Scent of a Girl - Episode 51 "The NEW Holly Harris"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You bitches are not funny," I said from the couch in the Mintz Suite, while Cindy and Shelby made fun of me.

"You're just mad cause Rock caught you by the outfield fence and carried you back on his shoulder," Shelby said from the other end of the couch.

"No, I'm mad about the fact that everyone of the whores there smacked my ass after he carried me back," I said as Cindy and Shelby laughed.

"Spanky," Cindy giggled, referring my new nickname that had come courtesy of the very incident.

"You've always had a cute ass Cally," Shelby said. "I know that."

"You shut your pie hole," I said with a finger point as I saw visions of an earlier activity between me and the cute black girl beside me that happened during our 8th grade year. The activity that included a strap-on and my butt? One that I'm pretty sure Cindy knows nothing about.

"I already know," Cindy said as my blush showed as she joined us. "Shelby admitted that a long time ago."

"So that's why you started melting, huh Ice Princess?" I asked Cindy as she laughed. Shelby crawled over me and into Cindy's arms and kissed her on the lips before she turned and laid back in the girl's arms.

"This is why she started melting," Shelby said proudly. Cindy smiled.

"You two hooking up is the last thing I honestly ever thought would happen," I noted.

"I don't think anyone ever thought it would happen," Cindy said as she played with Shelby's colorful hair. "And if it weren't for Maxie it never would have happened."

"Weird how things work out," I said. "Take me and Alisha, for instance. Who knew she would end up at Mintzler and be my girlfriend after the way things ended with Bre."

"You and her are hilarious together," Shelby said. "Did she ever pay you back for the Dutch oven you did on her?"

"What?" Cindy asked in confusion. "What's a Dutch Oven?"

"It's something horrible," I said as Shelby laughed. "See what happened was Alisha pantsed me in front of her friends back home in Omaha over the summer. From bikini to a bare bottom in a nano-second. It was truly embarrassing."

"I like her," Cindy giggled.

"Listen, shhh, go on Cally," Shelby said excitedly.

"I paid her back later that night when we were in her bedroom and she was using her MacBook on the bed," I started. "So I went around the bed and tucked the sheet under the bed snugly and she thought I just wanted to get some when I slipped into bed beside her and tucked the sheet in around us so we where pretty much tucked, so-to-speak. We started kissing and I suggested she crawl down and take off my shorts and panties and she thought it was a great idea. So she slid down, under the sheet and into the darkness, when I suddenly cracked a fart right in her face and slid out of bed and pinned the sheet down so she couldn't get out."

"Holy shit!" Cindy said in shock.

"It probably smelt like that," Shelby said as she laughed.

"She came out gagging," I said as all three of us laughed. Alisha popped her head inside the door, she had been next door helping the neighbors set up their room, and seeing us laughing. "Dutch Oven baby?"

"Will you please quit telling people that," Alisha said as I laughed and she came in. "Anyway, can you and Cindy help us with this big trunk of Randi's?"

"Big trunk?" I asked as we walked towards the door.

"One like your Grandpa had," Alisha said. "One of those made of old wood and it's heavy as fuck."

"Damn that thing is big," I said as I saw it sitting in the hallway at the far end and realized that it had somehow been brought up the steps to the second floor. Randi, Chi and Laney were standing around it as we arrived. "How did you get it up here?"

"The steps and it wasn't easy," Randi said.

"Why didn't you use the elevator?" I asked as Randi looked pointedly at Chi and Laney, knowing the two had been here longer and should have known that.

"I just moved into this building so don't blame me," Chi said.

"I've never used the elevator," Laney protested.

"Are you sure you can even turn that computer on that I gave you?" I asked Laney as she blushed.

"Give me a computer too," Chi said with a push of my arm. "I was your teammate and you barely know her."

"Yeah but I like her," I said as Laney laughed.

"See now that explains it," Chi said as everyone laughed.

"OK, OK, I'm gonna have to break out the guns now," Randi said as everyone watched her flex her arm muscles. Laney gave her a certain look as Randi grinned. "What?"

"Do you do that at the top of every hour like a clock?" Laney asked her new friend. Randi again posed as everyone giggled. But it was Laney who would have the last laugh as she slipped behind Randi and said, "I got your guns, bang, bang," and followed that with a double poke under both Randi's arms and started tickling her. Randi squealed and clamped her arms down on Laney's hands and the wrestling match was on as they crashed against the wall and then to the floor. Randi crawled away as Laney grinned victoriously. "Bang, bang?"

"So unfair," Randi said as everyone laughed and she went for revenge immediately by grabbing Laney's foot and proceeding to tickle the piss out of it. Laney squealed as she tried to wrestle away but found Randi had a good grip on her foot. The next thing we knew Randi let go and jumped to her feet and dared Laney to chase her. Which she did.

"Well there goes two bodies we could have used," Chi said in protest. "And it's her damn trunk."

"How about taking the stuff inside out and then try moving it?" Alisha suggested.

"Another good idea," Chi said as we laughed. Laney and Randi came back down the hallway now, no longer chasing each other, but now giggling. "You two get your love taps in?"

"She did but I didn't," Randi said as her and Laney stopped by me before Randi leaned up on her tip toes and kissed Laney's cheek. "Now I did."

"WOW!" Laney said in awe as Randi walked away with a smug smile on her face. I think we now know who likes who.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Are you coming to work?" I asked Megan from the bottom of the steps leading up to our apartment.

"Yes I am," Megan said as she peaked over the railings. "Was just looking online for a car Holly might like."

"She's still stuck on that thought?" I asked as Megan laughed. "I figured by now she'd have dropped it. It's been like 4 days."

"Tell me about it," Megan said as I laughed. "You gonna be a while?"

"Might be," Megan said as I shrugged and closed the door as I walked outside. I saw then that Holly was coming my way as I stood outside of Fast Eddie's Eats and just had the funniest feeling that something weird or unusual was gonna happen. And no that does not include, Mel, complaining about his eggs not being right. But instead it was, Holly, who was bobbing her head to the beat of some song playing on her iPod, and looked down just as she came to the door to my old apartment and found an envelope. One I'd noticed earlier myself but hadn't thought much of. She sure did as she reached down and picked it up and screamed in shock, then ran down the sidewalk to meet me and showing me what was contained in the white envelope... $600 dollars.

"Holy crap," I said as Holly grinned.

"I know," she said. "Some poor sucker just lost out big time cause..."

"You're gonna check for I.D." I said as Holly gave me a frustrated look. "The new Holly Harris does that."


"The new Holly Harris," I said as I poked her chest playfully. "The girl that doesn't cuss every third word and is honest enough to know if that belongs to someone it's probably majorly important."

"I don't like her already," Holly griped as I laughed. "But there's no I.D."

"And my old apartment is empty so I seriously doubt the person living there dropped it," I said. "Let's check inside and see."

"Nooo," Holly whined as I took her hand and had her follow me inside. I nudged her to go on as she cleared her throat and asked, "Did anyone in here lose any money?"

"I did," Mel said immediately.

"Me too," Harold said from the kitchen.

"Don't you pay them any attention it's mine," Darlene said from behind the cash register. Holly glared at them one at a time. "Gimme my money."

"OK you buncha mooches, how much was it?" I asked.

"10 bucks?" Harold asked. I shook my head no as he laughed.

"50?" Darlene asked with a hopeful smile. I again shook my head no as she laughed.

"600 dollars," Mel announced. Holly groaned in frustration as she simply walked over to Mel and handed him the money. Prompting his reply, as he looked at the envelope, and asked, "You mean I was right?"

"You didn't lose any money?" Holly asked with a stunned expression.

"Course not," Mel said as everyone started laughing and he peaked inside. "Always been a good liar."

"Gimme that," Holly said, and Mel laughed as she stormed off.

"So, Miss Money Bags, what are you gonna buy?" I asked as Holly smiled.

"How about that car you looked at?" Maxie asked from her seat in the booth in the corner as she ate dinner alongside Eddie. "84 Monte Carlo?"

"I've got enough money now," Holly said excitedly. "With the thousand dollars I've saved since working here and this money? I've got enough money that's for sure."

"Holly that car is really old," Eddie offered. "You sure it runs good?"

"It does," Holly said.

"Why don't you let me go and look at it with you?" Eddie asked.

"Will you?" Holly asked as she sat down opposite him and Maxie.

"I think we can do that," Eddie said as he finished his food.

"He also had an 81 Oldsmobile Cutlass that was really nice," Holly said. "Really nice Maroon color."

"I think Megan is coming in right now if you two wanna take off," Darlene offered. "Maybe call the guy and see if he's home?"

"I'll do that now," Holly said as she hopped up and practically ran for the phone.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Can I hang out with you for a while?" Dakota asked from the door as I lay on the bed reading a book. "Mindy and Chloe are looking at pics on the computer. They ran me off."

"I don't blame them," I said as Dakota laughed and sat down on the edge of my bed. "Who said you could stay?"

"Stop being stupid," Dakota said as I laughed. "Can I?"

"Sure," I said as I shifted on the mattress to lay back on the pillows at the top of the bed and rattled loose a photo album that Chloe had stuck under there a few days before. Dakota picked it up after it made a thump hitting the floor. "I haven't seen that since we got back from summer break."

"This has a pic you and Bre," Dakota commented as she turned it and showed me the picture. One of me and Bre wrestling on the bed early during Freshman year. Probably taken when she had set up her tripod. "That's weird."

"Not really," I said as I flipped to another page and showed Dakota another one of me and Bre standing in front of the cafeteria with me having her wrapped in my arms and them pinned to her side. "Even though she hates me now I still keep her pictures."

"We never took any pictures when I was with her," Dakota said with a hint of sadness to her voice. "Course I was never really with her."

"You spent every waking moment with her for like 2 months," I said.

"And she decided going home was more important than me," Dakota said as she handed me the album.

"I think you over reacted," I said as Dakota looked at me. "I also think she was in love with you."

"Why do you think that?"

"She was willing to sleep with you," I said. "I just think she was."

"Maybe," Dakota said. "You haven't heard from her?"

"Nope," I said. "She left here in a mood where she hated the world and to me that's her problem."

"I'm glad she's gone," Dakota admitted. "So much more peaceful since she left."

"Speaking of, do you ever spend anytime in your own dorm?" I asked.

"If you want me to leave..."

"No," I said as I put my hand over hers. "Just wondering."

"I just missed Mindy so much over the summer that I wanna spend as much time as I can with her," Dakota said.

"I think you like her," I said as Dakota laughed.

"I think you do too," Dakota said as I blushed.

"That is your girlfriend and I would never, ever, go there," I said as Dakota grinned.

"What if I said you and Chloe could do a threesome with her?" Dakota asked.

"I don't think of Scooby that way," I said.

"Even after seeing her naked?" Dakota asked as she purposely crawled up and laid down beside me. "Huh?"

"I'm gonna say refer to last answer," I said.

"Come on... fucking phone," Dakota said as her ringtone sounded and signaled her mom calling. "Hello?"

"Hi baby," Anpaytoo (her mom) said. "Settling in good?"

"Yeah pretty much," Dakota said. "Just hanging out with a friend of mine now."

"Where's Mindy?"

"Do you like her more than me?" Dakota asked as I laughed.

"Well, of course I do," Anpaytoo said as I again laughed. "Now where is she?"

"With Chloe right now," Dakota finally said. "Why do you sound so hoarse?"

"Got some kind of cough that won't go away," Anpaytoo said. "Probably go to the doctor again if it don't get better."

"You do that," Dakota said. "Yeah I love you too. Tell Dad the same. Bye."

"Feeling bad is she?" I asked.

"Just a cough," Dakota said. "Nothing to worry about."

"Hey, there you are," Mindy said as she came to the door. "Was wondering where you ran off to."

"My Mom says hi," Dakota said as she met Mindy by the door and Chloe came around them.

"Wanna go play Frisbee with me and Chloe?" Mindy asked Dakota before kissing her.

"You wanna go too?" Chloe asked me. "More fun with four."

"It sure is," I said as I slipped into my shoes and looked directly at Chloe as she blushed. "Especially when it's outdoors."

"I'm starting to like the idea of that too," Chloe said as all four of us headed down to the first floor, via the elevator, and had Maggie follow us outside. "I'm on Dakota's team."

"Then I get Punky," Mindy said as she hugged me from behind and grinned knowingly at her girlfriend and mine.

"Are you guys playing for points?" Maggie asked from the bench a few feet away.

"You mean like we throw it and if they catch it they get a point?" Chloe asked.

"And if they don't you get a point," Maggie said.

"I suck at sports," I said with a raising of a finger.

"We know that already, half-pint," Chloe said as I stared her down and she grinned.

"We can beat them, Punky," Mindy said as I smiled at her and nodded.

"I'll keep score," Maggie said from the sidelines as several girls from the dorm came up to watch the impromptu game. Chloe lead it off with a throw that went 5 feet over my head and landed near Maggie. Both her and Dakota laughed as they smacked a high five and now led one to zero. How did I know this game required running half-way across campus? Regardless, it was our turn then and my first throw went crashing to the grass pathetically Dakota and Chloe laughing out loud as I snatched it up and this time let Mindy show me how to throw it properly. Though it sailed right into Chloe's hands harmlessly a moment later, I was very proud of myself. Knowing then it was their turn to throw, I moved behind Mindy and prepared for another long throw, but not this time, as Dakota sailed one that came up some five feet short and forced Mindy to charge forward and watch it bounce right off her hands as she tumbled to the grass. "2 nothing."

"You OK?" I asked Mindy as I took her hands and pulled her up as she smiled.

"I'm fine, Punky," she chirped as we looked to see Dakota and Chloe now dancing, yes dancing, Dakota even spinning Chloe around as if she where a ballerina. "Those two think they are so funny."

"When they're playing us they are," I said.

"Only down by two points," Mindy said as she moved back into position and surprised Dakota and Chloe with a throw that had the two tripping over each other in a failed attempt to get it. Finally, we had something to celebrate. We did with a high five. Though that would be the last thing we'd have to celebrate for a while as Dakota and Chloe built a 7-2 lead over us. "Have you got any coordination?"

"Yes I do, but I left it upstairs," I fired back at my frustrated teammate as she laughed.

"They're starting to fight now, we got them," Dakota said as her and Chloe set up for our latest throw.

"Bite me," I fired back at them as I tossed one wide right and was intending on making them run a little to get it only to have the wind catch it and send it right back at them, only it sailed over their heads as they were heading for my original target. 7-3. That actually turned out to be a brilliant strategy as we caught fire by doing that and started to catch up. It was soon enough 8-6, then 9-7. I honestly think they where getting scared when we scored our eighth point a moment later. But with them having had more experience playing the game, and me a case of amnesia, they easily won on their next turn with a throw that matched the first one of the game. I crashed into Mindy and both of us tumbled to the ground and watched the Frisbee land harmlessly at Maggie's feet. "We're such losers."

"You've never played before, Punky, and considering we almost beat them I think we did good," Mindy said as she rolled over on the grass and smiled at me. A smile I couldn't help but return while refusing to look at the two celebrating fifty feet or so away. "Would you ever play again?"

"Yes cause I wanna wipe that smile off their smug faces," I said as Mindy laughed. "Too bad Holly's not here cause she's the athlete in the family. She could beat both of them by herself."

"Wouldn't be much fun," Mindy said as she tossed a blade of grass at me. Chloe and Dakota were still hamming it up as they danced like before. Badly. "I wanted you to play so we could hang out not win. I don't care about winning."

"True, we had fun anyway," I said. "Wish there was something we could beat them at though."

"How about a dance contest?" Mindy asked as she pointed to the two clowns we were dating as they tried to dance their way towards us. "My Mom had better moves that time her girdle slipped in church."

"That was a good one," I giggled.

"Are you two in love?" Dakota asked as her and Chloe finally arrived and sat down in front of us.

"Yes we are," Mindy said as she rolled over and laid her head on my stomach. "What about you two?"

"Very funny Rittle Rindy," Dakota said in a pathetic Scooby Doo imitation as she crawled over and kissed her girlfriend. "We're gonna go for dinner. You two coming?"

"I'm not hungry," I said. "Had a snack pack earlier that filled me up."

"Snack pack," Mindy repeated as she giggled. "I'm not really hungry either."

"OK, back in a little while," Dakota said as Chloe kissed me and the two took off for the cafeteria.

"I swear those too act like they're dating," I said as I watched them walk away. Dakota tripped Chloe and then laughed harder when Chloe jumped back to her feet and pushed her down in the grass. Dakota then made my girlfriend squeal as she shot back up to her feet and went charging after her. Mindy and I laughed as we collected the Frisbee and turned to go inside. "I swear they do."

"Sorta like me and you?" Mindy asked as we reached the common room.

"I guess," I admitted.

"You know Chloe and Dakota used to have crushes on each other?" Mindy asked as she sat down in one of the over stuffed bean bags and giggled when her skirt flew up and gave me a nice view of her panties before she pushed her skirt back down.

"My girlfriend and your girlfriend used to like each other?" I asked as I sat down by her in the other bean bag. Maggie, who had come back inside after the conclusion of the game, came back out of the office at that moment.

"Yep," Mindy confirmed. "Was never a big deal though. Chloe was with Maxie and me with Dakota. So nothing ever happened."

"How did you find out?" I asked as Maggie sat down by us on the couch.

"We all got a little drunk one night and the two admitted it," Mindy said.

"HMMMMM" I said. "Interesting."