Scent of a Girl - Episode 58 "Take Me With You"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"That is seriously one addictive show," I said as the last episode of 'Secret Life' on the disc concluded. "I can't wait to see what happens next."

"That's why I DVR every single episode," Emily said from the couch where she was stretched out at. "Got the latest season on it right now."

"Well it's the weekend we got all night so fire it up," I said.

"It's after 11 and past my bedtime," Emily said with a heavy yawn. "Once you get to be my age you can't sleep those bizarre hours and still operate."

"So you're kicking me out?" I asked with a smile.

"It's 11 o'clock on a Saturday...holy shit it's really that late?" Emily asked as she sprang up off the couch and checked her cell phone to verify. "OH god your parents are gonna kill me."

"Damn it, you're half right they will kill me," I said as I realized I hadn't bothered to tell anyone where I was going. "I'll call them now and maybe get the screaming out of the way."

"If they get to upset gimme the phone and I'll lie my ass for you, it's my fault," Emily said as she sat down on the edge of the coffee table opposite me.

"You'd do that?" I asked in surprise.

"I would," She said as she motioned for me to call. Making me wonder why exactly she would do that unless she REALLY liked me. Before I could really consider that much farther Dad's (Chin-Li) cell started ringing and he quickly picked up.

"Dad? Where are you?" I asked.

"Stuck in traffic jam, hundred miles from home," Dad said as I breathed a noticable sigh of relief. "Snow got stuff all fucked up."

"Calm down, Chin-Li, when do you think you'll be home?" I asked as I giggled. Emily leaning forward a bit as she listened intently and inadvertently giving me a top side view of her titties, nipples and all this time as she wasn't wearing a bra. I blushed and snapped my eyes away as soon as I could.

"We be home when asshole in crain get off fuckin road..." Dad said as I started laughing out loud. What only made it worse is when he rolled down his window and started cussing at the workers in Chinese. Some of the words I caught and some I didn't. Safe to say he was giving them a verbal beating. "Me call you back when we get close to house."

"Actually Dad I'm at a friends house," I admitted. "Do you think you could come by and pick me up?"

"Why you there?"

"Watching movies and lost track of time," I said. "You gonna kill me?"

"You call earlier next time," Dad said in a stern father-type voice.

"Yes, sir," I said immediately.

"Traffic moving, me see you in little while," Dad said as we hung up and I came face to face again with the woman whose tits I had just (accidently) oogled. "Not gonna get killed this time."

"Good," Emily said as she rose and headed for the kitchen. "They coming by in a while?"

"Be an hour or so at least, traffic jam," I said as I joined her at the counter. Wondering if she knew I'd seen her tits.

"I can stay up till then I guess," She said as if it were a huge favor she were doing me. "Besides I really can't go to bed and leave you alone in my apartment."

"Why not? You afraid I'd steal something?" I asked.

"Yes, cause you already have," She said and totally confusing me.

"Like what?" I asked with hands on hips.

"Like a peak at my boobs, like five seconds ago?" She asked as my mouth dropped open and she laughed. "Thief."

"Well you had them laid out there like a couple of lamb chops," I said as she gave me a shocked look. "I was not trying to get a look at your boobs you were leaned over in front of me."

"Sure you weren't," She said with a smirk. "And I'm sure you have no interest in seeing them again."

"You're right I don't," I declared. Though I wasn't to certain as to my resolve on this issue. "I'm straight."

"I was too till you walked into my class," She said to get a rise out of me. At least I think so. "Now I'm not so sure."

"That's it, I'm going home," I said as she started laughing out loud. I flipped her off as I started laughing too. Still wondering if she was at all serious.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What are you two doing?" I asked Anisha and Chi as they came out of the front doors of Oliver-Stanton Hall with gloves on their hands and started to make snowballs.

"Randi and her lover are out back goofing off and it's time for payback for what they did to us earlier," Chi said as she showed me a snowball.

"What did they do?" I asked as I adjusted my laptop bag from one shoulder to the other.

"Caught us at lunch and beaned us like 5 times," Anisha said. "It's payback time, wait, you won't get mad at us will you?"

"You worry too much," I said as I made a snowball of my own and handed it to Anisha. "Besides they started it."

"And we're gonna finish it," Chi said before she ran off with Anisha. I giggled as I headed inside and took the elevator upstairs.

"I am dog tired and sick of looking at snow," I complained as I came through the door of the Mintz Suite and saw Shelby in her pajama bottoms and my Mintzler softball uni standing by the window on the far side. She smiled as I dumped my bag and joined her and wrapped my arms around her. "What's got you so interested?"

"Those two," Shelby said as she pointed to Laney and Randi out back of the building and playing in the snow.

"What are they doing?" I asked as I watched Laney holding a wooden stick like a baseball bat and Randi tossing snowballs to her.

"They invented a new game called snowball," Shelby said as I laughed. Watching as Laney swung and splattered a snowball with her stick.

"What's the point?"

"To spend time together," Shelby said as she kissed my cheek. "Something that me and you have not gotten to do of a lot lately."

"We have three other roommates and a Laney," I said as Shelby laughed. "We're lucky we even get this much time alone."

"You know maybe we could work it out so we can have a night alone," I said.

"How?" Shelby asked.

"Pawn Laney off on Randi for the night, Dakota spends the night at Mindy's and Maxie goes home," I said with a smile.

"And you plan to have Hana wait in the hall?" Shelby asked as I laughed.

"She spends some weekends at home," I said. "So maybe we can time it so she's gone too?"

"Highly unlikely but I sure do love you for trying," Shelby said as she kissed my lips. "So how is your story with Molly coming?"

"It's not," I said as I sat down on the window seat. "We're gonna get together in a couple of days and try again. I was just to tired to do it today."

"Oh no, it's on," Shelby giggled as she pointed out the window and we saw that Randi and Laney were now being attacked by snowballs from two people we couldn't see. "Who's throwing them?"

"Anisha and Chi," I said confidently. "They told me Laney and Randi started it earlier."

"Laney's trying to finish it too," Shelby giggled as she watched Laney swing her stick at the snowballs and even smashed a few of them before she gave up and her and Randi began returning fire. I laughed as I went to use the bathroom. "Oh yeah, your Dad left you a message."

"My Dad?" I asked in surprise as Shelby nodded and kept laughing at the on-going snowball fight raging down below. I saw the light on the answering machine was flashing as I clicked the play button.

"Hey Slugger," Dad (Jonathan) said. "Sorry I missed you. Just wanted to tell you that your Mom and I are planning to be at home over Christmas break and we wanna know if you and Mindy are coming home this year? And your Mom wants to give you some news also."

"Laney drilled Anisha!" Shelby squealed from across the room. While a short pause on the message as Mom (Caroline) came over to the phone.

"Hi honey," Mom said into the phone. "We finally got the news that our adoption has been approved and she'll be arriving in just a few weeks. Her name is Kimmy and she already speaks english. Anyway, call us back when you get this."

"Who's Kimmy?" Shelby asked as the message ended and she came over to join me.

"My Mom and Dad are adopting a little girl from Korea named Kimmy and the papers just came through," I said as Shelby smiled and kissed me. "I can't wait to meet her."

"Me too," Shelby agreed. We were about to kiss again when (as per the usual) Laney and Randi came crashing through the door giggling. Slamming it shut and covered in snow as they wedged the door shut and were obviously running from someone. "What now?"

"Laney caused an avalanche," Randi giggled amidst her ragid breathing. "She hit that huge pile of snow on the over hang above the rear door and it fell on Chi. Sooo funny."

"Open up Crotch Rocket and girlfriend," Chi said from the other side of the door as Shelby and I laughed. "You have to come out sometime."

"You're just mad cause Laney made you a frozen Chiquita banana," Randi said as her and Laney broke out laughing. This was not over.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Are we going over to the Field House for a meeting?" Alisha asked as she came to my door.

"We are indeed my one and only love," I said as I slipped on a shirt and met her by the door with a kiss. "But I'm sorry you can't go."

"Why the hell not?" Alisha asked.

"Only players inside and team members inside the building," I said with a shrug. "Coach Rock says."

"Maybe I can be manager?" Alisha asked after thinking for a long moment.

"I don't know, maybe," I said as Candy and Allison came down the hall. Candy with a black garbage bag over her shoulder. "Do you guys know if we have a team manager yet?"

"Nope we don't," Allison answered. "Why you know someone?"

"Me!" Alisha said with a finger in the air. "I'm good with laundry too."

"Great news, here!" Candy giggled as she dumped a bag in front of Alisha. Allison and I laughing as Alisha flipped her off. I was still laughing as we exited McKinley-Grogan Hall and made our way across campus to the field house. Candy and Allison staying a few feet ahead of us as Alisha walked beside me and was the first one to hear my phone ring in the holster on my side. So, of course, she snatches it up and says, "Cally's phone."

"Hello, Alisha, is my troublemaking daughter available?" Dad (David Thornton Oliver) asked and got Alisha to laugh.

"She's not been causing trouble since she's dating me," Alisha said. "And she's right here."

"That's some girlfriend you've got there," Dad commented as I took the phone.

"Yes she is," I said as Alisha smiled, "What's up?"

"Well I haven't got much time so I'll jump right to the point," Dad said. "How would you and that lovely girlfriend of yours feel about spending Christmas Break in the Bahamas? I figure 10 days or so would do you both good. Even bring a few friends if you want."

"Are you serious?" I asked in shock as we reached the Field House and Candy and Allison walked on inside with Alisha trailing them as I stopped just inside the big double doors. "Like, for real and no joke?"

"I'll even pay for the airfare," Dad said as my knees went weak. "You'll have the run of the place except for the maid coming around every morning."

"Fuck the maid we'll take care of it," I said as visions of what could be done with the sun, sand and time we'd have on our hands.

"No thanks, you remember I know how you kept your room at home and your dorm room now," Dad said as I stuck my tongue out in protest. "I don't want my multi-millionaire property devalued by a couple hundred thousand dollars."

"What do you think I'm gonna shit on the front steps?" I asked in protest.

"You've done it before," Dad said as I blushed and said, "Oh yeah, sorry."

"So I'll make the arrangements and all you have to do is just get me the names of who you're taking with you," Dad said. "Alisha I know..."

"Obviously," I said. "I got two other friends too that I definitely want to go. Can I give you a call back in a few days?"

"How about tonight so we can just talk?"

"I can do that, bye," I said as I hung up with a smile on my face. A first in a long while considering my relationship with my old man.

I stood there for a long moment and imagined the possibilites of what could be happening in just a few weeks. Me, Molly, Chloe and Alisha that is. I would have seriously stayed there for another hour if it had not been for Cindy motioning me in to join them. I came through the second set of doors and heard a glove popping sound and knew someone was really firing the ball. That turned out to be Anisha as she fired the ball into Chi's glove. Using the indoor batting cage just as Cindy had said they were doing.

"What's going on?" I asked Cindy in a whisper.

"Anisha is throwing half speed and popping the mitt like that," Cindy said as Coach Rock kept close watch over everything from right beside Anisha. "She's gonna dominate this season."

"Not so hard," Coach Rock said to Anisha, "Remember 50 percent."

"But Coach my arm feels fine," Anisha said. "I can go full speed now I think."

"Being over worked is what got you in this position," Coach said.

"You think I was over worked? Is that why I hurt my arm?" Anisha asked in confusion.

"Letting you pitch both ends of a double header is over worked," Coach said. "I will never do you that way. No matter what the win means to me or the team."

"She's looking good Coach, maybe you should let her go full throttle," Chi said as she joined the group.

"No!" Coach said with a pencil towards both girls. "If she does I will hold both of you responsible. You are not gonna re-injure that arm on my watch. Capiche?"

"Capiche," Anisha and Chi said in unison.

"Coach gave me the job of team manager," Alisha said as she joined me. "I'll be going on all the bus trips with you."

"Good news," I said as I kissed my girlfriend and she smiled.

"Coach! Telephone," Randi said to her Dad as he came jogging over and went inside his office. Randi joining us as did Chi and Anisha. "You finally thaw out, Chi?"

"Ha ha ha," Chi said as she gave a sour look to a giggling Randi.

"Thaw out?" I asked.

"We had a snowball fight earlier and Laney kind of made a frozen banana out of Chiquita here," Anisha said as she pointed to her friend. Everyone laughing as Anisha relayed the entire story complete with a renactment of Chi's march up the steps to find Laney and Randi.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I'll meet you out front if you want," I told Holly over the phone. "Unless you're coming into see Maggie."

"No I'm gonna do a Megan and not call or see my girlfriend for two weeks," Holly said as I laughed and left my room on my way to the lobby.

"You're right she is that way but not exactly to that extreme," I said as I spotted Chloe coming out of Mindy's room. "Anyway, I'll meet you in the office downstairs. K? Bye."

"Hey you," Chloe said as she kissed me and smiled. "Going to eat with Holly?"

"Sure am," I said as I wrapped her in my arms. "Wanna come along?"

"Can't I got homework..."

"Already done mine," I inserted as she giggled.

"..and I have to practice my speech for class tomorrow," Chloe added in. "Listen to it later?"

"Of course I will," I agreed as she smiled and kissed me. "You really are good to me."

"Because I love you," I said. "You like me too?"

"A little bit," She giggled before kissing me and looking back as Mindy came down the hall with a load of magazines in her arms. "What the hell have you got there Melinda?"

"Every issue of People Weekly, In Touch, and US for the past 2 months, since we been back to school," Mindy said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well my Mom, Caroline, called last time she asked if there was anything she could send me and I said these," Mindy said.

"Why?" I asked again.

"Because I wanna catch up on the Hollywood gossip and stuff," Mindy said. "You can't believe everything you read on the internet but you can in People Weekly."

"That's fucking retarded," I said as Mindy laughed.

"I'm off to do homework, love you," Chloe said to me.

"Love you too, I'll stop by when I get back," I said as Chloe walked off down the hall and disappeared into her room.

"You're going out?" Mindy asked. "Can I go?"

"We're just going to Fast Eddie's Eats on South Main," I said. "Dinner with Holly."

"I know where you're going and you promised you'd take me one time," Mindy said as she dumped the magazines on her bed. "So you breaking that promise?"

"Not to you," I said as I held my hand out and she smiled as she took it and closed her door before we headed downstairs in the elevator. Finding Holly and Maggie already lost in each other on the sofa in the front office. Mindy giggling as I tapped on the window and interrupted them mid kiss. "You ready?"

"That was mean," Mindy giggled as Holly came out of the office looking none to pleased.

"Let's go before I kill you," Holly said as I laughed and moved Mindy in front of me.

"Don't mess with her she knows Karate and bunch of other Japanese words," I said as I pointed to Mindy.

"I'm just gonna mess with you," Holly said to me as I laughed.

"Go to dinner and don't kill each other," Maggie said as she kissed Holly's cheek.

"Can I go too?" Mindy asked. "With Molly?"

"You can, but be back by 8:30 because I lock up at 9:00" Maggie said as Mindy hugged her excitedly. "And stay with these two?"

"Of course I will," Mindy said as we left the front lobby and drove off a few moments later. Finding Fast Eddie's to be an absolute zoo on this night as we walked in. So busy in fact we had to find our own place, the 'Break' booth as it has become known among the staff of the place lately. "Are you sure we can sit here?"

"Uh huh," I said as I pushed aside the reserved sign and we sat down opposite each other. "I always sit back here when I come in."

"Is the food as good as Dakota says?" Mindy asked.

"About the best I've eaten," I said. "Speaking of Dakota, how is she?"

"OK, I guess, she decided to stay at the library late and study," Mindy said. "The divorce is really hitting her hard."

"I bet," I said as Megan swayed over and stopped. "Finally!"

"Please don't start tonight? I have the biggest headache from this place already," Megan begged. "I'm tired, and now have to work another shift because that bitch Patricia didn't show up."

"Take a break Megs," Sarah said from the front counter, "Holly's covering for you."

"Thank you lord for small favors," Megan said. "But first what do you guys want?"

"Harry's World Famous Meat Loaf," Mindy said immediately. "And mashed potatoes and gravy."

"World famous?"

"Holly called it that," Mindy said.

"She sure did," I confirmed. "Double that and add a large diet soda."

"Milk please," Mindy said as Megan smiled and walked off. "She your EX?"

"She is," I confirmed.

"She's key-ute and it's weird but I can't see her horns," Mindy said as I started laughing.

"I am so rubbing off on you," I said as she nodded her agreement. Sarah coming over with our drinks and prompting Mindy to jump up and hug her.

"You and Max are doing good?" Mindy asked Sarah.

"We're great, really great," Sarah said with a huge smile. "She's in the kitchen helping out Harold."

"Tell her to come sit with us for a few?" Mindy asked.

"She could use a break anyway," Sarah said as she walked off.

"You don't mind do you?" Mindy asked me.

"I think if I can be friendly with Megan that Maxie and I can get along," I said as Harold and Maxie emerged from the kitchen with plates in there hands as they came our way. "That was fast."

"I told him he better hurry or you'd torch the place," Maxie said as she poked Mindy and made her giggle and scoot over as she sat down beside her. I simply rolled my eyes at the lame joke.

"That smells heavenly," Mindy cooed as Harold sat her plate down.

"Harold's got the midas touch with the meat loaf," I said as he sat mine down.

"I'm gonna start to believe the hype if people keep giving me such stellar reviews," Harold said.

"You should," I added as I dug in much like Mindy had already done.

"I told you Harry old boy you should pack this stuff up and sale it on the internet," Maxie said as I laughed. Mindy being to busy wolfing down her food to even breath at the moment.

"I doubt it's that good," Harold said. "Just my Mom's old recipe."

"You should," Mindy said with a mouth full of food.

"It's that good is it?" Harold asked with a proud smile.

"It's to die for," Mindy said with another mouth full.

"Best meat loaf I've ever eaten," I agreed. "You should sell it like Max said."

"Thanks, but I don't know the first thing about that," Harold admitted.

"Can't you have it flash frozen?" I asked.

"What is that?"

"Flash freezing or blast freezing refers to the process in various industries whereby objects are quickly frozen by subjecting them to cryogenic temperatures" Maxie said. "I love Wikipedia."

"That's funny, Max," I giggled.

"I looked it up last night," Maxie said. "It's really easy to do."

"And where do you plan to have it done at?" Harold asked. "Cause I don't know anyone who does it."

"Mowwy's Uncle Wobert ownd a pwace that dud it," Mindy said with a mouth full of food.

"Come again sweety?" Harold asked as Maxie and I laughed.

"She was trying to say that my Uncle Robert in Australia owns a meat packing factory that does it," I said.

"And how does that help me?" Harold asked.

"I can call him and see if he knows how much it would cost to buy the equipment and stuff," I offered.

"I've seen ads on the internet for stuff like that," Maxie said. "Used, but in good working order. Or so they say."

"You show me those ads later," Harold said to Maxie as she nodded. "And you have your Uncle Robert call me?"

"I'll call him now," I said as I pulled out my phone. "OK?"

"Good deal!" Harold said as I dialed the phone.