Scent of a Girl - Episode 56 "Lessons in (Masked) Bigotry"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Have you got butterflies in your stomach?" I asked Holly as we sat in the hallway waiting on Judge Lipscomb to arrive.

"More like bats on steroids," Holly said as I laughed. "Fortunately I think that's the judge coming in right now."

"And speaking of useless, look who's with him," I said as we spotted our father, Eugene, chatting up the judge as the two walked in from the parking lot.

"No one mentioned useless," Holly said.

"Well now we can cause here he comes," I said as she laughed.

"That was a very good one," Judge Lipscomb said to Eugene as he laughed and the two arrived by us. "Ladies, good morning."

"Morning, sir," We said in unison.

"These are my lovely daughters, Molly and Holly," Eugene said.

"Lovely?" I asked in confusion as we followed after Judge Lipscomb and a suddenly happy/go lucky Eugene.

"So we are here this morning to consider your father's petition for custody," Judge Lipscomb said as we arrived in his private chambers. "This is my assistant Miss James. She will be taking the details of the meeting."

"Aren't we supposed to do this in a court room?" I asked.

"I will hold session anywhere I please," Judge Lipscomb said firmly.

"She always has had a smart mouth," Eugene said. "The influence of my eldest daughter, if you ask me."

"No one did," Judge Lipscomb stated. "We are not here for you to take demeaning shots at your off-springs."

"Well I just..."

"Tell me why I should consider your petition?" Judge Lipscomb asked.

"Wait, our lawyer isn't here yet," I said.

"And neither is your fathers," Judge Lipscomb responded. "All lawyers do is muck up the proceedings. If you don't like my decision we'll have a full session in the court room with the lawyers and all, next time. Mister Harris."

"I am petitioning for the custody of my daughter because I'd like to have her back under my roof," Eugene said as my heart skipped a beat. "She can't possibly be getting the proper parental authority with my trouble prone older daughter."

"And you are a convicted felon?" Judge Lipscomb asked.

"Yes, sir. Domestic violence," Eugene said. "A very unfortunate incident where my wife refused to stop harassing my beloved younger daughter, Molly. Her mother was a terrible bigot who attacked, repeatedly, both of my daughters over their homosexuality. I had to literally pull her off to keep her from hurting them."

"Is that why you let her beat the living hell out of Megan?" I asked as Holly hugged me from behind to keep from going after him.

"You will have your turn to talk," Judge Lipscomb declared to me.

"See, that is an example of the influence of my older daughter," Eugene said.

"Your a lying sack of shit," Holly said to him as I laughed.

"No more of that language," Judge Lipscomb said angrily. "Now Mister Harris, you intend to take Molly back to Green Bay with you, correct?"


"Pulling her out of school here in Pennington County?"

"Yes!" Eugene confirmed. "She will be enrolled in her old school back in Green Bay immediately."

"Why not have her simply complete the school year here?"

"I am desperate your honor to free her from the influence of her sister," Eugene said as both Holly and I were reaching the point of wanting him dead.

"And this influence you speak of has apparently contributed to a vast improvement of Molly's grades," Judge Lipscomb said. Throwing us for a loop. "I have in my hands her transcripts for last year and the previous one in Green Bay and they are remarkably different."

"That's...that's...," Eugene studdered.

"That's the reaction I thought you'd have," Judge Lipscomb laughed as he turned to us. "Now ladies, Molly, please tell me why I should leave you in the custody of your older sister."

"Because I don't hate her," I said. "We've actually become good friends since she took custody. She has a good job, a nice place to stay, friends that care about her, and a girl she really likes and I've never seen her this happy."

"Are you saying you hate your father?" Judge Lipscomb asked.

"With every beat of my heart," I said as I glared at him. Dad looked heartbroken. Good!

"Hate is such a strong word," Judge Lipscomb said. "Care to fill me on why?"

"It all goes back to Megan..."

"...the girl you mentioned earlier?"

"Yes, my EX girlfriend and Holly's best friend..."

"A troublemaking little she-devil," Eugene added in.

"Shut up," Judge Lipscomb demanded of my father. "Molly?"

"Anyway, my psychotic mother attacked Megan when she caught us...UMMMM,"

"In bed," Holly finished for me.

"Yeah," I confirmed. "Megan got attacked by my mother and little dick Eugene held me back from helping Megan."

"And as a result I can no longer have children," Eugene inserted. "Because of the violent actions of that one."

"She was trying to hurt to Megan for no reason and you held me back so you could watch," I spat back at him. "I punched you in the balls to get you off me you sick pervert. Then I turned on my psychotic mother and, just like you, she turned out to be a coward and tried to run. But I caught her and took out my revenge on her."

"I can now see that there is a lot of animosity," Judge Lipscomb noted. "Under those circumstances I can't see placing Molly back in your care Mister Harris."

"What?" Eugene asked in shock as Holly and I celebrated. "You said you understood my situation..."

"You're a convicted felon with anger issues and no steady job," Judge Lipscomb noted. "Do you honestly think I'd take Molly out of a productive, positive environment and place her back with you just so you can exact some revenge from the daughter you so obviously disdain?"

"Fine," Eugene said with a smug smile, "Your honor I was hoping I wouldn't have to play my trump card but it looks like I'm going to. I won't be paying Molly's tuition next semester and she will be forced to come home."

"Judge Lipscomb, I have a gentleman out here who insists on being heard in this case," Miss Pratt (the secretary) said from the front door.

"I don't need no damn lawyers," Judge Lipscomb said. But it wasn't Marc who forced his way into the room it was mine and Holly's Uncle Robert.

"Robert Harris?" Eugene asked.

"And who just who the hell are you?" Judge Lipscomb asked.

"I'm his brother and their Uncle," Robert said as she proudly placed his arms around us. I hugged him tightly.

"I missed you," I said as he smiled at me.

"I missed you too, half-pint," He said as I smiled a bit bigger. "Your honor, I traveled an awfully long way to be here. Can I please have a moment to speak?"

"I've already made my decision and Mister Harris here was just making a last, rather pathetic, stand to force my hand," Judge Lipscomb said. "Something about tuition money."

"I figured you'd resort to that," Robert said to Eugene. "You always were a spiteful little bastard, Eugene."

"And you were a lousy brother," Eugene said.

"Explain yourself I'm losing patience," Judge Lipscomb demanded.

"I'll pay for Molly's tuition until she graduates," Robert said as I jumped up and hugged him around the neck. "That make you happy, half-pint?"

"Stop calling me half-pint, Baldbert," I shot back as he blushed. Baldbert being the nickname giving to him by his wife when his ego gets to large.

"Seems like a happy ending," Judge Lipscomb said.

"You can everyone go to hell," Eugene raged. "That goes for you especially you simple minded old fool."

"Bailiff take him into custody," Judge Lipscomb directed. "Mister Harris you've just bought yourself 30 days in the Pennington County Jail for contempt of court."

"What? No? You can't let them win," Eugene raged as he resisted at first. "My daughters are that need to be a lesson...OHMIGOD! owwwww!"

"That had to hurt," I said after the bailiff had forced Eugene to the floor with a body slam.

"90 days in jail!" Judge Lipscomb added. "Anything more you'd like to add?"

"OWWWW!" Eugene screamed when the bailiff jerked him back up.

"120 days in jail," Judge Lipscomb added.

"Go for a whole year, dad!" I said as everyone laughed. I like happy endings.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"It's 6:30, it's six fuckin thirty in the morning and someone is knocking on my door?" I grumbled as I rolled out of bed and slipped on a robe. A light tapping at my dorm room door having woke me up a few moments before this. "What?"

"Where you sleeping?" Candy asked as I opened the door.

"No, I was up already working on my Algebra," I said sarcasticly.

"Me too!" She giggled.

"What do you want? I can still get in another hour of sleep," I said with a yawn and stretch.

"You didn't come in last night until I was already in bed so I didn't get to tell you that Coach Rock called me," Candy said as my ears perked up. "Said he's gonna be out of town for another week or so on official business."

"What official business?" I asked.

"He's on the committee that's in charge of the softball league," Candy said. "They're having the winter meetings in Rochester."

"So no hit-around?" I asked.

"I don't think that would happen if he did get back today," Candy said.

"Why not?"

"You haven't looked outside have you?" She asked.

"No, why?"

"Take a look," Candy said as she followed me to the window across the room. I opened the curtain to see the ground covered in a blanket of snow a foot thick.

"Where the fuck did that come?" I asked as Candy began laughing.

"They've been predicting it for days now," Candy said. "You don't watch much TV, huh?"

"Mostly Taboo TV and Fox News," I said as Candy laughed. "So I guess I missed the weather report. But I checked it last week and it said today was supposed to be in the 70's."

"It's early November in Northern Minnesota and you think it's supposed to be in the 70's? Are you smokin' dope?" Candy asked.

"Must have been the weather report for another city," I said as I sat down on the bed in frustration. Seeing my fantasy of Molly taking on both my girlfriend and hers going up in...snow.

"Probably was," Candy said as she sat down by me. "So the hit-around has been postponed until spring."

"So has some other things," I said as Candy seemed confused.


"Nothing," I quickly said. "I just hate snow is all."

"I don't," Candy said. "Might get Allison to snowball fight with me later."

"You should invite Alisha, she would love that," I said. "She's always loved the snow."

"Any word on the new recruits?" I asked Candy as she now stood by my window looking out.

"Not really," Candy said. "I asked Coach Rock but he stayed mostly silent. Doesn't wanna spoil anything I guess."

"Well I hope he can land Lindsay Price," I said. "She can really fire the ball and we need someone to replace Lisa (Wilcox)."

"I don't know, I think Anisha will be just as good once she gets her arm back to full strength," Candy said. "Chi told me that Anisha is popping the mitt on almost every pitch now."

"Guess that practice will be put on hold," I figured.

"Oh no," Candy said. "They use the new indoor batting cage at the Clubhouse. It's plenty big enough."

"You really think she'll be ready to go by February?" I asked from behind the bathroom door as I slipped on a shirt and shorts.

"Allison has been watching and she says she thinks so," Candy said as I came out of the bathroom. "I also heard that there's only one more scholarship available."

"That's what Dad told me," I confirmed. "He doesn't want the school to go into financial trouble just to win a championship."

"Which means that either Anna Longmeyer or Lindsay Price and not both," Candy said. "Anna's my former teammate on the Bemidji squad so I'd love to have her here."

"Have you talked to her?"

"She said Twilight Hills Academy already offered her a scholarship," Candy said. "She might have no choice but to take it."

"She would be the lead off hitter and centerfielder to replace Bre," I said.

"Bre was good alright," Candy said. "She could hit."

"My EX," I said as Candy sat down by me on the bed.


"Yep," I confirmed. "We broke up a few months before the end of last semester."

"And you were still able to be teammates with her?"

"The break-up wasn't all that bad," I said. "Anyway, so we got school today?"

"Not on Saturday," Candy said. "Better get your leggings on cause it's cold as fuck out there."

"Gotcha," I said as she left and passed by a groggy Alisha as she came into join me. Sitting down on the bed and laying her head on my shoulder. "You still tired?"

"More like heartbroke," Alisha said.


"A foot of fucking snow," Alisha said as I laughed. "I need Molly to lay me."

"Excuse me?" I asked as she grinned devilishly. "You need what?"

"Molly's cock while I 69 with Chloe and you watching," Alisha moaned to me.

"No reason we can't go visit them even if we can't do it outside," I said as Alisha grinned knowingly. "Ya think?"

"I do," Alisha said with a sizzling kiss to my lips.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You have a big mouth," I said as I walked up behind Chi in the hallway. She turned and laughed. "I'm serious, you shooting off your mouth could get Emily in trouble."

"Not unless you like her or something," Chi said. "Point taken though and I'll keep my mouth shut. So I guess we're not friends anymore?"

"Why would you think that?" I asked.

"Because that's the way it was with Vanessa," She said.

"Vanessa Carlson? The daughter of the former school President?"

"One in the same," Chi confirmed. "I was her main lackey until I joined the softball team and she refused to talk to me anymore."

"She is not a nice person and I am not like that," I said as Chi smiled. "We were friends last year and we are now. Just cool it with the commentary to my roommates about Emily?"

"I can do that," Chi said as we headed into class a few minutes early. My phone ringing as I sat down and got out my math book.


"You coming home this weekend?" Chin-Li (my Dad) asked in his best broken english.

"Yes I coming home this weekend," I said back as he laughed. He gets a kick out me kidding him about his accent. "Be home on Friday."

"Me see you then," Chin-Li said. "Love you."

"Love you too Chin-Li," I said as he laughed and we hung up. Emily (Ms. Preston) coming in as I put away my phone and noticed that her long red hair was today in messy bun on the back of her head and she was sporting a crazy sexy low-cut top that showed off her massive mounds of breasts. I did take a long moment to oggle the goodies so to speak caught. Emily looking up at me over her wire rim glasses and grinning knowingly in a way that made my pussy wet. She was making eyes at me.

"If you stare any harder it's gonna be obvious," Chi whispered in my ear. I snapped my head back to meet her knowing gaze as she laughed. Let's just say the rest of class involved with my head down and making only minimal eye contact with my math teacher. Even going so far as to try and sneak out of class behind Chi. But that was stopped cold when Emily called my name just as I reached the door. "Have fun!"

"Bite me," I hissed at Chi as she left the room giggling and I made my way back to the desk. "Yeah?"

"Good news," Emily said as she leaned forward a bit onto the desk and gave me a birds eye view of her big titties. "Secret Life of the American Teenager marathon this weekend on ABC Family. You coming over?"

"Should you be asking me that in school?"

"Well you're bringing your math book and there's no rule against having friends over," Emily said. "You're spending the weekend with your father I guess?"

"Yeah, but how did you know?"

"I ran into your father at Fast Eddie's," Emily said. "He re-introduced himself. Been talking about me have you?"

"I have not," I lied as she enjoyed a soft laugh. "I'm gonna go now so you can't embarrass me anymore."

"The marathong begins at noon with or without you," Emily said.

"Did you say marathong?" I asked as she grinned knowingly.

"Oops," She said. "Marathon."

"I like the way you said it better the first time," I said.

"So you like marathong's?" She asked.

"Wearing one right now," I fired back and was seriously liking this mini flirting game that was developing.

"Very sexy..." She started to say when Mr. Reed (the history teacher came in). "Can I help you Mr. Reed?"

"Sign these for me?" Mr. Reed asked as I snatched up my books and made my way out of the classroom and tried not to think about what had been said, what I had seen and what our flirting could possibly be suggesting.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"The place is pretty much dead so I'm taking a break," Megan said as she came back and sat down opposite me as I sat in the back booth. Working on my homework and waiting for Sarah to get off work.

"Not a chance, back to work," Harold demanded from the kitchen.

"Make me," Megan said as I laughed. "So what's up, Max?"

"Finishing my homework," I said. "Oh yeah, I need to talk to you."

"About what?" Megan asked as she laid back in the booth and placed a menu over her face.

"Getting lost," I simply said. Her head popping back up as she looked at me over the table in confusion.

"Doing what?"

"I want a night alone with Sarah," I said. "Can you maybe go spend a night with Holly?"

"Nope," Megan said as I rolled my eyes and she laid back down and giggled.

"I'm gonna whip you one of the days," I warned.

"And I'm looking forward to it," Megan said as I laughed. "When?"

"I haven't set a date for it..."

"When do you want me to get lost?" Megan asked as she sat up and down looked at me again.

"This Saturday?" I asked. "Please?"

"Does it involve you and Sarah, that lavender candle you bought and the bear skin rug that's hiding in my bedroom?"


"Maxie gonna get her some?" Megan whispered to me.

"It's not about getting laid," I said. "I just want sometime with my girlfriend alone."

"I remember feeling like that," Megan said. "Now I can't even buy a date."

"What about your friend in Crookston?" I asked.

"Just a friend," Megan said. "At least back home in Green Bay I could get laid."

"You never know when you might meet someone," I said.

"Like your friend, Cally," Megan said. "Now she is cute. But she has a girlfriend?"

"Yes she does," I said. "Alisha Swain is her name."

"I should have jumped on that the day she came in here all heartbroken," Megan said. "I bet she can satisfy my desire."

"That's actually my EX-girlfriend and yes she can," I said as Megan's mouth dropped open a bit in surprise.

"Is there any hot girl from Mintzler you haven't dated?" Megan asked.

"Molly," I said as we both laughed. "Actually Cally and Chloe are the only two girls I've dated. Well except Sarah."

"I know this, if I don't get laid soon I'm gonna go crazy," Megan said. "Can I borrow Rae Rae for a night?"

"Maybe both of us?" I asked as Megan's eyes opened in interest as she nodded her head yes in a comical fashion.

"I'd rather go one-on-one with some hottie though," Megan admitted. "What about that other girl you showed me a picture of? The Native American?"


"That's her. Love that name," Megan said. "So what's she up to now?"

"Back with her EX-girlfriend," I said.

"Damn it," Megan said as I laughed. "Do you have any single friends?"

"Laney, one of my other roomies is kind of seeing someone and Hana..."

"Is straight," Megan interrupted. "I hit on her all summer, remember?"

"You probably came on to strong," I said.

"Possibly," Megan said. "Besides I'd rather date someone who is 18."

"What about that Candy girl that comes in here sometime?"

"Candy Fanning?" Megan asked.

"Yeah her, she's Cally's friend," I said. "Lives right down the hall from her in McKinley-Grogan Hall. She's 18."

"And very cute," Megan said. "She seeing anyone?"

"Cally didn't mention anyone," I said. "She might satisfy all your desires."

"She just might," Megan said with a horny smile. Sarah coming out of the kitchen and coming to sit down by me and kissing my lips. "And she might do the same for you."

"If you get lost on Saturday she just might," I said as Megan grinned.

"Might what?" Sarah asked.

"Play Monopoly with me?" I asked as Sarah laughed.

"Max and I were just talking about me spending the night with Holly on Saturday night."

"I think that's a good idea," Sarah said. "You two should spend some quality time together."

"I think so too," I agreed as Megan laughed. Sarah just looked on in confusion.