear to look anywhere near as good as my "date". Well thankfully Bre is a true friend and let me raid her closet and pick out something that would draw at least a few eye balls my way tonight. I took a quick shower and was in route back to Bre's room when I was stopped in my tracks, leaving the bathroom I saw Cally standing in front of Bre's door with one hand sorta hanging in the air as if she wanted to knock but couldn't get the courage up to do so. I wanted to stand there for a while longer and see if this developed into anything but my cover was broken by that whore Courtney.

"Who ya spying on dyke?" She asked as she came up from the other direction totally undetected. "You fags are so weird."

"What did you call me?" I asked as I turned and stepped back into the bathroom as Courtney walked off laughing. "I said what did you call me?"

"A fag, F-a-g" She said with a smirk as she looked into the mirror. My blood ran cold as I stepped behind her and snatched her brush away to get her attention. She turned to confront me and I pushed the end of the brush handle into her throat and said, "You think it's OK to call someone that shit Barbie Doll? Answer me whore."

"What the fuck is your problem?" She asked as panic set in and my body against hers and her in turn against the edge of the sink.

"You have no idea what kinda psycho you're dealing with Barbie, did you know I take four different meds for depression and suicidal tendencies?" I asked as she shook her head no. "I'm giving you one warning and only one, I ever hear that word again, I'll slit your fuckin throat. Then go have lunch cause it wouldn't bother me any at all."

"You're fuckin crazy" She said as she wrestled the brush away from her neck and tripped over herself as she tried to get away.

"Forgot your brush Barbie" I said as I followed her out of the bathroom and watched her go running down the hall. "Stupid skank."

"There you are" Cally said as she looked up and seen me, "I thought that was your door."

"Nope" I said as I pointed to mine, "Right there's mine."

"OH OK cool, good to know"

"So what's up?"

"Just wanted too....ummmmmm...say hi" She said as she stammered, "so...yeh like...ummm....Hi. See ya."

"Cally?" I asked as I started after her.

"Molly let's go" Bre said as she came to the door and grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

"But...but...but" I tried to say as Bre cut me off and stuffed the clothes in my hand and said, "Let's do your hair first. Won't take a minute."

"What in the hell just happened?" I asked inside my head as Bre combed out my hair and dried it with her hair dryer. I had to admit as I looked into the mirror that I looked totally different with this new doo. I moved over to the window and picked a perfume from her collection and sprayed a bit on and as I glanced down at the plaza I saw a girl that looked like Cally sitting on one of the benches with her head in her hands.

"This doesn't make sense" I remember thinking as I slipped into the thong and black micro dress and noticed it barely made it past my upper thighs. I looked at myself in the floor length mirror with Bre standing behind me fixing my hair.

"You look impossibly hot" She said as she hugged my shoulders. "You ready?"

"Wait, wait..." I said, "Why are we going out for exactly?"

"Let's just say tonight I'm open to new possibilities" She said with a grin as my face showed my shock and she no doubt could read my mind, "Yeh bet that got your attention."

"No, that kiss got my attention" I said as she grinned.

"Well treat me right and you might get a lot more than that" She said in a seductive tone that only she could use.

"Again, just to clarify, you're not drunk?" I asked as she opened the door to her room and laughed as she said, "Do you wanna keep asking dumb questions or do you wanna work on getting me to do things I've never done before?"

"I can do both" I said as she laughed, "But the second one sounds more fun."

We exited our building the back way to avoid any potential hiccups with campus security and slipping the lady at the main gate a few dollars and before we knew it we were free from the campus and strolling down main street in no time (the main gate is only a quarter mile off the main strip). We sure did get some attention, from everyone it seemed as we walked arm and arm, which can be good and bad, some local loser in a 70's pinto drove by and whistled and asked, "Hey cuties wanna make some money?"

"No thanks loser, I prefer pussy over three inches of hard rock" I said as Bre laughed and watched me flip him off as he did the same and drove off.

"So where exactly are we headed here?" I asked as Bre pointed to the sign down the main street that read, "Club Nash".

We strolled ahead and came along the line that went back about 30 feet or so and was stacked with people who were waiting to get in. But instead of stopping and waiting our turn, Bre took my hand and marched us to the front of the line right as some loser came strolling up and said, "Looky at all the lovlies tonight, especially these two hot mama's. They're with me Chico."

"Whoa pal, you gotta wait like the rest" The Doorman told him.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yeh a funny looking guy with a bad haircut, now get in line or I'll put you under it punk" He said as the dude stormed off down the sidewalk. Then turning to smile at me and Bre as I suddenly got an idea. He smiled and said sweetly "End of the line too pretty ladies."

I leaned in as he watched and kissed Bre on the cheek and whispered "play along" as she snuggled up to me and my arms went around her waist and I pulled her tight. "Oh come on handsome, my girls really cold right baby?"

"Oh yeah freezin" Bre replied in a seductive voice as she smiled at him. "You're just a big softy, am I right?"

"I'll save you a dance if you get a break" I offered as Bre shook her head in agreement. "Whatta ya say?"

"Like I have a choice?" He said moving the velvet rope and letting us through as Bre and I both kissed his cheek and gave him a "see ya later" smile as the crowd erupted in protest.

"That was so cool" Bre exclaimed as we got inside finally and heard the heart pounding music blaring. "What an idea you had."

"Think about it we both look smokin hot, and we're basically pawing each other what's a poor lonely guy to do?" I replied as Bre pointed to a booth and we quickly took it.

"He never knew what hit him" She said as I replied, "Neither did I."

"What do you mean?"

"Tonight and that kiss?" I said reminding her as she rolled her eyes. "Yeh that don't tell me you didn't feel anything when you kissed me."

"OK I won't" She said as she giggled.

"Nooooo come on Bre tell me" I said as she acted like she didn't hear me. I watched her stretch her neck to look back at the dance floor as I got a little frustrated and saw that her dress was riding dangerously high on her thigh. So I slipped my hand up under the end of her dress and slid it between her thighs as she jerked around and looked at me in shock as I gently massaged her pussy. She squirmed as I stroked her slit a time or two and said, "Now tell me Bre or else."

"OK OK, it was really nice" She said as I moved my hand away as she gave me a look of disappointment. "But I've had better."

"Yeh from guys I know, I know" I said as she giggled, "Here comes straight Bre back."

"Nooooo" She said as she smiled, "from other girls."

"You said you had only kissed one girl" I reminded her as she shrugged her shoulders.

"You'd make two" She said in teasing fashion.

"Yeh and we both know I was your favorite" I said with confidence as she suddenly went back to being the normal Bre and started to blush.

"Yeh you were" She said softly, "that first kiss on your bed was nice."

"But what about...."

"I was hoping I could turn it off forever" She said with a serious tone. "That kiss rocked me."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm not straight" She said as she looked down at her hands, "Courtney is right and I just wanted those feelings to go away."

"But they didn't did they?" I asked as I touched her cheek and got her to look at me.

"No, I had myself convinced that I could just turn it off" She said, "But you just kept flirting with me and I'm sorry but your kinda hard to resist when you want something, do you know that?"

"No" I said, "but I'm glad I did."

"I just wish things didn't have to be so complicated"

"What do you mean?" I asked, "Neither of us has a significant other."

"You're gonna think I'm such a horrible person" She said as my heart skipped a beat.


"I like you Molly, but I'm not into you" She said as I sat back down and took in that info. "I'm sorry."

"No loss, no gain"

"I just needed some company tonight and you are by far my best friend" She said lookin at me. "I really wanted tonight to be fun and not some Bre crying about life festival. I just ruined that good vibe we had."

"No, Bre you didn't" I said softly, "You were honest with me, I can't be upset about that. I'm glad you did. Maybe you wanna tell me who this other girl is?"

"What other girl?" She asked in a voice that I was sure was trying to cover up something.

"The one you're crazy about"

"Who said there was one?"

"You're not into me, but you're in a funk over something" I said, "it has to be."

"Do we have to drag this out?" She asked, "Can we just go and dance for a little while?"

"It's your night" I said as I took her hand and lifted both of our arms over her heads as we made our way into the mass of dancing guys and girls. I laughed at Bre till I couldn't as she tried to stay in tune to the music and find her own rythm, which she finally did. That smile came back as we spun around and around in each other's arms and had a great time. We even switched partners when an attractive couple of guys came over and didn't act like total jerks and we danced with them for a while. Until the inevitable happened, and one of them dragged Bre off to the bar and tried to get her to go home with him. While my guy friend, watched and suggested that I might wanna do something about his friend and mine. I noticed that Bre was watching me out of the corner of her eye.

"Why?" I asked.

"He's a hound and he's out to prove he can do your friend" He said as I turned and marched towards the bar.

"You're the prettiest thing in this whole bar" He said over the music as he handed her a drink, which contained god knows what. I took it from her hand and sat it down on the bar as she looked at me and I leaned in and kissed her soft on the lips and said, "Baby you didn't think I was gonna let you just sneak off with this guy did you?"

"I'm soo sorry, please forgive me" She said as she slipped into my arms. "I'm sorry dude, but the only one who's gonna tap this cute little ass tonight is me."

"But we were just having fun" He said as he touched Bre's hair and smiled at her.

"And what kinda fun did you have planned with a 15 year old?" I asked as he raised his hands and walked off with his friend. "You almost got yourself into some trouble you know that?"

"I liked talking to him" Bre said, "Then he started talking about going back to his place and I got scared."

"I think we need to leave" I said as Bre offered little protest. We thanked the doorman for letting us skip the line as we exited and headed for the bus stop, just glad to be out of that place. We practically ran back to the front gate and somehow squeezed through and headed back to the dorm. I think it was in front of my room that we stopped first and she said sweetly, "Thanks...for...well everything."

"We're friends, you don't gotta thank me Bre" I said as she grinned, "Besides it's not like I minded be able to gawk at you all night."

"If you keep telling me that I'm gonna think it's true" She said shyly as I replied, "Bre if I thought I had the slightiest chance of getting you in bed I'd jump at it, that's how sexy you are. But that's not gonna happen, cause you said..."

"I wasn't in love with you, not I didn't find you attractive" She said as she bit her lip.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I said as I leaned forward and kissed her softly. She didn't offer even the least bit of resistance either. "I'm gonna ask you something and don't get freaked out cause you're not gonna break my heart if you say no."

"Ok" She said as I opened my door and took her hand in mine and asked, "You wanna know?"

"Know what Molly?" She asked in almost total confusion.

"What it's like" I said as I pulled her towards me and into my room as her eyes opened wide in surprise as apparently she got what I was driving at.

"By it, you mean a girl?" She asked as a I shook my head and matched her wide eyed expression with my own as she blushed and I pushed the door shut behind us.

"Not just any girl, but me" I said as I boldly moved the hand I was holding up to my breast and let her feel it.

"I dunno Molly, this whole thing is kinda moving fast, you know?" She said as she ever so gently massaged her hand in my breast as I grinned.

"Nope it's moving at the perfect speed" I said as I kissed her softly and felt her kiss me back. "That's it Bre, see it's not so scary."

"God you're beautiful and sexy and ohmigod what are you doing to me?" She asked as she pulled away suddenly and backed away and I knew if I didn't do something fast this could dissolve into something horrible.

"Doing what comes naturally" I said softly and calmly as I smiled and rubbed her bare arms. "You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do."

"But..." She said as I covered her lips with my hand and said softly, "Gimme me two minutes and then decide?"

"Two minutes....oh wow" She said in a light moan as I kissed her neck and circled around behind her and pulled her snug into my arms as I kissed her neck and felt her relax completely in my arms. I made small circles with my tongue and licked across her baby smooth skin as her head tilted to the side and gave me permission to continue. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

"Feels good?" I whispered in her ear as she said in a barely audible voice, "Oh man, it does yeh."

"God you're sexy" I said as I kissed her neck a little more and brought my hands to her shoulders and teasingly slipped the strings holding her dress up off her shoulders as I asked, "Can I?"

"You just wanna see me naked" She said with an adoring smile as she turned around and faced me, no fear in her eyes this time. "Don't you?"

"Not gonna deny that" I said as I kissed her chin gently, "But I also wanna show you that being with a girl's not scary. It's actually really,"

"If it was anyone but you I'd think you were taking advantage of me" She said with a gentle smile.

"Never Bre, you're in control still" I said as I took her hand again and slowly led her step by step towards the bed and never let my eyes leave hers. "I promise I'll do exactly what you want."

"Yeh right" She giggled as she sat down on my bed and I stepped back and made sure she watched me flip the strings of my dress off my shoulders and caught it as it fell, just before anything was revealed. "If you wanna see the rest, come and take it off."

"Me?" She asked as I moved between her thighs and felt her hands on my arms gently as she gave me a nervous look. Gently pulling my dress down and letting it fall to the floor as she took in my body and by all accounts liked what she saw. She moved her hands to my tits and massaged them as I kissed her again on the lips and moaned lightly as she kissed me back willingly.

"I wasn't kidding Bre, I will" I said as we parted and she looked at me with a dazed smile, "I want you to tell me how you want it exactly and I'll do it exactly that way."

"Are you talkin about...down there" She said in a whisper as I giggled and she blushed as I slipped to my knees and placed my hands on her thighs and felt the smoothness of the skin and the toned and sculpted shape of her thigh muscles.

"Yeh Bre, down here" I said as I pushed her dress ever higher on her thighs and then with no resistance from her I slipped her panties down her thighs and off her legs and got quiet a surprise as her pussy came into view. My mouth opened as she covered it with her hand and blushed a deep crimson. "Bre you naughty girl, no undies now huh?"

"Yeh you fuckin took them off" She said as I giggled.

"Can I see?" I asked as I placed my hand on her hand and gently pulled it away and revealed that pretty little thing one more time. Bre seemed awfully nervous again as she leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth and we started kissing like we never had before. I slipped my hand down to her pussy and rubbed it with my palm as she jumped back and looked at me with a pleasure soaked but kinda shocked expression. Her breathing quickened as I rubbed her softly and pushed her dress higher onto her stomach and she spread her legs some for better access. She moaned and quickly pulled the dress up and over her head as her body gently shook from the first sensations of my messaging of her slit. "MMMMMMM so smooth, you gonna let me lick it now?"

"God fuck yes what do you think?" She growled at me as I giggled and had her move her pussy to the very edge of the bed and lay back as I lowered my head down a little more and look up at her teasingly, "Come on I'm dying here."

"The longer the wait, the better the pay off" I said as I lowered my head and just barely touched my tongue to the very top of her smooth slit and moved away again. She bucked her hips in frustration as she said, "Molly you have no idea how bad I need it. Why are you teasing me so much?"

"Ok, ok no more games, how do you want it?" I asked as she gave me a weird look. "You never been asked that before?"

"Noooo I'm kinda new to this you know" She said, "You honestly wanna know?"

"MMM HMMMMM just tell me your fantasy and I'll make it come true" I said pushing her back on to her elbows as I kissed her stomach once and again as she said, "MMMMMMM oh my, wow girl, ummmmmmmm slow at first and then like...."

"Like this?" I asked as I quickly dropped my head and licked her slit up and down a couple of times as she squirmed and moaned her approval.

"OHHHHH yes, god yess so perfect" She moaned as I bobbed my head up and down and never letting my tongue leave her slit as she watched me closely and moved a hand to my hair and closed her hand to a fist and her breathing came quicker and I knew then that this was exactly what she had always wanted. I bobbed my head a few more times as I got her to squirm a time or two before I backed off a little and asked in a moan, "Then?"

"Inside just a little, I wanna see what it feels like right under my clit" She said as she sit back up and watched me slip my tongue into her pussy, right on the underside of her engorged clit and I began to pump my tongue in and out gently as she moaned. Her thighs closing around my head as she laid her head back and I wrapped my arms around the outside of her thighs and held her as her hips slowly squirmed in my grip. I kept a slow, steady pace as I pumped my tongue in and out. She moaned and squeezed her hand in my hair as she watched me still and said, "Oh my god it feels so good, you're doing it so perfect."

I kept up the pace as her moaning got more and more labored and she squirmed a little harder and clutched a second hand into my hair and I knew she was drawing close to an orgasm this time. I quickened my pace for a few moments as she squeezed her thighs again around my head and then slowed as she drew dangerously close and stopped as I pulled out and asked, "You ready to cum now?"

"God yes I'm shaking here" She said as she clutched my hair with her hands and tried to persuade me to go back to work.

"Can I pick the way I make you cum?" I asked in a moan as her while body shook in pleasure and she said, "MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM please I need it so bad."

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMMM don't worry baby this is gonna be worth the wait" I said as she grinned and started moaning hard when I slipped my tongue in right under clit and started rolling my tongue, flicking her clitty on every roll. She started shaking once again as she pressed gently on my head and squealed her pleasure and I rolled my tongue again and again and again in an endless rythm as she laid her head back and moaned out loud as her pussy exploded in only seconds. Her orgasm seemed to last forever and I continued rolling my tongue through the whole thing, only slowing at the very end as to bring her down gently. Her whole body shook as she settled down and I capped my lips over her slit and pushed my tongue deep inside and sucked softly. Her sweet honey cum filling my mouth as she moaned once more out loud. I pumped my tongue in and out a few times as I sucked it all out. She finally had to pull me away as the pleasure overwhelmed her. "Ohmigod that felt so good."

"MMMMMMHMMMMM so sweet, ever taste your cum?" I asked as she gave me a weird look and said, "No."

"Here try it" I said as I kissed her softly and at first she offered a little resistance until she tasted that sweet honey on her lips and she pulled me closer and kissed me. Her honey sweet cum was the treat on our tongues this time and I swear it's addictive.

"Good?" I asked with a wicked grin as we parted and she touched her forehead to mine.

"Ohmigod you're so amazing Molly" She said as she caught her breath, "No one has ever made me feel that good before, god it was unbelievable."

"Makes it hotter when someone is asking to do it the way want it huh?"

"Oh wow, so much hotter" She said with her hands still in my hair, "You just did it so right. I can't describe it."

"Kinda the point" I said as I kissed her softly.