Scent of a Girl - Episode 50 "The Rock Starts to Roll"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"OWWW OWWWW," Chloe groaned as she came into my room just a few minutes after both of us had gotten up. I was already working on my homework (see what Chloe's influence has done to me).

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"What you did to me yesterday," she grumbled. "I'm sore back there, down there and even my stomach."

"Why?" I asked in confusion.

"I've never cum that hard in my life," she whispered to me. "I can't do that very often."

"I gotta admit that thing is pretty lethal," I noted. I used the Hitachi Magic Wand later that night while Chloe watched. "Best cum I've ever had from a machine."

"Me too," Chloe said as she kissed me. "And just so you know I am off for the showers and you are not allowed to join me."

"Why not?" I asked as I stood to join her.

"Because you can't do anything to me this morning and we both know you can't resist," Chloe said.

"Fine then," I pouted as Chloe giggled and left the room. Dakota came by right after that and stopped as she saw me. "Hey!"

"Hey, did you hear about the new foreign language requirement?" Dakota asked.

"The what?"

"This is what it says in the newsletter I just got," Dakota said as held up the school newsletter. "Beginning in January all students will be required to take and pass a foreign language course. French, German and Spanish will be offered."

"Well that royally sucks," I said as she nodded her agreement. "Which one you planning to take?"

"Spanish, I think," Dakota said. "Lots of Spanish in Pittsburgh where I'm from."

"There is in Green Bay too," I said, referring to my old hometown. "But I think I'll take German."

"Did you hear Mindy say that? Cause she's taking the same thing," Dakota asked as I laughed.

"No I didn't actually, but it will be nice to have someone to tutor me though," I said as we both laughed.

"Living in Los Angeles Mindy already speaks some Spanish," Dakota noted. "One of her friends back home was born in Mexico."

"Harboring illegals?" I asked as Dakota laughed and rolled her eyes.

"No, Mindy says she's legal," Dakota said. "But it is California so you can never really be sure."

"Well she's here now we might as well let her stay even if she is," I offered. Dakota shrugged as she agreed with my point. Mindy appeared at the door to my room and chirped, "Morning, Punky."

"Morning Scooby," I said as she grinned and tossed a towel to Dakota. "You guys going for a shower?"

"Yes we are," Mindy said. "You wanna join us?"

"Yeah baby," Dakota giggled as I blushed and Mindy sat down in her lap with a smug smile. "I think we can fit three girls in one shower stall."

"Get out," I said as I pointed to the door and both of them laughed as I pushed them out of the room and closed the door behind them. still blushing so bad I could probably be seen from another planet like a highway reflector button.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello?" I asked as I put my phone to my ear and closed my locker.

"Calista, how are you?" Dad (David Thornton Oliver) asked.

"I'm fine, who's this new coach you hired, old man?" I asked bluntly. "You conveniently forgot to mention it the last time you called me."

"I was on a train in New Jersey going through a tunnel," Dad explained. "Can't get a signal underground."

"And I bet it went dead on you after you got out of that tunnel, huh?" I asked sarcastically.

"You must be psychic," Dad said as I laughed.

"Just tell me who the hell it is," I demanded. "Is it Rock Newman? I know he had an interview with you on campus."

"I shall not reveal who I have hired a moment before I am ready," Dad said. "Fortunately for you I will be ready in about a half hour when I arrive on campus for a meeting. I will have her with me."

"Her?" I asked in shock. "Who the hell is it?"

"See you in a few minutes," Dad said as he hung up and left me standing there fuming, now that I knew that he hadn't hired Rock Newman and wondering who the fuck the old bastard had hired.

"Old man you better sleep with one eye open," I said to my phone and heard a giggling as I looked up and saw Shelby's best friend, Laney, with Anisha Mac and Chi Marsoon.

"Is the phone being mean to you?" Laney asked as Anisha and Chi giggled.

"I want the phone I give you back," I said to her as I held out my hand.

"Nooo!" Laney giggled as she jumped behind Chi.

"Cally, don't make me hold her while you take it," Chi said as Laney squealed and took off running down the hall to a safer place, beside Cindy.

"You guys are fun," Anisha giggled as she followed after me and Chi as I filled them in on the newest developments.

"You protecting her?" I asked Cindy as Laney stood behind her now.

"Yes I am," Cindy said as she turned and grinned at Laney. "Any word on who the new coach is?"

"Yes, my dad just called and said he'd be on campus in fifteen minutes for a meeting," I said as Laney walked off down the hall as she made a phone call at that moment. "He said it was a woman but I'm not sure he was telling the truth. He does this shit just to piss me off."

"Like father, like daughter," Cindy said as I laughed and flipped her off.

"So all of us are going with you?" Chi asked. "We were all on the team last year."

"I wasn't but I'd like to be," Anisha said. "Seems like you need a pitcher."

"We do," Cindy confirmed. "Chi why don't you hook up with her after school and help her practice?"

"I'm a catcher, she's a pitcher, it seems like a natural fit," Chi giggled as Anisha agreed.

"Hey!" Hana said as she came jogging down the hall and stopped by us and asked, "Is it true that your Dad hired a new coach and it's a woman?"

"How the hell did you hear that already?" I asked.

"From my motor mouth roommate," Hana said as she pointed to Laney with a giggle. "She called me."

"Anyway, it's true," I said. "According to Dad. So anyway, just let everyone know that needs to."

"Like who?" Anisha asked.

"Allison Lohman needs to know," I said, "But I can probably take care of that, she was hanging out with Alisha earlier."

"Will do," Chi said. "Hey Laney, are you still gonna help us move in later?"

"Move in where?" Cindy asked.

"Next door to you," Anisha said. "We had rooms in the McKinley-Grogan dorm but they told us we were moving this morning."

"Into my old room?" Hana asked.

"Yep," Chi confirmed. "And we're gonna have some roommates too."

"Who?" I asked.

"Don't know," Anisha said.

"I hope it's Randi Newman," Laney said with a horny smile.

"Yes we know," Chi said as everyone laughed and Laney shrugged and walked off with Chi and Anisha a moment later.

"See ya in a few minutes," I said to Cindy as I headed back to my locker to dump the rest of my books for the day. I also wanted to kill my Dad at that moment, but for me, that's a rather normal emotion.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

The late afternoon dinner rush had just completed (3:30 or so-ish) and I looked down the road towards Mintzler and wondered if Maxie was coming to see me like she usually does after school. Though I didn't see Maxie I did see a slightly familiar car pull up across the road and a man and younger girl pop out that I'd seen once before. It was that cute Randi Newman girl and her father, the one Candy Fanning called, "Rock".

"Howdy," I said as I pushed my empty water bottle in the trash as they met me.

"Hi," Randi said in return.

"Anything good for lunch?" Ace asked with his arm around his daughter.

"The meat loaf is looking, and tasting, particularly good this afternoon," I noted. "Our cook Harold has a magic touch with it. You should try that."

"A side of mash potatoes and gravy, I hope?" Ace asked.

"Make it a double for king of the eaters here," Randi said with a playful elbow to her Dad's stomach.

"Just for that I'm going on in and you can order your own self," Ace said as he went inside.

"You guys are staying in town I take it?

"As much as I don't like the idea, yes," Randi said.

"Don't like it?" I asked.

"I wanted Dad to keep his old job so I could stay near my friends but noooo," Randi said with an animated face. "He loves the idea of taking on reclamation projects."

"You mean Mintzler or Twilight Hills?"

"Believe me Dad would never, and I mean never, work for a man with the moral values of Leonard Carlson," Randi said. "Did you read in the newspaper what he did?"

"Left Mintzler for Twilight Hills?" I asked as Randi nodded her head yes. "That was pretty sleazy."

"That was beyond sleazy," Randi said. "Anyway, here we are in another tiny town with a dream of winning at softball."

"Mintzler won the league championship last year," I pointed out.

"Well this year they'll be playing against every team in the state not just the regional teams like Middletown and Bemidji," Randi said. "More schools are starting programs and the all-star theme of the state tournament is going away."

"That sounds like it would be a lot better!" I commented as I glanced back to see Maxie coming our way, finally, with someone I'd never met.

"It will be a lot more fun," Randi said as she followed my eyes and exclaimed, "Who is that?"

"My girlfriend, Maxie, and her friend, who I've never met," I said as Randi's eyes focused on what I thought was Maxie.

"Too bad," Randi said. "I got a thing for brunettes."

"The brunette is not my girlfriend, that's the blond," I said as she gave me a grin that spoke volumes. Maxie smiled at me as she drew close but the funny thing was seeing the look on her friend's face as she saw Randi. It was like a shocked to orgasm smile as she stopped next to Maxie. Her eyes trained on Randi and Randi's met hers. I saw fireworks.

"Hey," Maxie said as she arrived by us and motioned to her friend, "This is my friend Laney."

"Hi," I said to Laney as she waved her hand but never looked my way. Maxie apparently just then realized who our guest was. "OK, I'll say hi to you then, Tay."

"Is that Randi Newman?" Maxie whispered in my ear. I simply nodded as Randi broke the ice with Laney by asking, "You're name is Laney?"

"I think so," Laney said as Randi giggled.

"You're not sure?" Randi asked her.

"My whole body is kinda numb right now," Laney said. "Are you Randi Newman or is this a dream?"

"You saying I'm in your dreams?"

"Only two or three days a week," Laney came back with as Maxie and I giggled. Randi grinned knowingly. "Is that bad? You probably think I'm creepy and you just met me."

"I like creepy," Randi said as I started laughing. You'd think that would draw a look, nope.

"Then I'm your girl," Laney said as both giggled.

"We'll have to see about that," Randi said.

"Are you two gonna flirt all day or are we gonna eat?" Maxie blurted out.

"We can do both," Randi said. "Who needs to choose?"

"I agree with her," Laney said with a grin.

"I knew you would," Maxie said as her and Laney exchanged dirty looks.

"Can I buy you lunch?" Randi asked Laney.

"Of course you can," Laney practically squealed in excitement as she followed Randi inside Eddie's.

"Was that the Randi Newman?" Maxie asked. "Rock Newman's daughter?"

"It was my love," I said as I kissed her and she grinned. "And it appears that she will be Cindy's new teammate."

"Rock Newman is coming to Mintzler?" Maxie asked in shock.

"From what Randi said he is," I confirmed as Maxie seemed amazed. A giggling brought my attention back down the sidewalk, where I found it was the product of a suddenly friendly Megan and Holly as they came to join us.

"When did you two stop hating each other?" Maxie asked the two.

"We didn't," Holly said as she poked Megan in the ribs and laughed when her friend jumped away giggling.

"She came to get me today so she could buy a car," Megan informed us.

"Since when do you wanna buy a car?" I asked Holly.

"Since I started a job and need a way to and from places," Holly said.

"She's too lazy to walk to work," Megan giggled.

"And I'm also gonna be too lazy to give you a ride to Crookston when you want too," Holly said.

"What's in Crookston?" I asked as Maxie wrapped me in her arms.

"I found out a friend of mine from back home in Green Bay is going to the University of Minnesota, Crookston," Megan said. "I told you about it."

"This new blond is making her forget things," Maxie said, referring to my newly lightened hair.

"Hush," I said to my girlfriend as she giggled. "So where's this car?"

"The man wanted 1500 dollars for an 84 Chevy Monte Carlo," Holly said. "It drives good though."

"Looks great too," Megan said. "I told her she should have bought it."

"With what? The thousand dollars I have?" Holly asked.

"And the money I was gonna lend you," Megan said.

"No thanks," Holly said before quickly walking off and going inside Fast Eddie's.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Now I'm being nice and trying to be her friend and she won't let me," Megan said. "What am I doing wrong now?"

"About 8 months of damage control," Maxie said. "Even I know she's not gonna forgive you overnight."

"Who wants to wait overnight? I wish she'd do it now," Megan said as I Maxie and I started laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Cally's father pulled up in his bright green "frog" limo (as Cally nicknamed it) and got out as the group of us softball players (me, Cally, Chi, Anisha Mac, Allison Lohman, and Hana) sat in various places around the grounds in front of the Clubhouse. Everyone gathered around to greet him as the backdoor popped open and out he popped with a lady following him that looked nothing like a softball coach. She looked more like a geeky secretary than an athlete of any kind. Cally broke the ice.

"Where is she old man?" Cally asked bluntly as she looked past them into the car. "And before you ask I'm talking about the new softball coach."

"She's right here," David (Cally's Dad) said as he pointed to the lady with him.

"That is Maggie and she's your secretary," Cally said. "Now who is it?"

"Aren't you the eager beaver," David said with an amused smile.

"You remember the brick I threw through the window of your Mercedes?" Cally asked as everyone laughed.

"That's what got your ass sent here," David said.

"Can you two please stop this stupid piss fight and just tell us who the hell it is?" Anisha barked as everyone looked at her in shock. "I'm sooo sorry."

"Just take charge Nisha," Chi said with a playful push as a giggle rippled through the crowd.

"OK, OK, I can see that my new Coach has just arrived on campus so I'll stop stalling, though I do enjoy needling my lovely daughter, and introduce you to him," David said as a car pulled up by the "Frog limo" and parked.

"I thought you said the new coach was a woman," Cally asked her Dad.

"I lied!" David said as everyone laughed.

"It's Rock Newman!" Anisha squealed into my ear as we saw the head of the by now famous Ace "Rock" Newman emerge from the car. Randi, his daughter and Candy Fanning also got out as the place was set to buzzing by now as he joined David and shook hands with him. "So cool."

"Ladies, this is your new softball coach..."

"Rock Newman, can I have your autograph?" Anisha asked as she surged past me and landed in front of him with a dreamy look in her eyes. Then noticing Randi, she squealed, "The Pocket Rocket!"

"Sweetie calm down," Rock said with an amused smile. Randi giggled.

"She doesn't meet famous people very often," I said as I pulled Anisha back by me.

"Mr. Newman, or rather Coach Newman, here are your keys to the clubhouse," David said as he placed them in his hand. "And I'm sure that Cally, this is my daughter, can give you the ten cent tour."

"Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Oliver," Rock said as he shook David's hand. Cally's Dad left a moment later with Maggie. Rock turned back to us and said, "Well all of you apparently know me so how about I introduce you to my daughter? This is Randi!"

"Hi," came the in unison response from us as she laughed and waved nervously.

"And this is Candy Fanning," Rock said as Candy waved too.

"She needs no introduction," I said as Candy smiled.

"So how about that tour and you introduce yourselves?" Rock asked as we made our way around the clubhouse and down to the field. Everyone piled into the dugout and took places on the bench and pulled up lard buckets and milk crates to sit on.

"OK, now how about those introductions?" Rock asked as he pointed to Chi first and said, "You start us off?"

"Sure, I'm Chi Marsoon and last year I was the catcher here..."

"Chiquita Marsoon, likes to be called Chi, has a strong accurate throwing arm, calls a great game and provides a wide base for the pitcher to throw to," Rock finished for her.

"WOW! Thank you," Chi said as she blushed. "And the wide base comes naturally."

"I'm not referring to your size," Rock said. "When I see a catcher who can project bigger than they are I think the pitcher has to love that. Your pitcher has your body as a backstop and the wider you project yourself the easier it is to throw to you."

"I'd love to tell my mom that my big booty is finally coming in handy," Chi said as everyone laughed. "She'd be shocked."

"Where are you from?" I asked.


"Georgia?" Cally asked.

"No, Atlanta, Texas," Chi said as everyone giggled and her and Cally exchanged pointed looks. "Yes, Georgia."

"Who's next?" Rock said as he brought attention back to himself.

"I'm Anisha Mac, pitcher..."

"... who tore her labrum and rotator cuff in the All-star tournament last season," Rock finished as Anisha again got a dreamy, awe-struck look in her eyes. "But before that you had a devastating rise ball, sinker that no one could touch and a blazing fastball."

"I did?" Anisha asked as everyone laughed. "I mean, I did, thank you."

"How's the recovery coming?"

"I can throw about 40 pitches now going full throttle," Anisha said.

"And she can pop the glove on about 80 percent of those," Chi offered as Rock smiled.

"But then my arm starts to hurt," Anisha said. "Might not be able to come back."

"I'm gonna put you on a throwing program with Chi here and have you throw every other day," Rock said. "But only throwing at 50 percent."

"How will that help?"

"We'll build your arm strength back that way," Rock said. Anisha didn't seem convinced.


"I'm Cindy Sullivan..."

"I thought that was you," Rock said as I smiled. "Dyed your hair?"

"Yes, sir."

"You need no introduction," Rock said as I blushed. "I saw that three run homer you launched in the league title game last year."

"You were here?" I asked in surprise.

"I was indeed," he said. "You are my Third baseman. End of discussion."

"Thank you," I said in shock. Rock Newman likes me. WOW!


"Allison Lohman."

"First baseman, soft hands, good range around the bag, power bat at the plate with a line drive swing," Rock said.

"Cool," Allison said. "You've seen me play?"

"Several times," Rock confirmed. "Very excited about your potential."

"I'm a junior now do you think I have a chance to play at the next level?" Allison asked.

"With me as your coach? Yes," Rock said as Allison grinned widely.

"Cally Oliver?" Cally asked.

"Have we met?" Rock asked as everyone laughed and for once Cally had no smart ass reply. "Cally Oliver, freshman starter for Mintzler last year. One of Coach Rowe's favorite players. Strong accurate arm from left field, quick feet and good speed. Line drive hitter with some power."

"I'm keeping my mouth shut," Cally said as we laughed again.

"A positive development," Hana giggled as she pushed Laney's knee with her foot and drew Rock's attention to her.

"Hana Peterson," Rock said as everyone listened now and she looked up at him nervously. "Sister of Patty Peterson. Starting shortstop as a freshman. Best range of anyone I've seen in years, great throwing arm and a good line drive hitter who swings for the fences a bit too much."

"Guilty," Hana said sheepishly. "Best range?"

"What I said," Rock confirmed. "And I'd love to see you concentrate more on getting on base this coming season, OK?"

"Anything you say," Hana said excitedly.

"Finally I get to make an introduction or two," Rock said as he had Candy and Randi stand to join him. "This is my daughter Randi..."

"Pocket Rocket," Chi chimed in as everyone giggled and Randi smiled.

"Yes, and this is Candy Fanning, I'm sure she needs no real intro," Rock said.

"Best player in the state," I said as Candy smiled.

"And now she's a Mintzler... wait, I just realized that we never did pick a team nickname," Cally said. "What kind of a moron writes a softball story and doesn't give the team a nickname?"

"We shall get to all of that," Rock said. "In a few days I'm gonna hold a softball clinic on campus and everyone is invited. Everyone."

"Clinic?" I asked.

"Just a few days of hitting and catching," Rock said. "Maybe we'll find some new players."

"That sounds fun," Randi offered.

"But for now I want everyone back to their dorms and in bed early tonight," Rock said.

"Yeah right, Rock, who do you think you are, the coach?" Cally asked as she giggled and squealed when Rock came after and chased her out of the dugout. Everyone laughed as we watched her stay one step ahead of him all the way into the outfield. So funny.

Suddenly, the upcoming softball season had become something I could hardly wait for.