Scent of a Girl - Episode 57 "Heaven Sent Me You, Part Two"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Are you two lovebirds gonna be out here long?" I asked as I came out of the front door and saw Randi and Laney playing in the snow. The snow that now blanketed the state of Minnesota. Here in Thief River Falls we'd gotten almost 4 feet. Plenty of snow for the less mature among us (Laney and Randi) to lay down in and begin to make snow angels.

"We're not..." Laney started.

"... lovebirds," Randi finished. Both then started to laugh as they crawled out of the snow and came over to join me.

"You're not lovebirds?" I asked. "Then why did I catch you two making out?"

"Beats me," Laney said as Randi giggled. "Just happened."

"So you what... didn't like it?" I asked Laney.

"Like this!" Randi exclaimed before she pelted me with a snowball made from the snow at her knees. "Stop being nosey."

"You're dead!" I declared as Randi grinned and ran off into the snow with me giving chase. I quickly rolled up a ball of my own and fired it at her back and landed it perfectly. My victory though was short-lived as I heard the crunching of snow under feet and just as I turned I saw Laney and heard her giggling as she tackled me to the snow. Her and Randi then teamed up and dumped handfuls of snow on me as I tried to get up. The two chickens ran off in opposite directions as I finally did get to my feet. I plucked a handful of snow up and beaned Laney and then turned to do the same to Randi when she plunked me. Chi came out of the building and put on her gloves as she surveyed the scene and saw it was two on one. "CHI! HELP ME!"

"One step ahead of you," Chi said as she fired a snowball at Randi who ducked into the snow. Before she could throw another one Randi slammed her with one in return. Laney beaned me with one as I watched and the fight was on seriously. Anisha (Mac) came out next and watched for a moment before she jumped in on my and Chi's side and started pelting a reunited Laney and Randi.

"Go around we got them now," Anisha squealed as she directed me to go around the back of the two and it worked perfectly as I got two or three good shots. It changed a moment later when I got drilled in the back by three or four snowballs and turned to see my own girlfriend, Cindy, and Cally had joined the fight and apparently were taking Randi and Laney's side.

The most fun I think I've ever had on campus.

"I should break up with you for not taking my side," I said to Cindy a while later as all of us lounged in the common room, Cindy and I on one of the love seats with Cally and Alisha (who came in a few minutes after the fight) on the other. Chi, Randi, Laney and Anisha took the bean bags.

"It was three on two," Cindy said. "That's so unfair."

"That and she likes me more than you," Laney giggled.

"You probably wish she did," I fired back before Randi chimed in, "I do like you more than Cindy."

"Kiss her!" Alisha said as everyone watched and dared Randi to do it. She did, leaning over and kissing Laney's lips in front of everyone. "Cool!"

"I can't believe the Crotch Rocket really did that," Chi said as Randi looked at her in shock.

"I am not the Crotch Rocket, it's Pocket Rocket," Randi protested as Chi shrugged but had a shit eating grin on her face.

"Why don't you stop picking on her with that retarded nickname Chiquita Banana," Laney said as she pushed Chi off her bean bag and went running away laughing. Chi jumped up and gave chase as Randi did the same to her. All three disappeared down the first floor hallway.

"Those three are nuts," Cally added as squeals of laughter and the sound of something crashing to the floor could be heard.

"I thought the Crotch Rocket name was funny," Alisha said as everyone laughed.

"She hates that," Anisha added. "What the heck are they doing down there?"

"Is a rat lose in the building again?" Natalia (the OSH resident adviser) asked as she came out of the office. Laney and Randi came back into the common room laughing and followed by a none too happy, Chi, who was now sporting dripping wet hair. "Chi, what happened to you?"

"Let's just say someone left the mop bucket in the wrong place and when I fell my head landed in the water," Chi said as everyone cracked up. She did though pay us back as she came over and started flinging her hair as mop water sprayed everywhere.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

The snow, the four feet of snow in some places, had played havoc with traffic in Thief River Falls the last 5 days. Though on this early Saturday morning I got somewhat of a surprise and found that the snow had melted a bit overnight. At least it had on Horace Avenue North. This made my walk, the few blocks to Fast Eddie's Eats for breakfast, much easier (though still cumbersome). By the time I reached the place my combat boots were getting heavy with the large amount of snow that was now packed into the bottom of them.

"Hey, has Dad come by yet?" I asked Sarah as she sat behind the counter working on the books and I stomped my feet to get the snow off and then kicked it outside.

"Not today," Sarah said as she looked up. "Gone this morning when you got up, huh?"

"Yes he was," I said as I joined her at the counter. "Ole Chin-Li can be really annoying."

"Your mom gone too?" Sarah asked.

"Apparently," I said as I leaned on the counter. "Probably went to visit Patty at the University."

"Patty's doing OK?"

"Preparing to play softball in the summer," I said. "Her and Lisa (Wilcox) are on top of the world."

"Do they go the University of Minnesota in Crookston?" Sarah asked.

"Nope, they go to the main campus in Minneapolis," I said. The bell above the door clanged and signaled the arrival of another customer. I turned and almost wet my panties when I saw Emily was the one who had just entered. "Hi."

"You never showed up last night," Emily said to me as she took off her gloves and coat.

"I couldn't get out," I said as she smiled. "But I'm free now."

"Well, I'm up for the day and you don't have any other plans?" Emily asked.

"Nope, completely free," I said and then added something that came out sounding ALL wrong, "Do with me as you wish."

"Hana Peterson!" Sarah said in mock horror as I blushed.

"Shut up," I said to Sarah as she giggled. "Get me a morning platter and a large milk?"

"Make that two?" Emily asked.

"Two sunrise and big moos?" Harold asked from the kitchen.

"You got it, Harry," I said as he waved his spatula at me and I laughed. Emily joined me in a booth as Megan came in the front door with Maxie and Holly following.

"You two are really gonna spend the night together?" Sarah asked Megan and Holly.

"Yes we are," Megan said. "And it's just gonna be the two of us."

"No girlfriends or boyfriends," Holly said. "Just me, Megs and a case of... Pepsi."

"I voted for booze," Megan said as Maxie laughed.

"Those two are dating?" Emily asked me as we listened. "Megan and Holly?"

"Actually no, Holly is dating her sister's Resident Adviser, Maggie Rainfield," I said.

"I went to school with Maggie for a year at Mintzler," Emily said. "Never knew she was gay."

"Bet she didn't know you were either," I said in an attempt to get Emily to admit it.

"I'm not actually," Emily said with a smug smile. "Where you hoping I was?"

"Not really," I said as we both laughed. Eddie and Darlene came in at that moment dressed very nicely.

"Where are you two headed?" Sarah asked Eddie.

"Looking sharp, Daddio," Maxie said as she slugged her adopted father in the arm. "You too, Mother figure."

"One of these days, Maxine," Darlene said as Maxie grinned victoriously.

"Off to a special Saturday service at the church," Eddie said. "Be back in a couple of hours. Just wanted to get a few dollars for the offering plate."

"Eddie Emory Castle, you have money in your wallet," Darlene protested with a finger point. "Now let's go. You're stalling."

"I thought you liked going to church?" Sarah asked.

"They've started getting more and more forceful with their messages on some things," Darlene said. "Eddie takes..."

"I can speak for myself, thank you," Eddie said to his wife. "The new preacher has preached on homosexuality four times in the past two weeks. I think it's directed at us."

"Eddie that is silly," Darlene complained.

"Why is it silly?" Eddie asked. "We have an adopted daughter who is gay..."

" a three dollar bill," Maxie said as everyone laughed and Harold came out of the kitchen with my and Emily's order. Maxie snaked a home fry off my plate. "So what of it?"

"Eddie thinks he's trying to say that we promote it or something," Darlene said. "Because Sarah is dating Maxie and Megan and Holly are open about their lifestyle."

"I wouldn't go back to that church if he doesn't want me there," Harold said as he delivered our plates.

"I agree," Emily said.

"What does he want you to do?" I asked Eddie.

"He seems to be one of these bigots that believe you gotta turn them out," Eddie said.

"I do not believe that to be true," Darlene insisted as she dragged Eddie along out the door.

"So you coming over after breakfast for TV?" Emily asked me.

"If you'll have me," I said. "I was looking forward to catching up on the adventures on Secret Life."

"It'll be very interesting to see you get caught up," Emily said.

"Has Tom got laid yet?" I asked as she laughed. Tom being the guy with Downs Syndrome on the show. One of the funniest characters as well.

"I'm not gonna tell you anything," Emily said with a fork directed at me. "That's like ruining a good movie."

"True," I said as we finished our meal and got up to leave. "The meal is on me."

"I can't let you pay for my breakfast," Emily said.

"Actually you can cause Eddie owes me like two full weeks salary and I took it in food," I said as Sarah nodded and marked it down without saying a word. We walked out the door a few moments later and made the short walk to Emily's current residence (Sarah's old one). I stopped just outside the door and kicked the brick wall to get the snow off the bottom of my boots. Prompting Emily to ask, "What kind of a teenager wears combat boots?"

"The kind who has been raised here her whole life and through trial and error knows this is a pair that works," I said.

"Well you can't take those heavy things in my house," Emily said as she slipped off her shoes and slipped into a pair of house shoes. Pointing at another pair sitting by the door. "You can borrow those."

"University of Minnesota slippers huh?" I asked after having slipped into them.

"My Alma Mater," Emily noted as she pulled out her DVD collection and searched through them as I took a seat in the big lazy-boy in front of the TV.

"My sister goes there now," I said. "On a softball scholarship."

"Patty Peterson," Emily noted. "Read about it in the Thief River Falls Times when she was being recruited by four or five different schools."

"She chose Minnesota because her hetero life mate, Lisa, went there," I said as Emily started laughing.

"What is a hetero life mate?" Emily asked.

"Someone you're connected to the hip with and that is definitely Patty and Lisa," I said. "If one goes to the bathroom so does the other."

"Girls usually go in packs," Emily said as I laughed.

"But those two are weird," I said. "Like one time late in my Freshman year, I'm laying in bed reading one morning waiting for everyone to get up. So Lisa gets out of her bed and like a zombie Patty pops up and follows her to the bathroom. Then both went back to bed at the same time."

"One time does not prove anything," Emily noted as she sat down on the sofa. "Are they sharing a room in college?"

"Of course," I said as I took out my cell phone and showed Emily my background, a picture of Patty and Lisa decked out in U of M gear and lounging on one of their beds. "See."

"Are you jealous?" Emily asked me.

"Nooo," I said as if that were a silly question. "I do wish I had a friend like that though."

"You and your roommates not getting along?"

"We get along great actually," I said. "But everyone kind of has their best friend, or girlfriend, and I'm the odd one out."

"Looks like you could use someone to hang with," Emily said as she headed for the kitchen.

"Are you offering?" I asked as she laughed.

"No reason we can't be friends," She noted as I smiled.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Tay, why are you so eager to go upstairs?" Sarah asked me after I had asked her if she was ready to go for like the 10th time. "You're acting weird."

"You used to love that about me," I said as she laughed. I rose from the booth seat and kissed her.

"You want some?" she whispered to me. "Cause that is seriously the best kiss we've ever had."

"You won't know until we go upstairs," I said.

"Why? The place is pretty much dead," Sarah said. "We could do it here?"

"Can we please just go? Your shift was over an hour ago," I said.

"OK, but this better be good Taylor," Sarah said as she kissed me once more. "Harold, I'm leaving."

"Eddie and Darlene should be back soon," Harold said back. "And Patricia should be in any minute."

"Who's Patricia?" I asked.

"The new 3rd shift waitress," Sarah said. "Eddie and Darlene's next adoptee I'll bet."

"Probably," I said as we both giggled and made our way out and slowly, on slippery ice, made our way to Sarah and Megan's front door. I quickly fished out the remote to the stereo upstairs as we came in the door and locked it behind us. "Hold on, don't go up yet."

"Why not?" Sarah asked as she kicked off her boots. I clicked play on the remote, as she gave me a weird look, she then smiled as the familiar opening licks to John Michael Montgomery's "Heaven Sent Me You" began playing through the speakers. "OHMIGOD!"

"You like?" I asked as she kissed me.

"You're trying to be romantic, I love it," Sarah said as I kicked off my shoes and we made our way up the steps to my second, and biggest surprise, just as the first words of the song played, "I've never seen blue eyes filled with so much love. I never thought I'd find out what I found in your touch."

"OHMIGOD!" Sarah squealed as she stopped on the top step and looked in shock at the white bearskin rug laid on the floor and the rose pedals scattered around it (Megan's idea).

"Someone up there must like me 'cause I'm lookin' at the proof. There's no doubt about it. Heaven sent me you," the song's opening concluded. I fished the lighter out of the same pocket the stereo remote had come from and lit the candle that sat on the coffee table.

"Well?" I asked with a hopeful smile as Sarah was still in shock.

"Will you dance with me before you make love to me?" Sarah asked as she joined me by the couch. I never had a chance to answer as she kissed me and, like I usually do, reverted back to my old style of stiff lipping it for a moment. "Relax those cute little lips."

"MMMM so much better," Sarah cooed after we had kissed again and began to dance.

"Heaven sent me you to make my life complete. An angel from above to watch over me," the song played again as we danced in small circles. We kissed some and at other times just staring into each others eyes for long moments. It was so perfect and so right... that it made me kind of nervous. I didn't wanna screw this up. "What makes it even better. Is you feel the same way too. There's no doubt about it Heaven sent me you."

"I sure do believe that now," Sarah said as I held her in my arms and we shared one more kiss before she lead me over to the bearskin rug and the clothes began to come off. I knew then what I'd been missing with Chloe (and Cally) in that as each piece of her or my clothing that got removed the hormones surged a bit more. My shirt and pants, joined hers by the edge of the couch as she turned and gave me permission to unsnap her bra; my hands were shaking so bad, that I could barely manage it. But I did, and got some bonus points, for stroking my hands over the smooth skin of her shoulders as I pushed the bra off her shoulders. 5 minutes later we were both in birthday suits and the full glory of Sarah Rae was revealed. I don't miss Chloe's curves anymore. "If you wanted me in the mood, you got me, Tay."

"SHHHHH," I said as I kissed her and after a few more seconds we went down together. She laid back on the bearskin rug as I crawled up over her into the missionary position. We moved a moment later to kissing her neck softly up and down as she moaned into my ear and tensed up when my pussy touched hers for the first time. I did something I'd never done before, I took my time, and enjoyed every moment of pleasure with her as we started kissing again. It came so naturally and built so quickly that I was having a hard time keeping my slow pace as the pleasure intensified. Her clit against mine, smoothie on smoothie, as my ass clenched in pleasure over and over again. Sarah moaned into my mouth and dug her fingers into my back as I clutched at the bearskin below us and moaned into hers. After a few more seconds it was all I could take and in the most urgent moment of my life I quickened the pace for the last few seconds and we erupted in an orgasm that neither of us would ever forget.

It took us both a while to recover after that one.

"I seriously hate you know," Sarah said after a few moments as I lay beside her still trying to catch my breath.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked as I rolled onto my stomach and looked at her.

"Yes!" she said as she kissed me. "You made that feel so good you've ruined me for other guys. I never wanna do it with one of them again."

"Very funny," I said as she laughed. "Seriously."

"Best I've ever had," Sarah said as we shared a kiss.

"Me too," I agreed.

"You OK?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my long blond hair. "I know you said you feel kind of weird after wards."

"I'm... great," I said after a moment's pause. "Usually the first thing on my mind after is to get away. It's weird, but now... I don't even feel that way."

"Maybe you feel...," Sarah said as she kissed down my cheek and then my neck. "... like going again?"

"Yes, please," I moaned as my lips once again found hers. We did make love again... over and over and over again.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"So you and Megan had a fight?" Maggie asked Holly as we all (me, Maggie, Holly, Chloe and Molly) lounged in the first floor common room.

"Yes, the bitch gets me alone and thinks she can just hit on me," Holly said and then said to Maggie, "And she knows I'm seeing you."

"Megan's only concern is her own selfish desire," Molly said. "She didn't want you when she couldn't have you but now that she can't, she wants you."

"True dat," Holly said.

"So where's she at now?" Chloe asked.

"At my place," Holly said. "I left her dumb ass and walked up here."

"Why is she at your place?" I asked.

"She was spending the night with me because Sarah and Maxie wanted some time to fuck," Holly said.

"Holly Ann Harris that's crude," Maggie said. "What has Eddie been onto you about?"

"Sorry," Holly said sheepishly.

"Your middle name is Ann?" Chloe asked.

"After my and Molly's, Grandma," Holly said.

"You told me you and Holly didn't have middle names," Chloe said to Molly after turning to her.

"No I didn't, Red," Molly fired back. "Stop putting words in my mouth."

"Yes you did," Chloe insisted.

"I remember that," Holly said. "When you asked we made a big joke out of it and it got dropped. Molly's middle name is..."


"Is what?" Chloe asked with intense interest after covering Molly's mouth.

"The same as mine," Holly said.

"Holly Ann and Molly Ann?" I laughed. "You parents had no imagination, huh?"

"Knock it off, Scooby," Molly said to me as a warning as everyone else laughed.

"I don't think so, Holly," I said purposely. "Wait, you're Molly, right? Hard to tell you two apart."

"You're gonna get it," Molly said as she sprang up just before I did and chased me out of the room and up the stairs. She stopped on the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors as I ran on up before looking back. "You just better watch your back."

"I'm really scared, Molly Ann," I said as I walked away with a smug smile on my face. I found that the fun was about to end as I found Dakota sitting on my bed, crying. The Dakota who had left my room this morning as happy as I'd ever seen her on her way to the library. "Kota?"

"Hey," she said as she quickly wiped away some tears. "How's my girl?"

"Worried, you're crying," I said as I sat down by her and laced her fingers with mine. "What is it?"

"Stuff at home," she said.

"Tell me, I love you and we can get through it together," I said as I kissed her. Which felt a bit weird, a little odd even. "What is it?"

"You remember my Mom had that bad cough when she called last time?" Dakota asked.

"Yeah, she said she was gonna have it checked out," I said.

"She did," Dakota said. "And it was only a bad cold..."

"That's not bad," I said. "Then why were you crying?"

"She got the cold by cheating on my Dad with the doctor she works for," Dakota said as I looked at her in stunned disbelieve.

"OHMIGOD!" was all I could say as I watched Dakota start to cry again. Talk about a helpless feeling.